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It’s easy to feel scared and excited at the same time when you’re pregnant for the first time. She has a lot ahead of her and a lot to learn, and it doesn’t help that her sources are saying a million different things about what to do and what not to do while waiting for the little one to arrive.

The most important thing is to trust your instincts and do only what you think is best for you and your baby.

Let these helpful pregnancy tips guide you on your journey:

Keep Google searches to a minimum

We are fortunate to be in an age where most of the information we need is at our fingertips. Thanks to Google, you will be able to know exactly how big your baby is and what stage of development he is going through in this very second.

But with every ache and pain, it’s easy to go to Google and go crazy and paranoid with the results. Besides your raging hormones, that’s not exactly a good idea. If you can’t stay off the internet, join a good pregnancy forum, which is a more reputable source of information. These women are going through the same things as you and you are likely to get the answers and additional support you need.

Control those carbs

Sure, you’re eating for two, which is why your appetite has doubled (or tripled). And after a grueling first trimester of nothing but morning sickness, now is the time to indulge and devour your heart, giving in to your constant cravings.

While there is nothing wrong with indulging your weird food cravings every now and then, be sure to keep an eye on your carb intake. If it swells twice (or three times) its normal size, the rest of your pregnancy will be very uncomfortable. It is also not very ideal for your baby’s development.

Learn to be at peace with your body

What you are going through is incredible and once your little one is born, nothing else will matter. But when you’re in the waiting game, you notice EVERYTHING around you and the constant theme of your eagle eyes is your body.

Every pregnant woman becomes aware of her body. The sooner you accept that your body will never be the same again, the more you will enjoy pregnancy and motherhood. It may take a while to regain your pre-pregnancy weight, but remember what your body went through is incredible.

Follow these helpful pregnancy tips for new moms!

What would you do if one day you discovered that your website account or profile in Google Analytics is no longer available or has been deleted? It happened to me ten days ago and I was kind of blank when I realized that my website statistics (data) is not available in my Analytics account. It was during the process of adding another user (as administrator) that I mistakenly removed an account / profile from the main user (administrator).

I googled to find out the possible solution to recover the data, but what I found is that once an account is deleted it will not be recovered and if a profile is deleted one can contact Google to get the data back. Until then, he wasn’t sure what he had deleted: a profile or an account. My worst fears came true and a chill ran down my spine when I discovered that I had deleted an account and not a profile. I posted my problem on various forums like hundreds others to get a solution. And I got a solution and got my deleted account stats back. This is how I got the account back.

First, the basic difference between a profile and an account (as most of us must know) is that a profile is created under an account. or an account can have one or more profiles. Once an account is deleted, all profiles within that account are automatically deleted as well. Second, after an account is deleted, all administrators of that particular account will receive an email from Google’s analytics team informing about the account deletion, like the one shown below:

We want to notify you that has deleted the Google Analytics account Inform non-administrative users of this account that it has been removed. Thanks for your cooperation.

Now the solution is:

If you are an AdWords customer, you can be sure that your account will be restored in no time. What you need to do is log into your AdWords account and click on the Analytics email support options. (this is what i did)

You can also write to: “AdWords Support”

You can also post your problem on the forum.

and you can also visit:

However, keep in mind that for as long as the profile was deleted, you will not see any data in the profiles.

Computer recyclers are generally found in many areas and are more than willing to get your old electronic devices out of your hands. Often times, a city sets aside a day for people to bring these types of items to reduce the amount thrown away. Computer recycling is the best way to dispose of your old electronics without causing undue harm to the environment. When a computer and its components are thrown in the trash, they become part of the biggest landfill waste problem when they can be recycled into new items for purchase.

Items such as printers, cartridges, parts, and cables contain valuable materials such as plastic, metal, and glass that can be reused to make new products. Many manufacturers are starting to use recycled products at an increasing rate due to their ability to save money on the production of an item and not have to extract as many natural resources from the environment. Computer monitor recycling is especially important as many of the older and bulkier models are starting to show up in the trash.

It becomes very simple when you set aside an area in your home to put the items you need to recycle and take one day a week to bring them in. It will help create a healthier environment. These contain a large amount of plastic that can be reused to make items like trash cans, kitchen utensils, file containers, and even new monitors and computers. By turning your old computers and parts into a computer recycler, you will also feel better about your role in protecting the environment. The savings manufacturers make from using recycled material will also carry over to you as lower prices on the products you purchase.

Today, almost all types of entertainment are available online. From mainstream TV channels to movies, music and live shows. Online entertainment is constantly growing to be a part of people’s lives, as it gives us the luxury of accessibility from anywhere we want. In addition to this convenience, many companies have created the unique concept of live streaming channels that provide live entertainment programs over the Internet in real time.

Content streaming technology has reached tremendous heights in recent times. With the help of various software and applications, one can stream HD quality videos directly from another source. Video streaming platforms provide a space to present video content to users, where ordinary people can create specific channels that provide content both live and offline.

Due to the lack of equipment required to provide high-quality live video content, live streaming has yet to gain popularity in this sector. Despite this being supported, there was no easy alternative to using a smartphone that couldn’t achieve the necessary video resolution that can be compared to mainstream media. There was no other way to solve this problem until the recent advent of revolutionary live streaming devices.

Live streaming devices offer the luxury of connecting a high resolution video camera to the device and operating over Wi-Fi so that one can stream the video directly to an online destination of his choosing. Most of these devices generally support multiple streaming options that allow streamers to stream their content through multiple social media websites and RTML URLs simultaneously.

Platforms that allow streamers to stream content live through the device offer various features like branding, white labeling, decent bandwidth, storage, analytics, password protection, and ad integration to personalize / professionalize the video. This allows providers to develop their own channel on different platforms and provide live content through it. Ad integration and other features make the process profitable for vendors, making it a worthwhile investment.

The platforms that provide the bandwidth and storage space to stream and host the videos are a bit pricey now, but this could be reduced with increased usage. Although making channels popular is a complicated concept, effective use of social media advertising, which is less expensive than conventional media advertising, will provide you with the necessary audience for the channel. As long as the content is new, there is a good chance that your channel can grow to the top.

The reason is that Internet TV is a totally new concept and is currently on the rise, making this the perfect time to take the plunge and start something new. Also, since the provision of high-quality live video in this sector is still in its infancy, it leaves plenty of room for live channels. Real-time breaking news, events, sports, worship, educational videos, shows, all can be provided live using a live streaming device. There is no limit to how you can use live streaming on online channels to provide content to people and benefit from it at the same time.

Augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays additional information on that.

If you’re still not sure what AR is, all you have to do is go back and remember the time when Pok√©mon Go took over the internet by storm. The game revolves around players catching digital monsters. Similarly, applications such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram offer users filters that superimpose animated images on users’ faces.

Now you may be wondering how this technology can reshape or transform our future. Augmented reality could generate many changes and development in various industries. Let’s find out what they are.

Real estate

We all dream of living in the perfectly designed home that boasts of our style and statement. With augmented reality, that dream could come true. AR uses interactive computer-generated images, allowing buyers to view the finished property while it is still under construction. The benefit of this technology in the real estate industry is that it can transform all 2D models, such as floor plans and photographs, into 3D models for easy interaction with buyers.

Builders and real estate agents will find it convenient to display properties with such an immersive experience. And not only that, interested buyers can also modify the color, furnishings, room sizes and more based on how they would like the entire design to look. Viewing your entire property with AR even before it is built is an advantageous marketing tool for selling a property.


Online shopping is slowly taking over the traditional way of shopping. However, it is uncertainty that prevents shoppers from buying things online. AR making its way into the shopping industry could definitely propel potential buyers towards online shopping. With the growth of augmented reality in the store, customers can view products in a very realistic way in their preferred environment.

It will also be easier for marketers to share product catalogs with up-to-date information. In addition, the shopping experiences can be enhanced with AR glasses available in all retail stores or supermarkets. These glasses will display all product pricing, design, and specs to shoppers as they shop. Augmented reality could definitely change the way people shop.


The travel industry is another sector that augmented reality could revolutionize. Although virtual reality has a bigger role to play in the travel industry, augmented reality could still be seen as a big game changer. AR-based applications on smartphones will help tourists and travelers to check and find nearby local tourist attractions and instantly translate posters and signs into their native language.

Also, exploring and visiting local attractions, theme parks and zoos with augmented reality will help travelers have the most extraordinary trip. The technology will display 3D models of landmarks and take travelers back in time by showing them the evolution that time has brought. AR for the travel industry is not only a fun factor, it also adds an educational element for travelers.

Health care

While people are getting used to being transported to the 3D world that doesn’t really exist with virtual reality headsets, AR is already being used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to save many lives. However, this not all. Augmented reality can be of great help to healthcare organizations in helping them refine their existing processes. RA will provide surgeons with a thorough understanding of the risks involved in minimally invasive surgeries and help them perform effectively.

Previous surgeries required different types of monitors that would display the patient’s vital statistics through an endoscopic camera. Leaving all these annoyances behind, doctors can wear AR smart glasses that will display all the relevant information while performing the surgery and help them stay focused on the task at hand.


Augmented reality in education could be a big change in the way children learn. Technology will provide students with immersive content that will help them understand concepts. With the help of attractive 3D models, students can grasp complex information in an easier way, giving them a broader understanding of the topics.

In our dynamic age, museums and historic sites have incorporated AR features into their exhibits to keep up with technology. This is a great way for people to explore and gain additional informational insights. AR is all about exploration, which eventually leads students toward learning and understanding. This is win-win for both parties, both for technology and for the education industry.


There’s no question that augmented reality will reshape more than these five industries. As devices adapt to new technology, the growth in augmented reality is exponentially huge. With so many positive benefits, AR could fundamentally change what it’s like to be human

Your car could be a great place to enjoy your favorite music, yet many of you still tolerate questionable sound quality that you would never tolerate with your home theater system. There are also those who try to mount sophisticated sound systems in their vehicles, but a single installation mistake can prevent the sound system from reaching its full potential.

In this post, I have put together some tips on how to get the best sound quality in your car. These tips can be used for simple factory system upgrades to more advanced settings. Hope after reading this, you never have to put up with poor sound quality in your car again. It may surprise you that even the simplest improvements to your car’s sound system can produce obvious results.

1. Consider replacing your car speakers

While car sound systems have improved significantly over the years, some manufacturers still use relatively cheaper speakers and amplifiers that don’t offer the best sound quality. You might hear noticeable improvements when assembling a better aftermarket speaker set. You will probably even get tighter bass and improved clarity.

2. Download higher quality music files

Downloading higher quality music files does not help you save memory space on your music player. However, be careful not to compress your music files too much, as you will lose high and low frequency information that makes a song interesting. In a car sound system, you will be able to tell if something is definitely missing.

It is a well known fact that the higher the bit rate, the better the sound. So if you’re playing music through an iPod or your smartphone, you should use a little compression, but don’t use too much. Another option is to stream music, in which you can explore the settings to improve the sound quality. You may want to try and get an Android auto head unit that offers a wide range of music apps.

3. Skip the built-in digital-to-analog converter

The DAC in your music player does not offer the same performance as the DAC in your car, in which case an advanced converter would normally do the job just fine. You are lucky if you can connect your music player to a stereo via USB because you can successfully bypass your device’s DAC. But you will need to confirm whether the practical research information is available on the stereo unit.

Four. Get a car amplifier

A separate amplifier can provide cleaner power than your built-in car stereo and you will notice the big difference in terms of sound quality. It doesn’t matter what genre you listen to, be it pop, rock, or even classical music. Getting an amplifier for your car audio system is essential to getting better sound in your car.

It is also recommended that you first know the difference between the volume level and the amplifier level. You may be bothered by an unpleasant and distorted sound when you set the amp level too high.

5. Add an equalizer

You will need an equalizer to get rid of peaks in the highs, mids, and lows. It’s built into the receiver or can be mounted to a processor on your dash or near the amplifiers. An equalizer will offer multiple points for frequency response adjustments and can eliminate peaks and improve bass response.

6. Buy or build a subbox

Another great way to improve your car audio system is to get a subwoofer. If you’re building one, just make sure it’s been properly sealed because air leaks can significantly damage the overall performance of the sub. To add on, be sure to build a cabinet that has the correct interior volume for the subwoofer you have chosen.

Buying a subwoofer, on the other hand, allows you to balance the lower octave of your favorite music. With this addition, you will be able to listen to your favorite songs in a new light. It will also help support your full-range speaker. If you are looking for the best car subwoofers available now, you might want to check out BestListForCar


Now that you have learned some new tips on how to better improve the sound quality of your car audio system, it is now up to you to do just that. By following these tips, you will never have to put up with poor sound quality from your stereo again. After all, listening to your favorite music while driving takes the experience to a whole new level.

Steel Roofing Systems

Iron and steel roofing systems have been in use for many decades. Barriere and Rydal are the industry leaders. These systems are well suited to all types of buildings including residential homes, commercial buildings, and storage facilities. This is because they provide excellent resistance to fire, hail, wind, and other natural disasters. A person’s home, business, or other structure can be protected with a steel roofing system.

Steel Roofing Barrie

Barriere is a recognized name in the steel roofing industry. This company designs, builds, and maintains commercial and residential roofing systems. Their products are available worldwide. Barriere offers many different types of systems and makes sure that you choose the one that best fits your needs.

In order to effectively protect structures, a steel roofing system must be properly installed. This ensures that there is no stress placed on key areas that can lead to problems. For instance, it’s important to make sure that the steel roofing is properly laid on the building. This is because different types of buildings require different installation procedures. Only by knowing the proper techniques will you ensure the strength and durability of the system.

Experience The Convenience Of Barrie Structures With Their Steel Roofing Systems

Another important aspect of these systems is maintenance. Proper care and upkeep of the steel components leads to long life and fewer repairs. In addition, it reduces the costs associated with replacing a damaged section of the roof.

One of the most important components of the systems is the seamless fitting system. This allows the rain water to flow easily. This also reduces the amount of time that the roof needs to dry. The seamless fitting system minimizes the time it takes to install the system. It also reduces the risk of leaks.

Barrie steel roofing provides quality services in the UK. With an experienced team of engineers, designers and contractors, they offer fast and reliable service. They are well equipped to provide steel roofing installation services and to offer advice on maintaining the structure. Whether it is a residential or commercial building, they have the expertise to ensure the structural integrity of the building.

The company has experts who can customize the system to suit the needs of clients. They help the client design the structure and then set about creating the specifications of each component. The expert team ensures that all the steel parts are pre-drilled and pre-assembled. They also create customized solutions to meet varying individual requirements.

The company’s roofing technology has many advantages over other roofing systems. These include the use of pre-galvanized steel, which ensures that the coating doesn’t chip away. They are highly flexible and durable and can be easily painted to match the existing color of the building. Stainless steel coated sections are available and the company can also refurbish old sections to refurbish a single section of the roof.

Barrie is known for its superior durability and strength. The steel roofing products are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. They feature innovative and patented technologies and can help reduce heat loss and increase thermal insulation. Most of the Barrie products are earthquake and fire resistant and they can also resist extreme weather conditions. The company uses high quality materials and labor to manufacture each product and ensure that the installation process is quick and easy. The company offers warranty on each of its steel roofing p

The history of VPNs

Ever since the Internet has existed, there has been a need for protocols to keep data private and secure. The history of VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology dates back to 1996, when a Microsoft employee developed the Peer-to-Peer Tunneling Protocol, or PPTP. Indeed, the forerunner of modern VPNs, PPTP creates a more secure and private connection between a computer and the Internet.

As the Internet took off, the demand for more sophisticated security systems emerged. Antivirus and related software can be effective in preventing damage at the end-user level, but what is really needed is to improve the security of the connection itself. That’s where VPNs came in.

A VPN is a private connection over the Internet. It is a broad term that encompasses several different protocols, which will be explained in detail later. What they all have in common is the ability to remotely connect to a private network through a public connection.

Initially, VPNs were used almost exclusively in business. However, the wave of high-profile security breaches that occurred in the early 2000s was a watershed moment in the history of VPN technology. With this, everyday internet users realized the true risks of working online and started looking for safer ways to do it.

Today, VPNs are used to protect Internet connections, prevent malware and piracy, ensure digital privacy, unblock geo-restricted content, and hide physical locations from users. Easier to use and more affordable than ever, a VPN is an essential tool for staying safe online.

What is the purpose of a VPN?

The purpose of the VPN is to create a private connection between various people and devices over the Internet. In effect, it is an Internet within an Internet, safe, private and encrypted from prying eyes, malware, hackers and anyone else who wants to know where you are browsing or from where you are browsing.

VPN technology has been around for decades. Originally created for large companies, it was never designed for the many purposes it is used for today. The need at that time was great. Businesses, organizations, governments, and many others with sensitive information were at risk of hacking or other data loss when using open Internet connections. They needed to establish connections that were much more secure than average so that remote users, satellite offices, and field operatives could access and use company files without allowing their secrets to escape. The solution they got is VPN.

VPN is like having a local network, a network in which the devices are directly connected to each other without the need for the Internet, except through the Internet to make the connections. In addition to tunneling protocols that establish secure connections that hide the source of origin, high-level encryption standards ensure that even if data is lost, it will never be used by anyone who does not intend to have it. The benefits of VPN for individual internet users were apparent early on and that sparked the modern rush to provide the best VPN technology. Over the years, the advancement of VPNs has been fueled by the invasion of censors around the world and the never-ending call for hackers to break into as many devices and connections as they can.

Censorship and geo-restriction is one of several issues plaguing the internet and driving innovation in VPN technology. Censorship history varies from case to case, but includes things like social media blocks, incomplete access to online media catalogs (note the Netflix catalog in the US vs. what is available for the rest the world), user activity tracking, email monitoring, or outright denial. Internet access. The history of VPNs has progressed alongside them, overcoming each problem as it arises and generating demand from the public browsing the web.

The Roku Player originally came out as “Netflix Player” in 2008. Now, it is a family of players that offers much more than Netflix.

The Roku HD Player is similar in appearance to other products in its family. Its measurements are 1.75 “x 5.25” x5.25 “. On the back of the device, there are ports for HDMI, S-, component and composite video, and standard analog / optical digital stereo ports. (There is support for surround sound with HDMI and digital audio connections.

The Roku HD player uses your Ethernet or 802.11g Wi-Fi to connect to your network. You can expect smooth operation at 802.11g speeds most of the time, however this is only tested with a wireless router placed close to the device. If you are looking for a faster connection, you should use the wired option or buy the Roku XR box as it has faster 802.11n Wi-Fi speeds.

The remote control is very simple and works quite well. You can also easily program its functions into any good universal remote. If you want to use an iPod Touch / iPhone as a remote control, you can do so via Wi-Fi with the free Rokumote app.

The setup is simple. After starting the box, you can navigate through the simple setup wizard with the remote control. If you are using a secure wireless network, simply enter your security key through the virtual on-screen keyboard.

One negative point about the player is that you have to individually link channels to independent provider accounts through your computer’s web browser.

After setting your favorite channels, you can start enjoying them. Most of the channels have the same general interface. By using the 5-way arrow pad on the remote control, you can move between horizontally placed program lists.

Netflix: With a paid subscription, you can choose from around 12,000 movies / TV shows on demand, with some HD content. Use your computer’s web browser to create an instant viewing queue, and then you can view those titles on Roku.

Amazon and MLB TV: Amazon offers over 40,000 movies / TV shows for sale / rent on demand. These titles can cost you between $ 2 and $ 4 for rentals and between $ 6 and $ 15 for purchases. With MLB TV paid subscription, you can watch live and pre-recorded games; however, it is only available to out-of-area teams.

MobileTribe – This is a paid service that works by aggregating information from different social media accounts you currently have, including Facebook, Plaxo, and MySpace accounts.

Free services: Pandora, the popular free audio streaming service, is available through the device. Other free services you can access include: Mediafly, which offers professional / amateur audio / video broadcasts; Revision3, a technology-focused video provider; TWiT, similar to Revision3; (free): aggregator and distributor of independent web video programs; FrameChannel, a photo sharing service; Motionbox, a YouTube-like site that allows you to watch your home movies.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the debtor to discharge his debts and start over. While the process can often be humiliating, it is generally for good reasons that should not embarrass debtors. People file bankruptcy because they lose a job, have high medical bills, their home is devalued due to the economy, lack of proper educational training, family problems, and for other reasons. All of these reasons, with bad luck, can happen to almost anyone.

Sometimes simply telling creditors that you are contemplating Chapter 7 bankruptcy, especially if you hire a bankruptcy attorney, can help persuade stubborn creditors to make more reasonable settlement offers. When you can’t reach an agreement, here are some of the pros and cons of filing a Chapter 7.

Advantages of filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Quick process: Filing a Chapter 7 requires you to take an approved credit counseling course, file a petition, and attend a meeting of creditors. If all goes well, which means that creditors do not file objections, the whole process takes about six (6) months. After six months, the debtor will normally be discharged from the debts that he presented in the bankruptcy application. There is no wasted time trying to make long-term payments. Most creditors do not object.

Less expensive: The process is less expensive than filing a Chapter 13 or extensive debt counseling. The main costs are the administrative costs and the costs of your bankruptcy attorney.

The attorney is paid to review your financial affairs, make sure the petition has all the necessary information, address all issues raised by creditors and trustees, attend the creditors’ meeting with you, and make sure the discharge is carried out.

The attorney will also explain your options after bankruptcy, such as the steps you can take to get your credit back.

Debts are discharged: This means that you will not owe money to the debtors. You can focus on earning more income and using the money you earn / earn to pay the necessary bills.

Creditors and collection agencies cannot pursue you for these debts because you will no longer owe them. Discharged debts are your chance to start over.

You can reaffirm debts: If you have a car or an asset that you really want to save, you may be able to enter into a reaffirmation agreement.

This arrangement means that you will keep your car (or other asset) but continue to pay the monthly payments and pay the arrears as well.

Reaffirmation agreements are generally only used for obligations where the creditor has a security right in the item and you really need the item (such as a vehicle) to be able to function or work.

Fewer audiences: A Chapter 13 bankruptcy takes 3 to 5 years. It may also require hearings other than a meeting of creditors because creditors, especially those with a secured interest in the property, are more likely to take an active role in monitoring or verifying your plan to pay off your debts.

Also, Chapter 13 requires you to work with a trustee for 3 to 5 years. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually just a hearing – a meeting of creditors. The meeting usually lasts a very short time.

However salary: Because your debts are being discharged, creditors generally have no right to garnish your wages because you do not owe the money.

Cons of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy damages your credit and means that you may lose some of your assets. Before filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, debtors will want to explore debt settlement and debt counseling options to see if there is any way to avoid filing for formal bankruptcy.

Debtors will want to consider Chapter 13 if they have a home or because they want to save and Chapter 7 is not an option.

Here are some of the top reasons debtors will want to avoid filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

Personal embarrassment: Bankruptcy can be a humiliating process. Most people who apply have good reasons for doing so, but still feel there is a social stigma about filing. They are concerned that family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers will find out that they filed, and this can make many people quite uncomfortable. My general advice in this department would be not to worry at all, as it is rarely discovered.

You can’t save your home: The main concern most debtors have is where they will live. If they own a home and their exemptions are not enough to save it, then the home will have to be sold and the debtor will have to find a new place to live.

You cannot keep your car and other insured assets: As with a home, anyone who has a collateral in their car, tools, or other assets will want to try to get their money back.

The way they do it is by getting your warranty back and selling it. If you are unable to enter into a reaffirmation agreement and your car or asset is worth more than the exemptions you have, you will lose the car / asset.

In the end, you will have to accept the pros and cons of Chapter 7, but the end result of a new beginning substantially outweighs the cons, as you will be in a position to get your life and finances in order. .