Month: August 2021

Greetings fellow mutants!

One topic I would like to discuss is the mind-muscle connection. It is often an overlooked topic and it shouldn’t be. So come down and give me 20! Now get up and pay attention.

Many times, especially in commercial gyms, students perform the movements of the exercise while their mind is on la-la land. They just go through a workout like a zombie, doing their curls (wimps! Start lifting weights!) While thinking about who will get kicked out of American Idol tonight. They are also the same people who snap in half like a kit-kat bar when faced with heavy weight. So if you didn’t laugh at all during the last paragraph, then you are one of these people, keep reading!

Never underestimate the power of the mind. He is capable of extraordinary things. It can take your body to unheard of levels, in terms of building muscle or performing amazing feats. If you think Arnold Schwarzenegger was thinking about tonight’s episode of Tila Tequila while lifting weights, I want what you’re smoking. You have to engage the muscle while lifting, focusing on what you are working very hard on. This way you will see the best results.

Sometimes you hear athletes talking about the zone. What is this mythical place you are talking about? Let me tell you, it is not mythical, it is very real. It comes with an extreme approach. It is like a meditative state while actively participating in your chosen sport. It’s Wilt Chamberlain scoring over 100 points a game, it’s Joe Lewis in a karate tournament. It’s Bruce Lee versus Bob Wall in Enter the Dragon. It is that feeling that you are one with your activity, simply doing without thinking but at the same time completely detached from it. Well, quite Zen, it’s an extreme approach! Period.

When you apply this to weightlifting, you start doing certain things correctly automatically. You match your breathing pattern with the rhythm of your lifts. Activate the proper muscles for lifting while maintaining perfect form. You can strain significantly harder, resulting in heavier lifts. Watch a weightlifter go for a world record and you’ll see what I mean. To do this, deliberately contract the muscles you are working on as you lift. This will teach you muscle control, the ability to contract muscles at will in isolation. As an example, let’s take your barbell curl that everyone loves so much. Most people will do whatever it takes to lift the bar from the lower extended position to the upper contracted position. Instead, contract your biceps, don’t use your back, focus on the muscles that are meant to do the exercise, and have those muscles do the work. If you can’t do that, maybe the weight is too heavy, or maybe your mind is still wandering. Lower the weight if necessary, focus on the muscles being worked, and control the weight throughout the range of motion.

One way to help train this is to lift the weights very slowly. Because you are not shaking the weight, you will be forced to pay attention to the tension in your muscles. It takes 6 seconds to raise the bar and another 6 to lower it. That will get you paying attention because you won’t have to worry about pulling the weight to do another rep. Of course, don’t do this for every rep of every workout, but use it to learn how to focus on the muscle in question. Sure, you will have to lose weight to do this, but the ego is a huge obstacle to all progress. So like the commercial waffle “¡Leggo tu eggo!” I mean the ego. Eh eh. Learn what it feels like to feel muscle doing work. Learn what it feels like to activate your lats during a pull-up. Learn to control your muscles.

Follow this advice, as they are not just words on a page. Focus is the difference between victory and defeat in all sports, and bodybuilding is no different.

In today’s world, we often see so many developments and updates in all sectors and every entrepreneur wants to be connected to the latest news. If they don’t know, it means they are out of the competition. The current trends of the years are a lifesaver for all types of businesses in which they need to stay connected with their customers and keep them focused on meeting their requirements by providing high quality products and services. This can lead to customer retention and high sales numbers from business prospects.

In business where marketing is essential, business owners are moving forward to opt for bulk SMS services to run their marketing campaign when needed. SMS marketing has become a very famous tool just for its high open and conversion rates. For years, it has been an effective tool for business promotion and communication. But when it comes to new technology in the bulk SMS industry, SMS APIs are the new term. Therefore, after a lot of research, some of the major gateway providers are now enabled to provide Bulk SMS APIs that are easy to integrate into any software, application, and website.

However, they provide APIs in a different programming language like PHP,, Csharp,, Java, etc. and with the option of developer tools to access sample API codes. These bulk SMS APIs can ideally be used to send a high volume of text SMS campaigns to clients or others directly from the software application itself. You can choose the one that suits you best. It works like magic where no phone calls or appointment reminders are needed, but ensuring that your information via SMS is fully delivered to the mobile numbers of your target audience. This saves users a lot of time and other human resources than sending billions of messages from the provider interface.

However, texting at regular intervals will keep your customers up to date all the time. In case of any query, they can ask you by sending a simple SMS to your long code number. With the advent of the Bulk SMS Gateway API, customers not only benefit from sending SMS, they will also get an instant delivery report on their system through which they can measure the effectiveness of any campaign sent. If you are interested in adopting this new type of technology in SMS marketing, choose a reliable bulk SMS service that deals with API services and ask them how you can simply integrate it into your own software or any third party application. There are no hidden charges for linking APIs to the customer’s system. It is completely free and is also a time and money saving method for small and large industrial customers.

Being an expert in the SMS marketing industry, I would suggest to the readers of this blog that they use this new technique to send thousands of messages to their different target audiences across the country. It is very beneficial, one can trigger their campaign with a single click of a button through this application programming interface.

Some of the key features of the SMS Gateway API include:

Custom sender ID with company or brand name

Unicode feature

Incoming long numbers

Send long SMS contents (concatenation)

Instant delivery reports

Quick messaging to individuals and groups

Two-way campaigns

At last, I just want to tell you not to wait for the right moment. Look for a good provider that offers assured delivery from mobile carrier partners.

Over the past five years, there has been an increase in sources of business financing in the U.S. Specifically, there has been a proliferation in the alternative loan market that fills the need for business owners who do not have credit (personal or commercial) or the operational capacity to obtain approval for traditional bank financing. Although useful for the short term, many of these alternative sources of loans “trap” business owners in loan structures with high payments and abnormally high interest rates. These two factors often cause the business more harm than anticipated by restricting and sometimes significantly decreasing free cash flow. Traditional bank financing remains the best option for business owners due to the low cost of money and the flexibility to mitigate issues with refund and settlement. In this article, we will focus on the top 2 reasons for business loan denial in order to equip business owners with the information necessary to produce and present business loan proposals that are concise, relevant, and objective.

(1) Unresolved personal and business credit profile (high credit risk)

Most business owners and individuals do not have a solid understanding of their credit profiles. Although banks have become more proprietary in their credit rating systems, the foundation remains the credit report for both consumers and businesses. Not only is it sufficient to know your credit profile, but you must also have valid explanations for any reported issues. Ideally, you want to resolve these issues to the greatest extent possible before submitting your business loan proposal.

Your personal and business credit profile also presents a repayment pattern to the lender and represents a key component in approving the business loan. If credit reports show a pattern of defaulting or defaulting as mostly agreed, then the chances of a business loan being rejected are quite high. One way to improve your payment pattern is to close unused or unnecessary lines of credit or decrease existing amounts of credit, such as credit cards, or open lines of credit where appropriate.

(2) No business plan equals no test (high management risk)

Lenders like to see that business owners are organized and focused on their business, and a great way to reveal this is to present a solid business plan. This plan should highlight in the Executive Summary your business objectives, especially those that include the proposed loan. Often times, loan proposals consist of a phone call or a brief conversation with the lender with nothing in writing. Always provide the lender with a brief report, whether it reveals the loan opportunity or a business plan that includes an explanation of how the loan funds are used and repaid.

Also, describe the financing opportunity as a means to an end. In the past, I’ve experienced how entrepreneurs only offered plans that revealed how and why funding was needed without going into much more information. To improve your chances of being approved, give the banker a complete picture of the impact of financing both in the short and long term.

Considering a quick and affordable kitchen makeover? Do you think it is boring and needs something to bring it to life? Why not use paint to beautify it? You can defy the rules of painting a kitchen area and choose an all-white kitchen. It sounds shocking because the kitchen is an area where water spills and food splashes are common. But, if you want to create a kitchen that stands out from other parts of your home, an all-white kitchen may be your solution. It can make the cooking area beautiful and sophisticated.

Why is an all-white kitchen the best option for you?

  • A timeless choice

When you are interested in a long-term kitchen makeover, white color stands out as the best option. It is because white is a universal color and it goes well with all types of kitchen styles such as country, vintage, modern, etc. The white color makes it easy to add other colors to the theme. Yellow cabinets, blue backsplash, or a black countertop – the color white complements it all.

  • A perfect illusion

If your home’s cooking area is small, you can make it appear larger than before with a touch of white. It will make the room feel airy and give you the opportunity to make the kitchen more cozy and beautiful. When you want to create the illusion of space, ask the painter to use white for cabinets, countertops, walls, and other surfaces as well.

  • The all-white kitchen is not boring

An all-white kitchen doesn’t have to be sterile like a hospital room. It can be elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful. Add texture to the kitchen and give it character. You can go for rough beams, wooden counters, tiled backsplashes, and quirky storage baskets. Here are some other ways to create an all-white cheery kitchen:

  1. You can paint the kitchen window or kitchen island in a bright color to make the area look cheery.
  2. Complement the kitchen space with your favorite cookbooks, unique succulents, and colorful utensils.
  3. The glass door for the cabinets can add texture to the space.
  4. Use dramatic lighting fixtures to liven up the room.

Do not think that choosing white can bore your kitchen. A completely white kitchen can look beautiful and inviting with the help of an experienced painter. Hire someone who understands your vision and gives you valuable advice to make your kitchen look like a million dollars. And don’t forget to add texture and dimension to the kitchen space because it will make a difference.

Here are some methods to help you get back on the road safely.

Practice makes perfect. To begin with, everything one chooses to learn takes practice. Repetition will make you better and better. The very simple act, for example, building your bicep muscles, requires repetition and believe me, only you can do it.

Deep breathing. If you show the first signs of fear, for example (nausea, stomachaches, sweating, and nervousness), take a deep breath to calm down and relax. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly and calmly. Science has shown that conscientiously telling yourself to relax while breathing deeply will help you calm down. This exercise in itself will also help you collect your thoughts and take control of the situation.

Get a companion to accompany you. Ask a companion to accompany you. Invite your friend or colleague to follow you. Having them with you is a sure way to lessen the feeling and will also increase your confidence. Having a conversation while driving is a very simple way to distract you from being too preoccupied with yourself.

Music. Listening to your favorite music station while driving is one way to calm your nerves. The sound of music can calm your mood and your feelings. Humming or singing your favorite tune can help you get rid of the things that stress you out. As mentioned above, sometimes distraction from another task is a great way to build your confidence to drive alone.

Learn to take small progressive steps. You will eliminate your phobia and reach your goal by taking small steps instead of big steps. It is an unfortunate state that many fearful people simply abandon this routine but enjoyable task. Accepting this phobia is not the best way to overcome it. Think and take small steps by driving for short periods and slowly increase your duration until all your fears are gone. Drive to a nearby convenience store. If necessary, stop and take a break if you feel your anxiety return. Repetition and practice will be your best bet to overcome this anxiety.

Remember, only you have the power to overcome your fear of driving. Decide to get into the routine of practicing your short trips and you can look forward to happy cruise days.

Driving has been and is a pleasant experience for everyone; this should be for you too.

Does the niche market strategy taught in the Simple Sites Big Profits course really work? This system has taught me how to set up small niche sites quickly in less than an hour to tap into the money-generating potential of each niche. Once I build it and get it up and running, I can generally expect to make $ 50- $ 100 each month from that site and 99% automation. It may seem like a small amount of income to earn each month.

1. How much time do you need to spend to make money with Simple Sites’ Big Profits system?

However, once you think about the fact that you can set these up in under an hour each time you really get used to it, you can really understand the full money-generating potential of this system when you expand it and duplicate the methods in many. market niches. This marketing system is developed by a highly experienced internet marketing coach, Marcus Campbell. You have really mastered the concept of creating a big income by managing many small niche sites at once.

2. What can you expect to find in the Simple Sites Big Profits downloadable package?

This course includes many different forms of training media, such as PDF plans, video tutorials, and audios. There really is nothing complicated to learn, as the idea is to master the concept of making a small income from a site and then multiply that same concept in many different niche markets. Marcus has also made it known that some members who join get very impatient when they claim that they are not making a lot of money from a site and finally decide to quit smoking.

3. Will simple high-profit sites work for you, too?

He recommends that people thinking of making a quick buck from just a couple of sites don’t join his member training course, as those expectations just aren’t realistic. The tutorial videos basically allow me to keep an eye on Marcus Campbell’s shoulders as he demonstrates live every step he lists in his guides.

The videos have taught me how to build a site in an hour, how to find paying leads on the internet, what keywords they are using and what they are looking to buy. All of this can be accurately determined by looking at the correct websites and using the right tools without the guesswork.

Five hundred years ago, church reformer Martin Luther wanted to change the focus from Saint Nicholas as a gift bearer to the baby Jesus. So in the 16th-17th centuries in Europe, many Protestants changed the gift bearer to the baby Jesus known as ‘Christkind’. The gift delivery date also changed from the feast of Saint Nicholas on December 6 to Christmas Eve on December 24.

The traditional bearer of Christmas gifts in Germany and most of the German-speaking regions of Europe is ‘Baby Jesus’, also known as ‘Christkind’. This now popular gift bearer is represented in areas of Europe such as Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Australia, southern Brazil, somewhere in Latin America, and Slovakia.

The Christkind in Germany is most often depicted as a goblin-like child with angelic wings and blond hair in a white robe. Some presume that Christkind is the incarnation of Jesus as a child. Children often like to leave a letter on the windowsill for the Chirstkind. However, children never see Christkind. They are encouraged not to look and try to see the figure arrive, otherwise no gifts will be left with them. So, the tradition is that parents ring a bell in secret, that children believe that Christkind rings when leaving. Parents will always tell children that Christkind disappeared after leaving presents under the tree, just before they entered the room. It is a magical tradition.

There are many writings that suggest that the Germans had a hard time thinking about the baby Jesus giving gifts, so the giver of Christmas gifts gradually transformed into a sweet little girl. This sweet little girl became known as Christkind. Today, in modern Germany, the Christkind is chosen each year in a competition. Usually a teenage girl, dressed in gold who is like a rock star complete with bodyguards, publicist and even her own entourage. The entrance to modern Christkind is often marked by cheering crowds.

However, the appearance and the name ‘Christkind’ change from region to region. Here are some name variations that can be found, for example: Christkindl, Christkindle, and Christkindel. Another popular representation of Christkind is a fairy-like being with a crown on top of her long curly golden locks, dressed in a glorious gold and white robe. However, within some regions, the golden angelic girl is nowhere seen as the traditional ‘Weihnachtsmann’ or Santa Claus (better known as Father Christmas) is the bearer of gifts.

So depending on where you are in Europe, you will see variations of the Christkind rendering. However, no matter where you are, this gift bearer is depicted bringing a lot of joy and happiness.

A linear actuator is different from an electric motor in that it applies force linearly rather than rotationally. Linear motion can be achieved in different ways and a linear actuator is one of the devices that can convert rotary motion into linear motion.

Mechanical type

A mechanical actuator converts rotary motion into linear displacement through screws / gears that are attached to a knob. One of the most famous examples of a mechanical actuator is a jack screw or car jack. The mechanical actuator is used in lasers and optics to manipulate the position of mirror mounts, linear stages, and many more positioning instruments.

Hydraulic type

An actuator or hydraulic cylinder has a hollow cylinder with a piston inside. Controlled linear piston displacement is achieved by pressurizing / depressurizing two sides of the piston. The automobile hydraulic jack is the most common example of a manually operated hydraulic actuator.

Electromechanical type

A linear electromechanical actuator is one in which a nut is the main part of the motor. The actuator lead screw does not turn and the motor turns the lead nut. It is similar to the mechanical actuator, but an electric motor is used instead of a control knob or handle.

Modern linear actuators come in different designs and each manufacture has its own proprietary methods for manufacturing actuators.

Principles of linear motion actuators

The basic operating principle of linear motion actuators is an inclined plane. The lead screw has threads, which act as a ramp and allow a small rotational force that can be used over long distances to achieve the movement of large loads in a shorter distance.

Variations in linear motion actuators

There are different variations on the basic design of linear actuators. Most of the devices have general improvements such as higher speed, efficiency or charging capacity. Today, manufacturers are also focusing more on downsizing these actuators. There is a variety of actuators available on the market, which is tailored to the specific industrial needs of buyers.

What makes linear motion actuators better compared to other motors is their higher speed, higher precision, and higher acceleration. They are used for gantry axes, general purpose position, gantry axes and assembly machines. Linear actuators are specially designed for use in harsh conditions and act as a replacement for other dangerous actuators to get the job done.

In addition to linear actuators, DC actuators are also used to perform similar applications. These work smoothly and don’t make a lot of noise. Many commercially available DC actuators are waterproof. Buyers can choose from a range of standard or custom actuators depending on their needs and budget.

You will lose weight with the 6 week body makeover, however you will lose more weight if you combine the meal plan with the accelerated fat burning program.

The Accelerated Fat Burning (AFB) program is specially designed to program your metabolism to use food more effectively and burn calories, rather than storing energy as fat. AFB burns previously stored fat creating a demand for even more fuel. When you start exercising, your body will demand more energy, which means that the fat that has been stored will be burned at a faster rate. One of the most effective ways to get your body to burn more energy is by doing cardiovascular exercise.

Simply put, AFB is a cardiovascular program that enhances your weight loss experience by speeding up your metabolism. When most people do cardiovascular exercise, they think of vigorous exercise. AFB isn’t about jumping up and down, sweating profusely, or doing fast-paced aerobics. You may not believe it, but walking will even make you lose weight on the AFB.

There are two key ingredients to losing weight through aerobic activity: efficient breathing and increased heart rate in the “fat burning zone.” Here are ways to focus on your breathing and increase your target heart rate; brisk walking, slow jogging, treadmill exercise, and stationary bike. The main factor is to take off your butt and go outside.

Remember, you will lose weight just by doing the eating part of the plan, but you will lose much more weight if you add the accelerated fat burning program to your plan as well.

There have been so many wonderful new changes and improvements in our lives that it is often mind-boggling. For example, Amazon not only delivers the cheapest item the next day (at a premium) and not only sends you an email when it is delivered, but also gives you a picture of the package on your doorstep. You have to love it!

Unfortunately, not everything is “turning up in color” in all areas of life.

In many ways, our culture has decayed to the point where almost everything is considered acceptable and sometimes desirable. Some things that exist today could not have been imagined in the recent past. These are just a few examples, some more important than others:

* Surgical gender change is good.

* Infanticide at birth is okay.

* It is stylish to wear jeans with holes.

* The neckline and the back are increasingly revealing.

* Inappropriate language is common and acceptable and is used by everyone.

* Citizenship is an archaic relic of the past.

* Tribal group thinking is preferable to individual thinking and common sense.

* Drug-induced altered states of consciousness are common and desirable.

One can agree or disagree with some or all of the above, it doesn’t matter. Changes exist and are largely accepted without judgment. I quote the changes to make a point, and the point is this:

Despite all the cultural and often revolutionary changes, there is an outdated norm that remains intact and is as strong as ever: the acceptance that “old age” ALWAYS equals decline.

It is NOT generally accepted or believed that as people age, they CAN FREQUENTLY CHANGE AND GROW IN NEW, YOUNG WAYS that defy decline. But let’s not go crazy here; the decline is profitable and underpins and feeds the traditional culture of old-age leisure. Perversely, the cultural decline of the elderly is an economic “benefit.”

The same old story

It’s the same old story about old age. At 80-90 years, a woman is practically leprous. For many, especially women, it is a horrible situation to be in. The young abhor old age and avoid or ignore the elderly. In general, they make fun of the elderly, often alone. Old women are called “cute” and persuaded to live in “retirement” communities to play games while they deteriorate. The age of 90 is a safe bet that you are senile (even without testing), and younger people automatically treat you as less competent. Yuck, it’s disgusting. You can be incompetent at 90, but you can also be incompetent at a younger age that has not been identified as “old.”

In relationships, “she must be younger than him” is the inflexible determinant for a woman to be with a man. Old women in good physical shape are wrinkled and therefore unattractive, while bearded, wrinkled and sick old men with their bellies hanging from the belt are distinguished and acceptable.

Mentally and physically, women tend to last longer than men. Typically, a 70-year-old woman is still in her prime, while a 70-year-old man has had open heart surgery, has prostate problems, diabetes, and trouble walking. But that does not matter to a mentally and / or physically committed old man looking for a new love: he wants a much younger woman because it has always been that way. You feel entitled. In his head, he still thinks he’s a desirable stud even if he’s powerless.

He imagines he still has it going, and finding a viable young woman validates his fantasy from his youth. Looking not too far into the future, she is aware that a younger woman can be a better caregiver than an older woman. The sad thing is, if you have money, your decline often doesn’t matter to a younger (or older) woman, and can indeed be an attraction.

The common sense solution

My solution is simple: legalize the perceived age. Whatever legal age you say and you can live it mentally and physically. Please don’t tell me that there are too many hurdles and loopholes to overcome to make it work. Look, if a man’s penis and related organs can be cut off to become a woman, anything is possible. For whatever reason, we don’t want to change the system. We want to keep pretending that a confused old man with only half a brain is an attractive and acceptable companion for a vital woman younger or of the same age.

Does injustice also worry you? Let me know when you’re ready to help change the system. Let me know when you are ready to fight to be the person within you that screams for legal freedom to be the age you want to be. No surgery is necessary. Just guts and determination to fight and win the fight. Imagine if that happens: men will run like rats (to no avail) to try and maintain youthful attributes (if any) while they can. That’s what women are doing right now and they’re doing a great job. Competition could eliminate the justice problems of “old age” and level the playing field of “them against us” in life and love.