How to Find a Reliable Auto Transport Company

Find a Reliable Auto Transport Company

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an auto transport company. You want to find one that has a long track record of providing reliable services to customers and that is bonded with the Department of Transportation and licensed by the FMCSA. A company with little or no experience in this field should be avoided at all costs. Check for customer reviews on reputable review websites. If a company has many positive reviews, that is a good sign. You can use these reviews to decide if they are a good company to use for your transport.

When choosing a car transporter, look for a company that charges competitive prices and provides customer service. You also want a company that offers supplemental insurance. Some auto transporters also offer GPS tracking services. A reliable company will give you a competitive quote without pressuring you to book a vehicle immediately.

Check the company’s website for updates. The best auto transport companies have modern websites with lots of traffic. The company’s website should also be free from grammar errors. Be wary of companies that do not have MC numbers and are not authorized by the FMCSA. A company that refuses to provide these documents will not be able to move your vehicle.

A company that provides GPS tracking and guaranteed pick-up dates is a good option. You should also check for online reviews. The best auto transport companies should have a track record of customer satisfaction. In addition, a company should always try to use GPS technology when shipping your vehicle.

How to Find a Reliable Auto Transport Company

Auto transport is a very costly process and involves risks. A reliable company will quote you a price that is fair. Moreover, you should also check if they offer guaranteed pricing. While most auto transport companies offer guaranteed pricing, some companies have high prices and do not offer any insurance.

Auto transport companies can charge you different rates based on distance, size, type, pickup/destination locations, and timeframe. Keep in mind that prices may also increase during high seasons. Moreover, open carriers tend to be cheaper than enclosed carriers. In addition, they offer services like vehicle tracking and rental car reimbursement.

A good way to choose a reliable florida auto transport company is to use uShip. The website lets you see the driver’s driving history and average star rating. This will help you eliminate the guesswork and help you choose a good carrier. Furthermore, the website also provides customer satisfaction ratings ranging from 0 to 100%.

Another good option is Montway Auto Transport. It ships cars for individuals and businesses. Its quotes are backed by a Price Lock Promise, and it offers customized services for college students, contractors working out of state, and military families. Montway Auto Transport ships more than 100,000 vehicles each year. Their reviews are positive and they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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