The Yamaha YPT-220 – This is why this musical keyboard is so popular with beginners

Many people feel that the Yamaha YPT-220 is an excellent musical keyboard for beginners. Here is a review of the YPT 220 that will offer the pros and cons and an idea of ​​why it is so favored.

One thing to look for when shopping for a musical keyboard for a beginner is to get one that the student won’t quickly outgrow. The other thing you want to do is get one that has a lot to offer, without being too expensive. It is important that the instrument is reasonably priced in case the new student decides too early that he does not like playing the keyboard.

The Yamaha YPT-220 wins on both counts. It offers many additional features that are not often found in this lower price range. Plus, it has surprisingly realistic sound quality. It is also lightweight and portable, so it can be carried and played anywhere.

Here you will find pros and cons to help you make a purchasing decision.


  1. It is a well designed learning instrument. With Yamaha’s built-in educational pack of learning tools and 102 pre-programmed songs, practicing the piano and learning on this instrument is fun. The keys even light up when you learn to play.
  2. It has 61 keys, more than enough for the beginner to play hundreds of songs and 375 high-quality instrument voices and 100 accompaniment styles.
  3. To simulate the actual sound of a grand piano, there is a button that instantly creates this sound as the keys are played.
  4. It can be included in a package that includes a stand, closed-cup headphones, and an AC power supply.
  5. There’s even a special effects feature that simulates sounds like a dog barking, a creaking door, running water, and more.


  1. Some users feel that the music book that comes with this keyboard could be more comprehensive.
  2. Initially, there was a concern that the media was not very stable (which comes as part of the bundle package). But Yamaha says they have fixed it and it no longer appears to be a problem.
  3. A music student who is learning can be noisy while practicing and make mistakes. Actually, that’s the case not just for this instrument, but for all keyboards. That is why it is recommended to always buy with headphones.

Many users of the Yamaha YPT-220 claim that if you are looking for a fun, entertaining, durable, amazing, familiar and piano-like keyboard, this is the right choice.

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