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Social media marketing is a great way to boost your business and your profits. However, there are many common mistakes people make when engaging in social media marketing.

If you are making any of these mistakes, don’t worry. It is never too late to fix your social marketing and improve it.

Don’t interact with your followers

When your followers comment on something, share or ask a question, don’t wait too long to reply. If you have someone monitoring your social media, ask them to tell you about ongoing conversations and potential areas of engagement.

Not completing your profile completely

Incomplete profiles make your business look sloppy or fake. If you want to be taken seriously, fill out a full profile with a good profile picture, your company logo / banner, and information so you can be contacted offline.

Not focusing on the quality of the follower

Some people make the mistake of focusing on the number of followers rather than quality. You want to worry about finding followers who are potential customers.

Not posting regular and relevant updates

If you’re not actively posting things that resonate with your audience, then you’re not getting any traction. If you plan to be successful with social media marketing, it takes perseverance and patience, not one-shot wonders.

Not choosing your channels wisely

It is not necessary to be on all social networks. Be on the channels that your audience loves and that will work just fine.

Don’t automate some actions

There are many things, like scheduled updates, that you can automate on social media. Make sure to use programming whenever possible, as long as it doesn’t make you look robotic.

Don’t interact personally

Whenever you get the chance, it’s important to make spontaneous updates that are relevant to your business and your goals. This will make you look more real in the eyes of your followers.

Do not personalize messages for the channel

Sending a mass message, using software, to all the social networks to which you have connected, is a big mistake. Most of the time, you will have leads that are on more than one account. If you do this, they will quickly get bored, or worse, get spammed.

Using social media to market your business is a proven technique for getting more customers, making more sales, and increasing your bottom line, but only if you avoid these mistakes. Take one at a time and make the necessary improvements to get on the right track to make your social media marketing profitable for your business.

In essence, medifast is really a low carb diet. I find that a lot of people are a bit surprised by this, myself included. You used to think this was your restrictive, low calorie staple diet, but there is more to it than that. All foods are high in protein and fiber, while relatively low in carbohydrates and sugars. This is the formula that puts your body in fat burning mode and it is a very important part of the equation. The other day someone asked me exactly how much of each part of the equation you take each day you take medifast. I will answer this in the next article.

Sample Medifast menu with daily protein content: Probably the easiest way to clear the point is to go over a typical day on medifast and then figure out the daily content from there.

Below is a sample menu with protein, fiber, sugar, and calorie content (in grams). Keep in mind that every day you will consume five of the smallest prepackaged meals in the diet and will prepare one “lean and green” meal on your own. You have quite a bit of freedom with this and you can make your own decisions. But the company gives you some guidelines. They want you to eat lean meat or vegetable alternatives and they want you to eat three servings of vegetables that are glycemic-friendly.

Food ——————— Proteins ——————- Fiber ——- ———————– Sugar —————– Calories —-

Oats ——————— 11 ———————– 5 — ——————————– 1 —————– ——- 110

Chocolate shake ————- 11 ———————– 3 ——— – ————————- 9 ———————– – 90

Chile ————————- 11 ———————– 5 ———————————– 1 ————- ———– 110

Crunch Bar —————— 12 ———————– 4 —- – —————————— 2 —————— – —– 110

Lean and Green Food ——- This varies, depending on the food you choose .———————-

Cinnamon chips ————– 4 ———————— 1 ——- – ————————— 3 ——————— – –70

As you can see, on this typical day, we consume 49 grams of protein, 18 of fiber, 15 of sugar, and 490 calories. But, we still haven’t figured in our slim and green. There are plenty of options here and as long as you eat a small serving of meat or meat alternate and 3 servings of veggies you’re fine. Some people do this with stir fry. Some will prepare a casserole or a meal in a pot. And some will make a more traditional meal with side dishes. However, no matter how you cut it, they want you to eat 5-7 ounces of meat or its substitute. In general, each ounce will have 7 grams of protein. So if you had a six-ounce serving, you would consume 42 grams. Put this in with the smaller diet meals you’ve already eaten and you have a total of 91.

This is pretty close to diets like South Beach and Atkins, in which many people will aim for around 100. As you can see, you are getting a very generous amount of protein that you should have no problem putting you in fat burning mode. (ketosis). Unless you cheat a lot on your lean, green food and load up on carbs at the time.

It all started with the radio

Broadcasting was originally developed as a means for companies to sell radios. But once commercial entities realized that many households listened to their radios for a significant amount of time every day, they began to explore this medium as a way to get their message across to the masses. If one had to choose a single event that started the broadcasting era, it would probably be the radio show broadcast by the WEAF station in New York City on August 28, 1922. This was a ten minute advertisement for homes of suburban apartments. By Christmas of that year, several New York department stores joined the fray and ran advertisements for their stores.

By the late 1920s, radio advertising had advanced dramatically. It was now dominated by ad agencies that took control of schedules by buying available airtime and selling it to their clients. They also handled the creative aspects of commercials and shows and in fact even created entire series that were designed to sell one product or another. These efforts paved the way for the genesis of television advertising that would begin in a few more decades.

The era of the sole sponsor

Full-time television broadcasting didn’t really take hold until 1948, as it took so long for the United States to recover from the Depression and World War II. At that time, the number of televisions reached the critical mass necessary to be considered a medium that could reach the masses. As television was a totally new phenomenon, meaning that it offered both sound and moving images, the advertising industry moved into this field cautiously, as they were not sure which methods would work best to promote their products. clients on television. In other words, should it be treated as radio advertising but with images or should a completely new approach be taken to reach television audiences in a meaningful and effective way?

After a study and many surveys, advertising agencies determined that the most effective way to reach consumers with a strong message would be to create programs that feature a single product or a product line from a single company. From this concept arose the typical television shows of the 1950s, including titles such as Kraft Television Theater, Colgate Comedy Hour and Coke Time. As with radio, these television programs were produced by advertising agencies for their clients and not by studios, as is common practice today.

This practice worked very well for clients for a while. But as television became more popular and more people were watching, television networks increased the costs of doing business (i.e., more eyes = more dollars spent to reach everyone) and this upward pressure on the cost of delivering a production. on television (plus the increasing costs of creating new content) forced a massive change in the relationship of all parties: advertising agencies, clients / sponsors and television networks. A solution had to be found to keep this powerful advertising medium profitable for sponsors.

Enter the age of concept magazine advertising

NBC executive Sylvester L. “Pat” Weaver came up with a solution that would work and be very network friendly too. He introduced the “magazine concept” of television advertising. In this arrangement, sponsors would buy blocks of time (usually one to two minutes) into a program rather than being a sponsor of an entire program. This idea would allow a variety of sponsors (up to four was the imagined number) for a show. Like a magazine, networks would now control content since no advertiser would “own” a particular show.

Like all new ideas, Masison Avenue originally resisted this one, but after a little experimentation, they found that this method would work very well for a variety of packaged goods companies that make a large number of brands, such as Procter and Gamble with Products as diverse as Tide (laundry detergent), Crest (toothpaste) and Jif (peanut butter).

In 1960, the magazine concept dominated television advertising, as it has ever since. Rather than relying on audience identification with a specific show, sponsors now spread their messages throughout the programming in an effort to reach as many consumers as possible. The ability to distribute their ad money to reach a wider segment of the population proved to be very effective for the backers. Where before they were locked into a specific block of time every day or every week on a particular network, they could now choose the times and networks where they wanted their message to be seen.

This evolution of the concept of magazine advertising is really the birth of the most modern television advertising. The only exception is the infomercial, which is actually a throwback to the sponsored show model used in the early days of television advertising.

Like most other things, bodybuilding has evolved over the years into a complex process that offers a variety of options when it comes to exercise, diet, and the right supplements.

Most bodybuilders and fitness experts agree that certain supplements are necessary to replenish nutrients lost during strenuous workouts. There are several schools of thought on which supplements are the best to use. Here we will examine the information overload that exists to offer a good basic understanding of bodybuilding supplements as a guide for beginning bodybuilders. Here are some tips for choosing the best ingredients to look for in your bodybuilding supplements.

Strengthening your muscle mass

Building muscle mass is a primary goal of bodybuilding, and there are a variety of products available to offer the right supplements to achieve this goal. Protein is a fundamental element in building muscle mass. Amino acids, the most important substance for building muscle in your body, are the building blocks of protein. Most athletes today regularly add protein to their diets, either in the foods they eat at meals or by taking meal replacement shakes and / or protein bars that are specifically developed for the needs of athletes. Today, there is such a wide variety of these types of products on the market that you should have no problem finding the right ones to fit your daily diet regimen.

Other supplements that can enhance your muscle-building efforts include amino acid products like BCAAs. HMB, a relatively new amino acid product expected to quickly gain popularity on the bodybuilding circuit, already shows promise. Some bodybuilders are opting for ingredient combinations (stacks) to get the maximum benefit from a supplement. Research and discuss your options with your doctor or coach when choosing the best supplements for your own needs.

Muscle recovery

The recovery process, or that time after you exercise your muscles hard and they need to rest, recover, and grow, is just as critical as any component of your strength training program. It is during this time that the most significant muscle growth occurs, and how you handle the recovery process is crucial. His supplement guide names a substance called glutamine for muscle recovery. The most abundant amino acid you will find in muscle tissue, L-glutamine, is necessary to prevent muscle loss and enhance recovery. Glutamine is available as an individual supplement or in some combination formulas.

There are many great products available to bodybuilders today, which can make choosing the right ones that much more difficult. By following their guide to basic bodybuilding supplements, you will have the information you need to start an effective bodybuilding supplement regimen. Talk to your doctor or personal trainer if you think you need more individualized information about supplements and which ones will work best for you.

Grilled Beer Bratwurst

Everyone has their own secret recipe for perfect sausages. Being not from Wisconsin, I can’t tell you if this recipe is perfect or not. What I can tell you is that this recipe has produced some very delicious sausages. I’ve heard people say that the secret to great sausages is to simmer them in beer first (seriously? Are you kidding me?), Or simmer them, or make sure the fire is at the right temperature.

In my experience, the secret is simply patience. The roasting time for the sausages depends on how you cook them. You can toss them straight on the grill, which will take 25-30 minutes, or boil the brats in beer, wine, or water for about 20 minutes. After boiling, it is grilled for 4-6 minutes. Boiling them first (also called par-poaching) in beer first improves the flavor so dramatically that it’s almost a sin to toss them straight on the grill. Regardless, brats take a while to cook well. If you rush, you could easily end up with a sausage that burns on the outside and not so overcooked on the inside.

If not handled properly, the long cooking time often bursts the brat’s thin skin letting out all the glorious juices, causing a dry brat.

Bratwurst tradition

Due to the large German population, Wisconsin is known for its beer and sausages. The Germans brought their recipes for bratwurst sausages when they settled throughout the area in the 19th century. Sausages are traditionally made with pork, although there are sausages that are all beef or other meats. Selecting which brand of brat to cook is a personal choice. Johnsonville is a popular national brand and is as good as any, unless you live in Wisconsin where you can find many delicious alternatives.

Although gas grills are fine to use, hot dogs taste best when grilled over charcoal or wood. I’ve seen some skillet-fried hot dogs, but this reduces the flavor to nothing more than a large breakfast hot dog. Here’s how to grill perfect sausages

What to grill

6 brats

6 good quality rolls (Semmel rolls if you can find them)

1 whole onion

1 large green bell pepper

12 ounces of beer

1 cup of water

2 butter spoons

1 tablespoon of salt

How to grill it

If you have a gas grill, the grill is perfect for this.

Cut the onion in half and slice. Cut the green bell pepper into 1/4-inch wide strips. In a 2-quart saucepan, sauté the sliced ​​onion and green bell pepper in 2 tablespoons of butter for three to four minutes.

Remove half of the sauteed onions and green bell peppers and place in a foil covered container to keep warm. (You can use them on brats later) Leave the remaining onion and bell peppers in the pan.

Then add 1 bottle or can of beer and 1 cup of water and bring to a simmer. Never boil the sausages, it will break the skin. A slow boil is when steam comes out of the water and no bubbles come to the surface.

You can use any type of beer, but full-flavored Mexican beers like Corona or Tecate work very well. Light beer is not recommended.

Simmer the brats over low heat for 20 minutes and remove. (Discard liquid and peppers.) Bring your brats to a simmer right on the grill. Be careful not to break the skin. Roast over low heat. the key here is low and slow. Brats can be cooked directly over the fire or indirectly, where the fire is on one side of the grill and the food is grilled on the off side. This allows the sausages to cook with little risk of being burned by the sprouts.

Grill the sausages for 4-6 minutes total, turning frequently until golden brown. Now they are ready to serve.

Use only pliers to turn. Using a fork or anything else that can poke holes in your brats will let out all the good juices and result in a dry brat. The sprouts from the dripping grease will cause the exterior to burn too.


Serve on good quality freshly baked buns (not hot dog buns) and top with sautéed onion and pepper mixture, or brown mustard or deli style, or all of the above. If you like sauerkraut on your brats, use the fresh sauerkraut from the refrigerated section of the supermarket. I like to use the Bavarian style with caraway seeds. Heat it in a pan with a little ground black pepper.

Bratwurst and Beer with sauerkraut is one of my favorite grilled foods. It is fun to cook and very delicious.

When learning a language, it is often helpful to have a small pool of common phrases. Instantly understood and useful in many circumstances, memorizing some of these short sentences increases confidence in your ability to communicate naturally in various situations. They are also usually quite funny and, although not all of them can be translated directly, they all have their equivalent sayings in English. .

Long term / short term

Long-term and short-term: they are used as they would be used in English.

Who goes wrong, ends badly

He who lives in disorder comes to a bad end. This could be compared to living by the sword, dying by the sword.

Raise Cain

Literally this means yelling loud enough to reach the sky, but in English one would only hit the ceiling.

to die with the boots on

While the saying literally means to die with your boots on, it can be compared to the English phrase to die in the saddle. In other words, die working hard.

It is good to speak, but it is better to be silent

Speech is good, but silence is better. Similar to ‘silence is golden’ in English, where advice means keeping your own advice. thought.

Not by much getting up early it dawns earlier

Like the fable of the tortoise and the hare, this saying has the meaning of slow and steady wins the race.

new Year New Life

New year, new life, as you might expect, this saying is used to welcome the New Year.

Very hungry, there is no stale bread

This feeling is similar to that beggars cannot choose or hunger makes good cooking the most direct translation for those who are very hungry, no bread is too difficult.

It’s something; less is nothing.

Something is something, less is nothing, or, as we might say in English, half of something is better than nothing.

Like (what) back there back his fourThis translates literally as two and two make four, although we are more likely to say as safe as the day is long or as safe as the gun is iron or any of the similar phrases that exist for this sentiment in English.

I hope this short sample of popular Spanish phrases encourages you to stick with the Spanish course you have chosen to take.

Some people spend hours on the phone every day, talking to creditors and attorneys and even more lenders, all in an attempt to break those chains of bad credit scores that bind us while keeping us from enjoying life. Bad credit can weigh on your shoulders until it’s taken care of, so let’s go ahead and take steps to correct that score completely. Look for government-backed loans in case you don’t have the required credit to go the usual route through a bank or credit union. They can be of great help to homeowners looking for an additional opportunity when they had trouble using a previous mortgage or loan. Have a copy of your credit score at regular intervals and carefully look for agencies to report your repair efforts. If you are troubleshooting negative credit issues, monitoring your report allows you to verify that the agencies are properly managing your status data and that these additional negative reports will not be performed.

Reduce your visa or MasterCard balances. Having a high credit limit on your card may seem like you won the lottery, but using that full limit will lower your score. Maintain balances with a maximum of 50%. 30% is much more of a primary goal. And you don’t need every dollar that has been awarded to you, this way you are showing that you can manage your credit well. When trying to repair your credit, you won’t be seduced by scams that will allow you to produce a new credit file. Developing a new credit file is actually a fraud if you choose to go ahead. If you create a new credit file, because it is fraud, you may face legal repercussions. If you maintain a favorable credit rating, you may be able to lower your interest levels. This helps lower your monthly payments and pay them faster. Applying for a much better deal through your debtors can help you get out of debt and achieve a better credit rating.

Be suspicious of collection agencies that try to talk about you and will not answer the questions you have. Agencies that turn out to be scams will try to keep you off balance by talking continuously without providing you with any data. If they are not responding to your concerns and are threatening you, please let them know so they can contact you simply in writing. Find a very good quality help guide and you will be able to correct your credit yourself.

These are usually available all over the web along with the information these particular ones provide, plus a copy of your credit score, you can probably repair your credit. Now that you know a thing or two about how to fix that bad credit score, it’s time for you to put the tips to work and start living a life without bad credit. Be sure to invest some time and also examine each of the angles. You need to keep pushing until it is resolved, although not every tip you read that is relevant to credit will work instantly.

You’ve probably heard them all before. SEO is just a matter of doing this and modifying that. Well, there is a bit more to get it right. Avoid these 6 SEO myths at all costs and you will be on the right track.

1. SEO is easy.

Perhaps for professionals who do it every day, all day. Even then, there is a learning curve and to keep up, the learning must continue forever. That said, search optimization isn’t necessarily a difficult thing, it just takes experience, applied knowledge, and the time to make it all happen.

2. SEO is built into my theme.

Do not believe it. While many website themes advertise their “SEO friendly”, all of this really means they are ready to be optimized for SEO. Without taking a comprehensive approach to optimizing the entire finished site (with all the content), it is impossible to optimize it in any way. Optimizing the site code is one thing, but optimizing the whole package is another ball game. Also, this is another good reason to avoid using sites based on templates or themes.

3. SEO is just a matter of meta tags.

Not so. Meta tags are relevant and play a big role in a site’s overall SEO factor, but it’s only a small part of the overall pie, so to speak. In 1998, optimizing only meta tags was a great way to get a high ranking. In 2010, it’s really just an incidental factor.

4. SEO requires you to get hundreds of inbound links.

Maybe, maybe not. Having just a couple of high-quality backlinks is usually better than having dozens of irrelevant, low-quality inbound links. The key to Likes and SEO is to maintain a balanced link profile that targets all types of links with all types of anchor text. Links must be natural.

5. SEO is simply a matter of producing a lot of content.

Without a doubt, having more content helps … when it is well planned and brings something of value to visitors. But simply adding a lot of filler content in the hopes of boosting search engine rankings isn’t really a very smart strategy.

6. SEO means I need to use artificially high keyword density in my website copy.

Don’t force keyword density into articles. While representing your specific keyword phrases solidly in your copy is a good thing, there’s also a fine line where being helpful turns into spam. Never focus primarily on a keyword percentage, number, or density; First aim to create very high quality content that is appreciated by your visitors.

When looking for education programs online, you will be surprised at the large number of courses and programs currently offered. Programs range from month-long certificate courses to accredited doctoral and master’s degrees. But exactly what changes can an online education bring to your life and what are the benefits that are available to you?

First, consider the great variety that exists. There are many courses that are intended for people looking to advance their education, and there are many highly respected universities that offer their own courses. Look for smaller certification-oriented courses or advanced courses that can take your level of knowledge far beyond your wildest dreams. Completing an online program is something that can potentially change your life.

Benefits of online education

What are the advantages of getting an online education? The first thing that immediately springs to mind is convenience. Instead of commuting to one place day after day wasting valuable time driving there, you can work from the comfort of your home. As long as you have a fast internet connection and a reliable computer, you will be able to enroll and excel as you undertake your online education.

Another benefit is that your online courses can be completed whenever you want. You don’t have to worry about missing classes or having to rearrange your schedule. If you have a family or a full-time job, working with the rigid hours required by traditional education systems can be a problem, but this is no longer a problem, as online courses allow you to log in and access your material. class whenever you want.

Most of us can’t just quit our jobs and put our families on hold when we want to rush out to pursue an education. With online courses, you can get your work done when it’s convenient. You can be a morning person or maybe you only work when everyone else is asleep. If the work is there, you can do it!

What kinds of courses can you complete online?

With each passing year, more and more topics are posted online. There are very basic and simple courses that show you how to take an exam or that will prepare you for basic practices on your job. These programs will last a short time, usually no more than a few weeks or a few months.

However, there are many topics that are covered very thoroughly when it comes to online programs. Software-based individual classes are common, as are classes that teach you a specific skill such as typing or basic computer network setup. These short classes really make you feel like you’ve accomplished something, and at the end of the day, you’ll be in a better place both professionally and personally.

Have you ever wanted to go back and finish your bachelor’s degree or even start one? There are options available that, if you put in the effort, will allow you to complete a full online bachelor’s degree in two years. If you’re not interested in the high-speed approach, you also have the flexibility to take classes as slowly as you like. It is totally up to you.

There are also quite a few institutions online that offer options for masters, doctorates, law degrees, and other similar certifications. These programs are excellent, fully accredited, and highly respected. They are fully interactive with teachers and other students and provide everything you need to learn via the Internet. These are great institutions and you will find that they can help you increase your knowledge and qualifications substantially. No matter what you want to learn or how much money you have, online education could be the solution for you.

More online degree programs are being created every day. There is sure to be a course that is tailored to the topics that interest you and your specific goals and needs. Earning your degree online has many benefits, so it’s a good thing to consider making this your next step.

Everyone knows what an insurance agency website is, but more detailed insurance agency web marketing terms such as microsites, minisites, landing pages, and compression pages can be a mystery to many agents. and runners. What is the difference between these and why are they an important aspect of your insurance agency marketing?

Let’s start with a brief definition of each:

  • Microsite: A microsite, which is also known as a landing page, minisite, or weblet, is an Internet web design term that generally refers to an individual web page. Examples of this could be a website dedicated to auto insurance, homeowners insurance, condo insurance, or errors and omissions.
  • Minisite: A minisite is a small, focused website dedicated to a specific topic. Most minisites contain only a few pages, although pragmatically they can have as little as one web page or up to 20. They are generally a subset of a larger website. For example, the XYZ Insurance Agency website may have 30 pages of content and two mini-sites, one of them dedicated to the insurance of the trucking company (potential truck insurance clients) and the other dedicated to benefits and Compliance (Group Benefit Leads).
  • Landing page: A landing page is a unique web page that is rendered when a user clicks on a search result, online advertising, social media link, etc. The landing page is typically targeted at leads or sales, displaying content directly related to the ad, search result, or social media link. An example of a landing page could be Florida Yacht Insurance or Professional Liability Insurance for Engineers.
  • Press page: Compressed pages are landing pages created and designed to capture leads, increase subscriptions (to newsletters for example) or registration for an event (webinars / seminars), etc. Examples of a Squeeze page include: Territory Exclusive Insurance Lead Generation Webinar or Subscription to the PPACA Compliance Newsletter.
  • Weblet: Weblets, a term attributed to NASA’s origin, is similar to a minisite or microsite, although there are some key differences. It is often maintained by a single individual. It generally provides downloadable content. Weblets are often created to help non-technical people publish professional-looking web content without having to know anything about coding.

All of these terms apply to insurance agency websites and insurance agency web marketing. They are specific tools aimed at driving traffic, generating inbound leads and increasing subscription and / or event attendance. They are also used to convey experience and credibility in the matter. If you are an agent or broker looking to extend reach and generate more qualified inbound leads, microsites, minisites, landing pages, and compression pages should be part of your vocabulary.