Streaks Are Meant To End – Records Are Meant To Be Broken

For the first time since September 27, 1992, Brett Favre will be on the sideline with a clipboard in hand watching his team play. Tonight, when the Minnesota Vikings play the New York Giants, Favre won’t have an active role on the field.

Favre’s record, excluding playoff games, is a starting quarterback through 297 consecutive games in 19 seasons. That streak ends tonight, leaving a new NFL record to be broken.

Unlike baseball’s iron man Cal Ripken, who opted out of a game, Favre was forced to sit out tonight after taking a brutal hit from Buffalo linebacker Arthur Moats just three plays into the Viking-Bills game.

Regardless of the opinions formed about Favre these past few seasons, it’s time to look at what he’s done, 297 consecutive regular-season games, unbelievable.

What makes Favre’s achievement so rare is that the average NFL career lasts less than 4 years, but Favre lasted 19 seasons.

To put more perspective on this, Peyton Manning is the current player with the most consecutive starts behind #4. Manning has 205 starts and could catch Favre in 2016.

But has anyone played the role with the passion and brilliance that Brett has exhibited throughout his career? How many times have we seen BF rush out to get that first down, take on linebackers head-on instead of sliding down? How many times have we seen him walk off the turf battered and beaten up with torn muscles, concussions and broken bones only to start the next week.

Former Detroit Lions defensive tackle and football great Alex Karras once said that quarterbacks should have a skirt in the backfield. Karras never puts Favre at least on the grid. Karras was a four-time professional bowler who was also part of the 1960s NFL team that played from 1958 to 1970.

Tonight marks the end of an era, Brett Favre’s streak of consecutive starts left a new record to be broken. I don’t know if it’s Manning or someone else, I just hope it’s someone who has the same passion for football and the same passion that the once invincible Brett Favre has.

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