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The 1961-62 Parkhurst set consists of 51 hockey cards from players from the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings. The most valuable cards in the collection belong to Gordie Howe of Red Wings and Dave Keon of Maple Leafs. The hockey cards for the number one goalkeepers from each of the three teams are among the most valuable of the set.

Jacques Plante – Montreal Canadiens

Card number 49 from the 1961-62 Parkhurst team belongs to Jacques Plante, goalkeeper for the Montreal Canadiens. The card has a book value of $ 175 and is the fourth most valuable card in the set. Like all hockey cards, the 1961-62 collection celebrates the achievements of the previous year. Plante led the Canadiens, coached by Toe Blake, to a first overall result in the six-team National Hockey League during the 1960-61 regular season.

Jacques appeared in just 40 of Montreal’s 70 regular season games, scoring 2.80 goals against average and recording two shutouts. Plante also played eight games in the EPHL with the Montreal Royals. Plante’s backup was Charlie Hodge, who played in 30 games for the Habs.

Plante played in the NHL from 1952-53 to 1972-73. Along with the Canadiens, he also played for the New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Boston Bruins. Jacques was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1978.

Terry Sawchuk – Detroit Red Wings

Card number 31 on the Parkhurst set from 1961-62 belongs to Detroit goalkeeper Terry Sawchuk. The hockey card comes with a slightly lower book value than Jacques Plante’s at $ 125. 1960-61 was not a stellar year for Sawchuk. Playing in just 38 games, he posted a 3.23 GAA and recorded two shutouts. Backing Terry was Hank Bassen, who played 34 games, the most in a single season during his sporadic NHL career.

Sid Abel’s coach Red Wings ranked fourth in the six-team league during the regular season, barely qualifying for the postseason. However, Detroit reached the Stanley Cup final before falling in six games to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Terry Sawchuk played in the National Hockey League from 1949-50 to 1969-70. In addition to the Red Wings, Terry also played for the Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Los Angeles Kings, and New York Rangers. He was posthumously inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1971.

Johnny Bower – Toronto Maple Leafs

Despite winning the Vezina Trophy in 1960-61, Bower’s 1961-62 Parkhurst card number 3 has a book value of only $ 60. In 1960-61, Johnny played 58 of Toronto’s 70 games, recording a 2.50 GAA and recording two shutouts. Because the Maple Leafs allowed the fewest goals of the six teams, Bower received the first of two Vezina Trophies of his career. Backing Bower were Cesare Maniago and Gerry McNamara, each playing fewer than ten games.

Johnny Bower played in the NHL from 1953-54 to 1969-70 with the New York Rangers and Toronto. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1976.

The next big step for search engine optimizers has come according to Google. In recent months, Google has increased the weight of keywords related to a search query. In the old days, when searching for a specific keyword on Google, only specific instances of that keyword counted for a website’s ranking in search results. This brought with it ideals such as keyword density percentages, where on the page keywords appear, and in what types of elements on the page they appear. It seems that the way marketers approach search engine optimization is changing.

Weight in keyword density is the obvious first thing to lose value when talking about latent semantic indexing. If you limit yourself to a single keyword and target a specific keyword density like you used to in the old days, then you probably won’t get the same results that you used to. This is because the weight of related keywords on a page has increased and this affects the ranking of all related keywords on the page. It may seem confusing at first, but it is a heroic effort to clean up search results and return pages more relevant to the search query.

To better understand what’s going on here, let’s say you’re looking for shoes. You go to Google and type in the word “running shoes” and you start clicking on the results. In the old days, you could get more articles and pages that focused on the words “running” and “shoes,” but you wouldn’t see many results for running, tennis, basketball, or training shoes. The search results would weigh heavily on the actual words “jogging” and “shoes”, which would yield very limited results. When you consider words related to “running shoes,” it opens the door for pages to appear in search results that have “running shoes” in the content, as well as many other types of shoes. The end result tends to be more end-user friendly, as the results produce higher quality pages and better query options.

If you look at this from a marketing perspective, your job will be a bit more difficult if you’ve just been putting keywords on the pages to get rankings. Now the proverbial tables have changed, and search engines are forcing websites to not only include the keyword they are trying to rank for, but also to include content around related keywords. You also can’t just use a thesaurus and try to manipulate the results, because one of the factors of latent semantic indexing is how closely related the keywords are in the context of the search query.

So what does this all mean? It means that quality content is king. Not just happy anymore. If you want to have a successful marketing campaign for your website, you should ditch the old keyword density tool and start looking for the related keywords. You can find latently related keywords on Google by placing the “~” symbol in front of the desired keyword. Google will highlight latently related keywords so you know which ones to use. But be careful and don’t fall into a numbers game again. Write good content and the search engines will reward your effort.

Search engine optimization has changed, but those of us who have focused on quality content from the beginning should see an increase in the ranking of search results. It is always better to stay ahead when it comes to search engine marketing. Remember, some things will always be true when it comes to search engines: quality content written around multiple keywords is best, best is to vary the anchor text for inbound links, links from authority are the best and the more you contribute to the web, the more you will receive. It really is better to give than to receive.

Whether it’s the Super Bowl or any other game played while a bunch of people are getting together, the desire to have some kind of competition is always a tempting way to add some excitement to the party. With the help of MFS Squares Pools, you will be able to make the game a little more interesting. So what is a Squares group and how do you get involved in one?

Groups of squares are commonly played during the Super Bowl, but can be played during any soccer game. The groups of squares are played on a 10×10 grid, which produces 100 squares, in which each row and column has its own number, ranging from 0 to 9. One member of the group buys each square by placing their name on the square while empty and unclaimed.

Literally anyone can play and participate in groups of free Squares, even if you are not a fan of the NFL or have limited knowledge of how the games are played. When you participate in the group of squares, you are not normally limited to a single square, although there is very likely a limit to the amount you can buy.

In the 10×10 grid in which the pool takes place, the top row of numbers is what represents one of the teams playing and the side row represents the other team that is involved in the game. Teams and numbers are not placed on the grid until the NFL game is filled or begins. The commissioner can activate the random assignment of teams and numbers on his own. The commissioner does not want the responsibility, teams and numbers are randomly assigned by MFS. This is done as a way of keeping the game fair and giving absolutely no advantage to any square.

More important; How do payments work? The most common payments occur at the end of each quarter. At the end of each quarter, the last digit of both NFL teams’ scores is taken and used as grid references to determine a winner. So if at the end of the first quarter, the Chicago Bears have 10 and the Indianapolis Colts have 3. Then, you would find the winning box by looking for 0 on the vertical scale (where the Bears were assigned) and 3 on the horizontal. scale (location of the Colts). Where these two numbers intersect on the grid is the winning square. I would continue this for the remaining three quarters, and possibly overtime, if a separate pay is set up.

Free Squares pools are a fun and interactive way to get in on the game, whether it’s Monday night football, a rivalry game, or the Super Bowl. Visitors who are not overly interested in the game will get excited at the prospect of making money, which will make them want to see the game.

Anyone who spends any time on Amazon will notice the penny books for sale. And there are not just one or two copies for sale, but sometimes hundreds of copies. Do people really make money selling books for a penny? Why are they listed for just a penny? I know that curiosity drives some people to search for an answer because they wonder if they are missing out on a sales opportunity. The only sure way to get criticized on Amazon forums is to ask these questions there. You will be immediately scolded for not seeking an answer before posting the question. After all, the logic is; This question is asked once an hour on the forums and has been answered hundreds of times. Just look it up!

The only problem is that I have looked it up and the explanations given in the “answer” are partial answers at best. So I have decided to take a risk, put it on the record and try a more complete answer. After all, if you are an expert in selling books online, you should be able to answer this question, right? It’s like the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin for a theologian or why the Detroit Lions can’t win a super bowl for a sports analyst (or win a game for that matter). So sit back, relax, and let me explain.

The first concept to understand is a product called reprimand. This product will check every listing you have on a place like Amazon and compare its price to all other current listings and then update its price for that item based on the rules you set. You can choose, for example, to be the cheapest, the most expensive or the average price of the package. You also have some control over how often your repriser will run. This is usually a standalone product that you buy, a web-based service, or some places even have it built in like The tool is based on the theory that people will buy the cheapest product that meets their needs.

This has been largely validated by new media outlet, which recently went online to compete with larger retail sites. When you go shopping, you will only see the cheapest list of any product in a particular condition. If you search for a book, you will see a price for new and another for excellent, for example. When you list an item to sell there, you are given a suggested price for that item in your state, and when you enter the desired price, you are given its location in the queue. Until you are the cheapest (first in line), you will not have a chance to make a sale.

The second concept involves understanding the priorities in the daily activities of a large commercial online bookstore. Let’s say you have 20,000 books online and you sell more than 100 books a day. They pay you when the books are sold. This means that you must list the books to sell them. Once they are sold, you need to mail them as soon as possible to keep Amazon and your buyer happy. The more you list, the more you sell and the more you get. That’s your priority, and to keep your overhead low, you hire enough staff to make sure you meet your priorities in a timely manner.

The last concept to understand is acceptable profit. What I mean by that is where do you look to judge your success? Do you feel like a failure if you don’t make a profit on every item sold or you look at the general numbers and judge based on them? When I ran an online bookstore, I was happy when overheads were less than five thousand grand and total sales were over fifteen thousand dollars. I figured if I lost a few dollars on a few books a month it would be acceptable considering my overall earnings. After all, nobody is perfect.

Now let’s review the scenario. You have configured the repreciator to run four times a day on all of your inventory. You have left it set to the default of $ .01 for the lowest price and it wants to be the cheapest at $ .03. Then, he leaves his inventory in the hands of the repreciator and concentrates on listing new books. All the books you put up for sale start with a price of at least $ 4.00. One particular book you have listed has a competitor who is also running a repricing set to be the cheapest at $ .02 and also left the default of $ .01 as the lower price. Your re-appraiser sees your price at $ 3.98 and changes the price of your copy of the book to $ 3.95. Your re-pricer notes on the next pass that you are cheaper and lowers your price to $ 3.93.

This process continues until both are at $ .01. However, you don’t really realize why you would have to spend time looking for this. Once identified, you would have to pay someone to find the book on the shelf, remove it from the list of your places, and then pay to have it discarded. Not only are you paying for this whole process, but you are also diverting resources from the new book list, reducing the number of books you sell. So the cost to you of removing the penny books is much more than selling the book and shipping it for a penny. When shelf space becomes tight and you need to remove older unsold books to make room for newer ones to be sold, systematically remove lower-priced older books and dispose of them. I used to do this once every six months or so. By doing this once or twice a year, you can streamline the process and keep the effect on your sales to a minimum.

In short, this is why there are penny books. Nobody starts selling books for a penny. They are just the results of using re-pricer technology. So relax, you’re not really missing anything. There is no secret of the coin books. One more thing before I go. The humorous part of the repreciator is the novice bookseller who manually checks the price of his 100 or so books every day. You find that every time you lower your price, you quickly lower yours. Then you try different strategies like lowering the price to next to nothing and then setting it very high. You start taking your actions personally. Imagine that you are in front of your computer day and night changing your price just to annoy him. In fact, I have received emails from these sellers almost threatening me with bodily harm. I had to explain that they were trying to make fun of my rebuke and that I would always win.

The two teams are almost poles apart, even beyond the two thousand miles that separate them geographically. One team made the postseason last year and is expected to do so again in 2018, while the other in another lengthy rebuild hasn’t tasted the playoffs in fifteen years.

Colorado is consistently in the top ten clubs to attend, which means that nearly three million fans attend Coors Field to watch the Rockies each year. Miami, on the other hand, has attracted the fewest viewers in all of baseball over the past decade.

Both teams, however, share a special anniversary today, having played their first ever games on March 5, 1993. The Rockies and Marlins were part of baseball’s first expansion in nearly fifteen years, when two teams were added. the two American teams. and National League.

That day, for twenty-five years, Colorado lost 3-0 to the Mets and Dwight Gooden, who not only knocked out the Rockies but also scored the first run of the game. Doc gave up just two base hits, including Andres Gallaraga’s single in the second inning that marked the first for Colorado.

The Rockies’ first home run in history would come the next day, when they lost again to the Mets at Shea Stadium. Outfielder Dante Bichette walked deep away from Bret Saberhagen in the sixth inning, marking the only run in a 6-1 loss to the Mets.

The offensive problems disappeared once the Rockies played their first home game at Coors Field, which second baseman Eric Young christened on April 9 with a home run to open the bottom of the fifth. As would consistently be the case for the next two decades, a fight took place that day when Colorado beat the Montreal Expos 11-4.

Unlike the Rockies, the Marlins were able to open the season at home at Joe Robbie Stadium. They made the most of it, beating the Dodgers and former Cy Young Award winner Orel Hershiser six to three.

Florida outfielder Brett Barbarie scored the first base hit for that new franchise, and knuckle player Charlie Hough scored the first win. The first home run in the history of the Fish franchise would not come until nearly a week later, and almost 5,000 kilometers away.

All-Star catcher Benito Santiago hit that historic blast from San Francisco starter Trevor Wilson at Candlestick Park, but the Giants ultimately pulled off a four-to-three victory in that contest. More than a week later, Santiago would also become the first Marlins player to hit one outside his home park, when he faced future Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux in a game the Braves won five to four.

Of the two young clubs, the Marlins were more successful in the early years. In fact, just five years into its history, Florida won a World Series Championship over the Cleveland Indians. They would win another five years later, defeating the favorites of the New York Yankees in six games.

Since then, however, it has been the Rockies who have enjoyed the success, culminating in a pennant a decade ago. Colorado has been a contender almost every season since then, and has made the playoffs several times.

Many baseball experts are picking the Rockies to return to the postseason again in 2018, while almost everyone agrees that the Marlins have little chance of breaking even this year. But on this day, a quarter of a century ago, the two clubs were even dead.

Professional athletes have a common fear that injury will end their career before they decide to retire on their own terms. When it comes to an esports injury, carpal tunnel is at the top of the list for a problem that can quickly cause video game athletes a lot of pain and close out a video game career.

Carpal tunnel should not be confused with generalized wrist pain, but any discomfort in a player’s wrist should not be ignored at the first indication that something is not feeling right. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a group of symptoms that cause discomfort to the patient that can last long after the gaming session has stopped.

The pain usually feels like numbness or tingling that is worse when playing and during normal activity. A reduction in grip strength may also be noted. Unfortunately, the best solution to prevent these symptoms from getting worse is to stop the activity that is causing the injury. Breaks must be taken.

Most game-related injuries fall into the category of “overuse injury” or are defined as microtrauma. This is a different type of injury compared to the injuries of a soccer, rugby, or basketball player. Microtrauma injuries develop over time and can be difficult to heal if the injured area is not allowed adequate rest time to heal.

There are stretches, exercises, braces, and specially designed keyboards, mice, and mouse pads that help prevent injury before it develops.

Follow these tips to reduce the chance that an esports injury will prevent you from playing.

1 – Stretch your neck, arms and wrist before, during and after a game session.

2 – Take 5-10 minute breaks to “stand up” every hour.

3 – If you have any pain or discomfort; stop playing and use ice wrapped in a towel for 15 to 20 minutes to decrease swelling

4 – Seek help from a medical provider who can properly treat your eSports injury

Professional players spend countless hours practicing and competing. The unspoken disadvantage of esports compared to other professional sports is that there is no true “off season” for rest and rehab. This contributes greatly to an injury being exacerbated due to lack of forced rest time. Look at it this way, NBA, MLB and NFL players have 130 to 200+ days off-season to allow injuries to heal before the next season begins. Professional players can literally compete for hours every day with 0 days out of season. This helps create and perpetuate the eSports injury dilemma. Finding the right balance before and after an injury has to be managed correctly or it will lead to early retirement and long-term health problems for the serious player.

According to USA Hockey, colleges and universities across the country are recruiting talented and skilled ice hockey players even before they start high school. Verbal compromises are being made between prospects and perennial powerhouses like the University of Wisconsin. Talented players who don’t want to take the college route are opting for the top youth system in Canada and then turning pro at the age of 18 or 19. There are a growing number of very young players in the National Hockey League, with a handful of them becoming captain of their professional squads as Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby. The rise of young athletes taking on key roles in the elite circles of Division 1 and professional sports makes younger players seem like specialization is the way to go. Ice hockey is not the only sport that identifies talents at unusually young ages. Top soccer colleges are finding players just starting high school. A lot can be said about an athlete’s physical and mental development in high school and college. Schools like Yale University will not consider a young recruit for their college sports because they realize how much a 14-18 year old can change mentally. Academic integrity is as important to them as athletic performance. Therefore, making a guarantee four years in advance does not appeal to them. They want to see where that candidate will be in the future before making commitments. What happened to waiting and buying the best? We don’t elect presidents 4 years before they are sworn in, why should we choose which jersey an athlete will wear before we get there? If you keep the competition to play close to the actual time they will, the path to getting there will be more about process and development.

Ten years ago, it was thought that athletes needed more time to develop and gain competitive advantage. In ice hockey, graduate programs (PG years) in high schools and youth teams were common staples to attract the attention of competitive college hockey programs. It was thought that to gain an advantage, it took time to develop physically and mentally, as well as to gain the experience of playing with other like-minded athletes. When you knew you had a long road ahead of you to reach college and career ranks, specializing in your sport at age 12 wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Parents, coaches and experts worried that applying too much pressure at a young age to perform and excel could cause players to burn out prematurely.

Performance development coaches like myself believe that while players should focus primarily on two sports, their programs should incorporate the skills and abilities necessary to perform well in up to 10 other sports or activities. Even if you don’t play baseball, ice hockey players have the ability to go to a batting cage and hit a high percentage of pitches. Hockey players who can play baseball well will have better reaction times on the ice and will be better able to react to pucks in flight from a high shot or when fielding a bad pass. Similarly, playing soccer is great for the development of a budding ice hockey player because many highly skilled players are very good at carrying and handling the puck with their feet. Whether your main sport is baseball or ice hockey, you can learn a lot by playing other sports such as tennis, soccer, football, etc.

The spectrum is wide with respect to what parents think their children should do. Some want their children to be like Sidney Crosby and will force them to specialize at age 8 and others want their children to just have fun and do whatever they want for as long as they want. Both approaches are bad. Specializing or being distant is bad. The key is to keep intensity, focus, stimulation, and vigor high with expectation and pressure low. Young athletes must be taught discipline, passion, love of training and sport, and heart. The road to interuniversity and professional sport is long. The people who make it and stay there are the ones who love the unglamorous looks, the long road trips, the sweat, the low pay (pay for most professional athletes is not like ARod), the relentless schedule, and the inherent uncertainty that it entails. It comes from a profession that is so fluid, where one day the best team wants you and the day the other team that will look at you is the farm club with the worst team.

Success comes from love for what you do, whatever it is. The day it becomes work is the day you know it might be time to consider a new path. Athletes who play for glory will be prepared for a rude awakening. The athletes who can weather adversity and overcome it through hard work and concentration are the ones you know really love what they do. The Tampa Bay Rays baseball team’s turnaround shows outstanding determination, will, and passion to improve and surpass themselves. They didn’t care about playing as well as timeless powerful teams like the Boston Red Sox. They played the game the way they knew best and defined their run to the World Series in their own way and on their terms. The way they went from the worst team in major professional baseball to runner-up in the World Series is an example of how individual athletes must approach their development. You cannot go out and be alone to win. Unfortunately, raw desire is not enough to get there. You must be willing and able to do hard work that is not appreciated or valued. By doing so, you put yourself in a better position to start doing it right.

As a sports development coach, I am useless to the person who just wants to play in a recreational league and get the fanfare when he scores. When someone is ready to work hard, put in long hours, and sweat, I am the perfect person for them. I will help you get where you want. What I do has no glamor, more than the satisfaction in myself, knowing that I had a role in helping an athlete demonstrate his capabilities to an audience. I do what I do because I have a love and passion for sports.

The key to professional happiness is to specialize in a commitment to hard work. Anything else you do to get ahead will come later. Don’t worry about the nods you’re getting at age 14 to play college sports. Keep your head down and focus on getting better. A lot can happen in high school. If you keep your options open at 14, you’ll have more to turn to when you’re 18.

If you specialize in soccer at age 14 and it doesn’t work for you, you won’t have anything else to turn to. If you play multiple sports and perform well in a couple of them, if one doesn’t lead to a salary or fame, maybe the other will. The more options you have, the less pressure you will feel to excel in one, which will make it more enjoyable. Nobody wants to think that everything depends on how you do in one thing.

Keep your options open and have fun, but remember that you won’t get better without trying too hard. So decide what your priorities are, and then move on from there. If you don’t want to break a sweat or do the things necessary to improve your game, don’t expect to play to the next level. There is nothing wrong with playing pickup games. You have to be honest with yourself about your skill level and desire to put in the time to do it. Sidney Crosby, Eli Manning, Tom, Brady, Michael Jordan, and other teammates didn’t get where they did simply because of life. They evaluated their abilities and accordingly decided where they wanted to go. Once they did that, they worked tirelessly to make sure they got there. That due diligence is why everyone stood out in the professional arena.

The key to take away from this article is that you need more determination than skill. Most importantly, you need more love than determination. Therefore, you need more love than skill. If you don’t enjoy what you do, it won’t matter how much skill you have because you don’t want to keep doing it. Being focused is different from specializing. Play a lot of sports. Get active in many different things. Do it because you love it. You can decide later which one will allow you to do it in college or professionally. You will benefit more from playing other sports and training for those sports than you will spend all that time training for just one sport. My program is so effective because despite his focus, I expose him to movements and exercises common to other activities, making him a more well-rounded and balanced athlete.

Stay tuned for more articles from DSWAthletes, owned and managed by Derrick Wong. We write about everything related to sports. We want to help you get where you want to go and enjoy both the process and the result. We will help you stay focused and in good shape.

The fact that Ray Allen is now playing with his third NBA team shouldn’t surprise us. The reality is that he has spent most of his life traveling.

Walter Ray Allen was born on July 20, 1975 in Merced, California, and was the third of five children of Walter and Flora Allen. Walter was a welding specialist with the Air Force, so the family moved around like they were on wheels, even going overseas to England, before landing in Dalzell, South Carolina, where Ray attended high school in Hillcrest. High.

Ray, a born athlete, was motivated by many factors to improve at basketball, from his first growth spurt at age 10 when he first discovered he had the gift to being kept out of the gym at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, South Carolina during not being at least 16 years old despite being bigger and better than most of the players there. But there was an even greater motivation and a very difficult decision on the horizon.

After his junior stint at Hillcrest, he and his longtime girlfriend, Rosalind Ramsey, found out they were about to have a baby. By proving his ability to make the right decision early, he passed a test that many men fail: he decided to support his family. Knowing that it would take a college education to do so, he worked hard at his game for a scholarship. Arrangements were made, and Rosalind and the baby would stay with his parents until he graduated, then they were his responsibility.

So once again the traveler took the road, first to Connecticut, then to Milwaukee and the NBA, then to Sydney in 2000 to win a gold medal, then in 2003 to Seattle, and now Boston is home after. that he was traded there this offseason to join two other perennial All-Stars, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. He is the second leading 3-point shooter of all time, behind only Reggie Miller.

He also continues to do the right thing, establishing the Ray of Hope Foundation to help underprivileged children stay on track to find their dreams through sports and community programs.

Ray Allen remains, as always, one of the good guys overall. The cynical and satirical online newspaper “The Onion” even published a story about him titled “Professional Athlete Praised for Being a Decent Human Being.” And that’s saying something.

Have you ever wondered what kind of jewelry an athlete can wear on the field? Is a pitcher allowed to wear a men’s wedding ring on the mound? Or can a hockey player wear a necklace? Here is a brief summary of what professional athletes can wear in the four main sports.


Since most of a player’s body is covered in ice (except for the neck and face) by their uniform, skates, socks, gloves, and helmet, the NHL has no rules regarding the type of jewelry that can be worn. during the game. . Since it is a high impact sport, it is likely that players will not wear any type of earrings or rings during games. As for the necklaces, as long as they do not appear outside the shirt they are allowed.


If there is one sport that is very critical of what a player wears on the field, it is the NFL (or as some fans have called it “No Fun League”). You can not only be penalized for excessive celebration on the field, but also for wearing unauthorized socks or shoes. And the rules start from the moment someone enters the field for pregame practice to the moment they leave the stadium. The rules even apply during post-game interviews! Ironically, however, the NFL does not have excessive rules on what type of jewelry can be worn on the field. Since the hands are primarily used for catching and blocking, rings are generally not used as they could affect catching or throwing a ball. On the other hand, necklaces and earrings are worn, as long as they are within reason. Bracelets, on the other hand, must be covered at all times. Did I mention that the officials check the entire game afterwards to make sure (once again) that no one broke the uniform rules during the game? Wow.


In recent years, the commissioner’s office has started criticizing NBA players with a new dress code that has limited what a player can wear before and after a game. This extends to the court where NBA players cannot wear any type of jewelry. This means earrings; bracelets, rings and necklaces are all prohibited. The only accessories allowed on the court are knee and elbow pads, headbands and, of course, tattoos.


Major League Baseball, on the other hand, seems to have a very liberal policy when it comes to jewelry. Essentially, you can wear any type of jewelry unless deemed “distracting” by a referee or could interfere with play. In other words, pitchers can’t wear rings as they could scratch the ball and not giant mirrored necklaces that can distract the hitter from the ball (not that anyone is thinking of wearing them, but you get the idea).

It seems that most sports don’t allow jewelry, not even men’s wedding rings, so what can a man do? Keep that ring in a safe place until the game is over!

He was the best basketball player and possibly the best athlete that ever lived. Wilt Chamberlain, 63, was reported to have died of a heart attack, but that doesn’t tell you anything. You are supposed to ask why the best athlete in the world would die of a heart attack.

He was born in 1936, in Philadelphia. He was 6-11 when he entered Philadelphia’s Overbrook High School, leading them to three public school championships and two citywide titles, Chamberlain became one of the most recruited players in history with over 200 colleges interested, he scored more than 100 points in a single National Basketball Association game and averaged more than 30 points per game throughout his professional career. However, when he was in high school, he was the best high school quarter mile in America and ran less than 48 seconds. He also jumped over 6 feet five inches and was the best shot putter in Pennsylvania. He remained active after his NBA career and was considered an outstanding volleyball player. He also ran in the Honolulu Marathon and competed in a 50-mile race in Canada.

Long after his career ended, Chamberlain made headlines by stating in an autobiography that he had had sex with 20,000 women. Let’s see how good you are at diagnosing diseases. Chamberlain’s health first became a problem in the 1960s, when a former coach told the media that the star player could have had a heart attack before the 1964 season. But Chamberlain denied it. In 1992, when Chamberlain reunited with former teammates for a halftime ceremony marking the anniversary of his 1971-72 NBA championship, he had to leave early because he was having trouble breathing. He was admitted to a hospital and found to have an irregular heartbeat. He was released from the hospital after three days using a heart monitoring device.

During his later years, he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, which means that his heart was too weak to pump blood through his body and he lost 50 pounds in the months leading up to his death. There are three causes of heart muscle weakness. Lack of nutrients, blocked arteries, and infection.

You may suffer from a nutritional deficiency such as beriberi caused by a lack of the vitamin thiamine or pellagra caused by a lack of the vitamin niacin. This is almost impossible today in North America. The second possible cause of heart failure is blocked arteries caused by arteriosclerosis and I did not have very high cholesterol and I did not have arteriosclerosis. The third possibility is an infection in your heart caused by bacteria such as chlamydia and mycoplasma.

The fact that he lost 50 pounds and was unable to go anywhere in the last months of his life points to a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy, that is, damage to the heart muscle, caused by an infection with chlamydia or mycoplasma, from making love to considerably less than the 20,000 women. that he claimed. That works out to 500 women a year, or 10 different women a week for 40 years, which would make the world’s greatest athlete the most prolific lover of all time. Cardiomyopathy is often caused by chlamydia.

Chamberlain’s body was cremated, so we will never know for sure how he died.