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Buffalo Rubbing Stones are one of the interesting natural phenomena around Calgary. During the last ice age, this entire area was covered with glaciers. As these glaciers receded, they carried large boulders and rocks with them. When a rock became too heavy for the glacier to carry, it found a new home. Some of these rocks were transported for hundreds of miles and some were the size of a car or truck.

Later, when herds of buffalo roamed this area, they loved to rub against these rocks, especially in spring when they shed their heavy winter coats. Buffalo are not here in large numbers in the past, but people are.

Calgary grew up and around several of these stones. People are attracted to them almost as much as the buffalo. Many of them are popular tourist attractions. A relatively small buffalo stone lives in a park in my neighborhood. It is tucked away next to a small grove of aspen trees and is surrounded by bushes of honeysuckle, sage and wild asters. As the area developed, this park was left untouched and set aside as a natural prairie.

The neighborhood school regularly takes the children on field trips to the stone as part of their study of the natural history of this area. I remember my own children coming home very excited about this stone and sharing stories of buffalo hair found in the rock long after the buffalo had disappeared.

The stone has the look and feel of great antiquity as it is covered in lichen and some moss. It sits at shoulder height and is about six feet long and three feet wide. This rock almost demands reverence. I find it interesting that it has not been touched by the youth of the area, while another smaller stone about fifty feet away in the woods is covered in graffiti and paint.

So what does a buffalo stone have to do with wisdom? What is a wisdom? The human mind has been a great mystery to philosophy and science for eons. All of our life experience is created by our perceptions, and our perceptions are colored by our beliefs. No two human beings perceive the same event in exactly the same way. It’s a miracle we even get along.

To me, a wise mind uses its perceptions well, regardless of the age or youth of the owner. The key to wisdom lies in understanding your perceptions and their underlying beliefs. And also understand that no other human being will see something in the same way as you. Sometimes this is refreshing and sometimes downright annoying. Perhaps this is the birth of compassion.

Human beings often assign great wisdom to beings of great age. Our stories are full of them. Think of Merlin, Gandalf, the wizard, and the Ents, tree herders of the ancient forest of Fangorn in “The Lord of the Rings.”

We have within our minds many layers of consciousness and/or perception. One of these layers offers a connection to great knowledge and wisdom. Carl Jung called this the “collective unconscious.” I call it my “inner sage.”

If I have a problem or question that I feel needs the input of deep inner wisdom or insight, I go into a meditative state, quiet my mind, and ask my inner wisdom to come forward. If my mind is calm enough, I will feel his presence. Then I will ask my question, clear my mind and listen. If I get an answer (usually the first thoughts that come to my mind), it is still my choice to decide whether to follow it or not.

Since the old buffalo stone in our park reminds me so much of my inner sage, I thought one day I would have some fun and create the perception of introducing them to each other. I offer this perception to you for your enjoyment.

Leaning on the stone, I connected with my inner sage and asked what kind of wisdom a buffalo rubbing a stone would share if it could speak. I cleared my mind, pen and paper in hand and this is what I heard. “Ancient is just a state of mind, just like wisdom. Wisdom and knowledge are available to everyone, regardless of the age. I’ve seen many ages pass, and people don’t change. Their minds do. Where is your mind?” now? Does it serve you? Wise human beings are a gift to each other and I encourage each of you to find inner wisdom. How will you know true wisdom? It is compatible with all life. I am as old as the ages and will never I have seen nothing. shine as bright as a wise human being. Know that you are loved beyond measure by your planet and its beings.”

My children are in their teens. They both have the desire to fulfill their dreams. My son wants to be an airplane pilot and my daughter wants to be a chef. They are making plans for the school to achieve these dreams. Every step of the way will be challenges to overcome and discipline to make your dreams come true.

When my son was younger, he wanted to be a firefighter. He went to the local fire station and saw a huge red truck. He then wanted a little toy truck of his own. If he continued to wish for this dream, his inner worldview would eventually form a material reality. In the next paragraph I want to share with you how a one-way desire creates a material reality. I will describe it as a Miracle.

A miracle is Energy in Formation. Anything you keep your attention on over time is energy in the making. We are transformed by what we appreciate and fill our hearts with the experience of what we desire. Our intention to dwell on what we hold sacred is our soul. Therefore, the miracle of transformation that occurs from this quality of existence creates a manifestation of the formless in form.

This miracle is a unique focus on what you wish to bring into existence. Connect your heart and mind together. This unification creates movement in the body to make your wishes come true. Your soul holds all of this together by creating the kind of character necessary to fill your body with inspiration and energy. This connection between your mind, body, and soul forms patterns that are consistent with obtaining your final wish. Through daily actions and the meeting of others with similar desires, you will make your dreams come true.

When I was running marathons in my twenties, I had to practice running daily. I didn’t go out and run 26.2 miles without mentally disciplining my mind and body to train for these events. Every day I put on my t-shirt, shorts and shoes and went for a run in rain or shine. Nothing was going to stop me from fulfilling my goal of finishing a marathon.

I can still remember the finish of that Chicago Marathon many years ago. The last three miles of this marathon were full of people cheering us all on. I remember crying and feeling my body fill with energy beyond me. My body was exhausted. It was the energy of the crowd that inspired me to go further and finish what I had started many months ago on trails through the woods and streets near my home. My tears and chills running through my body were my soul, reminding me that I had finished the journey I started, and my soul was proud of Sam.

Many men and women with strong masculine tendencies believe that physical control of an environment means mastery over it. And so we will know peace. This does not serve humanity well. As we mature, we become more soul than body. It is our inner mastery over our own world within us “collectively” that will heal the world around us. Using our inner strengths to nurture and build a world around us that reflects the inner qualities of existence within us will manifest an experience of harmony that cannot be shaken.

“The law of attraction” is a phrase you’re hearing a lot these days. It is not a new idea. You’ve also heard it in these phrases: “You will become what you think.” “You will reap what you sow.” “What goes around comes around.” and “Because every action is an equal and opposite reaction.” The ideas expressed in these sentences are for you and me to realize that where we put our attention will attract to us the desires that are made known to us. We have a choice to make during these moments of contemplation. We can stop and explore these experiences or move on to the next thought.

You and I are like magnets. We attract to us what we normally pay attention to. The moment we realize that this part of us is capable of creating out of one-way desire is monumental. It is here that we become the creators of our own destiny. This does not mean that we are The Creator. That is, who we are will be known through us as we explore the nature of our soul in its depths.

As we age, conditions are placed on us to direct us along our paths designed to keep us from harm. Even if we manage to stay out of harm’s way, we move into a state of stimulus-response reactions toward life. This takes us further and further away from the natural state of pure being with which we came into the world as children.

When you and I follow the desires of our most authentic selves, we will be given a path that will make work our play and our play our work. This one-time wish is our path to endless abundance and endless joy. It all begins with a simple question and four simple words expressed to your Creator and your most authentic self: how can I serve?

Sam Oliver, author of “The Road to Healing”

There are several easy and inexpensive ways to customize a standard tech deck fretboard.

1.Paint the deck: One of the easiest things to do is get a piece of sandpaper or a nail file and lightly scratch the image on the fretboard deck. Once the deck is smooth and the old graphic is removed, acrylic paint can be applied.

2. Reshape the deck: A standard finger skateboard can be reshaped using a heat source. First remove the grip tape and then slightly heat the platform to soften the plastic. With your fingers, bend and shape the board to create higher kicks and curves.

3. Paint the trucks: Painting the trucks is a great way to personalize a fretboard and make it really stand out. Separate the upper and lower trucks, sand them lightly. Carefully paint all parts of the truck except the threaded part where the wheels attach.

4. Paint Bolts/Screws: Painting micro bolts and small bolts is often overlooked on custom fingerboards. Small parts can be painted by tying them to a thread and dipping them in the desired color of paint.

5. Dye Wheels – The wheels that come with the tech covers can be dyed with regular fabric dyes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the dye. But leave the wheels longer than suggested to ensure a brighter color.

6. Change the wheels – Anyone serious about customizing their fretboard will eventually look to get new wheels. Completely custom wheels can be purchased that feature high-tech micro ball bearings that increase speed.

7. Add Risers – Risers are the little plastic pieces that go under the bottom of the truck. Adding risers can increase the pop of the board and make tricks easier.

8. Change bushings: Tech decks come with hard plastic bushings that don’t allow much give. Soft PVC bushings can be found in a variety of colors and add a great custom look.

9. Add Pivot Cups – Pivot cups are used when the contact between the king pin on the upper shaft and the king hole on the lower shaft do not connect. The pivot cup covers the gap between the two and holds the truck firmly together. They come in a variety of colors.

10. Custom Grip Tape – Customizing the grip tape on a fretboard is easy. Using a pencil, draw a design on the paper side of the tape. Cutting of the design arranging different colors to form different patterns.

Longboarding is becoming increasingly popular as an intense version of skateboarding. Today, the longboard arrives with more traction, stability and durability thanks to its best manufacturers. The construction and turning angle of longboards make them better than skateboards for going long distances. The longboard concept originated when Hawaiian surfers wanted to bring their hobby to land, especially at times when the waves were too small for good surfing.

Getting familiar with longboards

Longboards are very similar to skateboards, but they come with longer, stronger bodies and bigger wheels, making them faster and easier to ride than regular skateboards. Longboards are fair as long as:

Cruising, Alpine Skating, Sliding, Transportation and also Racing

Longboards come in many different sizes, shapes, construction styles, and features, so naturally you’ll have to make a decision based on your personal preferences. Most longboards range from 33 to 54 inches in length, while widths can range from 7 to 10 inches. Users can choose from different longboard shapes such as:

Drop-through, Drop-Down, Swallowtails, Pintails, Kicktails, etc.

Mid-length boards tend to be the most versatile options because they give riders a lot of momentum and flexibility. The design of a longboard is such that it allows quick short turns or big turns and adequate maneuverability.

How to choose the best longboards for you

Choosing the best longboards for your personal use requires careful planning because the shape and size of different longboards can serve a different purpose. Here are some considerations when choosing the best longboards for your specific needs.

longboard deck

Choosing a longboard deck is an important consideration when you plan to ride your longboard to work, commute, or get to class dodging foot traffic. In this case, you may want a smaller to medium longboard (33 to 38 inches) as it will make it easier for you to navigate through sidewalks and crowds. The deck material of a longboard is maple, bamboo, carbon fiber, maple-bamboo hybrid.

You will also need to consider what type of flooring your longboard will be using. Cruising usually occurs on mostly flat terrain, so a medium or small drop down longboard is ideal. If you plan on longboarding downhill, you may want to look for drop boards with a longer length because they provide better stability.

longboard size

The size of longboard you choose will depend entirely on the activities you plan. While longboards are typically between 33 and 54 inches long, this gives you the opportunity to choose something that resonates with your personal performance and activities. They can be divided into medium length, short length and long length longboards.

Mid-Length Longboards: Mid-length longboards are typically between 33 and 40 inches long and are ideal for cruising and freestyle riding on flat terrain for most people. Longboards for teenagers are usually in this range, which also makes them the most popular choice among all types of longboarders.

Small length longboards: You could go even smaller if you wish. Some longboards start at 28 and go as high as 32 inches. These are great for smaller trick riders. But if you’re just starting out, staying in the higher 33-inch range will help you maintain more stability.

Long boards: Longer length longboards are usually between 40 and 54 inches long and are ideal for leisurely rides, long distance trips, or when you want to climb downhill. These are great as long as you don’t mind lugging around a heavier longboard. Most professional or adult riders require this type of board.

longboard wheels

There is no particular wheel that is better than another because, again, it is simply a matter of personal preference. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to longboard wheels:

Most longboard wheels are constructed from a material called high-rebound polyurethane.

Longboard wheels are typically between 2.5 and 4.2 inches in diameter.

The taller wheels have a higher acceleration rate, while the smaller wheels have the ability to roll faster.

The hardness of urethane is related to the durometer (A) of a wheel.

Softer wheels will be slower than harder wheels when used on flat surfaces. But as long as the surface is rough, the softer wheels will get faster and smoother. Softer wheels generally have better grip than harder wheels on most surfaces. Above all, longboards with longer decks are better for larger wheels, while smaller decks work better with smaller wheels.

longboard trucks

Truck selection for longboards is of particular importance because this allows for turning while keeping the wheels anchored to the longboard. If you’re just getting started on the long boarding, you’ll want to choose a truck that’s closer to the width of the bed. These types of trucks will allow for the proper selection of wheels and will give you a smooth and comfortable ride on flat or incline surfaces and curvy roads. This will help you understand the truck width you need:

If you have a skinny cruiser deck less than 8.5 inches, you’ll need a 150mm truck. If your deck is wider by 8.5-10.5 inches then you will probably need a 180mm truck for your needs. Also, you should select RKP soft and truck bushings for essential carving and maneuverability.

longboard bearings

Bearings are crucial when you want to retain proper movement without continuous pressure. This is especially useful when riding your longboard on icy roads. The capacity or a bearing is measured by the ABEC rating. Using only odd numbers, the ratings exist from 1 to 9. A higher rating means more precise tolerances.

Here are some important factors to consider when it comes to longboard bearings:

smooth ride: Since they reduce unnecessary friction, they allow you a smoother ride on the longboard. The bearings also allow the wheel to spin smoothly. In this case, you need an ABEC 5 or 7 rated bearing.

Materials: Bearings are generally made from a variety of materials, including steel, ceramic, and titanium, etc. The most commonly used bearing is the stainless steel bearing, but the ceramic bearing is the best for all types of riding environments and styles. Titanium and steel bearings are relatively cheaper than ceramic ones. If you keep them free of dirt, you are likely to use them for a long time. ABEC 7 to 9 bearings are the best quality on the market. Those quality bearings can be used in all types of riding styles.

longboard prices

Longboard prices vary dramatically, from small budget to expensive, depending on the specific materials you’re looking for. You generally have two options when it comes to buying the best longboards for you.

Not armed: If you are an expert and want to build your own longboard, then you can buy each component individually to assemble it according to your use. This type of longboard would be a bit expensive.

Ready or fully assembled: If you’re a beginner, you’re probably better off buying a pre-assembled or ready-made longboard. An off-the-shelf longboard will save you money and time.

Before making a decision, take a look at the myriad of models, sizes, and styles available on the market and make a choice that resonates with your personal needs.

Choosing the best longboards for your needs is a simple matter of basic knowledge, along with the longboarding activity you are planning. Whether you’re new to longboarding or just need some help, this detailed guide is designed to help you choose the best longboards, whether you’re buying the whole piece or just picking up a few parts to put together your new downhill or cruising longboard. wrinkled.

Spitting cobras, emus, and a Gila monster were just a few of my life companions in the 1970s. Ironically, I’m not that much of an animal lover, it’s more than I tolerate animals. If you had told me that one day I would live among exotic animals within the confines of my own home, I would have run the other way. For four years I endured cohabitation with a strange husband and his strange business at home. I put my ex-husband in Tennessee. We dated for a short time and during a crazy moment, I agreed to leave my family and friends and run away to Florida with him. We packed all of our belongings into my Datsun truck and headed off. Our destination was unknown. For a week our home was in a tent in the Okefenokee swamp. Our neighbors were raccoons that devastated our meager food supply every night. Mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds buzzed us relentlessly. Of course, there were alligators galore lurking at the water’s edge. Once, we rented a sixteen-foot flat-bottomed boat and put in a good few miles through the murky waters of the Okefenokee swamp. In places, it was like walking through a jungle with the occasional alligator eyes peeking at us above the surface of the water. Everything seemed fine and almost relaxed until we ran out of gas and were upriver from base camp. The sun was setting and there were no other ships in sight. All we could do was row. Me with the oar in the back paddling from one side, then the other. My ex was up front paddling to drive. My paddling job was the more strenuous of the two, but there was no way I was putting my arm in the water as alligator bait. Fortunately, after about an hour a loan boater was returning to camp and seeing our dilemma he cast us a line and towed us back to shore.

With no regrets on my part, we headed out of the swamp in search of a more stable home environment. Next stop was a small town called Lake City, Florida and a job offer for my spouse as an alligator wrestler in a place appropriately called Alligator Town. It was a paycheck that provided us with our first roof over our heads, a travel trailer at a nearby trailer park. The trailer was so small that if anyone came to visit us, we all had to sit outside. The belongings that we had packed in my truck stayed in the truck. The bathroom in the trailer wasn’t much more than a spigot in a small closet. One week was all I could stand. After that, we continue down the road to a larger trailer… Wow! At least this place had a toilet and bathtub in the same room. The guest bedroom was used to house our ferret, named Freddie. The living room was quite spacious, therefore my husband set up a large aquarium for his python (or maybe it was a boa constrictor), I forgot. Whatever large snake it was, it escaped during the night. Can you imagine having to tell your neighbors that if they find a fairly large nine-foot snake, please return it to us? It brought us notoriety. The local newspaper found out and published an article. Fortunately, the snake was found and returned to its aquarium with extra concrete blocks on top to keep it inside. My neighbors did not visit me.

To supplement our meager income, I got a job and we were able to locate a house in the country for us and our growing menagerie to move into. The house was horrible, but beggars can’t choose. It was at home that my husband decided to become an entrepreneur. He formed the Suwanee Zoological Society and the guest bedroom became home to rattlesnakes, pythons, cobras, copperheads, lizards and whatever else he could get his hands on. If I try really hard, I can conjure up memories in that house that nightmares are made of. One in particular was when I was sleeping and I heard an unusual noise. I got out of bed and headed down the hall to the door to the guest bedroom that housed all the bugs. Like hundreds of other times, I opened the door, reached in and flipped on the light switch. The first thing that caught my attention were the overturned cages on the bedroom floor. My next move made my heart stop and all the blood drained from my head. I looked up from the ground, turned my head slightly, and came face to face (probably within two inches) with a boa constrictor. Apparently he had broken out of his cage and in doing so knocked over anything that slipped in. Slowly backing away and closing the door, I went back to bed and slowly pulled the covers off my husband and then with a hard smack in the middle of his back, woke him up. Over the next few days, I found baby snakes all over the house, some harmless, some poisonous.

My best friend was not put off by our strange habitat and visited frequently. On a whim, we decided to cook dinner for the gang. Bustling around the kitchen, we gather our ingredients and kitchen utensils to make dinner. She was unable to locate a particular size pot in a lower cabinet. I told him I’d find it and searched the cabinet and again experienced another heart-stopping moment when I realized my arm was floating over the head of a coiled rattlesnake. Knowing well enough not to make a sudden move, I backed away slowly and when I knew I was out of range I started yelling at my husband. Hearing the panic in my voice, he hurried into the kitchen and focused his attention on where I was pointing my finger. Breathing a sigh of relief, he said, “So that’s where she’s been hiding.”

The house we lived in needed a lot of work. The kitchen was probably the worst room as it needed new linoleum, new wallpaper as what was in it was occupied and horrible and the ceiling had a hole leading to the attic. The hole was covered with a thick piece of butcher paper. It was from this point that he hung a six inch baby cobra and it was I who noticed this anomaly. Once again calling for immediate help, my husband entered the room and carefully removed the small poisonous snake from the ceiling. Looking at me with the utmost sincerity he said, “I was going to tell you about the loss of this snake.”

Snake hunting expeditions took my husband and his friends for days. For the most part, he was only home for a few hours each night because he worked two jobs. All he wanted was a shower and a few hours of sleep before the next shift started. The times when I was alone in the house usually didn’t bother me, except for one. A recently acquired addition to the animal inventory was a Gila monster, which is a very dangerous reptile. I gave instructions to feed the animal…carefully. Honestly, I tried, but he pounced and scared the shit out of me. The Gila monster didn’t eat dinner that night and was apparently mad at me. Although he was in a cage in a locked bedroom, he was making a terrible noise by banging against the cage and making threatening guttural noises. I couldn’t afford to go to a motel and I had nowhere to go, but I was determined not to stay in the same house with this creature; so I took my blanket and pillow and slept in the car for the next two nights.

One day a package arrived at the house of a fellow reptile lover. Tokay geckos were supposed to be in the box, but we weren’t sure how many. The tape was carefully cut and the outer packaging was peeled off. The lid of the box was lifted and in a split second, hundreds of Tokay geckos were out and running at the speed of light in all directions. They are fast little lizards. For the duration of our stay in that house, we found Tokay geckos everywhere. Our neighbors, who didn’t particularly like us being there, also reported geckos in their houses. It wasn’t all bad because they loved to eat cockroaches and palmetto bugs (which abounded) and spiders, which I despise. However, it was disconcerting to lie in bed and feel the gecko run across the sheets or be woken from deep sleep by its croaking. The reason they are called Tokay geckos is because that is what they actually say, ‘Toe-Kay’, over and over again.

My most memorable moment of self-awareness living in an insane asylum was one of those days when my husband was on a reptile hunting expedition. He was home alone and it was pouring rain, a veritable ravine washer. A van pulled up and a man with a big plastic trash can stood at my door. I opened the door and he asked me if this is where anyone bought snakes. I said, “yes, but you’ll have to come back later.” He said he couldn’t, that he had a big rattlesnake and if we didn’t want it, he’d go somewhere else. Well, I had seen my husband carrying a sack containing snakes hundreds of times. I didn’t see the harm in giving the guy money and putting the snake, still in the bag, in the “snake room” until my husband got home. Well, this particular snake wasn’t in a bag. The man wanted him to put the snake in a bag. When he took the lid off the trash can, all I saw was the huge body of the largest rattlesnake he had ever seen. “No way, man,” I told him. In fact, he was angry that he wouldn’t take the snake off his hands and pay him money. He said a few choice words and went off with his snake. When my husband returned, I told him about the event. His response was, “Are you crazy? … Do you know how much money that snake would bring?” Did I feel foolish because my priorities were not clear? No. This was the beginning of the end of our four-year marriage.

I realize that all creatures are put on this earth for a reason. Everyone has their place in this world and my guest bedroom is not one of them.

It seems that everyone in the Pittsburgh area lives on a tight budget due to the modern economic crisis that America is currently facing. The stock market has been experiencing a constant and tumultuous roller-coaster-like cycle that has left all of Wall Street and many financial experts in a panic. Gas prices are at an all time high. The cost of food is constantly increasing. Many US citizens are experiencing massive financial losses from their jobs, retirement plans, stocks, and 401K accounts. Necessary living expenses and expenses like utility bills, rent, and mortgage payments can make a substantial dent in the regular income of the average family.

Like everyone else, Pittsburgh families are dealing with financial difficulties that can easily result in debt or bankruptcy. As the nation continues to spiral into a possible economic recession, many Pittsburgh-area families are wondering how they will be able to pay for their children’s seemingly endless current and future needs, such as necessary medications, college tuition or clothing.

One of the best ways to prosper on a small or limited budget is to buy a reliable and affordable family vehicle that is easy to use and safe. A Toyota truck or SUV, like the Toyota Sequoia or Toyota Highlander, has a high reliability rate, gets excellent gas mileage, and is the ideal choice for Pittsburgh families on a tight or shrinking budget.

Buying a Toyota 4Runner or Toyota RAV4 can help a family survive during an economic downturn. Toyota 4Runners and Toyota RAV4s are reliable, have high safety ratings and get more mileage per gallon than many available family vehicles for safe and convenient transportation.

Many Pittsburgh used and new Toyota dealers, like Toyota Greensburg, understand the many struggles families face during tough financial times. These dealers will help families get the best possible deal on a Toyota RAV4 or Toyota 4Runner.

Before you buy the right new or used Toyota Land Cruiser or Toyota truck, you should first consider your options. It is recommended that you carefully examine your driving and travel habits and those of your family.

  • Does your family frequently travel out of state or long distances to visit friends or relatives? Some Toyota SUVs, such as the Toyota 4Runner or Toyota Sequoia, offer regular and extended warranty coverage that can last up to several years or up to a certain number of additional miles, whichever comes first.
  • Do you have young children who will benefit from the many familiar features of the Toyota Land Cruiser or Toyota Matrix that are geared towards young children, such as child-proof locks, backup cameras, TVs and DVD players?
  • Is security important to you? As a parent, the only thing you should want is the safest and most comfortable travel environment for your children. That’s why buying a Pittsburgh Toyota minivan or SUV is so much more practical when you have a family.

For once, I took the advice of a travel guide and rented a four-wheel drive vehicle when planning to tour the interior of Belize. It was a last minute decision, I had originally planned to walk to the main road from the airport and use the country’s public transport system. I was on vacation; there was no rush. I could get there when I got there, I thought, about all the places I planned to visit around the country.

Well, the flight must have tired me because when I looked down the main road and saw only open space, I decided a car might be best after all. I rented a small four-wheel drive Suzuki pickup. The rental car agent said, “You’ll be sorry, when I looked at the little economy cars.” At the end of that first day I was grateful for the book and the man.

Near Guatemala, I found a camp just before dark. I settled into the living room talking and snacking with the owner and several other guests. By the time I felt like pitching my tent and calling it a night, it was completely dark, and dark in this part of the world meant dark. The man in charge said, “Go up the hill, I’ll meet you at the top and show you the place to camp.” Fantastic. Well, I was used to driving trucks but not in a strange place in the dark. I went up the hill, felt a bit of softness under my tires and hit the throttle harder. At the same time I stopped abruptly, I heard my new friend scream and saw him waving his arms in the air. My beefy car was sunk and good.

“Didn’t you see me, didn’t you hear me?” He said, obviously irritated.

“See you now,” I said meekly.

“It’s been raining a bit, it’s pretty muddy in there; I tried to steer you to the left.”

“Grab your backpack, leave the car and follow me,” he grumbled.

We walked about 100 meters to my house to spend the night. I was glad the moonlight was showing through the trees so I could pitch my tent, I wouldn’t be using my headlights like I had planned. That night, on the way to the bathroom, I ran into the night manager. He took me for a walk with his flashlight pointed at lots of interesting wildlife. There were a lot of tarantulas roaming the ground, which didn’t make me very happy.

Early the next morning, I saw how deeply my tires had sunk into the mud. Good thing I had this four wheel drive, I dumped my bag and got ready to head back east towards the zoo. I didn’t know what I was doing, so I strained my eyes to read the instructions for the four-wheel drive. No, it wasn’t happening. It got deleted and I pretended to myself that I could figure it out.

Beaten up, I knew I would have to go find my friend and ask him for help. I found him having breakfast, he was in a better mood this morning; he gave me some toast and eggs and offered me his help. It didn’t take him long to get the car out of the mud. He let me take a picture of him and his dog and sent me on my way.

The roads were questionable at times, but my off-road driving is what got me into trouble. Just in case, rent an SUV in Belize.

1. What is the American accent, actually?

In fact, there is not just one type of American accent.

America is huge and people from different regions speak with different accents.

A guy from Texas can sound quite different than a guy from New York. There’s not even one type of New York accent.

Similarly, there are different types of Californian accents.

Do you want some proof of the diversity of accents? A movie can show you right away.

If you’ve seen Pixar’s Cars, you’ll notice that Lightning McQueen (The Red Car) speaks English very differently than Mater (The Truck). This is because Mater has a thick South American accent.

two. What kind of accent should you learn?

Most people focus on the “General American” or so-called standard because it doesn’t seem to have the regional tastes of various parts of the US.

It’s the accent you often hear while watching Hollywood movies or listening to CNN or VOA news.

In addition, the General American is also perceived more positively in the US and around the world. Why is this then?

This appears to be a result of the widespread influence of the US media and the American image that is presented. In general, the standard American accent is perceived as friendly, generous, and polite.

3. Where do people speak with a general American accent in the US?

It is primarily spoken in Central Midland, South Florida, and a few other small areas in the US.

It’s interesting to think about how unpopular the “general accent” is in the United States, isn’t it? Quite ironic, actually.

If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of accents and where they’re used in the US, check out Rick Aschmann’s Map of English Dialects in North America. The work of this man is enormous and amazing.

Those are the 3 fascinating ones that I have found. Some of you may think they are trivial, but I disagree.

I think as a learner of anything you need to see the big picture of what you’re getting into. In this case, you need to have an overview of the complexity of the American spoken language.

So, at the end of the day, even if you’ve mastered the “standard accent”, you can still feel humbled by the knowledge that you “just touched the tip of an iceberg”.

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Refrigerated vans are not only a very useful way of transporting products, but also a good way to start a profitable business. Either way, you should learn more about these vans. It will help you better recognize how they can help people.

You should know from the start that buying refrigerated vans will cost you a lot and prices range from $38,000 to $78,000. These values ​​are for new trucks, but it’s about the only option you have if you want to make sure you’re getting a quality product. By buying a second-hand van you are taking a lot of risk and in the long run the money saved here will be wasted on repairs and other hassles.

Refrigerated trucks are huge trucks, and if you’re just starting out and don’t know how well your business will do, you’d be better off investing in a smaller trailer, like a refrigerated trailer. Much cheaper than a regular truck, this trailer also has the benefit of being cheaper to insure. This will keep your initial adventure to a minimum, while you see how things go.

Refrigerated trailers are not hard to find if you want to buy one, but choosing one is a challenge. Positive testimonials and low energy consumption are two of the things to look for when buying or renting such a van. If you are pointed in the right direction, you will have no trouble finding the right prices to rent or buy such vehicles.

One more advantage that refrigerated trailers have is the fact that they can be easily separated from the main vehicle and that vehicle will be able to perform other tasks. So just drag the trailer to your destination, drop it off, do your thing, and then come back for it! When your business is just starting out and you need your vehicles in different places throughout the day, there is nothing better than being able to do it!

A refrigerated van, on the other hand, offers much more space. However, do you really need all that space? You may not need all of it and may not use it, but you’re certainly paying for it. If you know you won’t have space-filling items and you don’t think this will change in the near future, then there’s no point in investing in a full-size truck.

Choosing between a refrigerated truck and a refrigerated trailer is a very important decision and once it is made it will have a huge impact on your business. If you need additional space, a truck is the best option, while if you need the resources for something else, go for the latter without hesitation.