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“This is my first trip to Costa Rica and I was eaten alive.” How many times have I heard this statement? There may be more species of insects in Costa Rica than anywhere on the planet, but they are not much of a problem for those who live here over time. You may see a “gringo” who has just arrived covered in bite marks, but you rarely see a Tico (Costa Rican) with bite marks. Even a gringo who lives here over time seems much less bitten. Perhaps it is the onion and garlic that is found in most dishes.

Anyway, “did something bite me last night?” I will mention the most common teethers that cause itching. These are the little black ants that are about 1/2 centimeter long, the large mosquitoes and especially the small ones, and the purrujas or no-see-ums.

The little black ants are everywhere, on the walls, the plants, on the lot you may be looking to buy. Caveat! Never stand in the same spot in a lot or on a road. When you look down, you can see a swarm of ants crawling across your feet. Suddenly you panic, try to sweep them away and too late, they all seem to bite you at the same time. Sometimes spraying with a water hose will get them out quicker, but don’t expect some to bite you. Same thing with your hands: touch a plant and you can expect to find your hands harboring some ants. Now, if they do bite, try not to scratch it or the itching will drive you crazy. Sometimes I have found that applying a bit of red soil near where the ant bit you takes away the itching right away. You may need to moisten the soil to apply it. A veterinary cream called Panalog can also eliminate the itch. Otherwise, it will itch, you will feel the urge to scratch until it stops, and then the itch will come back hours later. This scenario can occur over several days.

There are a number of other biting ants. One is very small, yellowish, and appears almost transparent. I think it’s from the fire ant family. It feels like a pin point that keeps stinging/stinging for an hour or so. This is the ant that the Ticos most like to avoid. Another ant is the leaf cutter ant. Don’t let these bite you. They will draw blood and latch on with a strong death grip. This is a female to watch out for. All the males that mated with the queen are dead. Finally, army ants are said to bite. It’s best not to get in their way and let them clean up dead bugs and ant eggs. Costa Rica has many species of ants; I’m just highlighting the most common teethers.

Next on my list are Purrujas, no-see-ums, or sand fleas. These little ones are found along beaches, coastal roads, or near mangroves. They like to come out at dusk and may stay all night until the heat of the day chases them into hiding. Once you find yourself in an area with no visibility, you can be bitten mercilessly. Itching plan for about three days. Sulfur powder sprinkled on clothing or ankles helps deter these invisible ones from biting. Also, if you know you’re going to a seaside hotel or restaurant, always wear long pants and long sleeves. Again, panalog can determine them or stop the itching once they bite you.

Last on my list are the mosquitoes: the very small and aggressive ones called Sancudos, the normal mosquitoes and the ones that carry diseases like malaria and dengue fever. However, because Costa Rica has a fairly well-balanced ecosystem that isn’t totally messed up by chemicals, bats, snakes, frogs, praying mantises, and birds do a remarkable job of containing mosquito populations. For example, a small bat can catch and eat 600 mosquitoes per hour. Yes! Once again, the garlic may be the reason that the Ticos and those who live here for a long time rarely get minced.

Whether you’re renting, housekeeping, or just visiting, there are several remedies that help with itchiness or prevent bites in the first place. To prevent in the first place, keep the lights off as much as possible, sprinkle your clothes with sulfur powder or pyrethrum, or avoid restaurants or hotels near the beach. Find a rental in Costa Rica away from the beach. Other solutions include the application of cedarwood oil, rubbing alcohol, rosemary oil, Mexican vanilla, citronella oil, Avon’s “Oh So Sweet,” and cactus juice lotion.

You have been bitten and now you want to stop the itching. With your fingernail, draw a line across the bite and cross that line with another line that intersects the first. If that doesn’t work, add more lines creating a lattice pattern. Solutions that might help include: rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, aloe vera gel, lemon juice, lavender oil, a baking soda paste, or sticky toothpaste.

Whether you are of Czech descent or simply interested in Czech culture, you’ll be happy to know that there are several vibrant Czech communities spread across the United States. Here is a list of the ten communities with festivals that celebrate Czech culture…

Throughout the United States, there are numerous communities where people of Czech descent have settled for decades. Many of these communities celebrate this heritage with an annual festival that brings together people who enjoy music, food, and cultural traditions.

Each of the listed communities has an annual festival, with most lasting two or three days and taking place over a weekend. You can find more details about each festival on our website.

Here are our ten favorites:

Tabor, South Dakota: Usually held on the third weekend of June, this festival often draws 10,000 people, dwarfing the city itself. Tabor has a population of around 500.

Wilber, Nebraska: This central Nebraska community, not far from Lincoln, has an authentic cultural shopping district on its main downtown street. It was named the Czech capital of the US in 1987. The celebration usually takes place the last weekend of July or the beginning of August.

Victoria, Texas: About 45 minutes north of Corpus Christi, Victoria is a great little Texas town that celebrates both barbecue and its heritage.

West, Texas: Held in early September, this weekend celebration attracts more than 25,000 visitors and has been held continuously since 1976.

Wilson, Kan. Held the last weekend of July, you’ll find an authentic beer garden, beauty pageant, and lots of authentic food in this small central Kansas community.

Yukon, Oklahoma: This is a kind of Oktoberfest and it takes place on the first Saturday of October. Food, drink, music and entertainment abound.

Clarkson, Nebraska: This northeast Nebraska community hosts its annual heritage festival in late June. It is a three-day event that attracts visitors from several neighboring states.

St. Louis, MO: Held in April, this spring festival features cooking demonstrations, fashion shows, and hearty dining.

Lincoln, Nebraska: One of the most active heritage communities and the capital of Nebraska, this vibrant little town hosts a spring festival with an emphasis on music, crafts and authentic food.

Taborville, Ohio: Taborville is about 25 miles east of Cleveland. They hold a one day celebration usually on a Sunday in July.

The largest Czech communities in the United States are in central Texas, Nebraska, and the Chicago metropolitan area. The western suburbs near Chicago have some of the best Czech restaurants in the country, with authentic food, drink, and decor.

If we had to name our favorite Czech restaurant, it would be the historic Bohemian Cafe in Omaha, Nebraska, just south of downtown. In operation since the 1920’s, it doesn’t get more authentic than this! The portions are lovingly prepared, generous and inexpensive. If you’re visiting Omaha, this is a great place for lunch or dinner.

Here are some leasing rules that will make your leasing experience more enjoyable and profitable.

RULE #1. Acquire Your Tenant – The first step to making property management easy for you is choosing the right tenant. That means selecting a tenant who loves their place and not just because a loving tenant is a stable long-term tenant. You say ‘How do I know if someone loves my property?’ Simply put, you can see it in their eyes. Usually, after showing the property, the love prospect will say “What do I have to do now?” and you will have a deposit waiting. If you walk out of your place saying “I still have a couple places to see it,” that usually means the prospect is making a safe exit, making sure the door doesn’t hit their butt on the way out. Make sure your deposit is in secured funds like cash, money order, or cashier’s check if the move is quick. The check is fine as long as it’s about 10 days before you move in or you’ve verified the account in person, as a check can turn bad several days later due to a bounced check or stop payment.

RULE# 2.-The Lease- A valuable piece of documentation is the lease. Set house rules, when rent payments are due, length of lease, what happens if things go wrong or the tenant defaults. This is valuable if you have to go to court.

Rental agreements cannot be created by you, they must be created by an attorney. The specifics of the lease must be consistent with state landlord-tenant laws. You can purchase a legally approved agreement and add items to the riders section if needed.

RULE#3. Rental Payments: Rental payments must be made by check or money order. Why do you ask? Create a trail in case you need it in court to prove rent payments were or were not made. If you make this your rule, then it’s hard for a tenant to dispute that rent was paid when it wasn’t. The tenant would also not be able to say that his roommate stole the cash or something similar. I always give a receipt when I collect the rent. You can also make payments convenient for tenants by allowing them to make bank deposits. Simply make deposit forms several months in advance with your bank account number on each one.

Late payments should require a penalty after a grace period. The grace period is usually 3 or 5 days. After the grace period, charge a percentage of the rent or set a flat rate. Usually the load is 5 or 10%. You have to make them feel a bit responsible for paying rent.

Partial payments can cost you. Once you accept a partial payment, you are giving the tenant permission to stay and possibly lose the month’s balance by law. Partial payments must be accompanied by a receipt indicating the remaining balance and when it is due.

RULE #4. Security: A one month security is generally held to compensate the landlord in the event of any destruction to the rental unit. According to Florida law, that money must be deposited in a bank account and the tenant must be given the bank that holds it and also indicate if there is an interest account, who receives the interest and approve it with the tenant.

Security should not be used to rent. It is your only leverage tool to stay by your side. Once it is allowed to be used as a back rent payment, the tenant could do anything to your premises and you have no compensation. The tenant can after using it say they changed their mind about moving out. That leverage would be gone permanently.

RULE #5. Maintenance – Remember that a happy tenant is a long-term tenant. That means when he calls, you answer pretty quickly. By doing so, you protect yourself from having excuses not to pay your rent. If there are excuses, they will surely surface when it comes to collecting rent.

Have your team of maintenance professionals on hand. If you’re on a low budget, hopefully you’ll have some handyman skills. If not, try to get a talented handyman. You will specifically need an electrician, a plumber, a general handyman and a landscaper on your list. Electrical and plumbing work is such a specific skill set that it needs specialists. A handyman can perform a variety of tasks such as masonry, carpentry, and even roofing.

Organize a time to do the work. Notify 24 hours in advance of the work to be done. As long as you stick to the schedule, the tenant can’t complain that you’re not serious about repairs.

Maintenance does not mean room service for everything that is “broken”. Replacing light bulbs shouldn’t be part of your maintenance, except when you move out. Tenants need to learn this early on, otherwise you will have an insane number of repair calls.

RULE #6. Tenant Evictions – Unfortunately, sometimes a tenant has to be evicted from the property. Perhaps this happened as a result of nonpayment of rent or misconduct that violates the lease.

For nonpayment of rent, this requires a 3 day notice to vacate in Florida. Other lease violations require a 5-day notice. The notice must be delivered in person or posted on the door if it is not there and a copy left in the mailbox. I tend to take a snapshot hanging on the door with a timestamp. After the 3 or 5 days, it is up to you, the landlord, to file a complaint with the clerk of court and carry out the eviction. Remember that the 3 or 5 days do not include holidays or weekends.

Remember that eviction is the last resort, communication must be used first. Eviction means that communication has broken down and the relationship cannot be repaired. If you fall behind on rent, ask why. Are there any work-related problems? Does the tenant have a plan to solve the problem? If it is a behavioral problem, can the tenant stop his behavior?

Eviction can be a long process. It can take months in some states or as little as 2 weeks in Florida, which is homeowner friendly. You, as the landlord, can lose a month’s rent plus eviction costs, but if you are not contacted, then by all means go ahead with the eviction. Several tenants are betting on their delay and that delay usually costs the landlord a few months of rent.

Utah real estate agents continue to adapt to an ever-changing market. For many years, Utah has been unique for its great western location without the sky-high prices of neighboring states like California. In fact, having a cheaper cost of living than California has given Utah a special economic advantage. Unfortunately, Utah is also struggling with some of the same problems as the golden state, such as overcrowding and rising home prices. However, Utah is currently seeking a low unemployment rate of 3.2% for 2017 and part of 2018.

How is overpopulation affecting Utah? Well, not having enough housing leads to higher demand, and there is a real danger of overbuilding reaching the mountain and lake areas, which would mean that the number of people looking for housing would have exceeded the amount of available space. While this may be good news in the short term for Utah realtors, it may not sit well with the state as a whole in the big picture.

If people who live in Salt Lake City, Utah’s capital and largest city, are forced to move farther afield, it could also be treacherous for the local economy. Salt Lake City homes are already seeing big differences: Homes are selling for as little as $200,000 or more than a million. Salt Lake City real estate agents may need to focus on accommodating the number of people living in the area. One thing they can do is perhaps focus on building more multifamily units, although this is a problem that Utah realtors may not be able to solve on their own.

A perennial problem in Utah and across the country seems to be the rising cost of living. Homes for sale in Salt Lake City, as well as rental units throughout the state, are experiencing higher price than ever. Meanwhile, with unemployment low, wages are stagnant. This presents a problem when homes for sale in Salt Lake City exceed the income of the average worker and people start moving further afield. If this issue becomes too extreme, Salt Lake City real estate agents and Utah real estate agents in general will have their work cut out for them.

Unfortunately, experts are not predicting a reversal of these trends any time soon. In fact, homes for sale in Salt Lake will likely continue to get more expensive. How the salary situation will change is also debatable with no clear end in sight. Technological changes will certainly have an effect on things; for example, the Internet has become increasingly popular over the past two decades, and in more recent years, smartphones have taken the industry by storm.

Now, when you’re looking for an apartment or a house, you can go to Craigslist or just Google, “Salt Lake City homes for sale” or “homes for sale slc” and find real homes for sale in Salt Lake City right there on the internet. Or you can type “Utah real estate agents” and be connected to someone directly. The possibilities are endless.

Ultimately, the situation will go where the economy takes it, and a lot of this depends on the government and the decisions it makes. However, the Salt Lake City housing market will likely remain high. People will continue to search online for “homes for sale slc” hoping to find some affordable Salt Lake homes for sale.

However, with the increase in the population in the last two decades, the cost of living is increasing in large part due to the cost of housing. And if real estate continues to rise, both Utah real estate agents and brokers may find themselves in the crosshairs if they face another explosive market cycle.

Trying to avoid the credit check when searching for apartments in Delaware? Even if Delaware is the second smallest state in the United States, there are plenty of options you can find here when it comes to apartments. Since this is a small state, there is a higher chance that you will be able to find apartments that you can rent even if your credit is not too expensive. You may want to seriously consider living here because of all the beauty of this place. It is in the northeastern part of the Delmarva Peninsula, so bodies of water surround Delaware.

What should you do if you have a bad credit history and want to move to a new apartment? All it takes is choosing the right one among all the apartments in Delaware. Choose which of the three Delaware counties you would like to stay in, namely New Castle, Kent and Sussex.

The first thing you should do is take a close look at your credit report before looking at available apartments in Delaware. This can be requested from the bank. Review the report and see if there are any flaws you can fix so you can improve your credit score.

If you could improve your credit score, it would be easier for you to find an apartment. The five most progressive places in Delaware are Greenville, Henlopen Acres, Fenwick Island, and Arden Town. However, you should be prepared to pay more expensive rent. For more affordable rental rates, check out places like Woodside, Millville, Townsend, or Farmington.

In order to achieve your goal of getting a new apartment despite your unimpressive credit history, you should look for apartments that are managed by a single owner instead of large corporations. These apartments are more common in places like Frankford, Magnolia and Greenwood. Individuals would be easier to deal with than companies that have strict regulations and processes.

For bad credit, it would be helpful if you provided a letter of explanation that you can present to the landlord. Keep in mind that owners are also people who are just trying to run their business smoothly. Once you can give them the assurance that you can handle the monthly rent, you may be able to move into a new apartment.

Searching for available apartments in Delaware over the Internet is a much more convenient way to gather enough information. This will allow you to save a lot of time, effort and money. Check out the listings on various websites and you can even see photos of available apartments.

Many homeowners have questions about how foreclosure works and how long they have between when they miss a payment and when the bank actually forecloses. If you’re wondering how much time you have before you have to leave, it depends on whether your case will be handled in a judicial foreclosure or a non-judicial foreclosure. Most states allow both, but some states only allow one or the other, so you’ll have to do some research to find out which one is yours for sure, but yours most likely won’t be judicial because it moves faster and costs less to the lender.

All foreclosures

– You do not make your first payment (for example, we will say that this is your payment for July and it was due on July 1).

– Your grace period expires (usually 15 days) and you have not paid. Your lender now considers your late payment. It is not uncommon to start receiving letters or phone calls from them at this time. Don’t ignore these phone calls.

– At most lenders, once you are 60 days past due (September 2 in our case), your loan is considered delinquent and the lender can initiate judicial or extrajudicial foreclosure proceedings. To bring your current loan to this point, you’ll typically need to pay all amounts past due (your July and August payments), all late fees, and your September payment.

This is where lenders have the most flexibility in the process.. They are not required to enter the foreclosure process simply because it is a certain number of days overdue. If you are in communication with them and have made a plan to get back on track, you can avoid foreclosure altogether, but you must take action.

Judicial Executions

– Your lender’s attorney will file a complaint with your county court and request a hearing date. This usually doesn’t happen until you are more than 90 days late.

– You will be given a notice of this complaint.

– A hearing will be held in your county to determine the sufficiency of the complaint. If you think you have legal grounds to contest foreclosure, this is where you and your attorney would argue those grounds. At the end of this hearing, the judge will decide if the complaint is sufficient or not. If so, the foreclosure sale will be scheduled and your credit history will be marked as in foreclosure. If it is not enough, the judge will dismiss it. The duration of all this depends on the courts in your area. Usually it takes about 30-60 days.

– A date will be set for the redemption of the property if the laws of your state stipulate it. You can still bring your loan (including fees, etc.) up to date of redemption. Even if the house has been sold and someone has moved in, if the redemption date hasn’t passed, you can still get your house back…if you can get enough money.

– A date will be set for the foreclosure auction. This usually happens between 30 and 45 days after the sufficiency hearing.

*** A judicial foreclosure typically takes between 6 months and 2 years from start to finish. ***

Nonjudicial Foreclosures

– Your lender will send you a Notice of Default in the mail.

– Your lender will send you a Notice of Sale to let you know when your home will be sold at the foreclosure auction.

*** A non-judicial foreclosure typically takes between 1 month and 1 year to complete. ***

All foreclosures

– The foreclosure sale occurs and your home is sold. In about 90-95% of cases, your first mortgage owner wins the auction because he bid the amount you owe on that loan, and usually no one else will go higher than that.

Your landlord then contacts the county sheriff, who places an eviction notice on your door. This notice gives you 24 to 72 hours to leave the house and remove all belongings from it. If he is there when the sheriff returns, he will escort you off the premises and anything left on the property will belong to the new owner.

When one is laying tile on a bathroom floor, experts will always tell consumers to fill the spaces between the tiles with grout so that the seal is secure and does not allow moisture to seep into the floor. If moisture seeps between the tiles, it opens up the possibility of mold growing under the floor. It is important to put something between the tiles to create a seal, however there are alternatives to using grout. It’s just a matter of deciding what works best for the consumer, taking expense, aesthetics, and efficiency into account. All of these options can be done by taking a “do it yourself” approach instead of hiring professionals if the consumer wishes.

The first alternative is grouting with sand. It is cement based and is most commonly used for intermediate tile and stone. Buy a package of sanded grout from Ace Hardware Outlet for $6 per 7-pound package. It is a commonly absorbent product and must be sealed to protect the product from stains and dirt. It is very simple to apply and a great option for those unfamiliar with the process. Since the price is so affordable, it makes it much easier to pay the right amount and fix mistakes.

Another alternative is an epoxy-based one. The advantage of using this type is that it is resistant to stains and mildew. While this can be applied by oneself, it is quite difficult as there are several components in the mix that need to be combined and mixed just prior to application. After mixing, there is only a small window of time to apply the epoxy-based grout to the area. If this is your first time applying this type, it is suggested to hire an experienced contractor to do the job. However, if one is interested in taking on the project, this guy can be found at The Home Depot for $31 a pack.

These options are great alternatives to using standard grout materials. Both options are affordable and will keep any bathroom safe from stains, mold, grime, and fungus that could build up on the floor. Consumers looking to upgrade their bathroom should look for alternatives to grout to save money and time during their upgrades. These alternatives will give consumers the same benefits of traditional grout without having to spend time outlining each individual tile on their own. Once finished, the consumer will be pleasantly surprised with its results!

If you’re looking for a roommate and you’ve placed ads on roommate listings, regardless of whether those listings are free or paid, you’re likely to get a response from a person claiming to be interested in being your roommate. This person will have no interest in being your roommate. The only interest is to scam you and steal your money. Reality: Roommate scams are rampant on roommate lists. Familiarizing yourself with these roommate scams is your first protection against theft and fraud. If you don’t know what a roommate scam is or what it sounds like or looks like, educate yourself quickly before you become a victim. If you become a victim of a roommate scam, you should immediately contact your local authorities and possibly the FBI.

This is what a roommate scam email looks like:


I saw your ad on (roommate listing).com I am looking to rent a room or find a roommate who is nice and honest. My name is Denise and I am 29 years old. former runner currently living in London with my uncle. I am an honest, reliable and caring person who enjoys making good friends and having a good time.

I plan to come to the United States to work at a new brokerage firm with an 8-month contract. I just want to confirm rent, utilities and if there is any deposit. What is the amount to move in total? I can pay you 2 months rent and I would like to move right now. I will have my associate in the US send you a cashier’s check for 2 months’ pay.

Please send me your full details where you would like the payment to be mailed

Postal Code
Phone number

Thank you and I will be waiting for your information to proceed with the payment!



This is a clear example of a roommate scam. There are other similar roommate scams where people claim to be from Canada, UK, Nigeria, Australia, Sweden, etc. Ways to quickly spot a roommate scam are as follows:

1. The person is a foreigner

2. They state that they are moving to the US for work, studies, or a modeling contract.

3. They usually only give their name and if you respond with an email asking for their full name, address and email, they sometimes refuse to give it to you.

4. They want to send you your “last paycheck” from your current employer and deposit the check into your bank account as payment for the rent deposit.

5. They ask you to cash the check, money order, or cashier’s check (usually more than the rent deposit amount) into your bank account or open an account at a different bank of your choice. Once the check is deposited into your account, they will ask you to deduct a portion of the money to cover the rent and ask you to withdraw the excess portion to transfer it back to them. They will explain that they need the extra money wired to buy “a plane ticket” and/or “pay for moving expenses.” These checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks are counterfeit. The “excess potion” you withdraw from the back is how they make their money. In many cases, once the bank realizes these checks are fake, they will come after YOU for the money.

6. Offer to “an associate” or “sponsor” they know in the US to send you a check, cashier’s check, or money order to deposit in your bank for rent deposit (again the check, money order and cashier’s checks are fake!).

7. They ask for your personal information such as full name, address, phone number, personal email account and bank where you will deposit the checks. Sometimes they insist on a particular bank for you to deposit their fake checks.

8. Their emails assume that you have chosen them to be your roommate and will ask you to remove their ad from the roommate list.

9. You receive similar emails that sound almost identical, but with different names and job titles.

10. If you ask them for information such as your current address, scans/fax copies of your passport, visas and employment contracts, they will refuse to give you the information and make BS excuses why they cannot.

11. If you contact these roommate scammers by email or phone (at first unaware that you are about to be scammed) and ask for a little more time to investigate or explain that you are interviewing other people, you will be they will become obnoxious and impatient. and they bombard you with constant emails, instant messages and phone calls.

When responding to emails about roommate listings, always make sure to verify as much information about the other person as possible. Ask questions and don’t be shy about it. Remember, you are essentially moving a stranger into your house or apartment. Therefore, you have every right to protect yourself and ask questions. Trust your instincts and pay attention to red flags if you think you’ve received an email that appears to be a roommate scam. If you no longer feel comfortable communicating with someone you suspect is trying to scam you, stop all communication and report the incident to the FBI. You can do this by visiting the FBI website and looking for scam links on the Internet.

Understanding and recognizing roommate scams is the first step in protecting yourself while looking for a roommate. Information is power! The more informed you are about roommate scams, the easier, safer, and faster it will be to find the perfect roommate for you!

Happy roommate searching!

Those who have served in the United States military, either currently or in the past, are eligible to apply for a VA loan for their primary residence. VA loans make home ownership more affordable for service people. To acquire this type of loan, veterans must comply with the due process of application.

What is a VA loan?

A VA home loan is a program offered by the federal Department of Veterans Affairs for those who have served in the military or are currently serving. Although they do not provide the money for these loans, they do guarantee loans made by private lenders. This guarantee makes it possible for veterans to purchase a home with no down payment and negotiate mortgages at lower rates. It can also be used to refinance a property that was purchased under the VA program. Veterans home loans under the VA program can also be used to purchase properties specially adapted for veterans who have service-connected disabilities. The program can also help Native American veterans purchase property on tribal land.

Your Certificate of Eligibility

If the duty person is currently serving in the military, the applicant should go to their commander, staff office, or aide to obtain a Declaration of Service showing the applicant’s name, social security number, date of birth, date of entry into active duty, the length of time lost, and the name of the commander. Eligibility is based on length of service for both active duty and reservists. Veterans who are no longer in service must have their Service Record. Approval is contingent upon honorable discharge from military service. Once the information is verified, the Department of Veterans Affairs will issue the Certificate.

Select your property

The applicant can then start looking for suitable properties to purchase. Although the VA does not set limits on the amount you can borrow for a primary residence, the program cannot assume responsibility for mortgage amounts in excess of the servicemember’s entitlement. The basic entitlement is set at $36,000, but that’s not the maximum. The upper limit of this loan is determined by the location of the property you intend to purchase and can be several hundred thousand dollars. A loan specialist can help you determine how much you may qualify for.

Contact a VA Loan Specialist

A VA loan specialist can help you in many ways. He or she is a mortgage broker who can find you better interest rates, qualify you even with sketchy credit, and make the whole process much easier.

Apply to your lender

Once you’ve found a suitable home, you’ll apply to a private lender that accepts VA loan guarantees. The service member must provide the Certificate of Eligibility when applying for the loan. The lender may also require a Declaration of Service, which serves as verification of employment in the military. Military veterans may be asked to record retirement benefits or other sources of income.

your credit history

Although your Certificate of Eligibility can help you secure a mortgage, the lender is free to deny the loan if your credit records show payment problems. The veteran should always ensure that past debts are paid on time and in full to ensure a good credit rating. Any issues should be negotiated with the debtor before attempting to obtain a loan. Your VA loan specialist can help you with that.

Approval of your loan

The lender will then notify you of your loan approval with mortgage rate information. You will then be required to be present at the loan closing to sign papers before you can take possession of the property.

Applying for 8A certification is a complicated task, especially if some mandatory requirements are not met. To take a more proactive approach, SBA 8a professionals and 8A certification consultants strongly recommend completing some of the prerequisites before applying for such federal programs. One of the essential and mandatory requirements for small business owners, which they need to fulfill before applying for SBA 8A schemes, is to get personal financial life in order. Such an arrangement will help small business owners file their 8A application in a more systematic, well-organized, and methodical manner. The following steps will guide small business owners on how to conveniently resolve personal financial complications to get the most out of the 8A application.

Pay debts

SBA program applicants must pay all types of federal debt (if any) to maintain a good credit score. Federal debts can include bonds, taxes, student loans, etc. In the event a participant is unable to pay federal debts in full, a formal payment plan must be established with bona fide federal agencies such as the IRS, SBA, or Department of Education. The payment plan must be included in the 8A application before it is submitted.

liability record

Before applying to the SBA program, participants should outline all likely liabilities, including car payments, HELOCs, mortgages, credit card bills, etc. The SBA expects the applicant to maintain an open source platform and disclose as many responsibilities and accounts as possible.

Get a general idea of ​​personal assets.

Keeping a record of all the applicant’s assets before applying for the federal program is an obligation. If an applicant is married and owns an asset with the spouse, they must be listed. It is imperative that you inform the SBA of any and all assets or accounts before applying for 8A certification. It has been noted that clients often forget to mention established online accounts or 401k plans they previously joined, resulting in SBA application rejection.

Submit one document for each account

If a participant has an account for any liability or asset, the appropriate document showing its current value must be presented. The SBA does not accept word of mouth as proof of the existence of any account assets or liabilities. Therefore, proper documentation is necessary to validate the existence of the accounts.

Organize all financial documents

The participant must organize all materials in a binder or binder that can be easily accessed while preparing for the 8A application. The statement can be used, if necessary, to submit the application form to the SBA.

If an applicant does not follow the standard rules and format established by the SBA, the application will likely be denied. Meeting financial obligations and keeping financial health in order is one of the most complicated tasks, one that applicants often fail while trying. If a candidate follows the rules mentioned above, it is very likely that he will be able to sort out his finances and get his SAB application in order.