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When camping or traveling, cargo carriers that are easy to use, convenient, and carry a lot are important factors. We conducted customer research and have documented a list of customer issues with roof mounted freight carriers.

They can be cumbersome to install on the ceiling. It can be difficult to carry equipment on the roof – it needs to be lifted or carried up with a ladder to carry it. They cause wind resistance and can steal 15-25% of MPG and that can really add up. The straps and bag material flap in the wind that hits cars, acts like a sail, catches the wind, and can make your car unstable.

If you want to avoid all of these problems, seriously consider rear-mounted cargo carriers. They are like a “backpack” for your car. They fit any SUV, minivan, large van, hatchback, or sedan. They eliminate wind resistance (save fuel), are easy to load in minutes (on the ground), mount quickly without expensive racks or rails, and fold flat. They are excellent for carrying soft gear.

Here’s a real-world comparison to help quantify the true cost of a roof rack or rear rack. To purchase a roof top transport system for a Honda Element you will need: risers and rails $ 299, wheel lift $ 50 and a roof bag $ 275. The full European roof mounted cargo system will cost $ 624 and robs you of fuel consumption. Hard cargo boxes can be even more expensive.

Using a full rear-mount package system costs around $ 210, without the loss of MPG. Rear mounts or rear mounted cargo carriers are innovative, easy to use, easy to install, a fraction of the cost, and fuel efficient. Before making a purchase, do your research to understand the true costs, pros, and cons.

Hope this is helpful in your decision making. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use cargo storage that folds up and doesn’t cut your mileage, check out the new rear-mounted solutions.

Get a Car Valuation Here

When it comes time to sell your used car, you have two options: selling locally or using the Internet to sell your used car. Which one is right for you? Unfortunately, selling your used car locally will get you very few quotes. Local auto buyers are limited to just their area, and you must compete with thousands of other people for the same vehicle. Online auto valuation websites take this into consideration when delivering pricing estimates.

Part-exchange value (also known as trade-in) car valuation online services provide pricing data from several different sources, allowing you to easily compare the exact amount your car is worth to other potential buyers. Most auto buying websites use only private, automated pricing, sometimes ignoring extra features, condition, color, or mileage. Winkle, on the other hand, utilizes the cutting-edge software which most dealers use to properly value your car well, obtaining you the best possible deal on a new or used vehicle.

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Part-exchange valuations can be very useful if you’re going to be driving a long distance during the week, and you need to know how much your car is worth before you go. Most of these online services offer all-day access to their databases, so if you need to obtain a quote on your vehicle today, you’ll never need to leave your home. They also offer weekly and monthly access, meaning you can receive a quote as often as you want. This gives you great flexibility; you can decide which parts of your vehicle are most valuable to you and which ones aren’t. Whether you’re interested in trading a classic or older vehicle in for a newer model, or simply want to see what your current car is worth, part-exchange car valuation online services will help you do just that.

Why Get a Car Valuation?

If you prefer to visit a dealership or the office of your insurance provider to obtain your car valuation, the Internet can be a useful resource as well. However, if you are trying to make a purchasing decision based on a few key factors, you can’t rely solely on an online free car valuation. While it’s accurate and handy to have an idea of what your car is worth based on its current market value, it doesn’t tell you everything. Many consumers believe that a car valuation is an accurate indication of how much your car is worth when in reality it typically isn’t.

Car Valuation

Car Valuation Websites have revolutionized how people get auto estimates and know how much their car is worth. Now, instead of waiting days or even weeks to find out how much your car is worth, you can quickly and easily receive a car valuation estimate online in a matter of minutes. With an accurate, customized, and up-to-date Car Valuation, you’ll be able to quickly determine how much your car is really worth before you make any major purchases. Whether you are purchasing a used or new vehicle, there are many reasons to get a quick estimate. Whether you are updating your financial portfolio or simply want to know how much your car is worth before you make a major purchase, car valuations are fast, easy, and accurate, allowing you to quickly determine how much you car is worth.

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Car valuations are used by both individuals and dealerships when determining the price of a vehicle. A private sale will use a public valuation whereas a dealership would most likely use a private sale estimate. Either way, these services are extremely accurate and provide you with an idea of how much your car is really worth before you make a large purchase. Many people like to get the quote for a car before they go to a dealership so they can get an idea of what the car is worth. This is especially helpful for used car shoppers, since most dealers will not allow a private sale price on a used vehicle. Many car valuations are available for both dealerships and private sales.

But, it still doesn’t detract from the importance of covering your car with a good car insurance plan, since you don’t know what will happen to your car later on.

For example, at the time of a major accident, you have to pay all repair costs yourself if you don’t cover your car with a good car insurance plan. So you don’t need to pay a penny just to get your car repaired when accidents happen. The same is also true for other unexpected things, such as theft, disasters, and defective vehicles.

Here are 6 types of car insurance coverage that first-time car owners should know about:

1. Accidents. Accidents happen at unexpected times. It may be caused by your own recklessness or it may be caused by the recklessness of other drivers. Also, accidents can occur due to disasters, such as floods or fires. The point is, if your car is damaged due to some accident, the insurance company will cover the cost of repairing your car.

2. Damaged car. Perhaps, you are driving a few miles down the highway and then in the middle of your journey your car is defective. The engine is having trouble and the car cannot move, or its tire is flat. This can become a big problem for you. But luckily the insurance company will cover the cost of repairing your car in this emergency situation. Some companies may also offer roadside assistance to their clients.

3. Car make and model. The make and model of your car will also affect the type of car insurance you get. If you have a new car or if you buy a luxury car, you will have better coverage for damages. However, you have to pay more for the premium as it could cost more money to repair the damage to your car. This is different if you buy a second-hand car with high mileage.

Four. Personal guilt. Sometimes you may be driving your car and due to your carelessness it could cause an accident with other cars. Other cars may suffer some damage from the accident, and other drivers may also need to be sent to the hospital. The car insurance plan generally provides the cost of coverage for car damage or medical problems caused by your personal fault.

5. Uninsured driver. The auto insurance company also offers uninsured driver coverage at the time the driver causes an accident that results in damage to other vehicles. This way, you don’t have to pay all the financial charges yourself, as the car insurance company will cover the cost for you.

6. Driver experience. If you don’t have a lot of experience with cars then you could fall into the high risk category for the auto insurance company as you are more likely to have accidents on the road. So you generally have to pay more premium costs, but in exchange for that, you get better coverage for any damage. If you are already an experienced driver, you will fall into the low risk category and pay lower insurance costs, as you may not file insurance claims often.

If you haven’t seen the unusual Trikke 3-wheel scooters yet, you should take a look. Instead of pushing off the ground or pedaling, drive one “carving”, rocking left to right holding a steering column designed for it. There are currently 8 models with wheels available, all with different design features that are better suited to different people and needs. They all provide a great low-impact workout that may be superior to jogging or cycling, but make sure you pick the one that’s right for you.

Age and size of the rider

Your first consideration when choosing one of these scooters is age. The smallest model, the T5WS, is generally recommended for riders who are at least 6 years old. Keep in mind that there is a similar learning curve to learning to ski (although not as difficult), so a younger person may need some instruction to catch up, so to speak. All Trikke models have recommended height and weight levels to consider. The maximum weight for a rider on any of them is 250 pounds. This toddler’s model for little people is fine for riders up to approximately 4’10 “and 150 lbs. For older kids, the taller T67 is preferable and its weight limit is up to 200 lbs.

Thanks to the excellent full-body training you get with one, these scooters are even more popular with adults than children. If you are over 5 ‘tall, you should be able to handle any of the full-size models, although most models are not recommended for people over 6’4 “.


After the rider’s size, you need to consider where and how you want to ride. The biggest difference is in the types of tires. If most of your use will be on smooth concrete surfaces such as sidewalks, you can do well with T78CS, which includes 1 air tire and 2 smaller polyethylene tires. However, the most frequent complaint I have heard from new users is that the polyethylene tires make driving too difficult for use on normal streets. If you think you might want to ride the street, you need at least a T78 Deluxe, which includes all air-filled pneumatic tires. Most people who want one for both exercise and occasional travel opt for the T8 Sport, somewhat larger and lighter. This is the most popular model and probably offers the best balance of lightness, ease of handling and roadworthiness.


If you see yourself as a more advanced user, the Trikke T12 Roadster may be your best option. It is best for people who want maximum training and cover some important kilometers on the road. The sturdy frame and 12.5 “tires on this model are well suited for street use. Many people actually ride theirs. Remember that its larger wheels and slightly heavier weight make climbing hills a more strenuous task. than with the T8. Also, the T12 does not fold as compactly as the others and may not fit in the trunk of your car.

Of course, if you’re looking to leave the gas guzzler behind and go on a greener commute, you might want to consider the motorized model, the Tribred Free Rein. For riders 12 and up, this is essentially a T8 with an electric motor. Good for about 12 miles on power, it can still be used in no-power mode, allowing you to save battery power just by using it on those long uphill stretches.

One warning I can give you, no matter which Trikke model you choose: these things can be addictive. Once you get the hang of it, you will probably run into it almost every day. Be prepared to leave runners and cyclists in your wake while receiving more benefits and having double the fun.

Restoring vintage Ford 4 speed gear shift knobs is a pretty simple project. To make the job easier, you will need a drill press, 1 / 2-20 tap, different grits of sandpaper, rubbing compound. Other supplies you will need include Armor All, Mink Oil, and white appliance touch-up paint.

To begin with, you will need to check the condition of the knob, some of these knobs are old and have suffered some abuse over the years and unfortunately some cannot be reset. What you want to look for on the knob is the shift pattern, determine whether the shift pattern numbers and lines are in good shape with deep stamped lines and numbers. If they don’t look good it will be difficult to get a clean look when the project is finished because you have lightly sand the knob to bring out a fresh look and if you go too far in the sanding process you sand them down.

Once you’ve determined you have a good resettable knob, clean it with a carb cleaner and brush the paint off with a wire brush to remove the gear pattern and numbers. Install the knob on the 1 / 2-20 faucet and insert the faucet into the drill press. Turn on the drill and start with 100-grit sandpaper first, if you have a Mustang or Galaxie shift knob with a concave top, start sanding the sides of the knob first. Sand off any chips or scratches, then move to a finer grit sandpaper like 150 fine and finish with a fine saffron paper. Do the same for the concave area, but start with 150 thin paper using your finger to apply pressure. Be careful here not to go too far, take your time to smooth it out. Also, since you are sanding, the paper can get hot so be careful, I don’t recommend wearing gloves because they can get caught in the drill.

After sanding, check the knob, make sure it is free of chips and scratches, if it is, leave it in the drill and use some polishing compound to smooth it further. I use three types of compound, the first is a heavy duty cleaner and then the polishing compound and I finish with a clear plastic cleaner and polish and finally buff with a clean rag. Each compound may need to be applied for a couple of minutes to obtain a smooth, clean appearance; be careful in this process with rags as they can get caught in the drill.

Clean the knob, grab a small dental-type tool to remove the friction compound from the shift pattern, and you are ready to paint the pattern and numbers. Use the white appliance touch up paint to paint in the turn pattern and numbers. You don’t have to paint only the pattern and numbers, it is easier to apply the paint on the face of the pattern. Let dry and spray carb cleaner with a paper towel and wipe the top of the knob until extra paint comes off and the shift pattern and numbers are clean and white.

Paint can stain the knob, so just wipe it off with the carb cleaner. Then take Armor All, spray a little on a paper towel and wipe it on the knob to bring out the black color. The last step is to apply some peppermint oil and rub the knob to bring out the shine. If all goes well, you will have a beautifully restored knob in about 15 to 30 minutes. I’ve done a lot of these resale restorations and they’ve come out really good, what I think makes it easy to do is the knob material, which is Bakelite, you can sand these things down and leave the knobs pretty clean and looking good.

This process works well with Ford shift knobs for 1964 1/2 -66 small concave for Mustangs and 1962-67 Galaxie and early Falcons and Fairlane etc. and the standard 1967-68 and 69 Mustang interior. All other knobs like wood grain for a Mustang luxury interior are not good to restore if you have a good original, stay or get a good quality reproduction.

In addition to the Japanese Big Four (Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha), the list of best-selling motorcycle manufacturers includes companies based in Italy, the US, Austria, and the UK.


Honda’s motorcycle division sells more than 15 million motorcycles a year, making it the world’s leading manufacturer. One of the factors driving the company’s sales is its popularity in Asian markets. However, Honda also dominates in North America.


The Bologna-based Italian brand has been making motorcycles since 1935. Ducati is known for its powerful sports bikes. The company has a long and successful racing history, beginning in 1951. Today, it spends more than 7% of its income in the racing business. The brand belongs to Audi through its subsidiary Lamborghini.

Harley davidson

The great history of the 20th-21st centuries and the exciting riding experience give Harley-Davidson the status of a legendary bicycle company. This brand is familiar to almost everyone, even those who have never ridden a bicycle in their life.


Yamaha bikes are known for their excellent performance, ride quality, and relatively easy handling. Yamaha is almost as successful as another famous Japanese manufacturer, Honda. In addition, the number of dirt bikes it sells exceeds Honda and Yamaha combined.


The Motorcycles and Motors division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries gained recognition as a manufacturer of a wide range of bicycles, from the smallest to the sporty ones. These motorcycles are loved the world over for their powerful and reliable engines capable of high speed. There are production plants in Japan, North America, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.


One more representative of the Japanese Big Four. The GSXR 750 and DR 400 are among the most popular Suzuki motorcycles. The company has more than 35 production plants in more than 20 countries.


During its early years, the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer specialized in 2-stroke and 4-stroke off-road motorcycles, but over time its product range expanded. In addition to dirt bikes, it now includes street bikes and sports cars. The brand belongs to CROSS Industries AG and Bajaj Auto Limited.

BMW Motorrad

BMW is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers. The company’s first bicycle was produced in 1923. BMW Motorrad is famous for its road, touring and sports bikes. Some of the best known models are the GS Adventure, the S 1000 REFRIGERATORS and the K1600.


Triumph, the UK’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, specializes in road bikes belonging to the cruiser, naked and sport classes. The Triumph brand is owned by BMW.


Victory is a relatively new brand, it started motorcycle production in 1998. Its large displacement cruisers are famous all over the world. The US-based company has its final assembly facility in Iowa.

With gas prices going through the roof, there are a few gadgets and modifications you can implement that will increase fuel efficiency and improve gas mileage. Some of the fuel-efficient devices on the market work very well, and others are outright scams. I will show you some of the most popular offers and tell you which ones work and which ones are a waste of money.

  1. The electric supercharger (fault)

    The electric supercharger is designed behind the idea of ​​forced induction modifications such as belt-driven superchargers or the popular turbocharger that is powered by exhaust flow. While the idea is great in theory, I have yet to see one with an engine capable of pushing air as fast as the engine is already consuming it. In other words, these tend to slow down the airflow to the engine, which can not only cause lower fuel economy, but can also damage your engine by causing a rich fuel / air ratio. Dyno testing on a 1998 S-10 V6 indicated a loss of 7 hp and an average loss of 3 mpg.

  2. Vortex generators (poor)

    Here’s a product that I’ve had marginal success with. The “Turbonator” and similar imitation products basically cause a twisting motion in the air intake hose, which in most cases allows the air to travel faster to the intake manifold. They are easy to install and work to some extent, but in my tests I noticed a maximum increase of 3 horsepower and no noticeable difference in gas mileage on average, which is well below projected results. Because it is so quick and easy to install, I tested this on 5 different vehicles with similar results on each.

  3. Performance tokens (good)

    There are several performance chips available that can not only add horsepower to your vehicle, but also improve gas mileage. They work best with high performance gasoline and diesel engines. I have nothing bad to say about performance chips, other than that they can be quite expensive and will generally require installation and dynamic tuning by a professional performance shop, which in itself can be quite expensive. That being said, they work. The horsepower increase is most noticeable with these, but they average an increase of around 3-5mpg.

  4. Magnetic fuel conditioners (fault)

    These inexpensive devices can be had for around $ 10 and will do absolutely nothing for fuel consumption. It would be much better to put that $ 10 in the gas tank. This is an extremely small device that is basically attached to the fuel line and magically you should get better fuel efficiency. The idea is that perfectly placed neodymium magnets will align the fuel molecules and “overload” or “ionize” them. Scientifically speaking, that doesn’t make sense! Feel free to try if you’re curious, but these have Bruce’s thumbs down!

  5. Mass airflow module (fault)

    There really is no common name for these, but they are usually a very small box with a couple of cables available at various places on the net for $ 5 to $ 15. The basic idea is that you connect it to your mass air flow sensor. (MAF) or intake air temperature (IAT) sensor, and it will trick your car’s computer into thinking that the air going into the engine is colder than it actually is. This is done using nothing more than a resistor that you can buy from Radio Shack for less than a dollar, and that’s it! It works in the sense that it fools your computer, but it doesn’t improve gas mileage or power from generalized tests. Don’t fall in love with this one like my friend did!

  6. Hydrogen cells / water cells (excellent)

    Why excellent? Most people report results of 20-45% increases in fuel efficiency. These work by dividing water into “HHO gas,” which is basically hydrogen and oxygen separated from each other. The only downside is that there aren’t really any production units available. Most HHO enthusiasts built their own setups. Fortunately, it is not very complicated and can be done at a fairly reasonable cost. There are some great plans available that show you exactly how to set this up for your car. I also personally tested this setup and was able to almost double my fuel economy on the highway and triple my MPG in the city!

I hope my review of the various gas mileage devices has helped you avoid some bad deals on the internet and beyond.

Whether you’re applying pinstripe tape to your ride or having it done for you by a professional, most people want it to look stylish and cool. The overall design is the most important element in having a successful stripe job. Right behind the design are the colors you choose. Here are 7 tips to help you choose the correct striped tape colors.

  1. Choose the colors that you like best! Sounds obvious right? However, some people choose what their friends or a vinyl professional like, and don’t choose the colors they really want. Maybe the colors you choose don’t look as good as others, but if you like them, that’s all that matters.
  2. If the striped tape you are using is more than one color, choose a dominant color and a secondary color. Let one color have most of the impact and the other color or colors be the supporting cast. In this way the colors do not fight each other, they help to complement each other. For example, dark green and dark brown are nice colors, but they are both really strong colors and will fight for attention. A dark brown with a tan or beige would be a better option in most cases; or dark green with a medium green.
  3. Generally speaking, I have found that metallic colors and a dark car can look great, but metallics do not hold up over time in a dark vehicle. For whatever reason, the colors of the metallic stripes fade in two to three years. Try to avoid this scenario if you can.
  4. Complementary colors will generally look great together. Blue and orange are free, as are red and green, purple and yellow.
  5. Consider using a striped tape that is roughly the same color as your vehicle, but is lighter or darker. For example, dark blue stripes on a light or medium blue car look great. Dark green pinstripe on a light or medium green car looks sweet.
  6. If you are looking for colors that really stand out and make a statement, look for high contrast as well as bold lines and shapes. Contrast, in addition to color, is what makes some striped ribbons stand out and others appear much more subtle. How is the contrast achieved? Dark vs. light. Dark colors on light colors or light colors on dark colors.
  7. If possible, try to get a striped tape color chart and post it next to your vehicle outside in the sun. On the side of the sun, not on the side of the shadow. Take a few steps back from the vehicle and squint to see what appears to you. Sometimes using the elimination process is a better way to see your choice of colors. Rather than picking colors, you start cutting out what you don’t like to find the right color or colors for your trip.

I hope these seven tips help you pick colors the next time you want to add some stripes to your ride. The great thing about stripe tape is that you can remove it if you don’t like it and you can always add more if you think your car needs it.

Large successful companies set the trends in the expression of corporate luxury. Tastefully decorated visitor lobbies, impressive boardrooms, well-designed offices, prepared with technology, the list is endless. An essential element that is the hallmark of corporate or personal luxury is the inimitable luxury chauffeur and his car. This article will explore this facet.

The company does not have to own these vehicles or have well-paid drivers at its service. They can be contracted through available high-end chauffeured car services to cater for the transportation requirements of your business visitors, both for official and recreational appointments.

There are many chauffeur-driven car services available all over the world. Chauffeured car services provide chauffeurs as well as an excellent fleet of luxury vehicles. These service companies have to accumulate many years of reliable service for corporate leaders to recommend them to their friends and business associates.

What are the attributes of a luxury chauffeur service?

Service Reliability: Timely transportation of the busy executive to different locations so you don’t have to worry about how to get from one place to another, sometimes in a strange city. Punctuality is an important aspect of reliability.

Customer Service – Good behavior is paramount to knowing how to deal with your guests, conduct yourself professionally, and be courteous and entertaining.

Safety – Providing safety is paramount, so drivers know all the driving rules and drive carefully. The more experienced the driver, the greater the safety aspect. The cars are kept in top condition.

Personal knowledge: You must have knowledge of the city and make appropriate suggestions to guests, after evaluating their preferences.

· Personal appearance: a uniformed driver always inspires confidence. He or she must be well prepared to complement your client’s wealth and social class.

Luxury vehicles

A driver is important, but equally or more in terms of offering luxury to the customer, it is the vehicle he drives. Many visitors get lost in admiring the vehicle and forget that it is being driven by an efficient chauffeur.

A compilation of the five main characteristics of a luxury vehicle has the following:

Luxurious car interiors – A car with unimaginably luxurious seats that can be electrically adjusted to fit the shape of your body, climate control, the ability to shut off external sounds to the maximum, and soft carpets are some of the welcome features.

Navigation and entertainment systems technology. A luxury car equipped with an advanced form of these is appreciated by both the customer and the driver.

Quality safety features, such as double or triple the number of airbags found in common cars and GPS-enabled alerts for road changes, can allow the customer to enjoy the ride with the confidence of their security.

Fuel and Power Efficiency: The vehicle must offer good mileage and the customer can usually distinguish the sheer power of the vehicle while driving. Navigating the main roads of the city at full speed, it is a pleasure to see these luxury vehicles.

Convertibles are defined by having a retractable roof – they represent the wind-blowing dream car designed for pleasure over practicality.

Whereas convertibles were previously purely two-seater sports cars that were also generally called roadsters, these days you can even find open-air sedan-like models. Most convertibles fall within the luxury vehicle range, however there are also several affordable models now on the market.

There are two main types of convertible cars, distinguished by their type of roof: softtop and hardtop. A softtop convertible is also known as a convertible, convertible, or spider, and hardtops are variously described as coupe convertibles, coupe convertibles, or retractable hardtop.

The following guide will give you some of the key facts about convertibles to consider so you can decide which model is right for you.


As mentioned above, convertible cars range in size from two-seat roadsters to roomier four-seaters. However, even if the vehicle seats more than two, although there are some models that have normal adult room in the back of the car, most only have enough room for children or pets.

When it comes to cargo space, convertibles are limited by the lowered roof. However, with the top up, some models offer a decent amount of cargo space. The best way to assess whether you will have enough room for your needs is to make sure you take a look at the trunk space with the roof up and down when you shop.

Roof type

Soft top canvas convertibles used to be the original standard, but both canvas and vinyl covers are prone to damage if not cared for carefully. Today, automakers are launching a growing range of hardtop convertibles that feature self-acting retractable roofs that break into two or three pieces and then gracefully lower into the trunk. While these are more durable, crime-proof, and easy to operate, their complexity can often be reflected in the price, they add more weight to the vehicle, and they also take up more trunk space. Modern multi-layer soft covers have been improved that protect the car from the elements and reduce noise just as well as hard covers.

Engine capacity

In general, most midsize convertibles use four- and six-cylinder engines, while the more expensive luxury models primarily use powerful V6 or V8 engines.

Fuel consumption

Four- and six-cylinder convertibles can achieve good combined mileage in the low-to-mid 20 mpg range, but most eight-cylinder models produce less than 20 mpg.


Modern convertibles generally feature a fixed or pop-up roll bar to protect passengers if a rollover accident occurs.

It must be said that most convertibles have small rear windows, which creates large blind spots. If you are more attentive to safety, you will ideally want to opt for models that offer blind spot warning systems, parking sensors, and rear view cameras.

Premium brand convertibles will have side airbags that deploy from the seats as standard, and it’s a good idea to choose this as an added feature on a less expensive drop top. Be on the lookout for airbags that extend upward to protect your head, as convertibles don’t have the protective side curtains that solid-roof vehicles provide.

Main additional features

Additional features to consider that will make your driving experience even more luxurious include automatic climate control, heated seats, navigation systems, keyless start systems, Bluetooth, and an iPod interface. Other additions that can make a difference are built-in wind deflectors, heated and cooled seats, and sun-reflective leather upholstery.

Another factor to consider is that in most convertibles the rear is very compact, so the easy-access features come in handy. These include front seats that automatically return to their previous position and seat belts that move out of the way for rear passengers but are still easily accessible to the driver.


Convertible cars are undoubtedly one of the best options you can make when it comes to pure pleasure while driving. And with larger models being released more and more, you can now combine a sporty, loose feel with the space capacity of more practical vehicles.