5 effective tips to reduce face redness while mountain biking

When riding a bike, it is natural for your face to turn red. However, there are many ways to combat this problem. Some of these methods can be done at home before the trip, while others can be used during the trip. Also, there are tricks that may not help prevent redness on the face, but will make it go away fairly quickly. With a little effort, your skin could be saved from a lot of pain and severe redness. Here are five tips to use when planning to ride a mountain bike.

1. Eat sensibly before you go

The first part can be done at home and will be eating foods that do not affect the temperature and blood vessels. By cutting out spicy foods, like curries and chili peppers, for a week before the trip takes place, and replacing them with things like apple, cantaloupe, and spinach, you’ll find that your skin is in much better condition before even start. riding a bicycle. This alone will not prevent redness, but it is a step in the right direction.

2. Medication

As with all forms of redness, there can be medicinal cures. It may not be ideal to use medication for mild hot flashes, but for the more severe ones there can be a great improvement. Products that will help thin the blood vessels, such as clonidine or beta-blockers, will make the face look much more normal in a short period of time. Be sure to read the instructions carefully so as not to cause any harm.

3. drink lots of water to cool off

Just by staying cool, you will find that your face is not very red. Drink lots of water, and while this could lead to its own problems, it will leave your skin soft and rosy. Not only will it treat the redness of the face, but it will help the whole body to stay hydrated.

4. Change your beauty regimen.

It may seem strange that you are not doing your best to make sure your skin is silky smooth, but cutting back on your exfoliation regimen will do you a lot of good. This will mean that there is much less risk of your skin being overly sensitive and attacked by the sun. Any tan you get will be a cool light brown, rather than a painful, unsightly red.

5. Reapply sunscreen

It will be better if you can reapply every two hours when mountain biking. While the wind is blowing, and the feeling of staying cool will be emphasized when riding a mountain bike, it can fool you into thinking that the sun is not hot enough to burn you. The difference between the color of a constant applicator and that of someone who does not bother will be immense.


All in all, hopefully you’ll run out of breath and a little red on your face during some of the tougher parts of the trip, but that doesn’t mean you ignore the issue. Follow the five tips above and you can enjoy the ride.

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