Devil May Cry V Mass Leak

Devil May Cry V has been leaked. Capcom’s hack ‘n’ slash franchise game Devil May Cry has been a popular game since our childhood. It first arrived on Ps2, which was a success that led to it becoming a franchise. The last Devil May Cry game was Devil May Cry 4, which was released in 2008 and was rebooted by DMC in 2013.

Since then, there has been no solid news on a new Devil May Cry V title except for the DMC4 SE and DMC Definitive Edition, which are the rebooted version of the DMC4 SE and DMC game. Fans have long been waiting to hear something from Devil May Cry franchise director Hideaki Itsuno to announce a new game, but there has been no news. He tweeted about his new game running smoothly, which may be DMC 5, but there’s no proof.

Recently, a huge Devil May Cry V leak has surfaced that has potential details on the new Devil May Cry game, its story, characters, development, and more. The leak was posted by ResetEra user Son of Sparda, who said that he will agree to a permanent ban if this leak turns out to be false.

Release date and production.

The game will be released sometime in fiscal year 2019, which means between the year 2018 and 2019.

Devil May Cry V was originally meant to be announced at Sony’s PSX event on December 8, but after receiving feedback, Sony will announce the new game at E3 2018.

There will be a demo version of the game that can be played before the release of the game.

This will be the highest time in development for a DMC game, which is around 5 years. Game development proceeds smoothly to avoid bugs.

This time, Sony is paying some of the funds that could make this title a PS4 exclusive for a short period of time. It can be ps4 exclusive, console exclusive or timed exclusive.

This time around, the DMC V title is said to be “ambitious” with a broader appeal.

DMC V will contain the longest cutscene in the entire DMC game.

A trailer has been ready for a while now. The initial trailer has a duration of 1 minute and 50 seconds. The trailer mainly focuses on the story, characters, and gameplay. The trailer shows a city environment much like the city of Fortuna in DMC4.

Development team

The Itsunos team that made previous DMC games is also making this new game.

Yuji Shimomura returns as the cinematic director who worked on the cinematics for DMC3, 4, and Bayonetta.

Dante’s voice actor is Reuben Langdon, Nero’s is Johny Young Bosch, and Vergil’s is Dan Southworth.

Onyay Pheori is helping with the soundtrack.

It is not known if the actresses who played Trish and Lady will return or not.

Characters and History

DMCV picks up the story right where DMC 4 left off.

More than one player is playable being Dante and Nero and the third character is unknown but it will be Vergil. Up to 3 playable characters have been suggested for now.

Trish has a prominent role in DMC5, but whether or not she can be played is unknown.

Character switching during key points in the game’s story.

The ‘prince of darkness’ appears in the game as the main antagonist of the story.

It is unknown if Vergil will be playable or not.

DMC5 could be the end of the “son of Sparda” story.


The console is aiming for 60 frames per second like previous DMC games.

There is no resistance bar.

There will be some areas where you will face more enemies than you are used to in DMC games.

Missions and ranking systems similar to previous DMC games Bosses increase dramatically in DMCV. One of the boss fights moves between multiple areas of the game.

The camera pulls back during major fights. The developers are really proud of the new dynamic camera system.

There is some online integration, but no multiplayer PvP.

The dodge system has been reworked and dodging, in general, is supposed to be much smoother than before.

Enemies will react a bit differently depending on the style.

There is some dynamic destruction/transformation of the environment at play, but not on the scale of Dmc so far.

Level design and exploration in Devil May Cry is similar to Bayonetta with action set pieces but without QTEs or quick time events. QTEs, in general, do not exist in DMC games.

Animations are being improved to be less stiff.

While Devil May Cry V won’t be an open world game, some inspirations have been taken from Dragon’s Dogma.

So guys, please take this information with a grain of salt because there is no original announcement from CAPCOM. But the announcement will be at E3 2018. So let’s hope it’s true.

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