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BudTrader Exec is determined to show Lebron the BudTrader experience and ask the new Laker some pointed questions.

SAN DIEGO, CA – July 16 – BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin aims to deliver the most exaggerated party experience imaginable at San Diego Comic-Con International. The cannabis tech entrepreneur will offer $ 10,000 to anyone who can get NBA superstar Lebron James to attend the BudTrader Nerd headquarters at this weekend’s convention.

In a statement, McLaughlin set very clear rules for his reward for LeBron.

“You can’t kidnap him,” McLaughlin stipulates. “No, I mean you literally can’t. He’s 6’8”, 300 pounds, has a 40-inch vertical and is the best athlete of our generation. So we will have to appeal to Lebron in ways other than brute force. “

The second rule proposed by McLaughlin is that LeBron has to hang out at the BudTrader Nerd headquarters for at least 23 minutes. “Do not walk!” Says McLaughlin, “We want to meet you and see what it’s all about. Are you that interested in us? Are you here to win titles? Or are you here to go to Magic Johnson on how to become a billionaire and have an NBA What we really want to know is: “Are you waiting for time to run out, ticking a clock, stuck in this messy LA traffic like the rest of us, until you can pull back and browse? 22-year-old models at the sky bar like everyone else? other retirees from Los Angeles? “

Third, McLaughlin says he will allow Lebron to ‘give himself up’ by showing up to the BudTrader Comic-Con experience on his own. In this case, BudTrader will donate the $ 10,000 reward to a worthy cause. McLaughlin suggests that LeBron consider investing the money in what he considers to be ‘the noblest cause’, hiring an In-N-Out burger truck to attend the BudTrader experience at San Diego Comic-Con and feed SoCal attendees – Lebron’s new fans. The NBA megastar just signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in an incredibly publicized decision. “If Lebron is an LA Laker now, and a LA guy, he needs to know about the In-N-Out Burger, damn it! We’re trying to win an NBA Championship here folks!”

McLaughlin then lays out the fourth rule for his LeBron James reward: No Smoking LeBron! “It’s not the first time we’ve met him, at least!” He adds, continuing with sound reasoning, “Magic Johnson, the Lakers and their management team will not let him come near us if they think we are going to smoke him. All we need is for Lebron to test positive for THC.” and being suspended by the NBA due to BudTrader. I have enough problems right now, so … No smoking King James people! Wait until we win a championship and then we’ll smoke with Lebron, Magic, Shaq, Kobe, Phil Jackson, Jack Nicholson, and Rick Fox (I feel like since Rick Fox is a handsome guy, he would be a good guy to have in the championship after the party. Hot girls will probably follow him and we don’t want the championship after the party. to be a sausage party.) “

The BudTrader Nerd venue is slated to be one of the most talked about events at Comic-Con, and is touted as a live streaming experience to rival even big-budget studios and shows. “Our audience is going to be larger than broadcasters like the entire audience for TBS,” McLaughlin said. The brand will host daily events such as exclusive movie and TV show trailers, video game tournaments (including a showdown between professional female players), celebrity interviews and live performances by a mystery hip-hop star. The entire experience will be streamed live on TV, radio, Twitch, and livestream in collaboration with local and national channels to broadcast the BudTrader Experience to millions of people. McLaughlin says the events that have been publicly announced so far only represent a fraction of the tricks BudTrader has up its sleeve to wow attendees at Comic-Con International 2018.

This won’t be the first year BudTrader has made a scene at Comic-Con. The infamous BudTraders superyacht party of 2017 resulted in his controversial expulsion after just two days. The Budtrader yacht was unceremoniously pulled out of the harbor in the middle of the night. This caused BudTrader to lose its planned extravaganza for Saturday, along with tens of thousands of dollars in losses due to the cancellation. Last year, BudTrader’s presence at Comic-Con was covered by publications such as the High Times, the Times of San Diego, The San Diego Union Tribune, and more than 400 other media outlets.

BudTrader is the largest online cannabis marketplace, with platforms available in all 28 states where cannabis use is legal, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. With over a million people registered to its platform, BudTrader’s user base rivals that of industry giants Weedmaps and Leafly.

The Oakland Raiders have always been a team built around the deep pass. Because of this, they have always placed a particular emphasis on a certain type of quarterback. There have been a number of strong armed quarterbacks who have worn the silver and black of the Raiders, but few hold such high esteem as Jim Plunkett.

The Raiders were the third team Jim Plunkett had played for in his career. He had been kicked out of New England due to ineffectiveness after being selected high in the NFL Draft, thanks to his great success in college, and had spent two seasons with a San Francisco 49ers franchise that had little to do. your favor at that time. However, the Raiders still had a lot of talent on their roster and had just sent iconic quarterback Kenny “The Snake” Stabler to the Houston Oilers for quarterback Dan Pastorini. Plunkett joined the Raiders and eventually found his way into the starting lineup, helping the team win two Super Bowls along the way.

To which receivers during his career did Jim Plunkett throw the most touchdown passes? Here’s the answer to that question, the top five receivers based on who caught the most touchdown passes thrown by Jim Plunkett.

# 1 – Todd Christensen – (20)

# 2 – Randy Vataha – (16)

# 3 – Cliff Branch – (15)

# 4 Tie – Reggie Rucker – (10)

# 4 Tie – Gene A. Washington – (10)

As you can see, every team that Plunkett played for, the Patriots, the 49ers and the Raiders, has at least one player on the roster.

It was May 16, 2014. The BJP-led NDA had won the general election and Shri Narendra Modi was to be the 16th Prime Minister of India. Congress was completely defeated. The pompous roadshows, the Gujarat model, multiple calls to recover the black money stacked abroad were some of the highlights of the campaign led by Modi.

3 years and 7 months have passed. Make in India, Start up India, UDAN, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Digital India, Skill India, Mission Indradhanush, Smart City mission and many more similar plans that have been launched that have won the evaluation of not only the nation’s foundations, but also internationally. On the other hand, demonetization, the implementation of the mandate of GST and Aadhar, has also provoked strong criticism of the Center.

Although the opposition, which here is the great party of India-INC, is not convinced that even one of the government’s plans and policies is in favor of the poor and accused it of strategies of name change and credit hoarding , the ruling BJP maintains that it is the government of the marginalized and the two consecutive UPA regimes were a complete sequel.

As we watch every day on the news channels the inconclusive debates, the fulminations and slander that these parties press against each other, and we read in the newspapers the scathing speeches of the Argus-eyed political-socio-economic columnists in the Prime Minister’s office, we miss an important question. What are our options?

India is a democracy. The biggest in the world. And the essence of democracy lies in the fact that it always offers options. And sometimes too many. India had a choice in the summer of 2014. Either bring to power a man, who had proven his worth as the three-time Chief Minister of Gujarat, but was also accused of a Muslim massacre, OR vote for a party of more than a century . whose leadership hung in balance. India chose the first. The issue to be discussed here is what level of options were offered to us. Narendra Modi – fearless, rhetorical, visionary, a nationalist to the core, but also a faithful believer in Hindutva ideology and therefore considered anti-Muslim. However, Rahul Gandhi, who was not the official face of Congress in the last general election but was an obvious contender, was inexperienced, politically drab, but free of charges of corruption or embezzlement. Neither NaMo nor RaGa can be considered the perfect fit for the highest office in the country. Both are positive and both are negative. However, we choose. We do not choose between a God and a Satan, nor between the virtuous and the libertines, we choose between Scylla and Charybdis.

Yes! Between Scylla and Charybdis. Because in a democracy we never have “the best” and rarely “the good”, we can find the “best”, but what we have in abundance is the “worst”. It is this best that we must look for among the many worst. Democracy never presents us with a choice between the good and the ugly. To quote George Orwell, politics is choosing between the lesser of two evils. And for us Indians that lesser evil turned out to be Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi.

Since acquiring the prime minister’s office, he has been attacked not only by Congress but also by many other minor parties for his anomalous decision-making. While his DBT and Jan Dhan Yojna were praised globally, demonetization and GST brought the same grudge to him at home. He has been abused, insulted, trolled, at the same time praised, acclaimed and applauded. But it was also the case for the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. If the nationalization of the banks, the liberation of Bangladesh (East Pakistan) and the Shimla Agreement are to his credit, the 1975 state of emergency and Operation Blue Star (1984) are the bitter reminders of the other side of his regime. Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary who ruled the archipelago for just over 5 decades as prime minister and later as president, broke the US hegemony over its peoples. He established free education and health systems, but the standard of living in Cuba remains low, until now.

The 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, who won the presidency but lost the popular vote, is known for leading the United States into the war in Iraq and for using nefarious counterterrorism tactics, but served two full terms. and he was able to pass the largest tax cut in American history. Gamal Abdel Nasser, the revolutionary-turned-repressive dictator who died in 1970, is still revered by Egyptians, including the young generation, as the greatest leader of all time, even though he lost the Sinai Peninsula to Israel in the War of the Six Days. (1967). And in line with these, the latest example that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was interrogated in June 2017 on charges of perjury and cronyism and then won a landslide victory in rapid polls in October of the same year, demonstrates the conviction that well-educated people rarely create history.

Indira Gandhi, Fidel Castro, George W. Bush, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Shinzo Abe, Narendra Modi are all contaminated. But nevertheless, they are exalted. Because they did (and are doing) the right thing, at the right time for their respective countries. They passed the comparatively better litmus test of politics with distinction. And if there is something in common between all of them, it is their prodigious ability to attract the general public, which condones their faith.

The Modi government may have failed to implement the goods and services tax, it may have crossed the line at its spiels, maybe demonetization wasn’t such a good idea, but the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code was and was too Ujjwala Yojna (PMUY), and the Sagarmala Project, and the Neem-coated urea scheme, and many others that have reached and benefited hundreds and thousands of people. The opposition must realize that blindly criticizing the works and erecting obstacles for the government will only paralyze the country.

India is 70 years old, at an age when such maturity should creep into our socio-political system when the politicization of trivial issues is replaced by bipartisanship, especially on key agendas, in Parliament.

As for us citizens, the choice has been increasingly difficult and will be so in the future. Choosing the lesser of the two evils is still an evil. But a proactive devil is better than a sleeping saint who gets us nowhere.

One of the keys to winning your fantasy football league is the ability to recruit Sleepers. The “sleepers” are NFL players who are drafted in much lower rounds in their fantasy football drafts than their final stats warrant. In terms of shopping, this is like getting a 22 oz bottle of Not Your Father’s Root Beer (the 19.9% ​​version … mmmmm, mmmm) for A&W prices. In the world of full-season fantasy football, this is the avenue to league championship. We have seen championships won on the heels of Sleepers every year. They have come out of nowhere to register monsters years after being double-digit or exemption cable picks. When you can get a player at the end of your draft who becomes your # 1 producer at a certain position, you, my friends, have a true Sleeper. Below are some projected fantasy soccer players by position for the 2015 season.

2015 Fantasy Football Sleepers

QB: Teddy bridgewater (Minnesota) – Teddy took the reins from Matt Cassel at Minny in Week 4 in 2014 and never looked back. He was calm, confident and productive and returned in 2015 as the opener of the opening game with experience and new toys. He had a trio of running backs to hand the ball to last year, but none of them were named Adrian Peterson. You might think the Vikings will throw Peterson to the ground since he has fresh legs, which is possible, but having him in the backfield will open up the passing game much more than last year’s timeshare. The Vikings also improved at WR by trading aging Greg Jennings and adding orderly Mike Wallace. On top of that, the Vikings will have a healthy Kyle Rudolph TE to add to the mix. Teddy is being selected in double-digit rounds like QB2, but there’s no reason not to believe that you won’t find more games than you’ll want to start with.

Also consider: Derek Carr (Oakland), Ryan Fitzpatrick (Buffalo)

RB: Joseph randle (Dallas) – Even though owner Jerry Jones is a jerk, there’s no way he would let DeMarco Murray go and be content to bring in RB Darren McFadden to replace him unless he relied on his reserve RBs from 2014. I think the McFadden’s move It was a sympathy move from a fellow Razorback alumnus as McFadden has been a real flop since he was drafted by Oakland in 2008, though injuries are the main reason. He was very talented in college, but one has to wonder how much his speed has affected his myriad of injuries. With McFadden already battling hamstring injuries, Randle is strengthening his position as the opening game starter when Dallas realizes that McFadden is as far from a dependable workhorse as I am. Randle is only 23 years old and has a great combination of size and speed. Even if Randle starts the season with just 15 carries a game, I expect good things as he could probably get 100 yards a game behind that huge Cowboys offensive line.

Also consider: David Cobb (Tennessee), David Johnson (Arizona)

WR: Nick toon (New Orleans) – We featured Brandin Cooks of the Saints at the venue last season and he made us look smart … until he missed out on injury. He’s back this season and healthy, but the Saints have rebuilt their offense and lost TE Jimmy Graham and WR Kenny Stills in the process. With WR Marques Colston getting older, Cooks is going to need a running mate and we hope Toon will be that partner. He is entering his third year in the league and seemed to be in tune with QB Drew Brees towards the end of 2014 when he had 17 of his 23 career receptions in the last 6 games of the season. Even though the Saints started to rely more on the running game last season, there’s no way they’re not keeping Brees’ pitching arm active and we see Toon MUCH more involved than ever. You should be able to catch him with your latest WR pick and not risk too much for a huge advantage that makes him a massive fantasy football sleeper.

Also consider: Allen Robinson (Jacksonville), Davante Adams (Green Bay)

YOU: Austin Seferian-Jenkins (Tampa Bay) – Jenkins was thought to be entering his 2014 rookie season, but he limped through the season with foot, ankle and back problems and had little impact. He comes into 2015 healthy and with a rookie quarterback, which is often a good thing for a pass-catching tight end, as a rookie quarterback often flies past and finds his TE as the passing rush draws near. At 6’6 “262 pounds, Jenkins will be easy for QB Jameis Winston to find on the field. The Bucs added new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter this season from Atlanta. Atlanta put the ball in the air more than all but two teams. last season, so there should be plenty of opportunities to put that ball in Austin’s big hands in Tampa.

Also consider: Rob Housler (Cleveland), Josh Hill (New Orleans)

K: Connor Barth (Denver) – Barth came on board in 2014 after the Broncos kicked Brandon McManus to the curb and quickly made 15 of 16 field goal attempts and all of his extra points. Barth didn’t line up for any really long field goal attempts, but he had shown his leg strength during his four seasons in Tampa, so he would expect to see those opportunities show up on the air from Denver this season. Denver’s offense may not be as powerful this season as it has been since quarterback Peyton Manning joined the team, but they will provide Barth with more than ample opportunities to compete for the league scoring title. .

Also consider: Greg Zuerlein (St. Louis), Blair Walsh (Minnesota)

D: Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins were slightly above average last season with DEs Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon causing some havoc. In the offseason the Fins added Ndamukong Suh and now this defensive line is one of the top 2 or 3 units in the league. With the added pressure, you can also expect an increase in fumbles and interceptions. Expect the defense to really rack up points in the first half of the season, as no opponent has a scary offense in a game at Foxboro, and I honestly hope the Patriots go down a bit this year.

Also consider: New York Jets, Minnesota

Many high school athletes choose a college based on the likelihood that the one they choose will increase their chances for a professional career. Similarly, many high school students choose a school based on the likelihood that it will help them rise to the top of their chosen field after completing their studies.

You may have heard that less than 2 percent of college athletes ever play at any professional level. The most recent probability study shows that only 1.5% of college football players will ever briefly play for a professional team at any level, and the probability for men’s basketball players is just 1.1%.

The last year they studied the real numbers was 2012, and the real numbers are very close to the odds listed above: 1.7% for soccer and 1.2% for men’s basketball. The only male or female sport with a greater than 2% probability of briefly joining a professional team is baseball.

Remember the numbers above are just for being part of a team that pays you to play for any length of time, sometimes that equates to less than one game. The chances of you having a career of more than five years at the professional level are astronomically lower still.

Similarly, high school students who choose Ivy League schools to help them rise to the top of their field are likely to face a similar fate. It is true that the top of the class in Ivy League schools tend to get the best offers upon graduation, but once you get past the top two or three in each field, most will realize that they would have been better off being in. the top of your studies. field in a state school.

Just because you are the best graduate in your field at the best university in that field does not mean that you will be the most desirable candidate for those who hire. Similarly, the best top team player in college football last year was only the twelfth player selected in the NFL draft and the third player selected at his position. Additionally, the best player on the best college basketball team was the 15th player selected in the NBA draft this year and the fourth player selected at his position.

Similarly, there’s a reason that Paul George, who was the star player for an average Indiana Pacers team last season, is likely to make more than $ 100 million when he becomes a free agent next year, and Shaun Livingston, who was the sixth best player. over champion Golden State Warriors, he just signed a $ 24 million contract. It is not the team or the school you are associated with that matters, it is what you do with what you have, wherever you are.

Top of the class at Harvard can get the best deals just like the top Golden State Warriors player (Steph Curry) does, but once you get to the top of the class at Harvard, it’s probably better that they are top of. class. the Indiana University class.

Also, it is common in athletics or academia for people to go to places where there is a lot of competition and lose self-confidence early on. This usually leads to very capable people changing positions, changing specialties, languishing there, or quitting altogether.

If these same people had gone to a school with less competition, they probably would have had time to grow in themselves and perhaps surpass the achievements of those who initially outperformed them in the more competitive school. Not everyone grows at the same rate, and untold numbers of students and athletes who could have reached great heights are lost each year for these reasons.

Many students and parents lose sight of the fact that it is not where you start (or go to college), but where you end, that matters. The cream rises to the top and over time it doesn’t matter so much where you went to school as what you accomplish once out of school.

As I advise college quarterbacks who are thinking of coming out of the closet after their sophomore year in college, if you don’t think you have what it takes to make a career as an NFL quarterback, then of course, You should leave early and take the money and run. Similarly, I would advise students who do not believe in themselves to go to the best school they can get into. But if you really want to be a star in your field and are willing to push yourself to achieve your goals, go to a school where you feel most comfortable and have fun while you are there.

Golf courses are not just for experts or the rich and famous; Golf is a fun and competitive sport that anyone can play. In most metropolitan areas, you have several options for the type of place you play, the difficulty, and even the number of holes.

Public courses are open to everyone. You do not have to be a member to play, although you will have to pay the green fee for the day. Most public facilities will recommend a reservation for your tee time, especially if it is a busy time of year. You may be lucky and can keep walking if you are not too busy.

Private facilities, on the other hand, are only available to members and their guests. They may require reservations to make sure their members don’t have to wait unnecessarily. There are usually other benefits, such as a lounge area, instructors, tennis courts, a pool, among other amenities.

Some private facilities are also available to the public, so it could be said that they are “semi-private”. Many small town clubs are established this way, as are resorts in high tourism areas. They will reserve certain tee times for members and guests, and allow other times for the public. Generally, the public will pay a higher green fee than members.

You may have thought that all golf courses had 18 holes. They have 9 holes that make up the front and 9 holes in the rear. While the 18 holes are undoubtedly the size of most golf courses, there are other options in some areas.

– 9 holes: a small city may not have a full-size green. In this case, if you want to play a full round, you will simply go through the holes twice. The difficulty and duration of the course are usually very similar to a full course, only in a less general area.

– Executive: This type only has 9 holes, but they are less difficult than regulated facilities, so they do not take as long to play. This means that it can be ideal for someone who does not have a whole morning or an afternoon to play.

– Par 3: This is a 9 hole course that only has par 3 holes. Because it is not that difficult, it is a good option for beginners. It’s also great if you just want to play a quick game.

The length of the holes and the objects around them, as well as the face value, determines the difficulty of the course. Most 18 hole facilities have a combination of par 3, 4 and 5 holes. For example, the Executive course has only a few par 4 and 5 holes, so it doesn’t take that long to play. If you are just starting out, choose a spot with as many for 3 holes as possible.

From beginners to experienced, look around at the nearby golf courses and pick one where you can have fun and play your best game!

When was the last time you walked into a party or dance club and most of the people in the room were sitting in their chairs? One of the purposes of upbeat funky beats is to fill the dance floor with those who like to dance, sweat, and feel the vibes of soulful music to release the anxiety and stress of a challenging workday.

From the beginning of time, Jubal was the first musician mentioned in the Bible; he played the flute and the harp. Genesis 4:21. Why do we listen to music? Are your pleasures of listening expressing your emotions through praise, grief, victory, and dance? to help alleviate some of your anxieties? Music has been around for generations; it touches the soul to make us feel better at the moment when we need to hear a message of hope. The world would be silent if there were no musical sounds to elevate the human spirit.

Aside from creativity, production and purpose, there must be a good message to share; The recording artist must connect with his listeners ‘in such a way that while listening to the beats, his listeners’ in general can temporarily escape their problems with a dance. Whether the dance is a step within a group or individually, the goal is to find an island that sets people free for a brief moment in time.

Varges Thomas is back with another optimistic engine. The sounds of music are mixed with different instruments; With its vibrant funky drum beats, clapping, stomping, synth, the funk is in the music and it sounds sweet to our ears. Varges Jam is the song that will make you want to party. The traffic jam sets the tone to start the party. Whenever you are ready to listen to something that moves you and you want some time to relax; then there is no better way to relax, music is like a medicine that relieves pain from the soul.

So for whatever challenges you today, take the time to listen to the music of your choice. Dance to the music to free yourself from the stresses of life. By doing so, you guarantee yourself; a cleansing moment, a new mindset, a renewed spirit, weight loss from burning calories while dancing, and a good time to feel good all over the place. Let’s start the party!

Imagine that you are in this situation. You are a professional hockey player. You’re playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs. It is the decisive game; you are in overtime. There are 10 seconds left and, suddenly, one of your colleagues hands you the disc.

What would you do? Would you panic? Would you drown Would you rise to the occasion and save the day?

How would you feel? Highly strung? Alarmed? Excited? Confident?

Overtime in the deciding game, 10 seconds on the clock … and it’s all up to you.

That is a very pressure situation.

Do you want to know what the great hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, said when asked how he felt in that situation?

Wayne said, “I live all season for that moment.”

How is that possible? How is it possible to be in one of the highest pressure situations most of us could imagine, with the season on the line, your team putting its future in your hands and millions of fans watching your every move? that?

It’s possible because, at the time, there are two things that are indisputably true about Wayne Gretzky:

It’s really nice.

You know it’s really good.

And that’s why Wayne Gretzky could feel good about being in the middle of a high-pressure situation. Because he knows that’s when he can shine the brightest.

So let’s take a closer look at those two Gretzky attributes and see how they can be applied to you.

It’s really nice.

In other words, it has competition. He is up to the task at hand. So where does the competition come from? Natural ability? Sure, that may be part of this, but research shows it’s only a small part and that we tend to overrate it. Most of the competition comes from things like study, practice, and experience. Studying means you are continually learning: from your colleagues, from coaches, from mentors, from books, from videos, from your successes and mistakes. Practice means simulating high pressure situations before they arise, honing your skills, playing “what if” scenarios. And experience means putting yourself in these situations over and over again, to the point where “high pressure” becomes part of your comfort zone.

So if you’re not really good at what you do, do it really, really good at it. Study, practice, and gain that important experience.

You know it’s really good.

In addition to the competition, Gretzky is also confident. The reason you can feel good in a high pressure situation that could paralyze the rest of us is because you’ve been there before and you know you have what it takes – you know you are up to the challenge. So when the adrenaline hits, it manifests in electrifying arousal rather than paralyzing fear.

And where does this confidence come from? It comes from the competition. It comes from experience. It comes from having been there before, successfully.

“But Bill,” you say, “I know people who have supreme confidence in their abilities and, at the same time, are extremely incompetent in those same abilities.”

Yes, but for the most part they are dilettantes or idiots, right? And the difference between them and Wayne Gretzky is that when push comes to shove, Gretzky can deliver the merchandise. And have fun while you do it!

So yes, it is possible to feel good in a high pressure situation. When you are really good, and you know that you are really good, you, like Wayne Gretzky, will start to see those high pressure situations as opportunities to shine more.

Some women like to look natural and others like to look glamorous. Some do not know how to carry out one or the other. This article describes ways to highlight your natural beauty with your makeup application, how you take special care of your body as part of your beauty routine, and what clothes are most likely to put you center stage.

Get a glow

Use a body scrub to exfoliate all the dead skin on your body while you shower. When you get out of the shower, pat yourself dry and use a faux-faux tanning lotion, like the award-winning Jergen’s Natural Glow, to give your skin sun-kissed warmth.

Wear minimal makeup

Your natural beauty makeup kit consists solely of a liquid or mineral powder foundation, bronzer, pink blush, black or brown mascara, and a particular lipstick color. The trick to choosing the right natural beauty enhancing lipstick is to match your nipple color as closely as possible. Once you have applied your “face”, smile and blush the apples of your cheeks. Suck on the cheeks and tan the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose slightly, and the temples and the middle of the forehead, where the sun would naturally kiss. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply enough mascara to add contrast. Apply your “custom” lipstick and your makeup is complete!

Jennifer Love Hewitt once admitted in an interview that she liked to sit in a steamy bathtub after putting on makeup for a date. It set her makeup and gave her a healthy glow!

Hair for special occasions

The best thing about highlighting your natural beauty is that it looks effortless and sometimes it is. Although a puff isn’t easy, it really brings out the color, texture, and body of your hair. If you can’t perform this service in the salon, you can Google how to make yours at home with a hair dryer and its proper barrel piece and round brush.

Natural Nails

Consider supplementing your diet with essential vitamins and minerals. There are vitamins particularly useful for improving the health and elasticity of hair, skin, and nails, but you can also eat certain foods or drink a protein / nutrition shake to fill in your nutritional gaps. Rub your hands with an exfoliating product or brush and soak them in milk to make them silky smooth. Manicure your nails and paint them with a strengthening clear top coat.

Wear clothes that complement your favorites

What are your favorite features? What characteristics compliment you the most? Write these characteristics down on paper and take the list to your closet where you will “buy” clothing that shows these characteristics. Pick out some outfits with the pieces you’ve selected and keep this list in mind the next time you’re shopping for clothes.

The 1961-62 Parkhurst set consists of 51 hockey cards from players from the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings. The most valuable cards in the collection belong to Gordie Howe of Red Wings and Dave Keon of Maple Leafs. The hockey cards for the number one goalkeepers from each of the three teams are among the most valuable of the set.

Jacques Plante – Montreal Canadiens

Card number 49 from the 1961-62 Parkhurst team belongs to Jacques Plante, goalkeeper for the Montreal Canadiens. The card has a book value of $ 175 and is the fourth most valuable card in the set. Like all hockey cards, the 1961-62 collection celebrates the achievements of the previous year. Plante led the Canadiens, coached by Toe Blake, to a first overall result in the six-team National Hockey League during the 1960-61 regular season.

Jacques appeared in just 40 of Montreal’s 70 regular season games, scoring 2.80 goals against average and recording two shutouts. Plante also played eight games in the EPHL with the Montreal Royals. Plante’s backup was Charlie Hodge, who played in 30 games for the Habs.

Plante played in the NHL from 1952-53 to 1972-73. Along with the Canadiens, he also played for the New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Boston Bruins. Jacques was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1978.

Terry Sawchuk – Detroit Red Wings

Card number 31 on the Parkhurst set from 1961-62 belongs to Detroit goalkeeper Terry Sawchuk. The hockey card comes with a slightly lower book value than Jacques Plante’s at $ 125. 1960-61 was not a stellar year for Sawchuk. Playing in just 38 games, he posted a 3.23 GAA and recorded two shutouts. Backing Terry was Hank Bassen, who played 34 games, the most in a single season during his sporadic NHL career.

Sid Abel’s coach Red Wings ranked fourth in the six-team league during the regular season, barely qualifying for the postseason. However, Detroit reached the Stanley Cup final before falling in six games to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Terry Sawchuk played in the National Hockey League from 1949-50 to 1969-70. In addition to the Red Wings, Terry also played for the Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Los Angeles Kings, and New York Rangers. He was posthumously inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1971.

Johnny Bower – Toronto Maple Leafs

Despite winning the Vezina Trophy in 1960-61, Bower’s 1961-62 Parkhurst card number 3 has a book value of only $ 60. In 1960-61, Johnny played 58 of Toronto’s 70 games, recording a 2.50 GAA and recording two shutouts. Because the Maple Leafs allowed the fewest goals of the six teams, Bower received the first of two Vezina Trophies of his career. Backing Bower were Cesare Maniago and Gerry McNamara, each playing fewer than ten games.

Johnny Bower played in the NHL from 1953-54 to 1969-70 with the New York Rangers and Toronto. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1976.