6 Best Brunches in Madrid That You Can’t Miss

6 Best Brunches in Madrid

When it comes to traveling to Spain there are several locations which are certainly memorable, but for me there is one which is my favorite; Madrid. The capital of Spain is definitely a beautiful city with an incredible history. In recent years Madrid has seen some remarkable growth and has become a very popular tourist destination. If you have never visited Madrid before there is a lot to see and do, but we will concentrate on the best Brunches in Madrid that you cannot miss out on.


The main square in the city centre known as Puerta del Sol or The Spring is where you will find most of the famous plazas and buildings. This square is also the focal point for a great number of activities throughout the day including a number of concerts, shows and plays. Throughout the year there are also some great festivals which take place in this square and you can plan in advance to make sure that you can attend them and not miss out on any of the action. During these festivals you will be able to sample traditional Spanish food and drink as well as enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of this cultural city.

Another area of interest in Madrid is the medieval city of Almeria. Founded in the 10th century this city is an incredibly old city with many different historic sites. Some of these sites include the Almeria Cathedral which is the largest of its type in Europe. There is also the Almeria Theater which is much enjoyed by visitors here as it features one of the best stages in Spain.

6 Best Brunches in Madrid That You Can’t Miss

The cathedral located in the centre of town is home to the famed Saint Peter’s Cathedral. It is one of the most famous cathedrals in Europe and is considered to be the resting place for one of the greatest religious figures in history. Also in this area of Madrid you will come across the Castle of Santa Cruz which is absolutely incredible. Built in the fifteenth century this impressive castle looks simply breathtaking with its massive size and intricate detailing. You can also try the tapas bar in which Spanish tapas is served.

For people interested in art there are numerous places to visit such as the Picasso Museum which was built to honour the famous painter. He once said that he had studied for two years but then forgot about art. He became one of the most important painters of modern day Spain and it is an incredible museum to see.

In addition to all the cultural attractions there are a number of sporting venues available to enjoy. One of these is the world famous stadium, Nou Camp. This is the venue for many of Spain’s major sports teams including football and even cycling. If you were thinking of taking a holiday here then this would certainly be a good choice. It has become popular over the past few years and is now regarded as the best place in Spain to go and enjoy some of the best Brunches in Madrid that you can’t miss. You can also try the fabulous tapas bar at the barcelona centre.

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