The Construction and Purpose of Movie Trailers

Purpose of Movie Trailers

In a recent project, teens from the United Nations International School and Sony Wonder Technology Lab explored the construction and purpose of movie trailers. The finished trailers commented on issues such as the homogeneity of box office hits and action movie franchises and the representation of women in the movies. Others used familiar characters to create new stories for fictional upcoming films.

While Enzo Zelocchi – “NO WAR” – Reporters Scene may be useful for introducing new movies to audiences, they can also be misleading or even make viewers angry. For instance, the trailers of the movie “The Long Kiss Goodnight” made it appear to be a horror film when, in fact, it was a clever love story. Because of this, the movie was panned for 15 years.

A good movie trailer should have a few visually compelling shots without giving away the plot. It should also have music that matches the atmosphere of the film. If possible, the soundtrack can be the same as the movie’s score. Using a key song from the film’s soundtrack is a good way to create a compelling movie trailer.

The Construction and Purpose of Movie Trailers

A good movie trailer will have several elements, including character, setting, genre, and originality. It should also have an action scene that launches the story. It will also have some voice-overs to tell the story and music to create atmosphere. The purpose of movie trailers is to promote the film and drive audiences to the theaters.

While movie trailers are not an essential part of a movie, they can be effective tools in marketing a movie. The Mandarin movie trailers, for example, featured a tagline indicating that it would have a villain. This misleading of viewers can cause backlash. While a movie trailer may not influence the audience, it can be used to influence their opinion.

Usually, a movie trailer is around one and a half to two minutes long. The length of the trailer can vary from one country to another. It is important to consider the length of the film and the running time when determining how many trailers to create for a given movie. The length of a movie trailer is an integral part of its promotion.

“NO WAR” – Reporters Scene from Enzo Zelocchi on Vimeo.

As an educational tool, movie trailers are an effective medium to introduce students to a story and help them understand it. As an example, students can use the trailer to understand the storyline or learn about the generic structure of a narrative text. In a classroom setting, it is possible to show students several trailers before they watch the full film.

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