Motivational Quotes On Promise

Do you keep your promise? If you don’t but still wish you could keep your promises, read these motivational quotes on promise given below to get some motivation to keep your promise.

Try not to make promises that you cannot keep. In fact one should never do one according to Napoleon Bonaparte, he has said: “The best way to keep one’s word is not to give it.”

One of the quotes on the subject under discussion that I really liked is: “A guy promises you the world and gives you nothing, and that’s sadness.” This is what Otis Rush says and teaches us in simple words to be careful with those who make great commitments without wanting them.

It’s also good to quote these motivational quotes on the given topic to someone you know who doesn’t keep their promises. But is it really that important to keep the promise(s)? Some of the famous people don’t even think they should try to keep their promises. I have also quoted them in this article for those who want some inspiration for going back on their word.

Here are three motivational and inspirational quotes about promise.

1. Better a broken promise than none.

Mark Twain

(Now this quote is quite different from the others, as the author has a reason to make a false promise and also a good one.)

2. Those who promise and delay lose their gratitude.

a proverb

(Just keeping your word is not enough, make sure you don’t delay your promise).

3. Promises are like the full moon, if they are not fulfilled immediately they decrease day by day.

german proverb

(This quote emphasizes the importance of keeping your promise once instead of delaying it forever like politicians who have all the delaying tactics in the world to delay the promises they make.)

Now what do you think after reading these quotes? Remember them and quote them to others and spread the motivation to keep a promise.

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