Earn money with Google Part 4

The phrase “Google AdSense” is a term that many website administrators are familiar with. It is a payment model that you can use to earn cash from your website by facilitating relevant promotions identified with your website on your pages. Depending on the development of your website and the actual repeat traffic you receive, you can earn a 4 figure niche salary consistently with Google AdSense.

However… there are some conflicting speculations online about how to effectively profit from Google AdSense. One group prefers to propose that you should build a powerful website, and an alternative group proposes that you set up smaller-than-usual specialized pages that need to manage 1 specific keyword term. Then paste AdSense promotions everywhere to energize the click.

I for one don’t like thoughtful little niche pages. It looks like a scam, the promotion is obnoxious and does not offer genuine quality to the visitor visiting the page. I think you should stay true to the power website route, and I’ll mention a couple of reasons why. Here is the first reason:

1) You are building a business for life

You could make a website that lasts 30 or 40 years (or much longer). If you were to get a considerable number of hits to your powerful website that has a large number of visitors, chances are a ton of your AdSense promotions would be clicked on, given that you’re working in a specialty.

At the same time, with smaller than normal niche websites, you have to do significant maintenance. People trying to make a profit with Google AdSense but getting banned are setting up little “spam blogs” that copy content from anywhere (usually RSS feeds or text spinners) and post it on their website.

Do not follow this ineffective strategy. Instead, focus on one website for profit and market it thoroughly. In case you don’t know how to make a profit with one website, how would you expect to make a profit with a large number of websites? Do you see the reason here? It’s just not a good omen. Here’s an alternate reason why you should run with the power website path:

2) It’s not hard to keep visitors coming back to your website

If you have a powerful website, chances are you will collect email addresses and keep in touch with the people in your roundup. Because of this, it’s not hard to get hundreds or thousands of hits every day, basically thanks to email promotion! Visualize with those repeat guests the number of clicks they will make on your promotions. Depending on your specialty, you might be better off selling any type of product.

Since it’s so natural to keep people coming back to your website, it’s in your best interest to go ahead with this route. No matter what you offer, including AdSense… email marketing is the most ideal approach to earn money from any opportunity on the web.

I think you benefited from these 2 reasons why you should build a powerful website with your AdSense business. Stay true to this arrangement, and you will be able to acquire the cash in your targeted business.

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