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Obviously, aspiring actors would be drawn to Hollywood, where their best chances of appearing in movies or on television lie. For some reason, that city has also been the focus of many composers.

Pop rocker Ryan Adams scored with a song called “Good Night, Hollywood Boulevard” from his Gold album in 2001. Two and a half decades before that, Piano Man Billy Joel hit the charts with “Say Goodbye To Hollywood” from his Turnstiles album.

Many songs about the city of stars are simply titled “Hollywood” as if that city did not need adjectives or modifiers to be recognized. Here are ten bands with tunes that use only that city in their one-word “Hollywood” title.

Shooting Star

The rock band of the eighties dedicates this ode to Hold on for your life to a girl who “takes advantage of her long blonde hair” before the slow piano explodes into an electric attack when she “sells herself to the producer’s couch.”

Boz scaggs

Down two then left, the platinum album follow-up Silk Degrees, stands out with this jewel a woman whose name should be illuminated.

Codeine Velvet Club

The indie band has only one album to date, and the song “Hollywood” is definitely the star.

Marina and the diamonds

The second single from The family jewels album, “Hollywood” reached number twelve in the UK, but did not do as well in America.


This melody titled after the famous city comes from Silver side up, the rock band’s third album.


Jay Z did the original version of this “Hollywood”, but his wife’s interpretation has become more popular.

Collective soul

If I had wanted to have this track and After the words When the CD was released in 2007, you would have had to go to Target to get it due to an exclusive deal the rock band signed with that company.

Nothing Surf

Cars lead singer Ric Ocasek produced this “Hollywood” and the alternative rock band’s entire first album.

Hot red chili peppers

The subtitle is “Africa” ​​because it was inspired by a funk band single from the 1970s, and the alternative rockers had one of their first hits when it appeared on their second album. Strange Styley.


Bob Dylan’s son Jakob was first heard when his band released their self-titled debut album, which featured the seven-minute epic “Hollywood.”

The pain and discomfort associated with withdrawal and drug detox can sometimes be a barrier to treatment for addicts who want to stop using. Fortunately, not everyone experiences symptoms, and for those who do, the worst usually happens in less than 10 days. However, the experience is more than physical discomfort – there are other pains related to detoxification and recovery that addicts and alcoholics must be prepared for and learn to deal with.

1.) Physical pain and discomfort

The physical symptoms associated with drug or alcohol detox are the most serious in terms of potential dangers. The most serious symptoms include cardiovascular conditions, seizures, and shortness of breath. Less serious symptoms include sweating, nausea, vomiting, “skin tingling”, headache, migraine, insomnia, restlessness, poor appetite, and many others.

The physical pain of detoxification is caused primarily by acute withdrawal syndrome, or AWS. AWS occurs when neurons that were suppressed by drug use or drinking are suddenly activated again after withdrawal. Damage to neurons and nerve circuits also causes a reduced ability to handle stress in areas of the brain and central nervous system, which can also be perceived as physical pain and discomfort.

2.) Emotional pain

Many people who go through detoxification and withdrawal experience emotional pain. This includes depression, feelings of sadness, inability to feel joy, irrational responses to emotional stimuli, detachment from other people, anger and rage, insecurity, feelings of isolation and loneliness, and other emotional disturbances.

Most of the emotional symptoms of AWS are caused by dysphoria, the opposite of euphoria. In simple terms, when people get high they are looking for some kind of euphoria, which is produced by various neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine, glutamate, serotonin, and others. By “tricking” the body into releasing these “feel-good” substances, desensitization eventually occurs in which the body only produces these substances when driven by the introduction of a foreign substance, that is; cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, etc.

Consequently, when people stop using drugs, they also often temporarily lose the ability to feel certain feelings; generally the specific feelings sought by drug use. For example, cocaine users who have gained confidence in the drug will likely feel tame and insecure during early withdrawal and withdrawal. Morphine users accustomed to feelings of intense joy may instead experience intense sadness during detox. Marijuana users who were once relaxed on marijuana become anxious during withdrawal, and methamphetamine users who get bursts of energy from the drug may feel drained and struggle with energy levels.

3.) practical pain

Few people have the practical pain of sudden drug cessation. Within a few days, patients generally begin to see their situation with greater precision than in the past while still using drugs. What they often realize is that their life is a mess: financial problems have likely arisen, jobs are often lost, careers are destroyed, and educational opportunities are destroyed. Additionally, many drug addicts and alcoholics face legal difficulties as a result of their behaviors while intoxicated or in search of substances.

The practical pain can be as simple as the stress of worrying about finding a new place to live after detox, or it can be as complicated as a promising career now burning in metaphorical ashes. These practicality problems can cause emotional pain, but generally the pain caused by such problems is the result of the stress of knowing that, too soon, they must be addressed and resolved.

4.) Shame and shame

Completely separate from any of the above types of stress, pain, or discomfort is the shame many alcoholics and drug addicts feel when they finally clean themselves up. It often occurs while they are still detoxifying, many people in the early stages of recovery are embarrassed by the behaviors they exhibited while actively using, as well as the things they did and the people they hurt to continue substance abuse. despite best efforts. their support networks and the obvious consequences of continued alcoholic or addictive behavior.

This pain of shame and embarrassment is important to mention because even if an addict doesn’t experience many physical, emotional, or practical signs of pain or discomfort, they will almost certainly feel ashamed and embarrassed that they have sunk so low that detoxification and rehab are necessary. to literally save their life when they couldn’t do it themselves.

Looking on the bright side

Fortunately, most of the feelings associated with AWS and detox begin to subsidize within a few days and largely subside within two weeks. So while it’s important to understand exactly what to expect during early withdrawal and detoxification, it’s also critical to understand that many of the symptoms are caused by neurological processes in the brain that cannot be controlled.

Symptoms related to AWS will occur if the addict is recovering at home or in a professional medical detox setting. Therefore, treatment is more likely to be effective when the addict has access to resources, therapies, and medications to have the best chance of getting through this short but challenging period and coming out on the other side of long-term recovery efforts. Otherwise, many of those who do not know what to expect and do not have adequate support will relapse to prevent relapse.

Ultimately, the signs and symptoms of sudden drug or alcohol withdrawal and AWS are uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but they are certainly better than the results of ongoing substance abuse: jail, illness, violence, suicide, death. If someone you love is going this way, taking action right now could literally mean the difference between life and death.

The difference between modern and classic furniture is not difficult to tell. The first difference is the size. Classic furniture was not made for compact houses or apartments. They were made to fit in large rooms. A classic chair can easily accommodate two people in relative comfort. However, if two people tried to sit on a modern chair, it would probably break.

Classic furniture is large, heavy, and made of solid wood. The wood used in classic furniture is dark. Cushions, seats and mattresses in the past used to be stuffed with horsehair or cotton. Silk and cotton were the fabrics that were used in classic furniture.

Modern furniture is lightweight and made from a variety of materials. Wrought iron has become very popular in the manufacture of modern home furnishings. Light colored woods like pine are also widely used in modern furniture making. Most modern home furnishings use light colored wood.

Then laminated wood, chipboard is also used in contemporary furniture. These materials are widely used in the manufacture of contemporary office furniture, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes.

A totally different material that is widely used in contemporary furniture is reinforced plastic and glass. You can have a table with a glass top resting on reinforced glass globes or ceramic vases or with a steel or iron base. Plastic chairs are common in lounges and waiting areas at airports. The use of plastic and glass has become quite extensive in the manufacture of contemporary furniture. Some plastic furniture is given a light wood color to make it look like wood.

Today, several new fabrics are used in the manufacture of contemporary furniture. Polyesters and other synthetic fabrics are widely used. The use of cotton, silk and other materials for heavy curtains has become outdated and out of date. Another notable change in contemporary furniture is the colors. Wrought iron is matte gray, blue or black. Monotony can be broken with steel, chrome or brass. The wood is light and the colors of the fabric can be bright. Antique classic furniture had off-white or cream as the base color. Modern furniture fabric colors range from white to black with bright colors that blend happily. Violet, bright blue, and fire engine red are used with joyous abandon. Also, the designs on the fabric have changed enormously. From calm motifs of flowers, birds or fruits, the designs have moved on to zebra stripes.

Modern furniture is brighter, airier, and lighter than classic furniture. Maintaining contemporary furniture is also quite easy, as is assembling and disassembling it. There are cleaners, polishes, and stain removers that keep contemporary furniture looking new and shiny.

Modern furniture has a more ergonomic design. The chairs do not have a straight back and the cushions are more comfortable. The biggest difference is that modern furniture is not formal and rigid.

Modern furniture is more convenient and fits easily into smaller houses. Some modern furniture is amazing in its design. They are a work of art. Some of the geometric patterns used in modern furniture are quite overwhelming. It is easy to distinguish between classic and modern furniture just by looking at them.

The best automobile service is preventive, not mosaic. The last thing car owners need today, with increasingly busy schedules, is frequent trips to the mechanic. It is especially frustrating with recurring or easily fixed problems. Here are some tips to avoid going broke the next time your vehicle breaks down.

Check the reviews first

With the dissemination of customer reviews on the Internet, it is quite easy for a consumer to find personal accounts of a company with a quick search. Sometimes the reviews will or will not be representative of the service, but a reading of a variety of reviews can give you a reasonable expectation of what to expect. An old-fashioned review from a trusted friend, especially a car lover, doesn’t hurt either. You cannot put a price on experience.

Shopping around

Most mechanics will offer free estimates. It is helpful to get the quote for your car service on paper as proof. This document can also be used as leverage with other mechanics. Sometimes the cheapness of the price may suggest poor workmanship, but you certainly don’t want to be ripped off.

Ask to see a certification

ASE is the most common certification, and a reputable company should have no problem presenting you with such a certification. This will establish a base of experience and knowledge. A shop that has a rating from the American Automobile Association is also a good sign, as it guarantees that they have been previously reviewed by an objective source.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you are a newbie

Beyond a price estimate, it is very useful to ask questions that you may consider basic. For example, what parts will need to be replaced? How long will the job in question take to complete? Can I see the problem area of ​​the car? Even more intense questions about the vehicle repair process shouldn’t worry a trusted mechanic. These questions will make you comfortable with car service and show the mechanic that you take caring for your car very seriously.

Go with your instinct

This advice is harder to pin down and will mean different things to different people, but it is still relevant. Simple things, like the cleanliness of the store, can be a symbol of overall service. Also, if a mechanic is giving vague answers or treating customers in a hostile manner, it’s probably a clear sign to get out while you can. Repairing a car is rarely an enjoyable experience, so there’s no need to add extra stress to the process.

Find a location near your home

This is especially important if you don’t have a friend or family member to follow you to the mechanic and drive you home. Finding a route home or to work via public transportation can be critical, depending on how long the car will be out of service.

Guarantees and specialists

This advice will apply primarily to people whose cars need to be repaired at a dealership. It also applies to those who own a car that needs special parts to be replaced. Do your research and determine if a mechanic has experience with your particular make and model. In addition, an honorable mechanic will provide warranties on new parts. Be sure to establish this warranty before they go to work on your car.

Everyone knows that grass is green, but did you know that your grass can change slightly in color throughout the year? The color of the grass depends on the environmental conditions: how much sun and rain it receives and what the soil is like. Most subtle color changes are harmless, but if your lawn appears to be drastically changing color, it could be a sign of an underlying problem. Here are some colors your lawn may have and what they mean.

Dark green

Dark green grass is a sign that you are producing a lot of chlorophyll; this is a sign of a healthy plant. It has enough nutrition to produce chlorophyll and thrive. Your lawn may turn a darker green in the spring and summer when you have a lot of sun, especially if you’ve fertilized in the spring. Make sure your lawn has enough water and you should have a lush green garden all summer long.


Yellowish grass doesn’t produce much chlorophyll because it doesn’t get enough of the proper nutrients from the soil. You may need to use a fertilizer to restore the green color. The best time to fertilize is during spring and fall, as this gives the grass time to absorb nutrients before its main growth and “sleep” phases. If the fertilizer doesn’t work, your lawn may have a disease.


A red tint to your lawn can mean a number of things. Sometimes it’s just a sign that the herb doesn’t produce much chlorophyll. If your lawn turns red during the fall and winter, wait for the warm weather to return because this could fix the problem. Some herbs, like ryegrass, have a natural reddish hue, so check what species your plant is. Red can also be a sign that the plant is under stress; This could be due to environmental conditions or it could be due to disease.


The orange color is normally produced by fungi that live on the grass plant. Rust disease, for example, leaves orange spores that are shed if you rub the grass between your fingers. They are harmful and can kill weeds, but they usually don’t kill everything. If you have rust disease, you will need to treat your lawn to minimize damage.

Tan color

By the time the lawn tans, it will undoubtedly be dead. The tanned grass was burned and dried in the sun, withered due to lack of water, or was cut too harshly and succumbed to damage. If you’ve tended to your lawn and it’s still dead, you’ve probably been the victim of a disease.

You should always try to make sure your lawn has a healthy growing environment, as this can stop or reverse the color changes you see. Make sure your lawn is getting enough water and nutrients, and make sure you mow properly. A stressed lawn is prone to weakness and this is when negative (albeit reversible) changes can occur. If nothing works, then you should assume that your lawn has a disease and look instead.

If you want to buy sports equipment, such as sports shoes, we suggest that you follow the 5 tips below. Buying the right footwear is paramount, whether you want to jog or participate in a running competition. Buying the wrong type of equipment can cause foot pain, which can also lead to foot injuries, such as sprains and blisters. Below are tips that can help you choose the best footwear for your athletic needs. Read on to learn more.

1. Consider your activities

Depending on the type of sport and the type of surface, you may want to choose the right pair. For example, the surface can be a court, lawn, or lawn. The area and type of activity can determine what you need. If you need a pair of walking shoes, you can’t go for a pair designed for trail walking.

The salesperson can help you decide what is right for you. However, you can also do research online to gain more knowledge on the subject.

2. I prefer the fashionable fit

If you are into fashion, it may be more difficult for you to prefer a unit that fits well over one that looks more fashionable. But we suggest you don’t be fooled by celebrity endorsements. Getting an ill-fitting pair of shoes can only result in injury. Also, you will not be able to successfully perform the desired activity.

3. Size matters

Although it sounds obvious, many people make the mistake of not measuring their feet first in the store. Please note that the pair you want to buy should fit you perfectly. The fit will determine if the shoes are the correct size.

You better buy your shoes at night, as your feet tend to swell at the end of the day from constant walking, running, jogging, or playing.

4. Toes and Wiggle Test

An easy way to make sure your shoes fit is to run the wiggle test. The idea is to make sure your shoes have enough room inside to allow your feet to move without any problem. Ideally, there should be enough space between the end of the shoe and the big toe. The heel should not slip on the shoe while running or walking.

5. Additional advice

Athletic shoes fit and feel great even in the store. They do not require the “break in period” unlike dress shoes. On the other hand, if your shoes don’t feel instantly comfortable, you should go for a different size. It is not a good idea to make this decision in a hurry. After all, you don’t want to end up with blisters on your feet.

Simply put, buying sports shoes is a great idea if you want to get the most out of your sport. Ignore these tips and you won’t be able to perform at your best, and you could end up with injury instead. I hope this helps.

Demographic analyzes of migration first came into play in 1885 in the Journal of the Statistical Societywhen geographer Ernest George Ravenstein rehearsed what he called “Laws of Migration” seeking to establish an explanation and trying to predict migration patterns in England.

In his seminal article, Ravenstein compared data from the 1871 and 1881 UK censuses and traced patterns of migratory movements and, based on his observations, devised a series of “Laws of Migration.” Among those laws, Ravenstein considered that there was a process of “absorption” in which the people immediately surrounding a rapidly growing place moved to it and the spaces they left behind were filled by others from more distant areas. This process continued until the underlying attraction behind the movement of stocks was no longer compelling enough to sustain momentum and the “migration” was complete. Furthermore, Ravenstein also claimed that there was a law of “dispersion”, which is the opposite of “absorption”.

Ravenstein suggests that the “laws of migration” were sustained by a series of “pull” factors and “push” factors. Pull factors attracted internal migration and applied to both the highly skilled and the less skilled, while push factors led migrants to leave their country of origin.

Examples of the “push” factors cited include high unemployment rates, low incomes, political instability, poor security, and natural disasters. Family connections, greater income opportunities, better health care, greater career development, higher standards of living, and overall quality of life were cited as examples of “pull” factors. Naturally, the “pull” factors can be enhanced as a result of the host nation’s stance to encourage the influx of migrants where their desire to use foreign nationals in their economies is driven by labor needs, the availability of resources from land, general economic opportunities, and political liberalism.

Unsurprisingly, Hong Kong has a number of “pull” factors that draw highly skilled immigrants from more than 120 economies into our economy, and people who have gone through the migration process to HKSAR generally agree that These include the following:

1. Geographical location, especially its proximity to mainland China.

2. Excellent job opportunities.

3. Relatively high wages.

4. Low tax rates.

5. Easy and efficient immigration procedures.

6. Excellent telecommunications.

7. A predominantly bilingual / trilingual workforce.

8. Low risk of terrorism.

9. The rule of law.

10. Low level of overt racism.

In recent years, Hong Kong has introduced specific immigration programs to encourage these “pull” factors, including the Mainland Talent Admission Program, the Quality Migrant Admission Program, Immigration Agreements for non-local graduates, and the Capital Investment Participant Program. The rest of immigration is managed within the framework of the General Employment Policy and the dependent family relations policy.

You’ve heard people talk about it, but you wonder if it’s just a myth. You’re curious because you have that familiar feeling and you know you have another yeast infection. You don’t feel like going to the store and spending more money on creams, so you wonder Can yeast infections really be treated with yogurt? Yes, you can treat a yeast infection with yogurt. But what if you could treat a yeast infection without all the hassle? I’ll tell you how later.

Before you start talking about treating your yeast infection, you need to make sure you have one. If you are unsure, the best thing to do is seek medical advice. Three out of four women have at least one yeast infection in their lifetime. And 50% of them will have more than one. So most of us know when we have a yeast infection. But some of the symptoms can also be symptoms of a bacterial infection or an STD.

Why does yogurt work and how is a yeast infection treated with yogurt?

Yeast is normally present in our body all the time. It is the overgrowth of yeast that gives us the problem. Your vagina is normally quite acidic, which keeps yeast in check. Sometimes that balance is changed by taking antibiotics, birth control pills, or using certain personal care products. When that happens, the yeast begins to multiply faster than our bodies can kill it. Active cultures in yogurt can immediately begin to kill yeast.

There are a few different ways to treat a yeast infection with yogurt. (This can be quite graphic for some). First, use only plain unsweetened yogurt with active cultures. If you use flavored yogurt, the sugar will negate the effects of the active cultures. You can dip a tampon in the yogurt and place it in your vagina. If you can’t use a tampon, you need some type of syringe, like a turkey syringe, to put the yogurt in. You can also sprinkle some yogurt directly on your lips to soothe it. Use a lightweight pad to detect leaks. You will feel relief quickly and after a few days, you should be symptom free. Some people recommend eating yogurt regularly to prevent infections from coming back.

Are you thinking, ‘yuck’? Well, is it better than placing a clove of garlic or a slice of grapefruit in your vagina? These are also home remedies to treat a yeast infection. But what if you could treat a yeast infection with just a couple of sprays under your tongue, three times a day?

Over the past 10 years, Vancouver Real Estate has proven to be a solid investment for investors. This past year proved that market gains were a better option against gold and silver. Even with the turbulence in the market, the impressive numbers returned have not been released, but there is speculation that there are big smiles on investors’ faces. The average home in Metro Vancouver performed at least 7.5% within the last ten years. The median home price was just $ 250,000, but last year the price was around $ 660,000 according to the ReMax Housing Report.

This performance in Vancouver’s real estate outperformed most commodities and gold in the latter part of 2010. Real estate is a solid investment, but only for the long term. High home prices across Canada are leaving a mark on investment longevity prospects. The next few years will be a bit difficult for investors to recoup their initial investments. Investors will have to be a bit patient, even if their initial investments take more than five years to recover. Elsewhere in Canada, the compound annual rate was up to 8% on returns.

High prices in Vancouver and Metro Vancouver have hurt sales and scared some investors out of buying properties and raising equity from them. This did not prevent major players from causing Vancouver to exceed the national market average of 6.6%. The housing market tends to overshadow disposable income growth, but the rate was beyond normal. Revenue growth in Canada has been about a quarter of the national compounded return. The future of Metro Vancouver real estate is uncertain with overseas investment pouring in from China and other parts of Asia. Cash flow is definitely a nice short-term advantage, but buying from a foreign investor is a bit more difficult than getting a loan from a loan shark.

Even with the temporary label of “unaffordable,” most investments in the next few years will be difficult to swallow, unless there is a sudden change in the economy or other factors favoring the real estate zone. This does not mean that other places in Canada are not attractive or that the returns will not be there. It will take a little time for things to settle down, but local investors are tired of the long journey ahead. Residents’ choices of choice are limited by the current conditions offered by the Canadian real estate market.

In the world of smartphones, Android is at the top of the list as it is the most widely used operating system. The popularity is due to the features that the operating system offers. Here are some benefits that the operating system offers. Read on to learn more.


Multitasking is one of the best advantages of an Android phone. In other words, you can multitask on your phone. For example, you can browse websites while listening to your favorite music from the comfort of your room.

Ease of notification

You will receive a notification of every activity that occurs on your phone, such as emails, messages, etc. In other words, you will receive alerts from your phone and you will not miss a thing.

Easy accessibility

If you love playing games on your phone, nothing beats Android. You can download them from tons of games from the Android app store. Most of the applications can be downloaded and installed for free.

Diferent models

Android grants other companies permission to use its operating system. Since there is a wide variety of Android phones, you have the freedom to choose a brand based on your needs. The quality of smartphones has increased due to stiff competition between different manufacturers.

Modified ROM

If you don’t like the original screen of the Android phone that you own, you can tweak it to get the one you like.

Telephone options

Aside from multitasking, another great benefit of Android is that it offers a wealth of options. For example, iOS comes from Apple, but Android comes from tons of manufacturers like Sony Ericson, HTC, and Samsung, just to name a few.

Bigger screen

If you love big screens, you might want to go for an Android phone. The screen of these phones is larger than that of the iPhone.

Google maniac

If you love Google products, Android smartphones are your best option. The reason is that the operating system comes with various Google products and services that allow you to sync your Google account with various other devices. As a result, you can use all Google services such as Google documents, Google reader, Google maps, etc.


The Android operating system offers some widgets on its home screen that allow you to access the settings without any problem. So this is another great benefit of having a smartphone running Android.


If you are tired of using basic phones and want to enjoy something better at an affordable price, you can go for an Android phone. On the other hand, Blackberry, Apple or any other smartphone costs you much more than Android. You spend much less, but you get almost all the features you can enjoy with a relatively more expensive smartphone.

So, if you have been looking for a good cost-effective smartphone, we suggest you check out a good Android phone. These phones offer everything you need without spending an arm and a leg.