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The best ideas for making money at home revolve around creating a blog series and using your blog empire to increase enough traffic to drive in the direction of your affiliate sites so you can end up making a lot of money.

The rule of thumb with the best blog ideas to make money at home is to start one that only deals with topics of interest to you. Or at least topics and topics that you already have a great deal of knowledge about. The reason this is important is because in order to be successful online, you need to provide valuable information. As many people as possible should find your valuable information and this is the only way your best blog ideas to make money at home will thrive and get the right traffic for you to start making some money.

Your best make money at home ideas blog should also be related in some way to the affiliate programs you have chosen to represent. When this is done right, your conversion rate and sales will tend to skyrocket quite dramatically. This is because you’ll be able to do a better job of pre-selling your audience so that when they come to your affiliate site, they’re much better prepared to make a purchase.

Always remember that when you strive to do your best when it comes to make money at home ideas for your blogging empire and affiliate programs, it will always result in better performance and profits.

If you’re one of those people who can’t stand all the counting, tracking, adding, and graphing that some diets require, you might find refuge in a simple numerical scale: the glycemic index. On the other hand, you may find it another maddening way to complicate the simple act of eating.

The glycemic index is a measure of the quality of carbohydrate foods. It’s kind of like good carbs/bad carbs, depending on how they affect blood sugar. Although not new, it began to receive a lot of publicity when the anti-carb movement took hold.

Here’s how it works: On the glycemic index, pure glucose is arbitrarily assigned a score of 100; it doesn’t mean anything in particular; it’s just a fixed benchmark of how it has affected your blood sugar about two hours after eating. Then all other foods on the index are given a number relative to glucose and its effect on blood sugar.

Foods with a low ratio generally break down slowly and do not cause drastic fluctuations in blood sugar. Foods with a high index usually do. For example, green peas have an index of 39, while cornflakes have an index of 92.

Originally developed to help people, especially diabetics, control their blood sugar, the index includes mostly carbohydrate foods, because protein and fat do not have an immediate effect on blood sugar.

But assigning numbers to different foods based on their glycemic effect creates a scaled list of foods that ends up being a very useful tool for people with obesity and other health problems. This is because simply sticking to a low-glycemic diet tends to guide people toward healthier eating and weight loss, even when that’s not your specific goal.

Consider: Type II diabetes, as well as various cancers and cardiovascular disease, are highly correlated with high-index diets. There is plenty of research showing that lowering the overall glycemic index also reduces the risks of these problems.

This is because, almost by default, a low-index diet will include more fresh fruits and vegetables, more fiber, more dairy, all foods that offer essential nutrients, are more likely to be low in calories, and tend to keep the body satiated for longer. , enduring the next hunger spell. All of that usually adds up to weight loss, no matter the program.

Proponents of the index say it’s more useful than counting calories or grams of fat or carbohydrates, and actually offers a simplified approach to learning to eat better, but some experts caution that people shouldn’t worry too much about precise numbers. Instead, they urge people to pay attention to whether the foods they eat are low, medium, or high.

That’s because, as with any rule, there are exceptions to the fairly consistent physiological rules that underlie the index. For example, watermelon has a fairly high glycemic index, around 75, which is even higher than table sugar. Does that make it bad for you? No. Because despite its high index, watermelon actually has a pretty low glycemic load. That’s a measure based on the amount of food you’d actually eat, not just an arbitrary amount used in tests, like with the index.

The glycemic load of a food can be determined using the glycemic index of a food, divided by 100 and multiplied by the available carbohydrates you would eat. With most feeds, a low index is consistent with a low load, but there are peculiar exceptions. Of course, to find them, you’d have to do a lot of math again, and that’s not the way people normally eat.

That’s why doctors and nutrition experts encourage people who are trying to develop a healthy diet to avoid getting caught up in the numbers game and look more generally at the foods on the index, leaning toward those that rank higher. are at the lower end. Anything above 70 is considered a high index, 55 to 69 is medium, and below 55 are low glycemic index foods.

And look what’s in those groups: High-index foods include most breakfast cereals, white bread and other processed baked goods, most potatoes, ice cream, candy, and table sugar, your true Atkins nightmare.

The lowest index foods include cherries, grapefruit, broccoli, vegetables such as lentils and beans, most whole grain baked goods, and most dairy products. So even without counting calories or tracking specific index numbers, you can see that steering your diet toward the lower end of the index is sure to do you just fine.

We like to encourage patients to think about glycemic index and glycemic load as two more tools that can be helpful in developing healthier thinking and planning about eating habits.

One last thing to remember: There is no standardized list of glycemic indexes, and most indexes include brand-name items that people buy on a typical shopping trip, as well as more generic items like vegetables and fruit. This is one of the most useful aspects of listings, but only if you get one that relates to where you live.

If your average Southwest Floridian were to look at an index created in Australia, it wouldn’t be much help, because really, when was the last time you had a couple of Golden Pikelets with a nice glass of Milo?


Fruits tend to have a high glycemic index, so I recommend that people take their fruits with a meal or with some protein like cottage cheese or regular cheese. These protein sources help mitigate the glycemic effect of the fruit. Don’t let a high index number keep you from your apple a day.

Cured-In-Place Ultraviolet Fiberglass (CIPP) pipe liner is far superior in many ways to felt pipe liner.

One of the primary reasons for using UV-cured fiberglass liner, instead of water- or steam-cured felt liner, is that the curing of the felt produces by-products that negatively impact the environment. In particular, cities using felt liners are concerned about discharging styrene-laced water into their sewer systems. However, UV cured fiberglass pipe liner is eco-friendly for pipe rehab.

According to a January/February 2005 article in Stormwater magazine, when a failed storm sewer pipe 18 miles east of Breckenridge, Colorado was causing a sinkhole under I-70, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT ) decided to use a place-cured felt liner. to repair the pipe instead of replacing it. They used a polyester felt pipe liner, saturated with resin and coated with a waterproof coating that was inserted into the pipe. Hot water or steam was circulated through the tube, which hardened the resin. Due to the styrene-bound byproduct of using water- or steam-cured felt, CDOT’s environmental division ordered the liner company to construct a temporary holding pond with an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) geomembrane liner to capture any cured bound with styrene. water. The line company then had to pump and transport the water off site to avoid any environmental contamination. If they had used UV-cured fiberglass pipe on site, they would not have had this problem causing additional time and expense for the job.

Another advantage of cured-in-place fiberglass siding over felt is the cure time. Cure time for felt liners is 2.5 hours, but only 50 minutes for a 300 foot length of 8″ CIPP UV liner. There is also an hour or two of cool down time for the felt and zero for the fiber of glass.

If you look at just the speed of cure and the effect on the environment, you can already see how UV-cured fiberglass siding makes more sense than using felt. But add to that the fact that fiberglass pipe liner doesn’t shrink (felt shrinks up to 13%, requiring residual grout and side seals) and has a minimum 50-year lifespan, you really see how using fiberglass CIPP liner is the best option. Good choice.

The 0xc000009a error (also known as the “Entry Point” error) is displayed because an application is unable to load a required DLL.

It is typical that DirectX DLLs or Graphics Packages are not available for games like Frotnite. These systems require them, which means that if they can’t locate them, they’ll stop working, usually citing the error you’re seeing.

To fix this, the simple solution is to get the DLL file on your system and make sure it is accessible.


To understand why the error appears, you need to appreciate the roll of DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files in Windows.

As operating system development intensified in the 1990s, a number of methods were introduced by all parties to access “libraries”: third-party software packages that allowed developers to use standardized code/functionality within their own applications.

Libraries like Visual C++, DirectX, .NET, and a variety of others became the standard on Windows, and most applications, even today, depend on them.

The secret of these files was the implementation of particular DLL files on your PC. These files can be reused by different applications, as long as they call the correct functions etc.

Unfortunately, if the files are missing, out of date, or corrupted, you’ll get errors like the one you’re experiencing…

  • The application failed to start correctly (0xc000009a)
  • Starting the BattleEye service…
  • [INFO] File upload blocked…

The main problem here is that your application doesn’t have access to the DLLs it requires, although there are other concerns:

  • DLL files not accessible

  • The antivirus may be blocking your application

  • Windows may have corrupted or damaged DLLs

  • Other programs may have overwritten the DLL

  • Your system may have a virus

The way to solve this is to make sure the DLLs exist on the system and then make them fully accessible.

The steps below will guide you through this process…


Like many problems in Windows, you should go through a number of possible causes of problems and fix them one by one.

In the case of error 0xc000009a, the following is recommended:

1. Uninstall BattlEye + Verify Fortnite

The first and most effective step is to remove the “BattlEye” application from your system.

BattlEye is an anti-cheat system included with Fortnite – it’s essential for Fortnite to work, but can sometimes cause errors:

  • Press the “Windows” + “E” keys on your keyboard

  • Navigate to “C:/Program Files/Epic Games/Fortnite/FortniteGame/Binaries/BattlEye”

  • Click “Uninstall_BattlEye.bat”

  • Let the CMD file run

  • Exit and load Epic Games Launcher

  • Under the “Fortnite” tab, click the “gear” icon next to the “Start” button.

  • Select “Verify”

  • Let the process run

After this is complete, it’s worth rebooting your system.

If it doesn’t resolve the issue, it means there is a problem with one of the third-party libraries on your system.

2. Reinstall VC++

The next step is to reinstall VC++.

As mentioned, Visual C++ was Microsoft’s way of standardizing a number of core features for software and has become a staple of the Windows ecosystem.

To make sure that this is not the problem (which is most likely), you should reinstall any Visual C++ packages on your system:

  • In Windows 7, click “Start” followed by “Control Panel” and then “Programs and Features”

  • In Windows, right-click the “Start” button, select “Apps and Features”

  • From the list, scroll down to “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable”

  • There will probably be a large list of many different packages

  • Make a list of each year + architecture (x64/x86) on a sheet of paper

  • uninstall every

  • Now navigate to your favorite search engine

  • Search for “Visual C++ Redistributable Download”

  • Click on the first link (must be Microsoft)

  • For each of the packages you previously had, download new ones from this site

  • After doing this, install each of them.

  • Restart your PC

  • try your game again

While this will most likely work, it may not be the solution for some…

3. Update DirectX/graphics drivers

Next, you should see how to update DirectX and (perhaps) your graphics driver.

DirectX is the graphics library that Windows uses to render 3D images. Almost every game on the platform uses it.

While you can’t “reinstall” the DirectX engine, you *can* repair it and make sure your graphics driver works properly…

  • Search online for “DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer”

  • Click on the first Microsoft link that shows

  • Click the orange “Download” button

  • Follow the steps and save the file on your PC

  • Open the file and let it run.

  • Let it repair your current DirectX installation

  • Restart your PC

After doing this, you may want to reinstall your graphics driver:

  • Connect to the Internet and search for “DDU” (Display Driver Uninstaller)

  • Download the file that you can find in Guru3D

  • Restart your PC in “safe mode” (instructions below)

  • Once in safe mode, run DDU and let it remove your GFX controller

  • Restart your PC in “normal” mode

  • Let Windows download the latest driver for your graphics card

To access Safe Mode, it depends on the version of Windows you are using (Windows 10 made it difficult to access for some reason):

  • In Windows 7, restart your PC as you normally would

  • Press F8 continuously before Windows starts to load

  • Select “Safe Mode” with the appropriate number on your keyboard

  • In Windows 10, click the “Start” button

  • Select the “Power” button (left charms menu)

  • Holding SHIFT, press the “reset” button

  • The blue “Windows Recovery Environment” screen will appear

  • Click “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced Options” > “Startup Settings” > “Restart”

4. Download file manually

This will only work if you have a direct sense of which file is missing or inaccessible.

If you don’t have this, you’d better look for something called “Dependency Walker”, a free application that allows you to determine which files are required by different pieces of software…

  • Click on the search engine of your choice

  • Look for “DependencyWalker”

  • Click on the first link and download the app

  • Run it

  • In the top menu, select the “open” (folder) icon

  • Find the executable file that is causing problems and select it

  • The system should highlight which files are needed in the menu on the left

  • If any of these files are listed as “red”, you’ll need to make sure they’re accessible

  • Some applications will include the DLL files

  • If you search online for the name of the DLL file, you will quickly find out which package it belongs to

  • If you can find the package, see if you can install it (you may just need to get the new version)

  • If you can’t see a package, you’ll need to download a fresh copy of the DLL.

Once you download a new version of the DLL, you basically have to put it in the C:/Windows/System32 folder.

After doing this, you should test the app to see if it works now.

If not, it usually suggests a problem deeper within the operating system.

5. Windows Update

This probably won’t do much, but it might give the system some way to fix itself:

  • windows 7
  • Click “Start” > “Control Panel” > “System and Security” > “Windows Update”

  • Click “Check for updates”

  • windows 10
  • Press the “Windows” + “I” keys on your keyboard

  • Select “Update and Security”

  • Click “Check for updates”

Once the update process is done, restart your PC and see if the error is resolved.

If you are still experiencing the error after doing the above, it suggests that you have a more serious problem with Windows.

Unfortunately, one of the restrictions of internet articles is that I can’t see exactly what your system is doing and therefore I can’t provide any kind of specific advice. If you’re still lost, I highly recommend going to one of the big Q&A communities (Reddit/Super User/Microsoft Answers) for a more specific set of answers.

If you need more help, you’ll want to talk to someone who has hands-on access to your system, which usually means getting it looked at by a local repairman, or perhaps someone on Fiverr.

Today Norm Goldman, editor of and, is pleased to have Joshua Berman, co-author of Moon Handbooks Belize, as a guest. Joshua is an expert in traveling to Belize and recently chose this small Central American country for his own honeymoon; he has also lived and written extensively about Nicaragua and Honduras.

Welcome to and Joshua and thank you for accepting our invitation to be interviewed.


Tell our readers a little about yourself and your experience in Belize.


I have been living, working, teaching, and traveling in Central America since the US Peace Corps sent me to Nicaragua in 1998. Since then, I have returned to the region to write guides, lead service trips, and visit friends. and adoptive families. Last year, Avalon Travel Publishing asked me to take over Chicki Mallan’s Moon Handbooks Belize, which, when it first appeared 15 years ago, was the country’s first and most acclaimed guidebook. I gladly agreed and proceeded to research and write the sixth edition, which was published in early 2005.


Where is Belize?


Belize is located in the northeast corner of Central America, bordered by Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula to the north, Guatemala’s Petén desert to the west, and the Caribbean Ocean to the east. Culturally, however, Belize and its hundreds of cays (islands, steep cays) is more Caribbean than Latino. English is spoken everywhere (along with seven other languages). The diversity is staggering, especially considering there are only 260,000 people in the entire country.


Would you consider Belize a good choice for a romantic getaway or a wedding and honeymoon destination? Because?


Absolutely. Belize’s tourism board actively markets the country as a destination for lovers, and there is no shortage of special honeymoon and romance packages to choose from:

They can rent their own waterfall for the day at the Hidden Valley Inn.

Couples can get Mood Mud massages at Maruba Resort Jungle Spa.

You can rappel down a vertical cave shaft together, at the bottom of which you’ll find a bed of flowers next to an underground spring in Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch. The list goes on and on.

Belize’s size (smaller than Massachusetts), easy access (just a two-hour flight from Miami or Houston), and staggering selection of small, intimate resorts and lodges seal the deal. To solidify my endorsement of Belize as a romantic destination, I even took my own girlfriend here for our honeymoon (oh, the work never stops).


When is the best time to visit Belize in terms of weather, cost, crowds, and availability of flights from the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, etc.?


Some resorts distinguish the holiday season from the normal high season, with even higher prices and lower availability at Christmas, New Years and Easter. Be sure to make reservations during these periods. High season (re: more tourists and high prices) is generally from mid-December to April; This is also the dry season for most years, though December, January, and even February can play host to cold fronts that blow or sit for days.

Your best bet: be prepared, both with clothes and attitude! A week of stormy weather can ruin a vacation planned solely around snorkeling, but it could also provide the perfect setting for exploring the rainforests or enjoying a hot tub and fireplace at Mountain Pine Ridge.

June, July, and August technically fall in the rainy season, and travelers during this time are rewarded with significantly reduced prices on most accommodations. Rain during these months can mean just a quick shower each afternoon, or it can last for days. August is the big month for European backpackers and travelers, while December and February are dominated by North Americans. Some tour companies close completely during the months of September and October, the peak of the hurricane season.


Could you give our readers an idea of ​​the costs involved if the trip originates from the US, Canada and Europe and Australia?


Conventional travel wisdom calls Belize the cheapest Caribbean vacation spot and one of the most expensive Central American vacation spots. There are plenty of mid-range and high-end accommodations throughout the country, ranging from US$25 to hundreds of dollars per night. Exact hotel rates are hard to come by in Belize; Seasonal fluctuations are compounded by various taxes and service charges, sometimes by as much as an additional 25 percent. Always make sure that the fee you are quoted is actually the same amount that you will be asked to pay. And of course, great deals abound in the low season (May through November), when room rates plummet across the board.

As for food, budget travelers can get by on less than $20 a day, but you’re on vacation right? Tickets range from US$5 to US$25, depending on where you are; in trendy San Pedro restaurants, an elegant dinner can cost as much as US$75 per person. Some resorts include meal prices in their nightly rates, which can be a great deal.

Don’t forget to budget an extra $40-80 per person per day for activities like scuba diving, sailing trips, and guided tours of Belize’s rainforests, ruins, and fascinating cave systems. Seasoned, independent travelers can get around for less, but transportation can be a hassle.

US$10 per person per night is the bottom line for cheap accommodation, and will get you anything from a cramped, stuffy concrete box in most cities to a generous log cabin at Trek Stop (on Cayo). and other backpacker hotspots.


If you had to pick 5 unique places in Belize for a romantic getaway, honeymoon or destination wedding, what would they be and why?


First of all, remember that selecting a place to stay has a lot to do with where you want to be and what activities you’d like to do during your stay: beach or rainforest? Diving or hiking? Reef or ruins? Do you want to be pampered with massages or get sweaty and muddy with your loved one on a jungle trek? Get an idea of ​​what kind of trip you and your partner are looking for, then dive in and book it. The following are just a few of the romantic luxury Belize accommodations that stand out in my mind for their quality and intimacy. To learn more about Belize’s extensive budget options, browse through a copy of my book, Moon Handbooks Belize.

Beginning in elegant Ambergris Caye, just off the coast of Belize’s famous barrier reef and three miles north of the town of San Pedro, you’ll find Capricorn Resort, offering intimate beachfront seclusion in one of three bright, airy cabanas. good taste. Capricornio’s restaurant is one of the best (considered by many the best) on the island.

Located on 7,200 privately owned acres in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Hidden Valley Inn is a tranquil haven for hikers and bird watchers who will have a blast exploring the resort’s 90+ miles of hiking trails and old logging roads and then snuggling up. in front of the fireplace of your cabin, listening to the birds singing outside (especially nice during the cold, misty and rainy season). The property encompasses a lush broadleaf forest and pine habitat. The two diverse ecosystems are divided by a geological fault line, which marks the edge of a towering 1,000-foot escarpment. Numerous streams gush from the mountain and then cascade down the steep slopes, often into deep, inviting pools; The Hidden Valley trail system cuts through it all.

On the Placencia peninsula, Kitty’s Place is one of the best, least pretentious resorts on this long stretch of beach resorts. Call it “understated luxury” and check your shoes at the front desk. Be sure to schedule a day trip or stay overnight on Kitty’s private island French Louis Caye, 12 miles offshore, with excellent snorkeling and luxury accommodations.

Two of the most romantic, beautiful, and expensive options in Belize are Francis Ford Coppola’s magnificent pair of resorts: Turtle Inn and Blancaneaux Lodge, located on the Placencia Peninsula and Mountain Pine Ridge, respectively, and offering a number of group packages . Both venues feature stunning architecture and artwork from around the world, and top-notch service and facilities.

Located about an hour north of Belize City, Maruba Resort Jungle Spa pampers body and soul, as evidenced by its acclaimed spa treatments and unique focal points scattered throughout the grounds: a small, glass-encrusted chapel; a stone chess table covered by a palapa; two pools that seem to sprout from the jungle with waterfalls. The rooms are spread out for privacy and are called Moon, Fertility, and Bondage, to name a few. All feature carved masks with eclectic Neo-Primitive motifs, mosaic floors, foot candles, concrete fountains, tiled bathtubs, shuttered windows, and fresh flowers on the oversized down comforters and in the bathrooms.


What should people know about celebrating a wedding in Belize from the point of view of requirements, experience of the different hotels, etc.


Belize is gaining quite a reputation as the perfect place to get married. A growing number of resorts cater to weddings of all sizes, some quite creatively (such as ceremonies underwater or atop Mayan pyramids). If you elope, you must be in Belize three business days before submitting your marriage application to the General Registrar’s Office (tel. 501/227-7377, not open on weekends or local holidays). You will receive the paperwork the next business day for your ceremony. If you have been divorced or widowed, bring a photocopy of the death certificate or divorce decree. The Government of Belize charges US$100 for the license and you will need a birth certificate or passport.


How far in advance should a couple prepare for their honeymoon, romantic getaway or wedding in Belize?


Honeymoons and getaways are easy and don’t require much advance booking, except during the holidays and at the most popular resorts. If you’re planning a wedding during peak season that will require numerous rooms for guests, book a year in advance if possible. Otherwise, a few months is usually enough.


What resources are available on the internet related to Belize weddings and honeymoon vacations?


Several wedding specialists can facilitate procedures, ministers, flowers, book hotels, celebrations, etc. including Katie Valk for anywhere in the country, Iraida Gonzales in San Pedro and Lee Nyhus in Placencia.


Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers that we haven’t covered?


Yes, keep an eye on my WEBSITE for new links and developments regarding romance in Belize and beyond; I have the most popular Belize news and forums posted on my links page. In addition, MY PUBLISHER’S SITE will soon feature sample itineraries and other excerpts from my book, to make planning your trip to Belize even easier. Lastly, remember the words of Kurt Vonnegut’s prophet, Bokon: Quirky travel tips are dance lessons from God.

Happy roads to all, Joshua

This article is a personal overview of the effects of Alliums, which are anything but garlic and onion.

I have been my own personal experimenter since the age of 13 (now 44) and have had a great understanding of and interest in all health and fitness practices throughout my life. I am here to offer my personal knowledge on the subject of Alliums with mentions of spirituality and scientific references.

After studies and observations, it was concluded that the effects of consuming any type of Allium, whether cooked or raw, are detrimental to the functioning of the mind and body.

The first mention of onions and garlic being harmful to my health was during my Reiki courses and was recommended to me by my Reiki Master in Sydney, Australia about 8 years ago. The reason was that in the first place during the Reiki practice and healing sessions for any client it is advised not to have consumed Alliums because it causes disturbances to the spiritual practice, due to the omitted smell of the practitioner to the client. In my opinion it is like the well-known benefits of aromatherapy. Scents trigger certain emotions in humans, so during Reiki practice you should not omit scents that offend or disgust your client. Your client should be in a relaxed and contemplative mood or state while being treated. So in practice it makes sense to refrain from consuming Alliums during a spiritual session.

On that note and beyond that, I researched the effects of garlic based on the Reiki purpose of avoiding it and found more information that later turned out to be very true after experiments on my own.

Alliums are claimed to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and kill brain cells. They also desynchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The section between the two hemispheres of the brain is the section where most of the brain cells are destroyed, causing the brain waves between the two hemispheres to become out of sync. Scientifically it sounds quite disturbing, but in physical practice the results are things like depression, anxiety, nervousness, aggressiveness, lethargy, tiredness and most of all negative reactive emotions, that’s how I would describe it.

The purpose of this article is to create social awareness simply for the preservation of peace among us. I strongly believe that the consumption of Alliums causes unnecessary tension effects in social situations and therefore hinders our relationships and communication.

Of course, if you read or know about garlic and onions as I have over the years, you’ll have the same impression that they’re good for us. And of course it is scientifically proven that they lower blood pressure, kill bacteria and viruses and even brain cancer. All of that is true, except for the fact that they don’t mention HOW they manage to do it. The reason they control or reduce blood pressure is due to the penetrating effects of the hydroxyl sulfone ions contained in Alliums penetrating into our blood. They’re killing your brain cells and therefore slowing you down, and then slowing your heart rate, which then lowers your blood pressure. The reason they kill bacteria and viruses is because hydroxyl sulfone is actually a poison! That is why it is forbidden for dogs or cats to be fed onion or garlic, because it is literally fatal for them as they are less intelligent life forms than humans. Humans are more adaptable and can tolerate alcohol, cigarettes, drugs (both medicinal and induced), caffeine, and a host of other chemicals that, if taken in high doses, CAN kill us instantly.

Another mention of the poisonous effects of Alliums is that if you go to your local hardware store and check out the gardening section, you will see some natural organic products available for pest control on plants. These mainly contain GARLIC and CHILI. Garlic is also a natural pesticide that repels and kills insects. That’s why I always laugh when I’m told or read about people who eat a lot of garlic and how they never get bitten by mosquitoes! Hey, I was once one of those too! They can detect the smell of garlic in your blood and they won’t bite you for it! Well, for one, because you never need to use an insect repellent, but it just goes to show how much garlic gets into the blood and even how nature itself tries to prevent it!

I would like to mention at this stage that I am Greek and was raised on excessive amounts of garlic and onion and it didn’t kill me, but go to Greece and find out WHY the Greeks are such aggressive people. I used to cross the road almost daily to get to the supermarket and if they see you cross the drivers there really speed up! You find yourself running down the street so you don’t get hit! I have also lived most of my life in Australia, Spain and the United States. In my opinion, the most aggressive of all those countries are Greece and Spain.

In fact, the Greeks know that garlic is not so good for you. My mother, born there and now in her 80s, used to tell me that garlic warms the blood. It’s like when you’re overheating on a very hot day and suddenly you’re in an aggressive mood. The same goes for the body heat created internally by something you’ve eaten. It warms the blood and makes you agro. OK, that’s just another twist or observation without referring to the toxic effects of Alliums.

I could go on about Dr. Robert Beck and mention Ayurvedic medicine and yogis who ban Alliums in aid of their spiritual practices, but I won’t because all is said and done. In fact, there are a lot of those things if you google them.

Next and finally I will talk about my personal experience through experimentation. This is really what I would say to ANYONE who questions, doubts, or debates the fact that Alliums are bad for you. Do the 3-day diet without Allium and notice the effects and the improvement of your mind, emotions and relationships. It does not take long for it to leave your body, in fact it is said that your body expels these toxins in the same way that it expels alcohol, caffeine, etc., and that is why you only need a few days to notice the difference. I did and that’s all I needed to be fully convinced of the benefits of removing them.

My relationship with people changed and now it’s great, no more aggression, much more understanding, compassion, kindness, tolerance, no yelling, no judgment, I don’t feel like I’m being attacked by someone… at the same time, more logic in my decisions, peace of mind, no more irrational depression, sadness or fear, and above all, much more clarity of thought and ideas. This is where I get completely in tune with why yogis ban Alliums from their diet. Everything they do has to do with spirituality and being closer to their ‘higher self’. This is where I understand why Reiki practitioners and teachers and any other spiritual practice that believes in being close to your higher self do not eat Alliums. THEY have been practicing avoiding Alliums for thousands of years, and for good reason! Now it is not conclusive for me so far whether they are aware of the fact that it is a poison for the brain or whether they are following the Ayurvedic practice, or whether they simply know that anything that warms the blood causes aggravation. It could be a combination of all of that.

Chinese herbalists are also aware that heat in the body causes bad skin conditions, problems with the lungs and heart, etc. So they could all join in! Either way, scientists AND spiritual practices have come to the same conclusion about Alliums. I have tried it myself and it has proven so.

As you may have noticed, I have dabbled more than most when it comes to health and spirituality, and I hope my article has been helpful.

I would like to add that I have also made observations with other people. I have some great examples of the effects of Alliums after consumption with friends and family.

A boyfriend said that he would not stop eating garlic and onion. I begged him to stop because I knew otherwise we wouldn’t spend much time. He hadn’t eaten garlic or onion for 2 days because he was staying with me and we had a wonderful time together. The third day we went to a Chinese restaurant and he binged on anything with garlic or onion, because it was a buffet! 1 hour later we decided to go see a movie so he drove. It was pouring, like, pouring, and I couldn’t even see the cars in front of us. He was accelerating aggressively and following the tail too! I silently asked him to slow down but he got angry and while he was asking him to slow down he was furious! To the point where I had to ask him to take me home before he killed us both on that road! They yelled and yelled at me all the way home and yet it wasn’t my fault. It was very clear to me that the aggression had come directly from the binge at the restaurant.

Another good one is my temporary neighbor at the moment. In the common area there is a pond that we have been keeping together to pass the time and have a laugh. It’s a pond that he’s been maintaining for the past few years, but he needed a helping hand. I too am a pond specialist after owning one a few years ago! It never smelled like garlic, but one day it really did and I could barely stand next to it! I asked him if he had eaten garlic and he said yes. Well the next morning he was at the pond and he came down looking frantic and stressed and I asked him what was wrong. He was thinking that the fish were going to die, he told me that he had been crying all night worrying about them. I was amazed to say the least! But I knew where this was coming from. Garlic! Any other day it was nice, cool, calm, happy, etc. There are no signs of anxiety at all. It happened again, and the same thing, he was stressed and worried about the pond for no reason, trying to blame others for the state of the pond, and once again he had eaten garlic! If you watch people as much as I do, you can tell the difference in reaction levels and general state of mind.

I was also visiting Greece recently and managed to convert my aunt and mother not to use garlic and onion. Since then neither of us has touched it and I get along better than ever with my mother. She has lowered her guard, she is more understanding, she no longer raises her voice or gets angry or frustrated, now she is calm and it is very easy to get along with her. A big difference. She literally used to pickle garlic cloves and eat them every day in the past!

I should mention that there are other foods that aggravate or heat the blood, but Alliums are the most potent. The harmful effects outweigh the benefits. The “benefits” are simply the effects of the poisonous chemicals, either killing/poisoning things in your body/blood or superheating the blood. There are many other beneficial foods that prevent flu, colds and cancer, just like any food rich in vitamin C. They don’t have to kill brain cells!

I myself have not even come close to getting sick since I stopped eating garlic and onion in early 2015. I see absolutely no difference in my health except for benefits ONLY.

And that brings this article to an end.

Try the 3-day trial, but it’s not easy. Almost EVERYTHING you buy that is pre-prepared, all kinds of sauces, salad dressings, canned goods, broth, mustards, lunch meats, sausages, most restaurant foods all contain some form of garlic or onion for flavor . It is not easy to cook without them, but it is quite possible to create tasty food! Just add everything else you would normally add except Alliums or anything containing alliums! You can barely tell any difference in taste and you benefit from avoiding them.

Good luck!

You can operate your business as a sole proprietor, like 70% of American businesses. However, if the business turns out to be terrific and you begin to earn a lot of cash, then it may be worth incorporating it, as a method of reducing your taxes and protecting profits.

You may be implementing a growth strategy that requires you to take on additional investors, or perhaps implementing your exit strategy, with a plan to sell your business, perhaps to employees through an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP). ). Either scenario may cause your accountant or business lawyer to recommend that you establish a separate legal entity and the preferred strategy might be to incorporate it.

What does that mean in practical terms? For a Solopreneur consultant or small business owner, incorporation typically means establishing an S Corporation. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is another frequently used legal business entity and there are certain similarities between the two.

Both LLCs and S corporations provide business owners with a degree of protection against lawsuits and creditors. However, if there is negligence, the “corporate veil” of protection will be torn and the owners will be liable for any damages.

Second, there are certain similarities in the way taxes are handled. LLCs and S Corporations, unlike the more common C Corporations, allow a “passthrough” of business profits or losses to the owner’s Personal Tax Form 1040 (the S Corporation shareholders) based on ownership interest. property. There is no separate (double) taxation, as is the case with C Corporations. Both S Corporation and LLC owners can deduct pre-tax business expenses such as advertising, professional services, travel, etc. S Corp owners will file Form 1040 Schedule E and Form 1120S in addition to the usual state and federal tax forms.

However, there are a couple of differences that affect the treatment of taxes. Unlike the LLC and like the C Corporation, the owners of the S Corporation pay themselves a salary (which should be considered reasonable based on industry standards and business income) and receive dividends (distributions) from the additional earnings earned. Dividends are taxed at a lower rate than the salary payment and that is one of the reasons why S Corporation tax rates may be lower.

Another difference has to do with taxes on self-employment. Says Diane Kennedy, a Phoenix, AZ-based CPA and author of “Loopholes of the Rich: How the Rich Legally Make More Money and Pay Less Tax” (2001), “If you have a Subchapter S Corporation and you put yourself on the payroll as A W-2 employee, by withholding taxes from each paycheck as they withdraw money from the corporation, can often save a significant amount of money in self-employment taxes.” Sole proprietors and LLC owners must pay self-employment taxes.

Owners can sell, transfer or give away their shares, something LLC owners cannot do. There can be no more than 100 shareholders/owners of S Corporation, but family members who own shares are treated as one shareholder when counting. Other corporations, subchapter C or S, continue in perpetuity unless formally dissolved. Death does not automatically dissolve a corporation, while LLCs terminate if an owner retires, resigns, dies, or goes bankrupt, but they can be reformed if desired.

On the downside, S corporations have stricter guidelines than LLCs. Owners must be US citizens or reside in the US There can only be one class of shares and, depending on the state in which it was incorporated, there may be additional state taxes. Businesses that earn 25% or more of gross receipts from passive income (eg, rental income) and those that earn 95% or more of gross receipts from exports cannot form an S Corporation.

S corporation owners must also hold annual board and shareholder meetings and take minutes. Additionally, owners must strictly separate their personal and corporate bank accounts. Failure to comply with all requirements may result in loss of S Corporation status and the IRS is investigating.

So which legal entity is best for your organization? Throughout the life of your business, it is wise to look at your plans for the future in terms of revenue, growth, exit strategy, and taxes, and institute the legal structure that will enhance your position.

Thank you for reading,


Technology has given us the privilege of buying things by staying only in our homes. There is no need to prepare and go to the market and search for the products you want to buy. It doesn’t matter what you want to buy because everything is available online today. You just have to open the right website and choose the right product. If you are looking to install a modern kitchen cabinet, all you need to do is search online and find the right companies that make ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets.

There is a huge advantage to buying RTA kitchen cabinets instead of buying the lumber and hiring a carpenter to make the cabinets. You can easily find a wide variety of RTA cabinets online. I would also like to mention that people who are not confident in buying things online should take a look at RTA cabinets. The companies have uploaded all the pictures and details on the website, so as to skip any questions that may arise in the minds of the customers. This is the most they can do to build a level of trust among customers.

There is no need to be skeptical about buying things online. Millions of people buy things on the Internet and most are satisfied with the quality of products and services. In addition, it is now possible to view 3D images of the products to get a better idea. Before buying kitchen cabinets, it is very important to consider a few factors such as wallpapers, tiles, and color schemes that you want to have in the kitchen. This will help you choose the right type of combination for your kitchen. On the Internet you will find a wide variety, which is impossible for you to see while wandering the market.

The range is limited in the market, while on the Internet it becomes 10 or 20 times higher. I want you to consider Internet stores before making final decisions. You will find many short videos of the products that their manufacturers publish. The reason behind posting the videos is to give you the feeling of that moment when you ask the seller something about the product. Whether you buy it online or at a local store, be sure to shop for RTA cabinets to save money on hiring the carpenter.

In RTA kitchen cabinets, there is no need to hire a carpenter because an instruction manual will always be given to you, which is enough to guide you through the installation process. When buying the kitchen cabinets, it is necessary that you buy the matching accessories for each unit. This will enhance the beauty of the cabinets and later the kitchen as well. The price of kitchen furniture will depend on the size of the kitchen you have. If you want to buy a cabinet that can last longer, then you must buy a quality product.

It is important that you ask about the offers of the company from which you have chosen to buy the cabinets. If you are shopping for kitchen cabinets, you can get the kitchen accessories at a reduced price. Or, you can ask the company if they can send someone to your house to install the cabinets. Companies will do anything to retain customers because the competition is so high. If you have decided on the type of kitchen cabinets you want to install in your kitchen, then it is time to find the kitchen accessories that can perfectly match the cabinets.

Have you decided to join the online marketing craze, but are cautiously optimistic since you find yourself completely illiterate with computers? While it may take longer to achieve your goals online, it is possible to achieve and exceed them.

Know what you are getting into

Many people who choose to start marketing online, think they can give it a try and see how it goes. To be perfectly honest with you, that’s not going to work. With so much competition online these days, you’ll need to make a solid commitment to work hard at this.

This involves researching and preparing for the Internet marketing challenge. Online marketing really is the perfect example of “on the job” training. You can test your market and then make the corresponding changes.

don’t get overwhelmed

This may sound a lot easier than it really is, but it’s completely true. If you get nervous about what you don’t know instead of concentrating on what you do, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Take your strengths and experiences from other areas of your life and grow from there. Real world experience has a huge impact on internet marketing. So use those strengths and put them to good use.

allow yourself to fail

The vast majority of online marketing newbies start their marketing effort under the assumption that they have to get everything right the first time. Could not be farther from the truth. When you work online, you have to be willing to fail before you can succeed. Too many people sit on the sidelines and don’t even get into the game because they are too afraid of failing. Trial and error is your friend online.

find a mentor

The fastest way to speed up your learning curve is to find someone to help you who has already achieved success. I said “Help”, not “Do it for yourself”. There is a big difference. If someone else does the work for you, you will never learn to do it yourself. Besides, who’s going to do all this work for you when he could do it himself? You are looking for a guide, not a 1-2-3 success maker.

Since the revelation of the Pyramid Chronograph, we knew 35 years ago that the Great Pyramid was erected during the last quarter of the 27th century BC. C., and the work began in 2623 a. in error regarding the time of the construction of the Great Pyramid and the reign of Khufu (Cheop), which they considered to have occurred at a much earlier date. This was many years before the science of determining the chronology of radioactivity was discovered in 1945, but when the new scientific test (c-14) was applied to the wood of the great Khufu ship (discovered at the base of the Great Pyramid in 1954), the revealed date was 2600 BC

This truly grand result was a great thrill to pyramidologists, as the precise date of 2600 BC turns out to be the same year as Khufu’s death according to the Great Pyramid Chronograph. In the early years of the previous century, Egyptologists were some hundreds of years in the wrong on this matter, however this does not discredit them as, under the circumstances, they did the best they could with the very limited information available at that time. moment.

On the other hand, no credit is due to us pyramidologists who simply read what the Great Pyramid Chronograph has recorded. All credit goes to the great Designer of the Great Pyramid, the Great Architect of the Universe. So, today, there is no longer conflict with Egyptologists, but rather coordination with them, regarding the chronology of that remote period.

On the other hand, until very recently, most of the leading recognized authorities in Egyptology and Biblical archeology placed the Exodus in the 13th century BC. The Pyramid Chronograph, on the other hand, gives a date in the 15th century BC. C., that is, 1435 a. But the vast amount of extremely important information uncovered by the excavations at Hazor has revolutionized the authorities’ ideas about the date of the Exodus, which I now admit to be in the mid-15th century BC, as recorded long ago by the Chronograph of the Pyramid, even though the Great Pyramid was built over 1,000 years before the Exodus occurred.

Also, since the beginning of this century, the leading authorities on New Testament chronology have given the date AD 29 or 30. as that of the crucifixion of Christ, but ultimately, in light of current knowledge, those dates are being abandoned in favor of AD 33, the date revealed by the Pyramid Chronograph for that event, as stated by leading pyramidologists for more than half a century. All this is all the more wonderful in view of the fact that the Great Pyramid was built more than 2,600 years before Christ lived on Earth! No purely human power could have anticipated this with such perfect precision so many centuries before.

Even the time of the celestial phenomenon that is astronomically set by the entire Great Pyramid chronograph was determined from the Pyramid itself many years before the science of astronomy had advanced sufficiently to allow astronomers to do so on purely astronomical grounds. . Said phenomenon was the simultaneous alignment of a Draconis (the Star of the Dragon) with the orifice of the Entrance Passage of the Pyramid and the Pleiades (in Taurus) with the only “Marked Lines” in that Passage. Well, over 100 years ago, Sir John Herschel put the date of that stellar alignment at 2160 B.C. C., (+-) 30 years, that is, between 2190 a. C. and 2130 a. salute for fixing the dating of the Pyramid Chronograph.

Later Professor RA Proctor of Cambridge recalculated the matter and arrived at the date of 2140 BC. C. Prof. C. Piazzi Smyth of Edinburgh, having verified Proctor’s figures, commented: “To which I can only say, for the reasons stated…very likely.” It was not until 1938, however, that the leading British astronomical authorities were able to definitively state that the actual date was 2141 BC. C. in total agreement with the dating of the Great Pyramid given more than 4,500 years ago, being registered then almost 500 years before said date. An astronomical phenomenon even occurred. The exact time was the vernal equinox of 2141 BC.

So today the big bottom line is that a generation ago the consensus of opinion of all the leading authorities in Egyptology, Chronology and Biblical Archeology was that all the dates we gave from the Great Pyramid Chronograph for events in the ancient past were all they are wrong, but today no leading authority would contradict a single date as revealed by the Pyramid Chronograph. While they now fully agree with us in principle, these authorities would not even now attempt to give the precise years of most of those events, however, from the Pyramid, we can and have established the exact dates in each case, because The Great Pyramid Chronograph is a breakthrough in modern research.

It will be interesting for pyramidologists now to sit back and watch Egyptologists and archaeologists, for years to come, struggling in their research to reach absolute chronology and, ultimately, arrive at these very dates revealed by the Great Pyramids Chronograph. Due to the current rapid progress of scientific research, this happy result will undoubtedly be achieved in the not too distant future.