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The right people at the right time:

This is the most common sales slogan for advertising companies. This is commonly called targeted advertising. Advertisers can choose the demographic of advertisers they want to sell their products to. Even beyond apps like Facebook, where people voluntarily share information like relationship status and Likes, there are other companies that collect similar data based on user activities online.

Through the hundreds of web pages you visit every day, you are leaving a trail of information that advertising companies can track. All of these websites can provide all the free services that they provide, just because they can offset the costs through advertising. Therefore, the success of websites comes from generating traffic through their websites. Success for advertisers comes from providing the most relevant ads to each user so that they end up clicking on the ads and possibly paying money for the products or services they are selling. The data that ad agencies track is not something you can erase by closing your browser or even restarting your machine.

Web cookies:

According to wikipedia: a cookie is used for a source website to send status information to a user’s browser and for the browser to return status information to the source site. Status information can be anything that is actually stored on your computer. So should you permanently disable cookies? It is generally good to allow cookies on your computer in order to enjoy the full benefits of a website. For example, when you are shopping at and you have added some items to your shopping cart, you must have cookies enabled so that you can come back the next day and continue shopping from where you left off. So it is a very good thing in terms of convenience.

Advertising companies use the same technique to store cookies on your computer and track your online activities. This page ( lists the cookies for the advertising platforms currently running on your computer. If you look closely, the ads placed by one of these companies will be the most relevant to your recent online activity.

How to protect myself:

Although most advertising companies are not malicious and do not profit from the sale of your personal information, it is good to be aware of what is happening so close to you. There is certain information that you will never want to share with anyone, such as perhaps your medical situation. To obtain such information, you must know how to protect yourself from inadvertently disclosing it to online businesses. Here are some tips:

  • Delete your cookies from time to time. There is a lot of help online on how to do it.
  • Beware of malicious sites. Remember that they can also place cookies on your computer.
  • When entering secure data such as bank details or passwords, make sure the page is encrypted by HTTPS. You will also get a lot of help if you search online on this topic.
  • From time to time, watch for cookies on your computer to make sure someone else using that computer doesn’t go to malicious sites.

There are online security organizations and security enthusiasts who check on advertising companies if they try to step out of line. It is good to know about some of these organizations:


Online medical information:

Special care should be taken when looking for medical answers online. Search engines generally store the IP addresses of their users so that they can trace a particular search query to an individual quite easily. When conducting medical searches, try to use websites that do not store information that can be used to identify you. Try to find services that do not store any information that is used to trace a search query to you to protect the privacy of your medical information.


Prevention is better than cure. The internet is still evolving and we don’t know what it will be like tomorrow. It is better to protect confidential data and continue to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet.

If you just got your new iPhone, you are probably still in awe of the GPS positioning. I’m sure that like me, you’ve spent time walking around with the compass app for the sheer joy of watching it work. I’m also sure that by now you’ve found Google Maps and looked in awe at how it works. at your location and you have activated satellite view to see your home as seen from space.

What you may not know is that you can also use Google Streetview on your iPhone. If you’re unfamiliar with Streetview, it’s the reason why those weird black cars with weird-looking cameras have been prowling the streets. The purpose of Streetview is to give you a street-level perspective of the area you are viewing on the map, as if you were there. You can pan and zoom and even move around the street you are viewing. Maybe you saw a Google car mapping your hometown. If it did, it is most likely in the picture!

Here’s how to view Streetview on your iPhone.

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Make sure you have positioning turned on. If you’re using IOS4, you should have a little compass pointer icon at the top right of the screen next to the battery level indicator. Otherwise, press the little compass icon at the bottom left of the screen, it will turn blue and zoom in on your location.
  3. Next, you need to put a pin.
  4. Hit the rolled page icon at the bottom right of the screen to reveal some additional options
  5. Press the “Drop Marker” button to place a marker on the map.
  6. You can move the pin by holding it down and dragging it to a new location on the map.
  7. Notice the bar that appears above the pin with the location details.
  8. To the left of the bar you will see a small round red icon containing the shape of a person
  9. Click on the little red icon and everything will be revealed. You are now in Streetview mode
  10. Move around the map by scrolling and tapping, double tap to zoom
  11. If you want to go back to the standard view, tap the round map icon at the bottom right of the screen

There you have it, Streetview on the iphone.


On February 8, 2015, Family Guy released an episode titled “Quagmire’s Mom.” In the episode, the recurring sex addict character Glen Quagmire is arrested for having sex with a high school girl. After claiming that his mother is the reason he became a sexual deviant, Quagmire is still sentenced to twenty years in prison. However, his mother enters the episode and finds a way to have her son acquitted of his charges. While I’m a huge fan of Family Guy, I personally thought this episode was mediocre. However, I apparently loved this episode compared to the Parent Television Council.

The Parent Television Council is probably more active in attacking Family Guy than any other major organization. Family Guy has made its annual “Worst Primetime Family Watch” list three times and over forty episodes have been chosen for the “Worst TV Show of the Week” from the Parent Television Council. They have even launched campaigns for the Fox network to cancel Family Guy.

I know a lot of people hate Family Guy for multiple reasons, including clipped jokes, inconsistency, and of course offensive humor. Most television viewers dislike certain popular shows. I hate The Bachelor because I don’t believe for a second that it’s reality and I hate Downton Abbey because I find it slow, pretentious, and painfully boring. However, if those shows are popular, who am I to say they should be off the air? I just won’t look at them. In fact, if I had the option to cancel those shows myself, I wouldn’t do it because other people enjoy them and they don’t force me to. Similarly, no one is forcing members of the Parent Television Council to watch Family Guy. I doubt you like anything about it. This means that they watch this show of their own choosing, not because there is something about the show that appeals to them, but just so they can complain later.

Humor is subjective and different people have different senses of humor. For example, I did not find the movie “Elf” the least bit funny despite its universal praise. But I’m not going to criticize other people for laughing at it or starting a campaign against the film because it didn’t fit my sense of humor. The Parent Television Council does not seem to understand this. They think that if you find something funny that they don’t, it’s your fault and you’re inferior to the sophistication of these elite intellectuals. In one of his recent articles complaining about the “Our Idiot Brian” episode, Christopher Gildemiester stated “it was a typical Family Guy episode, except for the long middle part of the episode making fun of stupid people”, which undoubtedly insulted many of the Biggest Family Guy. fans. “These people constantly complain that Family Guy negatively generalizes to certain types of people, yet they just called Family Guy fans” stupid people. “

More than anything else, the Parent Television Council complains about Family Guy for indecency, such as making fun of certain types of people or groups, violent or sexually explicit content, or offensive jokes on sensitive topics. That would be like going to see “Dora the Explorer” and complaining that it was too childish and silly. Members of the Parent Television Council are obviously not the target audience. Neither do people who tend to be offended by shock humor. This is the type of program that Family Guy is and always was. It’s obviously not for everyone, but let the people who like the show watch it. The folks at the Parent Television Council can watch whatever they want to watch.

Now, I would understand if they made this kind of complaint about a family program. For example, in an episode of SpongeBob called “Are you happy now?” there is a joke where Squidward is depressed and picks up a rope that says “maybe this will help”, implying that he will hang himself just to get something else instead. This is clearly a suicide joke and of course it got a lot of backlash. Watching SpongeBob is a children’s show and this kind of joke is out of place in a show that is expected to be a family show. In this case, the program is to blame for the content the children were exposed to. But Family Guy was always an adult cartoon. It sure has gotten bolder over the years, but it wasn’t for kids to begin with. The Parent Television Council often complains that children are exposed to the Family Guy. I’m not a parent so I can’t judge whether a parent lets their kids see Family Guy or not. But Family Guy is clearly not a show for kids and everything that kids are exposed to is up to the parents. And I know the TV Parental Council complains about the Family Guy time slot, how it tunes in too early when the kids are still watching TV, but that’s not the fault of the show either. That is the fault of the network and that problem needs to be addressed with them, not with the program itself.

They also like to complain about certain messages that they claim to be broadcasting on the show. They claim that Family Guy belittles the seriousness of serious problems such as rape, racism and abuse. However, they must remember that Family Guy is a comedy. Not only that, but it is completely absurd without any attempt at realism or logic. I’m not going to learn that it’s okay to treat a family member like trash because they do it in Family Guy. They don’t actively tell us that abuse is okay (except maybe with one or two rare exceptions like “Seashell Party”). I can laugh at racist or suicidal jokes while still understanding the seriousness of the problems. I know some people can’t and that’s just a difference in the sense of humor. I can even laugh at jokes that make fun of me. I have Asperger’s syndrome and I was never one bit offended by Family Guy’s numerous jokes about autism. If others are offended by this black humor, they can watch more politically correct shows. The Television Council for Parents must understand that just because a program offends them does not mean that it should not exist.

However, the turning point for me to write this was the article on the aforementioned episode, Quagmire’s Mom. The Parent Television Council complained that the episode joked about the rape of minors. Now this was just baffling to me. Family Guy is not new to making this kind of joke. They have made far more offensive jokes than this, like almost any episode with the character of Herbert, an old man who constantly tries to get sexual pleasure from young children. Even the main character of this episode, Quagmire, has done a lot worse. Many other episodes have implied that he has committed numerous forcible rapes and has even kept women locked up in his home for his own sexual desires. In fact, one of my complaints about this episode is that when Quagmire finally gets significant consequences for his actions, it’s because of something that, to be honest, wasn’t even his fault. He had consensual sex with a girl who lied to him saying she was an adult and Quagmire was shocked when she revealed that she was underage after they had already had sex. I’d say the real-life injustice this episode is joking about is that people can go to jail for twenty years for having sex with someone they thought was legal. But since this episode involved anything that included the word “rape,” the Parent Television Council is freaking out about it. This episode isn’t even that callous on the subject compared to other episodes. In fact, he actually takes the subject quite seriously for an episode of Family Guy.

The Parent Television Council, to me, represents the worst of modern censorship. If people want to publicly rant about how much they hate Family Guy, that’s their freedom of speech. However, the Television Parent Council is actively trying to shut down the show because they don’t like it. People should be able to enjoy the entertainment they prefer, but no one can tell you what they like. You can hate Family Guy all you want, but the best way to deal with it is to just avoid him. Hopefully, the Television Parent Council will understand that one day.

A year ago, we wanted to add a technology editor to our staff. A summary crossed my editor’s desk …

Did you work on Wall Street? Check.

Did you run a successful hedge fund? Check.

The editor asked my opinion. “Well, it’s one thing to make money in a bull market in tech stocks,” I said. “But a good stock picker can find opportunities even in the most hated sectors of the market.”

But Paul Mampilly, our “new kid,” rose to the challenge with this outrageous: “Stop panic selling gold mining stocks.”

And the rest is history …

Paul made a bold appeal last February: “This is just the first entry into a monstrous bull market for gold mining stocks,” he wrote. “You could earn 100% to 200% over the next 12 months.”

But Paul was wrong.

Investors who bought something like the VanEck vectors junior gold miners ETF (Nasdaq: GDXJ) the next day – doubled your money in less than six months.

Maybe he was lucky.

I mean, Paul himself will tell you that gold stocks are not his thing. You like to spend your time looking for investment megatrends, not the geological versions (like Nevada’s Carlin Trend) that mining companies dig up.

But careful readers will notice other specific calls Paul made that have worked quite well.

Hunt megatrends in stocks

A few months passed and Paul wanted to focus on finding “megatrend” opportunities among some of the most followed tech stocks on Wall Street.

Again, it was possible to have doubts. I mean, what could he see that 99% of Wall Street strategists and research analysts couldn’t?

Much, it turns out.

He has recommended 11 actions; all of them are still in the portfolio. His best recommendation is up almost 45% (in three months). Its worst? Down 3%.

That’s when we really recognized Paul’s fort …

Paul has that rare (and very valuable) ability to identify extremes.

It gave us an idea …

Extreme fortunes

Why not let Paul go and allow him to use his abilities to the fullest?

Paul’s goal is simple:

Target and capture small business stocks with the potential for multiple 1,000% earnings. That means there are no penny stocks, no options or extreme forms of leverage.

Paul will continue to do what he has always done: read stacks of books, sift through them for his most profitable “big ideas,” and then sift through volumes of corporate documents and market data in real time to find the best investment candidates.

After that, as yet another filter, he adds his many years of experience as a hedge fund manager and analyst. Only then do you identify the true “diamonds in the rough” among the hundreds of small companies listed on the major stock exchanges. (The vast majority of them are covered and overlooked by Wall Street.)

Paul demonstrated the value of his stock picking skills to investors in his $ 7 billion hedge fund …

He demonstrated those skills to readers over the past year …

As you run around doing your last Christmas shopping this week, have you remembered your favorite person? (You!)

I know that you do a lot for the others in your life: your family and extended family, your co-workers or employees, the people who serve you at your favorite restaurants, dry cleaners, mailmen, etc. – but and you?

As we contemplate New Years Eve and a whole new year of dreams and goals, why not treat yourself to a couple of books (or audiobooks) that can motivate you and help you achieve those dreams.

Here are my five favorite motivational and inspirational books. If you haven’t read them, then you’re in luck …

# 1. “The Advanced Formula for Total Success” by Dr. Robert Anthony. This is a classic and one that I read every year. It’s packed with the truth about what’s stopping you from achieving your dreams, AND it tells you how to release the breaks.

It’s out of print, but luckily has many sellers who still offer copies from a few dollars to over $ 40. Look it up today and get ready for a powerful, life-changing book you’ll enjoy for years to come.

# 2. “Find and Use Your Inner Power” by Emmet Fox. I read sections of this book almost every day. It is a book of essays, each only one page per page and a half. The essays deal with the law of attraction from a spiritual perspective. Simply one of the best books that exist to remember the truth.

I recommend that you start each day by reading a page or two.

# 3. “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne. One of the most accessible books on the law of attraction. If you are not familiar with this concept, this is a great introductory book.

Bonus Book: Another great introductory book on the Law of Attraction is “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen. This book is probably available for free as an e-book. Excellent quick read that will change the way you think.

# 4. “The Principles of Success” by Jack Canfield. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive, step-by-step guide to setting and achieving goals, this book will get you there. Make sure you have a notebook handy, as Jack will exercise while he plans for the rest of his life.

If you’re ready, Jack is too.

# 5. “The Complete Book of Phone Scripts”, e-book for sellers. How could you not put the best-selling phone script book on this book list to help you have a killer 2017?

If you are in sales, then this is a must. Let’s face it: 80-90% of the objections and deadlocks you receive are the same, day after day. You will be 100% more effective if you take the time to write down best practices for dealing with them. It’s called being prepared. Plus, this is the gift that keeps giving with over $ 500 in bonus bonuses!

So there you have it. 5 (actually 6) books to help you set goals and achieve them. Give yourself something that you will continue to give for the rest of your life.

Copyright (c) 2016 Mr. Internal Sales

I get a ton of emails from Bark Off, all hinting at the same thing. Does Bark Off work? So far, it’s been difficult to get heads or tails out of this debate because most of the reviews we’ve been able to see were testimonials about the Bark Off commercial. The product is so new that it would take time before consumers could use it long enough to know how effective it is or not.

Recently, we got a first glimpse of what a real person, with a real dog barking problem, had to say about the product, and it should be a relief to all of our ears. I always suspected that this ultrasonic dog bark control device had some merit, but like many other people I wondered if it was human or would it hurt my dog. The answers follow.

The tester for the product was Connie from Buffalo, New York, who had written to a television station asking her local news product review department about the Bark Off ultrasonic bark control device. They decided to check it out and asked Connie to be the guinea pig.

Her problem was three little dogs who loved to bark and drove her crazy. It was difficult for him to talk on the phone when the dogs were barking and if someone knocked on the door, forget it. I’m sure there were other times the barking was unwelcome, but this is what Connie mentioned.

Connie was given a sample of Bark Off and once she turned on the battery-powered device, an ultrasonic wave was emitted as the dogs barked, then fell silent. Hmmmm, sounds good to me already.

The Bark Off device stayed with Connie for further testing and finally gave her a “two thumbs up” review. She was diligent and even tested it successfully on her neighbor’s dog. Connie had some reservations and I’m glad this was mentioned. Sometimes we want our dogs to park. A dog is instinctively protective and there is nothing better than the barking of a dog to alert us to danger. Whether it’s a danger alert in the middle of the night or a signal to us that our toddler is up to mischief, we all appreciate our dog’s barking right now.

We’ve probably all heard stories about a dog that saved the day with some kind of heroic action, so turning off our dog’s ability to alert us to danger doesn’t sound like beneficial. So Connie, and I’m sure many others came up with a simple solution. She just turns it off during those times, it’s okay to hear some noise.

However, I would like to point this out. The barking device works only after the dog barks at least once. It is the sound of the barking that triggers the ultrasonic pulse, which cannot be heard by humans, which is released and ultimately calms the dog. So even when the device is activated, your dog will have the opportunity to “speak his mind” at least once. In my case, this would be enough to alert me to some danger. But, if you’re in the kitchen and the dogs are in the yard with the kids, I’d keep it out of the way just in case.

So I’m delighted with Connie’s Bark Off review because here’s a real person who made the news about her results. We have a product that works well and if you saw the three little chatters driving her crazy, you would be as impressed as I am.

The Kindle Fire is much more interactive than previous Kindle models and you often need to enter text, for example when you search your content libraries or the web, annotate text, or fill out web forms. However, entering text on a relatively small device can be overwhelming. This article explains techniques and tricks that will make entering and editing text much easier, enhancing your enjoyment of your Kindle Fire.

Using the Kindle Fire keyboard

When you touch a text entry field on the Kindle Fire, the onscreen keyboard appears automatically. Typing on the Kindle Fire keyboard (or any on-screen keyboard on a relatively small device) is an art that takes practice. Some prefer the method of hunting and pecking with a single index finger, while others achieve greater speed by holding the device with both hands and typing with both thumbs. In any case, the keyboard will be much larger and easier to use if you turn your Kindle on its side (its long horizontal dimension).

Note: If your screen doesn’t reorient when you turn your Kindle sideways, your screen is probably locked. To unlock it, tap on the gear-shaped Settings icon on the right side of the status bar at the top of the screen. Then tap on the Locked icon on the Quick Settings bar that appears.

The Kindle Fire customizes the keyboard according to the context in which it is displayed. For example, if you need to enter general text, you will see an alphabetic keyboard, while if a number is required, you will see a numeric keyboard.

If a character has alternate forms (such as an or, which has alternate forms with accents, umlauts, etc.) and if you touch the key for about a second, the Kindle displays the alternate characters in a palette above the key. To enter one of these characters, slide your finger to the character you want to insert, and then lift your finger.

To type a number (or one of the punctuation characters that is not included in the top row) switch to the numeric and punctuation keyboard by touching 123 !? wrench. (Touch the ABC key to return to the alphabetic keyboard.) Alternatively, you can type a number using the alphabetic keyboard by tapping one of the keys in the top row of letters for about a second and then lifting your finger.

Another way to enter a punctuation character (: / & and so on) is to touch the period (.) Key for about a second, slide your finger to one of the characters that appear in the pop-up palette, and then lift your finger.

Note that you can customize the way the keyboard works through the general settings screen of Kindle Fire. (Tap the gear-shaped Settings icon on the right side of the status bar at the top of the screen. Then tap More).

Edit your typed text

To delete all the text that you have typed in a text field using the keyboard, simply touch and hold the Backspace key.

But what if you’ve typed in a long string of characters only to find that you made a mistake near the beginning? Instead of repeatedly tapping the Backspace key to go back to error and then retype all the text, you can use the Kindle keyboard’s editing features, which are explained here.

Move the cursor and insert / delete: To edit at a particular position in the text you have written, touch that position. A flashing cursor will appear at the position you touched, with a marker below it. You can drag the marker to move the cursor forwards or backwards. Type Characters or Backspace inserts or deletes text at the cursor position.

Please select: To select text, touch a word for about a second, and in the pop-up menu that appears, touch Select word or Select all. The text will be highlighted and a marker will appear at each end. You can change the range of the selection by dragging a marker.

Cut or copy: To cut or copy the selected text, tap on it and from the pop-up menu choose Cut (to copy and delete the text) or Copy (to copy the text without deleting it). The copied text goes to the clipboard of the Kindle Fire.

Paste: If no text is selected, you can insert the contents of the Clipboard at the cursor position by touching the text field for about a second and then choosing Paste from the pop-up menu. If text has been selected, you can replace it with the contents of the Clipboard by tapping the selection and choosing Paste.

Note that the Clipboard works on all built-in Kindle Fire software, as well as installed applications. So, for example, if you copied text to the Clipboard while viewing a web page in the browser, you can paste it into a search field in a content library.

If the keyboard disappears at any time while editing text, just tap inside the text field to restore it.

It is night. Not just any night, but a “bush” night, which means the only light is the lick of the flames of fire and the constant, dim glow of the few kerosene lamps around the camp. We drink our Chai (tea) and kahaua (coffee) to warm our insides against the wind that sweeps the Simanjiro plains as our fellow Maasai, Alterere and Leiyo, rush us on our way … we are going to be late.

We entered our two-tone pickup. Our ill-mannered Maasai friends comically and desperately try to negotiate my and my sister’s two front seats to no avail, reluctantly jumping to the rear. We head into the night looking for the telltale glare of the eyes in our headlights, spinning and jumping down the unforgiving road. There is no one in our path, no one to cross our path, no one hitchhiking, as is often the case here during the day. It is around 9 at night when we arrive at the boma (Maasai people) and we quickly find out that we have missed it: the ceremony is over. Now what?

We sit in the car, surrounded by Maasai, waiting for Hassan, who will determine our next move, occasionally waving to a faceless arm that curiously navigates through total darkness toward the window. I wonder how they live in such darkness at night realizing that modern technology has spoiled me. Outside our car, there is a kind of meeting, we hear the murmur; the torch flashes on and off, briefly exposing a face, eyes, and teeth, but that’s about it. Apart from that, it is the night that prevails. Hassan is out of the car, talking to the elders and doing the necessary public relations to get us permission to enter the ceremony. Every now and then, he pops his head out to give us an update, “… there were four boys already circumcised here … they all can’t walk and in bed … the doctor is still here … we have been invited to another ceremony … “. Then return to the abyss of darkness.

It is important to note that among the Maasai, respect and communication are not only extremely important, but two ruling forces in their lives. The first half of any meeting is usually devoted to greetings and formalities. Nothing is too important to run away; here we are in “Africa time”, so we keep waiting. It is arranged after a discussion and clarification with the elders that we will follow the doctor (is it him? certificate?! I’m not sure …) to a neighboring boma an hour and a half away. Once again, the headlights illuminate our path and we take off after the medic and his team. While I mentioned that nothing is too important to rush, I didn’t say that nothing is too important to rush. for. I (up to this point) have never seen any African show any sense of urgency, but this doctor gave a new meaning to the phrase “… bat from hell.” At times our vehicle slows down to delicately maneuver over a pothole or hole in the road, and within seconds the dim red taillights we are following are out of place. On numerous occasions we were left alone with the dust that settled to continue. Then, like a headlamp in a storm, we spotted the lights in the distance, the car weaving through the bush. The hour-long chase (as it came to be) is interrupted by a few cowering hyenas trotting across the road and (finally) when the getaway car breaks down due to a broken front wheel axle (shocking). This led us to be the sole vehicle, immediately promoting us from being mere observers of the ceremony to the true omens of it! I, more somber in my metaphor, compared us to the horsemen of the apocalypse of these young people about to suffer what I imagine is insurmountable pain.

We arrived at the boma with butterflies in our stomach, again in complete darkness, with the faint sound of rhythmic and ominous chants. “It must be the boys about to be cut …” I speculate in a whisper. But when we get closer to the sound, we see a picture against the moonlight of a group of about eight Morani (Maasai warriors) in a circle (a circle is usually the way they build not only their villages but also their ceremonies). The singing and chanting never falter, with one vocalist yelling solo and the others chirping in unison afterward. The sound is throaty and hypnotic, actually quite captivating and beautiful even though the Maasai language is foreign to us. After some questions, we find out that the Morani are not singing at all, but are verbally insulting both of them. Leoni (uncircumcised) who are completely naked at the center of it all. We learn from Hassan that this is done in an attempt to irritate children enough to bear the pain that awaits them, nudity is exposing them to cold in an effort to lull them to sleep. All the tribulation can be compared to the hazing of brotherhood; however, it can be imagined that the college “bonding” ritual pales in comparison to this ancient and esteemed rite of passage.

Another click of a flashlight confirms it: in the center of the circle are two scrawny, trembling bodies whose slender arms are crossed over their private parts. The light goes out again. The chant continues and another flash of light exposes teeth chattering (it is freezing) and the whites of your eyes. I am so nervous for these two guys that I am overwhelmed by the weight of the moment ahead. Circumcision is performed with a razor, without any anesthesia, and if a boy cries out, flinches, or lets out a tear, he fails the test and is expelled from the village, greatly embarrassing his family. I can’t help but think that these young people (9 and 13 years old) are too young to carry such a huge responsibility.

Finally it is time to wash them and my friend Leiyo leads me by the hand to the area outside the boma where the ceremony will take place. It is done outside the village because only after circumcision can they be invited to return to the boma, this time as men. The doctor has a flashlight now and the area is pretty well lit. The men of the boma begin to huddle around as two cowhide mats are laid out on the ground and each chattering boy is led to one. The women are in their huts (forbidden to see this ceremony) – the laments of the mothers mark the screaming wind. The feeling in the pit of my stomach can be compared to the feeling one has when watching a movie in which a brave character is stoically led to the guillotine, one of sadness, anxiety and the desire to end the entire ordeal. as soon as possible.

The children sit on the mats, their legs spread out before them, their upper body in the strong arms of an uncle. In this particular case, their faces are covered with their shukas (traditional Maasai cloth). I hold my breath. The doctor exposes a new razor that glows in the light and does not rush to cut. The first child is tough, he doesn’t even move a toe or clench his fist when the razor makes its cuts. My tense body doesn’t relax until I find out what has happened. Apparently his mother found out about this too; her sobs like songs of pride, joy and relief echo through the night.

The second, very young, has my stomach in my throat with the first cut while he lets out a shallow gasp of air that sounds breathed through clenched teeth. He blurts out a few more of these and I’m pretty sure he’s crying. When all was said and done, the elders spat on the ground around them, forcing me to believe that they had failed, but I am wrong. Spitting is a form of respect, and the child (who, as we will see later, has some leeway due to his young age) has shown his vigor and courage.

They take them to recover with the mothers who await them and it’s over. The actual circumcision lasted only about 15 minutes, but we found that the hazing that we had entered had been going on since 6pm (it was now past midnight), so it is actually an all-day event.

The entire ordeal left me with a surreal feeling that was only overshadowed by the tremendous relief I felt for each child. I immediately felt connected to the Maasai and particularly the boys for allowing us to witness the most important event in the life of a Maasai man. It was incredibly humbling and reminded me of how beneficial and socially solidifying rites of passage are. I cannot think of a single event in the life of the average American that harbors the social significance of this event that I have just described. I can’t help but feel that maybe we are missing this idea or construction that strengthens ties and builds character in the way that Maasai circumcision does. He was not barbaric, rude, pagan, or fanatic; in fact, it was the opposite. The rare event that I was lucky enough to witness is not just soul building, pride and extremely admirable … it is, in a way, even beautifull.

If you would like more information on how to experience something similar yourself, please contact Tropical Trails Safari Company located in Arusha, Tanzania.

They suffer a lot, they come with a cool magnetic case (which also adds 24-hour charge, to the point where we don’t even come close to running away from us during the review), and they free you from cables, but this feels more like designs from reference for future Apple wireless devices as the must-have iPhone accessory.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have the same aluminum casing and the only difference is the location of the antenna lines. Now, they cut the corners instead of the back. The new iPhones even share the same respective screen size as the iPhone last year: a 4.7-inch screen on the 7 and a 5.5-inch screen on the 7 Plus.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus legally to the most interesting, stubborn and powerful phones Apple has ever shipped, and the most self-assured expression of the company’s vision in a long time. iOS 10 is great, the cameras are better, and the performance is phenomenal. And longer battery life. These are good phones.

Great opportunity.

1: good things

2: water resistance

3: improved cameras

4: better battery life

5: big screen

6: Taptic engine feedback is commanded

7: the dual camera zoom on the 7 Plus is great

But the differences between the old and new models are still felt, and they are particularly evident in the new colors: black and jet black. Jet Black has a “pristine mirror surface” and a high gloss finish.

The new dual speakers firing from the earbuds and the bottom of the phone, had to go somewhere too, which begins to explain why the 7.1mm thick iPhone 7 is.

“The high-gloss finish of the jet black iPhone 7 is achieved through a nine-step precision polishing and anodizing process,” said Apple. “The surface is just as hard as other anodized Apple products, however, demonstrate the use of fine, high-gloss micro-abrasions. If you are concerned, we recommend one of the many cases available to protect your iPhone.”

But they are also incomplete. The most interesting aspect of the new dual camera of the iPhone 7 Plus is not available at launch. Apple is making a big bet on iMessage and Siri in the iOS 10 apps, but it hasn’t paid off yet. Applications do not update to the Taptic Engine or use the new wide color gamut display. The entire ecosystem of new headphones and adapters needed to make use of Lightning and wireless audio is just off the ground. Only Apple or Beats headphones offer the best wireless audio experience, and you may not like how they sound or how they fit. By the time developers get close to hitting the performance limits of the A10 Fusion chip, Apple will use the A11 Fusion Pro drivetrain with six blades.

The whole time I was using the iPhone 7, I felt like I had a prototype next year, rumors of a drastic redesign of the iPhone disguised as iPhone 6. All those risky bets on the future are legitimately exciting, but here in the current use of the iPhone 7 in a case looks a lot like using an iPhone 6S with a weird home button and more adapters.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus legally to the most interesting, stubborn and powerful phones Apple has ever shipped, and the most self-assured expression of the company’s vision in a long time. iOS 10 is great, the cameras are better, and the performance is phenomenal. And longer battery life. These are good phones.

So your new site is complete, congratulations! There are many moving parts to a build, from coding to design to content.

However, if you want to attract and retain customers, you can’t have a “set it and forget it” mentality after the initial work is done – marketing your business isn’t just about creating a web presence.

It is critical that a website maintenance plan is a priority for your small business. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. You want to offer a good user experience.

Broken links, 404 pages, half landing pages, slow loading times … your visitors will go elsewhere if they don’t find what they’re looking for quickly. The last thing you want for your business is for customers to experience frustration.

Plus, you won’t build trust among shoppers if you don’t deliver a good user experience – who will want to enter your credit card or contact information when your online presence seems sloppy?

Your website is the face of your business, so invest time and energy to keep it up to date. Monitor for glitches and focus on adding new content like blogs, articles, events, and testimonials as often as possible to provide a good user experience and reap the benefits of SEO.

2. It is the key to safety and security.

You are not only responsible for protecting your own data, but you are also responsible for the information of your visitors. Security requirements are constantly changing and no one is safe, even large brands are targets of cyberattacks and data breaches.

In late 2016, Uber announced the personal information of 57 million Uber users and 600,000 drivers had been exposed by cyber thieves. To make matters worse, the company tried to hide the violation rather than report it.

In November 2018, Marriott International released information that cybercriminals had stolen the data of approximately 500 million customers.

Since hackers get smarter all the time, you need a program that you can trust to keep your online assets safe.

Being proactive and protecting your website is now much easier than dealing with the devastation, disruption, and huge costs of a hacked site, lost data, and destroyed Google rankings.

The safety and maintenance plan includes:

• Continuous next-generation monitoring and “next-generation application firewall” protection against spam, malware, and other malicious attempts

• Continuous automatic backups of your site in case it needs to be restored

• The site checks for broken links and images to keep it running smoothly and quickly.

• Regular updates to your WordPress site and plugins for optimal performance and security

• And much more …

3. A safe backup is a lifesaver.

A backup is a saved copy of your site, either from a day or a month ago. Backups are stored in files or in the cloud and can be restored if required.

If you don’t have a backup and your website has been hacked and erased, you will have to start from scratch. You wouldn’t want all your hard work to go away, would you?

A big part of your website maintenance plan is using reliable tools to keep your information safe.

4. Software updates won’t wait.

The software is constantly changing, be it add-ons and themes that need updating or security programs.

Your site won’t run smoothly and you will also be vulnerable to hackers if you don’t stay on top of software updates. The more often you update, the less likely you are to have problems.

Keeping your software up-to-date also ensures that your site loads quickly when visitors arrive; speed has an impact on SEO.

Don’t miss out on leads or sales by neglecting content, security, backups, and regular software updates.

Remember: the cost of repairing problems online will be greater than the affordable maintenance costs you pay now!