What should I feed my sick or elderly ferret? Duck soup!

When ferrets get sick, they may not want to do all the work of eating their kibble or ripping up the meat. Older ferrets can have bad teeth and kibbles can be too painful to eat. Then give them duck soup.

What is duck soup?

First of all, duck soup does not usually contain duck. As the story goes, a ferret named Lucky Ducky was sick and his humans fed him “soup” while he got better. Since then, any supplementary soft food is called duck soup.

When should you feed your ferret duck soup?

It’s okay to give most types of duck soup to your ferret as a treat. It’s even a good idea to give him some when he’s healthy, so he gets used to it and doesn’t care when he really needs it.

In addition, you should give this concoction to your furry when he is sick and has stopped eating or if he is older and does not eat enough.

Where do you get the duck soup?

You can buy something at the pet store called duck soup. I’ve never tried. that. Most of the people I know make their own soup for their stuffed animals. Most people seem to have their own recipes. Here are some of them.

Chicken food for babies

Gerber chicken baby food is easy to digest and a decent meal for a furry one. Most ferrets will lick it without much persuasion. Chicken baby food has the advantage that it comes in small jars, so not many will go bad at once. However, once you open the jar, you need to refrigerate it.

The variety of croquettes

Put your ferret’s croquettes in a coffee grinder (or blender) and pulverize it. Put your kibble powder in a tightly closed container. When it’s time to feed your weasel, put some kibble in a bowl and add enough water to hydrate it. You can even microwave it for a few seconds if you want. The advantages of this type of duck soup are that you are not changing your ferret’s food and you can prepare the amount you need without wasting. I use this form of duck soup when traveling with a sick ferret because it is nice and portable.

The sweet kind

If your ferret is having trouble with the desire to eat, this might be the way to go. You take 1 jar of baby chicken porridge and 1 container of Make sure. Put it in a tightly closed container and shake the mixture. This mix is ​​sweet and almost any ferret will love to eat it. The downsides to this soup are that the mix has a good amount of guaranteed sugar, and the mix won’t last more than a couple of days.

A more traditional soup

Have a chicken. Put it in a giant pot of water. Boil for a long time. Over time, the skin and meat will peel off the bones. Put out the fire. Take the bones out of the mixture. Get a hand mixer and blend the mixture. (You can put these things in a blender, but every time I try, I end up with soup boiling in my face. It hurts. Bar blenders are good.) -Cube trays and freeze. When you need to feed your furry, take out a bucket and heat it up in the microwave. Mix it up and feed your ferret.

Other things you might consider adding to your soup before freezing it are olive oil or some ground croquettes.

Like I said before, there are tons of recipes available for duck soup. If one doesn’t work, try another.

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