Success requires no apologies

“Success requires no apologies. Failure allows no alibis.Napoleon Hill

When I think of Napoleon Hill, I consider the profound impact he had on my life with his book, Think and Grow Rich. I always believed that because he was given the opportunity to interview 500 of the world’s richest men, his life’s journey was filled with “wine and roses.”

However, after reading his latest book, outwitting the devil, I discovered that in the course of his research, he also interviewed thousands of failures. He discovered that he learned much more from people who failed than from successful men and women. By seeing what people were doing wrong, he was able to capitalize on the best kind of experience: other people’s experience. This allowed him to give readers a balanced view of him and point out what leads us astray.

One of the things that Napoleon Hill focused on throughout this book was having a primary goal and definite purpose in life. He revealed that when people are determined to achieve a goal, they are much more likely to achieve it. It’s not always easy. Often, just when we seem to be on the right track, life throws us a curve ball. I believe this is a way of “testing” ourselves to see how committed we really are to achieving success with our life goals. Are we going to give up or move on?

I have found that when I am very specific in setting my goals, magic happens. Many years ago, I wanted to find my soulmate, someone to share the rest of my life with me. When creating my list, I wrote general things like I wanted him to be nice and my “best friend.” I was also very explicit, in that I wanted him to be over six feet tall, have a full head of hair, have a degree, have a professional job, and love cats. My description of this “Mr. Wonderful” mystery went on for a full page and a half. I wrote this list in 1993. I put Scott in 1994, less than a year later. As I reviewed the list, I realized that Scott met each and every one of my criteria.

By being specific, I was able to give my subconscious mind the information it needed to make my dream come true. I could “see” Scott in my mind, and I firmly believe it was because of that list that I “believed” him to come into my life. Writing down your goals is good; Be very specific in your wording and your intention is better.

If you’re not where you want to be right now, that’s okay. If you’re thinking the grass is greener in someone else’s backyard, think again. Success usually comes after some kind of mess. The bigger the mess, the bigger the success. When you fall, get up, brush yourself up, learn from your mistakes and “try, try again”.

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PS: read the bios of the people you admire and you will see how much “garbage” they had to go through until they found their last “luck”.

PSS: This is the sixth in a series of articles on Napoleon Hill’s classic book, “Think and Grow Rich.”

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