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Life is only as good as we can use our knowledge to successfully survive. Other than that, all degrees and diplomas are just “sheepskins” that “look pretty”. With that said, I start this article. Judge Judith “Judy” Sheindlin once wrote a book called “Beauty Fades, Dumb Is Forever.” I read the book and got the full message. Going through empty credits without any genuine basis lives completely, so completely, that sometimes at the end of those lives, even if they are “successful”, they are a “train wreck”, a “heap of junk” and nothing to aspire to not even to imitate. as an example.

Of course, what I mean by the words “genuine foundations” is the sense of reality or “survival street sense” to back up the “book sense” and “nice diplomas” obtained in schools and learning institutions .

In fact, reality is an experience, not empty credits and the construction of the ego that says “you did it, you already did it without doing anything, now go ahead!” Reality is a hands-on experience in doing something real, nothing more, nothing less, and you sink, swim, or somehow ‘paddle like a dog’ through it to survive.

So no matter how our egos are built with degrees, diplomas, or graduations, if you don’t have the real life experience to back it up, you’re in trouble. Theory and bravado won’t help you fight a thief on the street, just calm, realistic practical knowledge of how to survive and realistically (even if you decide to fight if you know how) what to do. That brings me to a point: reality comes down to what we can do in it, not the selfish brakes it gives us without doing anything yet.

So, I’ll end with an anecdote about the Los Angeles Rams: In 2016, a quarterback named Jared Goff was drafted straight out of college halfway unproven for a total of $46.9 million with a huge signing bonus, and no he won only one Super. Bowl with the team as betting experts, sports analysts and the like predicted during the four-season stretch (2016-2020) he was with the Los Angeles Rams, and nearly fifty million dollars is a steep price to pay for disappointment. and at least he has the experience to back things up now that he’s with the Detroit Lions. The point of this anecdote is that whatever the expectations, reality had better be met through function and experience or else it will all mean nothing, disappointment, or whatever you want to call negative.

So, to end with a bit of street language: Reality is cash, and nothing else matters except the results you get, good or bad.

Fort Wayne is one of the liveliest cities in the state of Indiana. The city is famous for its high standard of living and its wide variety of activities and places that make it one of the most impressive places in the country. sought after destinations and people love to visit this city to live, work or play.

Fort Wayne enjoys the status of being the county seat of Allen County. With a population of around 251,591, the city ranks 73rd among the largest cities in the country. It is known as the second largest city in the state of Indiana after Indianapolis for its excellent lifestyle. and work environment. The city was incorporated on February 22, 1840.

Most of the city’s economy relies on the manufacturing, education, insurance, and health sectors. This city earned the prestigious All-America City Award for the years 1982, 1998 and 2009. This award has been given by the National Civic League annually to identify and address community-wide challenges with unusual results.

Downtown Fort Wayne is packed with a variety of historically and artistically significant venues known for their quality arts venues, museums and festivals. It also offers some of the standout attractions in the form of talking trees and the perfect steak. .

The atmosphere of the city is very rejuvenating and refreshing with four distinct seasons.

The entire city is packed with a variety of exciting attractions such as the old Fort Wayne City Hall Building, Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory, Science Central along with the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum and many more to add to the list.

The old Fort Wayne City Hall building is one of the historically significant buildings that now serves as a museum and is often referred to as the History Center. This wonderful structured building was built in the year 1893 and served as the city hall until 1971. The building now houses over twenty-three thousand artifacts that are kept there for permanent display.

The Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory is one of the city’s most prominent attractions and is conveniently located in the heart of the city. This magnificent garden was founded by Helene Foellinger and Bill Sowers. The garden opened its doors to the public in the year 1983 and since then it has become a favorite place for the locals.

The garden is home to three other indoor gardens displaying around 1,200 plants of different species. This garden is also a privileged place that organizes programs and special events throughout the year.

The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum is another must-see attraction in the city, home to big games and big names in sports and entertainment, capable of holding around 8,000 spectators for a hockey game or more than 10,000 for basketball.

The nearby floor of the coliseum shows an anchor from the World War II battleship USS Indiana. This place is also known for hosting some of the biggest events in Northeast Indiana.

micromegas. Voltaire, 1752. Short story.

“But there was, unfortunately, a little animalcule in a square hat who interrupted all the other philosopher animalcules. He said that he knew the secret: that everything would be found in the Summa of St. Thomas. He looked at the two celestial inhabitants and argued that his people , their worlds, their suns, their stars, had been made exclusively for mankind. In this speech our two travelers nearly collapsed with that unquenchable laughter which, according to Homer, is shared with the gods. Their shoulders and stomachs heaved. and they went down, and in these convulsions the vessel that the Sirian had on his fingernail fell into one of the Saturnino’s pants pockets”.

Micromegas background

this is the first. It is the first short story about aliens, the first short story to question the position of humans in the universe in relation to aliens, and the first to suggest that aliens could be our equals, even our superiors. It is also, at 260 years old, one of the earliest science fiction texts in existence.

This is Aliens-come-to-earth, Sci-Fi Patient Zero right here, and he certainly didn’t keep his ideas to himself.

Since it’s one of the foundational works of science fiction, you can see quite a few quintessential elements throughout it: aliens think a bit differently than we do (anthropomorphism is a bit rampant though), Voltaire uses aliens to do a point about human civilization, and raises questions about why we matter, philosophy in general, and what else is out there.

Also, it’s Voltaire. He unashamedly talks about war, religion, romance, and arrogance, and has quite a bit of fun doing it.

Micromegas premise

The story begins with the introduction of Micromegas, a 120,000 foot tall alien from an unnamed planet around the star Sirius, and much shorter (6,000 feet tall) and less sensory advanced (having 72 senses, unlike the almost 1,000 senses of Micromegas) Saturnino . They come to Earth and, due to their rather unimaginable size compared to our typical height, they initially believe the planet to be uninhabited.

Soon, however, they see a whale and believe it to be the best, if not the only, form of life on Earth. But then they come across a ship of explorers in the Baltic Sea and spend some time discussing philosophical and scientific differences with humans.

Voltaire being Voltaire, he focuses primarily on the stupidity of war. It starts off by astonishing aliens with our practical science, which wasn’t bad at all in the 18th century, but then moves on to our penchant for fighting and dozens of conflicting philosophies about meaningful existence. This contrast confuses the aliens a bit: they know we’re smart, but they can’t figure out why we’re also so stupid, and then they leave, presumably to continue exploring the universe.

The story is short (half an hour tops), to the point, and has plenty of commentary on established authorities. It also uses some conventions that writers today can’t, like unabashed anthropomorphism, unexplained alien powers, and humans rationally accepting the existence of aliens and discussing politics with them while stuck in a nail at least 60,000 feet above the ground, but is the first alien, anything fictional: we have to give a little margin.

Who should read this story?

All the world. Really. Micromegas is not only groundbreaking alien fiction and a brief look at the 18th century and Voltaire’s philosophy, it’s free. More specifically, I guess, I’d recommend this short story to anyone interested in the intersection of aliens and philosophy, as well as anyone looking for Voltairean political sarcasm.

Final verdict on Micromegas

While Micromegas probably isn’t the kind of tale you’d want to curl up with and reread on a rainy afternoon, it’s definitely worth your time. I really like the implications Voltaire raises, as well as the opportunity to examine them without a war-torn or potentially explosive backdrop. There are also quite a few good one-liners about whales, hats, and conceit.

The story is free (and in English) courtesy of Also, LibraVox has a free recording along with some other sci-fi short stories.

Google Chrome may be one of the most popular and exciting web browsers released in recent years, but one thing that isn’t funny is the way this app consistently crashes on people’s computers. If you’re seeing issues with this software, you should be able to fix any issues that are causing the crashes to appear. The good news is that if you want to fix these issues, you can resolve the issue by following the steps outlined in the tutorial on this page. This is what you need to be able to do…

The crashes you’re seeing are due to how your computer won’t be able to read the files, settings, or options that Google Chrome requires to run. Because Chrome is a very advanced application, it continually needs to use hundreds of important settings which will be stored in various files on your system. In order to repair the problems your computer is having, you need to be able to fix any of the problems your computer might be having, a process that can be done by first making sure that the program is running properly, and then that your system is able to read all the files it contains. needs to run.

How to fix Google Chrome crashes on your PC

The way to fix the crashes you’re seeing is to first reinstall Google Chrome, then make sure your computer can read all the files it needs to run. To do this, you must first click “Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs” and then remove the list from Google Chrome. This will allow you to reboot your PC and then reinstall the software, repairing any potentially broken parts of the program that are causing the application to crash.

Reinstalling Google Chrome should resolve 98% of the errors that can cause it to crash… but to truly fix the issue you’re seeing, it’s vital that you fix any issues your computer might also be having with your system. To do this, you need to update Windows and then download a program called “registry cleaner”. This is a type of software that works to scan through your PC’s registry database and fix any of the problems it might have inside. Using a registry cleaner will resolve any of the potentially damaged parts of your system, allowing your computer to run much better as a result.

The decision to file for bankruptcy requires you to look for alternative ways to achieve your goal of becoming financially debt free. There are several approaches, and each achieves the result you’re looking for, with different effects on credit scores.

debt payment seems like a no-brainer and is what we should all strive for given the means to do so. However, paying down debt on general unsecured credit card debt is the lowest budget priority and when there is no money left, it should not be paid. Sticking to a strict budget takes discipline, but the effort will pay off when you eliminate debt without filing for bankruptcy. I recommend Dave Ramsey’s program based on his book Total Money Makeover for eliminating debt through payment.

debt payment is where you negotiate with creditors to pay less than you owe on the debt. Typically, the debt is already past due and has a negative impact on credit scores. Debt negotiations can save you 50% of what you owe. There is a stumbling block to paying off debts for less than what is owed. One catch is that you may end up owing income taxes on the canceled debt. Another pitfall is that your credit score may take longer to improve when debts are settled when the creditor updates the information with your settlement payment.

A #protip here is to make sure you are legally obligated to pay off any debt before doing so. In all states, there are laws that limit the time in which a creditor can take legal action, which is called a statute of limitations. In California the statute of limitations on a written contract (a debt you signed for like a credit card application) is four (4) years. After that, he is no longer legally obligated to pay the debt, unless the creditor has sued him and obtained a judgment in a court of law. Getting help from a Credit Counseling Agency is helpful for those who are not comfortable negotiating with their creditors.

Sometimes doing nothing can be the right approach. If you have a social security disability or don’t have anything of value, creditors may not be able to collect anything from you. If you are “judgment-proof,” you may not need to pay your debts or file for bankruptcy. However, this strategy does not work for family support obligations or taxes.

Not-so-helpful alternatives to bankruptcy include mortgage refinancing to pay off debts or debt consolidation. Essentially, taking out a new loan to pay off old debt does not eliminate debt. However, these can be wise moves if you lower the interest rate or give you an income tax deduction like a mortgage on a home. Otherwise, more debt is not the answer.

When planning a kitchen remodeling project, the first step is to call a remodeling company, right? Maybe not. Before you start talking to professionals, do some research to be in a good position to make informed decisions with your remodeling professional.

find out what you want

Research the different options for flooring, cabinets, countertops, and appliances. This will help you find out what you like and what you don’t like. Be sure to check out the remodeling information and remodeling how-to sections of our website, where you can learn many valuable tips, trends, and ideas for remodeling your kitchen.

Consider resale value

If there’s a chance you’ll sell your home in the future, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth from a kitchen renovation. Buyers love remodeled kitchens, but they may not like “trends,” so if you plan to sell, choose trendy items carefully. Try to make choices that will appeal to the widest range of seekers, and you may save most of your investment in high-end appliances that you can take with you.

Plan for your retirement

If you don’t think you’ll be selling your house any time soon, make sure your kitchen remodel reflects YOU. Get the cabinets, flooring, and lighting you love. If you love skylights, make sure your remodeled kitchen gets plenty of light. Whether you like bright colors, white cabinets, or dark wood, your kitchen should reflect your style, the way you cook, and your family’s use of the room. Think ahead, too, and make sure the kitchen has room for mobility-assistive tools, easy-grip knobs and handles, or perhaps height-adjustable countertop areas to keep everyone comfortable working.

Review Funding and Budget

Your kitchen remodel can fit into almost any budget, so start exploring what money you’ll use. Should you draw from your savings, sell stocks, refinance your mortgage, or use a home equity line of credit? Each has advantages and disadvantages. Do some planning on your own, but because every remodel is different, talk to a professional remodeler and your financial advisor for the best advice.

Find a professional kitchen remodeler

Ask your friends and neighbors who they worked with on their kitchen remodel. Look at company websites, check their Better Business Bureau ratings, and read Angie’s List reviews. Create a list of questions to help you feel more comfortable with the company. If they make you a hard sell, put pressure on you, or make you feel uncomfortable, they are not the right contractor for you. Also check your warranty. The best company will exceed the industry standard to keep you happy…and will be the first company you call when it’s time to work on your bathroom renovation!

Email marketing is a powerful tool for generating interest and generating sales. But you can’t just start sending email today and expect to see profit. You need an email marketing plan.

Step 1 – Select an email marketing provider. Choose a provider that offers all the tools you need, including list management, templates, and especially autoresponders.

Step 2 – Create a subscription list. You must not send emails without first obtaining permission. That’s called spam and it can get you into big trouble. Instead, you need to get people to sign up for your newsletter. If you want to do this quickly, offering something free, like an e-book, in exchange for signing up can work wonders.

Step 3: Come up with a strategy. An email marketing plan is essential. You won’t get any business if you just start sending offer after offer. Think of your customers. What would make them want to open and read your emails? Spend about 80% of your time just providing helpful information and then about 20% asking about your business.

Step 4 – Use the power of the autoresponder. An autoresponder is just a series of pre-programmed emails. They are usually designed to prevent someone from expressing an interest in making the purchase. They can also be used to upsell customers who have made an entry-level purchase.

Step 5 – Have clear calls to action. When you ask for the sale, make it very clear what you want the reader to do and make it easy for them to do so.

Anyone can create a profitable double opt-in promotional email campaign with a clear goal and the right strategy.

Every Christmas, I debate what to get my niece, Ayana. I say this because Ayana is a girl who has been given almost everything she asks for every Christmas. When she was three years old, her parents bought her a Barbie Jeep. At four she bought him a 25-inch color television. At five o’clock they bought her a computer for her bedroom, and at six o’clock they bought her a cell phone. As you can see, when I decided to buy her a doll for her 7th birthday, she was way behind. Of course, since I don’t have kids, I have no idea what kids want these days. Technology is in, and kids are so tech-savvy that the toys that used to satisfy us as kids are long gone.

Ayana entered the room and ran over to my Christmas tree, under which were boxes with small presents. I usually give two or three “little” gifts so the children feel like they are getting “a lot.” Ayana opened her present and when she saw that it was a doll, she sighed and said disappointedly, “Another doll!” She quickly put him down, got up and flopped on the couch, sulking. Her next door neighbor, Leesa, who came to my house with Ayana, looked at her and said, “I’ll take it if you don’t want it.” Ayana, still in a bad mood, said, “Go ahead. I don’t want it. I have a lot of dolls.”

Mind you, he was sitting across the room from Ayana, listening to this display of discontent. My feelings were hurt because I thought Ayana was being ungrateful. But when Leesa took the doll and hugged her like she was a lost sister, I realized that Ayana was just being a child. She was seven years old, for God’s sake. She was reacting to a situation created by the adults, her parents and me, her aunt. Her parents had given her the best, and each year they had to overcome what they had given her the year before. So if a boy gets a computer on his fifth birthday, a doll on his seventh birthday pales in comparison.

Leesa, however, did not come from a wealthy family. Her parents struggled to make ends meet every month. Just a year before, her mother died of cancer, leaving Leesa alone. Her father tried his best to be a mother and father to Leesa, but for any girl who has lost her mother, no one can replace her mother. Leesa’s father gave Leesa what she could, but that was nothing compared to Ayana’s parents.

When Leesa ordered the doll, I knew what the true meaning of Christmas was: giving from the heart and appreciating the thought behind the gift. She had also bought a doll for Leesa, and when she opened her own gift, she was doubly elated. She jumped up and hugged my neck and named her doll Myra after her mother. I saw her lovingly play with the dolls. She said that she was going to call the other doll, Dolores, by my middle name. Ayana nonchalantly sat sullenly on the sofa.

Have adults forgotten the true meaning of Christmas? And are we transmitting our forgetfulness to our children? Our children are suffering from the commercialization of the Christmas holidays. We adults can change the course our children have taken by teaching them the true meaning of Christmas: spending time with those less fortunate than ourselves. Here are some simple steps to discover the true meaning of Christmas.

1. Donate toys, clothing, appliances, etc., to children in need.
2. Volunteer at a group home for children.
3. Visiting a child in a juvenile detention center.
4. Sponsor a family in need for Christmas.
5. Donate to a charity that helps families in need.
6. Invite a co-worker who doesn’t have a family over to your house for Christmas dinner.
7. Spending Christmas with an older person.
8. Visit the elderly in nursing homes and nursing facilities for Christmas.
9. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
10. Visit a sick person in the hospital during Christmas.

These people tend to be forgotten during the Christmas holidays, the times when they long for family and friends and the love that is shown during these times. Make a special effort this Christmas to give to someone who has less than you and teach your children that it is more rewarding to give than to receive, and you will discover that the true meaning of Christmas has not been forgotten.

A federal court in Florida has just ruled that restricted stock (on which most incentive stock options are based) cannot have any value simply because it is constrained. (Visit the site below for the court’s opinion.) Williamson v. Moltech Corporation started in New York in 1995. Although it is now in bankruptcy court, New York law applies in this case, not bankruptcy law.

Stock restriction is often used by early-stage companies that want to reward employees and/or attract needed employees. The shares are restricted because when the company does an initial public offering (IPO), the underwriters of the offering do not want the directors of the company to sell their shares in the IPO, as this would undermine confidence in the company. Usually, the restriction is lifted after a period of time after the initial public offering.

This new ruling would mean that any company can grant incentive stock options based on restricted shares and then rescind their agreement, leaving their employee with no recourse. This would be the case even if the company’s value had risen astronomically. Clearly, this fails the test of reason.

This ruling destroys as impractical the use of incentive stock options and the restricted shares underlying them for compensation purposes. Companies that want quality technologists and managers, but with little cash to compensate them, will now find that the previously valuable technique of granting incentive stock options is rejected by informed employees, who realize that the company may renege on its contract agreement. incentive stock options. with your employee at any time with impunity. Therefore, at any time after helping build the company, the employee could be left with nothing for his sweat efforts. Since companies will no longer be able to compensate their employees with stock options, more cash will be required, leading to a depletion of technological advancement.

In addition, the court failed to comply with the earlier ruling by the New York courts that denied Moltech summary judgment in the incentive stock option damages claim, even though the court is required to award commission to the ruling. of New York under res judicata. (Visit the site below to view New York’s summary judgment denial.) The court gives no apparent reason for its complete disregard of the earlier New York ruling.

New York law requires that damages be measured at the time of the breach. Oscar Gruss & Son, Inc. c. Hollander, 337 F.3d 186 (2d Cir. 2003). Also, when there is no market for shares, as is the case for restricted shares, a hypothetical market model is used to establish value between a buyer and a seller. Boyce v. Soundview Technology Group, Inc. 2004 WL 2334081 (SDNY 2004) set aside and remanded as to damages for Boyce v. Soundview Technology Group, Inc. 464 F.3d 376 (2d Cir. 2006); Boyce is equally a bankruptcy case. Thus, although Williamson v. The Moltech matter was in bankruptcy court, bankruptcy ten years later cannot have any effect on the value at the time of default. The court seems to have taken issue with this, acknowledging that the valuation must take place at the time of default under New York law, but also incorporating language related to the cancellation of shares through the approval of the bankruptcy plan, which is clearly inapplicable. .

Of greatest interest is the earlier court hearing. (Visit the site below to view the transcript of the hearing.) The reader will find the court’s comments at the top of page 31 very interesting, as this hearing was prior to the court receiving evidence on Williamson’s valuation. In fact, Williamson presented to the court evidence of the value of the restricted shares in the form of uncontested valuations, made among others by Moltech’s own analysts/auditors, including Price-Waterhouse and sales of shares by Moltech (directly sales of shares and preferred instruments convertible into ordinary shares).

Therefore, if the judgment in this case were upheld, it would result in a loss of stock options by the employees who owned them if your company chose to default on its incentive stock option agreements. Companies could default on such agreements before the IPO, leaving the employee in the lurch without high-value post-IPO stock. Naturally, incentive stock options would lose their attractiveness as compensation. New high-tech companies would suffer.

The case is currently on appeal in the US District Court for the Northern District of Florida, Gainesville Division, Case No. 1:07-cv-00016.

When the T-shirt first appeared on the scene in the 19th century until shortly after World War II (the 1940s), it had no variations: a T-shirt was a fitted white crew-neck T-shirt made for men and boys. After World War II and during the post-war economic boom, the plain white T-shirt gave way to countless varieties to suit different tastes and occasions. T-shirts are now worn by men and women, boys and girls… and pets too!

One of the most common variations of the t-shirt is the tank top. Tank tops are sleeveless and may have so-called ‘spaghetti straps’ or thicker straps. Wider versions of these thick straps are sometimes called ‘cuff kickers’. While tank tops are often worn on a hot summer day or as a top under another shirt, wife beaters are usually worn as undershirts unless worn by those who require extra effort in their jobs. , in which case they’ll generally work with nothing but the tank on top to stay cool. Tank tops and their variations, such as t-shirts and tank tops, are without exception casual wear. The line of work they would normally be acceptable in is hard work.

The V-neck and the round neckline are two popular variants of the t-shirt. They both have sleeves. They get their names from the type of neck band they wear. While the classic t-shirt has a scoop neck, which is a round neckline near the top and fitted, both the V-neck and the scoop neckline plunge further to the neckline. For this reason, they are common in women’s fashion, although men are sometimes seen with V-necks. They are commonly seen as sweaters, and men often wear a shirt under their V-necks. While the classic T-shirt is Casual, many women’s V-necks and scoop necklines are formal enough to be worn in a smart-casual setting, allowing for not only variation in style but also the occasion of wearing the T-shirt.

The ringer jersey is where the ribs on the neck and sleeve bands are a different color and contrast to the body of the jersey. Ringer t-shirts became popular in the 1960s among rockers. They remained immensely popular until the 1980s, but experienced a comeback in the early 2000s. The baseball jersey is similar to the Ringer jersey in that it also has contrasting colors, but the baseball jersey is usually long-sleeved or ¾. Both jerseys are casual, and unsurprisingly, the latter got its name from being worn by American baseball players on the field.

For women who think that the t-shirt is too masculine or at least does not accentuate the feminine curves and beauty, the babydoll t-shirt is made for them. The babydoll top is a fitted top with short sleeves and a round neckline. They are usually short, exposing the stomach for greater sensuality. The doll silhouette highlights the shape of a woman’s upper body.

Whatever your style, lifestyle and needs, there is an Australia t-shirt for you.