you control your destiny

Just as all the organs and limbs make up your body, and your body, your life, you, is a complete unit built by parts, Destiny is a complete unit built by the parts that are the Seven Powers that also control our life. Unhealthy lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, anger, envy, pride.

Each event in your life can be treated in different ways, ways that you can choose; run away or stay, cower or stand firm, steal or be honest, defend or attack, lie or tell the truth, every moment of your life when you have to make a decision, destiny is right there, to determine the course it will take your life from that moment on based on your decision and action.

Destiny is not fixed, it is as fluid as the weather, it changes at any time, and you are the master of your destiny, you just don’t know it.

In fact, you don’t want to know that you are the master, because the responsibility is too great, the challenge too difficult.

With every choice you have to make, even if you think you have no choice, if you reflect on your past, you will see that you had a choice, you probably just didn’t like the choice that you knew was the right one.

Gravity is a power of this planet and the universe. Keeps everything on the ground. It also keeps the moon in orbit around the earth and the planets in orbit around the sun. It is always drawing everything to the lowest point.

In the same way, the powers draw your life and thoughts to their lowest point. Because the powers are our weaknesses, which are imposed on us to keep us in the often messy human condition, the weaknesses, the self-centeredness and the evil nature that is part of being human.

The energy that we are, which some people call the soul, but I call ‘my conscience’, or ‘better judgement’ or commonly referred to as ‘common sense’, a rare commodity in the human race, is the very nature of what we are .

The battle is between the powers that are our negative qualities, that keep us at our lowest level, which is the human ego, and our essential energy, which is light. Not light only in the sense of brightness, but weight, light and weightless, not subject to gravity.

When an event occurs and you make your decision, Destiny reassesses if you made an unpredictable decision and redetermines your future.

If you made a poor financial decision, greed and anger will grow with regret. If you made a good choice and won a lot of money, Pride takes over, which can lead to more Envy from others. As your taste for success drives you to recognition, you may feel jealous and envious of other people who gain recognition as your desire for more grows, having tasted it.

With every decision you make, good or bad, one or more of the powers will increase or decrease in you, and with that, Destiny will turn your life in another direction.

By being attentive to the Seven Powers that control us, as the events of the day unfold, being aware of the emotions and feelings that arise in your mind and choosing to act in a positive, more humble or honest, caring way, you can change your destination in a different direction.

You have the power to control your destiny in this way. The immediate result may not be what you want, it may not be good in the sense of your financial or love life, but Destiny is a plan for the rest of your life, until you change it again, so the immediate events are practically irrelevant. .

This is what you must keep in mind with every word and action, especially with the big things going wrong, seeing what direction they are taking you in, the seven powers or the light and overcoming their negative manipulations.

Everyone knows that you don’t take any material possessions when you die, but you take your character. At your funeral, the number of people who will mourn your death will be proportional to your character, not your wealth if that was acquired by an asshole character. Instead of burying him with his gold and property, they will simply write him a check to take to his grave.

Always remember that in the face of disaster, Destiny will make a new plan for your life based on your reaction. Bitter regrets and a desire for revenge or becoming depressed and losing hope will make a plan, but accepting your life situation as it is at that moment, as if you were just born on that day without a past, facing it with courage and strength, will force Destiny to give you new ideas and creativity, new opportunities to rebuild, start over and become a better person.

You own your Fate whether you like it or not, believe it or not. You can test the truth of this statement by simply remembering the big past events in his life, how he reacted and how it affected him in the days or months that followed, and how that reaction determined his next actions. Did you push people away with negativity and anger, or did you inspire people with your courage and ability to dust yourself off and start over?

Just think about your past, and learn about people who have failed or succeeded, and learn from their reactions, was it strength of character or did you build a huge ego?

Now you can decide, you are going to control your destiny from today and defy gravity, let your essence rise, or let gravity pull you down emotionally, with your life like a leaf blowing in the wind, letting the wind of destiny take you where he and the seven powers want you to go.

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