Circuit training with resistance bands


Circuit training is a method in which a person will perform several different lifts in quick succession, usually performed on numerous machines or simply with bodyweight exercises like push-ups and pull-ups. This form of training is great for building muscular endurance, improving cardiovascular health, and since it’s a high-intensity form of training, it also has incredible implications for fat loss. Almost anyone can benefit from circuit training, but as always, I suggest consulting with your doctor before beginning any high-intensity training regimen. With that being said, I’d like to talk about an amazing tool that can be used almost anywhere you exercise, whether it’s in a gym, a park, or even in your own living room.


The options for circuit training are endless. Many gyms have full-circuit training rooms set up with machines, wall timers for interval tracking, and visual aid charts indicating where to go next. However, like any fitness program, your imagination is the limit when it comes to circuit training. While some may enjoy the structured feel of a gym, others may enjoy a more natural approach in a park by using their jungle gyms. However you choose to train, I’m sure resistance bands will find a place in your gym bag, and here’s why:

  1. Versatility – Bands can be used on their own or in conjunction with free weights. They can not only be used to add tension to exercises, but also to aid in exercises by acting as a springboard or springboard, to help get you through a troublesome lift like a pull-up. Not to mention, with several bands of different sizes all packed into a duffel bag, you can literally throw them in your trunk and head over to a friend’s house for a group circuit training session. Bands are also great for all ages, skill levels, or fitness goals – from yoga to weight lifting, resistance bands have their place!

  2. Variety: the spice of life. Maybe you do the same grueling workout every day, or maybe you’re tired of driving to your gym during rush hour after a long day at work. Well why not mix it up with bands? Again, your imagination is the coach – exercise bands are simply a tool you can use to keep your fitness life interesting and progressing.

  3. Affordable: Consider what you’ll spend over the next 6 months on your gym membership. Monthly fee plus tax, annual upgrade fees (I bet they have one), and maybe even an annual contract can add up in a jiffy. Chances are, you can outfit your exercise arsenal with a set of quality resistance bands for less than a 3-5 month gym membership.

  4. Strength: From “toning up” (which is basically a convenience word for building muscle) to lifting weights, everyone wants a more muscular physique. Unless you’re a marathon runner or lingerie model, chances are you’d prefer a bit of “meat” on your bones. But let’s be real: there is only one meat, and the other is just fat. Resistance bands and strength bands have also been described for reasons that various studies have shown. Adding resistance bands to your routine, along with a solid weight training regimen, has been shown to dramatically increase muscle mass compared to free weights alone.


Here are some key points to consider once you decide if resistance bands are right for you:

  • WARRANTY — Several manufacturers have a lifetime warranty, and with good reason. Most resistance bands are made from surgical grade tubing, which is very elastic and very strong, but in the event that one breaks, being able to replace it free of charge is awesome.
  • EFFICIENCY — Circuit trainers understand the need to be able to switch from one exercise to another quickly; This is why most gyms with circuit rooms have everything set up in a circle for quick transitions. Look for resistance bands with carabiners or some sort of quick disconnect for accessories like handles, door anchors, or anklets. This will allow for the addition or subtraction of more and/or heavier bands depending on the exercises.
  • ATTACHED FILES — As mentioned in “Efficiency”, attachments are crucial. Bands are great, but a single tension band with an integrated handle has far fewer options than a handle with the ability to attach bands of multiple sizes at once. In addition, the detachable cuffs make leg and core exercises very comfortable and natural. Lastly, a simple door anchor can open up a myriad of possible new exercises.

I hope the information in this article has helped you in some way and at the very least made you an informed shopper when shopping for fitness equipment. However, I encourage you to keep digging, the internet is full of videos, articles, etc. That can give you a great idea of ​​the possibilities that resistance bands offer.

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