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best furry porn sites

Regardless of whether you have a preference for a site that is geared towards adults or LGBTQ audiences, there are many options available to you. However, there are a few sites that are especially good for fans of furry porn. You will find that the quality of content on these sites is superior and that you will also have access to a high-quality user base.

Those interested in Furry Porn can find a wide variety of sites online. The majority of sites are free to browse, but membership is required to access certain content. Furry porn sites often feature humans dressed as animals with sex. These animals are usually anthropomorphic, but they can also include wolves, dogs, dragons, and even large cats. Some sites also feature real people.

Generally, yiff refers to furry themed sexual content. This could include porn, kink, or even fetish. Many adult furry creators use the term in a variety of ways, but it is often used to poke fun at the pornyub side of the community. The term “furry” was originally used in the 1980s to describe artwork featuring animals with human characteristics. In the early 1990s, the term became synonymous with sex-oriented fursuits.

What are the best furry porn sites?

Despite the furry fandom’s popularity, it is still a marginalized subculture. Several factors contribute to its portrayal in mainstream media. The most common are stereotypes that arise from the experiences of the viewer, as well as trends within the demographic. Although some stereotypes are true, many others aren’t.

Furries are often depicted as kinky, sexually aggressive, and socially maladjusted. These stereotypical portrayals may have some truth to them, but it’s also important to remember that they are based on a distorted view of the fandom.

The furry subculture is much more diverse than the media portrays. It’s also a growing subculture. Furry fans are fans of animal characters with human characteristics. They use these characters to create anthropomorphic artwork. They may also pursue erotic art.

Getting a bit of relief from your boredom might not be that hard when you know where to find the best free to browse furry porn sites. The furry fan community is a thriving LGBTQ community that embraces the sexuality of animals. Whether it’s wolves, dragons, large cats or dogs, it’s all included in this community.

There are many sites out there that offer free content and have a great selection of videos. Some are free to watch, while others may require registration or a membership to view. Some sites are incredibly sexually explicit. Youporn is a free to browse furry porn site that offers a variety of content for you to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a few hot 2d sex scenes or a full-on lesbian furry porn experience, Youporn has you covered.

Despite being a small subculture, furries have a sizable LGBTQ user base. Not only are they open to the LGBTQ community, but they’re also welcoming of anyone who enjoys a good kink. The furry community is known for its queer user base, which is reflected in the diverse range of content available on its websites. While some sites will not permit erotic content, others are more than happy to provide it. The community is also home to a number of LGBTQ artists and creators. These artists regularly create original characters, artwork, and video games. The fandom’s roots are in the underground comix movement of the 1970s, when artists depicted explicit content. In the furry world, this content is often based on popular properties.

There are four basic steps to acquiring wealth. In fact, these steps apply to just about anything in life. They are:

  1. Passion
  2. Decision
  3. Plan
  4. Discipline

First, you have to have the passion to do something. Without passion to do something you will be like a ship without a rudder. You will simply float going where the currents take you. You will always be at the mercy of those who have a passion for something. This amounts to a lifetime of hopelessness.

Next you have to make a decision. You can have all the passion in the world but until you decide do something all that passion is latent. It will never be done. Do you really want to do something? Do you really want to get rich?

Third, you need to make a plan. Without a plan, you will go from one idea to the next and never get anywhere. Lots of people do this. That’s why so many “get rich quick” schemes abound. Having a plan is like having a step-by-step guide to get where you want to go.

Finally, you have to have discipline. Just as dripping water will eventually wear down stone, it is the consistent application of your plan and working on it that will see you succeed. Remember that Rome was not built in a day. Neither do the pyramids. And it won’t be your plan either. But removing it as often as possible, preferably EVERY day, will allow you to see results. This, in turn, will encourage you to keep going.

When it comes to wealth, almost all rich and successful people say the same thing: find something you love to do, and then find a way to make money from it. When you do this, you will never “work” another day in your life.

If you own a pool, spa or hot tub, then if you haven’t already, you’ll need to decide how to keep it clean and free of harmful bacteria and algae. The most popular method today to keep your facilities sparkling and like new is the use of chlorine, usually in the form of tablets or granules. When used correctly, chlorine tablets or granules dissolve in water, making it safe for you and your family to swim in.

chlorine tablets Gold pellets are the most cost effective and popular way to make your pool a safe place to paddle around. Just think about how dirty your bath water is when you step out after a long bath. Now imagine all the germs that would be floating around in a pool after tens or even hundreds of people have been using it. Beautiful thought, isn’t it?

Chlorine is such an essential and widely used method of disinfecting public pools today that it is taken for granted. When used correctly, chlorine will do the following for your recreational swimming facility;

  • Destroy all harmful germs.
  • Maintain a good ph level of the water (should be the same ph level as human tears)
  • Prevents algae from growing around the pool
  • In general, keep the pool and its surroundings clean

Chlorine tablets usually come in a large bucket and should be kept out of the reach of pets and small children. However, they are quite safe to use as long as you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. A dispenser or chlorinator can be used in conjunction with the tablets and if all goes to plan they should dissolve safely in the water.

Again, check the manufacturer’s instructions to see how long you should wait before drinking the water after using the tablets. You will need to measure your pool and calculate the volume of water it contains (if you don’t already know). You should be able to work out these details with the use of a yardstick and simple arithmetic.

You should get into the routine of checking the water once a week. It is advisable to check the ph balance. Finally, it is quite rare for swimmers to have adverse reactions to chlorine, although cases of skin rashes, irritated eyes and breathing difficulties have been observed on very rare occasions. All I can say is that the benefits of chlorine far outweigh the risks when it comes to cleaning your pool or hot tub. After all, just imagine fifty people in your bathroom. Not a good thought!

After surviving the first 18 to 24 months in business, you move into the growth phase. During this phase of the business cycle, you have become accustomed to the various business models (ie, revenue model, operating model, sales model, etc.) required to run your business effectively. You have made progress in learning how to manage your business from a financial statement analysis perspective. The hectic activity of getting the business off the ground and maintaining momentum in the market has become second nature to you. You are guided to make strategic decisions based on the information provided by the company’s financial statements, especially the balance sheet. To employ effective business management strategies, you must have a fundamental understanding of the 3 most important balance sheet lines: cash, total liabilities, and retained earnings.

Number one: cash

An old saying goes: ‘He who has the most gold makes the rules!’ Sure, we know that when the bank account is constantly low for the business, thoughts start to rise in his mind about possible failure and subsequent bankruptcy. Before going to this extreme, he must proactively study the trend of trading cash on a monthly and weekly basis. This level of supervision helps to minimize the impact of any sudden changes in the market. It is recommended that the company have a minimum cash reserve of 6 months of operating expenses.

Number Two: Total Liabilities

The second most important item on the balance sheet in terms of effective business management is the evolution of Total Liabilities. For business management purposes, the trend in total liabilities is a telltale sign of business profitability and longevity. Often, the profitability of the business is diminished by the heavy reliance on debt to finance operations. If it is used to invest and grow the business strategically through acquisitions, business debt is considered a good thing. The key to managing business debt effectively is to use it wisely for strategic business purposes that ultimately increase and stabilize the company’s operating cash flows.

Number three: retained earnings

In conclusion, you should pay attention to the trend of retained earnings on the balance sheet. Retained earnings is an account line on the balance sheet that measures the profitability of the business over a specified period of time. Investors closely study trends in retained earnings because they represent a business owner’s ability to run the business effectively. Furthermore, it is through retained earnings that the income statement ‘flows’ onto the balance sheet at the close of the accounting year. Even you, as a business owner, can measure the return on your investment by understanding the trend in retained earnings.

If it becomes a habit during the growth phase of the business cycle to effectively manage and grow the business by understanding the 3 balance sheet line items of cash, total liabilities and retained earnings, then you will increase the operating cash flow of the business in the long run. Additionally, they can help guide you in developing and implementing key business strategies that will position the business for increased market share.

I attended a Kishore M seminar in March 2009 and I can assure you that it is one of the best forex seminars I have attended. The room was filled with 2000 strong participants and everyone was excited! They were clapping and cheering when Kishore M took the stage.

Now, it’s fun to attend wealth seminars because we’re looking for a different perspective to make more money. Also, we are looking for people who can really teach us how to trade forex.

In my case, I was looking to shorten my learning curve in forex trading because I needed more time to make money trading than just spending time learning. If you know what I mean. People spend a lot of time reading forums and chatting with non-professional traders to learn a trick or two when they could use the time to do actual trading because they wanted to save those few bucks by paying someone to teach them professionally. They could be paying more tuition fees learning the hard way.

I come from a middle class family where no family member was an entrepreneur. All my family members were employees or educators at universities. No one in my family knew how to do business, let alone make a million dollars. We were all comfortable and no one had a flashy Mercedes or BMW. The funny thing is that whenever it came to family gatherings, I would overhear them talking about home loans and auto loans. No one was truly financially free or even living their dreams. With that being said, I knew I needed a boost to start learning about business and entrepreneurship because obviously I won’t have the opportunity to learn from my family and friends.

So I enrolled in the Kishore M Seminar because I had to start somewhere. I was very skeptical at first because why would anyone promote a forex seminar when they are already rich and successful? Wouldn’t Kishore want to keep his secrets to himself? Shouldn’t he be selfish?

And then I heard the story of Kishore. She knew exactly what she was talking about. He mentioned that he was once like me, wanting to learn how to earn more money instead of having a 9 to 5 job. At worst, he was one of the guys who got laid off during the financial crisis. He told us that he started learning how to make money trading forex from various forex traders and after several years, he perfected his trading techniques and now wants to share them with others because he believes everyone should benefit from financial education. Of course, he would charge people to learn his techniques. He obviously would make money teaching forex, but let’s think about it. When he gets paid, he is also giving us invaluable financial lessons in return. The information he sells is similar to the information other financial gurus would sell. For example, Jim Rogers has his books to sell, Robert Kiyosaki has his Rich Dad series to sell, Larry Williams has his commodity books to sell, to name a few.

Let’s go back to Kishore M’s seminar. I learned 5 techniques on how to trade forex in that seminar. They are:

1.) The Instant Pip Profit Technique where we use indicators like the Brolinger Bands, Parabolic Sar, and MACD to enter and exit a trade.

2) The pip Maximizer technique where we were taught how to interpret the price based on moving averages.

3) The Brolinger compression technique (which is my favorite). We have looked at how to place buy-stops and sell-stops when we see Brolinger pressure a currency pair.

4) The Non-Farm Payroll trade where we were taught when to enter and exit a trade to make at least 30 pips during the NFP announcements every first Friday of the month.

5) We were taught how to trade forex options using the Ig markets platform.

These 5 techniques are very important to me and I trade better today thanks to the financial education I received from the Kishore M seminar I attended in March.

To watch Kishore M’s seminar recording, you can get it at:

Do you know that many of us can be doing our daily work without knowing that we have high blood pressure? When was the last time you visited your doctor to have your blood pressure checked? It is extremely important to regularly check our blood pressure (especially if you are overweight or obese) to stay healthy. The only way to detect high blood pressure is to track it. If your blood pressure falls within what doctors consider a normal level, less than 120/80 mm Hg, there may be no cause for alarm. However, if you are overweight or have some medical problems like diabetes, stroke, or heart disease, you need to worry.

In fact, you can control your pressure naturally without the help of any medication. One of the causes of high blood pressure is the lack of regular physical exercise. Regular exercise strengthens your heart. A stronger heart can pump more blood without much effort. Invariably, if your heart can work less to pump, the force on your arteries decreases, lowering your blood pressure. So if you exercise regularly, you reduce your chances of high blood pressure and also control your weight.

If you haven’t been exercising and you’re over 40, it’s about time you took it more seriously because as you get older, your chances of getting high blood pressure go up. You don’t have to participate in marathon races or join a gym to exercise, what you need is a short, about 30 min. daily routine exercise. You can start with some simple aerobic exercises like push-ups or running on a treadmill if you can afford it. In general, any physical activity that increases your heart and breathing rates is considered aerobic. If you work in a high-rise building and your office is on one of the upper floors, you may decide to use the stairs instead of the elevators; start by going up fewer floors at first and if all is well you can increase that over time.

Regular exercises keep you fit and healthy. Simply including moderate physical activities in your daily routine can help. You can try mountain walking, jogging, cycling, tennis and swimming from time to time, don’t try to saturate your exercise on the weekends, it can be very productive. If at any time you notice unusual dizziness, irregular heartbeat, excessive fatigue, or severe shortness of breath, you should seek medical attention immediately. In general, I advise you to consult with your doctor before developing any exercise program.

As spring arrives, many people return to their favorite warm-weather sports. For many student and adult athletes, this means returning to athletics. It’s important to educate yourself about common injuries associated with your sport to protect yourself against back pain and other conditions that can put you out of competition.

A number of injuries can occur during any sport. Some common injuries associated with various athletic activities are described below.


Most people, whether they are athletes or office workers, tend to have weaker hamstrings than quadriceps. This imbalance causes the pelvis to pull downward and increase the lumbar arch. As the back arches more, the discs between the vertebrae compress unevenly, and the joints in the spine become tighter. Combined with the jolting force your body experiences when your feet hit the ground when you run, joint and disc problems are likely to result. Weak hamstrings are also susceptible to strains. Runners need to take extra care to ensure that their quadriceps and hamstrings are balanced in strength and flexibility.

Another muscle group runners need to be aware of is the hip flexor group, particularly the psoas. This muscle is used to bring the thigh and upper body closer together. The psoas connects the lumbar spine to the thigh bone and is used a lot when running. Tight, inflexible psoas muscles pull down on the pelvis and create the exaggerated lumbar arch that tight quadriceps create. Running without regaining flexibility in the psoas will likely worsen its stiffness and exacerbate pelvic misalignment, which in turn leads to lower back pain.

Regular stretching and myofascial release can help achieve muscles that are balanced in strength and flexibility. The assistance of a physical therapist is beneficial for people with sports injuries.


Muscle strains are common among hurdlers, especially in the groin and thigh. Groin strain is usually a sign of poor form or overuse. If you feel muzzle pain on the side of your back leg, you may be swinging your leg too far or too late. If the pain is on the side of your lead leg, you may be doing too many exercises with the hurdles together.

Hamstring strains are a common overuse injury acquired by hurdlers. The hamstring of the lead leg undergoes eccentric contraction during a hurdle jump, meaning it contracts as it is lengthened by the straightening of the leg. This type of contraction carries a high risk of muscle tear. The trailing leg works hard to push the body off the ground. Hamstring strain is a signal to stop, rest, and warm up sufficiently before practicing.

More worrisome than a simple muscle strain, hurdlers need to be wary of sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction. The sacroiliac joints form where the hip bones meet the sacrum at the base of the spine.

SI joint injuries typically occur when the muscles and ligaments that support them become weak, torn, or tightened. The tremendous forces that the pelvis endures when it is pushed off the floor can, over time, destabilize the pelvis and cause significant joint pain. Proper form, adequate rest time, good conditioning, and sufficient warm-up time can help prevent this condition.


Whether it’s the javelin, discus, or shot put, throwers are susceptible to similar injuries. Throwers in track and field use the muscles of the entire body to generate momentum; javelin throwers run, while shot puts and discus throws spin.

The most common throwing injury occurs in the shoulder. Rotator cuff injuries affect the set of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder, giving it stability and allowing up and down movement and rotation of the arm. Repeated throws can cause muscle or tendon tears.

Hip and lower back strains can also occur in pitchers, particularly discus and shot putters who twist their bodies as part of their throw. Javelin throwers can also strain their back muscles when they lunge forward to throw the javelin.

The best defense against throwing injuries is to avoid overworking your arm and back. Know your limits and take adequate rest periods between practices.

Many sports injuries can be prevented with warming up, conditioning, myofascial release, and a willingness to give your body the time it needs to recover. Whatever your athletic pursuit, approach it in a way that allows you to enjoy your sport for many years to come.

The taste of sperm is affected by what you eat, just like all the secrets of the body.

It is a fact that the taste of your sperm can be improved and making your semen taste better can be accomplished with a few simple dietary changes.

Diet has a great influence on the taste of sperm, since it is a body secretion like any other.

Just as your sweat may smell strongly after eating a highly spiced meal, your sperm will also reflect the spices in its flavor.

The composition of sperm

Semen is made up of ninety percent (90%) seminal fluids that include fructose protein (sugar) and various minerals and nutrients.

The PH of the semen is 7 and scientifically neutral, but it has a slightly acid taste. Let’s take a look at the actual ingredients of semen.

A man’s ejaculate is actually only 1% sperm.

The rest is made up of various proteins, vitamins, sugars, salts, cholesterol and water. All the extras are the ones that protect, feed, feed the sperm on its journey.

As you can see in terms of semen composition, it’s pretty obvious that what you eat will make it taste better or worse!

Getting a sweeter taste

With sperm flavor, the goal is to make it taste sweeter.

All men have a unique taste of semen, but the main complaint about the taste of sperm is usually the same:

It has a bitter or salty taste; let’s see how to make cum taste sweeter

10 tips for a better semen taste

Here are 10 simple do’s and don’ts to improve the taste of your sperm and make your semen taste better and sweeter:

1. Eliminate alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs and nicotine: they are all contaminants.

2. Drink plenty of water 1-2 liters a day to flush out toxins from the body.

3. Eat a lot of fruit every day and sweeten the taste of your sperm

Pineapple, papaya, blueberry, melons, mangoes, apples, and grapes are good choices. These fruits are rich in natural sugars and offset the bitter taste.

4. Eat lots of vegetables which are generally good for improving the taste of sperm.

5. While it’s true that vegetarians generally have better-tasting sperm, there are vegetables to avoid:

Any vegetables in the cabbage family that are big offenders also include cauliflower, broccoli, or asparagus:

5. Cut down on red meat – This is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to making sperm taste salty. Dairy products like milk and cheese also make sperm taste salty.

When you do eat protein, be sure to get good quality lean protein, such as chicken and turkey.

Some claim that the fish is offensive in terms of taste, but this seems to vary between individuals. Give it a try and see the effects before cutting it out, fish is an important part of a healthy diet so don’t cut it out!

6. Avoid heavy spices like garlic and onion, they are big offenders when it comes to sperm flavor as they are high in sulfur.

7. Do not buy products that claim to improve the taste of your semen, there is no evidence that they work.

Your semen can be made to taste better through general diet and lifestyle changes, it is a complex formula and a good healthy diet has the greatest effect.

8. Parsley, wheatgrass, and celery are particularly recommended for sweeter-tasting semen, due to their high chlorophyll content.

9. Cinnamon, cardamom, mint and lemon are especially recommended to sweeten the taste of semen.

10. Avoid junk food, they are loaded with chemicals and preservatives that contaminate your body and the taste of your semen.

Try to eat food “from the earth”, that is, in the most natural way possible. Also consider taking a zinc and selenium supplement, both of which are necessary for healthy sperm and can improve flavor.

Finally, strong-smelling semen can indicate an infection, so if the taste of your semen doesn’t change when you change your diet, you should consider a visit to the doctor.

Your goal with your diet is to eat one that will help your overall health and the recommendations above will not only make your semen taste better, but you will also feel fitter and healthier.

Keep in mind that you can eat some of the foods that we do not recommend for sperm taste.

You may enjoy red meat and the occasional spiced curry, just keep the following in mind when considering sperm flavor:

What you put into your body takes 12-24 hours to secrete and you simply have to take this into account before you eat and decide if you want better sperm flavor on that particular day or not.

The first installment in the Harry Potter book series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, can be explored through the various archetypes and myths present in the novel.

To get started, let’s take a look at Harry’s so-called heroic quest. As the story unfolds, Harry goes through the classic and mythical stages of a hero’s journey. First to these is a call to adventure. In the story, Harry receives the letters from Hogwarts. The second is a separation from the known world. This is seen in the part where Harry goes to Hogwarts. The third is an initiation into the new world. This is evident at the Sorting ceremony, where Harry undergoes a ritual similar to being placed through the Sorting Hat. Next is the presence of threats that can be seen in Harry’s rivalry with Malfoy and also in his encounter with the Mirror of Erised, both of which tested Harry’s character and desires. Another is the existence of a camaraderie that can be justified by the characters of Ron and Hermione. A mentor’s guidance, through Hagrid and Dumbledore, the final confrontation with darkness – Harry vs. Voldemort on the stone – After which comes a rebirth or resurrection through Harry’s victory over Voldemort and finally, the hero’s return to the old world – Harry returns home, but this time he knows who he really is.

The Philosopher’s Stone or also known as Philosopher’s Stone is a traditional element of mythology that appears in Rowling’s work. In the story, the stone was created by Nicolas Falmal, Dumbledore’s companion, whose character is based on the history and legends surrounding the true French alchemist Nicolas Flamel. The stone, both in the novel and in the field of alchemy, is described as a small red ball that can turn metal into gold, and can also create an elixir that can grant eternal life.

Lord Voldemort’s character clearly illustrates the power of fear throughout the novel. In fact, most wizards, except Dumbledore, don’t dare refer to him by his name. Instead, he is referred to as ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’. In this way, Voldemort is taken as a metaphor for fear, which is a common element of humanity.

Most of the names of the characters in the novel have relevant meanings. An example is the headmaster Albus Dumbledore. His first name is derived from the Latin word alba meaning ‘white’. His last name is Old English for ‘bumblebee’. In symbolism, white represents purity, so the headmaster’s name suggests honor and a hard-working nature. Another example is Professor Severus Snape. Severus is the Latin word for ‘severe’ and ‘strict’, adjectives that can really be associated with the character of the teacher.

In Harry Potter, there are four Hogwarts houses. Gryffindor is the Hogwarts house to which Harry and his friends belong. Gryffindor is derived from Griffin, which means a fierce, legendary beast with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. And that’s why this Hogwarts house uses a lion as its symbol. On the other hand, Slytherin, Gryffindor’s rival house, is actually a variation of ‘slithering’, a method of travel for snakes, the same reason perhaps why its symbol is a snake.

In terms of archetypal men, Dumbledore is what we call, The Boss. He is a highly respected wizard leader and takes good care of his minions. The bad boy, without a doubt, is Voldemort. And we can also say that Ron’s character is apt to be the best friend archetype. In archetypal women, The Boss can be associated with Vice Principal McGonagall due first to her position in the school and secondly to her wise character. Hermione’s character, on the other hand, can be classified as the archetype of The Librarian. She has answers to almost any question because she has read many books and can also be fierce once provoked.

Overall, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a great novel that captured the hearts of young and old alike for its myths and archetypes that unite all readers around the world.

This article will explore the importance of matchups in fantasy basketball. We all know that fantasy football is a game that relies heavily on defensive matchups, so we wanted to see if defensive matchups were a factor in fantasy basketball as well. In particular, we wanted to focus our analysis on the impact of superior interior defense on the low post offense. To do this, we examined the average performance of post players against the best inside defenses in the league.

A quick league survey indicates that only Boston, LA, Denver and San Antonio have the kind of interior defense one might want to steer clear of. Boston has the combination of Garnett, Sheed and Kendrick Perkins, which is probably the best the league has to offer. All three are about 7 feet tall and Garnett is the former defensive player of the year. The Lakers are also an above average size team. Between Gasol, Byum, Odem and Artest, the Lakers have one of the best interior defenses in the Western Conference.

Denver is the only Western Conference team that could challenge for that title with Nene, Birdman and Kenyon Martin combining as Megatron for the Nuggets to block shots in the upper decks. Finally, any discussion about interior defense cannot leave out the San Antionio Spurs, who always bring it defensively. Duncan and McDysess are two old-school defensive OGs who, coupled with excellent help-side defense from their teammates, can really shut down the opposition’s post-game.

Let’s dig into some numbers. Table 1 shows the point average and rebound differential of post players for NBA teams that faced the top four defensive teams used in our data set. All told, post players can expect a drop in scoring (-3.07ppg) and rebounding (-0.71rpg) when facing the best defenses in the league. While these results aren’t huge deviations from the season average of later players, the take-home message is that you shouldn’t expect the monster play that will boost your season average when facing an elite defense.

Some more interesting things emerge from this analysis. First, the impact of superior post defense has a more profound effect on scoring than rebounding. Additionally, the analysis indicates that while we have qualitatively identified 4 superior defensive teams, it appears that Boston and Denver appear to be a level above the defenses of San Antonio and LA. In fact, if you remove SA and LA, then the average point and bounce differentials become -6 ppg and close to -1 rpg.

So the question remains, should you bench players based on defensive math improvements? We will follow the same recommendation that we did for soccer. Never bench your star players, but use defensive matchups as a metric for deciding whether or not to play mid-level players or inconsistent players.

So there you have it, defensive matchups play a role in fantasy basketball, at least from the perspective of post players. While the spreads aren’t drastic, they do support the fact that your mid-tier players are less likely to outperform against a superior defense. Luckily for you, the NBA has largely become a game of guards and there are only a handful of defensemen with enough staff to create matchup problems in the low post.