3 Free Basketball Picks Jan 16, 2006: Kobe Bryant vs. Shaquille O’Neal Part 2

Free Picks #1

Best: Heat @ Lakers: Kobe/Shaq – you know the deal. Let me describe what will happen. Kobe and Shaq meet at midcourt…there they go. They’re almost there. And… Oh, Shaq pulls away from Kobe. Let’s go to instant replay. Dammit! That is some serious cold shoulder action. I can’t believe what I just saw. And, of course, the series of interviews conducted with the couple are just as interesting. “Have you forgiven Kobe Bryant for what he did?” “Kobe, who is Kobe? I don’t know anyone with that name.” “Kobe Bryant, your old teammate with the Lakers?” “La-la-la-la doesn’t listen. La-la-la-la can’t hear you.” Predicted score: Miami wins 103-99

Free Picks #2

Runner-up: Pacers @ Nets: Vince Carter is becoming a star again and it shows in the standings. However, he has missed a few games in Indiana lately, mainly because the Pacers are more physical. How are they going to stop Jermaine O’Neal? With all the injuries Indiana has, there’s a good chance this will turn into a potential playoff matchup. Predicted Score: Indiana wins 98-93

Free picks #3

Blowout: Celtics @ Pistons: Boston is weak at the big man positions, and now they’re going to a packed crowd in Detroit to face Ben and Rasheed Wallace. Al Jefferson looks great in parts, but overall he’s done a poor job holding the PF job. Just a hunch, but I hope Boston uses all 12 players. Predicted score: Detroit wins 94-77

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