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When thinking about the subject of this article, my first thought, for some crazy and unknown reason, was the now infamous interview that Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath did with Suzy Kolber during an NFL game ago. several years.

Clearly drunk, or “in a cast,” Broadway Joe had begun the interview by commenting on New York Jets quarterback Chad Pennington’s performance.

But in response to Ms. Kolber’s follow-up question, he broke off with “I want to kiss you.” Oddly enough, Suzy handled the ruckus with aplomb…even seeming to enjoy it a bit.

Now, shortly after this crazy moment unfolded before millions on live television, Namath has made a solemn apology for his actions on ESPN. Of course.

Here’s the thing, though. The alcohol involved here probably only served to unleash his inhibitions about saying such a thing on national television, and at a particularly… um… inopportune time.

In reality, SAYING IT, however, was purely his nature.

Anyone familiar with Joe Namath’s style knew deep down that he was probably just being himself. After all, he’s been running this kind of “straight play” with women off-camera for over 45 years.

The guy has been known to have TONS of women around since LONG before he was the hero of Super Bowl III.

So what can you learn from a drunk football legend? And better yet, what can you learn from a sports reporter’s nonchalant handling of your overt flirtation?

Well obviously I am 100% with you in accepting that there are A LOT of things you can learn NOT to do.

BUT… there is also a VERY KEY principle at play which is a hidden pearl of wisdom. And that’s what I want to focus on.

Simply put, if flirting is BUILT INTO YOUR PERSONALITY as part of your LIFESTYLE, then women know not to assume that their potential “rejection” wields real power.

Consider that statement for a moment, because it’s pretty heavy.

Essentially, if your HABIT is to tease women and show attraction freely, then it’s hard for a woman to REALLY know for sure how significant your interest is at first, isn’t it?

And this keeps you in control of your interactions with women and acts as a very real buffer against having to deal with “rejection.”

But most men have made flirting an EXCEPTIONAL BEHAVIOR rather than a LIFESTYLE HABIT, and thus deplete themselves of male leadership power every time they interact with a woman.

Let me explain how this works against us and why it matters.

If you, like most men, tiptoe through life worried about “offending” women by showing any interest in them, then you’re essentially setting yourself up to be a walking self-fulfilling prophecy.

That is, if it’s UNUSUAL for you to show interest in a woman, every time you ACTUALLY DO IT, it’s going to be a pretty serious deal… for both you and the woman.

You will have had to gather yourself and your words, and put it all together for the “big moment.”

What does this? Naturally, it puts the woman in TOTAL CONTROL of the situation, and you are literally at her mercy.

She may be thinking, “Oh wow… This guy REALLY likes me. I have to think of a serious answer here.”

And indeed, that’s where you’ll have LEDs in this scenario. You hang around, waiting to see how he reacts to you.

Granted, it may or may not give you a favorable answer. But the fact remains the same: most men treat flirting VERY SERIOUSLY, and this puts women in the “harbor box” all the time.

Ironically, she is IN CHARGE, and that is NOT where she WANTS to be in these situations.

Compare such a scenario with the Broadway Joe example above. Even in the context of a big TV blunder in the making, you could tell from Suzy Kolber’s reaction that she was giving him a “free pass” of sorts.

Granted, she’s a pro when it comes to streaming, so she can think pretty fast.

But as the conversation unfolded, you could almost FEEL her imagining the line, “Yeah right, Joe. I bet you’ll say that to ALL THE GIRLS.” And I guess about 75% of the audience was thinking the exact same thing.

That’s right. Because in fact “he says that to all the girls”.

Now I am NOT going to tell you to “go do like Joe Namath” to the extent that you get drunk and say things on TV that require apologies later. And I’m not even going to suggest a “direct game” like walking up to random women and telling them you want to kiss them, necessarily.

In fact, for real-world purposes, think of “Lifestyle Flirting” more in terms of fun, playful banter.

But what I’m going to do is ask you to consider the amazing message that is conveyed when a woman utters the magic phrase, “I bet you say that to ALL THE GIRLS.”

Do you think for a second that Namath gives a rat tail section whether Suzy Kolber kisses him or not? Do you think he already has his girlfriend on his mind? married to her? Did you make babies with her?

That series of quick questions got more ridiculous as it went on, huh?

Simply put, if you can become a man who is COMFORTABLE with flirting as a LIFESTYLE, then rejection is OFF THE TABLE.

Instead of giving women unconditional power, their casual, even NOT SELECTIVE, attitude towards interaction with MOTOS (members of the opposite sex) puts YOU back in control.

As such, women are left mysteriously at a loss as to whether or not you would REALLY “select” her given the chance or not.

You are seen as a man who appreciates ALL great women, therefore exhibiting ZERO despair or fear of loss.

When you can see flirting, or even interacting with women of ANY kind, in that light, IT CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Instead of calling women out for flirting, if you can free yourself to joke around with MOST women wherever you go, you’ll hit “critical mass” before you know it.

And it’s wild when you start to see the effects of this “Flirting Lifestyle” manifesting.

Instead of women feeling EXCLUSIVE when you flirt with them, they’ll feel EXCLUSIVE when you DON’T.

That’s right… the women you flirt with will no longer be in the “hot seat.” On the other hand, the women you will NOT want to enter.

Again, a caveat: We’re not necessarily talking about as open-ended an approach as the Broadway Joe example. All you do here is just start conversations and interact in a fun way.

And I’m not an unreasonable guy. I can’t expect him to “flip a switch” and make this lifestyle change overnight.

But I am going to challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone the next time you are in a social situation where you have the ability to meet new women and feel FREE to interact with any or even all of them, now realizing that MORE women you enjoy interacting with, LESS you telegraph “prequalify” any of them.

Try it and be surprised.

And I guess you probably don’t want to stop there.

To achieve a clean, fresh look, you’ll want to apply as little makeup as possible. The point is to look naturally flawless. You want people to think that you’re not wearing makeup and that you’re this handsome all the time. For this you will only want to put on as much makeup as possible to hide imperfections and enhance eyes and lips.

So what does this mean? Well, you’ll want to cover blemishes and use your foundation and concealer only on blemishes, reddish areas, dark circles under the eyes, and any other areas where there is bruising or discoloration. By evening out your skin tone, you’ve already done 80% of the work. Again, you only want to cover uneven areas, don’t apply your foundation like a mask, especially if it’s a day makeup. Trust me, even if you don’t think it’s all that noticeable, everyone will know you’ve layered the frosting.

Next, you’ll want to choose a blush shade that closely matches your natural blush. Apply just a light layer of blush to the apples of your cheeks. The easiest way to avoid applying too much is to use a large fan brush and a powder-based blush.

You will then want to curl your lashes and draw a thin line of eyeliner. You only want to use enough eyeliner to give your eyes some contrast and define their shape. Don’t use a Kohl pencil and try to draw a smoky eye. If you have short or thin lashes, you’ll want to use a light coat of lengthening mascara or grow your lashes out with an eyelash growth conditioner. Next, brush your brows and apply enough brow powder or use your brow pencil to fill in any uneven patchy areas.

Finally you’ll want to finish off your natural look with a light coat of lipstick or lip gloss. Use a color that is just one shade darker than your natural color. Once again, we want to define and enhance its natural features. This will give you some color, make you look more awake, and cover up pale lips without making them look too overdone. If you wear a matte lipstick, you can make your lips look less powdery with just a touch of gloss on the cupid’s bow of your upper lips and the center of your lower lip.

These simple makeup tips are a great way to achieve a fresh and easy look for work or just going to the grocery store. These are simple things that take less than 5 minutes and even the most clumsy and artistically challenged among us can learn how to apply makeup this way. You’ll have a natural, youthful, dewy, fresh face in just minutes without feeling like you’re wearing a thick powder mask.

Most foods can be cooked without water or without fat because they contain water or natural fats. Eggs, however, are the exception to the rule. Since they have no natural oils, a small amount of some type of lubricant is required to prevent eggs and egg-based recipes from sticking to the pan. Without that lube, you’ll have a mess to clean up later. Before you begin, make sure your cooking container is clean. Some chefs who use waterless cookware recommend initially putting a small amount of butter in the pan as a lubricant. The rationale for butter is that the butter will help you achieve the correct cooking temperature to cook the eggs. If the temperature is too high, the butter will burn. Once you’ve identified the proper temperature for the eggs, you can switch to oil or spray oil for your lubricant.

fry eggs

Preheat your gourmet skillet over medium heat. Place a small amount of lubricant (unsalted butter or cooking oil) in the bottom of the pan. Make sure there is enough to cover the bottom of the pan when it melts. If you use butter, the water bubbles will release from the butter after 2-3 minutes. At that time, add the eggs. When the whites are cooked to the desired firmness, flip the eggs over and cook the other side to the desired firmness. You can also cover your pan with a larger lid and cook to desired firmness.

yesscrambled eggs

Prepare the scrambled eggs by placing the eggs in a bowl. Add 1 tbsp. of water or milk per egg and beat well with a whisk or fork. Add salt and pepper to taste. Preheat your gourmet skillet over medium heat. Place a small amount of lubricant (unsalted butter or cooking oil) in the bottom of the pan. Make sure there is enough to cover the bottom of the pan when it melts. If you use butter, the water bubbles will release from the butter after 2-3 minutes. At that time add the eggs. As the eggs begin to cook, scoop the cooked part from the edge of the pan toward the center with a fork, allowing the uncooked egg mass to move to the surface of the pan. Keep repeating this process until the eggs are scrambled to the desired firmness.

Soft Boiled Eggs

In a small, cold saucepan, place the eggs and 2 Tbsp. of water for an egg. Add 1 tbsp. for each additional egg, up to six. Use 1/2 cup of water for more than 6 eggs. Cover the pan and open the vent. Cook over medium heat until steam appears, about 2 minutes. For electric stoves, turn off the heat. For gas stoves, lower the flame as low as possible. Time the eggs from the moment the steam appears through the wind. Close the vent and continue cooking for another 3 to 4 minutes for a soft cook, 5 minutes for a very firm, medium soft white yolk.

boiled eggs

Use the same method as above, adding additional water for additional eggs. Cover and close the vent. Cook over medium heat for 5 minutes. Turn off burner and leave covered for 10 minutes. Cook in cold water. Then peel.

poached eggs

Pour 1 cup of hot water into a small saucepan or a small griddle pan to poach eggs. Break the eggs into lightly buttered egg cups. Place on rack to poach eggs. Salt and pepper to taste. Cover and close the vent. Cook over medium heat until steam appears. Reduce to low. Continue cooking for 3 to 4 minutes for soft boiled eggs, or longer until desired firmness is achieved.

To serve, run a knife around each egg, lift the cup with a fork, and turn the egg onto a plate or English muffin. Herbs can be added to the cups at the same time the butter is added.

In short, when cooking with waterless cookware, eggs are in a category by themselves. You too can produce perfectly cooked eggs every time on your stainless steel cookware without water, but you must remember to add a lubricant. If you have more questions about waterless cookware or if you’re just looking for healthy recipes to make for your family, visit our site: The Gourmets Cookware.

While women can have multiple orgasms in one night, sometimes over the double-digit mark, you can’t even make your girl orgasm once. No matter what you do, you just can’t do it right. Either you end up hurting her or just making a fool of yourself. You just can’t catch a break.

All you want to do is please your woman every night. You want to give her a pleasure that she has never experienced before. She is capable of making you orgasm whenever possible, so she would love to return the favor for her. She would make you feel like more of a man if you could do this. Need help.

This is not a topic you can talk about with your friends. It’s too personal. They won’t know what your girl likes because every woman is different. However, you don’t want to go and talk to your girl about it because you’re already too embarrassed to approach her. Fortunately, you won’t have to. There are some things you can do without anyone’s help and you can start pleasing her tonight.

The best way to make a girl orgasm over and over again is to use double stimulation. This means that you stimulate both her clitoris and her G-spot simultaneously. Then you can make her reach more intense orgasms that she will never forget. Once you get her to climax once, it won’t take long for her to do it again. You can give your girl 5 orgasms in one night by doing this and she will definitely have something to talk about the next day with her friends.

One of the most difficult types of relationships and yet one that everyone wants to experience. Yes, it is a long distance relationship that some people, once in a lifetime, always want. Long distance is something that melts people. It’s hard to keep one and that’s a very conventional statement. It is the best way to realize the importance of the other person. It shows us the true value of a relationship and the value of the other. It is a test for all those who are strong enough to handle one. And so here are some tips and ways one can spice up their long distance.


This is the most important part of the relationship. Being able to tell the other person how you felt throughout the day may sound a bit cliche, but it’s the best thing you can do. But yes, do not force them to know EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

To: ‘Hey, I made a cheese sandwich today.’

B: ‘I’ll let the media know.’
Like seriously, no. No one wants to have an absolutely unnecessary conversation like that. In addition to what happened before, they should be able to tell each other everything else.


You may find this too soft, but no. In fact, it helps. Do a random round of rapid fire from 1 to 10 and find out what he likes the most about what you like too. They might also like what you love. But no, don’t expect your boyfriend to rate clothing and accessories. If you want, give him the option to go negative on the numbers.


THE MOST IMPORTANT. Let the other person breathe. If they want out, let them. If they don’t want to text you for a while, leave it. Don’t make a fuss over small problems. Sometimes, even if it’s the hard truth, the fact is that we need ourselves more than our better half. Sometimes your importance defines your relationship. What you need is probably more important than what the relationship needs right now.

One of the biggest problems that comes up is boyfriends (even girlfriends sometimes) telling their better half not to dress like they do. IT’S A BIG NO NO TO THAT. Dress how you want. Dress up for yourself. Make sure that what you do makes you happy because that way you can keep the relationship going. And stay away from people who tell you what to do.


Everyone in a serious relationship would understand this. With the growth of the relationship, people begin to understand that they have a certain responsibility and duty towards their partners. And so, making decisions becomes very important. Talk about things. Talk about life goals and be sure to help each other decide what you want. This helps develop your relationship in your own way.


This is too conventional but true. Be there for each other when you are needed most. Everyone makes a mistake whereby you stop trusting them. But if you’re looking for ways to strengthen your relationship, be sure to also see how much effort your partner is making to regain your trust. Please don’t make them feel like they committed a crime. It’s really very immature to get in the middle of all those past mistakes in your present fights. For.

Whether you eat it as an appetizer or as a meal on its own, soup is one of the best comfort foods out there. A bowl of hot soup is best enjoyed when it’s cold, so try these delicious soup recipes to help keep you warm on a cold day or night!

The ultimate cheese soup

What do you need:

  • 1 onion, grated
  • 6 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 1/2 cups shredded pepperjack cheese
  • 2 cups of milk
  • 1 3/4 cups low-sodium chicken broth
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro leaves
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/4 teaspoon hot sauce
  • ground black pepper to taste

In a saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter, then cook the all-purpose flour until golden brown, about 5 minutes. Add the onion and garlic and cook for another 3 minutes or until the onion is tender. Slowly add the milk and chicken broth then bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. Lower heat and continue to simmer until mixture is smooth and thick, about 15 minutes. Remove from heat and add grated cheese. Season with Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and black pepper then toss. Top with coriander leaves.

Pumpkin Curry Soup

What do you need:

  • 1 butternut squash, peeled, seeded and cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 4 cups of chicken broth
  • 1 cup finely chopped onion
  • 1/2 cup half and half cream
  • 1/4 cup sour cream, or more to taste
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 butter spoons
  • 2 teaspoons of curry powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium-high heat, then cook the garlic and onion until tender. Add pumpkin, chicken broth, curry powder, salt, cumin, and cayenne pepper. Bring to a boil, then lower heat and simmer until squash is tender, about 15 minutes. When ready, remove from heat then add half and half and honey to the mixture. Puree soup in batches in a blender or food processor until smooth. Transfer to serving bowls then top with sour cream.

Creamy Sausage and Kale Soup

What do you need:

  • 12 spicy pork sausage links, sliced
  • 2 potatoes, sliced
  • 4 cups of water
  • 2 cups sliced ​​kale
  • 3/4 cup chopped onion
  • 1/3 cup heavy cream
  • 2 tablespoons of chicken broth base
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 1/4 teaspoons minced garlic

Place the sausages on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven (150 degrees Celsius) for 20-25 minutes or until cooked through. Cut into 1/2-inch pieces and set aside. In a large saucepan over medium heat, cook onions until tender. Add the onions and cook for 1 more minute. Add the potatoes, water and chicken soup base and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Lower the heat then add the sausage, kale and cream. Cook over low heat until heated through, stirring frequently.

Warm up on a cold night with these healthy and satisfying hot soup recipes!

Recent evidence from a 20-year study of families that have experienced divorce makes it abundantly clear that many efforts as part of a divorce settlement that seek to specify and establish in a legal code the contact between the children and their parents, as well as the extended family members can and will have disastrous impacts on children. Children’s life experiences are not always such that they fit nicely and neatly into a schedule that has room for modification and adjustment. The impact divorce decrees have on children is long lasting, not easy to deal with and can create negative growth situations even for the children of the children of the children involved.

A group of parents can make the decision that you no longer want to be married, and the courts will help them do so. BUT the judicial system and its officials MUST act in a truly professional manner and take into account the well-being and future of these children. Sometimes parents and even extended family members engage in a battle to settle their differences and use children as pawns in that battle. Parents and all parties involved should be encouraged to overcome their own petty ego and revenge needs and carefully consider the welfare of the children involved.

Lawyers must resist the temptation to view a complicated divorce situation as a way to spend more time and effort, and therefore make more money, by aiding and abetting a retaliatory battle. Encourage both parents to resolve their differences without a lengthy battle and without infringing on each parent’s access to the children.

The research is particularly specific about the need for an ongoing relationship between children and their biological father. The absence of this relationship will have a profound negative impact on the development of healthy self-esteem in the children involved. The court must work to avoid substituting legal language and easily written timetables that may appear unbiased and fair in a legal sense but do not take into account the specific and individualized growth and development needs of the children involved. In many cases, older children in particular may need to be given the option to determine for themselves what types of visitation and access work for them and what is best for them.

It seems clear from my own professional experience that many attorneys have done a great service by encouraging divorcing couples to resolve their differences in a way that does not harm children. Often this is done in such a way that the attorney may not even receive as high a fee as she would have received if she had fomented the conflict. On the other hand, I have seen couples and families who might have been able to restore their marriage or at least an amicable relationship so that the children would not have to be caught in the middle were it not for the sheer insistence of one or more of the attorneys involved. into “make sure you get everything you deserve” or “Don’t give in to your emotions now that you have it exactly where you’ve always wanted it.” Of what great value is it when at the end of a long drawn out court battle one or more of the parents are so deeply in debt that they cannot even afford reasonable food and shelter for their children? If there are serious deficiencies of the parents that may harm the children, this may be an issue more appropriate for Child Protective Services and not for the divorce court.

Everyone who is involved at any level with the issues and process of a divorce should become familiar with the research findings of Dr. Judith Wallerstein. The evidence seems to conclude that very few if any problems are resolved by divorce and many more are created by the legal battle involved in the divorce process. One set of problems is simply exchanged for a completely different set of problems. Those most directly involved need help understanding the implications of their decisions and how best to address those implications in their own lives and the lives of their children. Too often, divorce is expected to be a solution to existing problems, but it only serves to create more problems that were not expected. Parents and others involved in the divorce process need to understand all aspects of the situation and not jump in blindly, only to find out the real truth of the matter after it’s too late to do anything about it.

in his book Second Chances plus The unexpected legacy of divorce Dr. Wallterstein describes the results of her study on the impact of divorce on children and adults. Contrary to her expectations, she discovered that when she conducted the follow-up interviews, most of the families were still in crisis. Her wounds were open wide. The confusion and anguish had not noticeably diminished. Many adults still felt angry, humiliated, and rejected, and most had not put their lives back together. An unexpectedly large number of children were on a downward course. His symptoms were worse than before. His behavior at school was worse. His relationships with peers were worse. The illusion that she had had, that divorce can put an end to marital conflict, was shattered. she observes:

“Divorce has a ripple effect that affects not only the family involved, but our entire society. As writer Pat Conroy observed when his own marriage broke up, “Every divorce is the death of a little civilization.” When a family gets divorced, that divorce affects family, friends, neighbors, employers, teachers, clergy, and many strangers. them versus us problem: one way or another, he has been touched by it. Today, all relationships between men and women are deeply influenced by the high incidence of divorce. Children from intact families are nervous about divorce. Teachers across the country tell me their students come to school wide-eyed with fear, saying their parents had a fight the night before and asking in terror, “Does that mean they’re getting a divorce?” Radical changes in family life affect all families, households, parents, children, courts and marriages, quietly altering the social fabric of the entire society.”

Sometimes litigants in a divorce case should be asked two simple questions: “What do you really hope to get out of all this?” and “What is the long-term impact of what you are looking for on the well-being and development of the children involved?” The wishes and needs of children must be considered in all decisions and agreements. It may seem fair to grant visits to parents every other weekend from Saturday morning to Sunday night. But what impact might that have on the religious life of a child or even an entire family where a religious affiliation is important to their stability, growth and well-being? Attending one religious affiliation one week and another the next week is more likely to cause confusion, instability, and emotional and spiritual distress, all in the name of equitable distribution. Perhaps the wisdom of Solomon is needed. To remember? Two women claimed a child and to settle the conflict he offered to cut the child into two parts so that each of them would have his part. He knew immediately which mother had the child’s best interests in mind from her quick reaction to stop such an action. It may be perfectly acceptable for some children to have a “mandatory” visit on a school night, but for others it can destroy their ability to succeed in school. There must be room for negotiation and modification to allow for the increasingly complicated schedule that children find themselves on as they grow into their late teens. In some way, children’s right to make decisions and make their own choices should be a reasonable part of the process and subject to change rather than set in legal stone.

Dealing with divorce in a way that allows and fosters the positive growth and development of children is a difficult process and, indeed, may require Solomonic wisdom on the part of judges and court officials, but the effort must be made. He tried. do a better job than currently seems obvious.

About what it really meanslike” something and the types of “like” or like.

So, you log in to your Facebook profile or another social network and see something. In a matter of seconds you give it a “like”. So what is the meaning of these likes, the billions of likes that social media seems to have amassed? Liking something on social media or in the virtual world is mainly different from liking something offline or in the real world. You like something on social networks, mainly to share the idea or comment with friends. Liking something in the real world may not have this immediate social connotation because you can go shopping and you like a bag and there’s no one else to share it with, so you just buy it to show others. In some cases, you may like things but don’t buy, or you may like a place you want to visit in the future. So how do we analyze likes?

Likes and dislikes can be divided into several categories, including social taste. as possessive, as aesthetic, as familiarity, as novelty, and as agreement.

Likes on social media – This is mainly based on their social needs to share something and may overlap with agreement liking or possessive liking. But in this case, the genuine motivation to like something is triggered by the need to share it with friends and family. So the likes you click on social media are social likes and you appreciate something because you want to share your opinions, agree or appreciate something with others. Social likes can also be a real-world experience when you go shopping or dining and share your likes and choices with friends or people with you or online. There is an underlying social need that motivates this kind of liking. There may be a group feeling and you may like something that other people in your group or social circle also like.

possessive taste – Liking something can create possessiveness about that thing and you may like something and want to own it. Buying a bag or a shoe or even trying to date someone because you like them is determined by this type of possessiveness. You feel possessive of a man or woman and want to go out with him or her or even get married. You see a shoe. a bag or a house and you want to own this object because you cannot let go of your liking for this thing. Our impulse buying sprees are often driven by this kind of possessive taste. There is also a nuance of social need involved, as you may buy or own something to show off to your friends. Date a handsome man to make your friends jealous. Although possessiveness is finally marked mainly by personal needs and the need to possess something can have many psychological reasons. So possessive liking is also more psychologically complex than the other types of liking.

Aesthetic Taste – This is liking based on your sense of beauty, choice, preference. Each individual has their sense of what is beautiful and something or someone immensely attractive or beautiful to one person may not be so to another. Aesthetic Taste is when you can appreciate the beauty of something or someone without having to possess it. So when you can genuinely appreciate a piece of art, a piece of clothing or a piece of furniture and you like it. Your aesthetic taste can vary greatly from other people’s sense of beauty, so aesthetic taste is very personal, although of course a work of art can be appreciated by several people. at the same time, there is a sense of “collective aesthetic taste” that is shared by human beings.

family taste – This type of taste is associated with nostalgia, deja vu and similar phenomena. You may like someone because there is a sense of familiarity and it reminds you of someone else. Familiarity creates a bond and attachment and liking is associated with attachment. When a house looks familiar to you, you will be eager to rent or buy it; when a person seems familiar to you, you will be eager to become his friend. When a place looks familiar, you want to spend more time there. Familiarity creates an instant liking, although the liking can be fleeting or temporary at times. This is because some people can quickly get bored with the familiarity and need new or unique experiences.

taste of novelty – At the opposite end of the spectrum from familiarity is novelty. You instantly like something because it is different, unique, or novel in some way. You see a very unique design, it may not appeal to your sense of aesthetics, but it fascinates you and you think you like it. Sometimes a science experiment can give you products you immediately like, even though it may be a completely unexpected result. . So novelty creates curiosity, fascination and ultimately you can like it for its uniqueness.

agreement of pleasure – We finally come to agree that individuals like something or someone with whom they agree. You may completely agree with a comment or article or feel that the sentiments expressed are something you can relate to, then you will really like what is said or written. You can agree with the policies of a political candidate and decide to vote for him, because you like him. Agreement liking is actually a more stable form of liking because when you agree with someone on basic points, it creates a kind of stability in your liking for this person. People’s opinions and basic views in life tend to remain unchanged, so agreeing with someone else’s views or opinions would be a taste of stable support. When you like a group or its cause and decide to join it, that’s liking for the deal.

Let me add a few final words here. Taste is quite different from, say, attraction. You may find a person physically attractive, but you may find it difficult to genuinely like that person because, despite the attraction, they may not follow your sense of aesthetics or lack novelty or familiarity, etc. So liking and attracting are not the same thing. You may like a person very much, but you may not be attracted to them physically, romantically, or emotionally. You may like a lot of people professionally and like your colleagues and the people you work with, but you are not attracted to your colleagues. Of course, there are sometimes blurred lines in human relationships, but there are usually distinct and different psychological dynamics for love, attraction, etc.

Personal lubricants are used for many reasons. Among those reasons is the simple fact that they enhance the sexual experience, often making it more pleasurable, tastier, and just plain more fun.

Flavoring coconut oil:

Flavored lubricants can be a great addition to oral sex. Unfortunately, many of them have been reported to taste like cough syrup.

Fortunately, coconut oil is available in natural coconut flavor. Or, if you don’t like the taste of coconuts, you can just buy “refined” oil (without the taste). But the fun doesn’t stop there. Because coconut oil melts easily at temperatures above 75 degrees F (or 24 degrees C), it can easily melt in the microwave or it may already be liquid, depending on the temperature of the room.

Once your coconut oil is melted, you can add your own flavor. Essential oils work quite well and allow you to add whatever flavor you choose. You can easily find and purchase a wide variety of flavors, including: cinnamon, licorice, mint, and strawberry (to name a few). Additionally, essential oils are often accompanied by their own unique set of health benefits, enhancing the all-natural value already present in coconut oil.

Taste as you add flavor. Not over flavor. Also, keep in mind that some oils have thermogenic properties, like cinnamon, and can heat up an area when applied. Again, be careful not to add so much essential oil that it produces a burning sensation during use.

Don’t be afraid to try adding your own essential oils. Big manufacturers use them to flavor things you already eat, like food and candy.

Use your imagination and have fun.

Scooping out a smaller amount of coconut oil from a larger container will allow you to change its flavor each time you use it.

How to use a personal lubricant:

The best way to apply a lubricant is to use a small amount at first. Also, when coconut oil is used as a personal lubricant, it usually lasts a long time and doesn’t need to be reapplied.

If you are using a masturbation sleeve, you may want to apply the lubrication first and then you may want to apply the lubrication to the sleeve as well.

As you probably know, the main use of a lubricant is to reduce friction. As a general rule of thumb, if you are applying a lube and it still doesn’t slide easily and comfortably, then you need more lube.

For years, many people used crystals in jewelry for their beauty. Crystal Healing is considered by many to be a pseudo-scientific alternative medicine technique that uses stones and crystals for healing, but it is an ancient practice that dates back at least 6,000 years. The Romans used crystals as talismans to promote good health and provide protection in battle. Roman and Greek physicians mixed crystals with plant extracts, heated them, and used them for medicinal purposes. Ancient Egyptians believed that these stones had the power to restore health and also buried their dead with a quartz crystal, which they believed would guide their loved one safely to the afterlife. The Chinese used them to promote healing, enlightenment, and the attraction of wishes.

Today, healers, shamans, and priests use crystals for their specific healing properties. I always had a fascination with stones and crystals, but that was as far as I could go, until I was introduced to crystals and their healing abilities at a Mind Body Spirit Festival. Because crystals vibrate with the energy of the earth, they can help you align your body with the energy of the earth. With these crystals, now you too can vibrate with the highest energy: the energy of the Earth! This is where the healing begins. By using crystals and tuning into their energy, you are clearing blockages within yourself that will enhance your own natural healing powers. Most don’t realize it, but our bodies were designed to naturally correct and heal themselves. But as life happens, sometimes we forget to stop and take care of ourselves so often that our bodies get out of sync with that healing process, ultimately creating blockages in our physical and mental bodies.

Any blockage within your life force is what causes aches, pains and even illnesses to manifest in the physical body. It is for this reason that I now use crystals every day to strength in a particular area of ​​my life, for healing What is needed that day? personal meditation and clarityor by use in my Reiki practice to induce love and light while Chakra cleansing and clearing. Reiki, as an alternative healing modality, in its simplest translation is Universal Life Force. It is the practice of channeling the universal vital energy in a particular pattern to heal and harmonize the physical and mental body and each one of our Chakras, which receives, assimilates and transmits the physical, emotional and spiritual energy that flows through our bodies. There is a clearing technique that I use as well as a different specific crystal for each Chakra to remove any and all blockages in that area. This clears the way for vital energy to flow to and through you to keep the mind, body and spirit in their divine state of perfect health. If we keep our mind, body and spirit vibrating in a high frequency of love and healing energy, we will not allow pain, discomfort and illness to manifest and settle in the physical body.

This is just a brief description of chakra healing with crystals. Each crystal has its own unique healing property and a specific Chakra that it resonates with due to its color. Our first Chakra, being the Root Chakra, deals with grounding, and primarily vibrates and can be healed using red, brown, or black crystals such as red garnet, hematite, and black tourmaline. Our second Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, which deals with the abdomen and pleasure centers, can be harmonized primarily with Orange Crystals, such as Carnelian, Amber and Orange Calcite. The Third Chakra, being the Solar Plexus Chakra, which deals with the Digestive System and personal power, resonates and can be healed with Yellow Crystals such as Yellow Citrine and Sunstone. The Fourth Chakra, the Heart Chakra, deals with the Heart, Lungs and Love. The Heart Chakra vibrates healingly with all Green or Pink crystals such as Rose Quartz, Jade or Green Aventurine. The fifth chakra, the throat chakra, deals with communication and resonates with blue crystals such as blue agate, sodalite, or sapphire. The Sixth Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, which deals with intuition and knowing, vibrates on a healing level with Violet Crystals such as Amethyst, Lolita and Florita. The seventh Chakra, the Crown Chakra, which deals with the Central Nervous System and the Divine, resonates best with white or purple crystals such as selenite, clear quartz, or amethyst.

I have personally been using Crystals for my own healing for quite some time, but since I have started using crystals for healing, I have had some phenomenal success stories, some of which are close and dear to my heart. The first success story is that of my husband who had rotator cuff surgery. This, from what many people have told me, is the most painful surgery you can have. This is definitely an issue with a long healing time as he has only regained about three quarters of his movement in that area without pain so far in the last 5 months. Initially, I did Reiki on him while we were sitting and relaxing and at the end of each day. I then introduced a carnelian ball into the image and what he explained to me while using the healing ball was quite amazing. The Carnelian ball brought incredible warmth, almost like a hot stone everywhere it touched, helping to relax and heal muscles that had been cut and manipulated during surgery, relieving pain like a hot stone massage.

The second success story is also near and dear to me as it involves my sister. My sister Deneen has lupus, which is essentially an inflammatory disease where the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs. From what I hear and see that she is going through, it is a very painful disease and the doctors just give her different medications as trial and error until they find a medication that works. Well, she is still in a stage of her disease of not knowing what medicine works to relieve the pain that she endures every day. I’ve done Reiki healing for her numerous times in the past, which relieved the pain enough to take the edge off, but it wasn’t until I started crystal healing therapy, that she had sustained pain relief. I used several different crystals to cleanse and clear her chakras, but I also had her wear a Reiki charged hematite bracelet for a few hours a day. It’s been a few weeks and she hasn’t had a day of really bad pain since then.

My third success story in just a few weeks involves someone who has degenerative disc disease, which is lower back or neck pain due to a compromised disc in the spine. While there is a slightly genetic cause for this disease, it is mainly caused by normal wear and tear or some type of trauma to the body. With this type of disease, there is usually a constant underlying pain, usually mild. It also involves mild to severe episodes of back or neck pain that can usually last from a few days to a few months and can be debilitating during that time, before the person returns to what they consider to be their norm in the pain department. Rachael had been suffering for many years with degenerative disc disease when he came to see me. I helped her with Reiki healing energy and a carnelian ball, which he used to treat lower back problems. After those two things, I used Hematite on her which, to her, was like Ball Belle. As soon as the hematite stones made contact with the skin on her lower back, she reported that the pain dissolved almost immediately and she stayed as long as the hematite remained on her back. I then instructed her to continue this practice on her own while she was not with me and to cleanse the hematite with a selenite stone so that all the negativity and toxins absorbed by the hematite would be removed before returning it to the lower part of the body. her back. again.

So despite the documented use of healing crystals by many of our ancestors, some still discredit the use of these stones in conjunction with other forms of alternative medicine. There aren’t many studies to prove or even disprove the power of alternative forms of medicine like crystal healing, acupuncture, Reiki, or even yoga as healing for the mind, body, and spirit. This does not mean that these healing practices are not effective. It simply means that the money is not being spent on what some consider to be “New Age” healing; that same healing therapy that is actually healing as old as time. Also, despite the lack of research on these types of healing methods, about a third of Americans still use these or other forms of alternative medicine. This is not to say that Crystal Healing Therapy is a panacea. You still need to seek help and medical attention from your doctors, but as you can see from these three very different problems and illnesses from the above cases, Crystal Healing Stones really serve to amplify any and all healing efforts; Whether you have emotional wounds, specific physical illnesses, or simply need to boost your energy levels, you can use crystals to vibrate with the same frequencies as earth energy and reactivate your own body’s healing abilities!