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There is a lot of confusion about how and what to eat in this country. That’s not surprising when you consider that an search for nutrition books turns up over 50,000 books! Are there really 50,000 ways to eat? Possibly, but my opinion is that effective nutrition programs tend to have more similarities than differences.

Let’s put the differences aside and get back to basics. Here is a list of basic nutritional tips to help you start losing weight and improving your health:

1. Drink more water

Start your day by drinking a glass or two of water when you wake up, then drink water throughout the day. How much water should you drink? Expert opinions vary on this, but I personally use half my body weight in ounces of water as a guideline. I weigh 194 pounds, so I should drink about 97 ounces of water a day. Try to just drink water or green tea if you feel like you have a lot of weight to lose.

2. Eat balanced meals

There are many different expert opinions on this, including the Zone diet, Atkin, Pritikin, Metabolic Typing, the government food pyramid, etc. I like to keep things simple. Eat some meat (lean beef, chicken, fish, or eggs), some starch (brown rice, quinoa, etc.), and some vegetables (spinach, Swiss chard, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, bell peppers, etc.). Nutrition research is beginning to show that we are all individuals and that our metabolism is affected by our genetics and lifestyle. There is no definitive answer on what to eat unless you get genetic testing and adjust it to your lifestyle. Nutritional genomics is the future of diet prescription, but including all of the foods listed above will put you on the right track.

3. Eat breakfast

I meet so many people who start their day with coffee or coffee and a bagel and then end their day with a big meal before bed. This is the exact opposite of what they should be doing. When you wake up in the morning, your blood sugar level is low from not eating during sleep. Be sure to start your day with breakfast following the guidelines I listed above about eating balanced meals. Aren’t you hungry in the morning? No problem, just eat what you can and gradually increase the amount until you’re eating a full breakfast. After a while of doing this, you will find that your body craves a meal when you first wake up. You should also find that your energy levels and mood improve as you begin to give your body what it needs at the beginning of the day.

4. Eat several small meals throughout the day

Not only should you eat a balanced breakfast, but you should eat 3-5 meals/snacks per day. These meals and snacks should be eaten every 3 to 4 hours. How many should you have? This is a complex question that should be addressed with a professional. A more general answer would be: eat if you are hungry. Some people have metabolic or psychological problems that make them hungry even when they have recently eaten. Chances are you’re not one of these people, so don’t starve yourself. Eat when you are hungry.

5. Minimize processed foods.

I really want to say never eat processed foods, but let’s face it: some of these things taste good and many of us will never completely eliminate them from our diet. That’s fine, but keep in mind that the more you eat, the harder it will be to maintain your weight and improve your health. How do you identify processed foods? Just read the label. Forget what the marketing says on the packaging, the nutritional information on the label will give you the best information about the product. Ingredient labels have to list certain things and meet government standards.

Ingredients are listed from largest component to smallest component. For example, if the ingredients list has: water, high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, and orange juice, you know that the product is actually made up of water, high-fructose corn syrup, and sugar; It probably doesn’t have much juice. Also, if you read the label and the product has words you can’t pronounce or that sound like chemical warfare agents, there’s a good chance it’s processed food. Keep your intake of these products to an absolute minimum.

6. Eat or prepare your meals at home

This can be a time constraint, especially if you don’t consider yourself to be a good cook, but I think preparing your own food is a necessary key to getting your diet in the right direction. Many restaurants and fast food places cut costs by buying the cheapest ingredients they can find. Also keep in mind that most restaurant foods are prepared to taste good, not necessarily to help you meet your nutritional goals. Tasting good for some chefs requires adding things you wouldn’t if you were cooking your own food. You do not know how to cook? That’s fine, just learn a few basics to get the job done. Cooking scrambled eggs and making salads are a great way to start.

7. Follow the 90/10 rule

Everyone is busy and we all give in to tasty temptations. Don’t stress too much about it and don’t set unreasonable expectations on yourself either. Instead, try to follow the principles of good nutrition 90% of the time. Even if 90% is too big a behavior change for you, try 60/40. You can eventually increase the percentage, but start with something that is reasonable for you. Just make sure your healthy eating outweighs your unhealthy and you’ll be on the right track.

8. Listen to your body

Our bodies are very complex and there are many systems in place to give you information about how what you eat is affecting you. For example, you may eat too much ice cream. It may taste pretty good when it’s going down, but the stomach ache or sluggishness you feel afterwards is your body’s way of giving you feedback on your eating habits. Your body is an amazing machine, so be sure to listen to it!

A vacation in a private pool villa provides a great deal of privacy and freedom to those who stay in them during their vacation. Choosing a private villa has enormous advantages. One of the criteria for an exotic vacation is that a private villa has its own private pool. Private pools can significantly improve the quality of a vacation. These are some of the benefits of a villa with a pool on vacation…

health benefits

Swimming is a great form of exercise and spending time in a pool on vacation can go a long way to offsetting all those vacation ‘excesses’ we can put our bodies through while having a good time.

Swimming is a very good cardiovascular exercise, especially in a private pool where one can swim further and longer, which is often not possible in pools shared by others.

drive away boredom

Having a pool to yourself can be a real bonus. Instead of going to the beach and having to carry your things there, put on your swimsuit and have fun in the pool. This is a perfect way to keep boredom away. Boredom isn’t usually associated with vacations, but there are times, perhaps between coming home from the beach and going out to dinner, when boredom sets in!

children’s entertainment

Children can have hours of fun playing and splashing around in the pool. When they go on vacation, children always want a pool close by. In addition to being an important source of exercise and social interaction, private pools during vacations go a long way in keeping children, and even adults, entertained.

Recharge your tan!

When we return home after a long vacation, we all want to look rested, healthy and tanned. However, sunbathing is not for everyone. Many prefer activity rather than just lying on a sun lounger, which is why a pool is such a good thing.

However, many people enjoy sunbathing, and what could be better than doing it on a sun lounger around your own pool? Plus, you don’t have to wait for someone to vacate a sun lounger, as you have your own personal sun loungers in your pool villa.

Play and socialize

Pools aren’t just for swimming. In a private pool you can have fun in the sun, playing various games such as volleyball and water soccer.

Party time!

A private pool has a number of advantages. You can have fun by organizing a pool party for your friends and this will greatly contribute to the enjoyment of your vacation. While the adults enjoy a pool party, the children, at the same time, can sleep comfortably and safely in their own rooms. Spending your vacation in a villa with a private pool is the best option for anyone looking for fun and entertainment. However, it all depends on the selection of the right villa.

I am asking this question quite a lot. People often do a little research and learn that they will need to eat five of the Medifast meals each day, as well as one of the larger “lean and green meals” (which most people often prepare for themselves). They wonder what this means for their daily schedule.

Yes, in total, you will be eating six times a day. Although there are no set requirements on the timing of the meals you will consume to achieve this, many people eat every two hours or so. But many people worry about this program before trying it. But, it is not as difficult as it seems and there are good reasons for it. Eating often ensures you’re not as hungry, maintains energy and blood sugar levels, and supports your body as it enters ketosis (or fat-burning mode). In the next article, I’ll give you an example of what to eat and when in an attempt to give you an idea of ​​what life on Medifast might be like.

I often have breakfast before work around 7:30. Usually I’ll eat oatmeal or eggs. If I’m in a hurry, I wrap the eggs in a fat-free tortilla to eat on the run. My job dictates that I’m very busy in the morning and things don’t really slow down until around 10:30. This is when I usually have my morning snack. Since the morning is my busiest time, I’ll usually have a bar because it’s so convenient and quick.

Lunch is usually one of the soups and I prefer the chili. I like it because I can wrap it up (like eggs) and be on my way. Lunch around 1:00. I often walk a bit with my co-workers to burn a little more calories in my day. So I don’t think about this diet again until around 3:00 when I have my snack. If I’m in a hurry, I’ll usually have one of the shakes ready to drink. If I have time to sit down and enjoy my snack, then I might go for the brownies or the pudding.

I have access to a refrigerator and a small kitchen at work. But you can prepare your Medifast meals ahead of time and just grab them if you’re limited at work or school. I usually eat my “lean green food” for dinner. I just find this easier as dinner is the only time of day I have time to prepare a meal. Also, I am cooking for my family in any way at the moment. But, I feel I should mention that you could have your lean and green at any time that works best for you. If I’m having breakfast or lunch at a work meeting and I need to eat at a restaurant, I sometimes change it to eat my main meal at those times.

So, so far, I have eaten four Medifast meals and my lean and green food. This means I only have one more left. What I eat for my late night snack (usually around 7:00 am) just depends on my mood. If I have a good workout that night, I sometimes put the Medifast fruit drinks on top of shaved ice to make a snow cone to cool me down. If I’m just watching TV and relaxing, I might as well have the fries. If I know I won’t be home late in the afternoon, I sometimes have this sixth meal early in the morning.

In this case, I could have the cappuccino or latte as soon as I get up in the morning. Then I’ll continue with breakfast a few hours later. There are no hard and fast rules here. Doing what works best for you is fine, as long as you eat relatively regularly for fuel and eat all five meals plus lean, green food.

Latchi is a quaint and sleepy fishing village surrounded by vibrant green fields and farmland. Situated on the border of the Akamas Peninsula on the northwest coast of Cyprus, this traditional Cypriot resort is just a couple of miles from Polis and around 15 miles from Paphos. Perfect evenings can be spent enjoying Cypriot cuisine in traditional waterside taverns, where fresh fish and seafood are excellent.

This tranquil resort is the ideal base for nature lovers, walkers and bird watchers as it is perfectly situated on the Akamas Peninsula which is a protected region and National Park of Cyprus. This vast area has all kinds of flora and fauna, nature trails, rugged gorges like the Avakas Gorge, secluded coves and quiet beaches. It is here that you will find Bahía Lara where green turtles breed and Bahía Fontana Amorosa. A boat ride from the port will give you great views of the Park from the sea. A great way to explore the surrounding countryside and places that cannot be reached by road is on horseback. Renting a car is also a great way to explore the traditional villages of the Troodos Mountains, which are only accessible by winding mountain roads.

Latchi Beach is blessed with beautiful clear blue waters along with the beaches in the bays that surround the resort. Water sports are offered here and offer more than just lounging on the beach. An excellent place for diving, all ages and abilities will love diving here among the caves and sunken shipwrecks that are home to a fascinating variety of marine life.

Relax at the Tsada Golf Club, which is located near Latchi. With fairways lined with vines and fruit trees, driving range, practice areas, swimming pool, tennis court, and a pro pro shop, the course is ideal for a round of golf even in summer when enjoying nice cooling breezes.

Using Latchi as a base, you can enjoy the beaches of Coral Bay and Paphos, visit the mountain monasteries of Chrysoroyiatissa and Ayios Neophtos, take a trip to the Baths of Aphrodite, visit the fascinating Byzantine museum in Peristerona, and much more, the list. of things to do and places to visit is endless.

Whatever you’re looking for, be it relaxation, sightseeing, or adventure, Latchi is a great choice for your family vacation.

Take advantage of a bargain and book one of the last minute holidays on the wonderful island of Cyprus for an unforgettable trip.

The three faces of Barbados, the beautiful easternmost island in the Caribbean, offer more diversity than vacation spots much larger than the country’s 14 by 21 miles. “Laid back” and “great value” characterize the second side of the island: Barbados’ south coast, where white-sand beaches abound, nightlife is active and vacation rentals are reasonably priced. Part 2 of a 3 part series.

South coast of Barbados:

Price-wise, closer to land than Barbados’ west coast is the island’s south coast, which offers an “authentic” Barbados holiday with lots of locals, friendly and hip street vendors, and plenty of accommodation offering good value for money.

Take notes:

However, be careful before you book your hotel or vacation rental on the south coast. Be aware of:

– South Coast accommodations range from casual luxuries with incredible sea views to hotel rooms in need of a facelift. Before you book anywhere, check the TripAdvisor site to see what past guests have to say about the vacation rental you’re interested in. As seductive as they are, do not rely on reservations only in the photos of the beautiful sea.

– the south coast is a wonderful mixture of calm waters of the Caribbean Sea and active waters of the Atlantic Ocean; The farther you are from the east coast, the higher the waves and the stronger the swell. Find out about the surf conditions of the place you book.

– Restaurants and shops are located in the area of ​​the south shore called St. Lawrence Gap. If you have rental accommodation outside of “Gap”, you’ll need a rented car or taxi (or, if you’re adventurous, the Barbados bus system) to get to the restaurants, shops and nightlife. Unless you want a very quiet vacation, you’ll want to stay in or very close to Gap. However, also remember that where there is nightlife there is nighttime noise, so ask about the provisions vacation rentals have made for soundproofing. Again, check TripAdvisor reviews to read what previous guests have to say.

Recommendations for holiday rentals on the south coast of Barbados:

Many visitors to the south coast are drawn to the area because the beaches are even whiter and larger than those on the west coast of the island. They are also abundant. The following vacation rentals are worth a look because they offer incredible sea views and generally offer good value for money in a casual luxury setting:

* Silver Point Hotel (at Silver Sands Beach): Beautiful white drapes surround large outdoor canopy beds at this boutique getaway that’s a short distance from the south shore action. An open-air restaurant and on-site bar complement the venue’s casual-chic vibe and the young crowd it attracts. The sea is more Atlantic Ocean than Caribbean Sea. This means that it is ideal for windsurfers, but a bit difficult for casual swimmers and children. Windy, the beach offers ideal conditions for kite flying. You will need a car to move around the island. Some rooms have small kitchens.

* little bows (in Enterprise Beach aka Miami Beach) – Absolutely adorable, intimate, and elegant hotel with acclaimed international cuisine restaurant, Café Luna, on-site. Only for adults. A car is recommended. The sea is calmer here than at Silver Point.

* Ocean 1 (Maxwell Beach) – Modern and new, offering two and three bedroom apartments with kitchens and ocean view balconies. Privately owned, different apartments offer different tastes and qualities of furnishings. Located right on a large beach, each unit offers beautiful views of the placid ocean. You may want to rent a car or take a quick cab ride to the Gap for dinner.

* St Lawrence Beach Condos (St Lawrence Beach, between Dover and Sandy Beaches) – Brand new two and three bedroom vacation rentals with full kitchens in the heart of the St. Lawrence Gap. All units offer expansive ocean views and immediate access to a small beach. Walk out the back door and commune with the tranquility of the aquamarine blue sea or lounge around the pool; walking out the front door, you are just steps away from numerous restaurants and clubs. The sea here is more Caribbean than the Atlantic Ocean, which means that the waves are gentle. Inquire about the soundproofing of the rooms facing the Gap; rooms by the sea are not bothered by music from the clubs. Car is not required. Small supermarkets, shops and many restaurants very close.

* Hilton Hotel (at Hilton Beach at Needham’s Point): A less imaginative option, perhaps, but the Barbados Hilton’s location, on beautiful Needham’s Point, earns the Hilton Hotel a spot on this list. The rooms are what you’d expect and there’s too much concrete in the common areas for my liking, but the food in the various restaurants is good, the service is top notch and the beach is one of the prettiest on the island and ideal for very young children play in the surf.

Next, we will visit the third face of Barbados: the undeveloped east coast, with stunning views of a wild Atlantic Ocean.

New York Travel requires planning. We have a vacation in the Big Apple, there is something to do 24/7. Therefore, it is important to plan well. Choose the right New York City tours to meet your expectations. Choose the right hotel in New York City to fit your budget and lifestyle needs. A New York City home page is the place to start gathering information to make informed decisions.

The first consideration is accommodation. What is your budget? After this decision, you can search for hotel options in New York City. You will find that at all locations in the city there are rooms at all levels of accommodation. Other concerns may dictate where you want to be located for your Big Apple vacation.

New York City tours and attractions may influence where you stay. Want to join a New York City double-decker hop-on, hop-off tour and buy a pass (a great way to get around and get around the city at the same time)? If so, you may want a room near your favorite stop. Double-decker sightseeing passes are available for durations of one, two, and even three days. You can find cheap accommodation along one of the “loops” that allow you to reach the entire city every day.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy a cruise around New York Harbor and visit the Statue of Liberty during your trip. The port of New York offers many opportunities to travel to New York. For example, a water taxi allows access to many attractions from a single mode of transportation and you can purchase 24 or 48 hour passes. Just so you know, a New York Harbor dinner cruise is magical.

New York tours are plentiful. Mentioning just a couple, you can get around central park in a couple of tours. One takes you to filming locations and the other is a guided tour by a professional photographer. Tours that accentuate the diversity of New York City culture include tours of the Bronx, Harlem, and Brooklyn or the Metropolitan Museum of New York City. You may just want to take a bike tour of the Brooklyn Bridge and you can even rent a bike to follow the Hudson River Trail for miles and then back through parts of the city. Renting your own bike allows the freedom to explore, which is the only way to see New York, in this author’s opinion.

Look, the options are limitless. So, look for a New York City home page. From tours of New York City to finding a hotel in New York City, you’ll want to make the right decisions and maximize the enjoyment of a vacation investment in the Big Apple. A small amount of research goes a long way toward achieving this goal. Also, it’s good to know what you’re doing and where you’re going before you get there. After all, this author believes that you should “make an informed decision and travel wisely.” Enjoy your trip to New York!

Cheap Mexico vacations are not always easy to find, as they seem to be growing in popularity year after year. It can be difficult to select an ‘off-peak’ season at this Central American location, as it is classed as a year-round destination, however, since May through October is classed as the rainy season, this It could be the best time to find cheap vacations in Mexico.

Don’t let the words “rainy season” put you off, as temperatures rarely drop during this time and the rain soon dries up and returns to normal at beaches and pools.

Most tourists head to the eastern Caribbean coast to resorts like Cancun and Cozumel on the Yucatan Peninsula, where you’ll find a plethora of water sports to choose from. You can keep the cost of your cheap Mexico vacation down by choosing one of the wonderful self-catering apartments or quaint guest houses instead of the wonderful all-inclusive hotels. Most resorts have an excellent selection of bars and restaurants, so there are always plenty of things to do in the evening.

There are plenty of excursions that can be done on a budget too with wonderful Mayan villages offering a warm welcome with music, dancing and local cuisine to sample. Experience a thrilling horseback ride through the jungle terrain, go hiking on volcanoes, or go rafting or kayaking. There are many wonderful deep canyons that nature lovers can spend hours exploring, and that’s before they’ve even hit the beaches.

No cheap vacation to Mexico would be complete without a trip to the stunning Mayan city of Chichen Itza, especially beautiful when illuminated by the evening light show. Or there is the beautiful pyramid of Chinkultic, which dates back to 600 AD

If you are in Cancun the nightlife can also be very reasonable with beach parties catering to 15,000 guests at a time, well worth a visit just to soak up the atmosphere at least.

The US dollar offers the best value for money; however, the Mexican peso is the official monetary unit in Mexico. Credit card use is restricted and will always incur a charge, so to keep those cheap Mexico vacations cheap, try to avoid using them.

You’ll find wonderful shopping at most upscale hotels, however these can be very expensive. Cancun’s main street will be buzzing with shoppers, and while you’ll still see designer labels and fashion boutiques, you’ll also find a great selection of souvenir shops and craft stalls. Local markets offer the best places to pick up those inexpensive souvenirs on your cheap Mexico vacation.

So if you look carefully when choosing your vacation and are pretty flexible about when you go, you just might be able to find one of those fantastic cheap Mexico vacations after all.

When it comes to beaches in Florida, many tourists think of crowded places where they can’t see the sand, too many families riding for free, and drunk college students wandering the sand. This can sometimes be difficult to find in the best hidden beaches, the places where it is much easier to find a wonderful view instead of other tourists. Though it may seem hard to think of, Florida actually has quite a few like this.

Think state beaches instead of local beaches. They are usually not hampered by high-rise hotels, congested shopping areas, as well as large numbers of other tourists. Most tourists probably think that North Florida has the perfect beaches, but this is actually a little piece of heaven in the southern part of the state. The recreation area is 524 acres of land, along with fantastic areas for snorkeling and cool, clear water. The game costs $4 for each car and 50 cents per person for daily admission.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Recreation Area in Miami is actually another great hidden beach in Florida. When tourists imagine Miami, they think of expensive restaurants, expensive hotels, and glamorous nightlife. Believe it or not, even Miami offers a hidden beach with Bill Baggs. The beach includes a lighthouse built in 1825, a long path of clean sand, and a stunning break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park costs $5 admission each day for each vehicle.

And also consider checking out Naples Beach in Naples, Florida. This beach has a 10-mile area that stretches directly in front of Millionaire’s Row. As you walk along the beach, you can catch a glimpse of the storied past just by looking at the mansions. This beach often has a deserted and remote feel, even during the most hectic periods of the day. With miles of beaches, it can be easy to find a space to enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea, without fighting a crowd. Best of all, the beach does not cost admission.

In Sarasota, Florida start looking for Siesta Beach. This beach is the smallest on the list, at only a fraction of a mile and 500 feet wide, but it’s also one of the most beautiful and secluded. The sand is much softer compared to any you have experienced in your life; it’s so smooth it almost feels like walking on flour. The beach also has excellent swimming with minimal chance of overflow and a lifeguard on duty. It can occasionally get a bit crowded during the summer; However, you won’t find a better option during the off-season.

A better option for tourists looking for the ideal remote beach spot is Caladesi Island State Park in Dunedin, Florida. The beach cannot allow cars on site, which deters some tourists, and has a very secluded feel. It’s the perfect spot for bird watching, floating, and a chance to get away from the hectic life of other Florida beaches. The only method of getting to the beach is by ferry, and admission is $4 for each vehicle and $7 for each adult.

There are plenty of secluded Florida beaches for vacationers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the state’s busy family-oriented spots.

The event of the division of the Indian subcontinent into two independent nations, Pakistan and India, is recorded as a period of great confusion and uncertainty. After the British Raj in India that prevailed for almost a century, British India was divided into Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan. It is during this bewildered period that a man from the city of Ambala in present-day India decided to emigrate to present-day Pakistan with his family. This man, the chairman of the Muslim League (the political party that led the movement for a separate Muslim nation in British India) in Ambala at the time, was called Khawaja Abdur Rehman. The migration process was extremely challenging and dangerous during that period, but it was successful for this family. Traveling inside a train, this particular group of nine to ten individuals was afraid of being attacked, which was “expected” during the hot days of this exodus, and hid the youngest under a train seat in case of disturbances. . This fifteen-year-old girl would later be my grandmother.

We are interested in understanding the importance of two types of stories, political or historian’s history and oral or popular history, and developing a connection between them. The history of the historian focuses predominantly on the political or national aspect of history. As a result, try to understand and record in detail the causes and effects of a particular event. Oral history, on the other hand, “is a field of study and a method for collecting, preserving, and interpreting the voices and memories of individuals, communities, and participants in past events” (Oral History Association). The first is at the state level and is usually objective, while the second is at the personal level and can be deeply subjective. During the process of studying partition, I caught glimpses of both approaches to history, but what intrigued me most was how Gyanendra Pandey, a historian specializing in colonial and post-colonial history and the author of “Remembering Partition,” has approached the subject of the score. . Focusing on the history of ordinary people, she has tried to understand the partition from different angles. In her style, I have witnessed a fine blending of both recorded history and people’s history, though most of the material leans toward the latter. The same approach allows the reader to understand different aspects of the same event.

Gyanendra Pandey has underlined the relationship between history and memory. More specifically, he has tried to establish a link between the history of the historian and oral history, and also to highlight the difference between them. The town’s history regarding the 1947 partition is considered to contain violence based on cultural, religious, and racial differences; it reveals the atmosphere of violence, rape, murder and uncertainty that prevailed at the time. In academic history, the brutality during partition is treated as parallel to massive political and democratic change. Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, a Swedish political scientist and author, in his book “The Punjab Bloodied, Partitioned and Cleansed” indicates the distinguishing factor of oral history and the person who shares it: “He/she is not treated simply as a source or object of information, but as a subject that is intrinsic to the story it tells. Each of these stories is a living story to be read on its own merits” (Ahmed 139).

Gyanendra Pandey, after collecting and studying numerous oral histories, has distinguished two narratives that local people used to make sense of the partition violence; the certainty that the violence was justified at the time and the belief that it occurred “out there”, that is, outside their town or community. These narratives describe how personal interpretation of events can affect memory history. One can question the veracity and currency of memory history, but I believe that the purpose of oral history is to go beyond estimating the accuracy of the event and to understand the people themselves, who constitute “current” history. Oral histories give insight into individuals and families, which are the building blocks of any community or nation. Therefore, it becomes imperative to account for oral histories (what people remember) alongside recorded history by studying the 1947 sheet music.

Gyanendra Pandey has distinguished three partitions, each dealing with an aspect of the 1947 partition seen from a different perspective. The first partition refers to the claim of Pakistan by the Muslim League from 1940 onwards. By studying this concept, one learns the South Asian Muslim side of history. In the second partition, which refers to the division of the Punjab and Bengal provinces, one learns the Sikh and Hindu side of history. The third partition, however, is more humane in orientation, dealing with the massive upheaval and violence that took place on “both sides” during the partition.

It’s the third partition that surprises me, as it raises serious questions about the whole idea of ​​partitioning; who was right and who was wrong. Perhaps partitioning cannot be understood in binary terms at all; we cannot separate the heroes and the villains. The political perception of partition can vary from person to person, and each argument can be somewhat contentious. I believe that by studying the anthropological dimension of partition – or the history of the people – one can change or refine one’s political perception. Hence, the importance of oral histories is not just limited to understanding individuals and families at the time of the partition, but extends to shaping the entire perception of the 1947 partition in general. In the introduction to his book, Remembering Partition, Gyan Pandey writes: “Part of my purpose is to underscore how different the Partition story looks from different perspectives” (Pandey 5).

Going back to the story we started at the beginning of the article, a Sikh lived in Rawalpindi, located in present-day Pakistan, during the partition of 1947. The Sikh decided to emigrate to the opposite side of the border (present-day India) with his family, but before In doing so, he handed over his properties – a total of five to six houses – to the person who had recently immigrated to Pakistan from India with his family; Jawaja Abdur Rehman. It is difficult to explore the connection between these two individuals from two different nations and cultures, but this simple interaction helped the lives of many other families who had migrated to Pakistan from India, as Khawaja Abdur Rehman decided to give these properties to refugees in need. . Even during the period of great confusion and bloody unrest, some practical examples based on humanistic values ​​and interreligious compassion could be detected.

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Every time our economy falters, we hear those four magic words: “Work harder, not smarter.” We find ourselves surrounded by catchy phrases like “productivity gains,” which can often be a euphemism for “We just fired the person in the cubicle next to yours, so now you’ll do her job just as well as yours.”

When times get tough, the tough once in a while want to intellectualize. You can think of yourself to get out of many problems in life, but you cannot think of how to get out of a hole. You have to grab the rope and start climbing. Falling into the “work smarter, not harder” trap is nothing more than an excuse for you to stop working and start daydreaming. Successful selling is never a matter of what you know. It’s a matter of what you do with what you know. While all living and breathing creatures must evolve, maybe the problem isn’t the fact that you need a new game plan. Maybe you have a great one and you just aren’t working hard enough on it.

This doesn’t mean that continuing education should be absent from your sales career…quite the contrary. You must learn something new every day. But you must learn while doing. Greatness has never been achieved strictly through the pursuit of knowledge. Greatness is achieved by learning and applying that knowledge, taking action and taking risks and falling and getting up and doing it all over again.

Professional selling is built on a foundation of several pillars that may vary in appearance, but are always consistent in principle.

First, you must love the art of selling. If you don’t, you’ll never be a successful marketer. He must adopt selling as his chosen profession and must have a deep and burning desire to excel. When you show up for a job you don’t like…maybe even a job you hate…you look at the clock, contribute only the bare minimum that will keep you employed, show up late, leave early, take long lunches, browse the Internet when your boss isn’t around, make personal phone calls, email your friends, and spend all Saturday and Sunday dreading Monday morning. That is not life. That is a prison sentence.

Second, you have to think like Elvis Presley and Take Care of Business…”TCB” Elvis distributed gold-plated “TCB” trinkets to members of his “Memphis Mafia” as a constant reminder of his personal manifesto. What is your manifest? Is it to arrive late and leave early, to take care of business, or somewhere in between? People must be able to trust that you will keep your word and deliver on everything you promise. You will occasionally encounter extreme and unpredictable circumstances that are not within your control, but most people will understand and appreciate your honesty and direct, immediate communication during these times. On the other hand, if you let something go to waste due to your apathy, laziness, or carelessness, you’ll start to erode any trust you’ve built between your clients, colleagues, or peers, and you’ll be on the fast track. to “unemployed”.

Third, you must believe in the product or service you are selling with an unshakable sense of faith. You must believe that while you may have competitors, you have a superior offering. You need to be able to back this up with customer testimonials and success stories, not just plain arrogance. If you don’t already have this belief, or can’t nurture it over time, you’re selling the wrong product or service. Go out now and find the right scenario for you.

Fourth, you must embrace the ancient wisdom of goal setting that dictates that you will strive for “this or better.” You can never control the end result. You can meet a potential customer and close the sale after one or two short conversations. You can also spend considerable time on proposals or inquiries, only to discover that the prospect is shopping around or just curious, with no means or motivation to buy in the near or distant future. Both scenarios are realities in the professional sales landscape. You must accept what is in your glass, be it fine wine or ashes, and realize that your path is forward. You have no time for self-pity, anger, hurt, or resentment. As you walk away from your failed sales call, struggling with your emotions, your prospect is buying a candy bar from the vending machine and thinking about 100 other things that don’t involve him. Celebrate successes and move on. Acknowledge the lesson of defeat and move on. Never stay still.

Fifth, always win the sale. The exact moment you earn the respect, admiration, and future referrals of your customers is the exact moment you give them everything they paid for, everything they expected…and you haven’t slowed down one bit. They got everything they promised and are still delivering. One aspect of sales that is true in any economy, strong or weak, is that the salesperson who consistently exceeds expectations is the same salesperson who will never charge an empty or diminished pipeline. He is as passionate about his clients’ success as his own.

Finally, follow the advice of a wise old friend of mine. When you face the lion and the lion has only one thought… to eat you… stand firm, stand tall and look the lion straight in the eye. Smile and say “I hope it tastes good.” Fear, weakness and doubt have no place in sales. Savings come and go. When he builds his motivation on favorable circumstances and a level playing field, he will reap nothing but low-hanging fruit. In a tight economy, that fruit has already been picked by your competition. You must resist, decide to fight and work harder.

The vast majority of limits in life are self-imposed. The concept of an “eight-hour workday” applies to companies that must pay overtime for anything over eight hours. If you are a professional seller…especially if you are a sole proprietor or entrepreneur…there is no time clock. There are no weekends.

There is only life. Life is what is happening to you right now, while you are reading this article.

There is your work, your passion, your trade, your success. Don’t work smarter. Hard work. You already know what to do and how to do it. You’re just not doing enough. Make a decision right now to change that behavior. You can do it, and you will see immediate results.