Are there any experienced Maui fire lawyers in your area?

experienced Maui fire lawyers

If you have been injured or lost property in the August 2023 Maui wildfires, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation. We are experienced and dedicated to helping you recover from the tragic losses associated with this disaster. Our teams can help you recover compensation that your insurance company does not cover. This includes a wide range of losses from property damage to evacuation expenses and loss of business.

The 2023 Maui fire lawyers was the worst blaze in Hawaii history, killing at least 115 people and leaving 2,200 homes and other buildings destroyed. It is estimated that the resulting economic losses will total in the billions of dollars.

While many of the losses can be recovered from insurance claims, some victims are still struggling to find a new home or get their business back up and running. Others have suffered intangible losses, such as the loss of memories.

Are there any experienced Maui fire lawyers in your area?

Maui residents and businesses need the assistance of a dedicated fire lawsuit attorney to seek fair compensation. Bickerton Law Group has extensive experience representing clients in personal injury cases, including those that involve fires and explosions. We are committed to fighting for your rights against corporations and insurers that wrongfully deny you compensation.

Maui wild fire attorney

Many of the losses in the Maui wildfires were avoidable. A government agency warned of a fire risk in Lahaina, which is considered to be the most fire-prone area in the state, as far back as 2014. The Wildfire Protection Plan recommended constructing fire-resistant infrastructure such as fencing and a series of buffer zones. However, the plan was never fully implemented.

In addition to a lack of action by government agencies, the fires were fuelled by wind gusts from Hurricane Dora. These gusts downed power lines, which sparked the fires and enabled them to spread rapidly across West Maui. Lawsuits against Hawaiian Electric and its subsidiary, MECO, allege that the utility companies knew of the high fire risk and that severe weather conditions would heighten those risks but failed to implement Public Safety Power Shutoffs, a proven tool for protecting lives and property from wildfires.

Our firm has partnered with the respected wildfire litigation and personal injury firm of Walkup, which is renowned in Northern California for its mastery of the legal landscape against public utilities such as PG&E. Our teams are working to provide the best possible representation for your case, backed by more than two decades of experience fighting on behalf of the injured. You will not pay a fee out of pocket for our services, and we will only accept payment upon a successful settlement of your claim. Call our office today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with one of the top Maui fire lawyers in your area.

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