What differentiates modern furniture from classics?

The difference between modern and classic furniture is not difficult to tell. The first difference is the size. Classic furniture was not made for compact houses or apartments. They were made to fit in large rooms. A classic chair can easily accommodate two people in relative comfort. However, if two people tried to sit on a modern chair, it would probably break.

Classic furniture is large, heavy, and made of solid wood. The wood used in classic furniture is dark. Cushions, seats and mattresses in the past used to be stuffed with horsehair or cotton. Silk and cotton were the fabrics that were used in classic furniture.

Modern furniture is lightweight and made from a variety of materials. Wrought iron has become very popular in the manufacture of modern home furnishings. Light colored woods like pine are also widely used in modern furniture making. Most modern home furnishings use light colored wood.

Then laminated wood, chipboard is also used in contemporary furniture. These materials are widely used in the manufacture of contemporary office furniture, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes.

A totally different material that is widely used in contemporary furniture is reinforced plastic and glass. You can have a table with a glass top resting on reinforced glass globes or ceramic vases or with a steel or iron base. Plastic chairs are common in lounges and waiting areas at airports. The use of plastic and glass has become quite extensive in the manufacture of contemporary furniture. Some plastic furniture is given a light wood color to make it look like wood.

Today, several new fabrics are used in the manufacture of contemporary furniture. Polyesters and other synthetic fabrics are widely used. The use of cotton, silk and other materials for heavy curtains has become outdated and out of date. Another notable change in contemporary furniture is the colors. Wrought iron is matte gray, blue or black. Monotony can be broken with steel, chrome or brass. The wood is light and the colors of the fabric can be bright. Antique classic furniture had off-white or cream as the base color. Modern furniture fabric colors range from white to black with bright colors that blend happily. Violet, bright blue, and fire engine red are used with joyous abandon. Also, the designs on the fabric have changed enormously. From calm motifs of flowers, birds or fruits, the designs have moved on to zebra stripes.

Modern furniture is brighter, airier, and lighter than classic furniture. Maintaining contemporary furniture is also quite easy, as is assembling and disassembling it. There are cleaners, polishes, and stain removers that keep contemporary furniture looking new and shiny.

Modern furniture has a more ergonomic design. The chairs do not have a straight back and the cushions are more comfortable. The biggest difference is that modern furniture is not formal and rigid.

Modern furniture is more convenient and fits easily into smaller houses. Some modern furniture is amazing in its design. They are a work of art. Some of the geometric patterns used in modern furniture are quite overwhelming. It is easy to distinguish between classic and modern furniture just by looking at them.

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