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  • Population: 754,000 (UN, 2005)
  • Capital: Manama
  • Area: 717 square kilometers (277 square miles)
  • Main language: Arabic
  • Main religion: Islam
  • Life expectancy: 73 years (men), 76 years (women) (UN)
  • Monetary unit: 1 Bahraini dinar = 1,000 fils

The Kingdom of Bahrain is slowly unraveling its vision of the future, a vision for change by slowly and gently breaking down the barriers of tradition. Bahrain is directly translated as “Two seas” or “Two waters”, but its essence is nowhere in its translation. The majestic kingdom is eager to catch up with the times, as it has become the island paradise for essentially rigid Saudis, while giving the green light to most of the restricted things in Saudi Arabia: the bars, nightclubs and nightclubs. cinemas. Not just another desert, Bahrain is a peculiar place to exist with its sweltering climate, but as it is connected to the Arabian Peninsula by a bridge, Bahrain is never without visitors and inhabitants for the great entertainment center it has become. .

However, despite how rich Bahrain is in modern oil dollars, its history presents a culture and civilization on a par, since as early as 3000 BC. C., Gilgamesh had adventure accounts of this place that was once simply hailed as the Cradle of Life. In fact, the kingdom is home to the largest ancient necropolis in the world. In addition to the mundane wealth typical of a kingdom, Bahrain is full of life, like the colony of seabirds, hundreds of thousands of socotra cormorants, which perch in the intense heat of the desert to nest. For both seabirds and people, Bahrain is ideal because there are no predators. True to the claim, there is a minimal incidence of crime. And if any country has policies in which taxi drivers can work freely, it is worth spending a vacation there, isn’t it?


The Kingdom of Bahrain (26 00 N, 50 33 E) is a 741 km2 archipelago of 33 island patches that are almost microscopic on a map, located right where the main sources of Middle East oil are. Fully aware of this, the people of Bahrain have more than quickly planned recovery projects to increase the land mass, which has materialized especially in the last decade. Recovery was deemed even more necessary, as nearly 92% of Bahrain is low-lying deserts with small elevations, the highest being Jabal ad Dukhan, 122 meters above sea level on the main island.


The climatic situation in a desert country is arid with mild winters, hot and humid summers with an average temperature of 35 ° C, periodic droughts and occasions of dust storms, and because the seas around Bahrain (Persian Gulf) are very shallow and saline. , the waters heat up much faster and provide lower humidity levels than necessary. Rainfall is minimal too, peaking at 2.83 inches that most people just face gasping for air. With common sense and simple, the ideal time to visit Bahrain is during the winter, or from November to March, while from May to September are months that are far from being tolerable.


The policy is also hot and active among the population of 793,421 Bahrainis, but of this, 37.6% are not Bahrainis but Palestinians, Omanis and Saudis, adding the population of migrant workers from India, Pakistan or the Philippines. ARABIC is the official language of the state, and ENGLISH and FARSI are widely spoken due to their global audience of workers. More than three-quarters of the population are Muslims (Shiites and Sunnis), while Christians are a relatively sizable population of 9%.


Manama is where most of the action is concentrated. The best of authentic shopping and nightclubs, little is known why it is called the “place to sleep”. In the case of gold or silk carpets, most of the pretty and shiny things are very expensive, like the man-made silk carpet that costs more than $ 20,000 or the gold from the Bahrain Gold Souk. Although there are fewer activities in Bahrain during the day, the Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve and the Bahrain National Museum are excellent places to relax and learn new things. Possessing some of the most precious pearls in the world, diving becomes even more challenging and exciting with the possibility of even finding one of the famous Manama pearls. Finally, Al Bokari restaurant is a local food restaurant where the traveler can expect the best presentation of Bahraini cuisine at his table, clean hands and all.

Given these factors alone, Bahrain doesn’t exactly have the ingredients to be a popular vacation destination, but let’s just say this little archipelago is the sweet little island paradise in Saudi Arabia that deserves a bit or the attention of the large number of travelers who, basically, they are waiting. some new adventures. Independent travel can be a success or a failure, but poverty-stricken Bahrainis who do not benefit from the state’s economic growth have this as an income opportunity. Ruled by a Sunni monarchy for the past 200 years, the most dominant Shiites suffer horrific discrimination resulting in undeniable poverty. While flashy lights, piercing skyscrapers, and expensive cars are the main draw on these islands, the less glamorous side of Bahrain is where the people are.


In truth, when it comes to food, world cuisine is well represented on street corners or in five-star hotels, such as the cuisines of the Middle East, India, Thailand, and the Philippines. But the first and foremost thing to learn is the traditional foods of Bahrain, where rice plays the basic role, and khubz, the traditional flatbread, is widely consumed. Fish, meat, dates are served with rice. Machboos is one of the most famous Bahrain dishes that basically includes meat or fish served with rice. Fish from the main source, the Gulf, is very important in the diet of Bahrainis that it is cooked in many ways, whether grilled, steamed or fried, like British fish and chips. Shawarma is a hearty snack of carved roast beef wrapped in soft pita bread. These and most Arabic foods such as falafel, fried chickpea balls in bread and pastry-samboosa and qoosi, grilled lamb stuffed with rice, hard-boiled eggs, onions, etc. and some spices are undeniably addictive and delicious.

The cover of The Chocolate Diet promised that the reader could eat chocolate and lose seven pounds in two weeks. Voak’s book contains questionnaires to determine if a person is addicted to chocolate and which of the six diets to follow. Each weight loss plan includes selections that match the calorie count of meals, strategies a person should follow, and recommendations for exercise and other activities. The book also includes recipes and a calorie guide for chocolate candies that fit the diet plan. British and American brands of chocolate are listed.

Each of the diets begins with a week of abstinence from chocolate. During this time, Voak wrote, people begin to control their cravings for chocolate. All weight loss plans include unlimited amounts of vegetables from a list of 28 low calorie selections. Free veggies include asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, red and green bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, and watercress. All six diets include items from all the food groups. The diets were designed for women; men consume 300 more calories each day.

Voak diet plans are for:

* Secret Bingers, people who hide chocolate and do not want others to know that they eat it. The plan consists of a 250-calorie breakfast, two 350-calorie light meals, a 400-calorie main meal, and a 100-calorie treat. In the second and subsequent weeks, there is a 150 calorie daily serving of chocolate. Dieters can also have a 200 calorie dessert or drink, with options selected from the recipes in the book.

* Romantics are usually single and use chocolate as a substitute for love. His menu plan is a 250-calorie breakfast, a 350-calorie light meal, a 400-calorie main meal, and a 100-calorie treat. After the second week, they can spend 300 calories on a chocolate candy three times a week.

* Comfort eaters consume chocolate when they are tired or faced with a problem. His plan consists of a 250-calorie breakfast, a 350-calorie light meal, a 400-calorie main meal, and two 50-calorie treats. In the second week, there is a 200 calorie daily serving of chocolate. In the next few weeks, the allowance is 50 calories.

* Weekend lovers associate chocolate with celebrations. His daily calorie intake is 1,350 during the week and 1,600 on the weekend. The menu plan is a 250-calorie breakfast, a 350-calorie light meal, a 400-calorie main meal, and two 100-calorie delicacies. After the second week, 300 calories in chocolate are allowed each weekend.

* Sugar addicts often get most of their calories from carbohydrates and can use chocolate as a solution when they are tired. His plan consists of a 250-calorie breakfast, two 250-calorie light meals, a 400-calorie main meal, and a 100-calorie treat. In the second week and the following weeks, there is a 200 calorie daily serving of chocolate.

* Premenstrual cravings indulge in chocolate on some days of the month. Her plan is followed as needed a week or two before or during a menstrual period. The diet consists of five 250-calorie meals and a 100-calorie treat. In the second week and the following weeks, the daily ration of chocolate is 100 calories.

After staring at my computer for three long hours, listening to Peter White’s Just Another Day over and over again on iTunes, it suddenly hit me! How our whole world has been filled with words. They come in sets, although some are effective in their unique forms, and all are stored in our individual brains. We use them to survive, to communicate. So I thought to myself, why not write about a good set of words? And what better set than what we all know as cliché.

Old cliches have played a vital role in our existence as people. I wonder if this thought has ever crossed his mind. How does one seem to automatically think of a good cliché to describe situations? Let me focus on the term “a ray of light” for a moment. John Milton’s phrase, better known as “every cloud has a ray of light” is best described in Wikipedia (the people’s encyclopedia) as a metaphor for optimism and categorized as an idiom. Added is George Lansbury’s cartoon drawing of a man experiencing heavy rain, protected by his “Brolski,” as he called it, with the word incorruptibility written on the umbrella. Delving into this cliche, this pun. Then I realized how great his role has been in the life of an ordinary person! Warn him of the disappointments of life. Like the mention of this metaphor every time we miss the morning bus, arrive late for an important meeting, lose a job, there seems to be an endless list of situations where this phrase could better serve its good purpose. Well worth keeping intact in one’s data bank as a weapon to handle the unsuspecting Oh my gosh! events.

Moving further, let’s take a deeper look at “a ray of light” as a member of the long list as something similar to a sentence. In a situation where a loved one is lost, be it a friend, a lover, a neighbor, or even a dog. Wouldn’t these three words work well for anyone like a sentence would? Doesn’t it give us the same feeling of being saved from a bad feeling? As the dissection progresses, I begin to realize how powerful “a ray of light” is proving to be. Three simple words, requiring a clear definition, and once their meaning is clearly understood, they can be used as an effective tool of some kind.

The other week a good friend told me a story. He heard a light knock on his bedroom door and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was his mother. She says, “Let’s talk.” So he walks away from my computer and follows his mother into the kitchen. That place in your home that has become your heart, as in most of our homes. They had been waiting for a large property sale. Her mother has been working on this project for years and it was clearly a good time for her efforts to pay off. It was also a deal that would solve most of his current difficulties and pave the way to a more comfortable life. His mother, beaming with pride, announces that they are about to close a great deal and that all the documents are being prepared, including a paycheck. By this time, all the other members of their family had joined them, and they had all been enthusiastic about the great “blessing.” They were a Catholic family and most of the fortune was attributed to blessings.

The whole family now moves to the next step of looking for a house to buy, calling all 20 real estate brokers. Everyone gets in their car and drives from house to house, from corridor to corridor. Check which house was the best, at the most reasonable price. Even before they closed their eyes to sleep, all their thoughts were on the next closing of this great deal. A week goes by and the same thing happens. Mom knocks on her daughter’s bedroom door, but this time it wasn’t good news. The buyer had momentarily backed down! Ah, a true gosh moment! Now, almost crying mother and daughter sit together in the same kitchen and automatically say: “It could be a blessing of some kind, God surely has something better for us all.” If this mother and child had been Americans, they would surely have used “a ray of light” to save them both from heartbreak and disappointment.

This story clearly shows us how our star-star “a ray of light” has power and weight in even the simplest people, homes, and situations. I could tell another story, this time taking place in the highest court in the country, but it would make my story too long and I don’t want to bore you.

To end this text, I hope to have given “a ray of light” the tribute to its existence in our lives. Hope to see you again when I move to the top second star on my list of old cliches. But until then, remember to keep these three words and their meaning close. They are free and easy to use.

Callback rules for women tend to be a bit confusing for most of us. It’s really hard to know when we should call the man of our lives. Some tell us to call you right away and even initiate most calls, while other tips warn against that. So what exactly should be done? When should you call your boy again to make yourself irresistible to him?

The most important of the callback rules for women is to always wait to call your guy back. You don’t need to wait hours or days, but don’t pick up the phone and call back the moment you realize you’ve missed your call. Men make judgments about us based on how we handle phone calls. They may seem quite disinterested in that aspect of the relationship, but in reality most men are paying close attention. Women can easily seem desperate in the way they handle phone calls. If you are always waiting for him by the phone or if you call him back as soon as he realizes that you have missed your call, he will see you as someone who is emotionally dependent on him. You will also show him that he has caught you and we all know very well that men love the thrill of the chase when it comes to the woman in their lives.

So how long should you wait to call you back after you’ve called or left a voicemail? The answer depends on two factors. If you call him and see his number on his phone, but you didn’t leave a voicemail, don’t call him back. This is one of the callback rules that women often ignore, but shouldn’t. If he didn’t leave a message, you have no reason to call him back, so don’t. If you leave a voicemail, wait at least 30 minutes to call back. Let him believe that you are not so concerned about him and the relationship that he has nothing better to do. If you keep him waiting a bit to hear from you, he will actually find you more attractive.

Dogs are great animals. Everyone has to love dogs and photograph them. But did you realize that you can sell dog photos online and make money doing it? If you have a dog and you have a digital camera, why aren’t you making money taking pictures of your dog?

You may be wondering how you can sell dog images online and the answer is through micro stock photography websites. These are websites where they allow anyone to submit photos and earn money from them. Of course, your photo must be accepted and of good quality. But once you are on the website, anyone can download it and for every download you earn some money.

Many people on the Internet need pictures of dogs for their websites, advertisements, etc. You can submit a photo of a dog and have it end up on a website one day! Or it could even end up in magazine ads. People use these stock photos because they don’t have the time or skills to go out and take quality photos for whatever they are doing.

Image quality

You must have photos of sufficient quality. There is no need to go out and pay money for a photography school or get your photography bachelor’s degree, but if you know how to take better photos, your photos will be much more desired.

As with posing models, dogs must pose correctly. You need to make sure that your dog looks authentic and is relaxed. The lighting must also be of good quality. Unless you have a large studio, your best option is to record outdoors in bright sunlight. Don’t shoot at 12 p.m. M. Because the sun will be directly over your head and it will produce bad lighting. Try early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Taking just one photo of your dog can earn you quite a bit of money, but you will want to take more than one. Try taking photos of all your dogs and even neighboring dogs. Create a collection of dog photos of all your friends and family’s dogs. Ask them for the rights to the photos and, in return, you will give them copies of the photos you take. Making money selling dog images online is real and many people are already doing it by making a lot of money.

The effective composition and construction of a laminate floor makes it one of the easiest flooring options to care for and maintain.

One of the most effective ways to keep laminate flooring clean is to understand its limitations. Although laminate is a tough material that won’t stain or scratch easily, there are certain elements that could significantly damage your laminate floor. Puddles of water, abrasive cleaning solutions, and wax are some of the things that can damage your laminate floor and cause it to lose its finish. Additionally, rearranging furniture and pets with uncut nails can also scratch the laminate surface. Therefore, it is important to protect your laminate floor from these elements to ensure high durability.

It is important to keep the laminate floor free of dirt and other impurities; therefore, you should clean it with a dry cloth or vacuum it regularly. However, one of the most common problems people face is getting dirt trapped between the seams of laminate flooring. Therefore, it is recommended to mop or sweep in the direction of appearance to ensure that no dust or impurities are trapped in the middle. You can also mop the laminate floor with a damp mop from time to time to restore its shine. However, excess moisture can cause the laminate to swell, so it is important to be careful when scrubbing the floor with a damp cloth.

In the event that you spill heavily staining substances, such as wine, coffee, or orange juice, onto your laminate floor, you should immediately wipe it off the floor. To remove those stubborn stains, you can use acetone-based solutions, such as nail polish remover, on the laminate. However, such chemical-based cleaning solutions can discolor the laminate, so it is important to first test the cleaning solutions on a hidden part of the floor.

Another effective cleaning idea for your laminate floor is to use a solution of vinegar and warm water. This is an inexpensive and natural way to remove tough stains from your laminate floor. For maximum effectiveness, you can use this solution by spraying it from a bottle and cleaning it with a mop.

In case of scratches or dents on your laminate floor, you can purchase a touch-up to maintain its finish. A typical touch-up kit would consist of filler material or crayons and colored pencils. When used properly, such a touch-up material can easily hide damage to your laminate floor and can maintain its finish and durability.

With a little care and effort, it’s easy to make sure your laminate floor looks like new for a long time. Laminate does not require a lot of maintenance and care and therefore some people prefer it to natural wood floors.

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You would have to be a cartoonish atheist to declare that religion is of no benefit.

Most atheists on the ‘militant’ end of the spectrum say it’s not worth it. Regardless of the benefits it brings, they say it is not worth the crusades, bigotry, anti-science, brainwashing, corruption and human rights violations.

And so the search begins:

Can you get all the benefits of religion … without the ‘religion’ part?

Cynics who say that religion is nothing more than the opioid of the masses fail in this project. They come up with an Xbox, realize they already exist, and then give up in frustration.

Other doomed projects involve copying elements from the surface. They meet every week, read The Origin of Species and say that the only way to salvation is through objective and rational investigation.

When you imitate superficial details without understanding why they are there, your project falls apart ‘for no reason’.

The wisest people realize that part of the appeal (and the catch) of religion is community. This is how religion keeps its hooks on those who have lost their faith: if they stop going to church, they lose their friends, family, and support network.

So these people create not just another group of atheistic hobbies, they create a community.

Most of them fail, however, because they are still missing pieces of the puzzle.

What makes religion so powerful to people, so much so that they are willing, even eager, to give up tithes, kinky bedroom fun, and even their lives, is more than just community.

It is a regular dose of altered states of consciousness.

Altered states, stronger communities create strong ties.

And that’s where the staying power of religion comes from. Many atheists look at religious cultures with frustration, wondering why another tribe of ‘smarter’ and ‘less deluded’ people failed to outperform them in the competition.

A naive view is that fairy tales from the afterlife give them hope. Or the fear of eternal damnation motivates them to work and fight harder.


But think about what religion actually does for a religious person:

They work all day, perhaps in the field as feudal peasants, perhaps in an office as a corporate drone. They spend every moment solving the problems in front of them, lost in memories and daydreams, unable to devote much time to deep thought.

Then they go home, eat a good meal … and pray.

They spend some time connecting with something inside of them … and something bigger than themselves. They can focus on the moment and imagine a better future. Ancient and buried emotions make their way and have a chance to resolve them.

It is a form of meditation.

Once a week they go to church. They hear fantastic stories about the fundamental forces of the universe fighting each other. These stories contain clear lessons for their own lives. If they can’t see the metaphor, the preacher will point it out to them.

They sing, sing, laugh and dance as a community, as a collective, where their sense of self blends with the crowd.

It’s like philosophy, therapy, and socializing all at the same time.

Ignore the benefits of that at your own risk.

Secular substitutes for religion often overlook this part. As such, they miss out on great opportunities for problem solving and emotional cleansing. They get together, talk, share … but they don’t transform.

This is my advice to anyone looking to fight the benefits of religion at the hands of religion:


Hypnosis, hypnosis, hypnosis.

That’s all preachers do anyway.

When a person learns to pray, he learns a simple form of self-hypnosis.

When the preacher speaks passionately about a Bible verse and the lessons it contains for the life of the congregation, he is performing hypnotherapy.

Once you see hypnosis within religious rituals, you can get rid of all the nonsense and duplicate the things that work.

If your people aren’t experiencing psychological transformations every week or so, even if they’re subtle, you don’t have a church. You have a loose association of humans.

Do you want proof of my outlandish claims?

Tabletop RPGs, like Dungeons & Dragons, have these benefits. They forge strong social connections and induce altered states of consciousness, leading to psychological growth.

At least well-managed games do.

D&D exploded in popularity with people who were rejected by the churches. Nerds, outcasts, exhausted, gays, eccentrics, artists, and anyone else too nonconformist to benefit from religion.

If you know its history, you will also know that this is how Christianity began. Like D&D, Christianity reaches critical mass among the marginalized before bleeding into the mainstream.

The only reason D&D isn’t a literal religion (yet?) Is that the playgroups are too small. If you could play in a group of 40 people without losing the magic, so to speak, you would create a group as strong as any church.

Gary Gygax didn’t mean to do that when he created D&D, he just wanted to play. And since he died a devout Christian who loved tabletop RPGs, you can’t be offended by my comparisons either.

Gift cards are an important part of several successful online marketing processes. These free offers allow providers to attract large numbers of customers to their website. The hope is that the customer will find your site and your products interesting and want to visit them again and again.

Why do they do that? Many marketers know that people are attracted to free offers, everyone loves to get something for free and especially something that they consider valuable. So by luring them in with gifts, customers would discover your site and hopefully come another time. To access the gift, you will need to provide your email information and, in some cases, your shipping information, phone number, and date of birth. This information, on the one hand, can be used to deliver your offer to you. Email can also be used on a later day to market other offers. However, you can opt out of your contact list at any time.

How do free gift cards work?

Easy! Since most offers only require you to submit your email and maybe your name, just sign up at different times with different emails. Emails can be opened for free. To be sure of your offer, you can use different devices in different locations to subscribe to the same offer. Here’s a good reason to use the contact addresses of your parents, your friends, and even your neighbors who aren’t normally enthusiastic about such things. Once you receive your credit for purchases, simply order and ship to these addresses and then go to pick them up. Use this method and you can enjoy up to $ 10,000 in a single gift offer.

Types of gift cards

Gift cards come in various forms. But the most popular are coupon cards for online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Netflix, etc. The other very popular type of gift card is credit card offers. To get these cards, you just have to join with your email. When you join the offers, you are providing your agreement to receive marketing materials in your email. Sometimes these emails can be a great resource for you. But if you don’t want them, you can opt out at any time just by hitting the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email and you will stop receiving your emails. What I do is create a separate email for this purpose. And I have specific times when I check these emails.

Located on the tip of Captiva Island in southwest Florida, the South Seas Island Resort has weathered hurricanes, an influx of tourists, and a recent renovation to preserve its well-earned reputation as an exclusive island destination.

The 330-acre complex is the former site of a copra and linden plantation started by Clarence Chadwick, an inventor and itinerant farmer. In 1924, Chadwick owned 400 acres on the north end of Captiva and built several houses as accommodation for his workers. At one point, his plantation was the largest lime producer in the world. In 1930, Chadwick grew tired of the business and worked with his wife and brother to turn the settlement of workers’ houses into a viable resort. Today, many of its towering coconut palms still stand, framing the resort and providing a lush tropical welcome to visitors. Accommodations are distributed throughout the grounds in low-rise buildings with hotel rooms, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom suites, and private homes. Because the resort occupies the entire north end of Captiva, a free trolley travels back and forth through the mangrove forests that dot the property, as well as into town at designated times.

The 2 1/2 miles of sugary beach, steps from homes and condos within the complex, are the defining feature of South Seas. Strolling along the shell-strewn beach is a peaceful escape for even the most weary of travelers. The beach was renovated after the devastation of Hurricane Charlie in 2005. In fact, the entire resort recently underwent a $ 140 million renovation. Rooms, from standard hotel rooms to one-, two-, and three-bedroom beach villas and private homes, were newly decorated in a West Indian style with bamboo and teak furnishings, plush bedding, and spacious bathrooms. The pool area now features two new lagoon-style pools with a cabana complex and large sun deck, fountains, and hot tub / spa. The complex includes 18 outdoor heated pools in total, spread over the different accommodation villages, as well as the Beach Villas.

Manatee are a common sight to be had near the elegant marina facing the South Seas. The yacht harbor serves as a starting point for scenic day cruises to Cabbage Key and Useppa, as well as shelling, dolphin watching, and other boat excursions. Boating enthusiasts can reach the resort by water, as the marina accommodates boats up to 120 feet.

Perhaps the best kept secret on the South Seas is its magnificent tennis facilities. Services include daily clinics for all levels, one-on-one private lessons with an accomplished professional, endurance workshops, and clinics that provide instruction on how to play doubles. The complex has 19 courts in total, four of which are illuminated for playing at night. The carefully designed golf course completes the country club experience, but retains the island’s secluded and tranquil feel. A recent New York Times travel and leisure article called the South Seas golf course “one of the most scenic 9 holes” in the world. After a vigorous round of golf, guests can dine at one of the hotel’s three restaurants, including room service delivered to the condos, or take advantage of the many offerings in town and nearby Sanibel.

While South Seas has always catered to families, its recent update included an expansion of its children’s programs and facilities. The kids’ club theme parties and other educational camps are divided into programs for teens and children ages 4-12. Past programs have included shell hikes, water games, pirate hunting, and kayaking programs, among others.

While Captiva is famous for its beaches and shelling, its unspoiled wildlife has provided lasting comfort for many visitors. Anne Morrow Lindbergh wrote her famous “Gifts from the Sea” while on vacation on Captiva. Captiva is one of the few remaining regions where rare birds such as opsrey, bald eagle and blue herons can be seen in their natural habitat. The nearby wildlife refuge is home to more than 300 species of birds, 50 species of reptiles and amphibians, and more than 30 types of animals – species that a visitor cannot normally see in such an intimate setting. Miles of winding bike and jogging trails allow visitors to experience Captiva’s sheer beauty at a languid pace.

While many delighted guests have described the South Seas as seemingly “the end of the world,” the recently redesigned resort has retained its unspoiled hideaway status while offering new levels of amenities and services for families of all ages.

Before you go to Barbados, here are some useful facts and things to know so that when you arrive on the island you will know what to expect.

Barbados has one airport: Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI). The airport is in the south of the island and is 16 km from Bridgetown, the capital. There is only one terminal at the airport. The airport does not have airbridges, so passengers must exit the plane by a staircase and walk to the arrivals hall.

Barbados has a strict rule that prohibits any form of army camouflage clothing, including hats, scarves, shorts, T-shirts, backpacks, etc. The Authorities will ask anyone who brings these items into the country (including children) to take them away.


On board the flight, you will be given an immigration / customs form to complete. Forms must be completed prior to entering the Arrivals Hall. Visitors must indicate the address where they will be staying while in Barbados. On the back of the landing card there is a blue customs form that you must complete and give to the customs officer once you have collected your luggage.


Take the hassle out of your arrival experience by organizing a personal Meet and Greet service. This service includes being personally escorted through Immigration, immediate assistance with baggage retrieval, and continuing through Customs to an air-conditioned taxi waiting for you.


After you have passed Immigration, you will see numerous “Red Caps”. These men and women are available to help you with your bags and will accompany you through Customs abroad. It is customary to tip Red Caps Bds $ 2 (US $ 1) per bag, however, for additional luggage or exceptional service, an additional tip will not be declined.


There is a duty-free wine and spirits shop next to the baggage claim area, where prices can be up to 70% lower than retail purchases on the island. Especially good bargains are found on vodka, gin, and whiskeys. There are no savings on our local rum. Each person is allowed 1 liter, but connoisseurs know that they can buy more than the 1 liter limit.


Unless you have made prior arrangements for a private taxi, upon exiting the Arrivals Hall there is a counter immediately to the left where a taxi dispatcher will direct you to the next available taxi. There are signs with posted rates for all the major destinations on the island, but keep in mind that most, if not all, drivers will charge an additional fee based on the number of passengers and the amount of luggage. We suggest that you agree on a price before you leave the airport.


There are numerous car rental companies on the island, but only a few meet international standards. Courtesy Rent-a-Car, one of Barbados’ oldest and best-known car rental companies, and Drive-a-Matic have kiosks on the left immediately after exiting the Arrivals Hall. With prior reservation, other companies will generally greet you with a sign in hand outside the Arrivals Hall.


Barbados water is naturally filtered through limestone and coral and is therefore safe to drink. Some say that the water of Barbados is fit for a queen, as Queen Elizabeth herself declared that the water of Barbados was delicious.


If you are shopping at any of the many stores on the island, be sure to bring your passport and immigration card as you will be required to present these documents to purchase certain items duty free. Alcohol and tobacco purchases cannot be taken with you, but will be waiting for you at the counter of the Chamber of Commerce after you pass the security check in the Departures Hall.


We drive on the left side of the road, which means that the steering wheel is located on the right side of the vehicle. For those of you who drive on the “other side of the road,” be careful, be careful, and look both ways before crossing the street. Simple tip: the steering wheel should always be in the middle of the road, never to the side!

Baja Californians like their car horns. Horns of anger are rarely heard in Barbados, but rather as a friendly greeting, as a “please go ahead” and as a thank you. A flash of the lights is an indication “please proceed before me”.

Our extensive road system can be challenging to navigate. You can download a free SatNav map to your Garmin and some car rental companies offer a SatNav with your car rental. The signs at the bus stop are helpful in knowing which direction you are going. They are marked as “To Town” or “Out of Town”. This is useful if you want to go in either direction, but crossing the country can be a bit more difficult.


Our public transport system is quite good, however there is no particular schedule. Blue buses are owned by the government; the yellow minibuses and the small white ZR vans are privately owned. Unfortunately, there is sporadic law enforcement of the sometimes unsafe driving practices exhibited by public transportation vehicles. Use these vehicles at your own risk. Bus fares are Bds $ 2 / US $ 1 to anywhere on the island. Just raise your hand to stop a bus.


If you rent a vehicle, the car rental company will issue you a driving license valid for 3 months. The cost is Bds $ 10 / US $ 5. Alternatively, if you want to borrow a vehicle from a family member or friend, you can get your local driving license at any police station. They accept only Barbadian dollars. Remember to bring your own driving license.


Car seats, strollers, cots, cribs, and even toys can be easily rented if you want to leave those bulky items at home to facilitate a hassle-free trip to Barbados.


US dollars are easily accepted throughout the island at a conversion rate of $ 2.00 Bds equal to $ 1.00 US. Any other currency can be converted to Barbadian dollars at any of the island’s banks or at the bank using the airport baggage claim service. Upon departure, the National Bank of Barbados kiosk located in the Departures Hall can exchange the remaining Barbadian dollars into your local currency. All major credit cards are accepted in Barbados, although American Express is not widely accepted.


It is not customary to tip taxi drivers, although a tip will not be refused. The average tip for a restaurant is 10%, but make sure a service charge or tip has not been included in the restaurant bill. In the supermarket, it is customary to give packers their shopping bags and then take them to their car a couple of dollars. In private villas, the staff welcomes a tip at the end of your vacation and this amount is at your discretion, depending on the level of service you have received. Check with your villa manager or reservation agent for guidelines. Hotels typically automatically add a 10% service charge to your room and food and beverage bill.