Drop a bomb on gynecomastia with these exercises

Gynecomastia is an increase in glandular breast tissue in men that makes the breasts look feminine. The amount of glandular tissue starts out small but can increase over time. On top of the breast tissue, adipose or fat tissue fills the breast.

Having breasts larger than their peers causes emotional stress in men with gynecomastia. The shame of having “man boobs” is something that sticks with these men. The daily life of these men is affected from the choice of clothes to the activities in which they can participate. Many of these men will not wear tank tops, light colored shirts, or tight / revealing shirts, let alone go topless. For bodybuilders, this condition is extremely embarrassing. Imagine not being able to show off your abs because of the DD cup breasts hanging over them.

Exercise can reduce fat tissue and decrease breast size. Aerobic exercise is the best type of exercise for burning fat. Some exercises for gynecomastia include running, stair climbing, and swimming. Running short distances, for example running down the street and coming back several times a day, will help you increase your heart rate and decrease the fat content in your chest. You know how high school soccer players run in the stands? This would be a great exercise to reduce gynecomastia. In fact, going up and down stairs in the office or at home is another quick idea for a workout outside of the gym. Riding a bike, even riding a stationary bike or running on a treadmill, are other good aerobic exercises. Anything to increase your heart rate for several minutes a day will help you burn fat.

Weight lifting to tone the area is also a good exercise option for gynecomastia. From the traditional bench press to wide-grip dips and even dumbbell flights, if you are working your pectoral muscles, you are helping to burn fat in that area. Keep in mind that increasing reps and not gaining weight will help shed fat.

However, you shouldn’t stop with your pectoral muscles. The entire upper body should be worked to help burn fat and build muscle evenly. Your routine should include exercises for your back, arms, abs, and chest. Men who are exercising their entire body will have much better results than those who are trying to cut back on time.

Exercise is important for overall health. A proper diet and exercise routine can help reduce fat tissue in the breast area of ​​men with gynecomastia.

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