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If you are a poker player, then you have seen what a dirty and grimy chip looks like. Many of us have gone to a casino and waited our turn for the next available seat at the table, only to see a pile of dirty poker chips. Maybe you slowed down your friend’s game of poker and he kept it up for a month or two. When your friend finally returns your tiles, you notice the dirt on the surface of each tile and how they stick together. Although there is no way to prevent the chips from getting dirty, there are ways to clean them without damaging the chip itself. You don’t need a fancy gadget to clean your chips, just simple household items you can find around your home.

This is what you will need:

  • 1 soft bristle toothbrush
  • mild dish soap (Palmolive) in a bowl mixed with water
  • 2 small hand towels
  • time (the more detailed, the better the result)

There are things you should never do when trying to wash your poker chips:

  • NEVER immerse your chips in water – This will eventually cause the labels to shed from the water seeping under the design label.
  • NEVER use abrasive cleaners that can ruin your clay chips, etc.
  • NEVER throw poker chips in a dishwasher / washing machine to speed up the cleaning process.
  • NEVER dry or throw the fries in the microwave to dry them faster.

Cleaning instructions:

Mix about 1 teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid in a bowl with 1/2 cup of water. Place the first poker chip on the small hand towel. Lightly dip the toothbrush in the cleaning solution and gently brush the first side of the poker chip. Make sure you get the cracks, nooks and crannies of each chip. Using a corner of the hand towel, quickly wipe the clean side of the poker chip, then turn the chip over and repeat the cleaning step with the toothbrush. The reason we want to dry the chips immediately is to prevent water from getting under the design labels, if any. Once both sides of the chip have been cleaned, place them somewhere to naturally dry on their own. Continue this process until all of your chips are clean and nice!

When there is no hope

There may be some of you chronic poker players where there is not enough soap in the world to clean your poker game. It is at that point where buying a new set of poker chips would be more beneficial than trying to clean up your old dirty set with missing chips.

For the past fifty years, surf legend Tom Morey has been designing custom surfboards and is known as one of the world’s leading designers of surfboards and types of surfboards. Some of their most famous designs are known as Blue Machine, Camel, Peck Penetrator, WaterSkate, Morey Boogie, Morey Doyle Soft Surfboard and their latest Swizzle, SUP Blazer and Heater design types.

I’m sure most of you have heard of the Morey Boogie Board, which to date has sold over 100 million of these little bodyboards and made it possible for millions of kids and adults to say they’ve “surfed” a wave. .

Morey has not only designed and manufactured the aforementioned types of surfboards, but he has modified many surfboards from other designers and has never given them a name. He invented the first wakeboard, which was designed to surf behind a boat while being towed. He co-designed the first soft surfboard with Mike Doyle, another surf legend. He has created many more designs of surfing products, equipment and accessories, for example, the removable and interchangeable fin system, a traction product called the Slip Check later called the El Gripo, a rolling fin system, lubricated surfboards with air, afterburners, heaters and many more. much more.

The point is that Tom Morey is a legend in the field of surfboard design, as well as being an internationally renowned inventor of surf products and one of the first surfers in Malibu. For the past 50 years, it seems that almost everything you’ve created has been a cutting-edge product, well ahead of the times. Most of them never made it to the market. This is because the normal boy or girl cannot see into the future like Tom and are unwilling to experiment with their innovative new custom surfboard or product designs. It’s time for surfers to wake up and realize that innovation is a wonderful thing, especially Tom Morey’s types of surfboard design.

Tom’s latest surfboard design types are a longboard called Swizzle, a shortboard called Heater, and a SUP called a Blazer. Tom has incorporated the best parts of his previous designs into these three surfboards.

The longboard that he calls the Swizzle in a parabolic shape is quite different from what most surfers classify as a conventional surfboard design. The Swizzle has incorporated the downward nose of the Peck Penetrator, which exemplifies the leading edge of an aircraft wing. The reason for this is that the downward turned leading edge of an aircraft created lift and caused the nose of the aircraft to rise. The same goes for the Swizzle’s nose. When the nose is submerged, the flow of water over the nose causes the nose to rise and thus eliminates the “pearl” where the nose bites into the water and causes the tail to rise and the rider to shoot off the surfboard. Very ingenious, don’t you think?

The Swizzle also has other very beneficial features. It has a parabolic shape where the central third of the surfboard is just inside the parallel, which makes the board narrower in the center, wider in the hip and shoulder area of ​​the surfboard, somewhat as well as a bottle of coke. The advantage of this parabolic shape is that it makes the board easier to transport, easier to paddle, as the surfer is paddling on this narrower center section of the surfboard, reducing the resistance of the surfboard to the traverse water when paddling and crawling. line. The result of this narrow center section makes the Swizzle faster.

The wider hip area and shoulder area give the Swizzle four points of greater control and also make the surfboard more stable. When a surfer steps back on the board to turn it, the wide part in the hip area gives the surfer an advantage, which bites into the water and makes the turn easier to do. The wide area in the shoulder section forward of the center makes it easier for the surfer to turn the surfboard when they are forward on the board. Most boards cannot be turned from the nose area, but the Swizzle with its unique shape can be controlled and turned from the nose.

There is another very unique part of the Swizzle design. It is the rear rails called Afterburners that Tom has incorporated into the surfboard design. These rails are vacuum rails and a holdover from the Boogie Board rails. These rails act to make the water flow much faster over the back section of the surfboard by reducing suction and drag when the board is paddling and when moving in a straight direction along the line of a wave. However, when the surfer makes a turn, the Afterburner suction rail engages the water and acts to pull the board in the direction of the turn, making it easier to turn. The rails were called Afterburners because they give the board a boost and make it faster.

Combine all these innovations in the Swizzle and you have a very nice custom designed surfboard made in the size to suit your height and physical condition.

Another of Tom Morey’s new custom surfboards is called Heater. The heater is a short board that ranges in size from 5’0 “to 7’0”. There are several very innovative designs on this little surfboard. Once again Tom held the Peck Penetrator nose down to avoid pearl formation.

Most of the short boards these days have a pointed nose, they are very thin and also quite narrow. There is not much foam on these surfboards, resulting in a surfboard with little float that is difficult to paddle. The Heater emphasizes Tom’s theory that “foam is your friend.” The heater is wider in the longitudinal center and this width is brought down to the nose area, which gives the surfboard more buoyancy and makes it easier to paddle and also makes it easier to catch waves much earlier. than the thin “splinters”. You don’t have to depend on taking off late to catch the wave. This is a difficult maneuver, which the heater eliminates.

The extra foam in the heater also allows the surfer to make sections and not stop in the lulls when the wave subsides before it reshapes again. This ability and advantage gives the rider the opportunity to have a longer trip, without having to interrupt it when it comes to the break. The additional float also allows you to ride the heater through the white water until the wave picks up again.

Probably the heater’s most distinctive design feature is the rear “heater” rail. This design feature is where the surfboard’s name originated. The rear heater rail is the opposite of the afterburner rear rail on the Swizzle. It is a rail that is cut into the upper surface at an angle of approximately 50 degrees to the lower outer edge of the surfboard. This rail gives the board a hard bottom outer edge that increases performance and allows the board to bite through the water for sharp turns and maneuvers. The angled rail allows water to separate from the rounded center section and greatly reduces suction while increasing the speed of the board. The Heater is a fast surfboard!

The Tom Morey SUP Blazer is a custom designed stand up paddle board. The design of this board was inspired by the Swizzle parabolic shape, the air-lubricated surfboards designed by Tom in the past, and his most recent design, the Heater. By combining these elements from previous designs, Tom has created a custom designed SUP that is unique and highly functional.

The Swizzle parabolic shape with the narrow center section allows the SUP Blazer rider to paddle the board much more easily without hitting the paddle on what is normally the wide part of the SUP. This makes paddling much more efficient and adds smoothness and speed as the board moves through the water.

The wider chest and hip area moves much more towards the nose and tail because SUP boards are generally much longer than a normal longboard. These wider points give the SUP four points of stability. The Blazer is more stable due to these four wide points rather than two wide pendulum points in a standard SUP design.

Another advantage of the Blazer’s design is the deep double concave bottom at the bottom of the nose that allows air to enter under the board and breaks the suction between the water and the bottom surface of the SUP. By breaking the suction, the board can move through the water easier and faster, making it easier for the rider to paddle. Air lubrication also helps when the SUP rider is riding a wave. You gain much more speed, which makes navigation much more efficient and fun.

The double concave nose area results in the board having a central bow that allows the rower to follow a straighter line while rowing. If you can imagine a trimaran, the bow is like the central hull of the board.

The rear rails of the Blazer SUP are an advancement of the rear rails of the Heater shortboard heater. These breakout rails break the suction of the water flowing over the tail section of the board and make the board faster as it moves through the water. The hard downward edge gives the surfer a bite and better turning ability when riding a wave or in flat water when fast reversing, of course.

In short, the design of the Blazer SUP makes the Tom Morey SUP faster, more stable and a very efficient fun board.

So my friends, find a custom surfboard designed by surf legend Tom Morey and go Surf Life! Have an explosion!

Corn facts

One of the most common foot problems is corns and calluses. This happens when the skin of the foot is subjected to pressure and friction. Walking and other similar activities, especially if a person is wearing shoes, will cause thickening of the skin in reaction to pressure and friction.

A callus, also known as a tyloma, is made up of thickened skin. Left untreated or continually subjected to pressure and friction, it will form a mass of dead skin cells. These masses of dead skin cells will have a focal point, unlike corns that spread. When you get a focal point, it is classified as corn.

If corns are not removed, they can become infected and develop an ulcer. Abscesses and pus may appear on infected corn. Corns are a primary health problem, especially for diabetics, who must take extreme care of their feet, since any form of infection is more difficult for them to cure.

Corns preventive treatment

To prevent corns from continually being subjected to pressure and friction, you would have to remove at the source. It may be necessary to change shoes or add pads. You may also need to make adjustments to activities like walking or running that will put pressure on your feet.

Scraping it

There are many callus and corn removers on the market today, which involves the use of tools to scrape and cut off the offending dead skin. These tools must be used with great care. There are many cases where the user has scraped so much skin to the point of injury.

Regular use of pumice stones during bathing can help remove calluses. To get the most out of the sandpaper effect, be sure to soak your feet in water while using the pumice stone. Treat your feet with skin softeners at night or make it part of your daily moisturizing routine for your feet.

Aloe Vera for corns

Aloe vera contains vitamins C and E plus zinc that can heal and soften the skin. The antibacterial nature of Aloe Vera will help prevent infection. Choosing to use aloe vera products like gels and creams can help prevent and remove calluses.

The Aloe Vera application method is simple. First you have to wash and lather your feet. After drying your feet, apply a generous amount of Aloe Vera topical product and massage in for twenty to thirty minutes. The application of the Aloe Vera product should be done two or three times a day.

Video game rental has never been as attractive as it is today. Many video game rental clubs offer PS2 game rentals, among many other console games, to the public for a low monthly price. Today, we’ll investigate which rental clubs offer the best quality and selection when it comes to your favorite PS2 games.

As of 2006, there are 3 online video game rental companies that stand out from the rest of the pack. If you like video games, you may have heard of them. Gottaplay, GameFly and Intelliflix are currently the leading video game rental chain in our country. Next, we will evaluate each of the 3 companies when it comes to PS2 game rental.

PS2 game rental reviews

Gottaplay PS2 Rentals

Rental company Gottaplay is fast becoming one of the most popular online video game rental companies in the US, right next door to GameFly. They are the first online company of its kind to offer phone support to all of their customers, along with a large selection of games. Gottaplay has a huge selection of PS2 games in its arsenal. These are some of the statistics that occurred to us when reviewing this company.

1. Selection of PS2 games: Approximately 700 PS2 titles

2. New launch titles: All new releases were available as soon as they hit local stores. Roughly around 75 new releases at the time of publishing this article.

3. Classic game titles: Many PS2 classics such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and other great titles from the past, present and future were included.

Four. Hard to find games : Many games that we didn’t even know about were included in your selection. If you want to play a game with little to no popularity, Gottaplay has this covered too.

5. PS3 Titles– Gottaplay will carry the most current PS3 titles once they are released.

GameFly PS2 Rentals

GameFly has been the online leader in the video game rental arena for quite some time. With a large selection of game rentals available reaching over 5,000 titles, this company doesn’t seem to be losing its edge when it comes to what they do best. One thing is for sure, when it comes to PS2 rentals, they cover the market with quality and selection. Let’s see better:

1. Selection of PS2 games: Approximately 800 PS2 titles

2. New launch titles: New releases are always available. Roughly around 60 new releases right now.

3. Classic game titles: Many PS2 classics are included, but the selection is not as comprehensive as Gottaplay.

Four. Hard to find gamesWith its vast and diverse selection of PS2 titles, hard-to-find games were easily found in its database. You’ll find a great selection of “when did this come out” games.

5. PS3 Titles– GameFly will be one of the first rental companies to stock PS3 games once they are available.

Intelliflix PS2 rental

Intelliflix seeks to cover a wide variety of markets including movies, video games, and adult movies. Although they cover a large area of ​​rentals, they do not dominate any particular market. Their plans are great for families who want a one-stop-shop type of policy. When it comes to renting PS2s, they have a great selection of newer games, although their selection of games is not as comprehensive as the other two mentioned above. They are still worth their weight in gold and are worth mentioning for any fan of PS2 games. This is what we unearthed.

1. Selection of PS2 games: Approximately 475 PS2 titles

2. New launch titles: New releases are always available. Roughly around 50 new releases currently.

3. Classic game titles: There were some PS2 classics available, but this company is mainly focused on its newer game titles. If you like classic PS2 titles a lot, you might want to give GameFly or Gottaplay a try.

Four. Hard to find games: There were some hard-to-find scattered titles located within their database.

5. PS3 Titles– Intelliflix will also include PS3 titles once they are released. I think any company that is serious about renting games will have these titles covered.

Today, most people dismiss the meaning of dreams as having no importance at all, while they contain the words of God. The scientific method of dream translation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me is the only one that can help humanity to understand God’s words in all dreams and clarify all mysteries.

All other methods of dream interpretation are based on assumptions. Carl Jung was the only one who managed to decipher the real meaning of the symbolic language of the dream, as I demonstrate with my work.

The fact that I was able to discover that Satan lives in our brain generating mental disorders in our conscience because I precisely obeyed God’s guidance in my dreams shows that Carl Jung’s method of interpreting dreams really helped me understand God’s words.

You have to believe that everything is dangerous in your reality to protect yourself. If you are naive, your anti-conscience will ruin your mental health and your life.

You don’t want to believe that everything is very dangerous, as there is a demon in your brain and there is a demon in everyone’s brain. You don’t want to believe that you can’t trust your own thoughts and must obey God’s guidance in your dreams and religion, but you have to go to great lengths to believe this unpleasant information.

I already showed you that you cannot recognize your cruelty if you do not know how to identify the signs of absurdity and evil in human behavior, and if you do not stop believing in the lies of the hypocritical world.

You have to believe that everything is very dangerous because Satan lives in the human brain generating mental disorders within our conscience in order to verify that this is true and save your conscience.

If you do not believe in this fact because it is unpleasant, you will not try to verify if it is really true by translating the meaning of your dreams, and you will not be able to protect your poor conscience from the attacks of your dreams. Satanic anti-conscience and the attacks of the cruel world.

You have to believe in the possibility of discovering that something is real to worry about this matter and verify the truth. If you have a negative attitude from the beginning and hope to have proof according to what the ignorant scientific community of your historical time considers valid, you cannot overcome your rudimentary historical time.

You will verify that even after believing in this information you will have the tendency to forget it because your anti-conscience keeps trying to make you ignore all the dangers to deceive you and destroy your conscience.

Therefore, you must have a totally different attitude than the attitude of disbelief you usually have when trying to judge a strange scientific discovery if you want to protect your sanity.

Your anti-conscience uses many different techniques to make you forget all dangers.

For example, it generates yawns to make you ignore important information, or to make you have an insensitive reaction to the pain of others. It also generates laughter for no reason so that you stop being afraid of dangerous people and dangerous situations.

Therefore, you have to be serious and try to remember the information that you have in your dreams during all the moments of your life.

As a publisher of a navigation website, people send me questions all the time about how to learn to navigate. I have compiled here some frequently asked questions for people in their 20s who want to learn to surf.

1) Could someone in their twenties learn as fast as a child?

It depends on how agile you are. If you are agile, you will learn as fast as a child. If it isn’t nimble, it will become nimble, but that takes time. If you need to lose some fat to become nimble, surfing will take the fat off and still make you nimble. Paddling the waves and fighting the current is hard work.

You have to be agile and fast to get on your surfboard (the act of changing from lying position to standing on your surfboard). If you are not agile and fast when you start trying to surf, you will work so hard in the water just paddling that you will eventually become agile and fast.

2) Is surfing something anyone can learn to do?

Yes, even people who have less than 2 arms have learned to surf. The concepts are not difficult, but the physical work is. You have to be persistent to be good at surfing. Learning to paddle a wave is not easy, and once you learn it, you should be able to appear on your surfboard. Once you can do that, you will have to appear about 100 times before you can stay on the board for more than a fraction of a second. You have to tackle every step of the way.

3) Can putting the foot in the wrong position for a couple of seconds cause an accident?

Yes, that happens all the time. The good thing is that eliminations are fun because you are simply landing in the water. People say they don’t surf because they just fall off the board, but what happens is that that’s all people do. They all ride until they fall or the wave dies down. There is no reason to be scared or ashamed of falling off the surfboard.

4) Should beginners be as scared of sharks as movies make them look like?

No, you are more likely to be killed in a car accident on the way to the beach than a shark. A coconut that falls from a tree is also more likely to kill you than a shark. There are many tips online to help you avoid shark encounters.

5) Does it make any difference what kind of table you use?

Yes. To learn at 20, you need to buy an old, used, cheap longboard that is around 9 feet long. You will find the best price by buying an old surfboard from a surfer. The reason you want a large board while learning is that it will be much easier for you to stand on the board. The more surface the board has, the better it will float and the less sensitive the board will be to all slight movements of your body.

I recently bought and have been using both the Korg KR-55 and KR-55b on some new Anjelicas Baby tracks. I really enjoyed the practical use and retro sound of these two machines. If you like electronic, electronic, new wave, electro, synthpop, dance or pop music in general, you will love adding these sounds to your music productions.

Manufactured in (1982), the Korg KR-55b was the successor to the popular (1979) Korg KR-55. Korg was one of the companies at the forefront of analog technology when everyone was trying to recreate the sound of a real drum set. For its time it was revolutionary and very easy to operate. It had twice the 48 drum programs assigned to the KR-55 with a handy switch to change the swing time in some of the selected patterns. However, on the KR-55 all patterns could use this swing feature, as the new machine had now routed the switch to access the new bank of 48 preset drum patterns. Also, the drum patterns weren’t identical to the original KR-55 with just a new set of 48 programs added just in case. For some, this can be disappointing. For others, this expanded the patterns of an otherwise limited preset drum pattern arrangement. Obviously one would need to have both drum machines to achieve this.

Interestingly, it could be used as a trigger device for other Korg synths like the Korg Delta. It had a pedal jack on the back to connect a pedal to stop and start the drum machine and insert drum fills in live performances. The peddler came with the original unit as standard, as I recall. It even had six knobs to control drum volumes.

It was comparable in many ways to the Roland TR808 analog drum machine in terms of its fat kick and electro like hi-hat and snare etc. So why didn’t it stand the test of time like the Roland TR808 has?

Well, both drum machines suffered in the mid-1980s from artists’ overriding desire to use the then extremely trendy digitally sampled sounds of actual drum kits offered, for example, by Fairlight Music Computer.

However, what may have saved the Roland TR808 was the heavy use of the drum machine by then-new electro and hip-hop artists from the United States, particularly New York.

Also, the most damaging thing for the Korg KR-55 and KR-55b was the fact that the drum machine was preset and could not be programmed. It played in mono and it didn’t have separate outputs for each individual drum set and it didn’t have any midi implementation.

Despite its drawbacks, it has maintained a cult status. Many believe that Depeche Mode used the KR-55 on their first album Speak and Spell. To my ears I suspect this to be true. Also, they are quite rare these days and are an interesting alternative to the TR808 done to death and with modern computers sounds and drumbeats can be easily recorded and edited in software packages such as Cubase or Logic. You can even get retro settings to increase the number of outputs your drum machine has. They can be brought in for around £ 150 or let’s say $ 200-300. It’s a pretty cheap price considering what you can do with it once you implement it in a modern studio environment.

Xbox Kinect games without a controller

If you’re one of the most cynical gamers when it comes to control in video game titles, there’s no getting around the fact that Xbox Kinect Games is technically extremely impressive. For most gamers, myself included, it will be very difficult to convince them that anything other than a real controller can be used to properly play a game, however the Kinect is trying to get players to change their minds.

When the Kinect works really well, it’s amazing that some Kinect, including Zumba Fitness, use the device in an amazing way and the game is fun, a great showcase for the way a Kinect game works. Obviously, Zumba Fitness is not going to conquer the video game audience and this is Microsoft’s main fight.

If you’re taking the upcoming Star Wars Kinect release as an example, I recently got a chance to play this at the trade show. Now, granted it was not over yet, however the first time I pushed my own hand towards the console using “force” I became like a child having fun with my Star Wars toys again, I was completely blown away. , got better. However, once the guy at the booth told me to use my arm like a lightsaber, this made me think that this would be one of the best Xbox Kinect Games of all time.

During these 3 minutes I thought to myself “this is the future of gaming” and then just as my enthusiasm started it quickly went away. The simple truth is that I had to progress my character and this turned into a nightmare. I had to jump forward a bit and yes, it took the Kinect less than five excellent attempts. At that very moment I wanted a controller in my hand, which left a slight disadvantage for any new Xbox Kinect game.

That is the main problem with playing Xbox. Kinect is as fun as new technology, it just can’t compete with the feeling of having a controller comfortably in your hands. But that doesn’t mean that we still can’t enjoy using a Kinect, it just means that for now we need both options and the main option is the Xbox controller.

One of the first games to show me a negative flaw was the Star Wars demo which was a wonderful illustration of exactly what is right with the Kinect and exactly what is wrong. Maybe if they had given us a controller like the Wii nun chuck we might have a better chance of moving characters around on screen.

At first, the two concepts of “detachment” and “relationship” appear to be incompatible. A tantra master who touches on this topic will usually hear questions like, “How can one be detached in a relationship? Won’t detachment in a relationship completely ruin the whole thing?”

But we are not talking about typical relationships, nor are we talking about typical detachment. Spiritual detachment is the removal of ties that hinder the material world and all that it represents to glimpse and connect with the Divine. The Divine has nothing in common with the material world, which is our own creation after all. The Divine, on the other hand, has created Life itself.

A tantra relationship is not a “normal” relationship either. It is based on divine precepts – the ancient tantra teachings handed down by a tantra master. In a human relationship based on divine precepts, the material world must take a back seat. It cannot be completely defeated; no tantra master will demand such a feat of his students. But it must decrease, or else there can be no spiritual progress in the relationship.

When two people embark on the spiritual path of tantra, they make a new commitment. Your commitment now goes beyond what you have done to each other, it now extends to the Divine as well. They are committed to basing their love for each other on spiritual principles. They commit to opening their hearts, souls, and bodies to a much greater experience of love than they have ever known.

The fruit of the spiritual path of tantric love is not easy. At every turn, people who undergo couples’ tantra instructions find the discomfort of having to abandon their previous ideas about love. They learn that, in fact, they should not dedicate themselves as much to each other as to the tantric path.

Initially, this seems to go against most modern norms for relationship models like marriage. The fact is that it is not. Every religion requires that two people who marry make a vow before God that they will appreciate each other in God’s eyes. God must be the constant witness of your faithfulness, mutual dedication, and efforts to meet the needs of others. In a way, a love triangle is formed, with God as the third partner. They are not alone.

In tantra love, the tantric path requires the couple to focus on their spiritual teachings. They must stop seeing only themselves, each other and the love they have for each other. They learn to see each other as instruments of a higher cosmic order. Sure, your emotional and spiritual needs must be met, but now they must be met in the context of this path.

That is why detachment is necessary for tantric love to flourish. Do not be afraid, you will not have to abandon each other. In fact, they are meeting for the first time. Trust your tantra teacher and listen carefully as he passes on this ancient knowledge. When you learn to love one another with spiritual detachment and your focus on a higher purpose, love will pour out and rise to the heavens.

Health care and the laws that govern it change almost every day. The new regulations seem to come out of nowhere, and the slightest setback can land you and your employees in court. There are seven reasons why choosing hospital defense attorneys will be the best option for you.

1. Litigation for healthcare professionals

In the minds of some people, litigation is the fastest path to a lifetime income. The only hope of protecting yourself and your employees is an experienced attorney. However, a decade of experience may not be enough. Look for hospital defense attorneys who offer a broad area of ​​focus. Litigation includes wrongful death, medical malpractice issues for all hospital and medical staff, trial experience in the courtroom, the court of appeals, and the state Supreme Court.

2. Compliance

One of the most common areas of litigation and lost revenue involves compliance issues. You want hospital defense attorneys to inform you of any modifications and someone who can identify problems before they arise.

3. Abuse and fraud charges

Qui Tam’s actions, also known as whistle-blowing acts, are false claims. They are more frequent than ever. The Stark Law contains several areas that increase the risk of fraud charges, such as ancillary services in the office. A qualified attorney can guide hospitals and physicians through the maze of forbidden referrals.

4. Overpayment Recovery Laws

Certifications and Licensing Issues Accreditation rules are forever changing. The details can be confusing. Updates to licensing and certification requirements should be provided on a regular basis to avoid losses. An attorney has to respond quickly and effectively to any infraction and negotiate resolutions.

5. Managed care, Medicare and Medicaid

They navigate federal and state regulations as well as inform the customer. They create a plan to avoid breaches and lost income. In addition, they resolve disputes related to reimbursement.

6. Health and HIPAA Information Exchanges

Hospital defense attorneys will create a strategy to prevent violations and improve compliance through timely updates to changing regulations. They will oversee “significant use audits” in the prepayment and post-payment stages of the incentive program. They will also update the facility with current changes to the significant use requirements.

This plan also includes stipulating who has access to the protected information. A doctor without hospital privileges will try to review his patient’s medical history, or nurses will want to verify the condition of a patient without attending him. Circumstances like these require clarification to warn of compromising confidentiality and conflicts within the workplace.

7. Fair labor practices

Preventing problems through proper benefit packages and equitable employment policies requires knowledge that only experienced hospital defense attorneys can provide. Employees are the cogs that grow the business, so keeping them happy and safe is a must. However, when problems arise, you want a quick resolution that is satisfactory for everyone. Lawsuits suggesting prejudice against race, religious practices, and gender occur frequently. They require the services of the best attorneys available.