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Houston may still see Hurricane Alex, the next few days will tell. But whether it’s Alex or the next one, we’re entering active hurricane season, and the chances of the Gulf Coast getting hit once or twice are higher than in recent years, well over 50%. There was relatively little hurricane activity last year, but as people who live in a region where some areas are still recovering from Katrina, we know enough to take this season seriously.

Here are some tips to get you through this hurricane season.

1. Stay informed: Don’t just walk outside and squint at the sky, or lick your finger to test the direction of the wind. The meteorologists are here to help you. They can see further. Listen to the radio, watch the news, check the news online, but stay informed. Know what you’re dealing with and take warnings seriously.

2. Secure Your Property – Before the urgency of the storm requires you to protect hatches with plywood and tarp, think ahead. If your home does not have impact-resistant windows and doors, consider moving some of your valuables to Houston storage during storm season. Houston Self Storage is temperature controlled and secure. You can even put your boat in there, if you’re afraid it might float in the floods.

4. Stock up on basics if you’re staying at home: gallons of clean water, non-perishable food, cookware that doesn’t require electricity (or a small generator), batteries, flashlights, blankets, pillows, and emergency medical supplies. Keep important documents and some cash in waterproof containers. A deck of cards and a bottle of whiskey can go a long way in getting you through tough times.

5. Have a family disaster plan: Have predetermined escape routes and places to meet. Choose an out-of-state friend or family member as your emergency contact so everyone in your family has a single point of reference Have a pet plan in case you need to evacuate: a cage, food, etc. Post emergency phone numbers and make sure kids know how to use the 911 system.

6. Arrange to go somewhere else: You may just want to schedule vacations out of the area during hurricane season. Probably a bit further up the Gulf Coast. Louisiana relatives aren’t necessarily the ones to knock in the summer months. In fact, maybe you should call them and invite them up north with you. Timeshare on a Tennessee lake, anyone?

Or you can always try living in Houston self storage. It’s air-conditioned and safe, but I think they frown.

7. Insurance: You will have to take this into account for next year, since there is no rush to get insurance at this time. When storms enter the Gulf and threaten the coast, most insurers consider it too risky to write new policies. But when the clouds disperse and the people of the north start talking about the changing leaves, a separate insurance policy that protects your home against flood damage is a wise and relatively inexpensive investment. You should also make sure that you are covered against wind damage.

Good luck and stay safe folks!

Is poker such a difficult game that many players will quit in disgust because of bad beats and river suckouts? Difficulty in online poker is a direct result of two very important factors that cause much of this discouragement and loss. By exploring and understanding these two causes, it becomes easier for anyone to beat Texas Holdem poker online.

Before you go full throttle through too many online poker suckouts and lose all your poker chips, it’s best to learn how to play Texas Holdem in the world of online poker. Internet Holdem poker is quite different from a live poker tournament, mainly because you are not playing against your opponents at the poker table, but instead you are participating in a kind of video poker game that requires a slightly different style of play. .

Although you may have a specific poker strategy when selecting your poker hands in live texas holdem games, the internet presents some unique challenges to winning. One of the main hurdles you have to overcome to be successful at the poker tables is understanding how to beat Texas Hold’em online.

All of the major poker rooms, such as PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Party Poker, use special poker algorithms in their software that directly affect your play and whether you’ll win a pot. Those algorithms essentially monitor the poker cards you are dealt and determine in advance if you will win with that poker hand.

To truly find the magic behind how to beat Texas Hold’em online, you’ll first need to possess poker strategy that works in the world of online poker. First of all, you’re up against a lot of inexperienced players who won’t fold their poker hand easily. Second, you need to better understand how the math of the online poker game plays an important role in your ability to win.

Discovering these two absolute truths related to online poker will advance and even improve your game. If you continue to play Texas Hold’em online the same way you do live, you will still encounter the same problems, the same bad beats, and the same disappointment of losing. Take the first step in learning how to beat Texas Hold’em online using the correct strategies needed to play online.

I’ve seen so many go under the knife for a chance at a better life that I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not worth it. I am 54 years old, so I can see the effects of time on my face and body, but they do not stop my ability to create, write or love. All three give invaluable value and meaning to my life.

Almost every time I nursed a girlfriend through the experience, I had a dark side. The pain, swelling, bruising, medications, and some “time off” from life’s activities were enough to deal with. But almost always, during the healing process, the recipient regrets having to surgically alter her body in order to feel good or acceptable in her world.

Liposuction has caused depression in everyone I know who has gone through it. I always thought that the body mourns the loss of a part of itself, even fat. Weight and impossible figures became a plague in our society that continues to this day.

Here in Nacogdoches (the oldest city in Texas), I have enjoyed seeing women in town when I go for supplies that are aging naturally. It’s not offensive. It’s life on life’s terms, literally. It is a softening of features. Plastic surgery changes the characteristics completely.

There are a few times I felt like surgically altering someone was a blessing. Protruding ears look ridiculous and almost impossible to cover. I have known two men who had it done and the results were wonderful. They seemed normal, not enhanced.

At 54, I can see where Botox would go on my face. I have also seen why women get collagen on their lips and ‘eye work’. But, I am not offended by the aging of my face. My age doesn’t bother me. And, my world is blossoming and opening up more every day. I am in love with my life, so improving my physical appearance will not improve my experience.

The obsession with one’s own image is like a disease. It distorts a person’s view of the world into a very small version by focusing on something as small as the lips or a bulge here or there. Thousands of dollars are spent removing lines or filling in small areas. Most of the women I know who underwent age reduction treatments were not happier or calmer afterward. Most tended to shift their focus to a different area for change.

Weight is quite an argument, but California is at a high threat level. Job opportunities, social commitments, and public/private recognition become limited as body weight increases. It’s not pretty, but I’ve noticed it many times in my 25 years on the West Coast.

The Texas women might have some room to improve. The people of California could push the focus back further on externals. A mix of both worlds could be wonderful. One should be proud of their personal appearance but not obsessed. Going to town in ill-fitting, stained and tattered clothes, in slippers with your hair up and cut off on top is a weary sight here in deep east Texas. Octogenarians with big perky chests and uptight faces with oddly high hairlines are equally uninspiring.

It’s about balance. Always has been. It will always be.

For deep sea fishing, you must try the prime Texas location, which gives its tourists and visitors a taste of the Gulf of Mexico lifestyle. Hire an offshore charter to enter the open waters that leave many of the coastal ports throughout the year. Get the best experience anglers get in deep sea fishing. You will find a variety of species in Texas that can be caught in the deep waters, in large numbers in the Gulf of Mexico.

You can start your trip from many different places in Texas. Why not start in Freeport or from the port of Galveston? You can also get tours from Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, or why not from South Padre Island. You can choose from many charter services, for your trip with experienced Texas anglers with many boats that can carry small parties of about five or six people, where the service is dedicated to accommodating your group for an unforgettable experience. For a larger party there are boats that have space for a dozen or more people, so you can meet new people, make new friends and share the same experience together.

Texas is the place to discover the best fish you can catch in Deep Sea Fishing. You’ll find the most species here anywhere in the United States and you’ll get a real taste of what’s to be caught. Keep an eye out for species such as amberjack, billfish, grouper, species, ling, sharks, snapper, tuna and much more, you will be stunned. If you are lucky, you may find one of the rare species of Barracuda in these prime waters that the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.

Texas offers charters with offshore excursions to suit all levels of deep sea fishing experience. Take a short trip about two miles offshore for two hours of fishing for smaller fingerlings like redfish in the shallower depths of the water; or take a half day’s trip venturing ten or fifteen miles in search of bigger fish; or the choice to head out on a full day excursion some thirty miles or more, so you can catch a monster fish, for a true test of fishing.

Texas is a wonderful place to experience the best that deep sea fishing has to offer. Get a real taste experience for your level of fishing, from beginner to expert, from a wide variety of places to start your vacation. Find the right excursion for you for an adventure you really want, there is something for everyone.

There is nothing more fun than having a good old fashioned family reunion. While the idea of ​​a reunion may seem a bit old-fashioned to some people, in today’s “go-go” world, being able to get together with your family once a year is a great way to connect with loved ones. and stay dear

But when it comes to family reunions, they can often be somewhat chaotic and stressful simply because there has to be some level of consensus on what types of activities will be part of the reunion and where it will take place. If you’re already stressed about planning flights, taking time off (if any), or making sure you lose those pesky twenty pounds before everyone sees you, all you want to look forward to is amazing activities that bring a smile to everyone’s face. face.

Well, if it’s been decided that your family reunion will be in the great state of Texas, you’re in luck. The Lone Star State has a lot to offer and a lot of space to work. If you’re part of the shin-dig planning committee, here are five different ideas to make your next gathering absolutely awesome:

1. Family “Olympic Reunion”: Organized games, like the annual Texas Amateur Games, provide a way for family members to have fun with each other, engage in some friendly competition, and catch up with everyone at the same time. weather. time. Some games you might consider are volleyball and horseshoes which can involve family members of all ages. You could even have a medal ceremony.

2. Record family recipes: Assemble the best recipes in a collection to share with the whole family. Since you’re in Texas, these could be chili recipes or even “King Ranch” chicken recipes. Make the title of the ‘cookbook’ the year of the gathering, which can be a good thing if you decide to make it a tradition that has multiple editions.

3. “Pecan” Family Tree: Since you’re in Texas, incorporate the long-lived Pecan tree into a tidy activity. Place a pecan tree on a poster board and have everyone add their part to the full family tree. This could get a bit crazy in terms of entries, so you might as well create a “pecan” computer file to add to, and you can use that to create a neat family tree book for each family.

4. A “Bootin’, Scootin'” Talent Show: Give the whole family a chance to don their cowboy hats and boots and put on a fun talent show. You can make it themed to match your Texas setting and sing along to the best music the state has to offer. Given the diversity of Texas, this can include polka, Tejano, country, and rock music.

5. Scavenger Hunt: Sure, Austin is nice, but why not take advantage of the Texas Hill Country and stay in neighboring Fredericksburg, TX? You’re located a bit out of town, which is great because you can have a fun scavenger hunt that takes advantage of the beauty of the Texas Hill Country.

A Texan-style family reunion can be the perfect way to get the whole gang together for an awesome time, and if you’re lucky, hopefully “you guys” will call Texas your home away from home!

Leander is the name of one of the small communities in the northwestern area of ​​central Texas near Lake Travis and Highland Lakes. In reality, Leander was originally called Bagdad and was settled on July 17, 1882. The community was first settled around 1845 after the original settlers received land grants in exchange for their service in the Texas Revolution. Many of the original settlers lived in log cabins and were regularly attacked by the Indians. Many businesses in Baghdad, as it was then called, were established in the 1850s, with the first post office opening in 1858, after Texas Rangers arrived to protect the early settlers from Indians and their frequent raids. The Rangers built a large fort in the 1850s sleeping over sixty men, and during the Civil War, many Baghdad residents joined the southern forces and fought in the conflict. The town’s name was changed in 1882 to Leander, and the first public school was built on December 5, 1893.

In 1871, the citizens of Baghdad built a two-story stone building and the second story was used for meetings of the local Masonic order. The residents then formed a voluntary association to create a new school district, and a new school was built. The new school burned down in 1938, and students had to travel to Georgetown or Liberty Hill to meet state graduation requirements. In November 1938 a new school was built. Since the small town had been on the stage line from Austin to Lampasas years before, the town had grown accordingly, and the first church, the United Methodist Church, was established in 1860. In the early 1890s, it was he estimated Leander’s population to be 329 people, and since the railroad had built a railroad line one mile east of town, it grew until the Depression, when Leander’s population actually declined. Farming had been the main occupation for residents until the Depression, and afterward many young men joined the military and fought in World War II. By then, many churches had been built, including the Leander Church of Christ, Mary Margaret Catholic Church, and Leander First Baptist Church. Many highways were also built around this time, and after US 183 was built, residents began commuting to nearby Austin for work. Many new businesses were built at the same time, including the First State Bank of Leander and McFarland Grocery, and on January 21, 1978, the city of Leander was incorporated and Joe Bates was appointed mayor of the small town.

Today, Leander is a dynamic community, with a Chamber of Commerce, a golf course called Crystal Falls, a community theater, and a modern public library with Internet access and a coffee shop, along with numerous restaurants, bed-and-breakfasts, and more. lodging and lodging for visitors. The Leander Parks and Recreation Department has created several recreational activities for the whole family, including a concert series, movies in the park, and Liberty Fest. Some of the restaurants in and near Leander include Smoky Mo’s in nearby Liberty Hill, along with The O’Leander Café, Great Wall, and Moody’s, as well as a few Mexican restaurants and pizzerias, and numerous fast food outlets.

The city currently administers the Council-Manager form of government, and Leander’s population is estimated at just over 20,000 residents. Leander is in Williamson County, about 22 miles northwest of Austin. The city has grown rapidly since the 2000 census, when the population was just over 7,500, with a mixed racial makeup as well as an age-diverse group of residents. Although the majority of residents consider themselves white, at 83%, many other ethnicities call Leander home, and the median household income in Leander is just over $53,000 a year. Leander students attend Leander Independent School District schools, which include elementary, middle, and high schools.

The community of Leander was named for Leander “Catfish” Brown, a railroad official, and the town has a square area of ​​7.5 miles, with a population density of approximately 1,016 people per square mile. Leander’s elevation is approximately 978 feet, and part of the city is now in Travis County and Williamson County, as the city has grown dramatically in recent years. The city has four city parks, including Mason Creek Park, Devine Lake Park, Robin Bledsoe Park, and Benbrook Ranch Park. There are plenty of activities for everyone, especially seniors, and some of the senior activities include the active adult morning club and morning club day trips. In addition, the Baghdad Community Center offers many activities for seniors to meet and socialize.

Leander is now a driving town with many attractions, and also very close to nearby Austin. It is a very accessible community, being located near US 183 and State Highway 29, and will become even more accessible after the completion of the new commuter rail line that Capitol Metro has established between downtown Austin and Leander. Leander is a great place to visit, or even call home, so be sure to explore Leander when you’re in Central Texas!

On a warm spring day as you drive through the Texas Hill Country countryside, the sea of ​​bluebonnets dwarfing the green grass signals the inevitable arrival of summer. Ask almost anyone and they will agree, summer is the best time to be in Texas. The entire state comes alive with events and festivals rich in age-old traditions, while the continued creativity of the locals also conjures up new festival ideas. Here’s your beginner’s guide to summer festivals in Texas.

Blue Bonnet Festival

While bluebonnets bloom in early spring, they hint at the summer season, arriving just before the myriad of summer festivals begin. The official Bluebonnet Festival is held in Chappell Hill, Texas during the spring when the bluebonnets are in full bloom. At this famous festival you can see live shows that include live music and other performances. People come from all over the state creating a large open-air market where you can buy everything from handmade jewelry, clothing, home decorations and crafts, to artwork and even garden supplies. Enjoy delicious country food and sweet treats while entertaining or shop for that one-of-a-kind gift or souvenir.

antique show

While not everyone’s cup of antiques, many people love to collect, view, or simply go to the antique shows held near Brenham, Texas. These antique shows, which began as shorter shows a few days a year, have quickly grown into the largest antique festivals in the country, some lasting entire days. They continue to grow in popularity and all the signs of a good time can be found during these shows. The food, music, tradition, and culture are sure to entertain you, regardless of whether you are an antique collector or not.

June 19th Festival

The Juneteenth Festival has important historical significance. It’s a festival celebrating the moment the slaves of Texas were first told of their freedom, nearly two years after they were already technically freed under the Emancipation Proclamation. The story behind this festival is as amazing as the festival itself. Focused on history and education, the Juneteenth Festival brings special guest speakers, historians, and influential artists and musicians. Locals from across the state gather in Washington County and other parts of the Hill Country to share some amazing barbecue, often sharing family recipes using barbecue grills. Today, Juneteenth has become a celebration of African American history and achievement, highlighting struggles past and present. Music, food and history bring people together during this early summer festival in Texas.

Fourth of July

There is no one more patriotic than a Texan on the 4th of July. Every Fourth of July, Hill Country towns celebrate with parades and fireworks. Some even have pre-holiday weekend festivals filled with live music, dancing, and other performance events. If you like parades, visit the towns of Chappell Hill, Round Top, and Burton for great Texas-style celebratory parades. If fireworks are your thing, attend Celebrate Fireworks on the Brazos, sponsored by HEB, and enjoy a fun-filled day before the fireworks show at the end of the night.

With so many things to do and see in Texas, there’s no reason to waste yourself outside in the summer heat. Plan a day trip or weekend getaway today and see all that Texas festivals have to offer.

Black Friday is the biggest sales event of the year. You can also make a profit if you learn how to play Texas Hold Em Poker online the right way. Read this article now to find out how.

Experience truly is the best teacher, and this is no less true in the world of Texas Holdem, especially if you are learning to play Texas Hold Em Poker online. Beginners soon learn that the rules of the game are easy to understand but challenging to master and apply. The only way to improve your strategy is to play often, and best of all, play online.

There are many advantages to playing Texas Hold Em online. For one, the games here are much faster and more accurate than in real life.

By removing the human element in the game and letting the machine or program deal the cards, you will notice an increase in the number of hands per hour you can play. This also goes without saying that human errors in dealing the cards are avoided.

How to Play Texas Hold Em Poker Online – Benefits of Online Gambling

Online gaming also paves the way for “multi-tabling” or the ability to play multiple games at the same time. It saves you money, since you will not have to travel or relocate; you can simply play from the comfort of your home. Likewise, you also won’t have to tip the dealer or other casino employees when you win.

Texas Hold Em, when played online, can be your best start in learning the game and practicing the strategies you want to master. You can start with the free versions of the game or the ones that offer a limited budget, which doesn’t necessarily translate to cash.

But as with any game you play, you will need to come up with a strategy. Here are some tips you can use when playing Texas Hold Em poker online:

How to Play Texas Hold Em Poker Online – How to Win Online

As always, knowing which hands to use can be very tricky, but constant exposure will definitely help. Being the last to lay down your cards is probably the biggest advantage, as you can study your opponents and also gauge how your cards are doing in the game.

Make sure you try to get in front of the dealer button. The sooner you need to make a move, the worse it can be just because you’re not entirely sure how you stack up against others.

How to Play Texas Hold Em Poker Online – Drawbacks of Online Gambling

The thrill that most players like about Texas Hold Em is that it is a game of incomplete information and the rounds are like puzzles. Figuring out how to get information from your opponents or at least being able to read their body language will make you a better poker player, which ultimately translates to more money in your pocket.

Unfortunately, since you are playing online, you may not be able to observe the physical mannerism or ‘say’. The only means left for you is to take note of his playing pattern. Do they get up early when they have good hands? Are they cautious or reckless? Knowing this will help you make informed guesses and decisions throughout your game.

Your poker opponents watch you the same way you watch their playing patterns. A successful player is one who is flexible and can easily adapt to the table and players he is currently playing with.

Don’t set a pattern for yourself; don’t be predictable If you happen to be playing opponents who are loose, try to go against the grain and play tight or vice versa.

These are the basics of how to play Texas Hold Em Poker online and how to win. You will need to incorporate all of the factors mentioned in this article in order to be successful playing online poker.

Do you know why more and more players want to know how to play super aggressive no limit texas holdem poker? I think this is because everyone is realizing that an aggressive playstyle is often the most successful playstyle. It sure beats being passive. It’s actually quite easy to play super aggressive, you just have to stick to a few guidelines.

Want to know how to play super aggressive no-limit Texas Holdem poker?

The easiest way to play extremely aggressive Texas Holdem Poker is to always bet 5 times the big blind. Never check, never call, never raise the minimum amount or any other amount, just always bet 5 times the big blind. Your decision is very easy: fold or bet 5 times the big blind. This is super aggressive no-limit Texas Holdem Poker.

But before you can play super aggressive…

You better have a hundred cards. Playing extremely aggressive but also too loose is a recipe for disaster. If you decide to play very aggressive, you need to improve your game. You must stick to good poker principles:

– Play the odds, the numbers.

– Choose your starting hands carefully

– Don’t play post flop if you don’t have a good hand

– Calculate your odds and outs

– Pay attention to your opponents, their cards, playing styles, etc.

– Don’t get too loose

How to play super aggressive and loose at the same time

There is only one safe way to do this. First you play tight. He plays good strong four of a kind with good hole cards and he plays the river with a good hand. After you’ve done this a few times, he can begin to relax. slowly. Sneak pairs lower and lower to middle pairs. Play cards of the same suit, then cards of the middle suit. Slowly lower the quality of the hands you play. By playing extremely tight first, you will establish precedence. By always continuing to bet 5 times the big blind, other players will be afraid to challenge you.

No Limit Texas Holdem Poker is extremely easy once you know how to play super aggressive, but you have to make sure you play it correctly. Playing too aggressive can sometimes get you into trouble if you play too loose. Being able to handle the heat and maintain your composure during massive pots is critical if you’re ever going to succeed in the super-aggressive game of No Limit Texas Holdem Poker.

The Old Enfield neighborhood is one of Austin’s oldest, most historic and most prestigious neighborhoods. It is a very small and highly sought after area located between Lamar Boulevard on the east, and to the west is Loop One, also called MoPac, which was named after the Missouri Pacific rail line that runs directly alongside the freeway. West 24th Street borders the neighborhood to the north and Enfield Road to the south. All of these borders are considered major thoroughfares, making the neighborhood easily accessible and its proximity to downtown, which is only a five to ten minute drive away, adds to the enjoyment of living in this beautiful neighborhood.

Old Enfield was originally part of a 320-acre land grant granted to CS Parish in 1841 by the Republic of Texas during the presidency of Mirabeau Lamar. At the center of the neighborhood you’ll find the historic Pease Mansion at 6 Niles Road. It was built in 1853 by Abner Cook, builder of the Governor’s Mansion. The outgoing governor, Elisha Pease, purchased the 350-acre estate in 1857 for her family, who resided in the mansion for 100 years. General Custer and his men are said to have camped on the mansion grounds in 1865. At some point, the acreage was divided and the mansion now occupies just over 4 acres.

In 1910, the Old Enfield neighborhood was subdivided by the Enfield Realty and Home Building Company. In 1957, Pease Mansion was purchased by Governor Allan Shiver, who later turned the property over to the University of Texas, which was later sold to the State of Texas. You can expect to find almost every garden in Old Enfield perfectly manicured, with freshly cut green lawns and neat and tidy flower beds. It’s the historic charm of colonial-style homes with magnificent towering oak trees that draw people to this neighborhood. However, the diversity of smaller cabins and bungalows scattered among gigantic historic mansions allows for a diverse mix of young families, students, and professionals.

Although some of the historic mansions were built before the Civil War and have been very well maintained, most of the homes were built between 1910 and 1950. Many families have resided here for a quarter of a century or more. You will find some properties that have been passed down from generation to generation.