Kids Astronaut Costume

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, we all live in the gutter, but some of us are looking for the stars and who else but astronauts who actually fly into space.

The astronaut costume is a very popular theme for parties and Halloween and a spacesuit costume is one that many people search for online.

Maybe they have their own dream of emulating heroes like Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, the three guys who really won the space race for America.

Undoubtedly, those three intrepid astronauts had looked up at the sky and dreamed of actually going there.

Today there are many different celebrations where costumes are used, themed weddings, bachelor parties, Halloween and many others. You can even have a themed Christmas with the packages delivered by an alien and received by everyone dressed as a space man.

Kids especially love dressing up and a birthday party where everyone gets dressed up in costumes is a great way to celebrate.

The problem with kids today is that a couple of cardboard boxes sprayed with gloss paint no longer work. Thanks to Hollywood and countless video games, but the truth is that children want realism.

An astronaut costume is easy enough to fake with a white jumpsuit and some NASA patches that mom has to sew on, but accessories like the astronaut helmet require a bit more investment. You don’t have to cut a groove in an old paint can and spray it with silver.

To look really good, the little astronaut will need some basic accessories, such as a realistic helmet, maybe a NASA-style backpack, gloves, and some authentic-looking space boots.

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