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You can still get a good rate on your mortgage with less than perfect credit with an FHA loan. A mortgage is a major expense. But it can be even more expensive when your credit score isn’t perfect, since you may end up paying a higher interest rate for a subprime mortgage.

How to avoid having to pay a higher rate? One way is to pay off your debt and establish a good history of paying your bills on time. But it can take up to a year to show results.

However, there is another way, and that is to consider an FHA (Federal Housing Administration) mortgage. These loans use different criteria than other mortgages, and that can allow lenders to offer you terms that are slightly higher than market rates, in some cases as little as 0.125 percent higher.

FHA Mortgages
It is important to understand what an FHA mortgage is. Contrary to some people’s belief, the Federal Housing Administration is not a lender. It is a federal government agency that guarantees loans from private lenders, making mortgages available to people who may have difficulty qualifying, often due to a lack of credit history. This includes recent college graduates, newlyweds, as well as people who have had credit problems, including bankruptcies and foreclosures. Since an FHA mortgage is insured by the government, the lenders who make these mortgages take on less risk than with other low credit score loans and can therefore extend credit at a more reasonable interest rate.

how to qualify
The qualification criteria for an FHA mortgage are different than for a conventional loan. While your credit score is often the most important factor lenders consider when approving you for a conventional loan, with an FHA loan it’s not the central consideration. Rather, FHA looks at your overall credit history and is often more flexible in considering mitigating factors.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to monitor your credit. FHA requires an acceptable credit period of one year, during which you have made all your payments on time. You can review your rent or mortgage payment history during that time, any new credit or credit inquiries, and whether you have paid any judgments against you. And consider your debt-to-income ratio to ensure you’ll be able to repay the loan.


  • FHA cannot withhold an unpaid collection against you if there is a valid reason for not paying it.
  • You can qualify three years after a foreclosure, as opposed to the usual four years with a conventional loan.
  • Your down payment can be as little as 3 percent of the loan amount.
  • The down payment can be a gift from a family member, a government agency, or a non-profit organization.
  • Your housing expenses (PITI) and other debt payments can total 41 percent of your income, compared to the usual 33-36 percent for a conventional loan.


  • There is a limit to the amount you can borrow that varies depending on your area.
  • You may need to get a second loan if, due to regional limitations on the amount you can borrow, an FHA loan doesn’t provide enough financing. (On a $100,000 mortgage, the initial 1.5 percent mortgage insurance payment would be $1,500, which, wrapped in a 30-year fixed mortgage at 8 percent, would add up to an additional $11.01 per month. The 0.5 percent annual premium would be of $500 per year or $41.67 per month.)

After an intense workout at the gym, nothing feels quite like spending some time in a sauna or steam room. The concentrated heat that is poured on the body seeps into the muscles and relaxes them after their efforts and helps a man to relax. But is there any reason to wonder if using a sauna (or similar options such as a steam room) could have an impact on penile health, and penile function in particular? It’s a good question and should be considered by those concerned about their penis.

the sauna

There are two basic types of saunas: wet and dry. Wet saunas use steam to create their hot environment. The dry ones don’t. Saunas often use very hot rocks as a heat source, and water is added to them to create steam. Wet saunas tend to be hotter than dry ones, but both create situations where a person produces sweat. This sweat helps cool the body and at the same time helps release toxins.

Pros and cons

There are many pros and cons associated with using a sauna. Some of the advantages include:

– Reducing stress. Spending an appropriate amount of time in a sauna can help relax the body and reduce stress levels. Stress, of course, is associated with many health problems and can be a contributing factor to penile function problems.

– Increase blood circulation. The blood vessels tend to relax through sauna exposure and the pulse rate increases. This allows blood to circulate more freely and quickly throughout the body. (Healthy and unimpeded blood flow is of course also important for good penile function.)

– Weightloss. While sitting in a sauna won’t significantly lose weight, consistent long-term use, especially in conjunction with exercise and dietary changes, can contribute to some weight loss. And since obesity can be detrimental to penile function, this doesn’t hurt.

– Healthy skin. By removing toxins from the body, the skin, including the skin on the penis, often benefits by becoming healthier and stronger.

But what about the cons? Some negatives to consider include:

– Dry Skin. If a man spends too much time in the sauna, the benefits of healthy skin literally dry up, as the oils that are necessary for good skin maintenance are absorbed.

– Blood pressure can react negatively. People with hypertension should be careful about the amount of time they spend in a sauna. The increase in circulation and pulse rate can also lead to an increase in blood pressure, if a man with hypertensive tendencies does not control his rhythm. And high blood pressure situations are a no-no for sustained penile function.

– Sperm effect. Sperm do not appreciate excessive heat situations. Prolonged exposure to hot conditions is known to lower sperm count, so staying too long in the sauna can take a toll on a man’s little swimmers.

Ultimately, whether a sauna is good or bad for a man’s penile function really depends on the individual; Certainly men with heart or blood pressure problems should consult with a doctor before using a sauna. But in general, for a typically healthy man, most sauna use is fine as long as common sense is used. In other words, don’t spend too much time in the sauna, make sure you stay hydrated, walk away if he’s feeling sick, etc.

A sauna can often help maintain penile function, and can also keep manhood in the best possible health. Regular use of a top drawer penis health cream (Healthcare professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven to be gentle and safe for skin.) to be able to help. A cream with a powerful combination of moisturizers, such as vitamin E and shea butter, is very good for keeping the skin on the penis hydrated. Ideally, the cream should also include vitamins A, B5, C, and D, to help replenish these essential nutrients that could be depleted by prolonged sauna exposure.

Experiential Design

Whether you are designing a website, developing an app or building an immersive exhibit, user feedback is essential to understanding how your users interact with your product. It allows you to identify where they are confused, where the experience is frustrating and where it is delightful. You can collect this feedback throughout your design process, no matter which design method you are using (design thinking, human-centered design or otherwise).

Experiential design is an increasingly popular way to create an engaging customer experience. It is a broad term that encompasses several different disciplines, but at its core, it is about creating a memorable experience for your customers. Whether you are creating a museum exhibition, a new retail store, or a brand activation, Experiential Design can be used to communicate a story and create an emotional connection with your audience.

Have you ever walked into an office space, a restaurant, or an airport and immediately understood what the company or organization was all about? This was likely the result of an experiential design project. Whether the space was infused with imagery, music, or interactive elements, these spaces were designed to pull on your senses and convey a message.

The Role of User Feedback in Experiential Design

While the use of this type of design is primarily found in museums and art galleries, it is becoming more prevalent in other areas as well. From large event spaces to airports, more designers are choosing to incorporate experiential design into their projects in order to engage and connect with their audiences.

One of the biggest differences between experiential design and other contemporary perspectives is that it takes the user into account. Unlike some designers who base their work on trends or aesthetics, experiential design is all about meeting the needs of your users. This is why getting feedback from your to-be occupants is so important.

The goal of a good experiential design is to produce delight for your user, so it’s important that you provide them with feedback in an immediate and meaningful way. For example, if you’re designing an interaction that uses a touch screen to navigate through your product, it’s best to give the user immediate feedback on their actions. Research shows that even a delay of 100 milliseconds is noticeable and can frustrate your user.

In addition to identifying what aspects of your product or service are delightful, user feedback can help you pinpoint areas that need improvement as well. You can gather this feedback through forums, surveys, or focus groups. It’s also important to remember that most user feedback is skewed towards the negative, so it’s important to take this into consideration when analyzing your data.

While many companies are using experiential design to create more engaging interactions with their audiences, others are still working to figure out how to implement it into their marketing and branding efforts. To get started, consider the following three major questions before you kick off an experiential design project:

When a narcissist chooses a marital partner, they ensure that this person adoringly follows their lead in all aspects of their lives. The narcissist expects to be perfectly reflected, to receive from his partner: absolute loyalty, flattery, compliance, selfless service. There is an unspoken understanding that the narcissist will never admit to mistakes, nor should his faults and failings be pointed out, even in the vaguest of terms. Narcissists often choose marriage partners who suffer from borderline personality disorder. These individuals are emotionally dependent and have a fragile sense of themselves as valuable individuals. The narcissist is the master; the border, the server. That is the arrangement. The partner will be constantly tied up and betrayed. The narcissist holds the threat over his or her borderline spouse’s head that he or she may dump him or her rashly.

The individual suffering from borderline personality disorder lives in perpetual fear of abandonment and psychological annihilation. Borderlines psychologically merge with others, often to the point where they are emotionally unable to distinguish between their identity and that of their partner. This severe psychological handicap is described as a boundary issue. Psychological boundaries are necessary for each person to have a firm sense of who they are and to distinguish and respect the individuality of the other. The cap has not reached this stage of development, often due to childhood trauma. Its growth was arrested. Inside, he feels like a very small child, clinging desperately, begging a parent to pay attention to him, to promise not to hurt or abandon him again. Borderline suffers from a fragile sense of self and feelings of worthlessness. They are emotionally dependent on others and have little impulse control. Some of these people go through periods of delusional thinking and paranoia, have psychotic breaks, and end up in mental hospitals. Higher level limits work quite well in the world despite their psychological dependencies and unconscious feelings of worthlessness and instability. Unlike the narcissist, the borderline is capable of feeling deeply for others and can be highly empathetic.

This is a marriage made in Hades. Borderline accepts the demanding, perfectionist and self-proclaimed narcissist. Under the yoke of his psychological burden, the borderline despises his spouse as he unconsciously hated his parents as a child. He repeats this pattern into adulthood, hoping to earn the love and respect he so long deserved. The limit has reached the wrong place. He will not be accepted or loved by himself here. It will be exploited. Many borderline spouses stay with their abusive narcissistic partners because they are in a lot of psychological pain, suffer from low self-esteem, and are accused of being treated abusively. The cruelty of this marital arrangement mimics the painful psychological patterns familiar from childhood. The cycle continues until the narcissist decides to discard their current spouse for an updated, more attractive and obedient model. The exhausted spouse is kicked out to fend for himself. The narcissist moves on to his next big emotion with no memories or regrets. For him, it is a relief – a blow from a fly’s hand to the face.

Like any country in Europe, Portugal has its own rich culture and heritage, as well as beautiful tourist spots to boast of. It is famous for its beautiful cities and picturesque landscapes. So if you are inclined to travel to Portugal, here are the ten wonderful and beautiful places that you should never miss.

1.) The Gulbenkian Museum

If you like history and culture, then this museum located in Lisbon is for you. There are many ancient Egyptian artifacts here, as well as paintings by famous artists. The museum garden alone is enough to captivate the amazement of tourists.

2.) Castle of St. George

This castle is also located in Lisbon. Once you reach the hill where the castle is located, be prepared for the view of the city and the river below you. You can also visit Alfama on the way.

3.) Trade Square

This is a beautiful square that can also be found in Lisbon and is a must-see in this city. This faces the river, giving a wonderful view of that body of water. What is also good about this place is that it is part of the center of Lisbon, so it is a good place to walk around.

4.) Belem

This is a wonderful neighborhood to visit if you love to see historical monuments and buildings. Here you can see the Torre de Belem and the Cultural Center of Belem. You can also visit here the Royal Palace of Belem, which is now the Presidential Palace of Lisbon.

5.) Chiado

This wonderful historic street in Lisbon offers any visitor a great experience when it comes to shopping, dining and entertainment. Here you can also see and photograph yourself with the statue of Fernando Pessoa. He was a famous modernist poet from Portugal.

6.) April 25 Bridge

If you think San Francisco’s Golden Gate is magnificent, wait until you see this bridge. The man who designed this bridge was the same man who designed the Golden Gate. This bridge connects Lisbon with the Setúbal peninsula.

7.) Christ the King of Portugal

If Rio de Janeiro has the statue of Christ the Redeemer, then Portugal has Cristo Rei. This statue has a height of more than 100 meters and overlooks the Tagus River. Once you reach this statue, be overwhelmed by the magnificent view of the city and the river below.

8.) City of Aveiro

This is the so-called Venice of Portugal because it also has its own canals and bridges through which you can take a leisurely ride on its moliceiros, comparable to the gondolas in Venice. You will be able to see so many beautiful historical buildings in this city like the Aveiro Cathedral, the Municipal Chamber, the Carmelite Church, etc., or you can visit its parks like Parque de Santo Antonio and Parque Infantil Dom Pedro. The city of Aveiro still has much more to offer any visitor, such as surfing and windsurfing on its Costa Nova beach and river, or you can always go shopping at Forum Aveiro or Rua dos Combatientes de Guerra, as well as shopping on Avenida Dr. Lourenço Peixinho.

9.) City of Coimbra

This is another famous tourist spot where you will be able to see the great University of Coimbra. Here you can take leisurely walks through the university’s botanical garden. There is also much to see here, such as the Roman ruins of Conimbriga and the city’s cathedrals.

10.) Evora

In Évora, you must visit the Temple of Diana, an ancient Roman ruin. Here, you will also be able to see the University of Évora, which was once an old convent turned university. You can also take a nice walk in Évora’s park, Jardim Publico.

It’s exciting to see that email in your inbox. It seems completely legit to you, and the idea of ​​earning thousands of dollars without any investment or effort is impossible to resist. You click the link, scan the information there, fill out the form, and pay a “one-time” membership fee or other money.

Several weeks later, you’re not making any money, and worse, you think you’ve downloaded a serious virus in the process. It is very likely that you, my friend, have fallen for one of the many scams to make money online. Some just scam you out of a little money, but others can be much, much more serious.

Scams to make money online can cost you more than some initial money, for example, the initial amount you invest in the right to join a program. If you have given your personal information to a scammer, you may be the victim of identity theft.

And, as you suspected, some of these scam sites also cause viruses to be downloaded to your home computer, costing you not only your computer but also your personal files. Is twenty bucks really worth losing the videos of your baby’s first steps and the last photo you have of your mother?

There are legitimate opportunities to earn money that require a fee, even asking you to pay a monthly fee so you can search their job postings. For example, there are sites that allow you to bid on creative works like photography and others.

The difference between paying for these legitimate sites and falling for online money making scams is simple: the real sites don’t promise how much work you’ll get or how much money you could earn. Scam sites make claims that should seem outrageous, but still attract even completely reasonable people.

Scams to make money online can also be recognized by the rotating or disappearing websites they use. Right after you pay your money or provide your personal information, the site will be gone, along with your money and potential opportunities.

The old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it is” is definitely true in this situation that can leave you dealing with the virus and lost money you have spent in your effort to make money without thinking carefully and proceeding on bail.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the current “bigger is better” trend, particularly when it comes to celebrity-wearing diamond engagement rings, is having an impact on what we buy.

According to Celeste Ohrens of New York Diamond Traders, “In the six months after J.Lo’s engagement to Ben Affleck, we sold more pink diamonds than we had in the previous six years!”

And despite the fact that THAT engagement ring has been replaced by another equally stunning piece of jewelry, copies of J.Lo’s six-carat pink diamond are still selling well at many online jewelry stores.

When Marilyn Monroe breathlessly purred “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” (as if we didn’t know that already!), I have no doubt that women all over the world secretly coveted the baubles Mrs. Monroe, but such extravagant displays of excess would have offended the sensibilities. of any self-respecting 50s housewife.

Not so today. We’ve come to expect the ultimate in quality and quantity, and if that’s the equivalent of wearing a 3-carat diamond ring similar to the one worn by our favorite celebrity, more power to us!

Whether celebrities are seen as arbiters or slaves to all that is considered elegant, the engagement rings that adorn the left hand of stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Madonna and Ashley Judd attest to the fact that the choice of design of the ring is influencing (or is influenced by) current trends.

Jewelers like David Feinstein of Feinstein & Co, Boston, say, “The hottest look in engagement rings right now is the resurgence of old-cut diamonds and we’re desperately trying to keep up with the demand,” making the ring Catherine Zeta-Jones’ 10-carat vintage marquise-cut diamond ring, Madonna’s 3-stone Edwardian ring, and Ashley Judd’s antique pavé-set diamond ring are favorites when it comes to replicas.

Diamond size is also influencing today’s styles, and according to the Diamond Information Center, the traditional one-carat diamond solitaire engagement ring has now grown to three and four carats.

One only had to witness the jaw-dropping display of jewelry at this year’s Oscars, worth some $40 million, to reinforce the notion that in the minds of most celebrities “bigger is better.” Never mind that their precious loot had to be returned to the vaults they came from the next morning.

But our growing fascination with all things “bling” begs the question “What about the poor fool who has to PAY for this excess?” The traditional yardstick for any potential suitor to determine how much he should be willing to pay for an engagement ring was set arbitrarily at three months’ salary, which is fine if he’s earning a healthy six-figure salary. But try telling Joe Schmo, whose monthly budget doesn’t extend much beyond local Thai takeout, that he’s out to make what could be many thousands of dollars, and you’ll see his face (not to mention his wallet) fall apart.

Which brings me to my last point. The value of your engagement ring is not simply measured in monetary terms. nor is it measured by whether your best friend’s diamond is bigger, whiter or more extravagant. And it’s certainly not measured by whether it looks like J.Lo’s newest accessory (and I mean the ring, not the husband!)

Your engagement ring is a measure of the value of your relationship and what it means to both of you, now and in the future. It’s symbolic of everything the two of you share, whether you’re wearing a 2-carat stone or a cheap copy.

Just remember, your local jeweler is probably a remodeling genius, so you can always upgrade later!


These are ideal containers for storing dried fruit. Place the jars in a cool, dry place, away from light.

mandolin slicer

Cut strips and slices of equal size from fruits and vegetables. The same size slices are ideal for drying.


These are useful for cutting fruits and vegetables inside the kitchen.

Chopping boards

A board helps cut items and prevents damage to the table or counter. You can buy a wooden one or a plastic one.


Weigh fruit and other items. It is useful to optimize your trays or to calculate your drying performance.

banana cutter

Peel the plantain and place it on a cutting board. Cut the pieces of equal size without any effort. It is preferable to buy cutters where the width of the blades can be adjusted.


Removes the skin from vegetables and fruits with less waste compared to the knife.

vacuum sealing machine

Place the nuts in a bag. Now place the top of the bag inside the vacuum machine. The sealer will remove all air and seal the bag airtight. It will improve the life of your nuts. The only downside to this method is that the bags are not reusable unless you are ready to cut off the top of the bag and compromise its storage capacity.

cherry pitter

It is a very good option to eliminate holes.


Allows you to accurately measure the temperature of your dryer. Please check your manual on how to use it.

programmable timer

It stops drying after a specified period of time. It is very useful if you want to dry something at night or when you are out and about.

Apple corer, mango slicer and pineapple slicer

These kitchen appliances are must-haves for your dryers. This appliance saves time and helps you cut equal length slices of these foods for your dehydrator trays.

Progressive Chopper for Fruits and Vegetables

This is one of the best products for cutting and mincing food in your kitchen. Another equally great product to shop for is the Chef n VeggiChop Vegetable Chopper. Both items are available on Amazon for less than $50.

roller rings

Rolls dough of uniform height that allows uniform heating inside the dryer.

yogurt jars

Set of jars with glass lids that help you prepare yogurt in your food dehydrator.

There is no doubt that social media has taken the world by storm. All over the world, with more and more social sites and users sprouting up, companies have found a new platform for marketing. It evolved into one of the best ways to reach a target audience and market products effectively.

With the rise of social media, it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal to take advantage of its many benefits. Here are 5 essential tools to try:

hoot suite

Hootsuite has more than 2 million subscribers around the world. The tool allows a faster and more comfortable management of social networks for any end user. It has a dashboard that ensures you save time and energy when you need to post to multiple social networks simultaneously. The tool also allows monitoring of social sites and creating reports based on collected analytics.


This is another great tool to use in managing your company’s social media. Sproutsocial combines all the necessary elements for a strong and productive social media presence. It integrates the top three social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and offers an easy social media management concierge for your network. The tool features reporting, contact management, analytics, competitor insights, lead generation, and much more.

message marker

Message Market is a tool created by the National Institute of Standards for the development of a test tool that creates messages for the HL7 specifications. The tool is available for free. It is currently in beta version.


The Engagesciences is a leading social marketing platform that has a large customer base. It is a self-service tool used by many companies around the world. It works with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The tool helps complete many campaigns for corporate websites. It allows you to create a social marketing platform that understands every need to successfully complete any social media campaign. You can launch multiple Facebook promotions and other related events all in one place.


Conversocial is another tool that allows business owners to connect effectively with their customers. Helps manage conversations on Facebook, Twitter and other supported social sites. This way, you can stay in touch with your customers and offer them the support and customer service they need. It even allows for greater internal collaboration, customer service, and marketing. Merchants using Conversocial can be aware of the activities of their team and also control their activities accordingly. It is the ultimate tool for maximum social media production and allows full control over various business social media processes.

With all these tools at your disposal, along with exemplary business management, social media will perform better and entrepreneurs will experience incredible ROI in no time; all with the help of these social media tools for businesses.

Young, old, single, married, boy, girl, anyone should probably have their own MP3 player by now! So what can you give them this Christmas? The answer is very simple, an MP3 speaker system that allows them to fully appreciate their MP3s, especially if they want to share them with someone special. Trust me, it will not only be their MP3s that they will appreciate the most, but you too! So check out the list of Top 10 MP3 Speaker Systems Christmas Gifts 2008 below and grab one now:

1. Altec Lansing inMotion iM600 Portable Audio System for iPod (Black). Voted one of the Best MP3 Players and Accessories Awards of the Year 2008, this portable audio system offers great compatibility ranging from iPod mini to iPod classic 3G to 6G to iPod nano and iPod touch. With its unique glossy black look, slim and well designed to match the design of the iPod, this audio system has incredible expanded soundstage technology for better stereo imaging. Last but not least, it also has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 7 hours of continuous gaming.

2. iHome IH9 Speaker System and iPod Alarm Clock (Black). This speaker system is compatible with many digital players such as iPod mini, iPod 4G up to 6G, iPod nano and iPod touch. At the same time, it also serves another function as a wake-up doorbell and allows you to go according to your schedule. Don’t worry about setting the time manually because this high-tech device lets you program snooze settings instantly.

3. JBL On Stage II speaker and iPod docking station (black). Extremely handy with its wireless remote control that can cover a range of up to 50 feet, this speaker system and docking station for your favorite iPod is one of the best deals in town! It also offers 1-touch control for volume and mute and a compact speakerphone with integrated docking station.

4. Sony ICF-C1IPMK2 Clock Radio and Speaker System with iPod Dock (Black). Compatible with a multitude of iPod devices, this speaker system doubles as your personal clock, alerting you with not one, but three wake-up options: radio, iPod app, or a buzzer. It also has dual alarm in case your schedule fluctuates by one day.

5. Battery or AC power from Black Portable Digital iPod Docking Speaker System. Simple yet stylish, this black portable speaker system gives you the options of running on a battery or plugging it in to work. No more conversion needed, you can do it your way!

6. iHome Dual Alarm Clock with Speaker Dock for Zune (Black). This is the world’s first invented clock radio for Zune 4, 8, 30 and 80. It has superior features like wake up and sleep using your Zune music or radio stations.

7. Altec Lansing inMotion iM413 portable audio system for Sansa. If you are looking for premium, high-definition playback for your Sansa players, this is the best speaker system for you. Offers a 1-year limited warranty.

8. iHome iH5BR Clock Radio for iPod (Black). It has an automatic set time and date and automatically adjusts for daylight saving time, so you don’t have to worry about being late.

9. iLive and Boombox Docking System with Speakers for iPods and MP3 Players (Black). This system plays all iPods with 30′ dock connectors and also has a digital clock.

10. iHome iH5BR Clock Radio for iPod (Black). Weighing just 4 pounds, this MP3 Speaker Systems Christmas or boombox is very stylish with its pink iPod docking station. It also has its double function of waking you up every morning.

These are the Top 10 MP3 Speaker System Christmas Gifts for 2008 that will definitely provide perfect entertainment moments for you and your special ones this Christmas.