Being nice has its rewards

It was one of those weeks. It seems like every week of mine is “one of those weeks.” Just when I think everything looked good, I found that I was looking in the wrong direction. You should know better than to think.

Several problems arose with my vehicle and I had to take it to the garage. Fortunately, when I took it in, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Of course, I was happy about it, and as I was driving my vehicle home, I sang one of my happy songs.

The next day, the vehicle had the problem again. I guess he heard me sing that happy song and was going to try to prove him wrong. I should have put on a mask while singing so I wouldn’t understand what I was singing. When am I going to learn?

Well, it’s one of those weeks.

I took the vehicle to the garage and they solved the problem very quickly, which made me happy. Remembering the last time I brought the vehicle home, I didn’t sing my happy song, at least out loud.

When everything goes wrong, it’s hard to be nice. Having a good attitude takes a lot of work, and I must say it is beyond my salary level.

It’s not that I’m not trying to be nice, because I do. I suppose that the good of one person is the bad of another. Why is naughty seems so much better than nice?

The kind lady of the parsonage always reminds me when I go somewhere: “You better be nice today!”

I remembered that years ago, I asked him to define for me what nice really means. I won’t do that again because she told me her opinion of being nice. I suppose I should have taken notes, but I didn’t.

After everything that went wrong this week, I was so tempted to give up. I’m not sure what I would give up on, but I was tempted to go in that direction.

Then things changed.

First of all, I received a check from my publisher, which I was not expecting. As I drove to the bank to deposit the check, I avoided singing my happy song in case my vehicle was listening. But I was happy.

When I got back from the bench, my wife saw that I was smiling and asked what I was happy about. So, being the “nice” person that I am, I told him. And she was happy for me.

It was just the beginning of the “nice” attitude in my week.

My wife was out for lunch the other day, so I had to have lunch. I stopped by Wendy’s and had my lunch, and I have one of those coupons for a free Frosty. I used my coupon and when I picked up my food, there were two Frostys.

“Excuse me,” I said to the waiter, “I only asked for one ice cream, but you gave me two.”

The person at the window looked at me, smiled and said, “I just wanted to do something nice for you. Go ahead and stay.” I smiled back and thanked him.

When you get something for free and you don’t expect it, it’s really nice.

Driving home, I was thinking, “How can I improve my week?”

It started off badly, but was beginning to change course.

As I thought about how well the week was going, I decided to celebrate by buying an apple fritter. What better way to celebrate a beautiful week? After all, an apple fritter eaten without my wife’s knowledge is good business.

Driving to where I get my apple fritters, I had a thought in my mind. What if I could get a discount on my apple fritter?

The gray cells above started bouncing and I came up with a plan.

I went in, got my apple fritter, and took it to the cashier. When I got there, I looked at the cashier and said, “If I mention how good you look today, could you give me a discount on my apple fritter?”

For all practical purposes, I never expected a discount. I just thought it would make the cashier a little happy with a customer like me.

I could see a bit of tension in the lady at the cash register, and I’m sure she’s had one of those days like I do from time to time.

She looked at me, smiled (probably the first time that day) and said, “That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever been told all day. I sure can give you a discount. Actually, this apple fritter is in the house. Go get it. ‚ÄĚThen he smiled as I walked out the door.

Driving home I thought about it and that being nice sometimes pays off. Nothing could be more enjoyable for me than a free apple fritter.

I thought of Jesus’ words: “Give, and it will be given to you; a good measure, pressed down, shaken, and running over, they will give into your bosom. It will be measured back to you” (Luke 6:38).

After this little incident, I will spend more time practicing being nice to the people I meet every day.

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