How entertainment kills one’s spiritual bond

As a spiritual person with a strong bond with the Universal Spirit, he leads and guides me throughout my life. What quickly destroys that bond is entertainment, particularly fiction. Whether people realize it or not, the stories that come out of people’s heads are lies and don’t work in the presence of God. Fictional stories are the basis of religions and do not serve the Spirit.

The world is full of contrasts and evil while it is locked in black darkness. However, the entertainment industry is responsible for most of it due to movies; concepts; games; social networks; toys; and other stuff, which is downright junk to look at or use and junk food for the brain.

One cannot live on junk food for long before the body reacts to it. The loss of vitamins, enzymes, flavonoids, and essential nutrients soon turns it upside down. The brain is no different. Feeding it the garbage of man’s inventions, especially when it comes to entertainment, does the same thing to the body.

The darkness of not feeding him properly plays into every cell within him. Toxins build up, free radicals attach to cells to turn them into things like cancer or other diseases, and depression sets in. That’s when people look to medications to help them get back on their feet. Some drugs work, but hard drugs hook people into addictions.

Gambling is another form of entertainment that destroys. Few would be unaware how people steal to support their habit, and many lost their homes and families because of it.

While the world is concerned about the pollution of the environment and the accumulation of toxins in the air, they pay little attention to the things they use for entertainment. They are just as deadly and are working to destroy the earth through lack of care and knowledge that people overlook in order to get to the next place of entertainment.

Without their spiritual bond, they are lost in a frenzy of worry and struggle that has no solution. The entire world is rapidly approaching the point of no return. Many would rather laugh, however, than do anything about it. As long as they can forget their problems for a while, they can be happy again.

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