Manscaping 101: How to Get a (Mostly) Hairless Penis

Grab the machetes, boys! It’s time to go through the pubic jungle and join your friends who rock a hairless penis. Who knows where it started, but now more and more men are choosing to abolish their curly shorts for a more streamlined and smoother experience on the inside of the earth. Who knows where this trend came from, be it porn or GQ, but men are making huge profits by choosing to go hairless. Let’s take a look at this trend, how to get it, and the things a man might want to know before making the decision to have a hairless penis.

Hairless penis benefits

So why would a man willingly want to put sharp things next to his penis? Exactly, the benefits have to be sweet enough to bring the razor and more to the area. Here are a few reasons why men have chosen to shave everything.

1) It makes the penis appear bigger. Let’s be honest, this is one of the biggest draws out there. Many women have whispered to a man, “If you shave it, you can see how big you are” to a man after the oral while pulling the hair out of his mouth. She knew what she was doing: she wants less fuss and you want to feel huge. Win win.

2) Unrestricted access. As mentioned above, a hairless or well-maintained penis has a more hospitable feel to guests. In a study by Cosmopolitan magazine, 70% of women said they preferred a man to have a man. Do you want more oral? Invest in some trimmers.

3) Improves the smell of the penis. Hair traps odor and all kinds of biological parts like urine, sweat, bacteria, semen, dead skin cells, and last night’s ramen (just kidding). All of these little bits can turn into a great smell when wrapped in a warm cocoon of pubic hair. Skip a shower day or watch the time increase to realize just how real funk can get. Shaving your hair means fewer places for these extras to stick, resulting in cleaner, less odorous trash.

4) Nice partner. A hairless penis is softer and less prone to causing road rashes that can occur with a lot of movement and friction. It also makes the penis easier to see and adjust as needed so that a man can just sit back and enjoy from time to time.

Hair removal methods

There are several ways to remove pubic hair. Some are a bit easier than others, but all have their advantages and disadvantages.

– Shaved off – The most common way to remove hair. It can be done with a manual or electric razor or even a razor. Make sure to use a good pre-shave oil and only shave each area once to reduce the incidence of razor burn. Rinse well and follow with Tend Skin to reduce ingrown hairs.

– Waxing – A longer lasting method, it may be a bit more difficult to find a salon that does male Brazilian waxes, but they do exist! It will be a somewhat painful procedure, but the skin will be soft and smooth afterward. Most results last five to six weeks, longer after multiple waxes.

– Depilatory creams – These creams are usually too harsh for delicate genital skin.

The hairless penis: a small drawback

It would not be correct to list the benefits without some of the risks. First of all, the waxing process can cause some anxiety and nervousness, which is natural. Be sure to research your method, and if you hire a professional, look it over carefully. For men who choose to shave or wax, the skin is most likely a little sensitive, maybe red and a little sore afterwards. Ingrown hairs can also be quite painful. For men who use razors, be sure not to catch the skin with them or go through an area more than once, as it can cause razor burns. The growing process can also be quite itchy.

Aftercare for a hairless penis

For those men who dare to go nude, a little post-removal skincare can help with the redness and rawness they may be feeling in the newly waxed area. Cold compresses are a great way to remove heat from the area. Simply dip a clean, soft cloth in cold water, wring it out, and place it on the penis. Repeat as needed. Hydrocortisone (OTC) creams can also help shrink inflamed follicles and reduce redness.

Another way to reduce redness is to apply a specially formulated penis health cream. (Health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically shown to be safe and gentle on the skin). These creams are very soothing to the skin and promote healing. Using a cream with natural emollients like shea butter that doesn’t irritate the skin and instead rehydrates it is a great way to restore balance to the skin. Add some vitamins A, B, C, and D to strengthen cells, prevent bacteria, and give elasticity. Soon the skin will be silky and smooth to the touch.

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