Salsa Dance Beginners Guide

Are you a beginner in salsa dancing? So you may be having a mixture of nervousness and excitement at the thought of having your first salsa class. You should also believe that everyone else in your class will be new, beginners like you, and will also experience the same feelings as you.

Below are some important tips to consider before attending your first salsa lesson.

• Time is very important, so always be on time because doing it at the last minute causes classes to start late. Showing up after the lesson has started is not good for you, your teacher and your classmates.

• Always respect your teacher and concentrate when your salsa teacher is speaking.

• Such dancing is fun, and your instructor will do everything to make you realize that, and will never get frustrated if you feel like you’re not doing as well as expected.

• Salsa is a type of social dance, and you should feel comfortable asking your partner to dance, so everyone is there.

• Dress casually, and it should be comfortable when you are hot.

• Before dancing, make sure you shower and use deodorant because you will annoy your partner if you have bad body odor. However, your companions will not say anything, however, they will not prefer to dance with you.

• As it is a close contact dance, therefore, think about your dress and avoid accessories because things like jewelry, belts, etc. it can scratch or snag your partner’s clothes.

• Likewise, drinking alcoholic beverages before class is strongly discouraged.

• Since men are generally taller and stronger than women, try not to get too carried away with emotion. Your dance partners should be relaxed and enjoy their dance without worrying about getting hurt.

• It is not uncommon for women to ask men to dance; therefore, there should be no excuse for someone not to dance during salsa lessons.

Salsa dancing is good for everyone as it is fun and you socialize with your partners, you learn new things, you learn to deal with various people and you learn to cooperate with your partner. You also learn how to groom yourself well, plus the dance moves will keep your body in good shape.

The given steps will help you a lot during your salsa dance.

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