Jelqing Videos – Why 90% of Jelq Instructional Videos Are Misleading

While jelqing videos are a great way to get a glimpse of what exercise looks like, I have found that 90% of these videos can be very misleading as they omit many important aspects of jelqing.

After watching these videos, you leave thinking that you simply have to massage your penis for a few minutes and you have jelqed successfully. It is not the case! This is a penis enlargement exercise routine that, like most exercises, involves warming up, performing sets and reps in a certain way, adding an additional exercise or two, and finally cooling down. Or in the case of jelq, “heat up.”

Here are 5 misleading elements in the jelq video upscaling exercise:

  1. They never show warming up and warming up. This is a crucial part of the jelqing exercise. However, most jelqing videos don’t show warming up and warming up. Part of the reason is that it just isn’t very interesting. Wrap a warm cloth around the penis and leave it there for a few minutes to warm up, and you do the same after finishing your warm up exercises.
  2. They skip the lubrication step. This is another crucial aspect of jelqing, however most jelqing videos skip this part. Unlike heating up and down, lubrication is a simple step that must be included. Just take some lubricant, water or oil based, and spread it around the penis. It is actually important to have a visual view of this process, as many men are curious as to how much or how little lubricant to apply.
  3. They do not show stretching exercises. Most jelqing videos only focus on the jelq itself. However, a full jelqing routine will generally include stretching exercises. These are done at the end of the jelqs. They take place before you finish and hot, so they should be considered part of your routine. Stretching simply involves gently extending the penis, holding it for a few seconds and releasing it, then repeating. There are also other exercises that serve as secondary assistance exercises. That is, they don’t create growth on their own, but when done in conjunction with a jelq routine, they can increase size and speed up results.
  4. You never watch a jelq video from “start to finish”! Now obviously this will be a longer base video, but think about the potential of such a video nonetheless. In fact, you could jelq along with the video for the first week or so, to make sure your rep count is accurate and your punches cover enough of the shaft while releasing at the correct point just before the head. These would also be great for getting a good idea of ​​what it takes to practice jelqing. It’s better to sit back and watch a 15 or 20 minute jelq video and see if it is right for you, rather than starting the exercise and realizing a week later that you are not comfortable with it or that it takes too long.
  5. Actual jelqing videos are rare and generally of poor quality. Now most of the videos are simply “simulation videos” using a dildo or a banana. These are not necessarily misleading, but they are led to believe that jelqing a banana is exactly the same as jelqing a penis. Now these videos really work well for a lot of guys who honestly don’t want to see a real penis being jelqed. However, if you are going to do the exercise, you should at least once, take a look at a real jelqing video. This will give you a much better perspective on what the exercise looks like and how long each stroke lasts. Most importantly, you will get a view of what the “semi-erect” state looks like. A banana cannot properly reveal a true semi-erection.
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