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And more advanced water fitness enthusiasts will love how hand buoys challenge their entire body and cardiovascular system. If you’re interested in starting a training program with Hydro-Fit hand buoys, check out the step-by-step guide and exercises below.


Use the Hydro-Fit hand buoys to warm up for your cardio and strength training routine. Start with a knee-high jog. In deep water, hold a hand buoy with both hands in front of your body at the surface of the water. Quickly bring one knee to the buoy and return it to the ground. Do the same with the other knee and repeat alternating legs for one minute. For a slightly more advanced move, speed up the warm-up set by performing a knee-high jog with the buoy held underwater at your side for strength and stability.


Hand buoys are great for getting your heart rate up and burning off unwanted fat and extra inches. A good example of a cardiovascular exercise is the Tuck Jump. Place a Hydro-Fit hand buoy between your legs in chest deep water. Once your lower half is stabilized underwater, jump up and bring your knees to your chest as you would in a tuck jump. Hold the spot for a second and then bring your feet back to the bottom of the pool. Or try Butt Kicks in the water while spinning the buoy around your waist. In waist-deep water, kick your legs back in a jogging motion and kick up and back like you’re trying to kick your butt. As you work your lower body, hold the hand buoy at the surface and swing it around your waist for a full-body cardio workout.


The toning exercise options with the Hydro-Fit hand buoys seem endless. To easily tone your core, stand in chest-deep water, submerge a hand buoy underwater, and hold it at your belly button. From here, move from side to side to really work your inner and outer abs. Work your legs by performing a Mogul Ski exercise. Put a buoy between your legs and stand in water up to your chest. While holding the buoy, jump from side to side, like a ski tycoon. This will help tone and shape the muscles in your lower body. And of course hand buoys are great for strengthening your upper body. Try to find various ways to push and pull the buoy while it is submerged. Its natural buoyancy will continuously work against the muscles in your arms, shoulders, back and chest to produce a great upper body workout.


Flexibility exercises can be done at the end of your workout to help stretch and lengthen your muscles. Try passing the hand buoy behind your back, changing it from hand to hand. Or see if you can submerge the buoy enough to pass between your legs, from hand to hand, in a figure 8 motion. Both of these exercises will help improve your overall flexibility and allow you to cool down after a hard session in the pool.

As you can see, there are several ways to get cardio and strength training with the simple Hydro-Fit hand buoys. Follow any of the exercises above, or create your own creative ways to train. You really can’t go wrong with these versatile training tools!

What is Borborygmi?

Borborygmi can be thought of as stomach growling, stomach gurgling, loud digestion noises, or simply noises emanating from the stomach.

Borborygmi is the sound of undigested carbohydrates within the digestive track or intestine. As the digestive system breaks down these carbohydrates, a large amount of gas and gas is created, causing a lot of noise, discomfort, and embarrassment. Some people generate more wind and noise than others, but the cause is always the same.

It is highly unlikely that you would experience this condition if you were on a high-protein, high-fat, low-sugar, low-carbohydrate diet. In recent studies, fructose has also been shown to be a major contributor to this condition which occurs in many fruits that are high in sugar and table sugar (refined sugars).

Some stomach rumbling (rumbling) is natural and happens to everyone, but some people experience serious cases that can be embarrassing, painful, frustrating, and difficult to prevent. To prevent this condition we need to know what causes it. This article focuses on the main causes of borborygmus, why it happens, and hopefully this article will help people avoid these ‘triggers’ that will help their condition.

The 5 main causes of borborygmus

  1. high fiber grains: Foods such as cereals, oats, wheat and rye are major contributors to borborygmi. Foods like bread, porridge, and cereal are very common causes of loud stomach rumbling. These are not “natural” foods (compared to meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds) and are therefore more difficult for the body to break down, and as such cause a lot of wind and noise. .
  2. Fructose / Sugar: Fructose plays an important role in borborygmos, just like sugar. Fructose is found in many fruits. Eliminating high-sugar fruits from your diet can greatly reduce this condition. The best fruits to stir are apples, oranges, grapes, and any canned fruit. Despite being associated with a healthy diet, natural or concentrated fruit juices should also be eliminated.
  3. Beans: Beans and legumes have been shown to cause borborygmil. Beans in particular are great gas-causing foods. Eliminate them from your diet and see if there is any improvement in your stomach rumbling.
  4. unbalanced diet: This is an important factor in borborygmos. How is your current diet? You may think you’re perfectly fine and well balanced, but try keeping a food journal and I think you’ll be amazed. Try to eat only protein and vegetables at meals and don’t mix your fats and carbohydrates. Are you eating processed foods or bread? Are you eating junk food more often than you should?
  5. Milk: Dairy products are also a big cause of this condition. This doesn’t apply to everyone (it doesn’t personally apply to me, but I know plenty of people that do), but milk intake in particular is worth reducing. How much coffee are you drinking, can you reduce your milk consumption in this way?


Bottom line: try to eat as natural as possible, make sure you know what’s going on in your body. Take a look at my article called Common Causes of Borbroygmi for a more complete write-up of this article. If you reduce these 5 key factors in your diet, you can begin to see the benefit.

Cardio is not only an obsession, but also a phenomenon in our community. Everyone from endurance athletes to seniors, soccer moms to weekend warriors can be found huffing and puffing in organized running groups, spin classes at local gyms, or on a treadmill at home. We’re hooked on cardio training, but how can we use cardio to get the best results from our efforts?

As a fitness expert, I work with clients who are often looking for similar results, but don’t know how to reach their goals. Some come to me for help losing fat; others want to improve their 10k runtimes. An effective cardiovascular tool that I have been incorporating into some of my training programs is ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ (HIIT).

HIIT is a powerful concept that describes activity performed in short, intense bursts of full sprints (30-60 seconds at a time) with minimal rest between each sprint. This versatile type of workout can be done anywhere and on any type of cardio equipment at your local gym.

Research shows that high-intensity interval training is more effective for both fat loss and cardiovascular improvement than slow, steady aerobic workouts like long runs and/or walks. For example, athletes like sprinters, who push themselves for 45 to 60 seconds at a time, tend to have less body fat and more lean muscle tissue than marathon runners. Think of how athletes in other sports like tennis, soccer, and hockey perform high-intensity tasks for short periods when they compete and when they train and stay lean year-round. HIIT is a very effective way to build muscle, burn fat, and reap all the cardiovascular benefits.

High-intensity interval training has also been shown to raise EPOC levels in the same way that an intense session of resistance training would. EPOC stands for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption and is scientifically defined as the “recovery of the metabolic rate to its pre-exercise levels”. In layman’s terms, it means that you continue to burn calories at a high rate long after a HIIT workout.

In addition to the effect on your COPD levels, HIIT is effective because it makes it harder for your body to adapt to the activity. If you ran 5K every day for the next year, your body would eventually adjust to the routine. At the end of the year, you’d be running that 5K much faster than you started, and you’d be burning far fewer calories than you initially needed. The body needs new challenges to continue improving. So if you’re looking to improve your fitness level or burn more calories by running, you’ll need to gradually increase your distance. That means spending more time running and training, and less time with family and friends, doing the things you love. HIIT allows you to continue to challenge your body without spending a lot of extra time doing it.

My clients love the results and versatility of HIIT, and they love that it can be done in 20 minutes or less. You can do HIIT anywhere, on the treadmill or on a soccer field. One of my favorite places for high intensity interval training is on the big beach hill at Mooney’s Bay. Here are some tips for HIIT when you’re not in the gym:

Football field:

o Heat as long as you need.

o From one side of the field, run as fast as you can to the other side.

o Walk back to the other side. As you walk back, take a deep breath and get ready for the next sprint of wind.

o Once you are back on the side you started from, repeat the sprint and walk backwards 5 more times.

Swimming pool:

o In a 25 meter pool, heat as long as you need.

o Perform a full 25-meter sprint

o If you are a good swimmer, go back to swimming and relax, prepare for the next sprint.

o Once you have returned, take a few seconds to prepare for the next sprint.

o Repeat your sprint and swim on your back for 5 more cycles.

Have fun!

all eyes on me

“I thought all eyes were on me at the finish line until I turned around and realized the crowd was cheering for the older contestant approaching the finish line behind me.”

all fingers and thumbs

“Forget about him being able to operate a GPS wrist unit. When it comes to small devices, he’s all fingers and thumbs.”

All hat, no cattle

“That runner in the cap falsely implying she ran that marathon in Montana is all hat, no cattle.”

all heart

“The fact that she handed me the only energy gel she had left on the marathon wall showed me that she was all heart.”

All in one day of work

“Running the last 0.1 miles of the half marathon was all in one day’s work.”

all in your head

“Unless you’re an elite runner, getting a race number 1 is on your mind.”

All previous

“‘All of the above’ is always my response when a race volunteer asks me what food and drink I want after I cross the finish line.”

All over the half acre of hell

“We ran the entire half acre of hell when we got lost during that 100K run in Death Valley.”

all over the place

“That walker didn’t know where he was going. He was everywhere.”

All roads lead to Rome

“It doesn’t matter where you train for the Rome Marathon. All roads lead to Rome.”

all skin and bone

“Did you see that runner? He was all skin and bone when he finished the 100K in the desert.”

All that glitter ain’t gold

“That finisher medal was disappointing. It seems that all that glitters is not gold.”

All the eggs in one basket

“When you walk that Easter 5K, don’t assume you can put all your eggs in one basket!”

All’s well That ends well

“When it comes to running a marathon within the legal time limit, all’s well that ends well.”

alter ego

“Having run or walked with a training partner for several years, he or she is your alter ego.”

ambulance chaser

“Did you see how fast she was? It was like she was an ambulance chaser!”

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

“An ounce of sunscreen before a run in the sun is better than spending a fortune trying to cure skin cancer.”

ants in your pants

“Don’t sit on that grass with melted energy gel on your hydration belt. You’ll end up with ants in your pants.”

Most people in the gym will tell you that they want to build lean muscle and burn fat at the same time. But most people don’t really know how to do that. Today I’m going to share with you exactly how to build lean muscle and lose fat so you can build a strong body. You can build a super lean body without fancy equipment or long, boring cardio sessions. All you are going to need is a couple of cheap resistance bands to burn a sexy and attractive physique. Please take 2 minutes to read this article.

Here’s What You Should Do To Build Lean Muscle And Burn Fat

1. Do total body resistance band workouts

Okay, if you’re ever going to lose fat and keep it off permanently, you should do total body strength training. Instead of working one body part at a time, train all 3 times a week with resistance bands. It is very easy to perform an exercise that involves most muscle groups. This type of training will burn fat and build muscle faster than exercising 1 or 2 body parts at once. Also, you will speed up your metabolism by doing this type of exercise. Not to mention, strength training with resistance bands is a great way to add lean muscle (not bulk) while burning fat.

2. High-intensity interval training with resistance bands

This exercise routine is a great way to burn fat in a short period of time. Unlike “same speed” cardio, interval training is short, but intense, and will force your body to burn a lot of fat in a short amount of time. High intensity intervals consist of high and low intensity exercises that will shock your body to burn more fat.

It’s really simple. You can do 2 minutes of high intensity lunges with resistance bands and then slow down and jog in place for 1 minute. you’ll want to add a 5-minute warm-up of course, but you get the point. This exercise is what will help boost your metabolism while building lean muscle and burning fat. Do high-intensity interval training with the bands no more than 2-3 times a week.

3. Feed your muscles and eliminate your fat

Eating the right foods will provide your body with the necessary nutrients it needs to lose fat and build muscle. Many people skip the nutrition part and jump right into exercise, but proper nutrition is just as important, if not more so, than exercise itself. Foods like healthy fats, lean proteins, and high-fiber items will provide your body with what it needs to burn fat and build muscle. Avoid skipping proper nutrition like most people and you will burn fat and gain muscle fast.

There are many good reasons why you should be concerned about your physical health and protect yourself from the growing number of heart-related diseases, diabetes, and obesity that threaten both men and women today.

Home fitness equipment allows you to get in shape in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Bring the gym to your home.

The advantages of exercising with fitness equipment at home are:

o It’s fun and easy to use

o Improves endurance and general fitness.

o Reduces cholesterol levels,

o Reduces stress and tension.

For time savings and convenience, there’s simply nothing better than having home exercise equipment, so you can work out and have no excuses to skip it.

When it comes to selecting home fitness equipment, there are many different types of equipment to choose from.

There are also a number of home fitness equipment options that are designed for full body workouts that can also be a good fit for your home gym.

Home fitness equipment includes a wide variety of equipment, for example, cardio equipment, strength equipment, abdominal machines, inversion tables, free weights, lifting accessories, boxing equipment, exercise balls, yoga products, boxing, cardio kickboxing equipment, ankle braces, balance boards, weight lifting machines and equipment.

When looking to purchase home fitness equipment, one of the most important considerations to make is the amount of available space where the equipment will go and the amount of investment you’d like to make.

When determining which home exercise equipment to purchase, you need to define your goals and consider the type of exercise machines that can help you achieve those goals.

Treadmills and stationary bikes are great examples of the best home exercise equipment that provide the best aerobic workout.

Muscle development is a key element in maintaining the health of the body and should be considered when choosing the best home fitness equipment.

Options for the best home fitness equipment for muscle building include free weights, dumbbells, and other weight-bearing resistance equipment.

Some of the best home fitness equipment to use for your stretching exercises include resistance bands or tubes, back stretchers, and incline boards.

working out

While traditional sit-ups work just your stomach muscles, ball exercises work your back muscles along with your abs, which stretches or lengthens your abs.

To lose fat and build cardiovascular endurance, people may need as little as 20 minutes of aerobic exercise per day.

Get the ultimate in aerobic exercise through rowing machines. Abdominal exercise equipment will help you sculpt your body. An exercise trampoline will bounce you around until you’re fit.

When exercise equipment is right in front of you, in your living room, bedroom, or exercise room, it becomes motivation. Choose exactly the right weight for lower body exercises.

Pull-ups are one of the most intense exercises in the world, and the only equipment they require is pull-up bars. Pull up bars allow you to work out so many muscles with just one exercise.

Stretching exercises target the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Stretching is a warm-up process that is done before your exercise program.

The benefits of a regular exercise program, using this equipment, help in the possibility of weight loss, strengthening of the heart, increase in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and increase in energy levels.


Nutrition is a very important part of any weight training program.

You can achieve any health and fitness goal you set for yourself.

Many professional athletes and trainers agree that a great physique and healthy body is built on 60% nutrition and 40% training.


Cardio or aerobic (with oxygen) exercises are an important aspect of a fitness regimen and in choosing the best home fitness equipment.

A stepper can be used for cardio activities, such as step aerobics, and also does double duty as a weight bench.

One of the most complete cardiovascular exercises out there has to be rowing. If you want something for cardio work, a step machine may be your best choice for home exercise equipment.

Your choice may be an elliptical trainer, a stationary bike, or any cardio equipment that will not only keep your heart healthy, but your overall fitness as well.

A good cardio workout will get your heart rate up to around 105 to 112 beats per minute.


Now that flexibility is receiving more attention as an essential component of a balanced fitness program, various pieces of equipment and accessories are being developed to help you stretch better, more efficiently, and more comfortably.

When shopping for home fitness equipment, you may want to explore some of the add-ons and other options, like medicine balls and other accessories, or some workout books and videos.

You can also consider other accessories: weightlifting gloves, knee pads, lifting hooks, lifting straps, elbow pads, weightlifting straps, weightlifting belts, weightlifting bars, spring clips, clamps and collars, gym chalk, weightlifting accessories, weight plates and dumbbells.


1) Home fitness equipment allows you to get in shape in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

2) You need to define your health goals and consider the type of exercise

machines that can help you achieve those goals.

3) Some of the most popular items for the home gym are: treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, abdominal machines,

free weights, stair climbers and rowing machines.

Dumbbells and weight machines are typical items in home gyms. But when people choose exercise equipment for their new home gyms, they get some outrageous ideas. Let’s tackle those silly debates and get to the facts, so you can make informed decisions.


Confusion: I’m going to need a big set of dumbbells to do a full workout. That will cost a lot and take up too much space.

Truth: Dumbbells have finally been revolutionized with new ‘selectorized dumbbells’. They take up less space and cost a lot less than traditional pairs of dumbbells.

Instead, a single pair of selectorized dumbbells is compact enough to be a great addition to a home gym setup.

Confusion: Won’t I get bulky if I use weights? I don’t want to build muscle. I just want to tone up.

Truth: Only if your genetics have given you extra testosterone, or if you spend hours a day practicing bodybuilding methods, is it possible for you to look bulky using dumbbells.

Instead, your dumbbell exercises will give you that curvy, sexy look. Your metabolism will increase like crazy and your bones will also get stronger.

Weight machines.

Confusion: Won’t dumbbells and free weights cost less than weight machines?

Truth: You are not just buying equipment by the piece. The total costs should be based on the total number of exercises you will do. Modern weight machines have sleek, efficient designs and plenty of exercise options.

Instead, consider getting a weight machine that offers both upper and lower body exercises.

Confusion: Weight machines don’t provide the best workout because you work muscles one at a time instead of grouping them together.

Truth: The latest weight machines are designed to work muscles more dynamically than ever before. They simulate real movement. They work the muscles naturally and effectively.

Instead of buying the old-fashioned models, consider newer styles that offer the best of free weight movements using stacked weights and handle attachments.

Have the best of both worlds.

Modern equipment designs allow us to have more equipment, taking up less space in the home, for lower costs. And they give a much better workout than their old predecessors.

A selected pair of dumbbells and a functional training unit will give you endless training options. Together, they can give you the toned body you want!

Instead of choosing one or the other, remember: toning up will never be with a single product, a habit, an exercise, or a piece of equipment!

Just like any other successful show in your life, you have to keep it fun and challenging with a variety of tools!

A slim and muscular body is an object of admiration. People in all countries spend millions of dollars to get their body in shape and not just to participate in bodybuilding competitions. It is not very easy to burn excess fat and add muscle. A great body is obtained as a result of proper training, proper rest, and proper nutrition.

The demands on the body during bodybuilding are immense. The regular diet will definitely not meet those demands. Therefore, bodybuilders also consume bodybuilding supplements that help build muscle mass and prevent muscle injuries from aggravating. Normal supplementation includes amino acids, folic acids, calcium and creatine. However, a new class of supplements called ‘Super Supplements’ provide essential Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation.

o Proteins: These are the most essential components in any bodybuilding program. Muscles are basically made up of water and protein. During workouts, the muscles stretch and sometimes the tissues break down. Proteins help in the repair of damaged muscle tissues. Whey protein, milk protein, and egg white protein are common sources of protein supplements. Soy proteins are an alternative used by vegetarians. Most over-the-counter protein supplements are available in powder form.

o Essential Fatty Acids: Bodybuilders tend to eat less fat in their diet as they have to reduce excess amounts. But on the deal, they don’t provide your bodies with essential unsaturated fats, which are helpful in maintaining optimal brain health. Supplementation of these fatty acids is done with fish oil and flaxseed oil supplements. Natural sources are walnuts and flax seeds.

o Meal replacement: A normal meal can never meet the nutritional needs of a bodybuilder. You will need specially prepared meals that are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and also combine vitamins and antioxidants. Bodybuilding programs require you to replace at least one meal a day with food supplements in the form of energy bars and powdered drink mixes.

o Glutamine: This is an amino acid that is found in large quantities in the muscles. During exercise, it is depleted and therefore needs to be supplemented. A deficiency of the amino acid can cause adverse effects on the immune system and atrophy of muscle tissues. This supplement is also available in a water-soluble powder form.

Taking bodybuilding supplements before, during and after exercise is essential. Before training, the body needs to build an energy reserve and a protein reserve that will build muscle mass. After training, the repair of muscle tissues and the revitalization of the body is a priority. In intense training sessions, bodybuilders also consume energy drinks during workouts. Usana Health Sciences offers a wide range of supplements including drink mixes and energy bars that can be used effectively as meal replacements during training.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from travel and adventures along the way, it’s that it can be challenging to eat right when you’re not in your normal routine. So, we’re sharing some of our favorite grab-and-go snacks, good for on-the-go, whether you’re traveling in an RV over the summer holidays or taking a quick weekend trip out of town. And don’t let the “good for you” part stop you from exploring these recipes—they’re perfect road trip treats. We are sure that all your f

Keywords for this recipe: one bowl, low sugar, packed with protein, delicious. A container full of these muffins is a must for those early morning outings when you hit the road as soon as the sun rises. What we love most is that these muffins include three sources of protein (nut butter, chia seeds, and flaxseed), and you can top them with your favorite flavors, like chocolate chips or dried banana chips. Kids love these, and you’ll be happy to know that everyone’s appetite will be satiated by the protein blast.

Baked Potato Chips

Everyone loves crispy, salty fries. Did you know that if you eat French fries while traveling, the calories don’t count? Okay, it’s not true. But you really don’t have to worry about that anyway with this healthy baked version. We recommend that you use a mandoline slicer with this recipe; It will make the process much easier. And it’s worth it too, because once you try these, you won’t miss out on the kind you’d normally pick up at a tech stop.

Okay, you caught us. This recipe isn’t exactly “good for you”… but it is so good! So we had to include it. (And you have to live a little.) Personally, if I don’t take homemade rice krispie treats with me when I travel with my family, I’m going to have some unhappy campers on my hand. It is a classic! Not to mention these are incredibly easy to make since they are not baked. Take them out when the backseat drivers start to get a little restless and you’ll be fine.
I don’t know how we can make this any easier, but all you need is four (4) ingredients to make these cookies. The author of the recipe claims that we can get away with eating half a dozen and not feel too bad because they are not loaded with processed sugar, contain no wheat, and are full of good-for-you fat. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can add a few chocolate chunks for that extra “yum” factor. Hmmm, that half dozen rings on the platform

The goals of a diabetic diet are to control blood sugar and normalize or maintain body weight. While your needs and results may vary based on your size, age, and gender, the 1,800-calorie diet with three moderately-portioned meals and two to three snacks should achieve this result.

First consider which foods provide the most nutrition. While an apple and a cookie may have the same number of calories, the apple will have more fiber, more vitamins, take longer for your body to digest, and be more filling. The cookie contains fat that your body is more likely to store rather than burn for energy. The protein found in meats, dairy products, and beans is a good source of energy that your body will digest and burn more slowly compared to simple sugars. You want to be careful with most fruit juices because they contain concentrated sugar. It is better to eat a piece of fruit and drink a glass of water.

Next, pay attention to the serving size. Get a general idea of ​​the size of a three-ounce serving of meat. It may be smaller than what it is accused of eating. Also in the case of starches like rice, pasta or potatoes, be sure to measure accurately, as this can drastically affect the caloric content of your meal. The inability to accurately measure portion size will sabotage your diet goals.

With an 1800 calorie diet it is also important to eat frequently to avoid ravenous hunger. Plan to have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Some people will also enjoy a late night snack. Not only will this keep you from being overly hungry, it will stabilize your blood sugar level. Eating the right foods in the right portions at the right times will help you succeed.