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Both in times of economic growth and recession, the need is heard for governments and especially banks to make loans to small businesses to stimulate and expand the economy. Well, understanding that our economy is based on credit, I don’t see anything wrong with these sentiments. However, what you don’t hear often enough is about small businesses that won’t, and in most cases simply can’t repay the loan once it is obtained. Let’s not even talk about reward. This part of business loans does not get enough attention as it should. Not in a way that I would scare or intimidate people start and operate business with commercial loans, but somehow … yes. This is why …

Know what you’re really getting into by getting a business loan

Oh, let me count the ways … not really, but maybe one day. However, for now, please understand that if you apply for and obtain a business loan, YOU MUST PAY WHAT YOU OWE WITH INTEREST. Common sense can be said, but not so common, I would answer. Business loans from a bank with or without government guarantee THEY ARE NOT GRANTS. Not to sound contrary, but one way or another, it will pay off. Okay, even in the event that the bank or loan source has to take a loss, trust me, the probability of getting a business loan in the short term is really low. I’m not saying impossible, but very close to my friends.

Why is business loan repayment important?

Reports and credit rating… I need to say more. Both personal and business credit scores and reports are significantly affected by your ability to pay on time and as agreed. Once again, our economy is built and runs on credit. This is another way of saying that it is trustworthy and operates with integrity. Heck, if you don’t pay people let alone the bank on time and as agreed, then you are not operating as a trustworthy person. Now, there is an understanding that life happens and unfortunate events happen to the best of us. I would dare to affirm that there is mercy for the person who communicates these life events in a proactive way rather than running up the hills and hide.

Understand and take seriously that business loans are MONEY NOT FREE. Learn the details and full scope of what you are signing up for and plan accordingly in case life happens.

Interior design is the most interesting concept that is much enjoyed by homeowners and home builders. If you like to play with floors, ceilings, kitchen area, laundry area, furniture and spaces, interior design is for you. Today, it has revolutionized enormously and homeowners with builders are designing innovative and creative interiors through marble. They are continually using marble products for greater efficiency and beauty.

The best thing about marble interior design is that you don’t necessarily have a deep understanding of it. Home builders provide exceptional ideas to change your interiors and apply marble to them. It certainly gives a genuinely modern look to houses and adds more value to it. Modern house builders also help you choose the best place to apply marble stone.

Today, one of the best ways to design interiors is to use marble products. Marble interiors look impressive and redefine its value. One can have almost unlimited designs through marble stones. It simply offers a wide variety of opportunities to create new interior designs. A greater number of households are using smooth marble stone in their homes for balustrades, statues, stairs, and medallions. Being beautiful in appearance, it is used modestly on countertops, vanity tops, and statues.

Today, marble stone is widely used by interior designers and builders to renovate old or traditional houses. They conclude their interior design projects with marble floors. In fact, it is the most unique feature of modern homes. They also use a wide variety of marble products to achieve an impressive look and aesthetic appeal.

Kitchen and bathroom interior ideas

Kitchen and bathroom interiors are the main part of any renovation project. These are the main areas of a home that need to be addressed first. Both granite and marble can add additional appeal to kitchen and bathroom space. One of the most important uses of marble is as countertops that can be installed both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Provides exceptional beauty along with magical durability. Marble sinks and floors are additional components that add uncompromising beauty to kitchen and bathroom interiors.

Today, marble interiors are becoming very popular with modern home builders, homeowners, and architects. In fact, manufacturers also offer superior marble products for homeowners use. To meet the ever-increasing needs of interior designs, interior experts and architects now include magnificent marble products in their design strategies. Manufacturers also offer different types of products for commercial and residential applications.

If you can’t afford a huge sum to buy a new car, you have another option – you can pay a lot less and rent a car. How do you rent a car? Well, all you have to do is make a small down payment and then make monthly payments for the term of the lease. You will return the car when the term ends. Read on for tips to help you rent the right car.

Type of car

First of all, you need to decide which car you need. Do you want a sedan, an SUV or a convertible car? This is an important consideration.

Choose the right model

You should create a list of cars that are in your price range. To reduce non-lease costs, you can opt for models with a high level of reliability, good gas mileage, and safety features, just to name a few.

Take a test drive

As soon as you have listed a few models, you need to test drive each car. Be sure to consider visibility, comfort, steering, braking, shock absorption, and internal car noise.

Consider safety

During the test drive, you should ask the seller about the ESC, ABS, and other safety features. Remember: safety should be your top priority.

Compare different lease offers

Once you have all the details of the dealer, you need to compare the offers and decide how much you will pay each month.

Negotiate the price first

Before you go back to the dealership to make a deal, you need to negotiate the purchase price. Once you’ve negotiated the price, you need to go ahead and let him know that you want to lease the car. This is important because your monthly payments will be based on the price of the car.

Negotiate the price

You must negotiate the price of the car. If you want to know the prices of new cars, you can go to Consumer Reports. The price of the car will be between the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and the dealer’s wholesale price.

Avoid the talk

Remember: your salesperson may pressure you to close the deal based on how low you will pay each month. However, this will increase the total amount that will be paid over the term.

Lease payment

If you make a larger down payment, your monthly payments will be lower. Failure to make each payment on time will result in penalties. Therefore, you must take this point into account. Likewise, if you return the car before the deadline, you will still face a penalty.

Social media marketing is a great way to boost your business and your profits. However, there are many common mistakes people make when engaging in social media marketing.

If you are making any of these mistakes, don’t worry. It is never too late to fix your social marketing and improve it.

Don’t interact with your followers

When your followers comment on something, share or ask a question, don’t wait too long to reply. If you have someone monitoring your social media, ask them to tell you about ongoing conversations and potential areas of engagement.

Not completing your profile completely

Incomplete profiles make your business look sloppy or fake. If you want to be taken seriously, fill out a full profile with a good profile picture, your company logo / banner, and information so you can be contacted offline.

Not focusing on the quality of the follower

Some people make the mistake of focusing on the number of followers rather than quality. You want to worry about finding followers who are potential customers.

Not posting regular and relevant updates

If you’re not actively posting things that resonate with your audience, then you’re not getting any traction. If you plan to be successful with social media marketing, it takes perseverance and patience, not one-shot wonders.

Not choosing your channels wisely

It is not necessary to be on all social networks. Be on the channels that your audience loves and that will work just fine.

Don’t automate some actions

There are many things, like scheduled updates, that you can automate on social media. Make sure to use programming whenever possible, as long as it doesn’t make you look robotic.

Don’t interact personally

Whenever you get the chance, it’s important to make spontaneous updates that are relevant to your business and your goals. This will make you look more real in the eyes of your followers.

Do not personalize messages for the channel

Sending a mass message, using software, to all the social networks to which you have connected, is a big mistake. Most of the time, you will have leads that are on more than one account. If you do this, they will quickly get bored, or worse, get spammed.

Using social media to market your business is a proven technique for getting more customers, making more sales, and increasing your bottom line, but only if you avoid these mistakes. Take one at a time and make the necessary improvements to get on the right track to make your social media marketing profitable for your business.

If you are a poker player, then you have seen what a dirty and grimy chip looks like. Many of us have gone to a casino and waited our turn for the next available seat at the table, only to see a pile of dirty poker chips. Maybe you slowed down your friend’s game of poker and he kept it up for a month or two. When your friend finally returns your tiles, you notice the dirt on the surface of each tile and how they stick together. Although there is no way to prevent the chips from getting dirty, there are ways to clean them without damaging the chip itself. You don’t need a fancy gadget to clean your chips, just simple household items you can find around your home.

This is what you will need:

  • 1 soft bristle toothbrush
  • mild dish soap (Palmolive) in a bowl mixed with water
  • 2 small hand towels
  • time (the more detailed, the better the result)

There are things you should never do when trying to wash your poker chips:

  • NEVER immerse your chips in water – This will eventually cause the labels to shed from the water seeping under the design label.
  • NEVER use abrasive cleaners that can ruin your clay chips, etc.
  • NEVER throw poker chips in a dishwasher / washing machine to speed up the cleaning process.
  • NEVER dry or throw the fries in the microwave to dry them faster.

Cleaning instructions:

Mix about 1 teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid in a bowl with 1/2 cup of water. Place the first poker chip on the small hand towel. Lightly dip the toothbrush in the cleaning solution and gently brush the first side of the poker chip. Make sure you get the cracks, nooks and crannies of each chip. Using a corner of the hand towel, quickly wipe the clean side of the poker chip, then turn the chip over and repeat the cleaning step with the toothbrush. The reason we want to dry the chips immediately is to prevent water from getting under the design labels, if any. Once both sides of the chip have been cleaned, place them somewhere to naturally dry on their own. Continue this process until all of your chips are clean and nice!

When there is no hope

There may be some of you chronic poker players where there is not enough soap in the world to clean your poker game. It is at that point where buying a new set of poker chips would be more beneficial than trying to clean up your old dirty set with missing chips.

Everything we eat affects our body. Our daily eating habits decide the general state of our body and mind. To keep our bodies healthy and energetic, we must focus on the right amount of nutrition that our bodies need. Definitely, a balanced diet gives you a healthy life. But what does it contain?

A healthy and balanced diet contains all the essential components for better health. Carbohydrates, mineral salts, fats, fiber, vitamins and proteins make up a healthy and balanced diet. These components are consumed in the form of fruits, vegetables, cereals, minerals and water. The lack of any component can disrupt your healthy lifestyle.

How These Components Give You Better Health:

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates provide energy to our body. Naturally, without energy you cannot work both physically and mentally. Also, if you don’t take the proper amount of carbohydrates, fatigue will enter your life. Your daily diet should contain between 50 and 60 percent carbohydrates.

Mineral salts: Minerals are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Daily consumption of minerals is necessary because our body cannot produce minerals on its own.

Proteins: Proteins play an important role because a diet rich in protein allows the body to perform regular functions. The adequate amount of protein in our body helps fight various infections.

Fats: It is a big mistake among people that fats are unhealthy. In fact, fats are very necessary for our body like other components. In addition, fats protect our vital organs (liver, kidney and heart).

Vitamins: Deficiency of any vitamin can alter your Better health terms. Fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals, oats, wheat, and vegetable oils are the main sources of vitamins. In your daily diet you must add the adequate amount of fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs to lead a healthy life.

Fiber: Constipation is one of the most common complaints of all of us. Fiber provides that nutrient that helps prevent constipation in our body. Beet root, carrots, and cucumber are rich in fiber.

Water: Water is the main necessity of human life and the human body. Without water we cannot digest our food. Dull skin, joint pains, and various other ailments are the result of improper consumption of water. So you should consume 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

A balanced diet consists of eating the right foods at the right time and in the right amount. “Health is wealth”, and you don’t need any locker to keep it safe, but you do need a regular routine with the right eating habits. A balanced diet is an advantage to living a healthy lifestyle.

The days are getting longer. The sun is shining brightly. The world feels good about itself. So why should you think about buying that new fireplace?

Well actually, spring or summer is the best time to buy a new fireplace or fireplace surround. The reason is that fireplaces can be a bit more complicated than they first appear. Let me explain.

In the old days it used to be the case that you had very few options in fireplaces. Before the big DIY superstores, if you wanted an original design that wasn’t just a brick or glorified fireplace, you would often have to travel great distances to find highly specialized (and expensive) specialty stores that could hand-design a large fireplace for you. you. .

The good news is that those days are long gone and while the costly “design it yourself” route will always be open to anyone imagining themselves as a budding fireplace designer. There really is no need. Instead, you can go to a myriad of locations, and you’ll be able to find a staggering array of options.

Herein lies the first of our “problems”, and a good starting point for why summer is really a great time to go shopping for a new fireplace.

All that choice is confusing and time consuming!

You could literally spend months camping at your local DIY store (ok. Maybe not months. But you get my point;)) and still not exhaust the variety of options they have.

Therefore, you really need to spend much more time on your purchase from that point of view than it may seem at first glance. You should start by perfecting the style of fireplace you are ideally looking for, as well as deciding whether you want an electric, gas, or natural fire. Since deciding on each of these can make a fundamental difference in the options you have at your disposal when choosing your fireplace.

The second reason it is better to start earlier to buy such a fireplace is because installing it may take longer than expected. You see, the work is really half done when you choose exactly what kind of fireplace you want. Then comes the technical part of putting it together and installing it in your home.

Now if you are really “handy”, you can do it yourself. But fires are dangerous and things like gas leaks can kill you very quickly if you mess up. Therefore, you really need to hire a trained professional to do it. Okay. Good so far. The only problem is that these guys (sorry women, but most of these people are men!) Are in high demand. Therefore, getting one that is suitable for fire can take several weeks to a month.

Now, that is not a problem in the summer. Because it is hot. But try to be without fire in the winter for a month. AND THEN see how good it feels when the fire fitter arrives.

Not much, I would hasten to guess!

So in conclusion, get it now. Take a leisurely pace. Choose the style and type of fire you want and remove it while it’s hot enough to make it a nice company.

It’s hot outside. The sun beats down as you work during the hot day. The heat is sucking up all your energy. How is it supposed to work under these conditions? Taking multiple breaks to be in the shade? For anyone looking to stay cool in the heat of summer, there is an alternative. Occunomix security company manufactures a brand of products known as MiraCool.

What is MiraCool?

MiraCool products come in the form of headbands, tie caps, ranger hats, and most popular bandanas. All MiraCool products are designed to keep you cool during evaporation. After soaking a MiraCool product in water for some time, it can absorb enough to keep you fresh all day.

How does it work?

MiraCool and similar brands of cooling products are very simple. Each MiraCool product has a small sealed bag filled with what feels like grainy rocks or sand. Occunomix uses the term “cooling crystals” to describe them, but they are actually polymer crystals. These polymer crystals are capable of holding many times their weight in water. For example, a pound of polymer crystals can hold up to fifty gallons of water! This is why the polymer bag is so small. If there were too many crystals embedded in a MiraCool product, it would be heavy and cumbersome for the user to use.

To activate the polymer crystals, you simply need to soak the product in water for an extended period of time. According to Occunomix, it only needs to soak for ten to twenty minutes before it is ready to go. Actual users, however, have stated that it can take up to 45 minutes for the entire absorption process to occur. Once the product has absorbed enough water, it is ready to begin cooling. The MiraCool Cooling Scarf, Tie Hat or Headband is worn just as you would use a no-chill headband, bandana or tie hat. As the water-filled product is exposed to heat, the water inside the crystals will begin to evaporate, keeping it cool.

How long do they last?

The duration of the cooling depends on several factors. It depends on how many polymer crystals are in the specific product, how long the product has been immersed in water, and how hot it is outside. Occunomix claims that MiraCool products work all day or even longer, but those are most likely the best conditions. If used outdoors on a hot summer day, you should probably expect to use only several hours. It’s also worth noting that while Occunomix claims the product doesn’t need to be frozen or chilled, the product will keep it fresh longer if you do. MiraCool products do not need to be cooled, they just extend the cooling period.

In terms of product longevity, MiraCool products themselves can be reused thousands of times. Once the water has completely evaporated from the polymer crystals, the product can easily be submerged and used over and over again.

Today, many rescued animals experience PTSD. They need help to heal before they can integrate into their family. Animal communication and energy healing are two powerful tools to help you.

Why do so many animals experience trauma today?

Many of the reasons are similar to the experiences that can cause PTSD in humans.

~~ Too early separation from the mother dog, cat or horse, for whatever reason.

~~ Separation from your human family due to hurricanes, storms, floods, fires, earthquakes, and other weather or earth-changing events in which people and their animals may be separated.

~~ Being dragged from one rescue site to another in a genuinely loving effort to find a new home for the rescued animal.

~~ Traumatic loss because the family can no longer keep the animal due to economic and / or health changes.

~~ When animals are left in shelters or abandoned without explanation, they feel confused, scared, hurt, angry, heartbroken, and scared, just to name a few emotions that come up.

~~ When the shelter is one that kills animals after so many days, the animals know they can die, and the spirits of other dead animals there can linger, making the situation even more awkward.

This is not a complete list, but this list illustrates that one or more of these experiences can make integration into a new loving family challenging for the animal you have so lovingly adopted.

The good news is that animals can recover from PTSD.

When you adopt an animal from a rescue center, you may not immediately realize that the animal is having a difficult time adjusting.

I have had clients ask me for help after struggling for a year or more to connect with a cat, dog, or horse that has experienced a traumatic event.

These clients are good, kind, loving and caring people who have tried everything they can think of to help their new pet adjust. They have often been pouring out love for an animal that is unwilling to receive it.

Of course, the sooner you ask for help, the sooner you and the animal will begin to build trust and open a loving connection between you.

When an animal becomes emotionally shut off, is afraid of experiencing another loss, and / or is suspicious that this will be its home “forever”, something else must be added to the equation to help it.

Any story you have about the animal is also a very important piece of the puzzle.

Using my energy healing and animal communication skills, I can offer you and your new companion special assistance.

Over several sessions, I can establish a relationship with an animal that is very closed.

In fact, it can help me connect with them because I am no physically present.

Working from a distance, I can easily establish a telepathic connection, which some animals experience as less intrusive than a human stranger who is physically in the animal’s space.

Furthermore, telepathically and energetically …

~~ I can feel what the animal feels because I am a strong emotional empath.

~~ I can feel if the animal has a huge wall around it, or just needs some extra quiet.

~~ I can feel if the animal is suspicious and I can suggest ways to build trust.

~~ I can often sense if the animal is hiding something or lying to me and / or itself.

~~ I can ask other animals in your family for any ideas they want to share, assuming they have already met the new family member. These often prove to be of immense value in understanding what is happening with an animal that is too closed to share much.

~~ I can energetically scan the animal, with the animal’s permission, to pick up energy patterns in its auric field, chakras, and physical body.

Once we have a better understanding of what is happening to that animal, together we develop a plan of action.

~~ Sometimes Flower essences they are a good way to start. I can suggest the appropriate essences to help you and your animal companions.

~~ How Certified practitioner from The Code of Emotion ™Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, I know how valuable this tool is in helping an animal with PTSD. (This system has also been shown to be effective with humans.) Releasing emotional blocks and reducing or eliminating the walls around your hearts will produce enormous healing changes.

~~ How Certified multidimensional healer, I work with Source healing teams to remove energy patterns from trauma, repair chakras and other damaged areas, help the animal’s bodies rebalance, and bring the animal into a space of harmony, peace, and openness to its new circumstances of life.

~~ I can also refer you to other professionals who offer many other alternative services that will help the animal, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, Theta Healing, and basic dog and horse training.

Having a “action plan” helps you and the animal to know what next steps take and have the feeling that there really is hope to cure the animal and the whole situation.

Have you recently brought home a new animal or are you planning to adopt from a rescue location?

If so, keep in mind that while coming to your home is in the best interest of this animal, in some cases it is necessary for you to take a few extra steps to help the animal blend in and become part of your loving family.

Here’s the article that shows you how to go from totally broke and homeless to becoming a billionaire in 90 days or less.

Step 1) You are homeless, so find a place to live. Under a bridge or in a homeless shelter or you meet a friend and ask if you can sleep on his couch. (time: 2 days)

Step 2) Try to get whatever little advantage you can. That means anything from a) borrowing from family friends. b) get welfare c) find where you can get a free meal d) work some temporary jobs e) maybe buy and sell something for quick money i.e .: sell tickets at a game or something f) finish your resume and get placed online and in print. (time: 2 days)

Step 3) At this point, let’s say you’re at least barely stable. However, you are still unemployed. Then you start applying for a job. It makes it a challenge to see how many places you can apply or interview per day. As the winner of the Guinness Book of World Records for running at 500 locations per day and interviewing at 10 of those locations daily. Like you turn it into a marathon. You literally apply for “any job” within your city. Anything from the CEO to McDonalds. And you set a goal to have a job in 1 week or less. 2 max. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 4) At this point it hasn’t been a month and you have a place to stay and you have a job. You get your first paycheck. At that point, his time on his friends’ couch or at the homeless shelter is over. So you say goodbye and find someone who rents a room there at home for a very low price. You rent it and move in. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 5) With your next paycheck, buy a used computer and start using it after work. You work 8 hours, you sleep 8 hours, that gives you 8 hours to surf the web. So, use that time to start learning how to invest in real estate. Just study everything and anything you can find about real estate investing on the web. Your goal is to become “an expert” in real estate investing. You join all the real estate clubs in the area. Find a real estate mentor. You buy a good real estate housing study course. Use your travel time to listen to audio about real estate investments, etc. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 6) Start networking with other real estate investors. And go the extra mile to meet the biggest players in the real estate investment club. You make up some business cards. Exchange with them and get to know them. You try to have one of the most important players be your mentor. This is done simply by befriending them. Then you start making connections.

And start looking for potential investment properties on online MLS listing sites. (time: 1 week)

Step 7) You keep saving money from your day job, you keep networking, you keep learning how to invest in real estate, and you keep working on your story. You have now saved enough to start your real estate business. Print some business cards. Buy $ 500 cheap because that will be important. Follow a cheap. A cheap briefcase. And you place an ad in your local newspaper and online classifieds that says something like: “Get 10-15% Annual Return on Investment. Your Name on the Property Title Provides a 100% Guarantee of a Safe Return. Call 555-555-5555 “. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 8) You will start receiving calls from interested investors. You want to find someone who has money and good credit. of which you don’t have any yet. When they call, they ask “what is this about?” You say, “I’m a real estate investor. I buy houses that would be great to sell or rent. I have several great investments right now. Can you sit down with me for coffee and I’ll show you some? Of them, how does Tuesday sound? at 3 pm? “. You meet with them. You park your old, rusty $ 500 cheap car on the block so the customer won’t see it. (ha ha) You meet the angel investor (client) and show him some of the listings you printed from the MLS that you already considered good investments. You ask the client to put in the money and credit to get the mortgage. That is part of the investment. Your part will be to orchestrate the house move. So you say to the client: “Look, I’m an expert in these things. You put in the money and secure the mortgage on the property, then I’ll take care of the rest in terms of cosmetics and change of house. Then once we sell the property , we will split the profits 50/50. You will show them how your ROI will be much higher than the 15% you originally promised. How they will be in the title as an owner so that they are 100% insured. “You also connect with people from the real estate club that offer this deal. You may have to talk to 100 people to find 1 that bites. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 9) You have found your angel investor. Get them to agree to work with you in writing. You get verification of your ability to finance the deal and you have the credit to get the mortgage. Next, find a home that would make a great home move. You get them to provide you with the funds for the initial payment. You tie up the property. You get the investor to see their mortgage broker to obtain a mortgage on the property. Ask your attorney to draft the paperwork that also secures your part of the project in writing so that when the property is sold, you get half of the funds. So that both you and the investor know in writing what your commitments are. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 10) Buy the house. One that doesn’t need tons of reindeer. So you mow the lawn, paint the front, and clean it thoroughly. Put it on stage. Put it back up for sale. And flip it for a very healthy profit. After all expenses, his flip went reasonably well and he made a net profit of $ 40,000. You are an angel investor and you get $ 20k and you get $ 20k. Now that your angel investor is happy and has some confidence in you, start working with them regularly. Just rinse and repeat. You get them to do another and another with you. Let’s say on average you can pocket $ 20k per project. You do 5 cartwheels and now you have $ 100k saved. At this point, you can probably start doing cartwheels on your own.

Step 11) You use that $ 100k to make your first pitch. You find an amazing deal, buy it, or work with your mortgage broker to buy it for an established income mortgage. You flip it over and this time you pocket the full $ 40k. Keep doing it now. You change another 10 properties. $ 40kx 10 = $ 400k. At this point, you convert your operation to a larger scale. Hire some newbie real estate investors to work with you. Train each of them to go out and find deals. It finances them. They do the job of flipping them. And you pay them a salary plus a small commission for the successful launch. Now, with a team, you can do at least one jump every week. So in no time you’ll see monthly earnings of over 100,000.

Okay, this is where it gets interesting … But you have to visit my website to find out how the story ends. See you there.