1802T – Tiger Training Bokken Sword – Best Aiaido Training Sword

Tired of breaking bokkens? Why not choose the Tiger Bokken, also known as Ebony Bokken, which is made from the finest Asian hardwood. Sword practitioners and martial artists now use bokken tiger swords for their training. The Bokken Tiger is a wooden sword that comes from hardwood such as oak. It serves as a training sword instead of a real sword with sharp blades. The Bokken sword is a must when learning basic and advanced sword techniques. If you are looking for a quality bokken, you can try the Tiger Training Bokken.

The usual training blade has been made beautiful and looks great for you to use. This one features burnt wood decoration along the rim and hilt. This 40 inch long bokken makes you stand out from the rest and can be very useful for Aikido, Iaito, all kinds of Kata, Kendo and Kumdo.

You will be surprised by the aesthetic beauty that this bokken has. Although it is made without cords on the handle, the functionality of a traditional bokken has not been compromised. You can use the swords during martial arts exercises and in sword combat. You will enjoy the realistic training provided by this bokken. It is safe and inexpensive like most bokken swords.

The tiger bokken comes with a removable tsuba and has a firm grip, also made of wood. It is usually made from an exotic Asian ebony that is crafted from light brown tiger strips. You can find this type of bokken as ever so polished. With a small amount of investment, you can already learn how to use this sword.

The Tiger Bokken looks like a real sword, but the only difference is that it is made of wood. If you are interested in learning to use a sword, this is a great investment for you. It is best to have your own Bokken so that you can practice at home. In addition to the uniforms, you will need to invest in a quality Bokken. Use the Internet to find a great sword that you will use for many years.

The rarity of this type of beautifully crafted bokken makes it difficult to find. It is perfect for fitness fanatics and martial arts experts.

Many masters value their Bokken, and you will too, once you have mastered many techniques using your wooden Bokken. Take your pick from the many designs available today and you can try the 1802T – Tiger Training Bokken Sword! This is one of the best swords you can find today.

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