Male genital hair removal: shaving the most convenient way to make a ball shake

Manscaping is a popular term for the removal of male genital hair by shaving, trimming, waxing, or other means to remove unwanted hair, especially pubic hair. It wasn’t until the early 2000s; it was still considered taboo for most American men to shave the hair below the navel area.

But today, most metrosexual men, porn stars, celebrities and elite athletes are engaged in male waxing. Bodybuilders shave their hair to make their muscle definition more visible, swimmers shave their hair to improve their performance, cyclists shave to provide a better massage treatment in case of an accident, porn stars shave to show off their fiercest tails and metrosexuals shave for aesthetics and cleanliness.

Regardless of the reasons you have, if you have decided to remove your pubic hair today, carefully consider and choose the most suitable male hair removal methods.

There are many methods to shave your genital hair, the easiest one is shaving and for this reason I will now only talk about the shaving method. For other genital hair removal method like waxing, depilatories or laser hair removal, I will let you know in another post.

Shaving – the most convenient method of getting rid of pubic hair and ball churning.

It is advisable that you use a new razor blade, never use an old fashioned razor blade or throw away cheap razor blades. It’s your most precious “ball” on earth, so dedicate a new razor just for the purpose of shaving your pubic hair and balls and make male waxing fun and hazard-free.


Quick and painless.

The result is almost immediate.



Itch-bitch-scratch situation within 24 hours.

ingrown hairs

Scratches, pain and razor burns in the sensitive area.

You must shave regularly

Tips for better manscaping by shaving.

1. If your pubic hair is the wild type, thick and long, try trimming the hair down to about a half inch. This is to prevent your thick bush from tipping over and clogging up the razor too quickly.

2. Since pubic hair is thicker, you should soften it to make shaving easier by applying a warm wet towel to the pubic area and leave it for a minute or two, or alternatively you can use your regular shaving foam.

3. Apply a light upward stroke in the direction of hair growth and immediately rinse the razor to clear hair clogging.

4. Remove all unwanted hair to make it an “elephant-style” smoothie; Shave your penis clean, but leave your ball intact to create a “rambutan style”, or leave a small patch over your penis to make a “triangle patch road to heaven style”.

There are many styles that you can experiment and try and make your manscaping become your genital marking that only your partner knows about. Let it become your little secret!

5. Apply aftershave lotion or cologne to cool the burning sensation; You can also use ice cubes to prevent itchiness or take advantage of baby oil to reduce the uncomfortable effect that the beard can cause.

6. The last thing you should do is rub in hair inhibitors to prevent pubic hair from sprouting too quickly and genital hair from becoming softer.

7. If you are a werebear type, your hair spreads out and covers almost your entire body from your face, neck, chest, back, hands, and feet. In other words, you are covered by your natural hair mat, considering genital hair removal is not a good idea.

Why did you ask!
No. I will not tell you why genital hair removal is not a good idea for you.

Okay, if you insisted.
It will cause your partner to be surprised or laugh to discover that the only part of his body that is now clearly visible is his penis.

My suggestion is to remove all your body hair if you want to get a smoothie ball, not just the bush on your penis but full body hair removal.

happy manscaping

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