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When there’s a girl you really love but she doesn’t respond to you, it really sucks. You can keep trying to impress her or you can try to move on and forget about her. But first you must learn to forget a girl.

It’s hard to accept, but sometimes a girl loses interest in you, or you find that she just doesn’t like you ‘that way’. It can feel like the end of the world, but it can also feel like the worst kind of injustice. I mean, why can’t he SEE you’re a great guy?

What did you do wrong? Or what could you have done differently?

If you’re trying to get over a breakup, at least some of what went wrong could be your fault. But sometimes these things just happen, and there is nothing you could have done that would have made any difference.

How to get over a girl who doesn’t like you

Sometimes the best thing you can get out of this kind of disaster is to learn something from experience. Often in life, attraction is not really a choice. Think of your own past loves. You really know why were you hypnotized by those girls?

If you can accept that it was not your fault, it will be easier to believe that it will not always be this way. You can also learn a few things about women that will help you become more confident with them in the future.

  • A good boy is not the same as a desirable boy. If a girl tells you that you are a good boy, it means that she enjoys your company. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to go out with you or sleep with you; He may have put you in the Friend Zone.
  • When a girl flirts with you, it doesn’t automatically follow that she’s crazy about you. He may think that you are attractive, but he may still have his own reasons why he doesn’t want to date you.
  • She could be indecisive and eventually decide against you. Sometimes a flirty friendship can seem like it leads to love, but before that, your girl moves on, without you. She may not have been sure if you were right for her, and in the end she decided you weren’t.
  • Love is not fair. The girl you want may be madly in love with someone else and unable to see you in the midst of her passion for him. Or she may already have a boyfriend. Sometimes you just have to accept that she is not for you.
  • You are just not his type. Some people have a particular “type” that they find attractive and you don’t fit the description. We all have options, and you wouldn’t date a girl who doesn’t appeal you.
  • Learn to accept the inevitable. Try not to hold onto anger against her or fate. Nobody wins all the time. People who are mad at life are never attractive.

Learning to deal with rejection without losing your cool shows strength and character, which are always attractive to women. Remember that everyone faces rejection at some point in their life, including Mr Super-Stud. What counts is how you get through it.

How to get over a girl and move on

Now that you’ve accepted your loss, you need the answer to how to get over a girl you like. So try these steps to improve your attraction quotient and keep going at the same time.

  • Give it time. Don’t expect to feel better overnight. Accept that you need discipline to stay distracted until the wound heals.
  • Get it out of your mind. When the thought of her creeps in, have a few distractions ready to think about instead. Especially avoid following her on Facebook or any other social network. This is where you need discipline. The more you train no think about it, the easier and more natural it becomes.
  • Don’t try to become the kind of guy you think she wants. Someday you will find a girl who will love you exactly the way you are. Going harder to please a girl who has rejected you makes you look needy and pathetic. Is that really what you want?
  • Don’t make too much of it. Getting drunk and boring your friends with the topic of your lost love will not make you more attractive to any girl. Leave it to the experience and don’t let it ruin your life.
  • Don’t keep your hopes up. If you said no once, chances are you won’t change your mind. It’s not worth putting your life on hold for the slightest hope that she will.
  • Don’t romanticize her. People always want what they cannot have. Don’t make her your unreachable goddess who will love you once you get richer / more sophisticated / ripped / in a band / movie star. None of this matters to a girl who is worthy of you. Forget it and go find one.
  • Don’t hold a grudge. She has the right to say no, just like you don’t have to answer a girl you don’t find attractive. Accept their decision and move on. Plotting vile revenge will only make you obsess over her even more.
  • Find someone else. This is the best answer to how to get over a girl you like. Being in love with someone who loves you will also make you happy; and also more desirable in the eyes of other girls. Who knows, you may lose love and regret your decision, and then you can allow yourself a little moment of schadenfreude.

Remember that no one is so wonderful that they cannot bear your loss. And if you never managed to date her in the first place, then what you’ve lost existed only in your imagination. No matter how powerful your dreams are, you haven’t lost something that was real.

So try to keep your feelings in proportion. Focus on forgetting her and finding someone else, and you will find that that is the best answer to how to get over a girl who doesn’t like you.

Grab the machetes, boys! It’s time to go through the pubic jungle and join your friends who rock a hairless penis. Who knows where it started, but now more and more men are choosing to abolish their curly shorts for a more streamlined and smoother experience on the inside of the earth. Who knows where this trend came from, be it porn or GQ, but men are making huge profits by choosing to go hairless. Let’s take a look at this trend, how to get it, and the things a man might want to know before making the decision to have a hairless penis.

Hairless penis benefits

So why would a man willingly want to put sharp things next to his penis? Exactly, the benefits have to be sweet enough to bring the razor and more to the area. Here are a few reasons why men have chosen to shave everything.

1) It makes the penis appear bigger. Let’s be honest, this is one of the biggest draws out there. Many women have whispered to a man, “If you shave it, you can see how big you are” to a man after the oral while pulling the hair out of his mouth. She knew what she was doing: she wants less fuss and you want to feel huge. Win win.

2) Unrestricted access. As mentioned above, a hairless or well-maintained penis has a more hospitable feel to guests. In a study by Cosmopolitan magazine, 70% of women said they preferred a man to have a man. Do you want more oral? Invest in some trimmers.

3) Improves the smell of the penis. Hair traps odor and all kinds of biological parts like urine, sweat, bacteria, semen, dead skin cells, and last night’s ramen (just kidding). All of these little bits can turn into a great smell when wrapped in a warm cocoon of pubic hair. Skip a shower day or watch the time increase to realize just how real funk can get. Shaving your hair means fewer places for these extras to stick, resulting in cleaner, less odorous trash.

4) Nice partner. A hairless penis is softer and less prone to causing road rashes that can occur with a lot of movement and friction. It also makes the penis easier to see and adjust as needed so that a man can just sit back and enjoy from time to time.

Hair removal methods

There are several ways to remove pubic hair. Some are a bit easier than others, but all have their advantages and disadvantages.

– Shaved off – The most common way to remove hair. It can be done with a manual or electric razor or even a razor. Make sure to use a good pre-shave oil and only shave each area once to reduce the incidence of razor burn. Rinse well and follow with Tend Skin to reduce ingrown hairs.

– Waxing – A longer lasting method, it may be a bit more difficult to find a salon that does male Brazilian waxes, but they do exist! It will be a somewhat painful procedure, but the skin will be soft and smooth afterward. Most results last five to six weeks, longer after multiple waxes.

– Depilatory creams – These creams are usually too harsh for delicate genital skin.

The hairless penis: a small drawback

It would not be correct to list the benefits without some of the risks. First of all, the waxing process can cause some anxiety and nervousness, which is natural. Be sure to research your method, and if you hire a professional, look it over carefully. For men who choose to shave or wax, the skin is most likely a little sensitive, maybe red and a little sore afterwards. Ingrown hairs can also be quite painful. For men who use razors, be sure not to catch the skin with them or go through an area more than once, as it can cause razor burns. The growing process can also be quite itchy.

Aftercare for a hairless penis

For those men who dare to go nude, a little post-removal skincare can help with the redness and rawness they may be feeling in the newly waxed area. Cold compresses are a great way to remove heat from the area. Simply dip a clean, soft cloth in cold water, wring it out, and place it on the penis. Repeat as needed. Hydrocortisone (OTC) creams can also help shrink inflamed follicles and reduce redness.

Another way to reduce redness is to apply a specially formulated penis health cream. (Health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically shown to be safe and gentle on the skin). These creams are very soothing to the skin and promote healing. Using a cream with natural emollients like shea butter that doesn’t irritate the skin and instead rehydrates it is a great way to restore balance to the skin. Add some vitamins A, B, C, and D to strengthen cells, prevent bacteria, and give elasticity. Soon the skin will be silky and smooth to the touch.

If you thought it was convenient to play 24/7 online blackjack at home, wait until you try mobile betting. Mobile casino is the logical next step in the online casino industry, bringing your favorite online games straight to your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. There are even some older phone models that support mobile gaming, but for the most part, they are geared towards today’s smartphones.

Mobile web casinos mean that you can play wherever you have a 3G connection. Until recently, it was a big enough affair that you could gamble anytime using your home computer, but now you can gamble practically anywhere as well. There are three basic approaches to using your mobile device for online gambling: using the mobile version of the site itself; using an iPhone application; or using an Android application.

In many cases, you can use your smartphone by simply going to the mobile version of your favorite casino website. If you don’t have a mobile version yet, you probably will soon – the market is too lucrative to ignore. You would play on your portable device just like you would on your home computer. Everything is smaller, but you have access to the same games, the same prizes, and the same bonuses.

IPhone apps are slow to arrive, although they do exist. Betfair from the UK, Paddy Power from Ireland and Bwin from Austria are three European sites that offer iPhone betting apps specific to their sites. The Betfair and Paddy Power apps work only in the UK and Ireland, while Bwin’s only works in the UK and Austria, as of late 2010, although other countries are expected to be added quickly.

It appears that Android mobile casino applications will be more abundant, due to the non-proprietary nature of the Android operating system and the increasing popularity of Android phones in Europe. Irishman Betdaq is betting his fortune on Android apps, believing that while the iPhone has fueled the expansion of smart mobile devices in general, androids may be the best long-term option, especially since getting one. Approved app for iPhone apps. storing is not easy.

There is little doubt about the future of mobile gaming. While currently only about 5% of bets placed online are on mobile devices, this number is expected to skyrocket to more than 50% in the next three to five years. A recent Juniper Research survey of mobile gaming markets shows that mobile casinos are expanding rapidly and could see mobile gambling exceed $ 48 billion by 2015.

For the most part, the most popular games on mobile devices reflect the most popular games in general internet gambling: slots, poker, and blackjack. An Android application titled “Video Poker”, which is not a web casino game, quickly garnered 50,000 downloads. Another non-casino game, “Cherry Slot Machine”, is a free Android app and it is also one of the best gaming apps for Android. Clearly, there is a hunger for these games, and it is only a matter of time before online casinos adopt mobile casino apps in droves.

Where to start? How can I discourage you from this horrible profession? Many ignorant people think that any type of Top Ten placement is a guarantee of easy money, easy sex and hard drugs. Let me say up front: most gangs are seedy, smelly, malnourished, and too trashed to successfully participate in a sexual congress.

And those are the successful ones.

Pop music is not a career, it is an obsession, an excuse for not getting a well-paying job. For me it started in high school. From then on I committed a series of sins against the great Goddess Fortuna that have condemned me to be a “never again”. These are the things I should have done. Read on and be cautious.

1. Start young.

Pick up an instrument no later than your teens, or don’t bother. By the time you’re old enough to order a pint at a bar or club, you should be competent enough to land a gig there and not be embarrassed. Assuming you have talent, of course. If you leave it too late, you won’t be competent enough to make a living off your muse.

2. Have talent.

A lot of people can get by on pop, it’s simple music. However, if your friends and early audiences think your music is “okay”, if you still have to make excuses for your performances at every concert, give them a hint! Give it up, go back to college, you fool who is fooling yourself! Better yet, learn a trade that people really _want_, _and_ in which you can earn a lot of money.

Hear that quiet little voice at night. He knows.

3. Pop music is not art.

In some ways it is the antithesis of Art. Artists live to authentically represent their own subjectivity. Pop musicians just want to get laid and get paid. It is vulgar and populist. It’s what makes people flock to the dance floor and roars on a drunken Friday night.

So don’t just disappear into your own ass, Mr. Marylin-Manson-Morrisey-Wannabe. We will not send hunt groups.

4. Save your money.

One of the worst ways to spend money on this game is in other people’s studios. Most studios in Britain are made up of low-skilled chancers who say, for example, that of course they can sync their two workstations to their 24-track tape machine so you can do some vocal overdubs and mixing, all in a 10 hour session at £ 30 an hour plus VAT.

At hour five you’re sweating and trying to figure out why the voices are late. At hour ten you have a feeling of discomfort, a lighter wallet, and a slightly mixed track that will be redundant in a couple of months because your music has improved or changed direction. Hell, I feel nauseous even thinking about it. It happened to me. More than once. Pay attention, smart boy.

Invest your money in buying your own recording equipment. Buy only ‘name’ equipment as it should retain its second hand value. You can sell it if you want to upgrade or buy something sensible, like a roof over your head. Loot magazine in London offers free ads to buyers and sellers of just about anything. eBay is good for smaller items that can be shipped through the mail.

The second hand is very good value for money if it is almost new. Electronic equipment, like cars, depreciates as soon as they leave the shop. This can be to your advantage. However, DO NOT buy second-hand items from anyone who looks scruffy or lives in a dirty, messy floor. “Why not, fascist ?!” sez you. Because your attention to your appearance and surroundings will be reflected in the care of your equipment.

The best kind of person you can buy from is a good middle-class, middle-aged Englishman who lives in a nice, clean suburban house and doesn’t take his gear on the road. Trust me this time.

Invest your money in building your own bedroom studio if you are a dance musician. Find a squat room, a garage, or a room on an industrial estate and place it if you’re in a gang. Anything to avoid wasting precious candies.

5. Conserve energy.

If all the energy wasted in the futile self-promotion of young pop musicians were harnessed for political causes (for example), eco-warriors would not have to live in trees, and the Tories would have come out after their first term. If you must persist in the illusion that you too will one day be number one in America (or very close), do the following:

a) Only play in bands where the members regularly attend rehearsals. Whining and phoning after these idiots (“my girlfriend says I ignore her, I want to pay for gigs, I think we should get them back …”) is a drag. Either fire them or leave the band.

b) Rehearse regularly. Practice makes perfect, laziness leads to forgotten lyrics, vague notes, and ghastly concerts. Make sure that no matter how good you are at rehearsal, you will lose at least 20% of your competition by performing live. And any temperament gear will go bad at night, in front of all your friends and the A&R leech you invited, especially.

c) Write songs at home. Teach them there silently with other members if possible. Send each member (including the drummer) a basic CD recording and lyrics sheet. Have them practice on their own so you don’t waste time and enthusiasm when you are all together in your pay-per-hour studio (or see 3. above).

d) Dismissal of incompetent members. You can only retain them if you do not intend to perform in public, record, get a radio play, or a recording contract. Resist blackmail. If the bass player has a truck and is your best friend, but can’t play in time, kick him. You will thank me later. You can rent a truck and make new friends.

6. Accept all concerts offered.

There is no such thing as bad publicity, even if you screw up someone’s wedding, heck, there is at least one family that will remember you for the rest of their lives. Do enough really horrible gigs and you might have something (see: The Stooges).

7. Study the top ten.

If you admire and emulate acts in the lower reaches of the Top 30, you will never get that far. Selling 10,000 singles in a week through stores that record returns was enough to guarantee you a spot in the Top Thirty in the UK, when you were interested in it. If you copy acts in the lower reaches, how many people will buy your version of their unpopular music? Avoid making music to please idealistic journalists or your “cool” peers. They don’t buy records anyway.

On the contrary, you should …

8. Write music from the heart.

Live your dream. Choose genres and styles that you are comfortable with. A big spinning eccentric noise will get you more fans than a second-rate copy of a top-ten hit. And you will enjoy it more.

9. Try all avenues of advertising.

Distribute brochures. Return phone calls. Telephone newspapers. Put up posters. Strong friends. Otherwise, you will get an audience of one man and his dog. You will die horribly and still have to bring your equipment home. You should not be ashamed. A packed concert in a small venue creates a ‘buzz’, while one in a larger venue, with the same number of people, will not.

Someone once told me that there were 100,000 bands in London alone, which I think is an understatement. And that excludes the coffins in the bedroom. How will you differentiate yourself from that whole lot? (Do you think if I had a great sexy idea I would put it in this article?). Get dressed, go crazy. Who cares? Just do it.

Public performances of any kind are an excellent part of market research. Make your best track first. Thirty seconds later you will know if you have the correct formula or not. If it doesn’t work, THROW IT OUT!

Play only your best songs. Keep your concerts short. Spectacular finish, then leave the building. Leave your audience with a positive memory. Be mysterious. RESIST the urge to play two hours of mediocre footage and then step off stage for a pint with the punters at the bar.

10. Talent shows.

Give them a try, except when they ask for an entrance fee. Think of them as a way to get a well-organized concert with a different audience. You won’t win, or the prize will suck, or your studio time will explode (see above) or your single will disappear without a trace, but what the hell WHILE YOU DON’T PAY FOR IT.

11. Release a small amount of CDs (if necessary).

Je n’ai pas. £ 2000 pounds in the early ’90s (which included the recording) for 250 copies of an LP (the vanity!) That was too trashed to promote, and I didn’t really believe in it anyway. He wasted it all. If you are good enough, other people will pay.

The same goes for promotional videos. You don’t have enough money to make them look smart. Spend the money (through music lessons and better gear) to make your music good enough for others to invest in it. Dance musicians should only push their music if they are completely confident that they can sell it to specialty stores or fans without having to make excuses for it. Dance music is strictly “product oriented” and relies much less on a good singer to carry the entire track. It can be sold more easily.

Still, don’t let your thirst for keeping your own record in your hands unnecessarily drain your pathetic finances.

12. Management is a good idea.

If he’s not an idiot, a coward, or a scoundrel, and has some energy and connections, take it. It’s too much work to write, rehearse, keep a job / go to college AND promote yourself. Just remember, a manager is for life, kids. He _ will get_ his grain of sand. Better to have a total crazy brute with a veneer of manners and respectability. Scare them and enchant them at the same time. DON’T think you can do it all. People in the industry are businessmen and they don’t want to do business with precious, pseudo-rebellious, and poorly educated “artists.”

13. Be brutal with your material.

If your songs don’t sound like anything in the top five, or you’re not getting an ecstatic reaction from the audience / media critics / large following, STOP what you’re doing right away.

Either it sounds like a current hit (last year for rawk, six months for dance music) or your audience wants to be like you and have your kids. Anything else is a waste of your youth. This is POP, just like POPULAR music, remember? If you have both of the above, hey, I want you to sign this paper here, no no, don’t bother reading it …

14. And there I leave it …

… because like I said at the beginning, I’m a total failure at this lark. Any advice I can give you on registry contracts and the like would not be based on my personal experience. You will find that there are many who will not let this stop them from bending their ear anyway.

To continue, read ‘The Prince’ by Macchiavelli or ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu and that white paper ‘How to have a number one’ or something like that from the group of the 90s, the KLF. It prepared you very well for any race, never mind this crap. Best of luck anyway, sorry fool.

Online Gambling Casino

If you are a casino enthusiast, then you must have heard of the top online gambling sites in Malaysia. These online gambling sites are extremely popular in Malaysia, and millions of visitors from around the world visit these gambling destinations on a daily basis. With millions of people turning towards these online gambling sites for fun and excitement, it is no wonder that the online gambling industry in Malaysia has flourished and is growing at a rapid pace. There are many reasons behind the success of these online gambling sites in Malaysia, and these are discussed below.

Top Online Casino Games In Malaysia

The number of online casinos in Malaysia is increasing rapidly, which is making the online gambling industry here profitable. At present, there are approximately 22 online gambling websites in Malaysia. Many of them are newly established while many others have been around for many years. Some of the well known online gambling websites include Netang Kong Azul. This website has been operating in this country for more than a decade, and it has many thousand members. This is one of the top online sites in Malaysia.

It doesn’t matter what kind of online casino games you want to play, there is a host of games available for you to play. However, there are certain considerations that need to be kept in mind before choosing an online gambling site. These considerations include the reliability of the online casino games, the security of the site, the gaming rules and the reputation of the gambling site.

Top Online Gambling Casino

You will find that there are many top online gambling casinos in Malaysia that cater to all age groups and all skill levels. This makes the game options available to everyone very large. The number of players at any one time can vary, depending on the type of game being played. There are multiple skill levels as well, so the games are suitable for players with varying degrees of ability. For example, if someone is a beginner in the world of poker, they can find games on the site that are suitable for their level of experience.

In addition, the top online gambling websites offer players incentives for playing their games. For example, one top online gambling casino in Malaysia offers a bonus of 100 percent for people who play their games on their website for four hours or more. This is an amazing incentive, and makes playing games on the Internet a good choice for those who are interested in increasing their winnings on the Internet.

While playing on one of the top online gambling casinos in Malaysia may not give you the chance to win a huge amount of money over a short period of time. That said, there is certainly a lot of money to be won when playing on these sites. If you take your time and do some research into the online world, you will find that it is a good place to turn for some fun and entertainment. The Internet provides many options for those looking to increase their skills on the Internet, and playing games on these top online gambling casinos in Malaysia is certainly something anyone who is interested in this type of gaming would do well to consider.

In a previous post, I discussed how important it is to have a solid footing foundation. Now is the time to expand your fitting skills to include not just footwork, but hands as well.

There are three main principles to keep in mind when setting:

1. Your hands should be soft and strong.

As the ball approaches you, your hands should already be above your head with your wrists slightly back. Cushion the ball when it makes contact with your hands by flexing your wrists a little more and then quickly stretching them. Use both hands equally to direct the ball towards your chosen hitter.

Remember that there is a very small difference between soft hands that can cushion the ball and illegally hold the volleyball for a long time. If you break your wrists too much and appear to be carrying the ball, you will be asked to pick it up and your opponents will score a point.

On the contrary, your hands cannot be too stiff either. If you don’t give something on your wrists, you will never have the ball under control. When you use a forearm pass, you are simply redirecting the momentum of the ball toward the target by allowing it to bounce off your arms. However, the fit requires you to modify the trajectory of the ball as it leaves your hands.

As it gets closer to you (the setter), the volleyball travels towards the net. After the series, you want it to travel parallel to the network. So without hands that are soft enough to cushion the ball and alter its trajectory without holding too much, you won’t be able to achieve precise sets.

2. Thumbs in the eyes

Please note that I am not advocating that you actually put your thumb in your eyes. What I’m saying is that when you receive the ball, your thumbs should be almost directly over your eyes.

To achieve this position, your wrists should be slightly flexed and your fingers rounded. This type of position should direct your thumbs towards your face; if they don’t fold, they’ll be in the way of the ball, and stuck thumbs will ruin anyone’s day.

As mentioned in n. 1, we need hands that can cushion the ball without wearing it too long, which means we need nice ball-shaped hands. And, of course, the only way to get our hands to form a spherical shape is by pulling our thumbs towards our eyes.

By making sure your thumbs are pointing towards your eyes and not towards your mouth or forehead, you are well on your way to achieving a more consistent set.

3. Follow the example of soccer

I know this may seem a bit strange since soccer players use their feet and the adjustment involves only their hands, but to have an accurate position of the ball when setting up volleyball, we can mimic soccer players a bit. More specifically, I mean heading the ball.

If your footwork has been precise and you have positioned yourself under the ball in preparation for the adjustment, you should move closer to your forehead. Moving your hands away at the last second should cause the volleyball to hit your forehead, not your mouth or the top of your head.

Again, I am not advocating that you let the ball hit you in the head or in the face.

Keeping the ball above your forehead will allow you to take full advantage of the power generated by your arms, wrists, and leg muscles. Holding this position of the ball each time you establish will also decrease the amount of time the ball is in your hands, making you less likely to be called in to pick it up.

If there is such a thing as magic, it must be found on the spectacular Rogue River hiking event in southern Oregon. Hikers from all over the world come to experience this protected trail … and yet you will rarely see another group of hikers on the trail … true magic. This moderate-difficulty trail hike is unique because over the course of the four-day experience, you can stay each night in nature shelters by the river. The rooms are double occupancy; with hot showers and real beds. Excellent family-style food is the hallmark of each of the lodges.

Hiring through a designated Rogue River provider offers an alternate view of the wild and scenic Rogue River Canyon; Guided trekking along the Rogue River trail. You get the best of both worlds – hiking through one of the best river canyons in the country and the comfort of nature retreats each night. The shipowner packs his heavy gear on a river raft, provides a wonderful riverside lunch every day, and a trail guide to ensure the safety of the group. All you need is your backpack, camera, and water bottle.

The Rogue Canyon Trail offers an excellent scenic experience as the event winds through “enchanted forests,” open meadows of wildflowers, and spectacular overlooks along rocky crags. Black bear, osprey, bald eagle, and deer can be seen throughout the canyon. The Rogue Wild and Scenic section was one of the first river canyons to be placed under the protection of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. So today, there are limits to the number of guests that can travel through the canyon each day, thus protecting this natural Oregon treasure.

The trail is well maintained and in good condition during the spring and early summer months. The elevation of the trail is below 1,000 feet. Ratings are generally mild. On the first and last day of the 4-day hike, you will find steeper areas with a series of curves. For half of the hike much of the trail is level or nearly level. A small part of the trail cuts into rocky cliffs with exposed unevenness. The trail follows the river, sometimes close to the river, other times higher up the canyon. The average distance traveled each day is 10 miles, with the second day being the longest walk at approximately 15 miles. The daily distance is a moderate hike for a person in good physical condition, it provides reasonable time during the day to observe the surroundings, photograph the incredible scenery, and enjoy a nice lunch by the river.

Your historic hiking trip begins at Grave Creek … the beginning of the wild and scenic section of the famous Rogue River. The first five miles of the trail are pretty rocky … so wear proper hiking boots. You will end the first day at Black Bar Lodge … a hike of almost 10 miles a day.

On the second day you will see magnificent views of the river rapids and you will come across various historical sites. Near the end of this day’s 15 mile hike, you will find the beautiful Rogue River Ranch. Visitors can wander the ranch’s well-maintained grounds and look inside its museum (note that in the summer of 2007 the ranch closed, but is expected to reopen in 2008). Just over a mile from the Ranch is Marial Lodge, where you can rest and relax for the night.

The third day gives you more spectacular views of the river … with a famous view of Mule Creek Canyon and the beautiful Stair Creek Falls. Experience this whole day with a pleasant walk through the “enchanted forest” and even try the Tate Creek waterslide. You will hike approximately 8.5 miles on this day and end your trip at Clay Hill Lodge surrounded by beautiful views of the “still waters” of Tacoma.

Your fourth day of hiking is short but includes the steepest part of the test with many changes. Wear long pants to protect yourself from the poison oak that is prevalent along the edge of the test. You’ll arrive at your takeaway point in the early afternoon (Foster Bar) and, if traveling with a Rogue River supplier, you’ll enjoy a 2.5-hour scenic drive back to your waiting vehicle at the Galicia Resort.

Tips: If you don’t own trail boots, it’s a good idea to keep the following specifics in mind: Buy your boots well in advance of your trip. Use them as much as possible to accommodate them. Good ankle support is important. A useful trick to ensure foot comfort is to carry a spare pair of socks in your backpack. Clothing should be loose fitting and allow full movement.

Many times, people misuse words by choosing a word that looks or sounds similar to the word they intend to use. Often times, people mishear words or just listen instead of reading words, and then use those words in the wrong context. But even accomplished writers make mistakes when they use the wrong word, intending to use a different word, but when their brain searches for the desired word, it comes up with one so close that the author places it on the page, and then later. When correcting, the author’s eye may miss the wrong word because the brain mentally substitutes the correct word in its place, fooling the eye.

Below are seven sets of sentences with words that are often misused or accidentally used, but not corrected during review due to their similarities. For each example below, see if you can determine which sentence is correct.

Example 1

  1. I was rewarded with high cholesterol as a result of my eating habits.
  2. I was rewarded with high cholesterol as a result of my eating habits.

The correct answer is 2. An award is something that is given to you as a result of an achievement, such as an Oscar or an award for achievement. A bounty is perhaps better known as something that is given to you for handing over to a wanted criminal “dead or alive”, so the meaning is close, but if you think about it as a result of your actions, then you earn a “bounty”. Generally, a “prize” is something physical like a trophy, or at least tangible, while a “reward” can be the result of an action you took such as eating junk food, which resulted in high cholesterol.

Example 2

  1. Today he has helped to cure polio.
  2. Today he is credited with curing polio.

The correct answer is 2. To contribute is to give something. To be “attributed” to something is to acknowledge that you are connected to it. Another example would be: “I contributed the book to the library” in the sense of giving or donating the book. Whereas, “The authorship of the book is attributed to the Greek poet Homer” means that the credit / acknowledgment for writing the book goes to Homer.

Example 3

  1. Once the impact has passed.
  2. Once the shock has subsided.

The correct answer is 2. Subside means decrease or decrease. To reside is to live in a place or to be located somewhere. Here’s a sentence that would use both words: “The floods abated around the city where they resided. In this case, people live in a city (reside) where the flood water has risen but is now going down (decreased).”

Example 4

  1. He passed me on the road.
  2. He passed me on the road.
  3. It is time for the movie to start.
  4. Time has passed for the movie to begin.

The correct sentences are 1 and 3. “Past” refers to time, while “passing” is going beyond something. The confusion arises because “past” is also the past tense of “past.” If you are not sure which one to use, remember that “pass” is always a verb. “Past” is the past tense of the verb, or it is a noun in the sense that it is the “past”, the opposite of the future. In sentence 4 above, because the verb is “is”, “past” describes the tense as an adjective; therefore, “past” as a verb cannot be used to describe anything because it is not an adjective. If you’re still not sure which word to use, try substituting “beyond” or “earlier.” If any of those words worked for you, then “past” would be correct in that sentence, but maybe it would be better to use “beyond” or “previous” instead. For example, “The previous winner of the contest was Joe” would allow “previous” to be replaced, or “I passed in front of him” would allow “beyond” to replace it, but could not say “He past me on the highway . “

Example 5

  1. Everyone was invited except Maria.
  2. All were invited to accept Maria.

The correct sentence is 1. “Except” means “to make an exception” and could simply be replaced by “but”. By comparison, “accept” is a verb and actually means the opposite of “except”. “Except” means to exclude, whereas if you “accept” something, it would include it. As a verb, you can use “accept” to say “I accepted the job offer”, but there is no word “excepted” that you can use in this situation.

Example 6

  1. I don’t think the prophecy is true.
  2. I don’t think the prophecy is true.

The correct sentence is 1. I rarely see “prophecy” used at all, and as a result, I see “prophecy” used incorrectly frequently. “Prophecy” is a noun. It is the prediction that someone has made about the future. “Prophesy” is a verb and it is the act of making a prophecy, a prediction. Here are a couple of sentences that use both words; note that because “prophesy” is a verb, it has more than one form: “The prophet prophesied a prophecy. He will prophesy another prophecy tomorrow, or so he prophesied he would.”

Example 7

  1. As the police detective hit the criminal with questions, the criminal became frustrated.
  2. As the police detective hit the criminal with questions, the criminal became frustrated.
  3. As the police detective hit the criminal with questions, the criminal became nervous.

Here sentence 3 is correct, and note that the word “flustrated” does not exist, but I have seen it in print several times. People misunderstand, mishear, or confuse “nervous” and “frustrated” and have combined it into a new word. It’s a clever new word, as a person can feel “nervous” and “frustrated,” but those are two separate feelings. In the example above, the offender must feel “nervous”, which means that they are nervous and have difficulty answering questions due to their nervousness. You might be frustrated if the detective didn’t listen or believe you, or you might be frustrated just being brought in for questioning, but in any case, nervous is probably the best word here.

A basic rule of thumb to remember is that whenever two words sound close to each other, it is always best to ask someone else to review your work because it is too close to your material and your brain can play tricks on you. In some cases, you may also find that you have been using a word incorrectly for a long time, so you will want to look up the words in the dictionary to make sure you are sure of their meanings and definitions. It is never too late to learn more about the English language, and there is nothing to be ashamed of in asking another writer you can trust to review your work and give you suggestions.

In Game 4 of the 1987 Finals, Magic Johnson was in a bind. His team was down and he only had seven seconds to act. He got the ball and the clock dropped to five seconds. Kevin McHale approached him as Magic went for the basket. He encountered a double team when Robert Parish joined McHale. The magic didn’t miss a beat. He ran and surprised the Celtics with a “junior sky hook.” He sank to the bottom of the net with two seconds to go. The Lakers won the NBA Finals 4-2.

He had done this before. When asked how he could do this, his answer surprised me at the time.

“I can do it, because the night before a big game I imagine myself making a great play.”

I’m paraphrasing here, but I’m not far off.

His statement got me thinking. How can you train your mind to achieve something? It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or if you’ve failed in the past.

Every day we allow a “silent killer” to keep us from achieving our goals and dreams. These are God-given dreams, sitting deep in our hearts. But something is stopping us. This Silent Killer is made up of four smaller counterparts. Each of us does a great job of keeping us from becoming all that God created us to be.

Four triggers that feed the “silent killer”

Trigger n. # 1: personal defeat

Nothing gets us down like personal defeat. Inside our hearts and minds is a movie projector. Reproduce our biggest mistakes and failures. Every time I tried to achieve a goal or a dream, this projector began to reproduce my past. Little by little I was losing ground. After a while, he mustered up the courage and faith to try again. But the vicious cycle repeats itself. This can take longer than necessary to achieve your dreams.

Trigger # 2: Wrong focus

One of the worst things you can do is have a false view of yourself. In his book “Changes That Heal,” Dr. Henry Cloud says that people need to have a proper and healthy view of themselves. Believing that you are not good enough, smart or rich to achieve your dreams, loads you with a false view of who you really are. God says in his word that we have been made in a wonderful and terrible way.

Trigger n. 3: Reasons for Failure

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this one! When evaluating a goal or a dream, it was easy for me to find all kinds of reasons to fail. In the end I accomplished much less when I was younger. Explaining these reasons cripples your ability to move on. You never give yourself the opportunity to achieve what God has given you.

Trigger n. # 4: inappropriate entertainment

Hey, I’m not trying to spoil anyone’s “fun”. I am a big fan of movies and documentaries. I enjoy watching the latest information and the best and highest grossing movies. But the other night I was watching a gang documentary. It’s a show called “Gangland”.

If you watch the show enough times, you start to fear living in certain places. A quiet little voice asked me a question. “Do you really want to feed on fear?”

As a Christian, my answer was obvious. And you? Is there something you are watching, reading or listening to that is feeding you a great deal of fear? If so, he or they are keeping this “Silent Killer” alive.


Negative thinking is a cold blooded killer. Every day it silently kills our dreams. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to think that you can’t achieve your goals or dreams? From a young age we are programmed to believe that bad things will happen. For whatever reason, we think we can’t do something when in reality we can.

The great Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can or you can’t, you are right.” And in Proverbs 23, David tells us that what a man thinks, so is he. “In the Bible, God delves into the importance of right thinking. Engaging in negative thoughts slows down your progress.

For many years I tried to find a way to overcome this kind of thinking. Through God’s Word, inspirational books, and CDs, I discovered three easy ways to end negative thoughts on a daily basis.

How to squash negative thinking

When I first learned these three steps, it seemed too simple. I’ve spent a lifetime thinking negatively on most levels. The waves of faith thoughts were great, but I hadn’t fully understood how negativity works. But now three easy steps were going to fix the problem?

The first day I tried it, I was amazed at the results! This is what happened. I was taken care of quickly and got over any issues. The things that normally stayed in my mind and bothered me, were extinguished. Three days later, my breathing changed. He went from quick breaths to long, steady breaths. And believe it or not, the answers to the prayers came a lot faster!

Try these steps and let me know how they work for you.

Step # 1: Replace negative thoughts

It says in the Bible to take captive every thought to the obedience of Christ. Every time a negative thought comes to your mind, replace it with a positive one. I notice to the devil every day that his negative thoughts are not allowed in my mind. I resist him and his thoughts and they both run away. You have the option to choose what stays on your mind. You can’t control what goes in, but don’t let negative thoughts live there. Keep replacing them with positives. Example: A negative thought popped into my head about me and someone else not getting along. I replaced it with a thought of him and me talking and shaking hands. The feelings of bitterness and anger left.

Step # 2: imagine your dreams

When I’m at lunch or have a few minutes to myself, I imagine myself fulfilling my dreams. My goal is to be an effective, full-time writer. Sometimes I am sitting on the beach writing a book. In others, I am speaking to a large crowd about how God inspired me to write a certain book. And I imagine building something for others, from the proceeds of my books. The conclusion is the following. Whatever it takes to achieve it, imagine it every day!

Find a quiet place and dream. Do this for yourself. God uses it to rekindle your passion to achieve what He wants for you.

Step # 3: Read God’s Word

Every day I read the Bible. I don’t, because it’s what I’m supposed to do. I certainly don’t read it, because it is politically correct in the church. It is my spiritual food. Without it, I starve spiritually. God’s Word reminds us of who we really are in Christ. And it tells us how much God has in store for our lives. Provides strength, encouragement, and truth. Something that is rare in today’s world. Without the Bible, I couldn’t write a word from my mystery books.

The devil knows how powerful the Word of God is. It’s one of the reasons why he works so hard to get us to ignore him. But don’t take the bait! Take 5-10 minutes each morning and night to read the Word. Before you know it, you will have a lot of spiritual strength to accomplish anything.

Here are some scriptures to get you started. Feel free to memorize them.

Philippians 4: 8 Colossians 3: 2 Isaiah 26: 3 Romans 12: 2

Try these three steps for a week or two. Email me and let me know how it went. You no longer have to be a prisoner of negative thinking. Follow these steps to achieve your goals and achieve your dreams!

Tip No. # 1: eat the right amount of protein

The muscles in your body are where the energy you get from your food goes. They are what moves you on the fighting mat and allow you to do the physical things that you do; Your muscular system is where your metabolism lives. On a low calorie diet (when losing weight), the body is forced to rely on energy reserves because it no longer fuels it with enough gas to consume. This is in the form of body fat and glycogen (stored carbohydrates / sugar) in muscle cells. When glycogen is depleted, the body turns to body fat and then protein to burn for energy. Because muscles are made of protein, if you don’t get enough protein in your diet while losing weight, your body will activate its own muscle tissue to feed itself. Not only will this weaken you and perform poorly on the mat, but it will also cause a kind of temporary damage to your metabolism.

This is why eating protein while losing weight is very important, but it is not the end of the story; you must eat the correct amount to be effective. This is calculated by a simple body fat test that will not only indicate your body fat percentage, but also your lean body mass. To avoid losing muscle on a low calorie diet, you should eat at least the same amount of protein (in grams) as your calculated lean body mass. Given the excessive amount of exercise that wrestlers do on a daily basis during training, you should also add 10-15 grams of protein (in addition to your lean body mass number) to help you recover and avoid overtraining. For example, at 145 lb. wrestler who has a lean body mass measurement of 138 pounds. you should eat between 150-160 grams of protein per day. Once you have established your protein requirement per day, monitor your weight loss by manipulating the amount of carbohydrates you consume per day.

Tip No. # 2: Load Your Calories On The Starting End

The best way to reduce body weight and still maintain high performance levels is to reduce body fat and water weight, while maintaining muscle mass. After establishing the correct amount of protein to eat, the best way to do this is to reduce dietary fat to a minimum and choose only clean, natural carbohydrates as your main source of calories. Most of the carbohydrates should be starches like rice, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal first with breads and pasta as secondary options. Mix fibrous carbohydrates, such as green leafy vegetables, with the starches you eat in as many meals as possible. In addition to breakfast, eat 1-2 servings of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, or green beans with every meal. Note that corn, peas, and beans can be eaten, but are treated as starches and should not be counted as fibrous vegetables when trying to lose weight. Fruits can be eaten, but if your goal is to lose body fat, the fruit should be consumed in limited amounts during the first part of the day.

For the best and easiest weight loss, stagger your calories from highest to lowest starting in the first part of your day. In other words, breakfast is the largest meal of the day, the second meal is the next largest, the third meal is even smaller, and the fourth and fifth (if you eat that amount) only consist of protein and vegetables. By staggering your calories in this way, your body becomes an extremely efficient machine. After a couple of days of eating like this, you’ll be hungrier and hungrier at night and absolutely hungry for breakfast, which works well as it’s your biggest meal of the day. Eating all the starches in the first half of the day will fill the body with enough fuel for after-school training sessions. Eating the fewest calories at night will leave your stomach empty before bed, before the 8-plus-hour fast that your body goes through when you sleep.

Tip No. 3: water load

Water is an essential nutrient for every fighter. If you even get a little dehydrated, performance suffers. As much as wrestlers sweat in practice, they must constantly force the water to avoid dehydration. Moving water out of the body is also an essential part of weight loss, as it is primarily the water weight that is lost. If you drink too little water and the body is almost dehydrated, it will try to retain the water it has instead of losing it. On the contrary, if you constantly increase the amount of water you drink for a short period of time, urination will also increase to pass the water. This is the principle used in a method called water loading. Water loading is simply loading drinking water 3-4 days prior to weighing and then shutting off just prior to weighing. Water loading is an effective natural diuretic method; however, it should be done in moderation. The amount of water that accumulates depends on the size of the athlete; however, trying to drink 3 to 4 gallons of water in a day is NOT a smart practice and can lead to injury. Most athletes get the best effect by accumulating 1-2 gallons in a day.

Is that how it works. If you weigh yourself on Friday at 4 pm, start your water load on Tuesday. On Tuesday, start increasing the amount of water you drink to get at least ¾ to 1 gallon during the day. On Wednesday, try to drink more than a gallon of water. On Thursday, try to drink more than a gallon of water until your last meal of the day. After your last meal on Thursday and until the weigh-in on Friday, restrict your water intake to just sips when needed. By dramatically increasing the amount of water you drink, this acts as a natural diuretic and the body will begin to urinate much more frequently. After the water restriction on Thursday night, the body will continue to urinate as it has for the entire week, effectively dropping several pounds of water weight until it is weighed down. After weighing, drink at least more than 16 oz. to replace what was lost by this process. As you drink this amount of water during the week, you will notice that you will also lose more water weight during practices. This method is safe and easy to do and also ensures that you will not be close to dehydration.