Month: January 2023

Pittsburgh is a solid favorite for Super Bowl XL, but Seattle appears to have strong pockets of support among Las Vegas’ elite players.

“I had dinner the other night (at the Stardust) with some of the best handicapped young minds in Las Vegas, some very talented guys, and they all liked Seattle,” said internationally renowned sports bettor Lem Banker, clicking names like Steve Fezzik, Andy Iskoe and Nick Bogdanovich, a well-established former bookie on the betting side of the counter.

They are the wise men of Sin City and not, as Banker might point out, those of Jerusalem.

Animal lover Lem, who never met a dog he didn’t like, is riding the Seahawks (he’s also in the UNDER) and taking the points, but it’s hard to say how many points.

The number is increasing and the banker will wait to bet, thinking that this will get him the best.

“The Wise Men don’t have a great World Series and Super Bowl record,” Banker continued.

“(That’s partly because) hotels are forced to move money abroad.

“Pittsburgh is the big crowd favorite right now and the crowd number is 4 1/2.

“I’m going to wait to play and get value.”

“That’s how it works,” said Stratosphere Race and Sports director Robert Jaynes.

“The public bets on the favorite while the smart money waits until it sees a good shot, then moves in and takes the dog.

“They (the wise) seek courage.”

The Stratosphere, one of Bogdanovich’s former “homes”, is still in Pittsburgh minus 4 pairs.

“We’ve changed the juice, not the number,” said Jaynes, who reported seeing 4 1/2 and 5 at resorts like Rampart Casino and Golden Nugget.

“I don’t think it will go higher than 5 1/2,” Jaynes predicted, “because 6 is a key number. Same with 4.”

Veteran Las Vegas handicapper Andy Iskoe thinks the number could go as high as 5, but it will dip back down soon.

“I think a lot of the cash is going to have to settle for 4 1/2,” Iskoe said.

“My question to the other side is, ‘What has Seattle done to make you think they have no chance of winning?'”

Jaynes personally leans toward the Steelers, citing the strength of the schedule.

“However, I am a little worried about training,” he said. “(Mike) Holmgren has been there before and he’s won a Super Bowl.

Has experience.

Count Jack Snyder, assistant manager of sports and racebooks at Sam’s Town, Seattle corner.

“I’ll take the Seahawks and the points,” he said.

“The Steelers have been underdogs all year. Now they are the favorites and they have pressure on them and they have to win by more than 3.”

“That makes it two possessions, unless you’re talking touchdowns, one field goal isn’t enough.”

Jaynes thinks the game will close, “but history suggests it’s going to be a boring fight.”

“People talk about the strength of the schedule because Seattle had two games with Arizona, the 49ers and the Rams, and they all had bad seasons.

“I don’t think we’ve seen the best of the Seahawks yet.

“They’re not the road warriors that the Steelers are, but they have things that work for them.”

Seattle has an MVP running back in Shaun Alexander, a fast and mobile quarterback in Matt Hasselbeck, and a good offensive line.

“I really like those two guards that are Pro Bowlers,” Snyder said.

The total opened wide at 48 and reached 49; it was quickly staked at 47 1/2 (at one point, when the game was listed simply as an AFC-NFC matchup, the plus/minus was 45).

As one bookie put it, “Now it’s 47 1/2 in 20,000 places and 47 in another 20,000.”

“Our players have been betting LESS, not just because of the total, but because of a lot of other things, like the number of field goals,” Jaynes said.

Iskoe, a totals player who likes to go UNDER, predicts a score of 34-23 (Seattle), so he’s obviously OVER in this case.

“I think there will be a lot of passing and Pittsburgh will play very aggressively,” Iskoe explained.

“There is my reason.

“It won’t be an amazing Super Bowl, but it won’t be unbelievably bad either.”

The much talked about erotic hot spots usually get a lot of attention because they work on most women and are easy to find. When you and she are turned on and she is in the mood, these common pleasure points will do the trick. However, most of the time this is not the case and you can get bored after five minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to experiment with her with some of the other erotic points that are rarely mentioned to see which ones work. Without further delay, let’s start talking about orgasm triggering pleasure points one by one.

The CLITORIS is the best known place of pleasure. It is a very sensitive area because it is very rich in nerve endings. This is the most common area that women touch when they masturbate. Many women only experience orgasm through stimulation of their clitoris.

The main key with the clitoris is to do some testing to see how and where it reacts to your touch. Women are incredibly different from each other when it comes to how much pressure they like on their clitoris to get “off.” For many women, direct stimulation to the tip of the clitoris is too intense and can even be extremely uncomfortable, but some women enjoy very rough action right on the knob to get where they want to go.

Therefore, it is difficult to advise you precisely what to do here. You have to experiment a bit on your own using your fingers, the tip of your tongue, and the amount of pleasure you apply to her clit.

The G-SPOT is located just 2 inches inside and on the upper wall of the vagina. For some women, a little rhythm and a sweeping forward motion on this spongy-feeling little patch will send them into serious orbit. Others feel nothing at all. If her woman can’t, she can probably “train” her so that she starts enjoying it and eventually gives her very powerful orgasms there too.

The PARACERVICAL RING is what some people call it the A point or deep point. If you go straight back, further into the vagina from the G-spot, right where it meets the cervix, you should feel a very soft ring of skin. The upper part of this ring (near the belly) is known as the anterior fornix.

This area can be stimulated in exactly the same way as the G-spot (if you have long fingers and remember to lubricate them first), but it’s also where the head of your penis presses during deep intercourse. Some women refer to the orgasm that results as a “deep body orgasm” or a vaginal orgasm, but regardless of how you describe it, it’s another very powerful orgasmic trigger point. These deep orgasms can be very intense and can trigger a lot of emotions. If strong emotions come up with you and your

partner during or after an orgasm, the most important thing you can do is remain calm, gentle, and supportive.

NON-VAGINAL EROGENOUS ZONES: Most women, with practice, can orgasm through stimulating areas other than those located in and around their vagina. The most “common” (of this very rare thing) that women experience is the nipple orgasm.

The reason this is the most common is simply because many women have husbands or boyfriends who find their breasts irresistible and spend a lot of time there. So, when one day the guy really gets hooked for a long time, and he starts using his tongue in a steady rhythm.

If he’s a good lover and sensitive to changes in her body, he feels her suddenly getting more aroused so he continues what he was doing and the next thing they both discover is nipple orgasm. The first time it happens, her jaw will drop. It is very, very powerful, and for most women, very, very amazing.

What’s more amazing is that it doesn’t stop with the nipples. Women can orgasm with the same type of stimulation on the nape of the neck, inside the elbows, behind the knees, the back of the ankle, the earlobes, the bottom of the foot, and many, many other places that I’m sure I haven’t figured it out. The important key is to find out which areas are most sensitive for YOUR woman and then experiment.

POINT “B” is by far the most powerful orgasm trigger point in a woman’s body: HER BRAIN. Women can orgasm through nothing more than words. That’s right, you can coax her into having an orgasm.

This may not be easy, but it can be achieved after some practice. First of all, almost every time a woman has an orgasm, it is through the stimulation of more than one trigger point at a time. It can give a woman a combined clitoral and G-spot orgasm at the same time, or the paracervical ring and nipple at the same time.

But basically, whether you’re aware of it or not, every time she orgasms, you’re at least stimulating her B-spot along with whatever else you’re doing. If she’s not turned on in her brain, nothing else will work. This is more than just “turn on”. There is a very specific, very exact state that her brain must be in for her to have an orgasm.

You can stimulate your other orgasmic trigger points from sunrise to sunset and nothing will work if you can’t master the subtleties of the B-spot. Most importantly, to the extent that you can master your B-spot, which governs your mental and emotional sexual state , will determine how powerful your orgasms are.

Here are some tips to stimulate your brain:

To talk with her. Be honest about how she feels. Be careful not to blame, but to express concern for her about the loss of intimacy. This will open the door for discussion.

Help her. How many times has she told you that she’s exhausted? Whether she works, stays home with the kids, or both, if she’s left with dirty dishes and chores at the end of the day, how can her brain wake up?

Give him a hand. Vacuum the rugs, wash some dishes, or pick up the mess. This attention not only lessens her workload, but it shows her that you care about her and want to help her.

Touch her often. This is simple, but effective. As you walk past her, run her hand over her back. Trace your finger along her clavicle when she is sitting and reading.

Take her hand as you walk to the car. These are small signs that you want to touch her in non-sexual situations and make the transition to intimacy much less abrupt.

Send him text messages. Throughout the day, send him texts that start out soft in the morning and become more suggestive as the day progresses.

Show appreciation. Show interest in her description of her day and let her know how much you love and appreciate her. Compliment her so she knows you find her attractive.

In summary, here are some of the things to pay attention to:

1) turn her on

Many guys skip this entirely because often, especially early in the relationship, this happens automatically. The first time she is alone with you and begins to remove her clothes, she has a lot of anticipation and nervous energy that can drive her wild with excitement. But months later, just because she drops your pants, she may not immediately be drenched in lust. You need to LEARN how to trigger that same kind of anticipation that drives her completely mad with lust. Eventually, if you master this ability, you’ll be able to put it into this state as easily as flipping a switch.

2) Sexual confidence

If arousal occurs automatically in the initial period of the relationship, the opposite occurs with sexual confidence. That’s why so often a woman will feel incredibly turned on the first time she has sex, it’s possible that she’s biologically showing all the right signs and getting really turned on. But still being unable to orgasm with you.

The orgasm for a woman is an act of surrender. Some women can do this easily and for some women this is the most challenging part of having an orgasm. Think of it this way: some men can easily get a boner under pressure, but for some men getting a boner, for example, while a crowd of people are watching and cheering for them, would be impossible.

Now, obviously, you probably don’t need to worry about a crowd of people watching you have sex. But maybe this will help you understand why, for some women, even if they are really turned on, they may not be able to relax enough to orgasm. Learning exactly how to build this confidence is critical to helping pre-orgasmic women have their first orgasm.

3) Create a high-level sexual state

Orgasm doesn’t actually happen in the vagina, but in the brain. Scientists can hook up an EEG to a woman’s brain and measure the stages of arousal leading up to orgasm. The easiest way to get that orgasmic brain wave going is to stimulate the nerves of the clitoris.

But, like I said, most women can learn to orgasm simply with a verbal command. They can learn to “think” their way to an orgasm. You can learn to double or even triple the intensity of your orgasms by learning to create and control this state of mind.

4) Emotional Connection

Everyone talks about the difference between “having sex” and “making love.” We all know the difference. We can all feel the difference. I think that, in general, women feel the difference much more deeply. Unfortunately, “making love” isn’t as simple as having sex with someone you have a crush on.

Just being in love is not the difference and of course we all know that you can be in love with a woman and have quick and dirty sex with her and that can be fun. Being in love is not the key to “making love.” The key is to stay emotionally connected during the actual act of making love.

When a woman experiences orgasm with a man with whom she is emotionally connected at that simultaneous moment with her orgasm. She experiences something deep, spiritual, and unlike any ordinary orgasm she might have masturbating or with a man who can’t make that connection. It is something unforgettable. It is 10 times more powerful than even the most powerful orgasms she can otherwise achieve.

Reverse White Pages provides you with a very convenient lookup service that allows you to look up the phone number of an unknown caller and find out their information. In addition to the reverse phone number, the white pages reverse lookup also offers a reverse address option, which allows you to find out who lives at the mystery address.

How does a reverse white pages search work? Reverse lookup is a simple service that requires very little effort on your part. If you’re using the reverse phone lookup, all you’ll need is the area code and the seven-digit phone number. Enter the number in the search box provided (IE 111-111-1111) and click the “Search” box to get results.

If you want to use the reverse address feature, you must enter the street address as well as the city or postal code (IE “Montgomery Ave.” “67189”). Once the information has been entered into the designated boxes, click “Search.”

Regardless of whether you are using the reverse white pages service to look up a phone number or an address, the database that the white pages use to return results is the same for both searches. The database includes US and Canadian residential and business phone numbers and addresses that are listed in the public landline phone directory.

That said, although you may find that the reverse lookup service also finds results for unlisted/unpublished or cell phone numbers, you will not be provided with any definitive information (i.e., the person’s name and address) and only vague information will be provided to you. details such as the type of phone, the phone provider and the location of the user in the best case.

On another note, if you’re not sure how much information appears about you in the reverse white pages, you can run a reverse phone lookup on your phone number to see what results are returned. If your name and address are displayed and you would prefer not to be displayed, you will need to opt out of the white pages by specifically requesting that you not be listed.

Don’t forget, Reverse White Pages are a great way to get in touch with old friends, family, or find out the identity of an unknown person.

If you only have room for a few cookbooks in your kitchen, here are some classic cookbooks to consider.

Fannie Farmer’s Cookbook Tea Fannie Farmer’s Cookbookstill in print more than a century after its first publication in 1896, it was originally titled The Boston Culinary School Cookbook. The Farmer’s Cookbook was a continuation of the boston cookbook published by Mary J. Lincoln in 1884. Farmer had been a student at the Boston Cooking School and eventually became principal of the school. His cookbook became wildly popular and has been regularly reprinted, revised, and updated for decades. Fanny Farmer’s cookbook was the first to attempt to standardize measurements in recipes. The recipes have clear and direct instructions. It remains a classic cookbook that cooks return to again and again for its 1,000+ recipes. If you’re looking for a basic yet comprehensive cookbook, this is the one for her bookshelf. Aspiring cooks will love the Fannie Farmer’s Cookbook.

The joy of cooking, first published by Irma Rombauer in 1931, remains the bible for many cooks today. Rombauer initially self-published her cookbook. Several years later, a publisher picked it up and for decades The joy of cooking It has had several revisions and editions. Millions of copies have been sold. First published during the Depression, Rombauer’s cookbook remains a comprehensive and widely consulted guide for American cooks.

Betty Crocker Illustrated Cookbook It was first published by General Mills in 1950, and is now known as the Betty Crocker Cookbook. Betty’s Cookbook, now in its tenth edition, has sold many millions of copies. This classic cookbook is packed with instructions, troubleshooting, and helpful charts. It’s an excellent beginner’s cookbook and will continue to be a favorite in her collection for years to come. Not to dash any illusions, but there’s never been a Betty Crocker. It was invented by the Washburn-Crosby Co., a company of flour mills and producers of Gold Medal Flour, around 1920. Washburn-Crosby eventually became General Mills and Betty Crocker only grew in popularity. In the years before and after the Betty Crocker Illustrated Cookbook was first published.

Mastering the art of French cooking Julia Child, who lived with her husband Paul in Paris after World War II, studied at the Cordon Bleu cooking school. With her classmates, Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle, she wrote the two-volume cookbook, Mastering the art of French cooking, first published in 1961. The cookbook, which attempted to adapt French cooking for American cooks, immediately became a bestseller. Julia Child’s reputation grew, as did cookbook sales, with her popular public television cooking show that debuted in 1963. Julia Child continually broadened the culinary and gastronomic horizons of Americans.

laurel’s kitchen First published in 1976, Laurel’s Kitchen was many vegetarians’ first vegetarian cookbook. the cookbook, Laurel’s Kitchen: A Manual of Vegetarian Cooking and Nutrition, contained advice on how to live the good life, as well as many vegetarian recipes. The cookbook contributed to the growing popularity of vegetarianism and sold over a million copies.

The Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen was published in 1978. Katzen was one of the founders of Moosewood Restaurant, a vegetarian restaurant in Ithaca, New York. The Moosewood Cookbook it became one of the most popular and influential vegetarian cookbooks. Hand drawn and illustrated by Katzen, the cookbook is a beloved classic.

All of these cookbook classics predate today’s era of cooking shows, foodies, and celebrity chefs. Each contributed to our growing and changing passion for food in all its variety. Each of these cookbooks deserves space on your kitchen shelves.

If you have a blog, one of the biggest things you probably struggle with is how to increase your blog traffic. Simply posting to your blog and hoping people find you doesn’t work very well. There are many great tactics and sources for getting people to your site, and we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

#1) Improve Your SEO – Let Search Engines Send You Traffic

If you optimize your website for search engines, you are much more likely to get “organic” traffic from Google and Bing. As people search for different topics, if you have a post on that topic, your blog might show up in the results. The two most important factors that search engines look at are the website URL and the title tag. Add a thoughtful title tag

#2) Add Images to Your Blog Posts

Adding images to your posts is just another way for people to find your blog. Search engines index images and make them searchable. Go to Google and do a search for “snowboarders” and the third item that comes up is Images for snowboarders. If you click on one of those images, it takes you to the site where that image is located.

While uploading your images, make sure to optimize them for search engines:

The file name must be relevant to the image: The file name appears below the image in the search results. Save the image as a JPG file, which is the most search engine friendly. Keep the image larger than 100×100 and smaller than 1200×1200. Be sure to fill in the Alt tag for each image and use an image caption where possible.

#3) Get involved in other communities in your niche

This tactic will not only increase blog traffic, but it will also give you and your blog some name recognition. Many times you have the opportunity to link to your website from these other sites. There are many different types of sites you can get involved with, but keep them as close to your niche as possible. If you blog about snowboarding, the people on a recipe forum probably don’t care about the latest snowboard Burton just produced. The most popular types of sites will be other blogs, forums, and social networking sites. You’re probably already familiar with other sites in your niche, but there’s so much more for you to find. Just do a Google search for your type of site, like snowboarding. You can also get a little creative and do a search for “snowboarding forum” or “snowboarding blog” to find specific types of sites.

As you participate in these sites, keep in mind that you need to add quality to the community. Don’t comment on blogs or forums just for the sake of it. You want to showcase the fact that people should want to visit your blog for its information, humor, or whatever your site offers. Spam comments will convey the wrong message and will not benefit anyone.

#4) Be more socially active

Use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to share your latest posts and communicate with potential new visitors. LinkedIn is also a great source of many new contacts that can greatly increase your blog traffic. Each of these sites allows you to have a personal account, as well as one for your business/brand, if you have one.

Share your posts and participate in conversations between your networks and others in your niche. If someone re-tweets one of your posts, be sure to say thank you. Social media is all about the social aspect (duh), so you want to make sure that conversations go both ways. A lot of times people don’t want to follow someone who just tweets their blog posts every time, they can subscribe to an RSS feed for that.

#5) Sign up for Q&A sites

Signing up and answering questions on Q&A sites is a highly underrated way to increase blog traffic. If someone is looking for an answer, your blog might have exactly what they’re looking for. Obviously, you should stick to questions that are in the same category as your website and only provide beneficial answers. The two most important sites for providing quality responses are Yahoo! Answers and Two lesser-known sites that are worth participating in are Formspring and Quora. Be sure to link to your website only when the question calls for it, you don’t need to include your website in every one of your answers. Site users will thank you.

#6) Use Your Website Analytics

Hopefully you already have some form of web analytics installed on your website. If not, please install Google Analytics as soon as possible. Analytics will help show you what you’re doing right and what you can improve when traffic comes to your site. For example, if you have a high bounce rate, that means users come to your site and leave without clicking on any additional pages. You can try to reduce this bounce rate by adding recent posts to your sidebar, adding category headers, or anything that might entice visitors to dig deeper into your blog. The analytics will also show where the traffic is coming from and how many people are coming from the source. If you see that a lot of your traffic is coming from Twitter, it might be a good idea to become even more active on Twitter and see if you can make it even better.

#7) Increase the speed of your website. Increasing the speed of your website helps with:

Image: Your visitors should respect your site and feel the professionalism. The faster your site loads, the better it will look. Web Analytics – Speeding up your site will increase all of your site metrics. Sales and subscription conversion: improve the factors that put more money in your pocket. Users won’t wait long for a website to load and they certainly won’t wait to spend their money. To learn how to properly speed up your website, download our free Website Optimization Speed ​​Guide.

If you make an effort to improve (or implement) each of these tactics, you will surely be able to increase the traffic of your blog. The key is to be persistent. Most of the time, you won’t see instant results, but the traffic will start coming in little by little and will build up over time. Good luck and happy blogging!

Have you ever had your car just “dead” on you, try to start it and it just won’t start? You end up calling a tow truck and paying those big towing bills, then to make matters worse the shop guy tells you it will cost hundreds of dollars to get it working again, is that true? Maybe, maybe not.

I own and work as a Diagnostic Technician here at Ace Automotive in Lakewood Wa and I can tell you from experience that if some people knew a little more about how their cars work they could save a lot of money. Let’s say, for example, you are driving at night with your wipers and heater, lights and radio on and you notice the headlights getting dimmer and sooner or later the vehicle “dies” and now won’t start, the most likely cause it’s that the alternator has failed, not the battery because if the battery were to fail, the alternator would still hold power to the vehicle until you shut it off and then it wouldn’t restart.

You are driving for a while and the car just “goes off”, all the instrument lights come on, but when you try to start it, it just cranks but won’t start. First it depends on the type of car this happened to, if it was an import like for example Honda, acura, toyota, subaru, nissan, mitubishi the engine timing belt may have broken (if it’s been over 60 000 miles since last changed). ) you should be able to tell if when you try to start the engine it sounds different, like it’s just “free spinning” faster than normal, this is bad because most of the import cars mentioned will cause expensive engine damage when the timing belt breaks .

If your vehicle is a domestic chevy ford etc please be patient wait a bit maybe 30-45 minutes and try to start it if it starts yay! But it will “die” again once it’s warm enough again, be sure to tell your local repairman this valuable information and order any parts they replace to fix your vehicle to let them know you know something about the car too.

There are many exercises to grow taller and one of them that is not very popular but is actually really effective is the method of using a jump rope to grow taller… yes, I am talking about jumping. Jumping can be a very effective method to help you climb the height ladder, but why are you asking this? Well, read on and find out why you should buy a jump rope for height exercises today if you want to get taller.

Jumping is not something that people would think would help them increase their height. When you think of skipping, in fact, you probably think of a schoolyard and kids skipping or maybe even boxers in the gym trying to improve their cardiovascular system with their jump ropes, however, there is much more to it than that. .

How does it work

It’s a very simple concept, by performing this movement several times, you will begin to create micro-fractures in the bones of the skin. After a while these will fill out as they heal and come back stronger, denser and most importantly LONGER which is what you really want to look for.

Do not push yourself doing this until you are sick or your legs are really sore, as this will only injure you if you continue at this rate. You want to start slow and take days off in the middle and then slowly you want to start pushing yourself trying to beat your previous record that you could have gotten earlier.

By pushing yourself a little harder, you will be able to create new micro-fractures that will heal and lengthen and strengthen, but it is essential that you make sure you take rest days as pushing too hard can lead to injury, which is not something you want as it will make you go back a few days when you could increase your height.

Combining it with a routine

This method alone may take a while for you to notice the results, however, you can combine it with many other methods such as stretching to grow taller, other exercises to grow taller, diet and much more.

Having a routine would be very effective when it comes to growing taller, a routine will speed up the whole process rather than just following a route as they say you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Fortunately, there are many other methods that you can use at home to help you increase your height, and you can combine them to create a little routine.

For example, you could wake up with some stretching, do some height-increasing exercises later in the day, and then finish with some stretching before bed, all while focusing on a diet that will target your goal. This is something that will be effective since you are using stretching and dieting along with everything.

In the coming months, the 2019 general elections could start at various levels in the federation states and Abuja, the federal capital territory.

As the election approaches, eligible voters are expected to have picked up their voter cards in preparation for D-Days.

However, it was reported in the media that some anonymous politicians are lobbying INEC to sell them uncollected voter cards by the millions of thousands.

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, had previously published the calendars of the elections, in which voters are expected to turn out en masse to vote for the candidates of their choice.

Based on the schedule published by INEC, political parties and their political aspirants have launched campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels.

However, the federal government, INEC, security agencies and other critical stakeholders involved in electoral issues in the country have been preaching the gospel of a free, fair and credible poll in 2019.

The government frowns on hate speech and unguided statements by politicians and political parties.

However, some politicians from the two main political parties: the All Progressives Congress, APC and the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, are making statements that could be construed as hate speech.

However, the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, has issued a stern warning that the Nigerian Police Force will not tolerate unguided and inciting statements by politicians and others before, during and after the upcoming elections.

Idris had instructed all state police commanders to hold meetings with political parties and politicians on the need to ensure that the upcoming elections are free of violence.

In Lagos, State Police Commissioner Edgal Imohinmi held a meeting with political parties and politicians last week at the Police Officers Mess in GRA, Ikeja.

Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Mr. Jimi Agbaje, gubernatorial hopefuls of the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples’ Democratic Party, were among the top politicians who attended the parliament between the police and political parties.

Media reports from across the country also claim that police commissioners from various states met with politicians and political parties.

It is also worth noting that earlier, the leaders of all registered political parties in the country signed a peace agreement document.

So, Nigerians are looking forward to seeing how the deal will play out, even as some NGOs, government agencies, INEC, ICPC, EFCC and other critical election stakeholders are preaching against vote buying.

Yes, the police, INEC and other security organizations have said that hate speech, life and death politics, violence, bloodshed, vote buying, ballot box theft, etc., will not be tolerated or accepted before, during and after the next elections.

However, some politicians, political parties and public commentators are using mainstream and social media as platforms to make seemingly inflammatory comments ahead of the election.

However, as the leaders of tomorrow, Nigeria’s youth have a crucial role to play in ensuring that the upcoming elections are fair and credible.

In our beloved country with an estimated population of 200 million people, our young people make up about 40% of these numbers. This is a great market for local and foreign investors and companies, who are currently doing business in Nigeria.

It is also a promising country for investors contemplating coming to Nigeria to set up their businesses.

But, if our young people allow themselves to be armed, empowered and used by politicians as political thugs, or contract killers, before, during and after the elections, I am afraid this will not bode well for the country.

It is declared in the holy book, the Bible, that what we see today, we will reap tomorrow. This means that for individuals, states and nations, the good or evil that we do to ourselves and to others will certainly come back to us.

As the elections approach, it is recommended that our youth become involved in national, patriotic and godly missions.

They should refrain from violence, bloodbaths, vote buying, and other electoral crimes, and instead volunteer to educate others about the negative effects of participating in these acts.

Furthermore, those who are involved in criminal activities, violence, murder, kidnapping, ritual activities for reasons that are well known to them, are not doing humanity any good.

Honestly, there are many government agencies, non-governmental organizations, religious bodies, paramilitary organizations, and local and foreign agencies that have done a lot and continue to do their best to ensure that Nigerian youth in Nigeria, turn away from social vices and embrace peace. , unity and progress as tomorrow’s leaders.

In all modesty, as the General Director of the Harpazo Chaplain Corps International, a paramilitary corps registered and approved by the Federal Ministry of Justice, some government agencies and the United Nations Global Compact to protect humanity against dehumanization, we are urgent young people in our beloved country. join us or any humanitarian service agency in working to ensure that Nigeria is free of violence, free of crime, peaceful, prosperous and united.

Our main service focuses on: Religions and Education. We are official partners of some government law enforcement agencies and the United Nations (Global Compact).

To campaign against dehumanizing acts, conduct investigations, gather information on activities, and report suspicious acts in religious, educational, and public places to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

We encourage young people in Nigeria, who could volunteer their resources, time, talents and experience to join us or any other similar organization in working to ensure that Nigeria is crime free, violence free, peaceful, united and progressive.

For 12 years our organization has worked with like-minded people aged 18+ in Nigeria and other countries to address all forms of dehumanisation.

And we know that God and humanity will give us high marks if we partner next year to work to ensure that our beloved country does not go up in flames due to violence, political bullying and other forms of criminality.

The benefits of serving the nation are unlimited for the people and the country, since peace, unity, progress and comprehensive development could eventually be ours.

These are the reasons why HCCI’s Harpazo Corps Service calls on all good citizens to unite and support the growth of our great nation, Nigeria. some, join us and make Nigeria great.

Dr. Joseph Joluwaseyi is the Director General of the Harpazo Corps Service.

I recently witnessed the dissolution of a friendship between two women who had been very close. It was interesting to see the two diverse paths each decided to take in regards to healing from this tragic event. A woman’s thing is to do everything in her power to wreak havoc in another’s life. She used revenge tactics to express her anger and hurt, which included badmouthing her former friend in her close-knit community. In the end, this behavior backfired on him. The second woman took a very different approach. She started with forgiveness. She reached out to the other woman, trying to patch up the misunderstanding. When that didn’t work, she turned to the network of other women in her life, letting them surround her with their love and support. It was beautiful to witness such camaraderie between women and see how the bonds grew due to honesty and humility.

Female friendships can be complex. When we are young, we envy our friends, covet their possessions, and sometimes even their boyfriends. We’re not always taught the importance of being happy for each other, so by the time we reach adulthood, these intricate insecurities travel with us. I remember when I was in my early twenties and my best friend had it all, or so I thought. He had his dream job working for a television company and had boyfriend after boyfriend, while I couldn’t even get a date. Looking back, I know I should have been happy for her, but I wasn’t. She had all the things I thought she wanted in my life and I was jealous. I couldn’t find support in my heart for her, and always looked down on her, reflecting my own lack of trust in her. In the end, I think this led to the disintegration of our friendship. It was a difficult life lesson for me as deep down I loved her very much and was grieving over this loss. After that, I decided to change my relationship with women.

Throughout history, women have come together in difficult times. When men went off to war, wives and widows looked to each other for a sense of community and family. Scarlet O’Hara were a rarity. For the most part, the bond of female friendships was resilient, and this was prevalent in every culture around the world. So how do we become our own worst enemies?

We live in a culture that exalts negative relationships between women. Reality shows benefit from promoting competition and conflict, bringing out the ugliness within the participants. We even have the nerve to call these people celebrities, as if we should celebrate this kind of behavior.

A study from the University of Michigan focused on the importance of female friendships. In a press release, Stephanie Brown, the paper’s lead author, found that “most of the hormones involved in bonding and helping behavior lead to reductions in stress and anxiety.” During a study at UCLA, Dr. Laura Cousino Klein, now at Penn State University, discovered that during times of stress, men tend to go into “fight or flight” mode. For women, when the hormone oxytocin (the love hormone) is released, they tend to meet other women. By doing this, more oxytocin is released and acts as a calming agent. Our relationships with other women, in turn, lower our blood pressure and cholesterol. “There’s no question that friends help us live longer,” says Dr. Klein.

Today I am surrounded by beautiful, intelligent and successful women. Instead of envying everything they have, I really enjoy watching them grow, seeing them succeed, seeing them in loving relationships. I am always there to nurture them when their hearts need healing, and I never take pleasure in their failures. I love being able to participate in her happiness and, above all, be the cause of it on occasions. I can say this about all the women who are an important part of my life, and judging by the support they give me in return, I’m sure they can say the same about me, too. It took a lot of growing up to get to this point, but now that I have, my life is more fulfilling than ever. Yes, my friends are good for my health and I look forward to a long and happy life of joy with them.

I have always loved playing SimCity ever since I was little. I used to play the Super Nintendo version for hours and then. That version was really cool. It had 4 seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn) and many landscapes, settings to choose from. That was a huge hit at the time. It was clearly the most popular video game.

Then SimCity 2000 came out. It was almost like a revolution.
Many new things to use, better graphics, and more innovative game engine.
it was more advanced. So that was very good news (except for the fact that the
the seasons were gone).

But the follower that came after SC2000, SimCity3000 was a real disaster. All right
there were more tools, advisors and more advanced terrain (witch was crap)
because you couldn’t build anything on it) but nothing special. Tea
the graphics were probably the worst part. It was more advanced but everything just
it looked like crap. It was a blurry hell. She would say that this did not feel like a
update more like a delayed downgrade. It was fun in 2 weeks but no more.

And after that failure, a new version would be released, SimCity 4. This time, the
The MAXIS programmers learned a lesson, don’t launch anything that
not helpful. Made nice graphics, added fun tools, more effects, more
unique buildings and neighboring cities. This was a small step up from SimCity
2000 but a big step up from SC3000. However, this was not intended to be a
strategy based city planning game but more to be like modeling fun
program (such as 3DMax or Maya) and create amazing effects. it was not hey hey
I managed to get 1 million people, but more like Hey, look what a nice city I built.
The game also required a new high-end computer with more than one GB of RAM,
a high-end graphics card with at least 128 MB an Athlon2500XP or one with
Pentium 2.5GHZ to be able to play (but it wasn’t even that).

You can clearly see what has happened to one of the best games on the planet.
This is not specific to just SimCity, but to the entire gaming industry. Tea
The graphic wow effect is all that matters today. Personally, I love good.
graphics, but not when I have to buy a better computer to be able to use it,
when can i experience lag and when the whole game is based on that

What will happen to SimCity5? There are rumors that they are already building.
but why have expected anything from him. If SC4 was too much for my pretty new
PC I wonder what SC5 will be like. This will probably be the last version if
they actually build it. Why? It will be a failure. No one will be able to use it. People
who already experienced SC4 will definitely not buy it. it’s a bit of a joke

The solution

Let’s start a new project based on open source. Let’s call it OpenSimcity.

Second part – The project

The idea is based on objective programming, OOP. This should be easy to
done, easy to check for bugs and tweak the code. let’s create this game
from the beginning and do better. And when I say better, I don’t just mean
faster performance or some new features. I mean a completely new structure, a
completely new terrain to stand on. This will be unique.

Graphics should be advanced but at the same time not dominate the
match. It should present many options for people who have other types of
taste. Also, it will likely take a few years for the game to finish, and by then,
Graphics cards will be more powerful than ever before. GPUs
performance grows 40% per year while CPU only grows 10%. Therefore, all
graphics must be done in OpenGL to free up CPU power. real time
zoom should be possible.

Unlimited area. Instead of the idea that the user can have 3 or 4 sizes to choose from
Come in, why not customize it? User can etc print X(width) and Y
(height) axis and get a map with whatever size he/she sews. The user
must have the ability to resize (increase or decrease) under the

Possibility to choose weather. There should be an option for what throughout the year
climate you want to have. How cold or warm and how dry or wet etc.
Also, an option if you want to have floating (changing) weathers with seasons or
a static climate.

More default buildings. It should also be easy to add new buildings or
remove the old ones

The engine should not be easy, medium, hard or advanced but rather an effect of
the number between 1-1000 that you give.

However, the interface should be a choice between easy, medium, hard, and

Cost and assets should be fully customizable.

The game must include online games. Competing with its neighboring cities,
friends or strangers. You could, etc., choose to compete with X number of citizens
or have the largest amount of population possible in X time. Or it could be played without
right, just having fun. You might also have the ability to trade lands with
your neighbors.

Possibility to import maps from all versions of SimCity.

I can make the list longer, but you get the point. Long live OpenSimcity.