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Santo Domingo is the oldest city in the New World and was founded by Christopher Columbus and his younger brother, Bartolomé Colón, in 1496. The part of the city inhabited at the beginning of the 16th century is called Zona Colonial (Colonial Zone in Spanish). The Colonial Zone boasts many firsts for the New World. The first paved street, university, cathedral, castle, monastery, hospital and fortress, to name a few. With beautiful architecture and rich history, the Colonial Zone is a must-see while visiting Santo Domingo. The Colonial Zone has been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In the Colonial Zone, next to the beauty of the historic buildings, you will find: hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums, bars, shops, etc. The two most famous streets in the Colonial Zone are Calle Las Damas (the women’s street) and Calle Conde. Las Damas street was the street that women of high society walked after church for lunch. Calle Las Damas is an amazing street during the day, but it gets even more amazing at night when the street lights turn the walls of the buildings into a beautiful orange hue. With each step you take on the first paved street in the New World, you travel deeper in time until you feel like you are in the 1500s walking alongside Christopher Columbus himself.


There are many hotels to choose from and they offer a wide range of prices, from budget to elegant. The good thing about budget hotels in this area is that they are clean and have friendly people, many of whom speak English. Please note that these are old buildings and although they are clean, most of the rooms are small and have ‘old building’ issues. Still, for the price, I think they offer a great experience in a great area. There are many of these hotels and many offer different special offers at different times, so it is difficult to recommend a specific hotel. The reason I like hotels in this area is that when you walk out the door of your hotel, you don’t need to pay for a taxi to take you somewhere to enjoy yourself. You are already at the # 1 destination in Santo Domingo.

At the higher end, there are several hotels to enjoy, but I’ll talk about Hodelpa Nicolas De Ovando. This hotel has spacious rooms, a nice patio in the back to enjoy the evenings, a small bar, good food for the buffet breakfast and for dinner they have a wonderful menu, but the two best aspects of this hotel are its history. and its architecture. Nicolás de Ovando, Christopher Columbus’ traveling companion, was the third governor of the Indies and this hotel was his home and dates back to 1502. This hotel is located on Calle Las Damas (the first paved street) in one of the First houses, so for me, there is no better place to stay to be able to immerse yourself in the culture of the oldest city in the New World. But don’t worry if the hotel is out of your budget, you can visit it and enjoy a cocktail at the bar or on the patio.

Things to do and see

Walking tour

I strongly suggest that you take the Calle Las Damas walking tour and be the first thing you do when you arrive in the Colonial Zone. Once you understand the buildings and their history, you can enjoy them more. For example, if you are sitting in the Plaza de España enjoying a nice dinner, while you look across the square and see the stone building, it will no longer be just a stone building because, after doing the walking tour, You will understand that this is the home of Christopher Columbus’s son, Diego Colon.

As you walk down Calle Las Damas, the tour guides will approach you and offer you the walking tour. So far, all the tours I have taken have been with guides who speak excellent English. The walking tour usually lasts two hours. I usually talk to the tour guide before and ask him to do the highlights and try to do the tour in 1 to 1 1/2 hours. The cost of the tour is usually around $ 1,000 Dominican pesos ($ 20 USD), but you can try to negotiate a lower price. The tour guides do a great job and are loving, so I think they earn the $ 1,000 pesos.

The next section will talk about some of the buildings that are worth seeing and many of them will be included in the tour.

Historic buildings, museums and attractions

Cathedral of Santa María / The Cathedral of Santa María– built in 1514, it is the first cathedral in the Americas. This cathedral is an active cathedral and performs services and has 7 beautiful chapels.

Alcazar de Colon It is the home of Christopher Columbus’s son (Diego Colon). This house has been converted into a beautiful museum with some original furniture and some reproductions of the original furniture. Walking through this museum will give you an idea of ​​how Columbus lived in the 16th century.

Spain Square It is a large and open meeting area that on one side has 8 restaurants overlooking the plaza and on the other has the Alcázar de Colón (the home of Diego Colón, son of Cristóbal Colón). The square is at the end of Calle Las Damas.

Las Damas Street it is probably the most historically important street in the city. It was the first paved street in the Americas and it was also the street that women of high society walked after church to attend lunch. The street is lined with buildings from the 1500s that have now been converted into museums, hotels, restaurants, etc. Draw the story as you walk down this street.

Conde Street it is probably the second most important street in the city. This street is closed to traffic and is full of shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and it has a small park (Parque Colón) in the middle and, on the other side of this street, you have Parque Independencia (Parque de la Independencia).

Ozama fortress It is a 16th century castle built overlooking the Ozama River in the Colonial Zone. This is the oldest European-designed fortress in America.

Ruins of San Francisco They are the remains of a monastery built in preparation for the Franciscan Fathers in 1508. It is considered an important ruin and was the work of Governor Nicolás de Ovando.

Panteon of the homeland Originally a Jesuit church, it later became a mausoleum to house the remains of some of the Dominican Republic’s most notable national, civil and military heroes.

The Colón Park (Parque Colón) It was the main gathering place for festivities in colonial times and still is today. Located on Calle Conde in front of the Hotel Conde and bordering the Cathedral of Santa María, it is a great place to sit on a park bench under a tree and take a break from visiting the museums and ruins to immerse yourself in the beauty and the culture.

Restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs

There are many restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs in the Colonial Zone. I will focus on the ones that are historically significant, those that I have enjoyed, and some that our past clients have enjoyed.

Overlooking Plaza España and the Alcázar de Colón (Deigo Colón’s home) there are 8 restaurants located in a row. Each of them has a menu located in front of the restaurant in Spanish and English. The 8 restaurants are elegant and the oldest restaurant in the New World is one of these 8. Pate Palo (the wooden leg) once owned by a one-legged pirate is a 500-year-old restaurant in which Sir Francis Drake ate once. Whether you eat at Pate Palo or one of the other 8, you can’t go wrong choosing one of these.

On Calle Conde there are several restaurants to choose from. They are casual wear for lunch and casual or luxury casual at night. Segrefrados, an Italian restaurant, is an excellent place not only for eating, but also for people watching. They have great coffee in the morning to start the day, and their pizzas are excellent too. For a more traditional Dominican cuisine, you can visit the first floor of the Conde hotel. This restaurant has a patio with views of both Calón Park and Santa María Cathedral.

At the end of Calle Conde there is a very famous cafe / restaurant called Grands, formerly Pacos. This restaurant is open 24 hours a day and is a great place for coffee and breakfast to start your day. This is not a fancy place, but a regular cafe that on any day of the week, you will see people gathering here for a good conversation over their Dominican style coffee and food, no matter the time.

LuLus Tasting Bar is a great place to enjoy a cocktail and dinner. It is a very trendy place that is casual luxury.

Onnos is a nightclub located in the heart of the Colonial Zone where you can listen to the country’s favorite music (Bachata, Merengue and Salsa).

As I mentioned before, there are many more restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightclubs to choose from, but I wanted to give you a list of what we consider to be popular options. As you walk you will see many others, if you see one that you like, just come in and enjoy.

In conclusion

Between the history, museums, great restaurants, cafes, and nightlife, the Colonial Zone should be a must-see for anyone visiting the Dominican Republic. This is a friendly English speaking area that is very safe to walk as a tourist.

In ancient times, in addition to the use of animals such as donkeys, camels, and horses for transportation and / or carriage facilitators, some wealthy individuals used Bicycles to move from one point to another. There may be one or two people who have the resources to buy bicycles at that time in a village.

However, when civilization came, the use of the bicycle as a pleasure ride was jettisoned due to the fact that it was not as fast as the new invention – the automobile. The facilities that are enjoyed in a car are not available in any bicycle as the size that allows more than 1 or 2 people on board. It has a roof that provides shelter from both the sun and the rain in its seasons. Your exposure to risks like accidents is also minimal compared to the bicycle which is exposed to many dangers.

Traffic congestion on our roads where Lagos residents are subject to traffic jams for a minimum of 2 hours, both in the mornings on their way to offices / markets / shops and when they return at night, leaves much to be desired. In an attempt to stop the unpleasant situation, the state government decided to create exclusive lanes on the main highways of the state, acquired new state-of-the-art luxury buses that take passengers from one place to another with duly regulated travel. resulting in a trip from Ketu to the CMS terminals, for example, taking no more than 30 minutes on average. So far, the government has recorded some successes with this innovation, but there is still a lot to do because we still experience heavy traffic in the non-exclusive lanes and this requires some serious exit thinking. All hands must be on deck.

The next area that I would like the government to examine is the possibility of encouraging the inhabitants of Lagos to start using the bicycle as a means of transportation in the state, with consequent benefits for the physical and economic aspects of our being.

However, as can be obtained with each undertaking / process / endeavor in life with advantages that must have disadvantages, the bicycle as a means of transport in our urban cities despite its exposure to accidental risks on the roads and / or intraways has many advantages that far from the disadvantages. They can be classified into physical / health, economic and environmental benefits.

Physical / health benefit

The physical benefits of cycling as a means of transportation in our urban cities could be in the form of physical fitness. The fact that most of the bicycles used in this part of the world are manually operated serves as a form of exercise for the rider in which unnecessary fats are burned from the body, thus ensuring that they are in good physical shape. This further extends to stability of mind and soul. A healthy mind will always be ready to fulfill any assigned duty effectively and efficiently due to its physical and mental fitness.

Economic benefit

1. The economy of any state is guaranteed by the effectiveness and efficiency of the provision of services within the various organs of its system. Wherever time is wasted, that economy loses a lot of money. The bicycle as a means of transport will ensure that there is little or no traffic jam on our roads; people will be able to execute their business plans without stress on the roads, as has been experienced for many decades with thousands of motor vehicles heading to the same location at the same time.

2. The cost of purchasing a bicycle is much cheaper and more affordable than the cost of owning a car. It is equally cheaper to maintain a bicycle than a car. In the same way, there is an opportunity for lower class people to own a motor / mobility machine such as a bicycle more easily than a car that facilitates their movement in and around the city.

3. Bicycle owners no longer have to worry about fuel, especially when there is a fuel shortage.

4. Bicycles require little or no serious maintenance compared to cars that need regular engine maintenance and tune-up at least two to three times a year.

5. The spaces occupied by bicycles are so minimal that 8 to 10 bicycles can be parked in a space for one car (ie a space of approximately 7.2 m2). This means that more people conduct business in the city of Lagos without being anxious about how to get transportation back to their destinations at the end of the day.

6. Children are not left out of this endless list of benefits in the sense that parents can afford to buy them bikes without much effort in their wallets. They are allowed access to the roads even before their 18th birthday (allowed by law to drive a car) under the close supervision of parents.

Environmental benefit

Riding a bicycle on our roads will prevent the uncontrollable emission of carbon monoxide, CO from thousands of vehicles that circulate on our roads every day. This poisonous gas is dangerous to the health of our people and has always contributed to the high death rate in society. The same is true of the effect of CO on the ozone layer in the sky.


To be successful in the proposed system, the Lagos State government must implement some measures that address the dangers inherent in cycling on our roads. The benefits, while numerous and plausible, will become nil if the Government refuses to guarantee the following:

1. As achievable with the BRT lanes that are dedicated to government buses on most of our major highways, the government must create dedicated bike lanes to avoid collisions with motorized vehicles.

2. The government should enact laws that require cyclists to wear protective helmets before undertaking any trip with their bicycles.

3. Execution of the “right of way” section of the traffic code to ensure that other road users obey the code at our “roundabouts” and “junctions” at all times.

Given the above, the roads in Lagos will be very safe and we will all be proud to be part of the Lagos flat. Then, Lagos will be a state of LONGEVITY AND GOOD HEALTH.

Eko o ni go down oooooooooooooo!

Cargo trailers are must-have purchases for many people. Buying a trailer can make it easier for you to transport cargo safely. Enclosed trailers are what most people choose for a variety of reasons.

There are many options available to you when you want to buy a cargo trailer. It can be very confusing to make a decision! One of the first options you have is whether to buy open or closed trailers. If you value your cargo and your investment, you should choose enclosed trailers for a variety of reasons.

Enclosed trailers offer many features over open trailers. One feature they offer is protection against bad weather. Imagine carrying precious cargo only to have it ruined in a storm! Enclosed trailers can completely eliminate this problem, as your cargo won’t be exposed to the elements.

Enclosed trailers have double or single doors that open and close. These allow you easy access to your cargo inside while protecting your investment. Some enclosed trailers even have a ramp. This makes it possible to put things like large vehicles inside closed trailers. Once the vehicle goes up the ramp, they fold up and the doors close.

Another reason to choose enclosed trailers is because they can be locked. If you are spending the night somewhere or will be away for an extended period of time, it is essential that you lock the load. There is nothing worse than going back to your truck and finding out that your things have been stolen! An enclosed trailer can do a lot to prevent theft.

Despite all these wonderful things, some people prefer open trailers to closed ones. One of the reasons they give for this is that they consider closed trailers to be too heavy. This can be true if you only have a light load on your open trailer. However, an open trailer simply doesn’t have the structure that closed trailers have.

However, it can be noted that the extra weight adds durability to enclosed trailers. You can be sure that your cargo is safe in enclosed trailers. There is little risk that your items will be too heavy for enclosed trailers, and you don’t need to worry about them falling over.

Other people are put off by the higher cost of enclosed trailers. They are drawn to open trailers because they believe they will save money. However, many people end up buying closed trailers later on anyway because they have found that open trailers just don’t meet their needs.

You may end up spending a lot more than if you just bought enclosed trailers to begin with! It would be a real shame to make the wrong decision when buying cargo trailers because they are a great investment.

If the cargo you’re hauling is important to you, you’ll want to buy enclosed trailers. Enclosed trailers offer the durability and protection you need. Even though they are more expensive enclosed trailers, they are still an inexpensive option due to the quality they will provide.

Your wedding day, one of the most memorable days of your life. Getting to this day takes hours and hours of organization and research. One aspect of that organization that is often overlooked or left to the last minute is wedding cars. This is traditionally the responsibility of the groom, but as is the case these days, the bride is often the one who arranges everything, usually with the help of her mother, sister, or friends. This is fine as most grooms do not have the knowledge or understanding of how important wedding cars are to the bride.

So how do you know exactly what you will need in regards to wedding vehicle rental and transportation?

First of all, how many cars, or even more means of transportation, will you need? Think about the trip and who will need to travel in the cars. The maid of honor, the flower girl, the pages, in addition to considering the fathers and mothers of the bride and groom. Oh, and don’t forget about the groom in person with the best man. This will help decide the number and type of cars needed.

It is traditional for the bride and her father to ride in the main wedding car, but due to budget constraints, many brides are choosing to rent a larger style car, such as a limousine that can transport the bride, her father, and the girls. bridesmaids with flowers for the same price as a smaller, more traditional car like a Rolls Royce or Beauford. Very often, the cost of renting a limousine is excellent value for money.

The size of the car should also be taken into account when thinking about the wedding dress, as you need to make sure that you and your dress fit comfortably in the car, especially if there is a long train in the dress as well. If you have luggage or large bags, consider asking a family member to take them or ask the venue if you can drop them off by taxi the day before, making sure the venue has a safe and secure storage location.

Remember to ask the wedding car company if they have the correct insurance, not just normal car insurance, but also liability insurance to cover an accident involving your dress, etc. Also ask if they have an exclusive rental of the cars, as you could be late at the church or registry office and you need to make sure that the wedding car rental company is not in a rush to attend another wedding after yours. Call the wedding car rental company 2 weeks in advance to make sure everything is on track.

You may need to consider hiring a coach as well if your venue is far from the ceremony location or if it is difficult for your guest to get to.

Your wedding cars are not only for transporting the bride and groom, etc., they are a vital element of your day and will also be included in your photograph, so it is important to appreciate that this transport is as important as the dress.

So remember, book cars well in advance as they are often booked very quickly. Use a reputable company, join a wedding forum in your local area and ask others for recommendations, but most of all do everything ahead of time and then sit back and enjoy the ride.

It is important to hire taxi services when returning home from a long international plane trip. First of all, you will be dealing with jet lag and travel exhaustion, but at the same time, you will also want to make sure your luggage is safe. Not forgetting that you will have to go through the chaotic traffic of the city before reaching your house or hotel room.

Therefore, you need a good taxi service, which can take you to your desired destination without any hassle. Once you hire their services, you will not have to worry about your luggage or the traffic, just get in the taxi and enjoy your trip.

Here are some tips for choosing the best taxi service at the airport.

How to choose a good taxi service?

The driver provided by the company must have experience and know the area and the routes.

They should charge fairly

Your life and luggage must be insured by them.

The trip must be comfortable

You should check all these basic things before hiring a taxi at the airport.

How to plan car rental?

Like any other program, you should also plan well before hiring a taxi at the airport. You will need to know the various services they offer and their charges. Also, find out if there are any changes in your rates, during the high or low season.

Car rental services charge a little more than usual during festive seasons like Christmas or New Years. As there is a high demand for these services during the Christmas season, you should plan your trip accordingly.

You can also get a very good idea about car rental companies by checking their customers’ opinions online on various reputable blogs and review sites. You can shortlist the companies that have the maximum number of positive reviews in various online forums. You can also ask your travel agency to help you choose a good car rental company.

The point of view of comfort

You should also know the degree of comfort and safety that your taxi services provide. Whenever you are traveling in a rented car alone or with a group, the service provider must ensure comfort and safety.

There should be enough seats and space inside the vehicle to comfortably accommodate everyone in your group. The cab interiors should not be too hot or too cold. The seats must be flexible and adjustable.

If you are on a vacation tour, the driver can also guide you to various places of interest in the city. In this way, it allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride.

How to book?

You can easily book an airport taxi online by visiting the agencies’ websites. All you need to do is enter the details of the number of passengers, destination address, arrival date and time, etc. on their website. Companies offer their services at cheap rates, and you can hire them to visit almost anywhere you want and at any time of the day.

Not everyone wants to buy a drone. Many don’t want to go to the trouble of storing it safely and maintaining it. Several companies have taken advantage of this fact and offered drones for rent for a certain time. Prices and models vary. The same goes for the time allowed. Listed below are some of the companies that offer cheap prices for drone rental services.

Doheny drones

Doheny Drones offers its drones for mainly commercial purposes. The company offers two types of rentals: short and long term. They even provide a certified operator with the drones. In addition, it also helps the user company to go from renting the drone to being an owner.

Cameralends in New York

This company offers rental drones for entertainment purposes. The company offers rental of DJI Plantom 4, Plantom 3 and Plantom 2 Quadcopter.

Antenna company

The Los Angeles-based company provides professional drone pilots (cameras including the 6k Red Epic Dragon, Alexa Mini, Sony A7s, and GoPro Hero 4.), experienced camera operators (company-trained pilots), and custom drones. (these drones). can fly with weights of up to 20 pounds dedicated to commercial projects).


This company, also from Los Angeles, offers rental drones for both local and regional use. They are even willing to go international when and if the need arises. Drones are flexible in the sense that they are willing to take whatever shot is required, be it super close or super wide, be it low or high.


This is another Los Angeles company. This company offers aerial drones and photography services in the heart of Hollywood. In addition to drones, there are radio-controlled multi-rotor aircraft that provide almost limitless options for unique angles and camera movement without the limitations of full-size helicopters. The company’s workers also have extensive experience, engineering skills, extensive knowledge and piloting skills, as well as the ability to fly all types of drones and motion picture cameras.

Zaw Studios

The company offers drones as rental to make videos and movies for commercial purposes only. The company also offers the service of its own pilots who are well trained in filmmaking and photography. This company also resides in Los Angeles.

Drone Dudes Company

They are a prolific team of specialists and technicians in aerial cinematography. The professional company not only offers drones as rental, but also its own professionals to make recordings in hard-to-reach places. The staff also specialize in the use of remote-controlled cars that allow for amazing follow-up shots and precise motion capture. Their decade of leadership in live action cinematography is what makes them one of the best.

Company of blue skies

The company offers drones anywhere in the US Additionally, the company provides its own equipment and professionals. In addition, the company has discounts for regular customers. The services included are film making, aerial photography for a variety of occasions, advertising the client’s brand through the delivery of a poster to the drone rental. Choosing a drone is as easy as going to the site, clicking on it, and adding it to the cart. Payment is made through PayPal. However, a deposit must be paid in advance. The payload capacity is as follows:

2 pounds for the Phantom 2 Vision Plus

3 pounds for the Phantom 3 Pro

9 pounds for the S900

DIY drone rental in Seattle.

The company offers the following series of drones: ZigBee, WAAS, UAV, Thermopile, SVN, Sketch, SiRF III, Shield, RTL, ROI, PWM, PPM, POI, PID, PIC, PCM, OSD, NMEA and others. Some of the drones have the ability to fly autonomously, without a pilot on the ground or at the command center in command. They are neither military nor commercial. They generally fly for “recreational” purposes as long as the pilots / programmers keep them within strict altitude and distance limits. Usually the UAV is manually operated by the Radio Control (RC) mechanism on takeoff and landing and switches to GPS-guided autonomous mode only at a safe altitude. Mega (APM) and its similar but technically advanced Pixhawk. They combine sophisticated IMU-based autopilot electronics with free autopilot software that can assist any RC vehicle in the transition from an RC vehicle to a fully autonomous UAV.


This company is based in Seattle. The company offers DJI Phantom available to rent in Seattle and Washington. Drones provide absolutely incredible aerial photography and video. The Phantom drone makes use of GPS services to stay in a persistent flight condition. If you let go of the controls, you get stuck in a hover. A personalized ‘Quick Start Guide’ is included with the rental.

EyeInTheSky Rentals

This company offers the DJI Phantom 3 for rent for a day, a week or a month. Most of the drone rentals are located in Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue, and Everett, WA. Most applications for the use of drones include aerial surveys and photography of party events, outdoor weddings and action sports, wildlife management and agriculture, land appraisals, sporting events and video production.

Airline Fly View

Fly View Aerial is a photo and video production company that provides its own service of making videos in hard to reach places with cheap rental drones from several hours to several weeks. The drones are rented for advertising, commercials, corporate events and event filming.

Cloudbreak Company

Couldbreak is a comprehensive production company specializing in next-level cinematography for feature films, commercial films, and television and digital media. The company offers drones almost all over the world. Be it making creative videos or filming an area from a great height, the company offers all the services. Models are expensive while rental rates are cheap.

ArcadiaSky Company in Miami

The company offers inexpensive rental drones throughout the US and an additional service from qualified operators.

Drone rental supply company

The company offers the following series of drones including:

DJI Phantom 2 vision (+ rental package): Professional GPC backpack for the Phantom 2 Vision system. This is a high quality backpack with plenty of extra space for short trips; 1080p video recording.

· DJI Inspire 1 – 4K video recording; 12 megapixel camera with raw and jpeg formats; HD video streaming while flying; Two controller setup, two iPad mini, Tradecraft hard case.

DJI S1000 + canon 5D mark III – additionally A2 controller, Canon 5D Mark III professional camera, two controllers, one for the operator and one for the camera operator, as well as included battery charging system and generators to quickly recharge the batteries .

So these were some of the companies in the US that offer drones for rent. They are good and if you want to fly a drone for a one-time event or sometime, these companies will be helpful to you.

There are several articles titled “7 Ways to Save on Car Insurance” or “5 Tips to Lower Your Car Insurance Costs” etc, but wouldn’t it be great to have all those savings and discount tricks in one place? ? Below you will find such a list for auto insurance. This list is a complete overview of all the opportunities to save on car insurance in Canada, and was compiled based on the results of numerous discussions with insurance brokers and through analysis of different insurance offers.

1. Compare prices: Find, compare and change insurance companies. There are many insurance providers and their price offerings for the same policies can be very different, so use various online tools and talk to multiple brokers, as each will cover a limited number of insurance companies.

two. Bunch: Do you need home and auto insurance? Most companies will offer you a discount if you bundle them together.

3. Professional membership: Are you a member of a professional organization (for example, Certified Management Accountants of Canada or the Air Canada Pilots Association)? So some insurance companies offer you a discount.

4. Students: Being a student can only result in a student discount.

5. Former students: Graduates of certain Canadian universities (eg University of Toronto, McGill University) may be eligible for a discount at certain insurance providers.

6. Employees / union members: Some companies offer discounts to union members.

7. Older people: Many companies offer special prices for seniors.

8. Direct insurers: Have you always dealt with insurance brokers / agents? Obtaining a policy from a direct insurer (i.e. insurers that work through a call center or online) can often be cheaper (but not always) as they don’t pay an agent / broker commission for each policy sold .

9. Annual vs. monthly payments: Compared to monthly payments, annual payments save insurers administrative costs (for example, sending bills) and therefore reward you with lower premiums.

10. Loyalty: Staying with an insurer longer can sometimes result in a long-term discount for the policyholder.

11. Annual exam: Review your policies and coverage every year, as new discounts may apply to your new life situation if it has changed.

12. Welcome discount: Some insurers offer a so-called welcome discount.

13. Compare your costs: Knowing how much other consumers like you pay for their insurance can help you identify the cheapest insurance providers.

14. Deductibles for auto insurance: Increase your auto insurance deductibles if you think you may incur higher damage payments in the event of an accident. This is especially suitable for more experienced car drivers.

15. Be a second driver: Do you drive a car only occasionally? Become a second album instead of being a main conductor

16. Minimum coverage: Are you driving an old car without great value? Get minimum coverage required by law (primarily liability) with no collision damage (you’re still protected if you damage someone’s car, but damage to your car won’t be covered)

17. Minimum coverage: Driving an inexpensive old car? Then get just a minimum coverage plan required by law (mainly liability) with no collision damage coverage (it doesn’t cover your vehicle damage costs)

18. Take advantage of your credit card: Check if your credit card insurance includes rental car protection. Paying with a card that has rental car protection insurance can save you about $ 20 a day in collision damage waiver fees.

19. Take advantage of rental car coverage: If you frequently rent cars and have a car insurance policy, you should check to see if your own car insurance policy actually covers the rental car. If so, you can save on all Collision Damage Waiver costs for rental vehicles.

20. Rental car driver: If your existing auto insurance policy doesn’t cover your rental car, you can often add it as a rider (policy extension) for $ 20-30 a year. Compared to the $ 20 per day you would pay to rent a car, it’s not a bad deal!

21. Rent, rent, rent: Auto insurance costs are different from province to province (for example, moving from Ontario to Quebec will surely cut your insurance costs in half). If you are moving within a province, you should check for changes in car insurance costs, and ideally you should move to a place where the costs are lower (for example, Burlington, Ontario has one of the lowest car insurance rates tallest in Ontario)

22. CAA Member: CAA Members: Are you a CAA member? Some insurance providers will reward you with lower insurance premiums, including, of course, the CAA.

23. Dash camera: Get a dash cam for your vehicle. Even though installing a dash cam does not result in direct savings (insurance companies do not offer any discounts on dash cam related insurance), it can prove you are not at fault when it is the case of a accident. This allows you to avoid unfair premium increases.

24. Driving course: Sometimes some insurance providers recognize that successfully completing a driving course can help lower your premiums.

25. Improving your driving record: Have a bad driving record? Every three years, previously incurred tickets are removed from your insurance history and your insurance premiums may decrease.

26. Accidents due to fault: Have you had a couple of accidents in the past where you were at fault? With a little patience (six years without accidents), your risk profile will improve, allowing you to once again enjoy reasonable rates on insurance premiums.

27. Age: Older drivers enjoy lower auto insurance premiums. Therefore, in several years your premiums may go down.

28. Make and model of car: Choose your car wisely, as some car models are more susceptible to theft or even have a history of riskier drivers (for example, Toyota Camry, Acura MDX, Toyota RAV4 and Honda Civic are usually quite expensive to insure)

29. Good student: Yes, having good grades can have a lot of positive impacts, and even your car insurance rates! For example, an insurance company rewards students under the age of 25 and with good grades (grade point average of B or higher) with a discount of up to 25%.

30. Multi-car-pack: Bundle multiple cars into one policy and your rate may go down

31. Anti-theft system: Installing a certified anti-theft system in your car reduces the risk of theft and can therefore lead to discounts on insurance.

32. Winter tires: Having winter tires is important for winter driving safety, but it can also help lower your insurance premiums.

33. Repair costs: Choose a car that costs less to repair in case of damage. Repair costs for certain cars (eg Mini Cooper or BMW) are higher than others (eg Ford Focus) and insurance providers know this.

34. Claim history: Keeping a clean claims history can sometimes be more financially feasible than filing claims for minor damage repairs that could result in increased premiums. Contacting an insurance provider / broker could help you figure out what makes sense.

35. Being married: In most provinces, your marital status affects your insurance premiums (except Nova Scotia)

36. Short distance to work: Finding a home close to your workplace reduces the distance you need to drive to work each day and therefore results in lower insurance premiums.

38. Glass drop coverage: For cars with inexpensive windshields, it may be more economical to drop the glass coverage as in combination with the deductibles due in the event of an accident it would pay more. It is up to you to calculate.

39. Discounts for retirees: Some insurance companies will offer different retirement discounts for drivers.

40. Disabilities: Some companies offer discounts for people with disabilities.

41. Hybrid vehicles: Many companies reward driving a hybrid vehicle with lower insurance premiums.

42. Private garage: Parking your car in a safe place (for example, private garage or insurance) typically results in lower insurance premiums with auto insurance providers.

From time immemorial until now, people have had bulky cars and scooters and there was always a need to store them in a place that is quite large but is not part of the house, which is why the concept of having garages came up. Garages are quite popular all over the world, some are small, but some are really spacious and people also store iron boxes and other kinds of things that are not used often. Garage doors are generally made of strong metal or wood so that rain or wind cannot cause further damage. The doors can be single pane or even double pane depending on the need and available space.

Let’s take a look at the materials that are used for the garage door to be able to further study the steps or tips that can be used for its repair.

Materials used for the construction of garage doors.

• Aluminum: if it is made of aluminum, the cost is quite low, it does not crack and requires less maintenance. But they are likely to be damaged.

• Glass and vinyl – Doors made from these materials are cast units. They are more expensive than aluminum ones.

• Steel: these doors are more common and also come in various sizes and polished, they are resistant, safe and economical. Additional energy is obtained due to many layers of electrified steel that has a low indicator

• Wood – These doors provide a beautiful and visual appeal, but require high maintenance and are very heavy on your pocket. Those with a lower budget are of inferior quality,

After taking a look at the types of materials that are used when building the doors, we will now reflect on the steps of garage repair and its benefits.

Steps for garage door repair

• Step 1: The gate should be locked and fixed to the road.

• Step 2: untie the fixed spring.

• Step 3: Unravel the endless spring.

• Step 4: Remove the springs on the central support.

• Step 5: Protect the torsion tube.

• Step 6: disconnect the front spring.

• Step 7: Attach the spring to the left.

• Step 8: Mount a new bearing in the center.

Even though we have seen the steps, many problems can still arise and all the problems associated with springs are not that easy to handle, require a lot of risks and can even be dangerous so it is best done through professionals. and it even has its own benefits.

Some of them are listed below:

Benefits of garage door repair

• Since the professionals are well trained, they are experts in solving problems.

• They can identify the nature of the problem and resolve it on the spot or replace a part if necessary.

• Some specific types of fastening tools are required that may be expensive and not readily available to customers, but are available to professionals.

• Experts are well aware of all kinds of risks involved in repair, so it is highly recommended to be safe and acquire professional services designed for it.

• The experts will not only breathe new life into the door, but they will also offer a guarantee for the door and that way any problems in the future can be easily solved just by knocking on them.

Therefore, it can be said that although the repair may seem like a simple process, however, for everyone’s safety, it is better to do it with professionals, as the doors are very heavy and serious injuries can occur, making life difficult.

The motorcycle is one of the vehicles that we use in our life. We can say that a motorcycle is the combination of an engine with a bicycle. As we know, a motorcycle can be two-wheeled or three-wheeled. The idea came to mind for Edward Butler from England while experimenting with his son’s cycle. His son’s cycle was a tricycle; He added a motor to that tricycle and did the experiment. The experiment paid off and was a success.

Everyone appreciated it and the news spread like wildfire everywhere. After reading the news, a German named Gottlieb Daimler reflected on it and created his own motor that he had connected to the bike. He completed his experiment in 1886 and built his own motorcycle. In 1901, Michael and Eugene Werner built the first motorcycle. Until the 20th century, no one used the word “motorcycle”. Later, a number of motorcycles were made which were two-wheelers, three-wheelers, sports bikes, mopeds, scooters, etc.

Most popular transport vehicle

Today, motorcycles are more popular than any other vehicle because of their looks and speed. They are cheaper and have higher performance compared to other vehicles. Previously, only men used to ride them, but due to their popularity and advancement, women have started to attract towards them as well. Not only are companies introducing expensive motorcycles, but they are also releasing stylish and cheaper motorcycles to make them available to all classes of people. Yamaha, Bajaj, Suzuki, and Honda are the most popular motorcycle manufacturers on the market.

Security enhancements

As we all know that motorcycles are not safe compared to four-wheelers, to increase safety, helmets were invented. Many governments of countries and cities established a rule according to which it is mandatory to wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler for both people sitting on the motorcycle. It is good to introduce this law because, as we know, life is above everything.

If something bad happens to someone, it affects the whole family and even society. It would be beneficial if the government launches camps to make people aware of the safety issue regarding vehicles and their driving.


From an economic point of view, motorcycles are beneficial as they consume less fuel compared to other four-wheelers. Help save money and fuel for the next generation. As the population increases, so does fuel consumption, so if we want to save fuel for our next generation, we must opt ​​for motorcycles and not fuel-consuming vehicles.

Less pollution

According to a survey, diesel produces more pollution compared to gasoline. Diesel or gasoline powered cars contribute greatly to pollution compared to motorcycles. So to make our city green, clean and pollution-free, we should use more motorcycles compared to other vehicles. Not only this, but it also helps save time as it generates less traffic due to its size. So, riding a motorcycle more and more but safely because life is very important.

One of the most common and widely used transportation services includes the bus rental service. Today, most of the people prefer to opt for these rental transportation services for various types of trips and journeys. The choice of rental transport services is ideal for transporting a large number of people. But it is very necessary to choose reputable service providers who are specialized in providing such services and dealing with a number of travel plans of various genres. These transport services ensure perfect coordination and execution of travel plans.

Obviously, there are many benefits to using bus rental services in addition to providing a safe and happy journey to travelers. Some of the most important benefits of hiring these means of transport are described below.

Benefits of hiring bus rental

Accommodate large numbers of people: One of the main reasons why most people prefer to hire rental services is due to its ability to accommodate large numbers of people. Traveling by car is quite difficult if there are more than ten to twenty people.

Responsible and reliable services: Most bus rental services guarantee reliable services to their customers. Professional drivers are hired to drive these vehicles. These drivers guarantee safe trips to different destinations according to the clients’ requirements.

Economical and Profitable – Hiring rental services is known to be more profitable and economical compared to driving cars. Today there are many online reservation services that offer splendid opportunities to travel to different destinations at cheap rates that are safe and affordable.

Comfortable travel: Another advantage of hiring rental vehicle services includes the benefit of traveling comfortably. Driving cars long distances can be quite tiring and uncomfortable. With a large number of people traveling in the same car or vehicle, it can be even more exhausting and exhausting.

Fast services: rental services guarantee punctual departure and arrival times. There is hardly any room for confusion and chaos, as most of these services are provided by professionals.

Different ways to choose the bus rental

With a wide range of rental services posted on many of the online portals, it is no longer difficult to find bus rental services that meet specific requirements. Today, most of these rental companies have individual websites that list the type of vehicles for rent along with the rental charges.

There are many factors to consider before hiring the services of rental companies. It is important to check the authenticity and previous experience of the companies before opting for their services. There are many websites that post reviews related to their services. Most of these reviews will help you compare the services offered by various rental companies.

It is also important to consider the size and type of vehicle when hiring rental services. There are huge minibuses and buses. Minibuses are ideal for a small group of people where large buses are essential to accommodate a large number of people. It is important to choose the best rental transportation company to obtain quality services at affordable prices.