Are There Any Restrictions on Cooking Appliances in the Student Accommodation?

Restrictions on Cooking Appliances in the Student Accommodation

The answer to this question is no, but there are some restrictions on cooking appliances in the Cambridge student accommodation. Due to fire safety guidelines, certain items are not allowed in the residence halls or apartments. These include appliances with exposed heating elements (except microwave ovens) such as hot plates and some toaster ovens, immersion coils, crock pots, George Foreman grills and air fryers. Only microwave ovens and coffee/tea makers with an automatic shut off are allowed in rooms and suites.

Refrigerators are permitted in Cambridge student accommodation, and up to two refrigerators are allowed in suites and apartments with kitchens. However, the refrigerators must be plugged directly into an outlet, and they cannot be larger than 4.5 cubic feet. Refrigerators are not allowed in bathrooms, closets, or other storage areas. Refrigerators plugged into duplex outlets must have a fuse or circuit breaker to prevent overheating. No other freezers or coolers are permitted. In addition, students are not allowed to use propane or charcoal grills in their rooms or suites.

Are There Any Restrictions on Cooking Appliances in the Student Accommodation?

Students are not permitted to tamper with or alter any electrical systems in the buildings. This includes the circuit breakers, switches and wiring in the room and apartment. This is a violation of state and university regulations and could lead to an electric shock, or even a fire.

Student accommodation plays a vital role in shaping the overall experience of students pursuing higher education. A comfortable and conducive living environment fosters academic success, personal growth, and social interactions. This article explores the significance of quality student accommodation and its impact on students’ well-being and academic performance.

It is also against the rules to hang anything out of windows in the residence halls and apartments. This is a serious fire and safety hazard and is not allowed. Students should never throw or hand items out of their windows either. Students are not allowed to keep animals in the residential facilities, except for service and emotional support animals.

Students must only loft their beds utilizing the notches provided on the bed posts. Beds may not be lowered or raised in any other way, including using cinder blocks or commercially available bed risers. Students must only loft their beds if they live in a hall that provides this option, and Campus Living staff must approve the request. Beds are not allowed to be bunked or lofted more than 34” from the floor.

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