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The days are getting longer. The sun is shining brightly. The world feels good about itself. So why should you think about buying that new fireplace?

Well actually, spring or summer is the best time to buy a new fireplace or fireplace surround. The reason is that fireplaces can be a bit more complicated than they first appear. Let me explain.

In the old days it used to be the case that you had very few options in fireplaces. Before the big DIY superstores, if you wanted an original design that wasn’t just a brick or glorified fireplace, you would often have to travel great distances to find highly specialized (and expensive) specialty stores that could hand-design a large fireplace for you. you. .

The good news is that those days are long gone and while the costly “design it yourself” route will always be open to anyone imagining themselves as a budding fireplace designer. There really is no need. Instead, you can go to a myriad of locations, and you’ll be able to find a staggering array of options.

Herein lies the first of our “problems”, and a good starting point for why summer is really a great time to go shopping for a new fireplace.

All that choice is confusing and time consuming!

You could literally spend months camping at your local DIY store (ok. Maybe not months. But you get my point;)) and still not exhaust the variety of options they have.

Therefore, you really need to spend much more time on your purchase from that point of view than it may seem at first glance. You should start by perfecting the style of fireplace you are ideally looking for, as well as deciding whether you want an electric, gas, or natural fire. Since deciding on each of these can make a fundamental difference in the options you have at your disposal when choosing your fireplace.

The second reason it is better to start earlier to buy such a fireplace is because installing it may take longer than expected. You see, the work is really half done when you choose exactly what kind of fireplace you want. Then comes the technical part of putting it together and installing it in your home.

Now if you are really “handy”, you can do it yourself. But fires are dangerous and things like gas leaks can kill you very quickly if you mess up. Therefore, you really need to hire a trained professional to do it. Okay. Good so far. The only problem is that these guys (sorry women, but most of these people are men!) Are in high demand. Therefore, getting one that is suitable for fire can take several weeks to a month.

Now, that is not a problem in the summer. Because it is hot. But try to be without fire in the winter for a month. AND THEN see how good it feels when the fire fitter arrives.

Not much, I would hasten to guess!

So in conclusion, get it now. Take a leisurely pace. Choose the style and type of fire you want and remove it while it’s hot enough to make it a nice company.

One of the many changes President Obama has promised the United States is immigration law reform. Many ideas have been discussed. One of them is the DREAM Act, sponsored by Senator Lugar of Indiana and Senator Durbin of Illinois, among others. The basic idea is to allow certain illegal immigrants who were brought here by their parents at a young age and who have been educated in American schools to become permanent residents.

Under the DREAM Act, certain undocumented people could become legal residents. The first step in this process is for the person to enroll in some type of higher education, such as a college, a trade school, or an apprenticeship program. Another option is to enroll in the US military. If certain requirements are met, this person can apply for conditional residency in the US. Upon receiving an associate’s degree or a 2-year equivalent within six years of the initial petition, the conditional status can be changed and the person can become a permanent legal resident of the United States.

To be eligible for permanent residence under the DREAM Act, the person must have entered the United States before turning 16 years of age and must have been in the United States for at least five years without interruption. The individual must also demonstrate the ability to speak English.

Conditional residents under the DREAM Act will be eligible for private loans to finance their education, but will not be eligible for Pell grants. Under the DREAM Act, 65,000 students could become conditional residents each year and eventually become permanent residents and citizens if they comply with current immigration rules and regulations.

One of the ideas behind the DREAM Act is to better utilize taxpayer dollars that are used to educate young illegal immigrants in public schools across the country. If these young people are willing to continue their education through further education or through the military, they would be allowed to become a legal part of our society without fear of losing their families to deportation. Furthermore, the DREAM Act initially only benefits those who were likely brought across the border by their parents without a decision of their own. Many of these people have spent more years illegally in the United States than in their home countries.

The DREAM Act could be merged with other legislation as part of comprehensive immigration reform in 2010. If other ideas do not receive the necessary support from members of Congress, the DREAM Act could be enacted without additional reform measures. Either way, even the proposed legislation gives hope to many people now living in the United States who currently have no way of becoming legal residents.

Real estate transactions may require a real estate attorney. But what should you look for when choosing someone who represents your best interests and needs to the fullest? Some states require the use of an attorney in a real estate transaction. Those states include Georgia, Massachusetts, and South Carolina.

Not all real estate issues are created equal, so when narrowing down your search for a real estate attorney, pay attention to the specialized approach of a practice. For example, one attorney may specialize in residential where another may work exclusively with commercial or landlord-tenants. It is also a good idea to distinguish what type of attorney you need. An attorney who focuses on contracts and transactions is known as a transactional attorney. While an attorney who specializes in handling claims is known as a litigant. Just because a real estate attorney can advertise that they specialize in real estate law does not necessarily mean that they are the best person for the job. Just as you would interview a real estate professional before listing your home, it is important to carefully examine an attorney before hiring one.

Here are the top 5 questions to ask when interviewing real estate attorneys:

How long have you been practicing? If the transaction is complicated, you most likely want someone who is very experienced.

What experience do you have in the field of real estate law? Answers to this will vary. But the ideal is to know where they graduated from, how many similar cases they have handled, etc.

How will my case be handled? The worst thing you can do is retain the services of an attorney only to find that they are not the ones actually working on your case. Be on the lookout for others who can help in the event that they are not licensed. Alternatively, a paralegal or junior attorney could also be assigned to the case.

What costs are involved? Fee schedules will vary from attorney to attorney and it is better to know a ballpark figure rather than be surprised with a massive bill later. On average, an hourly rate can range from $ 150 to $ 500 +. Some companies may also require an advance before taking the case. This is not that uncommon.

Can you provide references? In the interview process, it never hurts to ask for references to see what others think of the attorney.

Doing your homework with an attorney before hiring can save you headaches in the end, as a good attorney is worth his or her weight in gold. In addition to a personal interview, you can also turn to online resources to find additional information about attorneys. You can find attorneys included in the state bar association and there are also a wide variety of lawyer referral services. A Google search will also show some results. Researching online will involve visiting attorneys’ websites to learn more about their credentials and specialties.

When conducting your search for a real estate attorney, make sure there is no conflict of interest with the representative representing you. Once you have narrowed the field down to a single attorney, you will usually be provided with a retention contract or letter of commitment that will outline in writing what to expect regarding the fees and services to be provided. It is important that you fully understand the terms of this document, as “lawyer’s language” can be confusing. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them, as the only dumb question is the one that is not asked.

Real estate can be of great importance, so it is important to find a trusted professional who will help you in the best possible way.

Many criminal defense attorneys begin their careers as state prosecutors or public defenders. They finally opened their own private practice after a short career working for the government. However, there is a major problem they encounter when they open their private practice: they no longer receive a fixed salary.

Of course, the new defense attorneys understand that they are taking a risk by “going it alone.” Unfortunately, many of these new attorneys don’t fully understand how to start building their own clientele. Any successful private law practice understands that to keep your practice afloat you must generate your own clients.

The question on the head of every new private criminal attorney is “how do I start a new practice and get new clients to stay alive?” The answer is not simple, but the solution is.

Advertising is the key for any new business to grow and be successful. If you are new to any market or industry, the consumers in this industry most likely don’t know who you are. If you are new to criminal defense, the chances of recently arrested people knowing who you are are very slim. The solution is to quickly let them know who you are by presenting yourself through effective advertising.

There are many forms of advertising for criminal defense attorneys: television ads, billboard ads, radio ads, yellow page listings, search engine optimization, search engine advertising, and direct mail advertising. New criminal defense attorneys don’t have a large budget, therefore television, radio, and billboard advertising may not be an option. A yellow pages listing is necessary, but it is not nearly as effective as it would have been 20 years ago.

Search engine optimization, optimizing your business website to rank high in search results, is slowly becoming a cluttered and ineffective advertising tool. As more attorneys have their website “optimized”, the less likely their website is to rank high in search results. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, so your website may be “optimized” for today, but may need maintenance in the future.

Search engine advertising allows you to appear at the top of search results. This can be extremely expensive for any attorney. For criminal defense attorneys, the cost per click of search engine advertising can be as high as $ 20. This means that every time someone clicks on your ad online, it will cost you $ 20. This can be very expensive. expensive, and if your ads aren’t set up correctly, it can be very ineffective.

This leaves lawyers with one more option: direct mail advertising to recently arrested people. Don’t underestimate the power of direct mail advertising. Direct mail advertising for criminal defense attorneys can provide the highest return on investment of any other advertising method. With direct mail advertising, specifically mailing to recently arrested people, you have a great source of leads and can target people who need immediate legal help. Direct mail advertising can become the primary source of clients for any criminal defense attorney.

Contacting those who were recently arrested directly not only gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to multiple people at the same time, it also introduces you to clients at a time when they most need an attorney. Direct mail advertising for criminal defense attorneys is also one of the few methods in which you can be proactive in reaching a potential client. Instead of waiting for them to find you on their own, find them and let them know who you are.

I strongly suggest that you read more about direct mail advertising at and also check out my other articles listed here which are even more detailed.

As one of the essential components of electronic or electromechanical devices, an electronic enclosure helps protect them from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Many household appliances and devices such as instruments, computers, consoles, buttons, and industrial PCs use these cabinets to avoid radiation exposure. In addition to compensating for the effects of EMI, these specially designed cabinets also save them from attack by external elements such as dust, dirt, heat, moisture, and chemicals.

Selecting the correct type of electronic box can be a bit tricky, as there are several factors to consider. If you plan to invest in some electronics cabinets, here are some tips to make the buying process easier for you. Look closely:

Understand your protection requirements

Before investing in an electronic cabinet for your product, make sure you have a clear idea of ​​how it works. This will help you choose the best enclosure solution for your application usage. This task will also help you understand the problems that may arise during use and how to deal with them. You will also get an idea of ​​the accessories that you can use in conjunction with a cabinet. Also, consider the ratings of the different types of enclosures before making your final decision.

Choose your dealer wisely

When purchasing an EMI shielding box, be sure to purchase it from a reputable electronic components distributor. Most electronic box manufacturers distribute the products themselves. However, check availability and shipping time with different dealers before placing your final order. Also, thoroughly study current market trends so that you can get an idea about competitive pricing. Usually a direct purchase from the manufacturer helps you get the best possible deals, and this is even more true if you are buying cabinets in bulk.

Contact the sales team

When purchasing siding products from a particular manufacturer, be sure to contact their sales team. These trained professionals will provide you with all the necessary information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. They could also offer you a more cost-effective solution, based on your exact requirements. Therefore, contact them well in advance.

Modify the enclosures

One of the most important tasks is modifying the cabinets. Whether you need the change to identify or match the dimensions with the outlet and inlet, it should always be done by the manufacturer as they have the best understanding of the impact of certain modifications on different materials. They are the best people to guide you in choosing the right technique for integrating the solution into your application. For example, how much torque to use to drill it into your device? Your manufacturer’s man is the best person to answer these questions. In addition, they will also propose you the most profitable options.

Following these tips will make it easier for you to choose and purchase electronic housings. So, keep these tips in mind and quickly evaluate your options.

**Public speaking is more than a gift! ~ Public speaking is an art form that requires planning, preparation, and favorable voice intonation; Keeping your audience’s attention is your goal, especially when and if you have a captive audience that already has an idea about you; your purpose or product; your ability to offer an honest assessment, with factual content; and your ability to converse with a natural flow of word choices, followed by appropriate time for questions / answers or comments from the audience, then you are ready to begin your public speaking.

**Speaking and public speaking is easier for more people than you really think.. ** There are so many professions that require public speaking. ** Teachers should be excellent public speakers for their captive audience of students, mentors, parents, staff, administration, and the list goes on. ***Talking comes with the challenge of basically overcoming your perfectionist attitude, and after speaking once, in public, you get hooked on the adrenaline rushing up inside you! Having conviction for your topic, being well established on your stage, being well informed, prepared, and coming in with a great “can do” attitude are the first steps to overcome for successful public speaking. Over and over again, the event becomes less and less stressful and more and more fluid, easy and represents a calling. ***

** Radio program announcers, television announcers and any public place is a place to find good public speaking. Listening to radio or television talk shows with attractive hosts and guests is appreciable. Many professions require public speaking, informing, informing, teaching, advising, instructing, or performing job duties... Listening to a breaking news story with a television reporter who is a great public speaker is very helpful and allows for quick action or great insight, if done correctly. The most recent coverage of Hurricane Matthew was done by some very professional and well-trained meteorologists in my area, and I was grateful for their advance planning and extensive training. Many jobs and professions require a public speaker to be the manager or leader of a large corporation or group. ** Human Resources staff may be called in to speak formally as public speakers, present coverage options, answer questions, or conduct surveys.

**Coaches are public speakers, as they must lead with their voice when meeting with practice, training, planning, and preparation to win the big game. Whether you plan to win the big game or prepare your students for public reading in first grade, public speaking is done everywhere, every day and requires little more than feeling comfortable in your own skin and knowing the points that you want to highlight. . While you have a forum for conversation, it is wiser to review the intonation of your voice, minimize pauses, breathe and breathe regularly, and keep a glass of water nearby, especially if the speech is longer than 10 minutes.

** Students are called to be public speakers, at a young age, at least in my classroom. I encourage children to want to read aloud and to be prepared and take pride in the practice and preparation they have completed, even before reading in public.. Students should read, write, and practice mirror reading if they need additional encouragement beyond practical preparation.

** Even the leaders and participants of the bingo game speak in public when the leader says the numbers publicly, he must speak clearly, in an audible tone, taking the appropriate amount of time to pause between the next letter and number.

**My hope is that you enjoy public speaking as much as I do, and that fear is demystified by acknowledging that most of life’s events, challenges, or celebrations require some form of public speaking. Whether you’re a public reader of Bible passages at your local church or congregation, toasting a married couple, saying last rights of way at a funeral, or speaking out loud, we can all be excellent public speakers. ~

I enjoy learning from you and others by continually offering me knowledge!

The greatest innovation in history –

Nothing on Earth today (and I don’t mean anything at all), not smartphones, automotive, aerospace, real estate, gold, oil, software, biotech, nothing … is growing as much or as fast as the legal marijuana market .

Consider this: By 2020, the market for legal marijuana will exceed $ 22.8 billion (not millions, but a billion with a B). The legal market for cannabis “could be larger than the National Football League, which made $ 12 billion in revenue in 2015. Between 2016 and 2029, projected growth for marijuana is expected to reach $ 100,000. million, a growth of 1,308%.

Estimates place the number of marijuana users at some point in the neighborhood of 50 million people. Up to 7.6 million indulge themselves daily. Of the 83.3 million millennials, 68% want cannabis to be legal and available. Once legalization takes hold everywhere, dozens of established companies, in the tobacco industry … in agriculture and irrigation … in pharmaceuticals, will want to intervene without hesitation. And if you want more proof that marijuana is going mainstream, consider this …

On November 8, tens of millions of Americans in nine states went to the polls and voted on the future of marijuana. California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. And voters in Arkansas, Florida, North Dakota and Montana approved ballot initiatives that legalize medical marijuana. Only Arizona, where recreational cannabis was put to a vote, decided not to legalize. Together, these states (excluding Arizona) represent a total population of 75 million people. That means one in five Americans – 20% of us – woke up on August 9 to find themselves in a state where medical and / or recreational marijuana is legal for adults 21 and older.

Even Hollywood celebrities are getting in on the act. Many people already know about the marijuana business activities of Snoop Dog, country music legend Willie Nelson, and actor / comedian Tommy Chong. Fewer know that Grammy-winning singer Melissa Etheridge is developing her own cannabis-infused wine line and TV show host Whoopi Goldberg is launching a line of medical marijuana products aimed at women. And people listen to Hollywood icons. Nothing is more conventional than television comedy.

On July 13, 2016, Variety revealed that Netflix plans to air a sitcom inside a legal marijuana dispensary. Called DisJointed, the show is the brainchild of television genius Chuck Lorre, creator of such blockbusters as The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. A recent Quinnipiac University poll found that 89 percent of voters in the United States believe that adults should have legal access to medical marijuana when prescribed by a doctor. And the United States is not the only country prepared to relax the kidneys with marijuana. Israel, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Uruguay, Jamaica, Germany and Colombia have legalized or decriminalized possession.

Since 1972, marijuana has been classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance. Schedule 1 drugs are those that are considered to have no medical use and have a high potential for abuse. As a Schedule 1 drug, marijuana is grouped together with heroin, LSD, and ecstasy. But in the face of mounting pressure from doctors, medical researchers, state governments, and Congress, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has come under pressure to downgrade marijuana to a Schedule II drug, or perhaps even a a Schedule III.

According to the US Census Bureau, by 2030 one-fifth of the population, 72 million Americans, will be 65 or older. Those Baby Boomers will face a host of age-related ailments including glaucoma, cancer, arthritis, and back pain. It just so happens that cannabis-based remedies are especially suitable for treating these illnesses. So as the elderly population grows, so will the size of the medical marijuana market. The social acceptance of cannabis will also grow, as millions of people discover the benefits of medical marijuana for themselves.

A single marijuana dispensary could generate more than $ 676 million a year. Not all that money comes from marijuana. Most people have already heard of things like “pot brownies.” But the market for marijuana “edibles” goes beyond that. There are pot desserts and pot energy drinks. In fact, we are even about to see the opening of the world’s first marijuana distillery.

For people reluctant to inhale smoke, there are sites that offer THC-loaded capsules, lip balms, hashish bath oils, topical compounds, and even THC patches that provide “precise dosing … a quick start and an unsurpassed duration.” . Thirsty users can enjoy THC-infused coffees, sodas, and sparkling waters. Aside from the boom in the recreational cannabis market, medical marijuana and its derivatives have also seen strong growth, and for good reason.

Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and radiation often lose their appetite and have sensitive stomachs. But if they don’t eat, the treatments aren’t as effective. Cannabis has been shown to help stimulate the appetite and calm the stomach. New work is also being done with cannabis oil that shows promise in treating epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, some cancers, and even rheumatoid arthritis. The oil is also effective for insomnia.

For most of the 20th century, doctors knew little about the workings of the most important organ, the human brain. Brain cells almost dictate one of our feelings, thoughts, and actions by sending signals that trigger appetite and hunger. Marijuana seems to close the gap. Voters in the state after the start are quickly coming to terms that cannabis is, in fact, a medicine. The momentum only goes in one direction.

In his book, The 22 non-negotiable laws of well-beingwrote author Greg Anderson: “Let us set high standards of living, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are unlikely to experience well-being. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth it. expect “.

He also reminded us that, “When we change our perception we gain control. Stress becomes a challenge, not a threat. When we commit to action, to actually do something instead of feeling trapped by events, stress in our life it becomes manageable. “

There are times when it is easy to feel overwhelmed and trapped by situations that we prefer not to face. These situations can even be extremely unfair.

It’s easy to focus on how terribly unfair someone could have treated us. It makes sense to believe that unfair things shouldn’t be happening. Simply pretending a problem doesn’t exist is much easier than dealing with it outright. However, stress increases, the situation does not change, and it could get worse.

In fact, concentrating on how things should be instead of dealing with how they are can lead to disaster, both physically and emotionally.

Winners set high standards for tackling problems. They set rules about what they will accept and expect of themselves and others. They realize that staying on the path of denial will not work and it will not work to lash out at unfair situations by resisting what is true. They have a much more viable plan.

In fact, the winners keep a positive outlook. However, they know that they must do much more than simply think positively. They mobilize resources and generate new solutions. Self-confidence and courage allow them to take responsibility for situations and take well-planned problem-solving actions.

When a solution is not possible, they draw valuable lessons from the event. They know that all experiences have tremendous lifetime value.

Ask yourself: What are my standards for dealing with problems? What are my limits to the behaviors, attitudes, and actions that I will accept from myself and from others? What are the highest standards that I will expect to live by at all times in every major area of ​​my life?

Setting and living up to high personal standards can be a tremendously liberating and life-changing step. It can help you make wise and informed decisions. It can help us experience more peace, joy, and prosperity today and for years to come!


Major League Baseball is a big draw for bettors, especially since the MLB season, which generally runs from April to November, offers a total of 2,430 games during the period, but also because baseball is quite different from other sports in the sense that there is no established standard point difference. per luminaire. MLB selections for a single ball game can come in a variety of forms, such as betting on race totals, race line, futures, parlays, propositions, series, etc.

These myriad MLB picks offer plenty of chances for bettors to make good profits on their picks and in fact, it has brought forth methodical models, approaches and plans to produce arguably the most statistically driven sport in the world. While the betting models for MLB teams can advance year after year, no system is perfect and can correctly guarantee winnings. Therefore bettors should still have a good understanding of how picks work in MLB and useful strategies.

Moneyline Picks

To get started with MLB picks, bettors must have a firm understanding of the money lines, as it is the most popular pick in the sport. Simply put, the bettor only needs to pick the winner of a game. As in most other sports, a baseball game has a favorite and a loser. The difference is in the odds, not in the point difference. For example, in a game between the Boston Red Sox (+300) and the Los Angeles Angels (-330), the Angels are a -330 favorite over the Red Sox, which means if you go for this MLB pick, you should bet -330 to win -100. That is, if the Angels win the game, the sportsbook will pay you $ 430, your initial bet of $ 330, and the win of $ 100. Bookmakers sometimes offer more significant odds for the underdog because it is considered a risk. greater than betting on the favorite.

Execute line selections

Run line bets are quite similar to MLB money line bets, but with an added twist. Here, you are not only picking a winner for an MLB game, but you are also betting that the winning team will win by a specific number of runs or lose the game by less than a specific number of runs. Essentially, the running line is an extension of -1.5 or +1.5 points assigned to both sides in an MLB matchup. While the minus sign represents the favorites, the positive sign shows the less favored. If you bet on a race line MLP selection for the favorites, you are betting that they will win by at least two races. If the favored side won by a single run, you would have lost your bet. Choosing a run line selection on the loser indicates that you believe the losing side will only lose by one run or win the game outright. A strong attraction for betting on MLB picks on the run line is that it allows them to bet on a team that they believe is going to outperform but will likely lose the game.

Over-Under Betting

Some bettors seek to avoid making a decision on who wins an MLB game, but only bet on the combined total score of a team or game. This is where the Over / Under selections come in handy. These are sometimes referred to as total bets, and it is about whether the total number of runs scored in a baseball game will go above or below a set limit. Bookmakers often use a number of factors to arrive at a chosen limit for over and under picks and these numbers often offer the same payout figures. If an over / under pick is set to 9.5, it means that you will need the combined score to be nine or less if you bet under. If you bet more, you will need ten with very little to choose between the best and the poor teams.

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Don Juan has been heard of, by all accounts, he was a great libertine and lover and made love to women from all over Italy and France. In short, he is the epitome of a true lover. You cannot think of anyone similar on the subcontinent, but in Pakistan, a man can wear the Don Juan mantle and is a Muslim Pir.

Who is a Pir? he is supposed to be a holy man who has direct communion with God and is the man who shows the laity the guide of bliss. A Pir is a product of Sufi culture; a liberal form of Islam that is peculiar to Pakistani and Indian Muslims. News has emerged from Pakistan that a young and energetic Pir Muslim had spread a statement that he had the power to ensure that a woman beget a child.

Now, in Pakistan, as in India, there is an almost crazy desire to have a child, as girls are despised. Thus, many women who did not have children were looked down upon by the family and were obviously eager to have children. So when they heard that a Pir, who could bestow upon them a son, they flocked to the Pir’s abode. The Pir was a great psychologist and he played with the faith and the faith of women and seduced them into a special bed on his back. Room. He called the bed Noor bed while copulating with the women and soon more than 300 of them conceived.

Almost all the women were married and succumbed to the advances of the and Pir and gave themselves to him. Obviously, once a woman got pregnant, she kept it a secret. Even some barren married women whose husband was probably to blame also conceived and found happiness.

Fearing arrest, Pir ran away, but was later arrested. This was in 2011 and the trial is still going on and there are no witnesses available. After all, no woman will admit that she slept with Pir. Even the Sharia requires 4 witnesses for the act and I am afraid there are none available. However, people have mixed feelings about the Pir and one woman has said that the Pir did a good thing by getting infertile women pregnant because otherwise their lives at home were hell. Then he saved them. I wonder what people will feel about Pir’s acts. How many support it