5 Ways Tennis Clubs Can Use Free Marketing

The most powerful word in a marketing campaign is FREE.

So, if you are a tennis club owner, you shouldn’t miss out on this powerful word for all of your marketing.

In this post.

I’m going to share 5 ways you can unleash your marketing campaigns starting today and make sure you remember them and test them too, as soon as you can.

They are as follows.

1). A free visit.

Use a direct response campaign and offer a free visit to your club.

Let them use the club all day and maybe even offer a free lunch too.

Be sure to suggest that they bring a friend as well.

The more prospects coming to your club at the same time, the better.

2). Free sample lesson.

Yes, I know.

Many clubs use this in their campaigns, but they are not using it in the right way!

I read a book last week that talked about bringing the “customer experience” to all the prospects you have.

“He was referring to how the prospect or new customer is treated before, during and after they become a customer.”

The goal is to provide you with a service that is so powerful that you tell all of your friends and family about YOU.

Do you think about it for a long time?


Start using it!

Another reason this “customer experience” works so well is that 90% of all service companies are so awful right now.

3). Free gift.

Now this could be anything.

Free tennis clothing or equipment.

The thing too.

It also doesn’t have to be an expensive gift.

People love to get free stuff and will always bite into this deal here.

4). Free event.

I told you about this before.

Use postcards and offer a free tennis event to a target group of people.

My friend is using this marketing tactic here in Kansai to target company contracts.

You can do the same.

Also market this free event to schools, groups, and churches.

5). Free voucher or discount.

Create a sense of urgency for your offering with this marketing strategy.

Offer half off when you join or an additional bonus for the first 50 people who sign up within 24 hours!

Make sure to focus on urgency as well.

Use phrases like … “Act now or you will miss it today” or “This offer will not be repeated.”

When people read these types of sentences (calls to action), they will respond to them!

Okay, those are just 5 ways to use free in your marketing campaigns.

I suggest you start using free as much as you can in all of your marketing and then remember.

Always collect their personal data and keep track of it, at least 48 hours after they have used your free offer.

Last thing.

Combine “Customer Experience” on all of these offers to make sure you can close them later!

That way.

You’ll take advantage of at least 90% of your prospects, which should also be your primary goal for every marketing campaign you run.

To tell the truth here.

I haven’t seen many tennis clubs abuse this powerful marketing tactic, so start taking advantage of it today.

And watch your tennis club start to grow in months!

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