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Yacón is a syrup native to the Andean region of South America. Its name is derived from a plant that grows in the high altitude valley of the Andes Mountains. It has huge leaves and is similar to potatoes in that its root system rests on the ground. By digging up the yacon root, the syrup is extracted from the root. The syrup is extracted from the root of the plant, this plant is called yacon and it looks similar to the sweet potatoes that Americans are used to eating.

It is a substitute for sugar because it does not contain glucose and does not increase blood sugar levels. Because the syrup does not contain glucose, it is often recommended as a sweetener for those with diabetes or at risk of becoming diabetic. One of the great advantages is that yacon syrup does not reach your bloodstream as a high-glycemic food, which means that it does not affect your blood sugar levels. In comparison, agave syrup acts similar to yacon in that it can also substitute for sugar and is easily digestible and does not put blood sugar at risk.

Yacón resembles barley malt or brown rice syrup, but yacón tastes more like molasses and has a thick consistency. Due to its consistency, yacon syrup goes well with peanut butter or any type of nut butter. It also complements the granola well. For anyone on a restricted diet, it is recommended that you use spelled (bread) topped with a teaspoon of yacon syrup. By comparison, agave syrup comes in two varieties – light brown and dark amber. Light brown agave is similar in color to honey, but has a lighter flavor than honey and is recommended if you don’t prefer the after-taste of honey. Dark brown agave is thicker and heated longer in the extraction process, but it pairs well in dark desserts like fruit cake or brownies, this particular agave has a more molasses-like taste and also resembles the flavor of yacón syrup. However, for beverages like teas or coffee, light agave syrup will complement any beverage.

Both yacón and agave syrup are a sugar substitute without glucose. Both are great sweeteners for people on a restricted diet or just trying to control their sugar intake. However, when you decide for both, yacon syrup is only available in health food stores, but agave syrup is now available in supermarkets and is more familiar. Agave syrup is highly recommended by most dietitians due to its popularity and is more readily available for use in food. However, yacon syrup is mostly used more in the vegan diet for gluten-free recipes. The choice is up to you and the good part is that it comes from nature and due to the high fructose content of yacon and agave syrup, less is needed, which is the most important factor of all. That means better sugar levels and a better chance of achieving optimal health.

Known as “The Marriage Capital of the World” for good reason, most people know that getting married in Las Vegas is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to get married. What most people whose You know, Las Vegas is where you’ll also find some of the most luxurious, extravagant, and expensive wedding packages out there.

With packages ranging from $ 39 for a “Desk Wedding” at A Las Vegas Wedding Chapel (the minister literally sits at your desk and marries you!) To the $ 23,090 Elegant Affair Ceremony package at the Wynn Hotel & Casino, there are literally hundreds of different Las Vegas wedding packages to choose from.

In case you’re wondering which casinos offer the most expensive wedding packages in Las Vegas, here they are:

1. $ 23,090 – The Elegant Affair Ceremony at the Wynn Hotel & Casino

When you book the most expensive wedding package in Las Vegas, you expect to be pampered. The Elegant Affair Ceremony package at the Wynn Hotel & Casino does not disappoint.

After being picked up from the airport by your private chauffeur, who will take you to the courthouse to obtain your marriage license, you will be checked into your extraordinary 2,490 square foot Wynn Fairway Villa (which features a breathtaking view of the golf course, a courtyard private and a private massage room) where you will stay for two nights.

Preparing for the big day includes pampering both the bride and groom. While the groom enjoys not one, but two rounds of golf with a private cart, the bride enjoys a visit to the Salon the day before the wedding for a makeup application and manicure and pedicure at the spa with a paraffin treatment. (The Bride returns the next day to the Salon for makeup and makeup application on her wedding day). So that the groom doesn’t feel left out, the package also includes a hot lather shave and a classic The Salon’s Barbershop manicure for him.

For the royal wedding, couples will enjoy extravagant floral packages (custom bouquet and boutonniere, as well as eight custom bench arrangements and a hallway lavishly covered by a path of delicate rose petals) and two hours in the private bridal room. An extensive package of photos and videos completes the highlights of the ceremony.

Other indulgences include a personalized, good luck ritual massage for two at your villa, followed by mint foot treatments, hydrating hand therapies and aromatic scalp treatments.

Additional treats include a lavish “morning tasting” for two served in bed with Italian mimosas, dinner for two at Alex, plus two glasses of Tete de Cuvee champagne from Alex’s champagne cart, and fondue for two in his villa along with a special bottle of wine for dessert. During your stay, you will also receive two VIP indulgence package tickets to Le Reve.

The extravagant gift bag includes a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, “La Grande Dame” pink champagne, a bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte Premier Cru Brut champagne and a special wedding gift, two glasses of Nicolas Feuillatte Premier Cru Brut champagne to toast her life together and two monogrammed spa dresses as a souvenir.

Both the bride and groom are exceptionally pampered at the Elegant Affair ceremony. But if there are guests who want to attend, you will need to let them know that they are alone when it comes to the festivities and food and drink.

2. $ 18,500 – All-inclusive Decadence Ceremony and Reception (up to 50 guests) at Mandalay Bay

This latest all-inclusive event is sure to please you and 50 of your closest friends and family as you enjoy an exceptionally beautiful wedding ceremony and cocktail at Mandalay Bay. You can just sit back and relax while letting your personal wedding planner take care of all the details for you!

Your package begins with a private chauffeur who will meet you at the airport, take you to obtain your wedding license, and then take you to Mandalay Bay, where you will check in for three nights in your exclusive honeymoon suite.

Package amenities include a wedding rehearsal, a custom makeup and makeup application for the bride in the Robert Cromeans Ballroom on the day of the big event, and a generous floral package with bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaid as well. as boutonnieres for the groom and his best man.

Four hours of photography ensures that every precious moment is captured throughout the day. The package also includes 250 photos, several enlargements of your favorite shots and a DVD of the ceremony, as well as the private webcast of the event.

During the ceremony, guests enjoy the beautiful sound of elegant music performed by a pianist while a DJ delivers the music for three hours during the reception.

Speaking of reception, if you choose this all-inclusive package at Mandalay Bay, you’d better tell your guests to come hungry. The three-hour cocktail reception in the private ballroom includes hors d’oeuvres and season after season of delicious food accompanied by top-brand three-hour bar service. A personalized wedding cake and champagne toast complete the menu.

Guests will return home with a personalized poker chip as a souvenir of the event.

3. $ 17,000 – Brasilia Ceremony and Reception Package (100 guests) at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Invite your 100 favorite guests to Las Vegas and enjoy this exceptional all-inclusive ceremony and reception event at the Rio completely planned for you by your personal wedding coordinator.

Pampering includes a couples massage for two, a spa package that includes manicures, pedicures and arrangements for the bride on her wedding day.

Your overnight stay in an upgraded Rio suite also includes breakfast in bed for two, dinner for two at one of Rio’s owned restaurants, and Strawberry Kiss service for two in the suite, and use of a private limousine for a hour.

Decadent decor and generous flower arrangements make one of Rio’s elegant ballrooms an impressive venue for your dinner and dance reception. Guests will enjoy a fully served dinner consisting of a starter of their choice, followed by an incredible starter (we can recommend the Petit Filet Mignon served with Herb Butter and Lobster Stuffed Prawns …), which concludes with a cake of wedding dessert and a champagne toast.

Four hours of photography (including a generous print package) and an event DVD ensure your memories will last a lifetime.

Four. $ 16,500 – Dolce Romanza – Sweet Romance Wedding Package at the Venetian / Palazzo

There is nothing more romantic than wedding packages at the elegant The Venetian / The Palazzo, where your dream Las Vegas wedding meets the charm of an old-world Italian storybook. When you choose this package, your personal event planner will assist you with ceremony details, a reception (not included in this package), and group accommodations.

The package includes a two-night stay in the luxurious Prima Suite and up to a 20% discount on suite accommodation on additional nights booked if you wish to extend your stay.

Begin by choosing one of the many beautiful ceremony venues around the resort: the impressive Venetian Patio, the spectacular Palazzo waterfall, or the elegant Wedding Chapel. Six lavish flower arrangements will be placed around your ceremony location along with fresh aisle flower markers, perfectly coordinating your $ 300 floral allotment for your custom bouquet and matching boutonniere.

In addition to the ceremony, which is accompanied by live string trio music, the package also includes a 30-minute rehearsal, honeymoon breakfast in bed, chocolate covered strawberry tuxedo, a bottle of Dom Champagne. Perignon and one hour of limousine service to be used as you. choose.

You will also receive the Fortuna photo package with second camera upgrade, a personalized leather folio ceremony DVD and a Venetian photo album.

5. $ 16,000 – The Cosa Bella Wedding Package at the Bellagio

With this Bellagio wedding package, you will stay in a luxurious Penthouse Suite for two nights with a lake view and high floor and enjoy additional indulgences such as continental breakfast for two in bed, dinner for two at Picasso or Prime (drinks, taxes to beverages and Beverage Gratuity not included) and a $ 750.00 Bellagio gift certificate to use in the salon and / or spa.

This package includes private limo service to and from McCarran Airport, as well as limo service to and from Bellagio to the marriage license office. Also included is a rehearsal the day before your wedding and a professional harpist will serenade guests during your ceremony.

Floral package includes the bride’s bouquet floral package and groom’s boutonniere, six extravagant floral spray bench markers and two mantle arrangements, a fresh white petal catwalk for the bride’s procession (includes 3 bags) and the use of a custom Bellagio aisle runner.

The generous photography package includes the Beautiful Thing photography package (see details in the photography section) one and a half hours of time in the chapel (east or south), including photography of the chapel, an additional two hours and thirty Additional images taken for photographing around the resort. You will also receive two DVDs of your wedding ceremony and the live webcast of your wedding ceremony on the Internet.

Included as Bellagio gifts are a bottle of crystal champagne, Bellagio Jean Philippe Maury gourmet chocolates, crystal Swarovski champagne flutes, two deluxe Bellagio suite robes, and a custom Bellagio tote bag.

During your stay, you will also enjoy two tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show ‘O’ (depending on show hours).

Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Want to know if there are other Las Vegas wedding packages available? Access over 827 wedding packages on our website at

Have questions about choosing a Las Vegas wedding package? I will be happy to help! Email me at [email protected]

We are very aware that our ears are very important to us, well, for a cat, their ears are also an equally important part of their survival. Of course, most cats are now indoor cats and their hunt is limited to finding your catnip mouse hiding under the couch, but ear health is still important.

A cat’s ears are mobile, they can rotate in many ways, they can hear ultrasonic (high-pitched) sounds that we cannot even imagine hearing and hear these sounds in 10 different tones. A cat’s hearing is a protection against danger and a warning of approaching prey, which in nature was a form of self-preservation.

Cats don’t have many ear diseases that cause hearing loss; however, they have hearing problems that cause them great discomfort. Most ear problems start with the same signs of discomfort, ear trembling, scratching your ears, rubbing your ears against the ground, walking with your head tilted to one side, and having a peculiar odor coming out of your ears.

What are some of the problems a cat can face?

Ear mites are one of the most common diseases a cat can get. Ear mites are contagious and can drive cats crazy.

Ear mites love the nice warm hollows in the dark ear canal. They pierce the skin on the inside of the ear to feed and multiply very quickly. The itching is intense. Mites tend to look like coffee grounds in a cat’s ear or crumbling dirt. If your eyes are sharp and you have a magnifying glass, you may be able to see tiny white mites, the size of the head of a pin, moving.

Ear mites are highly contagious and can create bacterial infections due to the cat scratching its skin. If you have other animals (cats or dogs), the mites can travel to each of them, so all animals must be treated. Humans, however, are immune to them.

To truly treat ear mites, ear drops alone will not. Mites, like all living things, have the desire to fight for survival and that means that they will find another place to go once, the ear drops are placed in the ears. The ear mites will exit the ear once the drops are placed and will travel to the tail head area and set up camp until the effect of the drops wears off and will return to the ear.

An effective way to treat mites is with prescription eardrops and a medicine that will treat the whole body against the parasites. It is important to remove the mites from the body along with other parasites to ensure a full recovery.

Believe it or not, allergies can create ear problems. What is an allergy? It is the reaction of the immune system to substances that the body considers unacceptable. Allergic cat ear disease is not the most common ailment in cats, like allergic ear disease in dogs, but it does cause problems.

If you see your cat scratching the side of his forehead, right in front of the ears, this is a common sign of allergies in cats. Cats can be allergic to environmental conditions such as pollen, grass, weeds, and dust mites. Food can also create an allergic reaction, so if you’ve started feeding your cat a new food and it suddenly starts scratching, consider that it might be allergic to something in the new food.

It is important that the cat is tested for allergic reactions. If possible, a veterinary dermatologist should be consulted for accurate test results. Specific allergies can be identified simply by injecting small amounts of suspicious substances into the skin. A veterinary dermatologist can interpret the reactions and determine what is the cause.

Unfortunately, it is not a simple case of taking a blood sample, sending it to a laboratory, and obtaining a report. The best solution to get rid of the allergy is to remove the substance from the cat’s life. When this is not possible, it is necessary, in mild cases, to administer antihistamines and essential fatty acid supplements to the cat. Severe cases will require cortisone injections or tablets to help control the itching. This entire procedure will require frequent visits to the vet and a watchful eye, as there are side effects to consider, which differ with each cat.

Older cats can get polyps and tumors inside the ear canal. In fact, older cats seem to have more problems with ear tumors than dogs. The tumors are more likely to occur in the external ear canal and may be connected to the gland that produces the wax or any other part of the ear, within the ear canal.

These tumors are more likely to be malignant than benign, and in either case, they can grow large enough to obstruct the ear canal. They can be surgically removed and then treated, if cancerous, with radiation. The success of the treatment depends on when the problem was detected, the sooner the better.

Clean and medicate your cat’s ears.
It is a good idea to look inside your cat’s ears at least once a week. If they look dirty, clean them with a cotton ball moistened with a little warm water or a solution recommended by your vet. Do not do it and I repeat do not use a cotton swab to scratch around your cat’s ear, do not go deeper than your first knuckle.

Smelling your ear is also a good idea. If you notice a strange smell, I suggest you quickly go to the vet to do some research. A cat’s ear should not smell for any reason and a scent signal is a sign that something may be wrong.

If your cat needs any medicine, put it in the ear. Apply the necessary drops, bend your ear and gently rub in the medicine. It should sound a bit squishy. I also recommend that you step aside once the ear is released, as your cat will want to shake its head and some of the medicine may fly off you.

This is a medical treatment that cats don’t seem to mind, as most cats like to play with their ears and if your cat has an itchy ear, he should enjoy the treatment.

The best suggestion I can give is to do what I do with my cats, I check their ears almost daily, mainly because they love to have their ears rubbed and manipulated for some reason. I think it reminds them of the mother cat who cleaned her ears when they were kittens.

I also suggest that if you see your cat suddenly scratching its head or ears, just for fun and a laugh, take a quick trip to the vet, whatever the problem, it can be nipped in the bud and save you a bundle. I am a firm believer that an ounce of prevention (a quick trip to the vet) can save you a great deal of money in the long run.

Good hearing is just as important to your cat as it is to you, so take care of his ears

Many foreign buyers seem to favor manufacturers only over all other types of businesses in the supply chain. And some purchasing offices in a sense discriminate against trading companies because they exhaust profits in the middle, and some of them tend to lead foreign buyers to think of all intermediaries, including sourcing agents, as negative players. However, I believe that the decision should be left to the buyers themselves when choosing between purchasing offices, sourcing agents, manufacturers or trading companies.

First of all, we must ask ourselves, what is it that buyers really care about? Actually, the answer can be very simple: quality, price and service. Although I am a sourcing agent myself, I hold the view that products can be sourced from any type of business that best combines all three factors or anyone who can make it easy for the manufacturer to adjust these three factors to achieve a perfect balance.

For example, if a good trading company can strike a good balance between these three factors, I don’t see why buyers shouldn’t choose to negotiate with a merchant. Believe it or not, some commercial companies may even offer lower prices than manufacturers with the advantage of getting a tax refund from the government. Also, it must be admitted that they could have more experience in terms of product knowledge than all product sourcing companies or individuals, because unlike purchasing offices dealing with, say, 30 industries, these traders have been focused on a particular industry for years.

The same goes for individual sourcing agents, although they are stereotyped as always taking bribes in the middle, there are still some really professional and loyal players that deserve a review, it requires keen observation, instinct, and sometimes just good luck for part of buyers to get a very good. The most valuable advantage of hiring a truly professional sourcing agent is that the sourcing agent looks for suppliers without prejudice against any type of business, so that they can show different options available to the buyer, and they will always fight for the interests and terms of the buyer. customer. But vendors, especially commercial companies, can sometimes pose difficulties for their customers, especially when dramas occur in a business process due to a natural conflict of interest. Also, some sourcing agents may offer good supplier referrals to their clients and deal directly with suppliers to save everyone’s time. They also charge very reasonably and flexibly, plus they can devote more time and personal attention to their customers.

Another group of service providers is buying offices. But one of the differences is that some purchasing offices may be more suitable only for large buyers, because when processing large orders, for large buyers, the cost of consulting may represent only a small part of your budget. However, for most buyers who are small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, or startups, a large purchasing office can cost them as much (or even more) as a commercial company, because purchasing offices require a greater investment in the rental of large companies. office area, hiring of several employees, etc.

Lastly, it should be noted that dealing directly with manufacturers that only do domestic business is definitely frustrating, they typically export overseas through trading companies. Fortunately, foreign buyers can build an export pipeline by hiring sourcing agents, business interpreters, purchasing offices, or trading companies to bridge the gap.

Therefore, I suggest that foreign buyers carefully examine the price, quality and service when engaging in different types of business in the supply chain. None of the three players mentioned is guaranteed to be the best choice.

Many of us are familiar with the work of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875-1961). He noted that much of our seemingly random behavior is actually very predictable and follows certain patterns, based on some basic differences in our personality. These differences have a great influence on the way we behave in private and in groups, the way we talk to ourselves and others, and the way we see the world. Why, for example, does one person prefer to be at home, reading books and reflecting on them, while another person wants to be constantly among people all the time, talking, interacting and having fun? Or why is one person interested in facts and figures and not people, while another is more concerned with consequences for the people involved in decision-making? All of this can be explained by examining some common personal characteristics, Jung said.

Now Jung was not the first to notice differences in people, and he was certainly not the last to investigate the subject. The ancient Greeks already had a notion about different behavioral preferences in the time of Hippocrates (around 450 BC). And Native American Indians also understood personal preferences.

A well-known contemporary version of personality type profiles is the Myers-Briggs type indicator. Still used by millions around the world for many purposes, the MBTI, as it is called, distinguishes between 16 different personality types, based on a person’s preference for focusing energy (introverted or extraverted), assimilating information (sensation or intuition ), reach conclusions (think or judge) and deal with the outside world (perceive or judge).

The Myers-Briggs system is very comprehensive and detailed. After taking the test, you are given a four-letter combination (for example, ESTP or INFJ, which is mine), by which you can very accurately describe and predict how you live your life and how you view your life.

Once a person knows what preferences are “his”, it is easy to find out what kind of work that person will prefer in general, what work environment will be better, if this person likes to be around people or not, what he likes to do in his spare time, if this person is more analytical or more “sensitive”, and so on. Compare it to writing with the right hand. If you’re right-handed, but your boss expects you to write with your left hand, you’re in trouble. Worse still would be when he wants you to write with the left foot. You don’t prefer it!

The ancient Greeks and Native American Indians had a system of using four basic temperaments, patterns in our behavior that describe and predict our behavior. The Greeks called them bloodthirsty, melancholic, phlegmatic, and angry. The Indians divided the people into buffalo, eagles, bears, and mice. Modern scientist David Keirsey distinguished between the idealist, the rational, the guardian, and the craftsman.

In 2005 a new Made in australia The typology model came to the fore, formulated by Michael White. He designed his Dreamtime personalities around four native Australian animals: the eagle, the dolphin, the wombat and the kangaroo.

White’s type indicator was originally designed for use with primary school children in Australia; Subsequently, a set of test questions was composed for use with high school children, the list of which can also be used for adults.

Tea Eagles (NT, at Myers-Briggs) among us are independent, strategic and analytical thinkers focused on the future. They value knowledge, like models and theory, enjoy science and technology, and seek objective justice and fairness. They have a great need for mastery of any subject and can sometimes be considered a bit “insensitive” as competence is given more importance than interpersonal values.

Tea Dolphins (NF) are the imaginative, future-focused, authentic and empathetic catalysts for growth. They seek harmony, approval, and cooperation, and make their decisions primarily based on feelings and the possible repercussions of any decision on other people. They enjoy helping others reach their potential and rely on their inspiration and intuition. They can be considered “dreamers”, since personal values ​​and future possibilities are considered superior to current competition.

Tea Kangaroos (SP) are the “entrepreneurs”, the realistic entrepreneurs focused on the present, impulsive and fun-loving. They are spontaneous, love to do a variety of things, and are good at problem solving and negotiating. They want immediate feedback and they welcome feedback well. They are physically active, they love to do things that involve movement, and they are optimistic by nature. Kangaroos can sometimes be considered “superficial”; They don’t seem to really care about “tomorrow” or the deeper meaning of life.

Tea Wombats (SJ), in conclusion, are practical people with a vocation for service, traditional, responsible and focused on the past. They love routine, predictability, and highly value authority and rules. They rely on empirical data, as they are based on past experiences with which they relate. They value awards and prizes, and are often drawn to ceremonies. Wombats strive to maintain institutions and order, and will strive to keep things “the same.” The other guys may consider them “boring” because they don’t enjoy change and “the unknown.”

Now each and every one of us has parts of all temperaments. We are all. “On the other hand, it has been proven that we all have preferences. We prefer some aspects over others. It does not mean that we do not use the non-preferred aspects. It just means that if we have the choice, we will probably prefer our more” natural “strength (such as use a dominant hand to write).

Michael White has trained me as a Dreamtime Personality Facilitator and I use the system on both children and adults in my training practice. It is a great tool for parents and teachers to discover what their children / students’ natural strengths are, and what areas could work with additional guidance; we all want to develop in the most balanced way possible. For adults it is a good way to find out, for example, which jobs are suitable for a specific temperament, or what we can expect of each other in relationships and in communication with each other. Knowing our preferences also allows us to distinguish which are our “weakest links” and what type of situation causes us more stress than others. By knowing our preferences, we can find ways to use our strongest aspects to restore balance in our lives.

In a later article, I will describe common traits in many of the people in my target market, who are natural and complementary health professionals, therapists, and healers. You may already have an idea about their “temperament” if you read the description of the animals in Dreamtime. I’ll give you a hint: nothing.

Marc de Bruin

Sometimes I hear from people who want to know if they will still be able to eat their favorite food at Nutrisystem. Sometimes they ask about comfort foods like pizza or hamburgers. Other times, they ask about their favorite staple food that they turn to over and over again, like cereal.

You might hear someone say, “I’m a fan of cereal. I love it. It’s not unusual for me to have it much beyond breakfast. Sometimes I even have it for dinner or a snack. Cereal in Nutrisystem? And if so, what kind? “

The answer is yes, you have all kinds of cereal options (including hot and cold) at Nutrisystem. I’ll go over some of the details below.

Cold cereals: I think most of the people who ask about cereals in Nutrisystem are referring to cold cereals and not oatmeal. I’ll summarize oatmeal a bit later. But for now, let’s talk about your cold cereal options.

The sweetened O’s: This cereal looks a lot like the cereal OR ice cream found in the grocery store. It has a touch of sweetness. One serving has only 110 calories and dieters have a rating of more than four out of five stars.

The granola cereal: I love granola, but it’s often not included in any diet plan because regular granola can be very high in fat. This version is not. It only has 2.5 grams of fat and includes both granola and almonds. It is rated a perfect start of five by over 400 users. It is extremely popular. I have to agree with the good reviews. This is my favorite cold cereal on the menu.

Nutri Flakes Cereal: I would compare this to flaked bran cereal. It has a bran-like flavor, so I prefer it with fruits like blueberries or strawberries. But many people like this, which is why it has a four-star rating.

Oatmeal or hot cereal options: There are basically two flavors to choose from here. Cinnamon apple (which has a four-star rating) and maple and brown sugar (which has a four-and-a-half star rating). Both seem pretty good to me, but of the two, I prefer apple and cinnamon because it contains chunks of apples in it and I like fruit in my oatmeal.

I hope this article has shown you that you don’t have to give up grains while on this diet. You are absolutely allowed to have it and you have a decent amount of options too.

It is very easy to get discouraged after an affair has affected your marriage. This can be true regardless of whether you are the faithful spouse or the unfaithful spouse. No matter which side you are on, you can feel that your life has drastically changed. It may seem like it will never get better. And always looking at the negative side of life can get depressing. But it can also be challenging to see any other side.

For example, from a cheating spouse, you might hear something like: “I am very depressed, but I know I deserve what happens. I cheated on my wife, just once, and I couldn’t be more sorry. I have repeatedly begged for her mercy, but she’s furious with me. We’ve been trying to advise, but she’s still very angry. I can’t blame her either. I would be mad at her if she cheated on me. I’m mad at myself. But I can’t get better and our home life is suffering. Our children They know something’s wrong. Last night, I was randomly scrolling through my phone and looking at pictures from six months ago. My family was happy. That was before anyone knew how much I was going to screw things up. be happy never again. Counselor tells me to find little ways to lighten the load in my home, but it feels useless. Now there is a black cloud over everything. I want to be more positive because I hate feeling this way, but I’m not sure how to p I would hate to do it. when this is all my fault. “

You may hear a similar theme from the faithful spouse, saying something like, “My spouse says he’s sorry he cheated and goes to therapy every week. But it’s as if he feels that someone should be able to wave a magic wand and join our marriage and our home. I wish it would work that way, but it doesn’t. My husband always complains that he hates that children have to live this way, because now there is anger in our house. I hate him too. I wish I could smile and laugh again. But I’m so mad. I can’t help it. I trusted my husband and he betrayed me in the worst possible way. He lied through his teeth. And now that he’s been caught, he wants to pretend everything okay. Our counselor and our pastor are suggesting that we do our best to have a more positive outlook on the future. No one believes that I really love doing this, but I would. Does everyone think I like to be angry and hurt all over? time ? ‘t. But I don’t know how to stop the feelings. How are you supposed to be more positive after an affair? “

I agree that this is a great challenge. I will share some things that helped me a bit. And to be clear, I was initially trying to be positive for myself and my children. I didn’t feel like my husband deserved my positivity at the time, even though he got it back. It helped me write five things to be thankful for each night in a gratitude journal. I started with five things, but found that if I really tried and focused, I could usually come up with a lot more. I still remember common themes that I had almost every night. They were things like:

I am alive;

my children are alive;

my children and I are healthy;

I am capable and intelligent and can start over if necessary;

my spouse and I love our children and will do whatever is necessary for their well-being;

my dogs love me;

my extended family supports me;

both my spouse and I are still present, so we might eventually have a chance even if we are struggling right now;

we have a roof over our heads;

we have enough food to eat;

I have loving friends who will support me.

I could go on and on. But at the end of the day, tracking down things to be thankful for helped me see that adventure was a small part of my life. Yes, it made everything else feel tainted, so I had to train myself to protect other areas of my life, which I didn’t want to tarnish. I told my friends that love talk was forbidden. And I finally agreed with my husband that we would try to talk about it in counseling and a couple of scheduled times a week, but other than that, I was going to try really hard not to think about it. Because I felt that if I didn’t make this conscious decision, I was going to spend every waking moment thinking about it and I didn’t need or want that. I felt miserable spending so much time on it.

The truth is, whether you think about it or not, things are going to change over time. Your perspective will change over time. Your marriage will survive or not, but reflecting on it and allowing it to contaminate what is good in your life is not going to change the outcome, but it could make you feel much worse about everything else, even the good. Being positive in the middle of an adventure is very hard work. You need to be aware of your thoughts and decisions several times a day and then redirect yourself. But it may be worth the effort because swimming in negativity 24/7 is painful and debilitating. You deserve more. And with effort, it can become a habit to reorient yourself toward positive thinking.

Performing a cover can be a great thing for you and your career as a musician. It can help you get more exposure, both live and online. On a live stage, people love listening to songs that they are familiar with, and if the song you are covering is well known, it is sure to turn heads and attract attention. People are constantly searching the Internet for popular songs, and covering one of them can make it possible for them to include you during their searches. And while covering a hit song can be a huge boost to your career, it’s essential that you avoid the big mistake that countless musicians fall into. Solve this problem and you can maximize your results.

The biggest mistake people make when choosing to cover a song is not choosing the song (although you will probably want to avoid choosing an obscure song that people won’t easily recognize). The problem you will face is that most of the songs covered are considered classical, and on a scale of 1 to 10, most are possibly 9 or 10 and were recorded in top-notch studios. If you simply copy it, your “copy” will most likely not reach the same level as the original. Many people have very strong feelings and associations with the songs they love, preferring to hear the original than a near “carbon” copy. Fortunately, with a little thought and effort, this problem can be solved. The answer is that you need to “make it yours” by giving it something unique.

The natural question that arises from saying “make it unique” is simply how? Here are a few different ways to differentiate your cover from others. It changes the key of the song drastically. Take a slow ballad and turn it into a fast rock song, or vice versa. Changes the key in which the song is played. Change the song tempo or song arrangement. Change the dynamics. The key is to take your time and be intentional as you think about all of this.

An example of a great cover that might inspire you is Johnny Cash’s cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt.” Guns ‘N Roses “Sweet Child’ O Mine” has been toned down into a Sheryl Crow cover. Eric Clapton put a unique spin on Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff.” Many more can be found with a few quick searches on the Internet. Also, if you have a niche music project, like Camille and Kennerly (sisters who have had great success covering popular songs on the harp), or the Vitamin String Quartet (a string quartet that creates classical interpretations of various popular songs and artists ). You may find that cover page making can even become a viable business model.

Covering songs can be a great way to get exposure, and if you take the time to make your version unique, you’ll maximize that exposure and have a much better chance of being above the rest of the crowd.

A view in the mirror

I am who I am … and you are only you.

There have never been and never will be others like the two of us.

Many things they have told us

They hardly really matter;

They serve to hurt or separate, or lie or flatter a little.

Useless groups that people join

And he pays the price dearly;

Some are just cheats and some are not quite nice.

Your race or nationality

Your age, height, or gender;

If you eat red meat

Gold put vegetables in a blender …

It doesn’t really matter, it’s all a silly game;

We are all two-legged animals and more or less the same.

We all behave the way we do for many different reasons;

And that behavior rarely changes

As constant as the seasons.

Hold a mirror in front of your face and tell me what you see;

You see yourself, that’s all there is.

When I look … I see myself.

We cannot be what we are not

Through the eyes of another person;

Seeing another through our own mirror is rarely very wise.

I accept who I am and I know that I am not you;

No more than you can expect to see …

Me, through your own sight.

This is why manipulation and fear are often used;

Forcing someone to be someone else … only serves to abuse.

“Why must you be so different …

Why can’t you be like me ?! “

“Because I’m not … I’m myself,

And my self is what I will be! “

The friendly giant

Where is the friendly giant hiding?

In this land of thoughtless pygmies?

Where does Santa land his sleigh?

In a land of “give me, give me”?

Where does a bee look for nectar?

In a land of artificial flowers?

How can you lead a stable life?

In a land of changing hours?

Where can a ray of sunlight fall?

In a room where shadows are drawn?

Where can a thoughtful person thrive?

In a land so full of muscles?

Where does the artist’s eye find beauty?

In a land now ugly and flat?

Where do fish find a stream to swim in?

In a land of arid sand?

Where does a man find honesty?

In a land where nothing is fair?

Where does a tall green tree grow?

In a land of poisoned air?

Where does the pioneer travel?

In lands where borders are closed?

Where does the minstrel sing his songs?

in a land where deafness grows?

Where does the artisan sell his skill?

In a land of dubious commodities?

Where does the poet write the tender lines?

In a land where no one cares?

Where does a child learn to laugh?

In a land of frowns and pain?

Where does the star man turn his stories?

In a land where there is no tomorrow?

Where does the giant hang his head from?

Desperate and in utter sadness?

Live in a land that knows no joy

And he has chosen instead, pure madness.

“Oh sun, come out. Particles dance. I see headless and footless spirits dancing ecstatically. Some dance on the dome of the sky. Come closer. I’ll tell you where they’re going.”

That’s Rumi talking about the book, “Crazy As We Are”, written by Dr. Nevit O. Ergin.

Rumi certainly had a knack for words. Dancing is the movement of freedom; it connects me with the sound of my inner music, which is constantly played in consciousness.
Rumi was the original dancer mystic; he connected with his inner being by spinning, and this dance became the art of worship for his followers. Dance has been used for centuries by cultures around the world to honor and worship a higher power.

Dancing takes me to a free zone where I can be myself and share my freedom with others. My body moves with gestures of joy and joyful actions that come from within me. I am in another place; a place of well-being where there is only a feeling of my spirit gliding through the air of physical existence. Dancing is the art of bringing my ego to the door of awakening. Dancing makes me feel good; It brings out another part of me that is linked to the world around me. I am a particle of ecstasy floating with other particles that reach out and touch the stars. Dancing with the stars, I become one of them in the ingenious movement of unity. My consciousness is free to focus on other moments of reality and refresh my purpose for existence. Dance transforms me into what I have always been but I forgot that I am; a dream of great expansion.

Philosopher Friedrick Nietzsche explains dance this way:

In song and dance, man expresses himself as a member of a higher community; he has forgotten how to walk and talk and is on his way to fly, dancing in the air. His own gestures are charming … He feels like a god, he walks in ecstasy, exalted, like the gods contemplated in his dreams … He is no longer an artist, he has become a work of art. In a paroxysm of intoxication, the creative power of all nature has come to light in him in the highest ecstasy of the All. Nature, without hiding its true voice, shouts to us: “Be as I am! I, the primordial mother always creative in the midst of the incessant flow of appearances, always driving existence, finding external satisfaction in these transformations.”

That’s how it is. The dance brings me the feeling of joy; brings me the thrill of excitement; entertains my spirit and I become who I am. The music is always playing, all I need to do is listen to it and get up from my seat of solitude and dancing. My dance fills the cracks in my thought; Paint my world with brilliance and bathe my reality with abundance.

Can I have the next dance with you?