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People who are unable to work due to a physical or mental impairment can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. If accepted, the disabled person will receive monthly payments from the government. However, the standards are quite high and about 70 percent of initial requests for support are denied. In the vast majority of cases, applicants are rejected because they did not provide enough medical evidence to substantiate their disability.

What constitutes a disability?

For the purposes of SSDI, a person is considered disabled if they suffer from a medical or psychological impairment so severe that it prevents them from participating in substantial gainful activity (SGA) for at least one year. Currently, the monetary threshold for an SGA is just under $ 1,100. So if an applicant cannot earn more than that amount from their job, they can apply for SSDI benefits. However, that does not mean it will be approved.

Can a Social Security Disability Attorney Help?

It can be disappointing, but having your initial claim denied is not the end of the world. Many applicants successfully pursue their claims through the appeals process. Of course, it helps to have someone familiar with the process on your side. According to official data, more than two-thirds of applicants who appeal their denial eventually receive benefits. But that can only happen if they have the information and evidence they need to prove their case. That is where a Social Security disability attorney can be invaluable.

It is important to note that not all applications for SSDI benefits need to be made. If the Social Security Administration (SSA) had a valid reason to deny your application, a reputable attorney may not take your case. He or she can carefully read your denial notice and inform you that your chances of winning are slim. However, if your application was denied because you did not provide medical evidence of your disability, an attorney may accept you as a client. As such, he or she may present new evidence for reconsideration on appeal.

The odds are in your favor

According to the SSA, more than two-thirds of the cases that go before an administrative law judge on appeal are approved. Why? The most obvious explanation is that most applicants at that stage of the appeal process have a certified Social Security disability attorney on their side. These trained legal professionals know how to present your case favorably, providing proof of your disability and the effect it has had on your life.

With results like that, you may wonder why not everyone hires an attorney to represent them. An obvious explanation is the price. Although their fees are often quite reasonable, typically less than 25 percent of late payments, not all applicants are owed a sizeable sum. Only those who have not worked for a long time and have been pursuing their case for many months may be eligible for substantial disability arrears. That said, if you are unable to work and do not expect to return to work for more than a year, you should seriously consider hiring an attorney.

A Social Security disability attorney can help you win your claim for SSDI benefits.

How to Market During the Pandemic

From connecting our relationships to running our small businesses, COVID-19 has transformed the way we live, work and socialize. I feel lucky that my family and I are healthy and safe, and I am trying to find positive opportunities in all of this.

That’s why I recently shared an article called “How to Drive Your Small Business Strategy During the COVID-19 Crisis” on our website.

I also hear from many small business owners wondering whether or not they should stop marketing during COVID-19. That article showed entrepreneurs how to market during the pandemic, including ways to create a crisis marketing strategy and to:

  • Help customers instead of just selling them

  • Focus on events and offers online

  • Plan for future growth

  • Empower employees

As we continue to isolate ourselves to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, I wanted to stick with some other effective ways to keep your business running smoothly and successfully.

Here are 4 marketing strategies to consider:

1. Focus on digital campaigns

With the closure or slowdown of most brick and mortar companies, entrepreneurs are relying more than ever on digital strategies. A lot of brand marketing during this pandemic and in the future is going to change most (if not all) of your small business online.

In fact, Larry Kim of Mobile Monkey just wrote: “A new customer closed their physical locations across the country and found that web traffic increased 150%.”

According to Klaviyo, an email marketing platform that leverages a network of 30,000 companies for information, 22% of brands said they are spending more on ads. And the 66% of brands that are spending more on ads are also experiencing greater efficiencies, with a reduced cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) and cost per click (CPC).

If you’re wondering how to market during the pandemic, consider using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram for Business, or LinkedIn Ads to drive traffic to:

  • Helpful and well-researched blogs and videos

  • Online products with free shipping

  • Virtual services you can offer, be it financial therapy or online music lessons

  • Gift cards that can be used now or in the future

With that said, don’t be afraid to stop campaigns that are not relevant at the moment or that you think may put your customers off.

Part of brand marketing during this pandemic is knowing when to change strategy and change, rather than sticking with an ad campaign that is not going to resonate with, or even offend, your target audience.

2. Update your Google My Business listing

Your customers and potential customers are counting on you for the latest information about your small business. If you’re temporarily closing your business, whether you’re changing your business hours or offering curbside pickup right now, you need to let people know.

Using Google Posts can be a great way to update people on everything from reduced hours to gift card purchases. Here are some guidelines from Google on how to best change your profile.

And don’t worry about SEO implications when editing your profile. For example, marking your business as temporarily closed will not affect your search ranking and Google will continue to show you in search results.

If you don’t immediately see the changes you make to your Google My Business profile, don’t panic. Google has said that they can review the quality of updates before publishing them.

3. Don’t stop posting on social media

Even if you have to completely shut down your business for now, stay active online. In addition to tools like Google My Business, customers search their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram channels for the most up-to-date news. It looks very bad to have outdated posts or information languishing on your social media pages.

Some of the updates you could share include:

  • Your crisis management strategy, including the steps you are taking to protect your employees and customers (sanitizing workstations, not letting sick employees work, making sure employees wear gloves, etc.)

  • Changes in business hours or policies (for example, only allow one person to enter the store at a time)

  • If you accept online orders and / or offer free shipping

  • If you have private shopping or curbside pickup options

  • Uplifting quotes or personal messages

One of our clients offers private shopping appointments and curbside pickup for clients. Malary’s in Cloverdale, BC is a good example of a small business that is changing during COVID-19 and provides customers with a little TLC.

4. Be careful what you share

There’s a lot of misinformation circulating on social media, and it can be dangerous to give your customers the wrong advice (not to mention hugely damaging to your reputation).

Here’s an example of poor marketing strategies for the COVID-19 crisis: A yoga studio in Delta, BC was closed in March due to complaints that the facility was not following social distancing. Not only that, but they sent out a newsletter claiming that hot yoga can help prevent COVID-19.

So plan your crisis management strategy and think before sending that article to all of your email subscribers or republishing something you saw on your Facebook feed. Use reliable sources for coronavirus resources, such as the World Health Organization or the Government of Canada.

For example, instead of sending one of the articles on homemade hand sanitizers that are circulating, consult this list .

READ: “Finding Your Purpose During Self Isolation” on our website:

Stuck at home? Now is a good time to discover your purpose! Our lives are very busy and we rarely have a moment to sit quietly and reflect on our life’s journey and how it has gotten us to where we are now.

For many of us who have chosen to isolate ourselves, now is a good time to take advantage of the calmer surroundings to find out if your valuable resources are being used to their maximum effect.

Whatever your marketing strategies for the COVID-19 crisis, always look to your brand for guidance. Your brand vision, mission and values ​​should always be your “North Star” as you stay active online and let your customers know that you are here for them, now and in the future.

With changes in family law in the last 30 years, including the adoption of an equitable distribution in place of the old common law rules, the adoption of laws protecting military spouses, and the adoption of supportive guidelines and various Local rules promulgated within the various circuits, the area of ​​separation and divorce has become too complicated and specialized for someone who does not regularly handle these types of cases. We are distressed when clients come to us with poorly drafted severance agreements and / or decrees that other inexperienced attorneys have handled. Just as it is better to win at trial than to have a big appeal problem, it is far better to have the right lawyer, one who does it right the first time, than to have to pay someone to fix problems arising from mistakes. first. Sometimes mistakes are very costly and cannot be corrected, as shown in the series of articles I wrote for The Family Law News, a peer-review publication of the Virginia State Bar Association, Family Law Section. , titled “Costly Mistakes in Multi-State Military Divorce; Or a Military Wife’s Tale of Woe,” published in the Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 issues of the publication.

The article series describes the legal authorities, strategy, and procedural points we used to successfully defend a retired serviceman, who was a veteran of the Vietnam War. His ex-wife was trying to get half his military retiree salary and spousal support here in Virginia, despite having divorced him six years earlier in Hawaii. While we are always happy to achieve a successful outcome for our clients, we feel sorry for the ex-wife, who had received poor legal advice from the human resources attorney in the original divorce action in Hawaii, advice that led to poor decisions that the Virginia court found to bind her permanently. In ruling for us in the case, the judge told the ex-wife that instead of suing her ex-husband, the show should go after the attorney in Hawaii who represented her in the divorce.

So how can you find a good divorce attorney? Here are some suggestions:

Tip No. # 1: ask a lawyer

If you know an attorney, ask them to refer you to a good divorce attorney. You will probably know someone or more people who dedicate a significant portion of their legal practice to separation and divorce and related issues. For example, I have been handling separation and divorce for 30 years and have an excellent reputation among the local legal community. Any self-respecting divorce attorney should have established a reputation among other attorneys. Lawyers generally know who is good for a particular type of case; they certainly know who they would see if they faced separation and divorce.

Tip No. 2: Yellow Pages / Internet

While not a great source of information, the Yellow Pages and the Internet can be a starting source for attorney names. Attorneys who do not mention separation, divorce, military divorce, and related areas such as custody and maintenance or property division, do not seek cases in those areas and certainly do not devote a significant portion of their practice to those areas. Be wary of ads that include a long list of everything under the sun. Remember the old saying, “an expert in all trades and a master in none”? Wouldn’t you rather have someone who takes the time to focus at least a significant amount of time on family law, than someone who maybe dedicates 3% of their practice to family law issues? Remember that not everyone advertises in the Yellow Pages or has a website or Internet presence. For example, there are more phone lists than there are lawyer ads in the Yellow Pages.


The Virginia Lawyer Referral Service is operated by the Virginia Bar Association. Attorneys must apply to be on the list and must accept a flat fee for an initial consultation. An attorney can appear in any category you request. The names are on a rotating list and are given to consumers who contact the service. Again, not all attorneys are listed. We are not included in the referral service. This resource can provide the name of an attorney seeking family law cases. This does not mean that the lawyer is an expert in these types of cases or that they have experience. All it means is that you are seeking divorce cases. Be sure to bring the questions I discuss here with the attorney interview.

Tip No. # 4: talk to more than one lawyer

In fact, I interviewed several attorneys. Ask each attorney who else handles separation and divorce in the area. If they don’t give you names, get out of the office, when you see names appearing on various recommendation lists, chances are there is a good chance that the attorney will deal with these cases on a regular basis.

Tip No. # 5: use a checklist

I have outlined the factors that you should consider when selecting a divorce attorney.

A. Experience. The longer you have been practicing a particular area of ​​law, the more you will know. There is an old adage that a good lawyer knows the law and a great lawyer knows the judge! What is the difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer? Experience.

B. Experience in test cases. Have you had any trial success for your clients? Can the lawyer point to the results of the case or a client’s testimony that reflects his abilities?

C. Are they willing to agree when it is appropriate to do so? Trial attorneys sometimes suffer from a hired guns mentality. They like the thrill of trying cases and may not consider other options, such as mediation or arbitration, to reach a resolution. Most good divorce attorneys do not take this approach, but view trial as a last resort, when other options have failed to precipitate a fair resolution of the issues. Unlike other areas of law, family law often involves ongoing relationships and consequently requires a different perspective. I recently read an article by a personal injury attorney, who was writing about choosing a personal injury attorney. He said not to choose a lawyer who solves many cases. When it comes to separation and divorce, I think it is important to try to reach an agreement, if possible.

Going to court on family law issues unless necessary is like using a gavel to treat a flea problem; It can kill some fleas, but it also causes a lot of damage to the structure of the house. When individuals resolve their own cases out of court, they can be much more creative than the court would be in devising a remedy that is fair to both parties. Sometimes the agreement is simply not possible. When that’s the case, you want an experienced divorce attorney who can defend your position in court and has a proven track record of success.

D. Respect in the legal community. What do other attorneys say about this attorney? Has the attorney lectured or taught? Have you taught other lawyers?

E. Publications. Have you written something that has been accepted for publication in law journals? This is another sign of respect for the attorney and for their skills and experience. Have you written or posted anything designed to educate the public about their rights, duties, and responsibilities under the law?

F. Affiliations and Memberships. What professional affiliations does the attorney have? Are you a member of the Family Law Section of the Virginia State Bar? Member of the Virginia Trial Lawyers? Member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers?

G. Does the attorney limit the number of cases he undertakes? We do not accept all cases that knock on or walk through the door. We limit the number of cases we agree to handle at any one time so that we can focus on doing the best job for those clients.

H. Relationship problems.

1. How was the phone answered when you called for an appointment?

2. How were you received when you entered the office? Did they offer you refreshments?

3. Did the attorney and staff listen to you? Are you sure? Could you tell they were listening?

4. Were you interrupted during your time with the attorney?

5. Does the attorney use written agreements that establish the parameters of representation and financial arrangements?

6. One of the most important aspects of choosing an attorney is the relationship aspect: you must be able to work effectively and comfortably with your attorney. The relationship requires intimacy and trust. Are you comfortable with the attorney?

7. Did they introduce you to the staff?

8. How long does the lawyer keep the files of closed cases? What about the closed file? How is it removed? What steps does the attorney take to safeguard your confidential information?

I. Why do you practice divorce law? Friends and colleagues think I am crazy for spending so much time on the law of separation and divorce. They may be right, I may be a little crazy. But as the song says, “it may be crazy what you’re looking for.” When interviewing a potential divorce attorney, be sure to ask why they choose to practice family law. Does the attorney have a life experience that enables him to advocate for divorce clients with genuine passion? Is that passion something that is reflected in customer testimonials?

J. Cost. Unlike the practice of personal injury, the best divorce attorneys do not offer “free” consultations. You will notice that the cost is last on the list. In our experience, the best divorce attorneys are generally not the cheapest. In the long run, what is the value to you of retaining or acquiring your fair share of the assets that have accumulated throughout your married life? What is the value to you of making sure you keep your fair share of time with your children? Some things are worth fighting for and worth the price you have to pay.

If your attorney does not devote a significant portion of his or her practice to family law issues, has never attempted a contested divorce, has never prosecuted a contested custody case, or has never attempted an equitable distribution case, or has written a relationship order qualified domestic. splitting a pension, or if you are inexperienced in military divorce and have never drawn up a military retiree pay order, you may want to choose another attorney for your separation and divorce.

An old fable describes the tragic case of a starving man who died of hunger standing in front of a buffet table, groaning under the weight of all his favorite dishes; He couldn’t decide which delicacy to eat first. Selecting a Los Angeles personal injury attorney faces you with the same overwhelming and unnerving embarrassment of riches. You will have no trouble finding a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. You may have some difficulty finding the right attorney to handle your claim or case.

When you Google “Los Angeles personal injury attorney,” your search engine returns 1,310,000 results in less than half a second. In the Los Angeles-Orange Country metropolitan area, more than 1,200 attorneys are engaged in the “general” practice of personal injury law; If you add specialized and “boutique” personal injury practices, the number more than triples. The term “general practice” is inadvertently misleading, because it does not mean that attorneys cover all areas of personal injury law; Instead, it means that a large law and paralegal firm includes specialists in every area. Not surprisingly, auto accident specialists lead the number of listings, but practice areas range from owner disputes to litigants only pursuing claims in major industrial accidents. Of course, the listings include almost every niche in between, and the entire list reads like a “how-to” manual for Los Angeles citizens who harm themselves and others.

How to Select a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Given your wide variety of options, you should use your tools and resources to select the best-qualified Los Angeles personal injury attorney to handle your case …

• Match your attorney to your injury – The field of personal injury law is so broad that no one can dominate or excel at everything. Therefore, attorneys dedicate their practices to different niches within the field. If you have been seriously injured, and especially if you have suffered a permanent disability as a result of a traffic accident, seek out an attorney who dedicates his time and talents exclusively to traffic accidents. In Los Angeles, more than 400 attorneys and firms advertise special attention to car accidents.

• Read the reviews – Several major websites post accurate and detailed information about Los Angeles injury attorneys. and Martindale-Hubble get the most views every day, so clients or single peers can’t skew ratings and rankings. On those sites, you will find more diverse opinions about attorneys in individual practice and the benefits of working with a large firm. More importantly, you’ll find case notes, winning percentages, and frank discussions of attorney strategies and tactics.

• Conduct Exploratory Interviews – The best, most reputable, and trusted Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will meet with you to review your case. The first consultation should not cost you anything and gives you the opportunity to evaluate the education, expertise, and experience of an attorney. Most importantly, an exploratory interview gives you the opportunity to test the chemistry between you and the attorney. Because you will be helping to prepare and present your case, you will spend a lot of time together. If you don’t have good chemistry, your case will suffer.

Catching sandworms to use as fishing bait is fun and frustrating at the same time. It takes patience and practice to develop the skill. But a successful catch makes the effort worth it, as freshly caught live sandworms are one of the best baits to use, especially for the beginner or young angler.

Now let me explain why one would try to catch sandworms when it can be so frustrating. These are the reasons:

• Worms are easy to bait on the hook.

• Fresh bait always catches more fish.

• Worms are ideal for surf fishing because they stay on the hook even in difficult conditions.

• They are a good bait for fish that children love to fish for whiting, dart or sea bream.

Now is the time to list what you need.

1. Smelly Burley; (It can be ham or fish bones);

2. Net bag, sharp pole of about 5 meters, meter of rope or light rope;

3. A small piece of Pipi (shellfish) or ham as bait for the worm and

4. A box of bait around your waist.

The burley is placed in the string bag; The string ties the opening of the bag while the other end is attached to the sharp stick. (The net bag allows the water to flow over the burley and give off its scent to attract the worm to the surface of the sand.)

To catch sandworms you need:

• Outgoing tide approaching low tide;

• Flat and quiet beach, with a long and shallow unevenness.

Once you find a suitable spot, move your burley bag back and forth in the water as the water enters and recedes; going in and out with the water. As the water recedes, look for:

• Arrowhead or V formation in the water as the water recedes;

• Many fingers / hairs arched out of the sand at the tip of the arrow.

Once you detect the worm, this is what you should do:

• Place the pointed stick deep into the sand above the V formation to allow the burley to continue to attract the worm.

• Move carefully to the side of the V-formation.

• Put your pee right next to the beach of the V-formation.

• Watch for the way the worm arches its back when it grabs the piece of urine.

• Keep your urine still.

• Then slide the finger and thumb of the other hand slowly into the sand around the worm without touching it;

• Then slowly tighten.

• Hold the worm firmly until it arches back and relaxes.

• Then pull the worm vertically, but slowly, to prevent it from breaking.

• You may need to stay still when the worm pulls down a second time until it relaxes.

• Now, place the worm in some dry sand in its bait box.

Once you have enough for your needs, you need to place the worms that you want to use as bait in dry sand and then clean the sand so they are ready to use.

If you need to keep the worms for later use, wrap them again in dry sand; clean the sand. Do this until the worms are dry. Then pack them in a container with new dry sand and store them in a cool place. They will usually be alive for the next day. Remember that live worms are the best bait.

Whenever a motorist accused of driving while intoxicated agrees to take a breath test, the state’s star witness at trial will be the technical supervisor, the state expert on the breath test machine. One of the highlights of the state expert’s testimony is the calculation of his client’s alcohol concentration at the time of driving and the number of drinks he had to get there. This pseudoscientific theory is called retrograde extrapolation.

While the prosecutor asks the technical supervisor to determine these numbers for the jury, the technical supervisor will be sitting in the witness box furiously dialing numbers on a calculator. The whole testimony seems so dramatic, until he asks the state’s expert on cross-examination if he and the prosecutor discussed his testimony before taking the stand. When asked, you will be forced to admit that you calculated the numbers ahead of time.

Technical supervisor calculations can also be attacked by using the Texas Breath Alcohol Testing Program Operator’s Manual. Upon cross-examination, the state expert will testify that the manual has authority in the field of breath alcohol testing, and this will allow you to cross-examine the witness using the manual.

After the state expert has testified that your client’s alcohol concentration was higher at the time of driving than at the time of the test, you should ask the technical supervisor what your client ate or drank in the last hour before the traffic stop.

After the state expert admits that he cannot testify with any degree of certainty what his client consumed before being detained, ask him if he agrees with the manual’s statement that “there are three possibilities when estimating the concentration of alcohol in a moment before the test. “

When asked, the state expert will have to admit that the statement is true and that he cannot say with any degree of certainty whether his client’s alcohol concentration was higher, lower, or the same at the time of the test as it was at the time of testing. time to drive. .

Another area of ​​attack is the assumption that a person’s body eliminates alcohol at a steady rate. The state expert will testify that the average removal rate is .015 percent per hour. To calculate the driver’s alcohol concentration at the time of driving, the technical supervisor will simply multiply that number by the number of hours between the traffic stop and the breath test and add it to the breath test result. However, when crossing over, you will be forced to admit that there is no scientific evidence to support your claim that the clearance rate is constant. The rate of elimination is affected by the amount of food in the stomach at the time of drinking, the type of food in the stomach, stress levels, and physical ailments.

The key to questioning the state expert is not to make a frontal assault. The state pays the technical supervisor to testify on the accuracy and validity of the breath test and the breath test methodology. The wisest course of action is to attack the assumptions on which the state’s expert bases his testimony. Then, take the concessions the technical supervisor at the crossroads made and use them to create reasonable doubts during your closing argument, when it is too late for the state expert to defend your answers.

If you have been wrongly arrested for DWI, you need an experienced DWI attorney to defend your rights and restore your reputation. Contact Houston DWI attorney Paul B Kennedy for more information and a free consultation.

“Drain the swamp!” Wow, what an effective political slogan it was in 2016. It encapsulated public frustration with the mess of lobbyists, money-hogging congressmen and regulatory bureaucrats in Washington. Trump was just the guy who would poke fun at those low-life street vendors like Mr. Clean.

As an image, the swamps represent corruption and evil that must be cleaned up. Trump described the Washington swamp in terms of the power of money to buy influence. Such a rich man, of course, would not be chained to Wall Street or to the banks that had rejected his loans. Essentially, Trump claimed to be a reformer immune to the murky diseases raised in the swamps and capable of doing what no one else could do with big money people.

That’s what voters thought Trump meant when he referred to the swamp. What he really meant, as cabinet appointments and personal example demonstrate, was not at all what the public was led to believe.

Before comparing the public’s expectations with what happened, we must realize that swamps are good things. Popular imagery, used so effectively by Trump, is not what our children are learning about environmental science. History books once praised the advancement of civilization, as the drainage of the swamps was an impressive achievement in the expansion of human settlements. But swamps filter toxins and support wildlife in ways that are extremely important. The Army Corps. of Engineers is now restoring wetlands, not removing them, in the interest of environmental health.

Let’s move on to Trump’s idea of ​​bad swamps. Before the election, there were reasons for skepticism about his independence from big money, especially when he refused to release his taxes and went ahead with an offer to open a Trump hotel across the street from the White House. In the immediate aftermath of the elections, we began to see that he intended to run the country and his personal businesses at the same time. The president, he seemed surprised to discover, is the only government official who cannot have a conflict of interest. What an announcement from a man who promised reform!

Then came his cabinet appointments. The choices were notable for wealth, Wall Street connections, and lobbyist interests. He also brought his family to the White House in a way never seen before.

Trump’s 2016 campaign mirrored the themes of Warren Harding in 1920, promising a return to better times. His reputation also rivaled Harding’s lewd activities, and Mike Pence looks and acts like Calvin Coolidge. He then imitated Harding in appointing a cabinet of very rich people from whom he promised to be free. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when it soon became apparent that they were just as corrupt as Harding’s outrageous decisions.

The actions showed that the swamp Trump was seeking to drain was not the one voters thought he was talking about.

What attacked? First, the intelligence community – all agencies charged with defending national security through reliable information about our adversaries – were dismissed when they exposed Russian meddling in the elections, the fruits of which Trump openly embraced and used with joy. He was then warned by a Justice Department official (not appointed by Trump) that his choice of National Security Advisor was compromised by a foreign adversary. He refused to act until the news leaked to the press. Realizing that an investigation was underway, he tried to influence the FBI and fired the director when the investigation did not stop. When Congressional investigations led to a special counsel, Trump began an all-out assault on intelligence agencies, the FBI, and the Justice Department, in the process undermining a Congressional committee as he demanded loyalty from himself above all else. .

In addition to these actions, he failed to appoint important diplomatic positions and pressured Rex Tillerson to clean the house at the State Department. Anyone who had been there under Obama and Hillary was tainted and could not be trusted.

The swamp that has been attacked is, in fact, the true Washington swamp, the one that performs the sanitary functions that scientists know to result from its activity. Below the level of political appointments in each federal agency are career officials who become specialists in their programs, serving whatever party controls Congress and the presidency. These officials have personal opinions that cannot influence your actions. When they sometimes take on political roles, such as director of the FBI, they do the job in a nonpartisan way.

Career employees ensure the competence, continuity, and national security of the American public as the political winds blow one way and then another. For Trump, this was an intolerable quagmire. It had to be politicized. His people must be put in, however incompetent, to guarantee the main criterion of service: loyalty to Trump.

Unfortunately, this is not a new trend in the Republican Party. They politicized the selection of district and Supreme Court judges, claiming to limit judicial overreach but ensuring the dominance of their political and social opinions. That strategy was successful in 2000 when a majority of Republicans on the Supreme Court stopped the counting of votes and declared the Republican candidate the winner. Later, Mitch McConnell and a Republican Senate refused to honor Obama’s appointment of a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and campaigned in 2016 for a distinctly Republican judge to be appointed.

Donald Trump pushed Republicans’ disrespect for nonpartisan competition to the extreme. Republicans have supported him because it is where they have been headed for a long time.

Now we need candidates, wherever they come from, whose motto is “Give back the swamp.” We need nonpartisan competition in federal agencies, and a less partisan Supreme Court, to filter out the toxins that destabilize our system of checks and balances when politics seeps in to undermine loyalty to the constitution.

Steadfast supporters of UEFA competitions, and especially the Champions League, can attest to the reality that there have been EPL teams in the semi-finals of the Champions League for the previous six seasons, i.e. 2003. -2009.

In the last six seasons, regular EPL teams in the Champions League (Liverpool FC, Manchester United FC, Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC) have appeared in some way in the semi-finals of the Champions League in the last six seasons, which made English and even foreigners marvel at his absence this season, in the semi-final of Europe’s elite club competition.

In 2005, Liverpool (the all red) and Chelsea (the true blues) met in an entertaining semi-final with both sides led by coaches who have managed their team for just two seasons, Liverpool went on to win the match, after one match very close semifinals. Liverpool finally emerged triumphant in that year’s Champions League, after defeating Ac-Milan in an epic final that saw one of the biggest comebacks in football history, 3-0 to 3-3 and then the victory.

The following year, Arsenal participated in both the semifinal and final of the Champions League, to mark a change in their football history, but were not so lucky to win the trophy after qualifying for their first final match in the championship. . league. They fought with Barcelona in the final of that year, that is, the final of 2006, but were defeated by 2 goals to 1, with the expulsion of Jens Lehmann in that match.

In 2007, Liverpool and Chelsea were again drawn to fight in the semi-final of the 2006/2007 season. With the first leg set for Stamford Bridge, Chelsea had a chance to progress, making the most of the home factor by defeating Liverpool by a single goal after a highly contested encounter. At Anfield, Liverpool played cautiously and at the same time went ahead in search of the goal that would put them at the level of Chelsea, luckily for Liverpool the goal came. A low cross from Steven “general” Gerard encountered an unmarked Daniel Agger, who sliced ​​the ball through the bodies of the Chelsea players and crashed into the net early in the first half. Liverpool maintained a one-goal lead even after 90 minutes until overtime ended, then it was time for the last decider; penalties, Pepe Reina was the hero of the day when he saved the decisive shot to send Liverpool to the final for the second time in three seasons and a repeat of the 2005 final with AC-Milan, who dispatched Manchester United in the other. semifinal. -Final by 5 goals to 3 on aggregate.

The final was highly anticipated as two of the European powerhouses in club football clash to decide the winner of the 2007 Champions League, and finally two goals from Pippo Inzaghi, making him the league’s top scorer. of Champions. , he won the Ac Milan trophy for the seventh time in his footballing history.

The following year saw the best of English teams in the Champions League. All four English representatives reached the quarterfinals, with three (Liverpool, after toppling Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United) of the four advancing to the semi-final, Liverpool were eventually abandoned by English team Chelsea. Chelsea’s progression to the final in 2008 was the first time they had played in the Champions League final; They battled Manchester United for the coveted trophy, equaled United in strength for strength, skill for skill, technique for technique, but were unlucky enough to miss shots from the point as United won their third and second UEFA Championships. by Sir Alex Ferguson. Champions League Trophy, which also helped Cristiano Ronaldo win the World Player of the Year award.

The year 2009 saw a different style of soccer displayed by one team. The 2009 Champions League was won by Barcelona of Spain, after showing the world of football how the game should be played; Orderly defense, precise passing and clinical definition: they characterized the game of Barcelona on the way to winning the trophy for the third time in its history, after triumphs in 1992 and 2006.

2010 was very promising for the English teams, after brilliant starts from all sides in their respective groups; Liverpool won their first game against Debrecen at Anfield, by a single goal from Dirk Kuyt, which made him the club’s third top scorer in Europe with 12 goals to his name. Chelsea also won their first game against FC Porto by a single goal from Nicolas Anelka, in a boring match due to the water-soaked pitch.

Manchester United did not do badly in their first game; The same happened with Arsenal, all the English representatives representing well to the delight of the English stalwarts. Things started to get shaky as the competition progressed towards its crucial stage. Liverpool were eliminated very early in the competition, as they were eliminated in the group stage, even before the last match of the group stage. Fiorentina’s victory over Olympique Lyonnais in the match before the last one, meant that Liverpool were forced to go to the Europa League, where they have recently consoled themselves, making an impressive run towards the semi-final, scoring less than three. goals in the aggregate of the previous one. rounds, that is to say round of 32, round of 32 and quarter-finals, which has earned them a clash with Atlético de Madrid at home in Spain.

Chelsea was next in the elimination, after a partially successful streak in the group until the knockout stages. Chelsea had big scares during some of their group stage matches, Atlético de Madrid in Spain was one of those, where they had to settle for a 2 all tied after going through Didier Drogba, only to see a Sergio Diego brace. Agüero who gave Atlético the lead, but Drogba proved to be very clinical at the end when he scored his second Atlético goal. The most surprising thing about Chelsea’s group stage result came on the final day of the group. Apoel Nicosia, who was only making his Champions League debut, kept everyone by defeating Chelsea, with a full first-team squad, to a 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge.

Arsenal had the most impressive performance in the group stage, where they scored 16 of the 18 points available in a group consisting of Olympiakos, Standard Liege and Az Alkmaar, which are low-pedigree teams with frequent Champions League due to their inability to overcome the final. preliminary.

Manchester United, I would say, had an indifferent group campaign. He got off to a great start but was flattered during the crucial intermediate matches, he needed the last match to confirm qualification but put all doubts in the thrash after a Michael Owen hat-trick disallowed Edin Dzeko’s first goal, for VFL Wolfsburg at Old Trafford.

With the progression of the top three teams in England to the knockout stages, hopes and expectations were extremely high. The English teams, however, did not get the perfect draws, Chelsea was announced to face Inter Milan, under the mentorship of José Mourinho, Manchester United drawn in to fight against the 7-time European champion, Ac-Milan and the Arsenal getting a retribution. match of the 2009 group stage match against Porto Fc, 2004 winner.

The first legs saw the English teams face a true test of strength, skill and technique.

Manchester United were tested for all of the above against Ac-Milan, first at Giuseppe Meazza, San Siro and then Old Trafford, but then came out victorious in both stages, winning 7-2 on aggregate, with Wayne Rooney scoring four. of the parties. seven goals, that is, 2 goals in each section.

Arsenal had a similar situation, against Fc Porto, the Portuguese representatives gave them a good run for their money, especially in Portugal, where the first leg was held, which Fc Porto won by 2 goals to 1, in a game in which the Porto goal by Falcao was a bit controversial, appearing to be an offside goal.

At Emirates Stadium, Arsenal had no mercy, shot 2 goals past Helton into Porto’s goal in quick succession, and at the break, it was Arsenal 2 Porto 1. Porto started brilliantly in the second half of the game, attacking to Arsenal from all sides of the field. As the game grew, Arsenal became more confident and started playing like the Arsenal that we are used to seeing in league matches. Samri Nasri launched Emirates into ecstasy, as he dribbled past three Porto defenders and outscored the defenseless Helton, who tried to run to avoid the goal, but all to no avail. Super substitute Emmanuel Eboue came in minutes later and sealed the victory, with a clean shot, after he outscored the Porto defenders and was set up by Andre Arshavin, with only the goalkeeper to beat, circled him neatly before scoring the four from Arsenal to cap off an excellent performance from truly smoking gunners. Nicklas Bendtner, who had previously scored 2 superb goals, added a third to score his first career hat trick at Arsenal.

Nor was it a bed of roses for Chelsea, who suffered losses at the hands of Inter Milan in both games, ending their Champions League campaign. In the magnificent Giuseppe Meazza, Inter put Chelsea to the test in terms of ingenuity, pace of work and technique, as both teams played their lives to progress in the competition. Chelsea partly outscored, but all the “ball possession” could not bring them the victory they set out to achieve. Ball possession favored Chelsea in the first leg, but these did not translate into goals or attempted goal, shot on goal, etc. Of all the teams that started the European campaign in September, it can be deduced that Liverpool is the most disappointing of all, as they were eliminated in the group stage.

Currently, there are only two English teams in European competition, Liverpool FC and Fulham FC and both have interesting encounters in the semi-final, having to face Atlético de Madrid and Hamburg respectively.

There is the possibility of an English Europa League final, a feat that has not been achieved in more than 6 seasons.

The absence of Premier League teams in the Champions League semi-final, in my own estimation, does not connote the downfall of the Premier League, rather the only reason is the reality we have faced, which is the fact that that teams from other countries have sat down and reviewed the methods of the English teams, which they have applied, and it has worked magically and very effectively too.

English teams weren’t totally outmatched, outmatched or outmatched in play, rather the element of luck was against them, and English teams have also had a good run in the past, so let other teams enjoy the same. , so that people do not say the Champions League. The league is an English competition. English teams will rise to take their fair share, which is the prestige they have earned over the years, a prestige that, in my opinion, is in jeopardy considering the impossibility of reaching the semifinals of the European elite club competition.

With this I am satisfied, the absence of English teams in the semifinal of the champions league is in no way equal to the fall of the premier league, and furthermore, what other league is as unpredictable as the premier league? A league in which any team can beat any team, home or away; name the league.

There is no doubt about the importance of a well-structured social media profile for professionals in today’s world. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ are some of the most popular social media platforms that anyone with an internet connection can create. They are also the most thoughtful in terms of presence. But what about LinkedIn? I remember when LinkedIn first appeared. I didn’t think anything of it, but I did set up a profile anyway. Today, LinkedIn has more than 477 million profiles ranging from individuals, companies, and groups. It is the number one professional networking platform out there today. If the number of users is not impressive enough, the number of profile views during the first quarter of 2016 was 45 billion!


Why not? Seriously, actually, what harm does it do to spend the time setting up your professional profile? Outside of my rhetorical question, let’s look at the practicality of what LinkedIn really is. Your LinkedIn profile serves as a digital resume. LinkedIn features help you organize your career and help you keep track of all the projects, experiences, volunteer work, and education that you are involved in. LinkedIn helps other people who may be interested in working with you to get a quick snapshot of who you are – your focus, your character, and your experience.

As an actor, you are in one of the most competitive industries. Anyone who has been in the entertainment industry for some time knows that it is all about networking. It’s about who you know and the projects you’ve been a part of. Sure, posting videos on YouTube helps, having a Facebook fan page helps, and possibly even your own website. Social media profiles like Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram, and others help engage with your audience and fans, as well as increase your marketability. But what about your professional image? The fans are great, however you are in “show business”. The most important part of that term is “BUSINESS”. If you’re not developing your professional and business side, it doesn’t really matter what fans you have, because fans will have nothing to look up to if you’re not working!


The best aspects of LinkedIn is the ability to showcase projects, write articles, gain peer endorsement, and receive recommendations from those you’ve worked with. Casting directors, producers, and filmmakers are always ready for talent. The same goes for agents and managers. Like it or not, you need to show them why you are worth their time. You may be able to act or sing, hit the spot, or meet a dime. But you are not the only one. More importantly, if you can’t show up for work on time, cause trouble, or have an attitude, no matter how talented you are, your personality will overshadow all of that. We all want to work with professionals. They want to know who YOU ​​are. This is where LinkedIn can serve you more.

EXPERIENCE SECTION – The best part of this section is the ability to highlight the experience you have. Do you work with an agent or a management company? What work have you done in the past related to industry or otherwise? What did you do? How did you do it? You learned? What skills did you acquire? This information is good to know for someone who wants to work with you.

PROJECT SECTION – Like a resume attached to the back of a Headshot, projects can be displayed on LinkedIn under the experience with which it coordinates. For example, he works with ABC Talent Agency. While you were there, you were cast for project 1, 2, 3. You worked with the XYZ actor / director / casting director. You have the ability to describe the character you played and other details more fully than you could on the back of your resume.

ASLEEP – We all have skills. Some skills fit directly with our field of work, others outside of our field of work. Different experiences and projects make us use different sets of skills that we possess. The Approval section displays your most prominent skill set. Additionally, this section allows friends, colleagues, and the network to support those skills. There is nothing more powerful than others who say … yes, you have these skills and they are developed to the point that I am willing to endorse and recommend them for it.

recommendations – Imagine working with an actor like Leonardo DeCaprio or a director like Stephen Spielberg and they give you a recommendation for your work ethic or your acting on set! That kind of endorsement would do wonders for its marketability. People like to work with nice people. The best way to show that you are such a person is through recommendations. This section highlights who you are beyond your performance. Brighten up your character, your demeanor, and your work ethic. My advice is to develop your recommendation as much as possible. It only benefits you in the long run.

VOLUNTEER SECTION – Do you like charities? Are you involved with non-profit organizations? Why are you involved and what do you do with them? LinkedIn gives you the ability to talk about the charities you work with. Can you imagine what this does to your liking factor? Can you imagine how this will help you stand out above the rest and the opportunities that can arise from this single section?


Different social media platforms have different purposes. Most focus on gaining followers, sharing their thoughts or moments in time. Others try to show their professional experience. LinkedIn has become the platform to show your professional side. The best part about LinkedIn is that it keeps growing. You have the ability to link your profile to other website and social media platforms (IMDB, website, fan page, etc.), you have the ability to take the time to develop a quality digital resume that will be accessible to those interested To work with you as you build a history of endorsements, recommendations, articles, and experiences. Don’t do what I did and wait to develop your profile. Get started today!


Remember, it’s about promoting your professional side. Giving some information half-way just to have it is not going to work well in the long run. An old saying in the restaurant business is this … “Presentation is everything”; that is, you may have the best tasting food, but if the presentation is poor, the food will not taste as good. This is because we eat with our eyes first. This is no different with your resume or your profile. You want it to stand out and you want it to be as professional as possible. So here are some tips to help you.

1.PHOTO – If you don’t have a photo, you don’t have a profile. As an actor, getting a professional shot (headshot) is part of the business. Especially if you are a junior talent, every time you update your Headshot, you should get in the habit of updating your LinkedIn photo with the new Headshot.

2. BACKGROUND IMAGE – LinkedIn’s new layout allows for a background image. Use this function! It adds a unique touch to your profile and allows you to express yourself. Just make sure you keep it professional.

3. ARTICLES – LinkedIn allows you the ability to write articles. This is a great way to express yourself and express your experience. Writing updates when you leave a project talking about your experiences can be very helpful. Writing about things that matter to you will also help others learn more about you and the types of projects that will really help you shine. Also, every time you publish an article, your contacts automatically receive a notification. This increases your presence in your industry.

NOTE: BMake sure you do not post any confidential or restricted information about any project you are working on … If you have any questions, please contact your agent, manager or legal professional first. Prevention is better than cure.

Four. SUPPORT OTHERS – Help your fellow actors! They are fighting as much as you. If you work with someone who you think does a great job or has great character, please tell others! Trust me, they will think highly of you and I guarantee it, they will be equally willing to give you an endorsement and a recommendation in return.

5. STAY PROFESSIONAL – Whatever you do, keep professionalism in the foreground for LinkedIn. This is not about harassing casting directors or filmmakers to appear in your next movie. It’s not about posting what you did over the weekend or badmouthing others. Believe me, social media, in general, is a double-edged sword. You shouldn’t do this on any of your platforms, however LinkedIn is the last place you want to do this. You will be blacklisted faster than you think!

Have you ever wanted to beautify your kitchen? In addition to completely renovating or buying expensive countertops, buying designer kitchen appliances can increase the style quotient of your kitchen.

But then the question remains, why buy designer appliances when they do? exactly the same things as normal appliances? This notion is not true and designer appliances are much more than the same in a more attractive package. Therefore, the question we answer in our article below is “Why should you buy designer kitchen appliances?”


  • They look better and have better features

  • Innovative and modern technology


  • They are usually expensive

  • May not be compatible with existing accessories.

While these aren’t the only pros and cons of designer appliances, here are a few that can be safely generalized across different brands. We explore the reasons why designer kitchen appliances are popular, and we end up talking about what’s not good about them.

Designer Kitchen Appliances

The first and foremost thing you notice about designer kitchen appliances is their appeal. Many brands hire their own designers or outsource product design and aesthetics to professional design consultants, all to make a product that simply looks more spectacular than any other kitchen appliance.

Now, looking good is not a bad thing, but looking good alone will never justify a higher price range than the competition. So we come to things that designers are hired for: an ergonomic design and the aesthetic symmetry of the product, both of which most designer appliances boast.

An ergonomic design: implies that the product is not only easy to use and practical, but also complements your efforts for the task for which you use it. It should make your job easier, not harder.

The aesthetic symmetry: the product should not only look good, it should also make your kitchen look better!

Better features and innovation

Features are something every homeowner will look for when purchasing the latest appliance. And this is something that most designer kitchen appliances easily outperform ordinary kitchen appliances.

In addition, most of the designer appliances are based on modern and innovative technology; something that will not be available for standard commercial appliances. This is the main reason why designer appliances are so good. And, with the latest advancement in IoT and device-to-device communication, it’s only a matter of time before your coffee machine talks to your other appliance to make your coffee before you get out of bed.

Well, that might be a bit far-fetched and is only used to emphasize the relationship between innovation and appliances. But, when that technology is available, it will be available first in a designer device.


Now this is the main disadvantage of designer appliances. No amount of good looks, innovation, or making your kitchen look better than it used to will convince anyone to fork out double on your coffeemaker. But, for larger and more complex appliances, this rule might even be violated by some!